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By Withim Pitt
Oatß and vetch sown together make
a good quality of hay.
Butter made from cream that is too
old does not keep well.
Commercial fertilizers must be ap
plied most Intelligently and carefully.
The kind man is kind to his beast,
and kindness pays handsome divi
To make the cleaning of woodwork
easier put a teaspoonful of kerosene
In the water.
It is the fertilizer that is well mixed
with the soil that feeds the plants
and brings results.
Again let us remind you that the
time to drag the roads into good con
dition is in the spring.
The finer the tilth the greater num
ber of the soil grains, and hence the
more surface and water holding ca
First find out what your nearest
market demands and then set your
self to producing that in the cheapest
and best way possible.
Poultry success is won by starting
the young birds right and keeping
them moving right along the road
that leads to maturity.
Carrots are good for all farm ani
mals and should be grown more ex
tensively by the farmers as a relish
or tonic for the stock in the winter
Don’t stop using the harrow too
soon. With corn and potatoes it
should b 6 used in cultivation until
the plants get so large as to be in
jured by it.
You may be tempted to crowd 18
hours’ work into 12 hours of time
these busy, rushing days, but don’t do
it. The end of the season will prove
v u a loser if you do. Sufficient unto
the day is the labor thereof.
It’s the farmer who has the birds
for an alarm clock, the fragrant
breeze from off the meadows for an
appetizer, and the fresh laid eggs and
pitchers of foaming milk for break
fast. The city chap isn’t in it with
the farmer.
Emmer, or spoltz as it is sometimes
called, is a species of wheat which
has been introduced in this country
from Russia and proves an excellent
grain for the semi-arid regions be
cause of its drought and rust resist
ing qualities.
The weight of a gallon of milk is
about 8.6 pounds. Cream differs
much in weight, according to the per
cent, of the fat present, but 20 per
cent cream weighs about 8.46 pounds
per gallon, and 50 per cent, cream
weighs about 8.10 pounds per gallon.
Skim milk may be conveyed from
the dairy to the hog pens through iron
or galvanized iron piping if aft?r the
milk is run through the pipe is flush-
with cold water, and once a week
with warm water in which
has been dissolved washing soda, two
ounces to the gallon.
Do you rotate? You do if you farm
successfully, whether you are con
scious of the fact or not. But give the
matter thought. Study this great
question with reference to the individ
ual need of your own farm. Build up
a system by which you will build up
the farm. It can bo done, it is being
done. Don’t be a back number.
Here are three important rules for
the housewife to remember in making
her flower garden this season. First
select the good and well known kinds
that grow most easily, and leave the
"novelties” alone. Second purchase
the best seeds from reliable seed
firms only. Third plant them in well
prepared soli, at the proper depth, and
at the right season.
The estimate of the department of
agriculture is that there were 64.00C,-
000 hogs in the United States. The
high prices of last year have had a
tendency to stimulate the production,
and nearly all the breeding sows be
ing kept in stock, this spring’s crop
of pigs promises to bo unusually
heavy. The demand for pork is con
stantly growing, but the hog-raising
business is practically limited to a
dozon states. In fact, six states—
lowa, Illinois, Missouri, Nebraska. In
diana and Texas —hold about half the
hogs In the whole country. There is
room for more expansion in the cast
and south, but. the west cun never
raise a larger number on account of
Um lack of feed.
Time is money on the farm if any*
Poultry manure is excellent for
melons and other garden crops.
Cheese may be kept from molding
by wrapping in cloth wrung out in
The depth of plowing differs with
the character of the soil and the
crop to be raised.
In , lowa, as in Wisconsin, stallion
owners are required by law to regis
ter their animals.
A hive or two to the farm equip
ment will save some of the sweets
that now gn to waste in your fields
and garden.
My friend Thorsen says that if peo
ple were as good as the animals this
would be a better world. Fact, when
you come to think about it.
Feed the trees if you would have
them feed you. Many a thriftless
tree is hungry for some stable man
ure and a little cultivation.
The machinery, harness, etc., should
have been thoroughly overhauled be
fore this, but if you have neglected
this important matter, do it now.
Cement work which is somewhat dry
can be made to unite perfectly with
new laid cement by thoroughly wet
ting the dry surface and roughening
the surface with trowel or hammer.
Don’t be haphazard about the selec
tion of fruit trees for your place
Do not let fancy run away with you.
Be reasonable and select only such
varieties as will do well on your land.
Cut it out. The black knot on the
plum and cherry tree. It is the only
remedy and you must be careful to
wipe off the saw or knife before using
on other trees, as the disease is fre
quently spread in this way.
