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Opcnlhi up kbrth Park la M# T*j)ng.
Further lnforination cbmes td us In
regard to the Opening tap at the coal
flclIU in North Bark bp tha Laramie
Hahn* Peak A Pacific railway. The
Northern Coal company already haa
much of tta machinery In the field
and plana to bo In operation aa toon
aa poaalble after the railway reachea
there. Tha output of tha mlnee will
bta eaally thirty or forty can a day
of hard coal which doaa not
up Into alack and la very clean. It
leaves few aahee and burna longer
than the coal Laramie la accnatomed
to, according to a gedtleman who
haa been trying It
The aupply there aeema unlimited.
Everybody Who dlga a hole In the
Park rune Into coal. It varie* In
Quality In different parta, but all
of It aeema to be astonishingly hard
and clean. Ena tern capitalists who
were out here a few months ago
were very much aurprlaed when they
picked up pieces of It not to find
black handsWhen they tossed It back
and to see thechunk remain whole
When It struck the ground.
The North Park ranchman drives
300 or 400 yards from his house,
loads his wagon with coal and drives
hack homo again. Be doesn’t have
to pay a cent for it, so you see there
are advantages In living off the rail
The total consumption of coal In
Laramie does not reach ten cats a
day. Including the Union Pacific de
mand here. At present Rock Springs
Qutan, Hanna and Bampo coals are
coming here. Tha Rock river coal
mines are only forty miles away, but
are a mile from the railroad and can
not seem to make terms with 'the
railroad advantageous enough to al
low shipping. The Citlxens’ Coal
mines are twenty miles west of the
city, near theLaramle, Hahns Peak
and Pacific and will probably be
opened in a short time. And now,
with another vast field of hard coal
bearer the city opened np, Laramie
should begin to have cheaper coal.
Tha Laramie, Hahns Peak and Pa
cific will act only aa the transporta
tion agent for the Northern Colorado
Goal Company.
U all probaility there will be a big
colehratlen at Walden whan the last
spike it driven connecting It by rail
With the outside world, for not only
the coal Helds will bo opened np, bat
stock shipping faculties wUl be great
ly Improved. Thera will not be that
thirty or forty mile drive that tough
ens tha meat nor the delays hitherto
necessary. Farming products will
have a quick and easy outlet to mar
ket unknown before.
It will mead an Influx of new set
tlers Into the Park and a big develop
meat of Its agricultural resources.
Thousands of acres of fertile land Ue
waiting for the farmer and a market
for the produce Is ready and waiting.
Tha farmers and stockman In the
pork are somewhat Indifferent, It ap
pears. They are a well-to-do class.
Who have lived there many years and
have acquired neat bank accounts
and are living in semi-retirement and
eaaa. The railway will make things
handy for them, but It will have to b«
In operatlonawhlle before they real
ise Its Importance to them. —Laramie
Hemeseekers’ Excursion Rates to
Texas and New Mexico Points
During 1911.
0 On the first and third Tuesdays
of each month during the entire year
the Colorado and Southern Railway
will sell round trip homeseekera’
tickets to many points in Nsw Mexi
co and Texas at greatly reduced rate
Final limit twenty-five days, allowing
liberal stop-over privileges. For de
tailed Information, rates ate. call oa
your nearest Colorado and Southern
agent or address T. H. Fisher, Gener
al Passenger Agent, Denver .Colo.
County of Jackson. )
In the matter of the adjudl-)
cation of Priorities of)
Right to the use of Water)
for Irrigation Purposes)
In Water District No. 46.)
Division No. 1. )
Petition of Willis Briggs, to)
iChange the Pot*t of Dl-)
version of Three Cubic)
Feet of Water, Priority)
No. 114 of the Briggs)
Ditch, to the Lillie Ditch. )
The people of the State of Colora
do, to all persona, associations, cor
porations and all rthera interested
aa owners of any canal, ditch, reser
voir or other appropriation and pri
ority of right to the nee of water in
Water District No 44, Division No 1,
of tha State of Colorado, Greeting:
Whereas on the sth day of July 1611
tha following order was mads and on
tend of record in the above entitled
New oa this 6th day of July A D.
19U, comes the petitioner Willis
\ 1
Briggs* and presents to the Court
hli fteUUbtt hftrettt filed in the above
entitled proceedings and said peti
tioner among other things alleges:
Tbit he is tt* owner of five cubic
feet of water per Becond of time of
Priority No. 114 of The Briggs Ditch
heretofore taken from the Lone Pine
Greek, for irrigation purpose , Which
said priority took effect and dates
from Jane 15, 1890.
