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i Bullor neat Wurron to Spion Kop
And when he (rot there he heard
H something drop
Which was dot stall to hia liking,
i Warren thou ordered a hasty re
» • treat.
k for he knew U» army was badly
k And across theTugela went hiking.
Summary Vengeance.
On the 22nd iust. four desperate
convicts in the state penitentiary at
Canon City overpowered Capt. lloony
of the guard and stabbing him to
death, made their escape over the
walls of the prison and were soon at
large. Blood hounds were secured
and posse’s of ofUcicrs and men were
soon in hot pursuit. A few days la
ter two of the convicts, Antone
Woode and Kid Wallace were cap
tured in a starved and half frosen
condition and returned to the prison.-
Later Reynolds was taken in custody
and started for Canon, but when near
the city a company of several hun
dred enraged citizens took him from
the carriage in which ho was being
conveyed back, and hang him to a
telephone pole itt sight of the peni
tentiary. This Was done about 11
O’clock p. m. of Jan. 20th and there
the lifeless corpse with distorted
features hung until next day when
the Warden took possesion of the
grusome spectacle and gave it burial.
The othe'f despefado Wagotror is
Still at liberty but when caught as he
will bo, he will fieet the same fate as
We do not believe in Capitol pun
f&hment nor in tfiob law, but it docs
seem if ever mobs are justified it is
in a case like this. It is als4 true
that something is wrong in the man
agement of a penal Institution when
jmsonfers, especially those known to be
desperate, are allowed to have oppor
tunities to handle deadly weapons
with which to' commit murder and
then deliberately make their escape.
Kentucky Politics.
Wednesday night’s Den\*e? dallies
gave an Recount of the shooting of
William H. Goebel late Democratic
Candidate for goverucr of Kentucky
it Frankfort on Jan. 30th at 11 a. in.
It is not yet known whether the
wounded man may recover. He is
an aggressive politician and was carry
ing on a contest before the legislature
pf the state to determine whether he or
I*ay lor was entitled to" the governor
ship. Kentucky politics has been
at the boiling point ever since elec
tion, and this shooting will not have
a tendency to allay the bitterness but
rather to increase it. Guns arc not
£ood arguments to use m settling
political quarrels; but down in that
state they are too frequently resorted
to.’ 4 Goebel should die we may
Took for serious bloodshed before the
Anal chapter is written.
Congress Purified
. Brigham 11. Huberts, Representa
tive elect from Utah, to the lower
house of congress has been declared
ineligible to the scat in that hod)'.
£he Taylor committc, majority report
that hia seat be declared vacant was
carried by a vote of 2CB to 50.
h Roberts made a brave fight for his
seal but hia defeat was a forgone con
clusion. He took his doom grace
. It. seems likely that Clark senator
elect from Montana will be refused
fi feat on account of charges of bri :
bery being made in connection with
his election by the legislature.
Let the good V.ork go on, cry aloud
find spare not!And if while rumma :
ging around among the members yog
should come across some who arc
guilty of an Offense akin to polygamy
but a different name ala
iSreqJteuridgeism for instance,] ust ap
ply your rule with os much force and
determination as you did in .the Rob
ert* case, even if it should leave the
House with less than a quorum.
Mining Notes.
- Ovof in Big Creek park there ii a
deal of earnest prospecting be
ing done with good prospects of re
sults beiqg reached that will pay the
tesoluW prospector.
Metcalf and his partner- -a .mile
fouthwest of r Jhe
HP9d mineral and are working with a
"iU., IV . . , „ ...
} StllJ further ,up the ?,aine ..small
JTrancb|of Creek, Herb.. Hill agd
vlark & Hatch hare fine bodies of ore
and are putting in hard, honest work.
man by name of WckxUon three
miles fromjL A. Hilton’s
-*ir.cb. has stocked a group of claims
for half a million dollars. Success to
them. Such work will win in such a
country as this, where mineral smiles
from every mountain and only awaits
development by men of pluck and
Mr. Adin Webb, received a letter
from Denver Wednesday night stat
ing that Mrs. William Marr had died
there on Jan 27th. Mrs. Marr has
been sick for a number of years.
She was the wife of our well known
North park stockman and had lived
in the park for a long time,being one
of our early Settlers. She will be
missed by a large circle of friends.