The farmer without a silo needs
root crops to take the place of the
succulent food of the silo during the
winter, is the time to plan for
raising enough carrots and beets to
carry you through next winter.
Missouri has a new bee law which
provides for a state inspector of api
aries to aid in the development and
protection of the honey industry in
the state. Has your state given such
encouragement to this growing indus
Farming is a work that never
reaches its highest point of develop
ment. It is wonderful as we think of
what progress has been made in the
last 30 years in agricultural science,
but the discoveries made are as noth
ing to those which are yet to be made.
There is a sentiment among some
bee-keepers that there should be a
law compelling all bee-keepers who
feed syrups to bees to color to a dark
shade the syrup so fed, so that the
honey may be told from field-made
When the faithful cow presents you
with a calf let her know that you
appreciate her motherhood, and are
as proud of the calf as she is. She
will appreciate the kind word and
gentle pat at that time more than at
any other and it will make her your
fast friend.
The United States department of
agriculture is tp establish a horse
breeding experiment farm at Way
bridge, Vt., on land given for the
purpose by Joseph Battell, the well
known Vermont horseman. The gov
ernment will start with nine mares
and two stallions of the Morgan
Remember that it is only the amount
of food in excess of that which is
necessary to maintain animal heat and
repair the waste of the animal tis
sue can possibly be a source of profit.
Hence the more a cow can be induced
to eat above this amount within safe
limits the larger the profits she should
return in the total amount of food con
One bad seed com ear In a bushel
will cause a loss of one-tenth of an
acre of crop, amounting to six bush
els if 60 bushels to the acre are
raised. On 100 acres this would
mean-600 bushels. At 40 cents a bush
el this would be worth $240. Three
days ’work about this time of the
year \yould prevent this loss. The
only way you could make money fast
er would be to rob a bank or hold up
a train. Better make a seed testing
box and find out the germinating
strength of your seed corn, don’t you
A New York producer of certified
milk gives these requirements for the
production of high grade milk: Clean
stables that are easily kept clean, a
healthy herd and careful, cleanly men.
He says his cows aro always fed
after milking. Just before the
milking the cows are brushed, and
floor, walls and air of the stable are
sprayed. A man with warm water
and towels then washes the sides anu
udder of the cattle. A second man
repeats the operation, nftef which the
cows aro milked into cans covered
with sterilized cheese cloth covers
and the milk immediately removed
from the stable to the cooling room,
after which it is bottled. This man
gets 12 cents a quart for his milk,
thus being handsomely paid for hir
extra cure and expense.
From Birth to Death the Beats Have
a Steady Decrease.
How old are you? Ask your pulse.
The human pulse has a wide range,
even in perfectly healthy persons.
The female pulse always beats fast
er than the male, and from birth to
death the pulse beats steadily de
crease. It has been said by great
authorities that the age and sex of
n person could be ascertained by the
rate of the pulse alone. Babies at
birth have a pulse beat of 160 times
a minute in case of a girl and 150 in
the case of boys. At the age of four
or five the pulse beats will have fall
en respectively to 110 and 100. Maid
ens’ and youths’ pulses average 95
and 90. Mature men and women av
erage 80 and 75. Elderly men and
women have an average of 60 and 50.
An old woman’s pulse rarely, if ever,
sinks below' 50, but among men a
pulse beat below 50 is quite common.
There are, however, great variations
consistent with health. Napoleon’s
pulse is said to have beaten only 14
times a minute.
Gives Advice and Tells of Bimple
Home Mixture.
At this time of year, says a well
known authority, the Kidneys become
weak, clogged and inactive, failing to
filter out the poisons and acids, which
sour the blood, causing not only facial
and bodily eruptions, but the worst
forms of Rheumatism, Nervous and
Stomach troubles, Backache and pain
ful, annoying Urinary alfiictions.
It is worth anyone’s time now to get
from some good prescription pharmacy
the following ingredients: Fluid Ex
tract Dandelion, one-half ounce; Com
pound Kargon, one ounce; Compound
Syrup Sarsaparilla, three ounces. Mix
by shaking well in a bottle and take
in teaspoonful doses after your meals
and at bedtime.
This simple home-made mixture wdll
force the Kidneys to normal, healthy
action, so they will filter and strain all
uric acid and poisonous waste matter
from the blood, and expel this in the
urine, at the same time restoring the
“full blood count” —that is, 95 per cent,
red blood corpuscles—which is abso
lutely indispensable to perfect health.
