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The Married Men Can Play
Ball, But 0! You Cubs
The second game of the season was
played on the local grounds Sunday
afternoon and was a decidedly fast
game and full of Interest from the
start in Spite of the cold wind and
the flurries of snow. The married
men were weak in the twirling and
had to use three pitchers but were
ther with the goods when it
to batting andstealing bases.
The Cubs were confiident at the start
and played a very good game con
sidering the practice they had had
and never lost hope as long as
there was a chance to win. ' Although
the game was not played according to
the 1911 rules and there were many
errors, but there was just as much
interest taken and as much tun as
though it had been. The Cubs ac
cused Emigh of having the umpire
Roy Dow was ill and out of school
three days last week.
Mrs. Affolter visited the school
Thursday afternoon, said she hoped
we would enjoy our vacation and
come back with renewed interest.
We said fare well to our school
last Friday with a spelling match.
Leslie Timbrel finally^gained the hon
ored position at the head of the
We all, and Mr. Nelson, hope
that Miss Barrett, Si. Dow, Sheldon
Dawson, and a fewt of the small boys
in the other rooms will enjoy their
school as well as we vacationers en
joy the vacation.
June Shippey.
Denver Markets
Union Stock Yards, APril 10
The receipts of cattle here last
week were very good. .Demand was
strong for cows and very good for
steers, though on account of dull and
lower markets far steers at eastern
points, prices here were weak. Cows
close and firm at the advance. Good
beef steers sold at $5.40 to $6.00 and
good cows brought $4.65 to $5.15 with
fancy heifers up to $5.75, the latter
price taking a bunch of choice stuff
from Ft. Collins feed lots. Other
heifers sold at $5.6. and $5.70 and
several bunches went at $5.25 to
$4.65 . Bulls sold firm at $4.00 to
$450. Veal calves at $7.00 to
$9.25 for the good light weights.
Coming Saturday or Sunday
Six Head
Fine Draft Stallions
Q 3 Percherons, 2 Suffolks, 1 Shire
I I still have some
V 1
, Tom Horn Ropes are the best.
jjft From April 17 to April 24 1 offer a specla lot of
fM'bargains in 'Small goods.
ffepecial Prices on Pocket Knives
jjl Of all the snaps you ever snapped,
gfj There are none like the Triumph snap.
In God We Trust; All Others Cash, or Good Security.
hypmotised but wo believe the um
pire realized the danger of coming
under (he influence of either side
and gave just dccissions except in
the case or Mr. Bennett who was
forced to run mimself nearly out of
breath trying to, make first on foul
balls. Attorney Law made several
safe hits, mostly on his lower limbs.
The game was won by the married
men by a score of 22 to 19. The
Cubs wish to have another game and
play under the rules in effect in
1911, but the married men play under
the rules that were in effect when
they were woungsters and could hard
iy be expected to use their valuable
time trying to learn new rules.
Some of the Cubs have the making
or good players and we expect to see
much improvement.
Feeder and Stocker demand was
good and trade active. Eastern mar
kets report rather a dull trade and
prices lower but local demand was
good and prices held up well. To
days supply was 1,500 head. Market
steady on cows but weak to a dime
lower on steers. All eastern markets
were lower under heavy receipts.
A social will be given at the church!
in Walden, Friday evening, April 21,
The Ladies Aid will serve Ice
Cream, and Cake.
Everyone come and spend the eve
ning. and have a social time.
Another snow storm Sunday night.
Wm. Jones was in from his ranch
John Murray, was o.ver frojn the
Boetcher ranch on business Saturday.
Marian Smith helped Wash Alder
dice bring down a bunch of cattle S
Dennis Brennan came over from
Spicer Tuesday. Say they have not
had as hard a winter over in his *
neck of the woods as here in Walden
Mrs. Henry Boston and Miss Carrie
were Walden visitors over night Tues
The kids play some great games of
ball on the grounds right next to the
New Era office about every day now.
Makes a feller wish he was to.
County Commissioners
Minutes of January 2ndand 3rd.
At the regular meeting of the boaiil
of County Commissioners of Jackson
County held at the county offices in
Waldenon the 2nd and 3rd days
of January, 1911 there being present
all the commissioners, the following
proceedings were had: The station
ery proposal of the Out West Print
ing and Stationery Co. was accepted
for county office supplies for the
year 1911.
refund of taxes to the amount of 46
cents was granted to Edward Keifer
because of error in assess ment.
were checked and audited to Jan
1st 1911 and approved. The balance
on hand wes found to be $2014.48.