Her Six Children
All "Under Four.”
After thinking it out for flvo blocks
the conductor said to a man on the
back platform, “I don’t believe that
woman told the truth.”
She boarded a Third avciiifc car at
Ninth street with one baby in her
arms and five others of assorted sizes
tagging after her. The assorted
sizes climbed over the scats in riotous
joy and sat on the passengers. 'the
smallest crawled up aud down the
The woman paid five cents to the
conductor to pay for the transporta
tion of seven person's. The rule of
the company is that for all persons
more than four years old fare must
be paid.
“How old are they?” the conductor
asked sharply.
“Ikey, he three and a Half."
“Aud the next?”
“Rebecca? She three.”
“H’m!'* the conductor gtunted.
“Then what?”
“Little Mose; he two and a half.
Then Izzy, he two. After that come
Benny, the little one —he one. The
baby here—she six months.”
“All your children?” the conductor
“I am their mother,” she said.
The conductor thought there was a
flaw in the story somewhere but not
being able to detect it hud to pass on
“I don’t know n:uch about such
things, being a bachelor,” he remarked
later. “But there was something pe
culiar about that family.”—Selected.
When Papa’s Sick.
When Papa’s sick, my goodness sakeb!
Such awful, awful times it makes,
Ho speaks in, ohJ.ruch lonesome tones/
Ami gives such ghas’ly kind of groans,
And rolls his eyes and holds his head,
And makes ma [iclp him up to bed;
While Sis and Bridget run to heat
Hot water bags to warm his feet,
Aud I must get the doctor quick—
Wo have to jump when papa’s sick.
When papa’s sick ma has to stand
Kight side the bed and hold his hand,
While Sis she has to fan nil’ fan,
For he says lip’s “a dyin’ man,” „
And wants the children round him to
Be there v.iien “sufferin’ pa gets
He says he wants to say ggqil by
And kiss us all and then h ;’il die:
Then moans and says hi*' “breathin's
thick” »
It’s awful sad when papa’*-. sick.
When papa’s sick ho acts that way,
Until he hbars the doctor nay,
“You’ve only got a cold you know
You’ll be all right in a drty or so,”
And then—well, say! yotlought to sec,
He’s different as he can be.
And growls and swear? from noon to
Just ’causd lus dinner ain’t cooked
Anti all he does is fuss and kick—
We’re all used up when papa’s sick.
—Joo Lincoln, in L. A. W. Bulletin.
After the first day of January,
1900, and until further notice, the
North Park Stock Growers’ associa
tion hereby offer a bounty of thirty
dollars ($30) oh each giey wolf and
filter; cents (5Qc) on each, coyote killed
in .North park. Parties claiming the
above bounties will present each pelt
white it is yet.jgfeen to some responsi
ble stock many who will certify to tho
date of killing.* • Such proof aud f>elt
when presented to (J. E. Moaman at
Walden, or theaibdersigced at Hebron
will; after the ptilts have .been proper
ly, marked-, entitle the pc Json present
ing the ptlt to the above bbunty.
James Marr, Sec.
Walden, Larimer County, Colorado, Friday, February 2, 1000.
Short Extracts from the Diary
Of An Old Englishman.
Oct 10th, 1660. * * * After that I
went by Water Home, where I was
angry with my wife for her things
lying about, and in my passion kicked
the little fine basket which I bought
her in Holland, and broke it, which
troubled me after I had done it
Within all the afternoon setting up
shelves in my study. At night to
bed. 14th, (Lord’s Day.) *** To
White Hall Chappell, where ono Dr.
Crafts made an indifferent sermon,
and after it did see the Princess Royal
since she came into England.
Nor. 22nd, 1660. * * * At noon my
wife and I walked to the Old Ex
change and there she bought her a
white whisk and put it on and I a
pair of gloves, and so we took coach
for White Hall to Mr. Fox's where
wo found Mrs. Fox within and an
alderman of London paying £I,OOO
or £1,400 In gold upon the table for
the King, which was tho most gold
that I ever saw together In iffy life.
Nov. 3rd, 1661. ** * This day I
stirred not out but took physique and
all the day as I was at leisure I did
read in Fullers' ‘llofy Warr’ which f
have of late bought anti did try to
make a song in the praise of a liberal!
geuiud (as I take my owu to be) to all
studies and pleasures, but it not prov
ing to be to my mind I did reject it,and
so proceeded not in it. At night my
wife and I had a good supper by our
selves of a pullet hashed which pleas
ed me much to see my condition come
to allow ourselves a dish like that,
aud so at night to bed.
