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I The Champion Ford Salesman
Gallup [>, "’ m '
260 jB Franklin
f 1.102
\ Nice, clean Forked Lump Coal, B A, pOf
V X No aoot. no iltrt, no oilnkern, M TlIB
! • ’1 / and we can make prompt de- » M
V liveries. m DtllVOrftil
Also other grades at various prices.
i The West Denver Coal co.
Wholesale—COAL and WOOD—Retail
Phone Main 646
• Oflre and Yard, 3060 W. Colfax B. Zinn & Sons, Prop.
'^ma^rrrm^*pwmft{TrT7TTTT^^iyi-*» t ft>>?j 9 »> f jjj W nv}v»7T>r»»r7S77»»»»»»SWWWJr»WWJ»7Z>
Imunmr. *• H. Spiegleman Cm p
io all it. 614 18th Street . I '°* ns
branches Ucnvcr Colo. Investments
Main 8253 te"™R Telephone Slain 1447
isim livef,sh
X Fresh from the Lakes
SUSMAN BROS., Props. Phone Champa 9167-W
Make our place for Headquarters for your Bread and Delica
tessen. We handle Susman’s Bread fresh every afternoon,
also a full line of Kosher Delicatessen.
Reduced Rates for all Country Shipments.
1533 Lawrence St. Next to Golden Eagle
2644 Weet Colfax Avenue Phone Main 5077
Wbdesals Distributors “Daisy Brand Farmer Cheese”
Ask Your Grocer
The publishers of the Jewish
News have purchased a full
line of Jewish type. We are
now fully prepared to do all
kinds of printing in Yiddish
or Hebrew. Estimates given.
Ask for Mr. Morris Saremsky.
Cleaning Pressing Remodeling
£inbincter S&ros.
Tailoring Co.
Makers of Fine Clothes
332 Seventeenth Street
Opposite Brown Palace Hotel
Phone Champa 343
I'hnur Champ*
vll Kinds of Insurance—Representing Old
Line Companies Only
7*6 Colorado nide-
You’ll find a little smile
Is sifter all worth while;
For like a disease
It is caught with ease.
And in one ldg hound
Has spread all around.
It is probable that the election of
Smith will mean the end of motion
pictures censorship hi this State, and
most of tin* film men are rejoicing.
- Well —Al's well that ends well.
Local News
Over 2floi people attended the Chnn.
ukah entertainment given nt the Shel
tering home Sunday the 24th. The
program was moat excellent and the
refreshments added to the evening's en
tertainment. The Itonrd of directors
thru llie superintendent Mr. Cohen
[acknowledge thanks to Mr. Dozinogan.
[secretary of the Knights of Columbus,
for his ready kindness lu donating
|chairs at any time for any affair given
lat the home. They also express their
•grateful appreciation to the A. 11.
Hlrschfeld Printing Co., for Mr.
Illrsrlifeld personal attention in nil
matters regarding printing, ns all such
| nmterlnl k given free to the home.
! Special thanks Is given to the Ollnger
I Highlanders for their annual entertain
ment given each year on the Saturday
'before Xmas. Tlds year the Ollnger
Highlanders brought with them gifts
1 fr.r tilt' children. The children! are
most grateful for the gifts of toys
and candies given to them by Pent rice
I.eonore and Junior Steinberg, chil
dren of Mr. ami Mrs. P. M. Steinberg.
On Saturday evening. December
23rd. “The Silver Thread” a Cornisli
play in throe nets was most capably
presented nt the auditorium of the Na
tional Jewish hospital by the children
of the hospital. Special mention must
Im» given by the wonderful talent dis
played by Nina floldborg. Miriam
FlikofT and Estlio** Abramson. Credit
must l>e given to Miss Maytne Smith,
the director. Miss P. Moskowlt*. the
designer of costumes and Goo. R.
Lowle, who made and directed the
scenery. An •ppreciative amllcnee
witnessed the performance. Among
those present were Dr. and Mrs. Sam
uel Bweezey, Mrs. S. Pisko, Mrs. Rne
S. David and Mr. and Mrs. Nathan
Kothchild. Messrs. Louis Trnuh and
Morris L)wine of the entertainment
committee extend their thanks to all
participants who helped to make the
iifTalr a most successful one.
A party will bo given nr the Na
tional Jewish) hospital on New Year’s
Eve which will lie decidedly unique.
All those who attend will lie dressed
ns children. ' All friends are invited.