Wmm Marr, A. H. Law and Wm.
A. Baldwin wero appointed del a-
Number of
Warrant Name For Amount
333 George II. Manville Hauling lumber Peterson bridge 47.1C
334J. and E. J. Kilburn Lumber and bridge timber 125.76
352 Green &vDawson Freight and bridge repairs 18.GO
353 W. G. Mellen Bridge 'Work and supplies 18G.50
354 Ames Mercantile Co. Adv. freight on bridge 37.91
335 H. E.* Hunter -J Commissioners services G.GO
33G .J E. Mallon Commissioners services G.GO
337 Sam E. Swire Assessors salary, 3 months 249.99
338 " C. E. Mosman, P. M. Stamped envelopes 37.78
339 Dave McFarlane Express on ballot boxes, etc. 5.00
340 Walden Trading Co Rent of county offices 25.00
341 Eva Dawson Co. Supt. salary and expenses 134.32
342 E. N. Butler Clerk services and expenses 48.05
343 Joli;i Jurgenson Water Commissioner's services 12.05
344 A. C. Ridings Water Commissioner's services 5.00
345 Edward Keifer Refund of Taxes.. . _ _ .—,4£
346 Mrs. Charles Bergquist Election expense, postage, .30
347 Out West Ptg. &Sty. Co. Forms, blanks, etc. 1.44
34S E. N .Butler Election expense & cash adv. 20.7S
349 Colo. Telephone Co. County office phone 3 months 9.00
350 Owen S. Case Cornrs services and expenses 14.50
3 51 A. G. Maine Registering Vital Statistics 1.50
355 Ames Mercantile Co. Merchandise for Mrs. Brennon 13.35
35G Mosman Mercantile Co. Merchandise for Mrs. Brennon 12.G53
Approved, , Meeting adjourned,
OWEN S. CASE. E. N. Butler, Clerk.
Minutes of February 7th, 1911.
At the adjourned regular meeting
of the board of County Commissioners
of Jackson County, Colorado., held
in th County Offices at Walden on
the 7tli day of February, 1911 (being
adjourned from the previous day in
the absence of a quorum) there be
ing present Commissioners H. E. Hun!
ter, J. E. Mallon and O. S. Case, tliej
following proceedings were had:
Rules and regulations were formed;
covering the payment of bounties'
for the killing of wolves within tliej
limits of Jackson County, and a no-i
tice was ordered published for tliej
information of the public in this mat- 1
ter. j
Remonstrance was made to ourj
State Representative and State Sen
ator against the proposed change of
Jackson County from the 8th, to the I
9th Judicial District.
Andrew Norell's claim for rebate'
of taxes was turned over to the As-i
sessor for investigation
An arrangement was made with the
North Park Bank for the latter
furnish bond for the safe keeping of
the county funds and to pay the
regular bankers interest on the bulk'
357 John Jurgensen Election expenses 1.30
358 The Ames Mercantile Co. Rent Co. Offices Jan. I*9ll 25.00
359 Charles Riggei Coal for Co. Offices 27.00
360 New Era Ptg. & Pub. Co. Printing & Advertising 13,00
361 Eva Dawson Co. Supt. Salary and Ex. 44.74
362 Nellie R. Affolter . Co. Supt. Salary and Expenses 22.74
363 IT. E. Hunter Commissioner Servicos' 11.6 Q
364 J. E. Mallon Commissioner Services 1.1.60 ,
365 Owen S. Case Commissioner Services 10.75
366 Goo. A. Carlson,Dis. Attv. Share of District Office Ex. 10.00
367 Col. State Ass’n Co. Com. Expenses 7.50
36S Col. Good Roads Ass’n Expenses Etc. 5.00
369 W. 11. Holliday Co. * Portland Cement 43.75
370 A. L. Fox Expenses Peterson Bridge 555.14
372 Green & Dawson Team to Kilburns 4.00
Approved, Meeting adjourned, >
OWEN S. CASE. E. X. Butler, Clerk.
gates to the Good Roads Conference
I in Denver January 13th 1911.
J. E. Mallon was named a mem
ber of the Board of Control of the
6th Dry Farming Congress.