City Man Is Worst Bore.
It is a moot point which particular
kind of “shop” is the dullest for an
outsider to listen to. Many people
vote for golf shop. There is certainly
much to be said for this view. Unin
telligible discussions about approach
shots and slicings make an uniniti
ated hearer yawn about as quickly as
most things. The author of "Social
Silhouettes,” however, votes for the
conversation of the hardened city
man. “There is, I think,” he says,
“no kind of conversation known to
man w'hich can for a moment com
pete in point of dullness with the hab
itual discourse of the genuine city
man.” —London Globe.
French Sailors Use Drugs.
The extent to which the narcotic
habit prevails in the French navy was
illustrated a few days ago by the pro
ceedings of a court-martial at Brest.
Tne defendants were half a dozen
seamen of ordinary rating, who were
charged with a considerable number
of robberies. All the men were vic
tims of opium or the the ether habit,
or both combined, and were in the
habit of bemuddling themselves daily
w’ith these drugs and the robberies
had been committed to gratify their
passion. Severe sentences were
Back to the Club.
The honeymoon was on the ragged
edge of the last chapter.
“My dear,” said the ex-bachelor, “I
believe I’ll teach you to play cards.”
“That will be just too lovely for
anything, darling,” rejoined the young
wife. "What game will you teach
“Solitaire,” answered the heartless
wretch, who promised to love, honor,
and pay the groceryman.
Not at All Necessary to Operate in
Many Cases.
Automobiles and Appendicitis scare
some people before they are hit.
Appendicitis is often caused by too
much starch in the bowels. Starch is
hard to digest and clogs up the diges
tive machinery—also tends to form
cakes in the cecum. (That’s the blind
pouch at entrance to the appendix.)
A N. H. girl had appendicitis, but
lived on milk for awhile —then Grape-
Nuts and got well without an opera
She says: “Five years ago while at
school, 1 suffered terribly with consti
pation and indigestion.” (Too much
starch, white bread, potatoes, etc.,
which she did not digest.)
“Soon after I left school I had an at
tack of appendicitis and for thirteen
weeks lived on milk and water. When
I recovered enough to eat solid 7ood
there was nothing that would agree
with ma, until a friend recommended
“When I began to eat Grape-Nuts I
weighed 98 lbs., but I soon grew to 115
lbs. The distress after eating left me
entirely and now I am like a new per
(A little Grape-Nuts dissolved in hot
water or milk would have been much
better for this case than milk alone,
for the starchy part of the w'heat and
barley is changed into a form of di
gcstable sugar in making Grape-Nuts.)
Name given by Postum Co., Battle
Creek, Mich. Read the little book,
“The Road to Wellville,” in pkgs.
"Tbera’s a Reason.”
Bret Harte's Great Poem Result of an
The war correspondent, Frederic
Villiers, has recorded a talk with
Bret Harte apropos of the poem,
"Dickens in Camp:” “We all felt his
loss most keenly in the States,” said
"On hearing of his death (I) sat
down about three in the afternoon to
write an editorial on the great au
thor. I wrote one and then tore it
up. Then another, after much pains,
was written. This did not please me,
so I tore it up. I wrote yet another
and threw it into the waste paper
basket; it would not do. It was get
ting late, and I was now keeping the
paper waiting for press. I was drum
ming on my desk, absolutely without
another thought in my head; I had
run dry. Suddenly I mechanically
began to write and the result was the
thing you seem to like so much. Well,
Mr. Villiers, you are not far out. K
like It, too.”
Spent S3OO on Doctors and Remedies
but Got No Relief —Cuticura
Cures in a Week.
“Upon the limbs and between the
toes my skin was rough and sore, and
also sore under the arms, and I had to
stay at home several times because of
this affection. Up to a week or so ago
1 had tried many other remedies and
several doctors, and spent about three
hundred dollars, without any success,
but this is to-day the seventh day that
I have been using the Cuticura Reme
dies (costing a dollar and a half),
which have cured me completely, so
that I can again attend to my busi
ness. I went to work again to-night.
I had been suffering for eight years
and have now been cured by the Cut
icura Remedies within a week. Fritz
Hirschlaff, 24 Columbus Ave., New
York, N. Y., March 29 and April 6,
Ten years ago a farmer put his ini
tials on a dollar bill. The next day he
went to the nearest town and spent it
with a merchant. Before the year was
out he got the dollar back. Four times
in six years the dollar came back to
him for produce and three times be
heard of it in the pocket of liis neigh
The last time lie got it back four
years ago. He sent it to a mail order
house. He never lias seen that dollar
since, and never will. That dollar bill
will never pay any more school or
road tax for him, will never build or
brighten any of the homes of the com
munity. He sent it entirely out of
the circle of usefulness to himself and
his neighbors.