Mr. M. J. Pauin sjient two’ days in
Ccdorado Springs, on business last
Mr. Leo Friedentlml of Casper, Wyo.,
[is spending the holidays with Ids par
ents Mr. and Mrs. I. Friedentlml.
Dr. llnrry, Block from San Diego,
arrived Monday and is the guest of ids
parents Dr. and Mrs. Alex Block.
Mr. Milton Guldman, departed Tues
day for California nffer n week’s visit
with ids parents, Mr. and Mrs. L. D.
Mr. Gerald Greenclny. n student nt
Wharton College Philadelphia spent ids
vacation visiting with college friends
h* Pittsburg.
Mr. Felix Grant, from Celro. New
Mexico who lias lieen visiting with Mr.
and Mrs. Hone departed Tuesday for
Salt Crek. \£yo., to visit with ids son
Mr. Norman Grant.
Mr. J. L. Marcus of 1417 Newton
will depart soon for Los Angeles to
Join Ids wife. Mr. and Mrs. Marcus
will remain in California until spring.
The next regular meeting of the B.
M. H. Jr.. Auxiliary will be held Jan
uary 2, 1023, in the vestry room of
the B. M. H. Rynagog nt 8:00 o’clock
sharp. All members urgently request
ed to lie present.
Tljo Ladies’ Ahl to the Both Israel
Hospital and Homo will hold tlielr ref?-
lilar meeting on Wednesday afternoon.
January .*{. at 2:.'10 p. in., at the home,
Kith and Lowell Boulevard. All mem
bers are urgently asked to attend. No
pos;als isued.
- I '
Members of the Cliebra Kadisha of the
B. M. H. Congregation wish to an
nounce if anyone desires their services,
they call on Mr. L. Wandel, Pres. Tele
phones York 2661-J, and Main 549. tf.
Tin* rhanuuuku essay contests were
won by Lob Block, of the second grade,
! for the lower classes and Miss Bam
Miller of the Graduating class, for
tho upper grades. /
Other essays that were very good
I end received honorable mention, were
written by Abraham Kauvar. second
grade: Lillian Hellerstcin. special
class Julia Mondlewon, fifth grade:
Bam Goldman and Miriam Sternfeld,
of the eighth grades.—B. F.
MATRIMONY, A middle age man orth
odoxy inclined would like to meet or
correspond with a lady of u like faith.
Apply box 9, Denver Jewish News.
Mischji Elman the groat violinist
will appear in Denver in the Oberl'eWl
er Series on January Ist. It may he
Interesting to know that the biography
of Mischn Elman lias been written by
his father and will soon he published
in a national magazine.
Things to Think About
By Milton M. Schayer
Something to think about in an age
when the press, In startling head lines
records a erinie wave without pre
cedent in extent nnd viob»n<*e. is. that
In millions of homes, people are lend
ing quiet honorable lives.
It is these people who really make
America, not the wealth flaunting not
oriety seeking nenvenu rich, nor the
unfortunate who never had n chance,
hut the great number of middle class
Amerhuns. who are proud to add to
their number the hundreds of thou
sands of law abiding .TewJslrf families.
Most Interesting were the results of
a" recent survey made in a typically
prosperous farming community. Eiglity
(hree percent of the farmers owned
cars, lint only seventeen per cent had
hath tnlis in their homes.
They probably .go on the theory
that their neighbors can tell if they
have a car, hut they cannot tell If
they need a hath.
A) paragraph discussing the poverty
of satisfaction nctually enjoyed by se
curing rich revenge, which appeared
in this column, excited considerable
One correspondent; says. “I used to
s|tcnd a great deal of time .itnfl en
ergy getting even, nnd I was all the
time getting poorer mentally nnd fi
nancially. Fortunately. T “woke up”
and changed my “system.” instead of
revenge I offer sincere friendship nnd
I find it “pays” in every way.”
Try it yourself- next time you are
“sore” at some one.
“The human anatomy is n wonder
ful bit of mechanism,” ol►served an ap
“Vos.” agreed the foreman. “I pat
ted Charlie on the hack and made Ids
head swell.”
That Is the trouble with most of ns.
If sUttMine pats ns on the hack onr
bond swells. If we really do one job
we stand around waiting for applause
r.nd telling the world how ldg we are.
Let us resolve not to brag hut to go
after and do a bigger Job. Let the
world come to us. nnd tell us how
good we are. which Tt will If we
prove onr case.