March 30th 1662.(Easter Dav) * * *
Having my old black suit new fur
bished I was pretty neat in clothes
to-day, and my boy his old , suit new
trimrflod very handsome. To church
in the morning and so home, leaving
the two Sir Williams to take the Sac
rament, which I blame myself that I
have hitherto neglected, all my life
but ohec or twice at Cambridge. Wc
had a lobster to supper with a crabb
Pegg Fen sent my wife this afternoon,
the reason of which wc cannot think,
but something there is of plot or do
sign in it, for we have a little while
carried ourselves very, strange to
them. After sujjper to bed.
Jan. f 3th, 1662-3, * * * lie tolls ol
his wife’s early rising and going to
market for fowls and beef for break
fast. thence to his oillce and home to
dinner wfiere were “Dr. Clerke and
liia lady his sister and a slic-cozen
and Mr. Pierce and his wife which
was all my guests. I had for them
after oysters, at Grst course, a hash of
rabbits, a lamb aud a, rare chine of
beef. Next a great dish of roasted
fowl, cost me about 30s, and a tarl
and then fruit and cheese. After
dinner ti\e women to cards in my
wife’s chamber aud the f)r. and Mr.
Pierce in mine, because the dining
room smokes unless I keep a good
charcoal lire, which l am not then
provided with.”
Dec.;{}3t., 1064. * » 1 At the office
in the morning and again after din
ner, at work on accounts till past 12
at night, it being bitter cold, but yet
I was well satisfied with my work and
above all to find myself by the great
bicesing of the Lord, worth £1,349
by which, as I have spout very large
ly, so I have laid up about £SOO this
year above what I was worth this day
twelvemonth. The Lord make me
iorevet thankful to llis fioly name
for it. Thence home to cat a little
and so to bed. Soon as ever the
clock struck one I kissed my wife in
the kitchen by tlic fire side wishing
her a inerry new yearo, observing
that I believe I was the first wisher
of it this yeare, for I did it as soon as
ever tile clock struck one.
April 23rd. * 4 * At caries till late
and being at supper, my boy being
scut for some mustard, stayed half
an hour in tho. streets, it scorns at a
bonfire, at which I was very angry,
and resolve to beat him to-morrow.
( A lady residing in North Columbu9,
meeting a girl the other day who had
lately been in her servi'e. inquired:
t ‘-.Well, Mary; Where do you live
“Please, tna’ani, 1 don’t live no
*.x t •
where,” rejoined the girl, “I’m mar-,
rxed.”—Ohio State journal. |
Pen, Paste and Scissors.
In its foriegn trade the United
States last year reached the $2,000,-
000,000 mark.—Laramie Republican.
The three most rapid ways of dis
tributing news: Telephone, tele
graph and tell-a-woman.—Lowell
Luramie is having the fistic con
test between Jeffries and Sharkey pie
torially reproduced on the stage. It
is said to be a drawing show.
Prof. Royer hasn't a very hard
task when he teacher book-keeping.
It can be taught in three words.
“Never lend them.”—Lowell Journal.
John Bull is the best customer
Uncle Sam has. Last year Great
Britain and its dependencies purchased
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by tfasjUpsa* ChhMkel Ce., nßpritt Bt., New York City.
goods of this country to the value of
1310,000,000. —Laraunc Republican.
A young man, Mr. Van Norman
McGee whose parents live iu Denver
has been given tho professorship of
Civil Engineering in the Imperial
University at Tien Tsin China, He
ia a graduate of the Lcland Stanford
University California.
Among the cities in the United
States of a population of over 150,000
Denver ranks fourth lowest in iu per
capita of Municipal indebtedness. It
owes (10.57 per capita Indianapo
lis has the best record with (10.09
per capita Detroit has (10.51; Ban
Francisco (10.74 and the great mor
ally corrupt city of Chicago has only
(13.70; while Boston has a municipal
debt for each inhabitant of (93.09.
Cincinnati haß (01.94; Jersey City
(80.75 and Now York (09.78. There
is more ccouomy in the western than
iu eastern cities.
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