Patronize your local merchant who
helps you to pay your taxes, support
your schools and churches, and lends
a helping hand in times of sickness
and trouble.
No Offense.
First Stranger (on train)—Do you
ever quarrel with your wife?
Second Sti anger—Never.
First Stranger—Have any trouble
with the hired girl?
Second Stranger—Not me.
First Stranger—Don’t your children
worry you at times?
Second Stranger—No, Indeed.
First Stranger—Say, I don’t like to
call you a liar, but —
Second Stranger—Oh, that’s all
right. I’m a bachelor.
Laundry work at home would be
much more satisfactory if the right
Starch were used. In order to get the
desired stiffness, it is usually neces
sary to use so much starch that the
beauty and fineness of the fabric is
hidden behind a paste of varying
thickness, which not only destroys the
appearance, but also affects the wear
ing quality of the goods. This trouble
can be entirely overcome by using De
fiance Starch, as It can be applied
much more thinly because of Its great
er strength thai> other makes.
Direct Evidence.
"Well, Pat, when did you last Bee
our old friend Smith?”
"I saw him last month making the
ascent of Mount Vesuvius with his
young lady.”
“And was he indulging In his old
weakness —kissing?”
"Well, I didn’t actually see him
kissing, but sure enough that was his
object, as he was trying to get at the
mouth of the cratur.”
Deafness Cannot Be Cured
by local application*, a* itirjr cannot reach tbs dla
cased portion of the car. Tbero la only <>ue way to
cure deafneiß, and that Is by conatltutlounl remedies.
Deafness Is caused by antlnflauiod condition of tbs
mucous lining of the Kuntacblau Tube. Whcu this
tube Is Inflamed you have a rumbling sound or Im
perfect besrlug. and when it Is entirely closed, Deaf
ness Is the remit,and unless the Inflammation cun be
taken out and this tube restored to Ha normal condi
tion, hearing will bo destroyed forever; nine cases
out of ten are caused by Catarrh, which Is nothing
but an Inflamed condition of the mucous surfaces.
We will give Due Hundred Dollars for any case of
Deafness (caused by catarrh) that cannot he cured
by Hall’s Catarrh Cure. Send for circulars, free.
K. J. CUKXEY A CO., Toledo, O.
Sold by Druggists. 7.1 c.
Take Hall's Family Fills fur constipation.
An Animal-Lover’s Ambition.
To be a genuine lover of animals,
and to be able to effect an improve
ment In the breed of those which ap
peal most to one’s fancy, is to add a
iresli and lasting source of enjoyment
to 111#.—-Country Life.
Important to Mothers.
Examine carefullv every bottle of CASTORIA,
n safe end aure remedy for infanta and children,
and aee that It
In UM For Over 30 Years.
The Kind You Have always Bdugnt.
It’s usually the man who has some
thing to say who doesn’t say it.
Mrs. Window's Soothing Syrup.
For children teething, soften* the guras, reduces In
flammation. allays pstn, cures wlad colic. 26c a bottle
Some people are too conscientious
preach what they practice.
Old Sofas, Backs of Chairs, etc., can
be dyed with PUTNAM FADELESS
DYES, fust, bright, durable colors.
Discovery of Alcohol.
Alcohol was discovered in the thir
teenth century.
Pure! Pleasant! Potent,! Three inter
esting facts about Garfield Ten, the Nat
ural laxative. It is made of Herbs and is
guaranteed under the Pure Food and Drug
Australians Will Go Back.
Australia has arranged for the re
patriation of 1,000 discouraged Aus
tralians now ih South Africa.
The extraordinary popularity of fine
white goods this summer makes the
choice of Starch a matter of great Im
portance. Defiance Starch, being free
from all injurious chemicals, is the
only one which is safe to use on fine
fabrics. Its great strength as a stiff
ener makes half the usual quantity of
Starch necessary, with the result of
perfect finish, equal to that when the
goods were new.
Bishop Potter’s Answer.
A young clergyman in a remote
country district wrote last Easter
time to Bishop Potter, saying that
lie was about to take a wife, and ask
ing if, to save some other clergy
man a long and weary journey, he
could not marry himself.
The bishop's reply was marvelous
ly concise. It said:
“Could you bury yourself?”