The snichle of) a millionaire recent
ly agnin demonstrates how poor some
rich men really are. To rend the list
of hanks nnd corporations of which he
was a iHlrtfrtor. spells wealth. To
rend the list, of exclusive clubs of
which he was a memlier. is to
the open sesame to social position.-
Yet lie knew* so little of God. of love
for his •fellow man. of sympathy for
tlie unfortunate, that life was not
worth while. How deplorable that men
so able, so strong, capable of being
forces for good shonld not direct their
energies for tile benefit of mankind.
The first mooting of the Now Year
of the Junior Council will Ik* liohl on
the first Sunday iu January in the
>entry rooms of Temple Emanuel. The
girls are request**! to bring their "blue
stockings” to tills mooting, as they
mist be “turned in” at. that time. An
unusual and attractive program has
I*ooll arranged and it is hoped that all
the memlK'rs will attend.
Attractive vaudeville will bo presont
cd by the Ladies' Auxiliary of tlic
It. M. 11. Synngog in the vestry rooms
of the Synagog on the evening of Jan
uary Id.
Tho full program will be* published
in next week's Issue of the Jewish
There will Ik* reserved seats and ail
are urged to make thein reservations
early as there Is only a limited seat
ing on pa city.
The Ladies’ Auxiliary of the Ex-Pa
tients Tubercular home will pive a ten
and card party at Daniels und Fishers
on Wednesday afternoon. January 3rd.
All ladies are invited. Mrs. A. Miller,
Special discount to Jewish organiza
tions on all Multigraphing, Addressing,
Sealing, Etc. Mutual Multigraphing
Co., 326 Kittredge Bldg., Phone Champa
5144. Win. Zelkin and Abe Zelkin,
Mrs. Marllin O. Spenser of Phila
delphia, I’m., wife of Assistant District
Attorney Maurice .1. S-peiser. lias been
elected a member of the Pennsylvania
Legislature as has also Mrs. Itosa* de
Young of the same city.
Fletcher Guns Cohn, of Memphis,
Tenn., has been elected by Dean Ros
coe Pound to the Harvard League Aid
Bureau. This organization is com
posed of men of the highest standing
in tlie Law School, and maintains of
liees in both Boston and Cambridge.
A special act of the Massachusetts leg
islature permits them to act as pro
fession nl practitioners.
Many a block-head has left his shav
ings at the barber’s shop.
Ooldle Rablnowi.r
Goldie Rnhinowitz labored daughter
of MV. nml Mrs. 11. Ohernoff died at
the family residence 2-110 Downing
Saturday morning after an Illness of
10 months. Miss Rahinowitz will be
sadly missed by her many friends. She
was raised in Denver and was grad
uated three years ago the East
Denver High School, when sliq dis
tinguished herself by a brilliant mind.
She is survived by her pa rents. Mr.
and Mrs. Ohernoff, one brother. Dr.
Milton Ohernoff and three sisters. Miss
Kute Ohernoff, Mrs. A. Hit ml and Mrs.
I. OhernofT all of Denver. The funeral
was held Sunday, the 24th Rabbi O. E.
11. Kauvnr officiating. I interment
In Memoriam
In loving memory of David MU lor
who was railed beyond December 28th,
1!)1S. Grievously miss«*d by (iN fam
ily and wife, Mr. and Mr>\ J. Miller
and family, Ilelle Tannoiibamn Miller.
At tln» annual meeting of the Denver
Istdge I. O. R. It.. on I>co. 24th the elec,
tlim of offleerH and delegate* for 1P2.*5
wore held. The following officers were
elected, Samuel ITless. presUlcnt : A.
It. Coweic, vice-president; A. Wngnuin.
secretary: 1». Harlem, treasurer:
Simon tjuint, warden: Win. 11. tlold
herg. guardian: J. Wittlenhofer. mon
itor, .1. Olcovich. assistant monitor:
Arthur F. Friedman, trustee. Delegates
are Arthur F. Fried uiau. Milton I«
Anfenger, J. .1. Liehermnn. I>. K. liar
lent, Simorf .1. Heller. Aimer Wugtnan,
M. M. Schnyef. E. .1. Wlttlesliofer. I*.
S. Morris. David Folia. Ernest Morris.
John S. Fine, and Harry Schlessinger.
There were lift applicants elected, and
0T» of those el«*eted ap(>cnrcd for Initi
Tin* Council of Jewish Women held
Us regular mooting Wednesday. De
cenilter 20, at the It. M. 11. Synogogne.
