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Denver Jewish News
Movement Actually Began
in 1910 Says Jacob Billi
kopf’s Brother.
New York—=A first-hand commentary
on the outlook for suecess of the bhacek
to-the-soil venture hy which the Jews
of Russin by the hundreds of thou
sands are now trying te escape from
the destitution of thelr old lives in
the ghetto cities o productive agrl
cultural ocoupations, has just been re
ceived by Jacob M. Billikopf, director
of the Fedoration of Jewish Charitles
of Philadelphia, Mo Billikopf, prom
fnent (v all the great movements in
Amerien for European Jewish relief,
wasx one of the committee of 2000 ont
standing Jews, who, under the leader
ship of David A, Brown, set on foot
the nationwide conference of American
Jewry which in its memorable session
on September 13th in Philadelphin
Inunched the appeal for o $15,000,(060
Oversens Chest for Jewish colonization
in Russian and reconstructive aid in
varions countries abroad,
The statement recelved by Mr,
RBillikopf ix from his brother, who, nn- |
til his recent coming to Amerien, had |
lived hisx whole life in the Ukraine l
the distriet in which arve the largest
tracts opened up for Jewish colonization 1
by the Russian government, and where
thousands of Jewish families have ul-i
ready established themselves in a
growing chain of compact m-ltlonn-nn~.l
When the reports of the amazing
exodus out of the Jewish centers of
Russia to the prairvies, hegan to exert
the interest of commimal and philan
thropic leaders in this comntry. Mr.
Billikopf wrote his brother for a frank
statement of his views of the project.
The complete statement, which Jacoh
Billikopf has forwarded to Mr. Brown,
as chaivman of the United Jowish Cam
palgn, at its headguarters in the Persh
ing Square Building in New York City,
reads as follows: g
o Anzwers Three Questions
“Before expressing my opinion on the
colonization work in Russia, 1 feel
that I must seek to answer the follow
ing questions: (1) 1= the soil of the!
Jund offerad to the Jews hy the Rus.
sian ‘government good enough for
agriculture? (2) Are the Jews eap
able of giving themselves up to agri
calture and bhecoming zosd farmers?
() Are they inclined to abandon their
former occupations as traders and mer
chants and become farmers? (4 Will
they be safe if the Soviet Government
should be overthrown®
“The answer to the first question, to
the quality of the soil of the land of
fered to the Jews in Russia, depends
altogether upon where the land is lo
cated Evervbody knows that the
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Punishments for Kaddish,
Circumcision and Ritual
l(h::.l Three Jewish members were
expelled from the Ukrvainian Commun
ist Party for observing certain Jewish
rites, Chain Kashdoj, legal adviser to
the Kiev Land Committes, wus ex
pelled after information had been re
coived by the party that he had ob
served “dahrzeit”™ for his mother, at
tending the svnagog on the nnniversary
of her death.
The manager of the Kiev hranch of
the petroleum syudieate, My, Glaber
man, was expelled for having had hils
son ciremmeised,
The reason given for the expulsion
of Mr. Krazetz, a bookkeeper employ
od by the Kiev town counell, is that
e was married according to Jewish
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A Weekly Newspaper Dedicated To The Service Of Every Jewish Home In The Rocky Mountain States
Polish - Jewish Agreement
in Danger of Collapse
Jewish Deputies Will Withdraw Support of Government
If Promises Continue to Be Disregarded.
(Tewish Telegraphle Agency)
Warsaw, Oct 3 Weighty represen.
tutions in comnection with the non
fultithment of the Pelish-Jewish agree.
ment were presented to o Viadislaw
Grabski, P'olish prime minister, by
delegntion of the Club of Jewish depu:
ties, consisting of Depnties Farbstein
and Rozmarin and Senntor TrusKier.
It was stated that during the confer
ence with the prime minister the rep
resentatives of the Club of Jewish
Depnties discussed all the questions
affecting the situation of Polish
Jewry. The deputies pointed ont that
the heavy bueden of taxation has ruin
o the Jewish population and that con
ined payment of (axes is impossible
and that the compulsory measures to
collect the unpaid taxes would com
plotely destroy the commercial fabrie
of the country,
With regard to the application of the
numerons clanses against Jewish st
dents i the PPolish colleges, the Jew
ish deputies pointed out that accord
ing to verified statisties in their pos
wasion the colleges admitted Jnnl,\' 10
per cent, some of them admitting only
1 per cent Jewish students, “This de
plorable practice is a violation of the
constitution and wonld be impermissi-
Lie even withont the Polish-Jewish
agreement,” the deputies declared,
May Join Opposition to Govenrment
Deputy Farbstein declared during
the conference that in view of the im
bitterment prevalent in the Club of
Jev sh Deputies, it is doubtful whether
any Jewish deputies will vote for a
resolntion of confidence in the govern
e T e s
Construction_ On National Jewish Hospital Infirmagy Is Making Rapid Progress
5 WORK of construction of the B'nai B'rith Infirmary Building of the National Jewish Hospital for Consumptives at
i Denver is progressing rapidly. The official laying of the cornerstone for this building will be held on October 18th,
and will be followed by the Annual Meeting of the Hospital Association on October 19th.