That he seeks to change the point
of diversion of three cubic feet of
winter per second of time out of said
priority of five feet, from the head
gate of The Briggs Ditch which is lo
cated on the right hank of the Lone
PfeLe creek at a point whence the
South West corner of Section 21,
Township 9, N. R. 81 West of the 6th
P. M. bears south 32 degrees, thirty
minutes West 2871 feet, to the head
gate at the Lillie Ditch at a point on
said Lone Pine creek, on the right
bank thereof whence the quarter cor
ner on the North boundary of Sec
tion 20, Township 9, North Range 81
West of the 6th P. M. bears North 26
degrees East 1927 feet.
That the lands to be irrigated by
the wtoter when so diverted are local*
ed in Sec. 21, 22, Township 9, N. R.
81 West of the 6th P. M. and consist
of about one hundred acres.
And the petitioner avers that the
change of the point of diversion of
the said three cubic feet of water
per second of time from The Briggs
Ditch to The Lillie Ditch will not in
juriously affect any vested rights of
any other owner or user of water in
said water District Number 46 in Di
vision Number 1.
And the petitioner further prays
for an order to be entered by the
Court fixing the time and the place
for the hearing and the taking of tes
timony In said matter and directing
that notice of said heafng be given
according to law.
The Ceurt having read y\e petition,
and having considered the same and
being now sufficiently advised in the
premises and upon motion of the pe
titioners attorney, it is hereby or
dered that the sth day of Septem
ber, A. D. 1911, at the hour of ten
ofclock a . m. at the Court Houes in
the Town of Walden, be and the
same Is hereby appointed as the time,
for commencing to hear and take tes
timony in the matter of said adjudi
cation and petition to change the
point of diversion and place of use
and for making of such orders as the
Court may deem proper In the mat
tar In question in open Court before
one of tha Judges of this District in
and for tho County of Jackson and
Skate of Colorado.
And it Is further ordered that the
Clerk of this Court proceed to give
notice of the time so appointed for
said hearing in the manner and form
as In such case made and provided.
And It Is further ordered that
the Clerk of this Court aause such
notice to be published for four suc
cessive weeks prior to the time set
for the hearing of the matter, in The
New Era a newspaper of general cir
culation printed and pulibshed in the
Town of WaWen, in the County of
Jackson and State of Colorado.
And it is further ordered, that the
service of said notice be made and
proof thereof furnished to the Court
and filed in said cause in all respects
as by lawin such cases made and pro
Done in chambers at Boulder this
Dth-day of July A. D. 1911.
Now therefore I, W. Miller Mosman
Clerk of the District Court of the
Eighth Judicial District of the State
of Colorado in and for Jackson Coun
ty, do hereby notify all persons,
firms, associations, corporations, and
all others interested as owners or
users of water, or of any canal, ditch,
reservoir, appropriation, right to the
use of wnter, priorities, or priorities
of right to the use of water in Dis
trict No. 46, Division No. 1, to appear
in the Court at Walden, before said
Court on the sth day of September
A. D. 1911, at the hour of ten o'clock
a. m. the time appointed in the said
order of the Court herein filed and
made a part hereof, and then and
there file a statement of claim under
oath as to any adverse interest or
adverse claim, which you or any of
you may have or assert or which
you may allege against the said pe
titioner, Willis Briggs, or against
allowing the change of point of di
version of place of use of the appro
priation and volume of water in
said petition set forth, and then and
there present proofs if any you have,
as to any injurious effects that will re
sult by reason of said change of point
of diversion and place of use of
said water and as touching any mat
ters and things set forth in said peti
tion, as by law provided.
my hand and official seal
at Walden, Jackson county Colorado
this 13th day of July A. D. 1911.
Clerk of the District Court.
George H. Van Horn,
Attorney for Petitioner.
) 88.
County of Jackson, )
In the District Court No. 10 and 11
In the matter of the adjudication
of priority of right to the use of
water for irrigation purposes in
Water Districts 46, and 47, Division
No. 1, Of the State of Colorado.