It was a large and enthusiastic meet*
lag. MYs. Pisko sisike, not as a mem
lier of our section, hut as a national
officer. Her talk was. uH usual, very
interesting and instructive. lam sure
all who hear it will show* their value
to the Council l».v bringing in a muv
memlier at the next meeting.
Mrs. Lichtenstein gave a very satis
factory report for the hospital <•0111-
uilttee. The J. C. 11. S.. the ox-I'u-
I tents' and the National Jewish Hos
pital were visited either on Thank*
giving or Chanukah and the putieuts
given cheer. The Council wishes to
thank the I. O. R. 11. lodge for their
help in giving presents to the men pu
tients at. the . ational.
Tiie s;n»aker of the day. Rev. Dr.
Kauvnr, s(>oke on “The Spirit of
Chanukah.’* We look forward with
pleasure to the meeting each year
when we have I)r. Kauvnr with us. as
we always hear something worth
Mrs. Leo Colin gave the musical
nuiuher. “Prelune In C Minor by Itacli
munition*.” which was greatly enjoyed.
,It is to lie regretter that every Jew
ish wo maw in IKMiver does not lielong
to our section, not alone to enjoy our
worth-while meetings, but also to help
with our great national problems. One
dollar of eaelt meinlierV. duetf goes to
the national fund and today much of
that money is being spent uiw»n our
unfortunate Jews in Europe. 8. I>.
What Leo Low, Eminent Composer-
Conductor Has to Say About Hebrew
Choral Socle, ies in America.
Interview by Dr. L It. Loan rust.
“Jewish Folk Songs are music in the
raw. They are the expression of the
people's soul, but they are not the re
tired expression of It. It is therefore
ill prohlni and, I am happy to say.
the congenial task of the Alliance of
Hebrew Choral Societies, to transform
all these fragments and snatches of
melody Into Jewish national music
composition, which will rank in the
world’s repertoire ns high as that of
any other nation.”
Tliis statement was made to me by
Leo Low, president of the Alliance of
Hebrew Choral Societies, which i< now
conducting its drive for a/ ton thou
sand dollar fund to lx* able fo continue
its activities on a greater scale than
ever before.
Leo Low Is a musician wi’li a rep
utation. and it was due to that very
reputation that I interviewed him. as
soon ns I learned that, he was connect
ed with the Alliance of Hebrew Choral
Societies. Mr. Low has l>een in tills
country only two and a half years, and
hails from Warsaw, Poland, whore ho
had spent twelve years ns a composer,
conductor, anti musician par excellence.
'On the other side, until.a decade or
so ago,” Mr. Low/ told me. “there was
no organized Jewish singing, except,
that of the S.vnagog. which had beefi
the only spiritual center of Jewry, and
naturally, all Jewish music was con
centrated and found expression there.
This, of course, did not Include Jew
ish folk songs. But, when conditions
In Russia and Poland began to change, '
TTT7B7/T I U. . ’»„.r.7-
0 .

to get mi
Edison Diamond Disc Phonograph
Before New Years
Rarely you won’t lot New Year pass without music In J
your home? A phonograph glvtn you all kinds of instiu
mcntal music ami also the world’s greatest vocalists, ready
to sing for you at any time right in your own home, and
when you consider that the New Edison IMainoud I use
Phonograph He-t'reati*s either the void 1 or instrumental
music so perfectly that it cannot Ik* told from the original, 1
<*an you afford to purchase until you have heard it? : ]
Ask to see the new style London, full cabinet, with tiling de
vice, at
Terms if desired.
the McKANNON PIANO Company
Pianos The House of Satisfaction. Disc records
repaired, 1616-18-20-22 California Street, <>ll ?i5j er rolls
stored. l>onver. Colorado. Ampifo rolls
Pianos, player pianos, reproducing pianos.
when secnlur education became' more
common thun it was in tlu* ohlen days,
a tendency arose to separate Jewish
music from religious singing, and the
outcome was the tlrst singing societies
that were organised iu Poland to
whirh, 1 dare say. I contributed to
the best of my ability. I conducted
the llazomlr ami the Workmen’s
Choirs in Warsaw, and when 1 came
here and saw the chaos that existed
among our Jews lien* ns to Jewish
music. 1 made tip my mind to get to
gether with other people who are in
terested in the uplift of Jewish song,
and see what could l*e clone to ad
vance Jewish music in general, and
Jewish singing in particular.