The bonds of the following officers
elect were approved: E. N. Butler,
county eltik; A. A. Huvar, county
treasurer; Nellie It. Affolter superin
tendent of schools; Emerson
L. Rogers, constable; Chas. L. P.
inscom, assessor; A. A. Hunter pub
lic trustee; J. C. Timbrel, sheriff.
The report of the county clerk for
December 1910 was accepted and ap
The report of the county judge
for November 1910 was accepted and
and approved
The following bills were allowed ’
and warrants drawn for the same:
of same.
The bond of H. C. Cliedsey as coun-
I ty Judge was approved (with correc
The bond of C. E. Mosman as
Coroner was approved. ■-
- The County Treasurer's reports to
Jan. 1st, 1911, having been previously
! audited, wero approved,
j The County Clerk's report for Dec*
(ember-1910 and January 1911, were
; approved.
• The County Judges’ reports for
J December 1910 and January 1911
I were approved.
; The offer of the New Era Pub
! lishing Co. for printing the proceed
: ings of the Board ofCommissioners
' at the rate of two cents per line
I was accepted.
A lease for the present county of
i fices was ordered drawn up, the rate
I being $25 per month.
The claim of Geo. Clark for
| damages by reason of a hors es leg
being broken in a defective culvert
I on a county raod near Clark’s ranch
could not be allowed on the Infor
j mation at hand.
The following claims were allowed
I and warrants drawn for the same:
Surprise Party.
Charles Emich was given a glad
surprise Tuesday evening at his pool
hall in honor of his birthday. The
women thought it a good time to
learn liow to play pool so all gol
cues and proceeded to learn, and al
though there didn’t appear o be any
sharks among them, yet some show
ed exceptional talent and we believe
would become experts with enough
practice. Ice cream, cake, lemonade
and cigars were served. \11 had ;i
jolly good time and hope that Mr
Emich will have another birthday
Meeting of Rifle Club.
The North Park Rifle Association
met at the office of Dr. Fisclny Sat
urday night. Many important mat
ters were discussed, but as they had
not heard from head-quarters no
definite action was taken. A com
mittee consisting of Dr. Henry Fisch
er, Charles E. Mitchell and Andrew
Sorenson wasappointed to select
sites for a rifle range from which
selection a range would be chosen
at the next meeting.
The club now has twenty-five mem
bers and there will proboably be
more by the next meeting time.
; * * :
Rummage Sale.
! In order to dispose of ail Remnants, Odds and j
I Ends, and Old Stock, we .offer the following j
j remarkable values:
| Dry Goods.
• Calicos per yard
: Amoskeag Apron Gingham 10 per yqrd. *
: Amoskeag Gingham 12J/2 per yard
• Silk Finish Gingham 22J/2 per yard
J Idealean 17 per yard.
Shanting Poplin 17J4 per yard. ;■
; Bengaline * 15 per yard.
• Percales 11 per yard. :
| Ruchings below cost.
• Extra Special Boys romper suits 50 cents.
A fine line of Shirts from .75 cents to $2.00. :
Easters Neckwear for men 35 and .50 cents.
See our Bargain Counter for .10 and 15 cent ;
The North Prk Dry Goads (
The Ames Mercantile j
Company. |
Dealers In H
Hardware Store In
W. O. Mosman Building
Can Load Any amount of Teams ;
We ALWAYS Have in j
A Standard Line of Fancy |
And Staple Groceries. ■;
Bring Us Your Orders ■
Wedded Last
Thomas Miles E. Brown o£ Boa
Angeles, Calif., and Miss Hannah
Amelia Peterson, of Princton ‘lll.,
were married at the parsonago last
Thursday night in the presenco of
a few friends, Rev. Gcorgo IT. Man
ning officiating. After tlio ceremony
an elegant wedding supper was
served at the Gresham house.
Mr. and Mi's. Brown though hero
only a short time made many friends
and have the best wishes of all for
a long and happy life. They had
both been visiting at the Jioino of
Mr. Andrew Norell for a few months '
before the wedding. The happy
couple left on the stage Saturday
morning for Bos Angeles, where they
will make their future home.
We expect to interest new capi
tal in North Park this spring and de
sire listings of an number of ranches
Have party with largo income prop
erty to trade for ranch.
The New England Securities Com
pany, Fort Collins, Colorado.
All kinds of broke horses. Can be
seen at the Manville ranch.

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