The people of the State of Colora
do to all persons, assobiations, and
corporations interested as owners or
users of any canal* ditch* reservoir,
appropriation, right to the use of
Water, priority or priority of right
to the use of water in Water District
Numers 46, and 47 of Division Num
ber 1, of the State of Colorado,
Whereas the Honorable Harry P
Gamble, one of the Judges of the
District Court of the Eighth Judicial
District of the State of Colorado, in
and for the County of Jackson, in
Chambers at Boulder, Colorado, In
said J udicial District made and
caused to be entered of record the
following order in wordß and figures
as follows, to wit:
) ss.
Cbunty of Jackson. )
In the matter of the Adjudi-)
cation of Priority of right)
to the use of water for)
irrigation purposes in wa-) Order,
ter Districts Numbers 46,)
and 47 in Division No. 1 of)
the State of Colorado/ )
The above entitled matters coming
on to be heard on the petitions of
a H. Fischer of Water District 47
and Willis Briggs and Charles Bohn
of Water District 46, praying for an
adjudication of priorities of right
to the use of water for irrigation pur
poses in and for said water districts,
and the said cases having been on
motion of counsel for the petitioners
consolidated for the purpose of hear
ing and taking testimony, and the
Court being fully advised in the
premises and deeming it impracticable
and inexpedient to hear evidence
herein in open court it is hereby or
dered and entered of record:
That Ab. H. Romans a member of
the Bar of this State and a resident
and practicing Attorney and Coun
sellor at Law at Loveland, Colorado
be and is hereby appointed referee
herein, hie being in the opinion of the
court a discreet person, properly
qualified to act as referee of this
Court: to whom is referred the
foregoing petitions and all state
ments of claim now or hereafter to
be filed herein and all evidence
which may have heretofore been tak
en with reference to these matters
in former like proceedings; that said
referee is directed to give notice of
the hearing of said claims, take evi
dence and report the same, make
determinations and findings thereon
and prepare a decree adjudicating
the rights submitted and upon which
evidence is taken in form and man
ner as by statutes in such case made
and provided. That the said referee
shall take and file the oath required
by the 'statute and proceed to give
all such notice as may he required
by the statute and file with his re
port proofs of the posting, publicap
tion and service of said notices: the
said referee hereby appointed to havg
all powers conferred by statutes in
such case made and provided.
Done in Chambers at Boulder Colo
rado in the Eighth Judicial District
this sth day of July A. D. 1911.
And whereas I the said referee
have filed with the Clerk of the Dis
trict Court of Jackson County, Colo
rado my written acceptance of said
appointment, and have also taken,
subscribed and filed with said Clerk
myoath of office as such referee in
said proceedings as required by the
statutes in such cases made and pro
vided: NOW THEREFORE, I do
hereby give notice to all persons, as
sociations and corporations interested
as owners or users of water in said
Water Districts Numbers 46 and 47,
said District No. 46 consisting of all
lands irrigated by water taken from
the Nortti Platte river above the
. mouth of Michigan creek and from
the streams draining into the said
portion of North Platte river: and
said district 47 consisting of all lands
irrigated by water taken from that
portion of the North Platte river be
tween water disrict No. 46 and the
State line of Colorado, and from the
streams draining into the said portied
of the Jforth Platte river and from
Granite and Encampment creeks and
the streams draining into said creeks
that I will be at the place, at the
time hereinafter designated to hear
and to take testimony touching the
priorities of right of the several
ditches, canals and reservoirs in said
said hearing from day to day and
from time to time until all such ev
idence shall be taken, to wit:
yAt the district Court room in the
Town of Walden on the Eleventh
day of September A. D. 1911.
And I do hereby notify all per
sons, associations, and corporations,
interested as owners or users of
water In said water districts to at
tend by themselves, their attorneys
at the time and place mentioned here
in, and then and there file a State
ment of claim, in case no such state
ment has heretofore been filed, In
the office of the Clerk of the District
Court aforesaid. Such statement to
be under oath, showing the ditch.
Laramie Lumber Company
Dealers in
Lumber and Building Material
of all Kinds
Laramie - - - Wyoming
Registered perebefoß Jlorses
A. J. ZANO. Owner. A. W. HOSMER, Manager.
On C. Ac S. R* end Denver Ac Intraurban.
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better, call and sea Manager, at Stockrarm, Broomfield. Colo.
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canal, pipe line or reservoir n which
the interest ia claimed together with
the names of the owners thereof and
such other particulars as are prescribe
ed by law, and all persons Interested
may then and therepresent proofs for
or against any priority of right by
appropriation sought to be shown
by any party by or through any such
ditch, canal, pipeline or reservoir
either as owner or consumer of wa
ter obtained therefrom.