| The B’nai B'rith Infirmary Building is the gift of Districts No. 2 and No. 6 of the Independent Order of B'nai B'rith,
i and will be one of the most modern structures of its kind in the country. Speakers of national importance will take part
| in the ceremonies on October 18th.
[ Above is shown the progress of the building to date, together with the executive officers. of the Hospital, and the
| General Chairmen of the campaign in Districts No. 2 and No. 6, Independent Order of B'nai B'rith.
| ment at the coming sesston of the Sejm
The question of the newly established
| State Beonomic Council was also
.I.rwnghl up. The conncil, which con
l-i;-h of 110 members, has invited only
four representatives of Jewish mer
'n-luluu and mannfacturers, despite the
faet that the Jews are mainly affected
}I-,\ the economic erisis,
| Thy Polizh prime minister expressed
surprise at the facts presented to him
and declared that he had no knowledge
of the application of the numerons
clanses. Mr. Grabski promised to
communicate with the wminister of
With regard to the economic ques
tions, the prime minister asked the
Jowish deputies to subanit to him a
‘nu-ummmlmn and invited the dlega
|liun to come to him on Monday when
|h|' will reply, thus enabling the mem
lln-ra of the delegation to report on the
situation to the meeting of the Club
of Jewish deputies which will take
place on Toesday.
i The representative of the Jewish
l’l‘ulo-x.:rnph Agency learns that with re
gard to the numerous clauses the de
mand of the Club of Jewish Deputies
is that all Jewish stndents who were
rejected because of the applieation of
the numerotis clanses bhe ziven the op
portunity of applyviag again for ad
Interparliamentary Conference in
Washington Alarmed
Washington.—News to the effect that
the Polish-Jewish agreement is about
to collapse was received by Dr. Leon
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Lvt At bttt di. ndndaiimd S
Paralysis Stos
Anti-Semitic Speech
Awakening Magywes' Leader Expires "
Budapest — Deputy Hegedues,
leader of the anthSemitic Hungar
ian organization, the “\wakening
Magyars,” died from u paralytic
stroke while delivering an anti-
Semitie speech reeently,
In the midst of his speech, in
which he denoneed (he Jews,
Deputy Hegedues suddenly ex.
cluimed, “My Geod, how bhad |
feel” cnd died.
DAYS, OCT. 18, 19
| e
Will Be Host to Tri-State
Delegates and Leaders of
Districts 2 and 6 |
Denver Lodge is looking forward to
Iu gnln week-end when its receives the
officers of the Baal Brith lodges of
Wyoming, Colorado and New Mexico
who will be here for the I'vi-State Con
vention on October 18th and 19th, The
oceasion will be further sigualized by
the arvival of nationally kuown lead-
Lers of the Order for the laving of the
cornerstone of the National Jewish
Hospital Infirmary ‘
In connection with the presence ef
Judze Abraham Frey, president of Dis
ftrict No. 201, O, B, 88, and other of
ficers of Distriets 2 and G, the llvnrurl‘
Lodge will have its most important |
mecting of the year “on the night of
Monday, October 19th. Al Denver
Jewry is cordially Invited to join in
fwelcoming the distinguished \l\llurs‘
that night, All are liKewise \\'u-lvmln-l
to attend the general meeting of the|
| Tri-State Convention, which will be
I held in the regulag loeal lodge room lnt
Odd Fellows hall, |‘l 1548 l‘lnunpul
| street, =
Warburgs Give $500,000
for Jewish Scholarship
Mr. and Mrs. Felix M. Warburg Designate Memorial |
Fund for Jewish Studies at Jerusalem Institute ‘
New York —The details of the $300,-
000 Tund of Mr.and Mrs, Felix M, War
burg for the Institute of Jewish Stu
dies ut the Hebrew University, Jeru
salem, were made known by the New
York Community Trust. The fund is
to be known as the “Moritz and Char
lotte: Warburg Memorial Fund for the
Araining of scholars, ministers and
teachers of the Jewish faith.”