The Change of Life
Sensible Advice to Women from Hrs. Henry Lee,
firs. Fred Certia and firs. Pinkham.
Owing' to modern methods of living
not one woman in a thousand ap
proaches this perfectly natural change
without experiencing a train of very
annoying and sometimes painful
This is the most critical period of
her whole existence and every woman
who neglects the care of her health
at this time invites disease and pain.
When her system is in a deranged
condition or siie is predisposed to
apoplexy or congestion of any organ,
the .tendency is at this period
likely to become active and with a
host of nervous irritations make life a
burden. At this time also cancers
and tumors are more liable to form
and begin their destructive work.
Such warning symptoms as sense
of suffocation, hot flushes, headaches,
backaches, melancholia, dread of im
pending evil, palpitation of the heart,
irregularities, constipation and dizzi
ness are promptly heeded by intel
ligent women who are approaching
the period of life when this great
change may be expeeted.
Mrs. Fred Certia, 1014 So. Lafayette
Street, So. Bend, Ind., writes:
Dear Mrs. Pinkham :
“Lydia E. Pinkham’a Vegetable Com
pound is the ideal medicine tor women who
When a medicine has been successful in restoring to health,
actually thousands of women, you cannot well say without trying
it, “I do not believe it will help mo.” It is your duty to yourself
and family to try Lydia E. Pinkham’s Vegetable Compound.
M 25 ounces for 25 cents m
The original 25 ounce M
I KOI can. Others have copied m
the can, but K C quality J
EjssOn has never been equaled
$3.00 AND $3.50 SHOES TlSf WORLD
Mcn'>i Shoes, *5 to •I.AO. Hoy*' ,Shi>«, tfl lit #1.25. Woiih u'h [y
Shoe*, §4tnSl.so, Mlmo*’ & flilldren'* Shoe*, W'Las fo Sl.lk). AAmmHOV K
W. L- Douglas shoes are recognized by expert judgos of A
tol»o :ho best in stylo, lit and wear produced in this country. Each L
part of tlio shoo mid every detail of the making is looked after
and watched over by skilled shoemakers, without regard
tltno or cost. If I could take you into my largo factories ut
Brockton, Mass., and show you liow carefully \V. L. Douglas
shoes aro made, you would thon understand why they hold their shape, fit bettor,
wear longer, and aro of greater value than any oilier makes.
\V. 1.. Doiirlu* name nwl prli-e i» stamped on the IxXtom. which protect* the wearer apalnft blub
price* ami Interior •hoc.. Tuke .\ » NiO.-tlt nl<-. S-M l.y the Im**i *li<-e ilcalcr* ev* iy where.
Fell oiit/r Outlet* uieJ tjcvluuvcly. CalaiVy tnailul /rte. W. 1.. UOtUl.Ak, llrnckuu.uaaa*
The Rev. W. Arthur Noble of Corea
has one of the largest districts in
Methodism. Recently he walked 300
miles, the church in one section of
his district beiDg near enough fo* him
to do this.
■ ir nor ioid w iou> to» mu •••• ioti B
\ free irrr /
% Rut up In 20c. Me and SI.OO Cana /
W. N. U.. DENVER. NO. 17, 1907.
aro passing through Chnnge of Life. Foe
several months I stiffeml from l»ot flashes,
extreme norvousnoss, headache and sleep
lessness. I had no appetite mid could not
sleep. I had ninde up my mind tbex' was
no help for me until I l**gan to use Lydlft
E. Pinkham’s Vegetable Compound, wy
iiad symptoms ceased, and it brought ms
safely through the danger period, built
up my system and I am in excellent health.
I consider Lydia E. l’inkham’s Vegetable
Compound unsurpassed for women during
this trying period of life.”
Mrs. Ilenry Lee, CO Winter Street,
New Haven, Conn., writes:
Dear Mrs. Pinkhnm:—
“After suffering untold misery for tbres
years during Chunge of Life I heard of
Lydia E. Pinkhain’s Vegetable Comjxmmi.
I wrote you of my condition, and l>egari to
take Lydia E. Pinkliam s Vegetable Cora
iKmnd and followed your advice, and to-day
am well and happy. I can now walk any
where and work ns well as anyone, and for
years previous I had tried but could not get
around without help. I consider your medi
cine a sovereign balm for suffering women,*
Women passing through this critical
period should rely upon Lydia E,
Pinkham’s Vegetable Compound. II
there is anything about your cau
you don’t understand write to Mrs.
Pinkham, Lynn, Mass., for advice. It
is free and has guided thousands to
heal tli.

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