Dated this Bth day of July A. D.
Serial No. 05529.
Department of the Interior.
U. 8. Land Office at Denver, Colo.
July 11. 1911.
Notice is hereby given that Charles
F. Lambert Rathborn, of Qleneyre,
Larimer Co., Colo., who, on. August
27th, 1906, made Homestead entry, N
24012, for Lots 1 and 2, Sec. 22 and
Lots 1 and 2, Sec. 23, Township 12
N.. Range 77 W. 6th P. M. has filed
notice of intention to make final five
year proof, to establish claim to the
land above described, before Wm. O.
Mosman, a U. S. Commissioner, at hi
office, at Walden, Colo., on the 26th
day of Auguat, 1911.
Claimant names as witnesses:
Timberlane Forrester, of Gleneyre,
Colo., and Major L. A. Hancock, C. D
Oviate, and F. Wallace Pease, all of
Jelm, P. O. Albany Co., Wyoming.
Serial No. 08045
Dapar*mant of the Interior.
U. 8. Land Office at Dover, Colo.
July 11, 1911.
Notice is hereby given that Helen
Vanderwark, formerly Helen K.
Devers, of Fort Collins, Colorado
Who, on March 11th 1908. made deter
land entry. No. 2499, for lots 5,4,
or Wft NW%, Sec. 6, township 8,
N. Range 81 W. and BW% Bfitt, Sec.
31, township 9N., range BIW. and 8E
* NEK. Sec. 1 township SN.. range
82 W. 6th P. M, has filed notice of
intention to make final desert land
entry proof to establish claim to the
land above described before Wm.
O. Mosman at his office, a U. S. Coir.*
missioner, at Walden Jackson county
Colo., on the 7th day of Sept, 1911.
Claimant names as witnesses:
Edward J. Norris, Edward Kilburn,
Walter Devers and Charles Devers
all of Walden Jackson county Colo.
Coal land.
Notice of application for United
States Patent.
Denver District.
U. S. Land Office Denver, Colo.
June 17, 1911.
Notice is hereby given that in
pursuance of the Act of Congress,
Approved May 10, 1872, M. E. Long,
for herself and co-owners,W. W. Lon
B. A. Long, L. Long, E. E. Coon, S
W. Scates, C. W. Long and J. S.
Coon whose postoffice is 1043 Maple
ton Avenue, Boulder, Colorado, has
made application for a patent for 160
acres on the Grizzly placer bearing
placer gold and other valuable depos
its respectively, situated in a mining
district not named, in Jackson county
State of Colorado, and described by
the official plat herewith posted, and
by the field notes on file in the of
fice of the Register of the U. S.
Land office at Denver, Colorado, as
follows, viz:
The SE*4 of the SB*4 of the SEVt,
section 6, the NEI4 of the NEI4 of
the section 7, the WVfc of tin
NE’/i of the section 7, the SW
% of the SW!4 section 5, the SE'4
of the NWVi of the SWV4 section 5,
the NW*4 of the SE\4 of the SW%
section 5, the S l '- of the NE*4 of the
SW% section 5, the NEU of NE>4
of the SW J 4 section 5, the N of
the NWVi of the SE*4 section 5, and
the SWM, of the NW»4 of the SEVi
of section 5, all of township 5 North
of range 81 West of the 6th P M.
Vol. 135, Page 474, of the records of
Larimer county, Colorado, now form
ing a portion of Jackson county Col
orado.. Adjoining claims if any un
For herself and co-owners, W. W.
Long, B. A. Long, L. Long, E. E.
Coon, S W Scates, C. W. Long, and
J. 3. Coon. 45
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Office days:— Monday and Saturday of
each week.
I ♦ lawykr ♦ j||
Office attendance In Walden by
Phone The New Era at Walden 6
for information.
Glasses Fitted.
Appointments By Mail Or Telephone,
Walden, ----- Colorado
General Practice and Irrigation Law
Fort Collins, Colorado.
Walden Colorado.
Choice Fruit and Shade Trees
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Liherul Terms to Agents
The Northern Colorado Nursery Co,
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Carpenters, Painters
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leiit free. Oldest asency for securing patents.
I atents taken through Munn * Co. receive
tpecial notice, without charge, in the
Scientific American.
A handsomely lllnstrafed weekly. J.arcest dr
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