~ The trust agreement establishing the
immnurlnl authorizes the use of some
or all of it income in supporting the
newly established Institute of Jewish
:fl'll(“t < ut thy University of Jerusalem
in Palestine. If that vll,-‘lmfllllnp of in
come should become Impessible or in
‘l-\pmlivm. the procesds of the fund
may be diverted to students and teach
ers at other institutions lof Jewish
higher learning, particular reference
being made to the Jewish Theological
Seminary of Amerien in New York and
the lebrew Union College in Cin
The principal of (he endownient s
placed in the custody of the United
‘Nluhw Mortgage and Trust Company,
‘nlu‘ of the trustees of the Community
Trust. The appropriations of income
‘ulll he made periadically by the Com
‘unmll_\' Trust’s distribution commit
tee, consisting of : Johin G, Agar, Mrs.
‘.\nmm Belmont, Homer Folks, Ernest
‘lw-lin_ Dr. Walter B, James, Clarence
M. Post, Felix M. Warborgz, Judge
‘ Henry G Ward and Thomas Willlams.
| T assist the distribution committee,
an advisory committee is constituted,
|4'flmpln~(-|l of Mr. amd Mrs, Warburg,
Professor Cyrns Adlet and Dr Jmlnh‘
L. Magnee of Jernsalem. ‘
As in the case of all gifts adminis- |
tered through the Community 'l‘runt.'
the trust’s distribution committee i<
given broad powers to utilize the in 1
come of the fund “for such public|
edueational, charitable and benevolent
uses and purposes as will most effec |-
‘ll\c'l.\‘ assist and promote the well e |
ing of mankind,” and thereafter the
donors state their desires as to the
specific means of accomplishing those |
‘obju-\.a By this method the danger |
of the fund's becoming antiquated is |
avoided, If the discontinuance of in
stitutions of institutions or other rea- |
sons should make the execution of a|
particular purpose impracticable, the|
distribution committee will exercise its |
discretion in carrying out the general |
(intentions of the founders. ‘
The trust agreement executed by ‘
Mr. and Mrs. Warburg reads in part|
as follows: ‘
“To invest and keep invested sald sum, |,
to colleet the fncome therefrom and to dis
pose of the net Income, all for the public |,
‘educational, charitable und benevolent uses |
and purposes and upon all the terms and |
conditions expressed and contained in the |
Resolution and Declaration of Trust ad
opted by the board of directors of the |
United States Mortgage and Trust Com
pany on the 28th day of May, 1820, creat
ing The New York Community Truost |,
The desire of the founders being hereby
expressed that the net income on this truse b
fund shall be nsed to provide assistance by
means of seholarships, donations, remuner- ||
ations, or loans to persons of the Jewish |
faith in their pursult of Jewish studies,
ly:-r(lrnlnrl,\' in preparation for the teach- |
ng thereof or productive scholarship |
therein or for the Jewish ministry. It Is
the wish of the founders that, in the selee- |
tion of beneficiaries hereunder, preferenct
be given to citizens of the United States of |
Awmerlea, and ?-wlally to those whao, for
the purpose of advanced study or teach
ing, wish to make use of the Inspiration
and opportunities olard at the newly es
tublished lostitute of Jewish Studies at
the University of Jerusalem in Palestine,
“The scholarships, donatlons, remunera
tious or loans hereby provided for shall be
granted to “wuch persons of the abovel
cluswes and u?an such terms and condi
tionk a8 may from time to time be deter
mined by the committee on distribution
mentioned In the resolution above men
tioned and hereto annexed, in itx uncon
trolled discretion, o as best to effectunte
the purposes and intent of the founders,
“It being the desire of the founders that
this trust be used to encourage and assist
sustained applleation h{' the beneficiarios
to the pursuits hereinbefore mentioned, the
founders suggest merely that unless a ben
eficlary at the time of recelving payment
hereunder shall already have devoted three
ar more years to such pursuits payment to
him shall be made to him as n loan to he
repaid unless he shall conclude three or
more years of such pursuits, but this sug
gestion shall not limit the diseretion of
‘ said committee on distribution in devising
from time to time the manner of accom
’ plishing said purposes
“If and wso long as said committee on
distribution shall be satisfied that the pur
poses aforesaid will be best served by pay
wents of all or a part of the income there.