"It is the object of the Alliance of
Hebrew Choral Societies to Introduce
community singing on a larger wale..—
not alone to have organized choirs,
hut to help find expression of the Jew’s
!tetter soul through the medium of
“When I came to America. I found
that concerts would Ite given here and
there, at which Yiddisli folk songs or
perhaps other pieces would Is* sung,
hut the whole ac tivity was disorganized.
As soon, however, as I voiced my sen
timents on the subject, I found con
siderable response in practically all the
Jewish orioles in this country. A few
choruses were started In a rjylier
amateurish way, but finally the Pater
son Hinging Society, over twelve years
in existence, called a conference of all
the existing choral societies and of all
the prominent Jewish musicians, and
finally, a year and n half ago, the Al
liance of Hebrew Chorul Societies was
“Now, I want you to lie clear on this.
I want you to realize that the Alliance
strives to organize* us many Hebrew
Choral Societies as possible all ovoj;
the I'nitccl States and Canada, for the
purpose of developing, to the highest
degree possible, Jewish choral singing
of songs selected from the world’s re
pertoire. Tlie present drive is being
conducted. In order to raise the neces
sary funds with which to continue
our activities. We also support all the
existing choral societies and render
them financial assistance whenever
“Tlie Alliance arranges, free of
charge, commnnity singing in tlie
various sections of the large cities, as
well as in tlie different parts of tiio
country and. at tlie same time, con
ducts u series of lectures on music,
publishes the best Jewish compositions
and material of educational
value, in order to develop the taste for
lietter music nmong tlie Jewish people;
supports, in every way possible Jewish
composers, by assisting them to bring
out tlie products of their creative
genius. What is more, we are now
starting the publication of a monthly
magazine “Der Oesangs-Vereln” which
will embrace not alone all the important
events in tlie Jewish musical art, but
also everything that is of interest in
music events the world over. And not
only tills, but we are organizing at pre
sent children’s choruses in tlie various
people’s schools in order to get the
going to Washington, 1). <\. and
other eastern points in January '
| on immigration matters, will at
tend other legal or business mat
ters entrusted to liiiu. Box 24 *
Jewish News.
Want Advertisements
ONE or two business men for room
nml hoard In private family, witlif
just mother and son; all home con
venient* in eongeninl home. Call York
07S1-W or 1015 K. 2Sth. lt>
WANTED—A Jewisli man experienc
ed in meat must also know ltf>ok-t
keeping: opportunity tor right man.
Apply Mr. Oscar Tittinnn. 412 Linden.
Ft. Collins. Colo. l'lione Sherwood*
5*27 or 282-W. * It
ROOM and hoard to working Jewish!
gentleman. 2210 Marlon St. Y. 0002-J.
THltEE furnished rooms*for rent. 100(1
Julian St. It.
WANTED —Elderly lady to take en
tire charge of homo and care for an
<h! lady; no washing: :t in family.!
Call Champa X827 or at .*1000 Clmmpa
St. before <5 1». M. It.
FOR RENT —1 modern unfurnished
rooms. Call 1440 Gnlapngo St. It.
MEN'S muskrnC fur lined benver col
lar coat, size 40; Ladles’ brown
hrondeloth fur collar, size will sell*
reasonable. Apply 3010 Gaylord. It.
WANTED —A ni<*e neat Jewisli woman i
to assist in cooking and baking. Ap
ply 1052 1rimer. It. #
ROOM and board for gentlemen in
beautiful private home. 1503 Race,
York 4N58. It/*
young generation accustomed to choir#
singing. I feel confident that our youth,
in a few years from now. will he tho #
living nerve of the flourishing choral
societies in America.
“1 suppose I need not tell you that, J
lies Ides myself, spch persons ns Cantor
Josef Rosenblatt, Jacob Beimel, Philip
Fisolielowitz, Solomon Golub, Samuel
Kan ter and others, well known in the
musical and social world, are actively *
interested in our movement.”
William Fox is to produce a film
entitled ‘Pawn Ticket 210,” from the
play of that name by David IJolnsco
i.nd Clay M. Green.
• • • l
Rodolph Valentino and his wife
executes the Tango at the Equity ball
tin November IS.
Douglas MacLean has joined the As
sociated Exhibitors for purposes of
distribution, but ho will hare complete
charge of production himself. Lloyd
Ingraham will be his director.
• • •
A hlgh-clnss shop is called a ton
sorlnl parlor—where they charge high
er* prices as well. These places have
a manicurist to hold your hand so
that you cannot escape.

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