from to said Institute of Jewish Studies or
to suld University of Jerusalem to be ap
plied and administered by it or them for
any of said purposes. such payments may
be made. The founders direct. however,
that no part of thisx fund or the income
thereof shall be used for departments of
the University of Jerusalem other than
said Institute of Jewish Studies, and that
no part thereof he used or applied in any
manner to assist or promote any political
or chauvinistie actlvity
Lo ease it shall at any time become Im- |
possible, impracticable or inexpedient, in |
the discretion of sald committee on distri
bution to apply all or any part of said in
come for the benefit of students and teach
ers at suld Tostitute of Jewlsh Studies ot
the University of Jerusalem, the founders |
request that in such ecase sald income be
similarly applied to simllar uses for the
benefit of students and teachers ut 4-'ln-r1
fnstitutlons of Jewish higher learnitg, and |
the founders recomimend in that event the |
Jewish Theological Seminary of Americn |
In New York City and/or the Hebrew
Union College In Cinelnnati, Obio,” l
——————— |
Tears are often to be found when |
there is little sorrow, and the deep-|
est sorrow without any tears.—(Dr.
Johnson; Works IX; p. 304.) !
Liberal Jewry of the Rocky Mountain Region:—You give to
all worthy causes; listen with favor to the appeal of the aged—
A plea that comes from the heart—A plea that we pray may touch
your heart.
old men and old women—blind, sick and helpless, some of
them; aged and feeble, all of them-—they ask for little—just a
resting place for tired, aching bodies—just a prayer to make their
remaining days, days of peace and contentment. Maimed and
bruised in life’s battle—and often in the way—Beth Israel Old
Folk's offers these old souls a decent place, one they call HOME.
In the years gone by they were givers too; now in the eve
ning of life, old and gray, they plead with you: “When our
}strength fails us do not desert us.”
i No cause is more worthy, no charity more deserving and in
|the spirit of Hoshannah Rabbah. We pray that these aged hu
man beings may not be of the Street of Forgotten Souls!
\ Mail your check to Beth Israel Hospital and Home Society,
| West 16th avenue and Lowell Blvd., Denver, Colorado.
NO. 11
| —
| Leader Phones Brown: “On
» the Job—What
1 Orders?”
1 Accepting the office of State Chair
| man for Hlinois, Jacob M. Loeb, leading
Chicago business men, outstanding
'munm-r(-inl figure and veteran volun
!lm-r in all local, national and interna
| tional humanitarian effort has the dis
tinetion of being the first to “get on the
Job™ of the hundreds of prominent men
in this country who have offered their
services to David A . Brown, In order
to win overwhelming success for the
£15,000,000 United Jewish ecampalgn,
of which Mr. Brown is the national
Mr. Loeb, who was the Chalrman for
Chieago in the 1921-22 £14,000,000 Ap
peal for War Sufferers, under whose
leadership over a milllon and a hraf
dollars was raised, and who became in
ternationnlly famous during the course
of that historic campaign, wound up
his personal affairs on October 1, closed
his desk and moved over to the Chi
cugo hendquarters flum which the
campaign in Hlinois will be condueted.
The first telephone message that went
lun( of the Chicago headquarters was
from Mr. Loeb to Mr. Brown, was:
“On the job from snow on. What
In these laconic words Mr. Loeb in
dicated that offices had been installed,
personnel engaged and the efficient or
ganization which in past relief cam
paigng has functioned so perfectly in
carrying Chicago “over the top” had
been set in motion again, this time not
merely to capture one great city, but an
entire State, with hundreds of import
ant Jewish communities. They indi
cnted also that Mr, Loeb will give all
of his time, days and nights, for three
months or as much longer as may be
necessary In order to win a success in
this efort, grofiter “than any” that had
been achieved in that section of the
country in the past,
“That is Jacob M. Loeb all over”
said Mr. Brown in making the an
nouncement from the National Head
quarters of the United Jewish Cam
paign, Pershing Square DBuilding, New
York, of Jacob M. Loeb’s acceptance of
the Illinois State Chairmanship. “He
knows no half measures. When he
gives himself to a cause, he does it
completely, without reservations. He
gives himself mind, heart, body and
soul—and those who know the vast
energy of the man, his remarkable ex
ecutive ability, his rare gift of leader
ship, will understand what that is
hound to mean to this eampaign.™
| ——rm—ee.
Danzig (J. T. A. Mail Service)—A
League of Notional German Jews has
been founded in Danzig, with statutes
similar to those of the German Im
| perial League.
: According to the statutes, members
| of the League must consider their pe
litical attitude only from the German
| Danzig angle and not from the Jewish
point of view. The committee of the
| Lengue consists of Mr. Friedlender, a
| loeul headmaster, who is the chairman ;
Mr. Rosenstein, vice-chairman, and Mr,
| dacoby, secretary,

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