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Roberts and Kitchener, British
Commanders, with 40,000 soldiers,
surrounded the Boer General,
Cronje, with 4,000 at Paardeberg,
and after live days compelled him
to surrender. If that didn't require
British courage, what would?
If ten men can whip one that rep
resents English valor ye. kuoow.
Author of The Book
Of Genesis Unknown.
l>r. Lyman Abbott, discussing
Genesis, in the course of a lecture in
the Lowell institute Boston last night,
said Ins point of view in discussing
the Old Testament was that of mod
ern literary or scientific criticism.
• The book of Genesis was sup
posed to have been written about 1.
450 years before Christ. • said the
lecturer, “but it deals with a period
twenty or twenty-five centuries be
fore the time of Moses. Supposing
then that Moses wrote the book of
Genesis, how did he obtain the facts
found in the book? My own opnion
:s that it was written by some un
known prophet as a sort of introduc
tion to the. Bible."
lie called attention to the two sep
arate and distinct acts of the deluge
and said that to him Genesis was like
an edited book, li was known to be
in extstance long before the time
Of Noah.
•What were the resources, if not
legend and myth? he asked.—Den
ver Times.
For The Children.
mr u&jrKsT.
‘God is* In heaven Can II • hem
A biuiph- praye: like mine.'
'Yes. lilt I«■ child. thou noedst not f<NU
Ho liilonoth to thine."
"God is in heuvn Cm Ilf x*
Win n I mu doing \vi.n «1 "
\ ••!*. tlinl he can. He look- at thee
All day and all night lo xu "
"God in in heaven Can I.oar
I f I should tell a lie?"
"Yc-. though tho.< i«l-t it very low
Ho hoard it in the sky.'
‘Clod is in heaven. Does lie know
And doe- He c • re I'oi no-
Yes. lilt l< child. lie loves tl . ■ o
lie cave Hi. » ( for ; h*
“God is in heaven. I ran 1 hope
Go there when Idle."
Yes, love Him. servo Him. and one day
He'll take you to the ~k>."
The State Agri
cultural College.
Netir* lliillrtin No. fl.
It has been practically decided to
take tbe cadets of the State Agricul
tural College on a week's encampment
before the close of the College in
June. This will be given as a par!
of the Military instruction and dis
cipline as required by statue. The
regular dicipline of camp life will be
rigidly enforced.
Hundreds of visitors troin many
parts of the State have visi
ted the College farm for the purpose
of inspecting the now herd of Short
horn cattle imported from the Has!
It is die verdict of all that this i the
finest and most valuable herd ever
brought into the stale.
The constant increase in the
of the agricultural side of the
institution will demand, at no distant
day several improvements about the
farm in the way of sheds and feeding
yards and particularly in the build
ing of a barn adequate to the en
largement of the department.
There seems to have been a revival
in both the numbers and the interest
taken in the farmers' institutes of the
State during this season. Institutes
have been held already at Jlocky
Toni. Loveland; Longrhontand Grand !
Junction. Institutes will be held in
the near future in Lamar Las Animas.
La Junta, Glenwood Springs, Clier
felyn and other places. Through
these institutes the College has been
able to convey valuable and helpful
information to the farmers themselves
along many lines, particularly the
industries of sugar-beet and canta
loupo raising and the proper care of
Orchards. The number of institutes
held should be greatcly increased by
another year.
* The annual oratorical contests re
cently held were of unusually high
order. In the contests between tbe
Frcshtnan and Sophomore classes,
Oliver Pcnnock, of Bellvuc, of the
Sophomore class, won the medal,
while Miss. Marie Gill, of Laramie,
Wyoming, of the FreAhihan class,
was awarded second place. In the
Contest between the Juniors ahd Sen
iors, the gold iliedal was won by Mr.
Earl Douglass, of Fort Collins, of the
Senior class; second place being wod
by Mr. Frank Itasinussen, of Delta,
of the Junior class.
1 Washington’s Birthday was appro
priately- -celebrated by music and
orations in the College Chapel. Tbe
j speakers of the occasion were chosen
as representatives of the College
classes. Mr. E. \Y. Smith, of Castle
j Bock, was the College orator.
• An interesting instrument has just
been received by the engineering'
department, especially imported from
Switzerland. It is so constructed j
that on the mere passage of a pointer :
about any irregular-shaped figure, the 1
area of the figure is shown at once on
one dial, the statical movement on
another, and the moment of inertia on
a third. The instrument is used in
engineering and water computations.
The oltl order of having students
appear on Commencement day with
orations has been changed. The
senior class will give a ( lass program
on the day preceding and an annua!
address and the awarding of diplomas
will be the feature of Commencement
day. Rabbi William - Friedman, of
Denver,will deliver the annual address
on Commencement day
Fort Collins. Colo.,
February 21, 1000.
We Hear From
A Former Waldenite.
1 )ani< 1 ( ita Co., \V Fu 20,1000.
Editor North I’ark Union,
Walden, Colorado
’Dear Sir
Having received cvoral inquiries !
from North park people asking for
information concerning tlii- pari off
Wyoming I thought 1 would send ::
brief description to you, nut! if suitable
you can publish the same in your paper.
This locality i< strictly n Curl; conn i
try ami is settled by small ranchmen.
The day of big herds i- past heir
I located here last August, near the
junction of Hope creek with Greene
river, and about US mile- from Opal,
Wyoming, our nearest railroad point,
on Ologon shortline
The valley here, at Daniel, is front
one to three miles wide, for about seven
miles, then narrows to about one mile
in width.
Greene river is a beautiful stream,
much larger than thd Platte in North
park. Hor-’e « reek G much large: than
the Mi« . an creek in North park
The altitude at my place i v?.Y> feet.
We huve n-• v.' ml to .* peak of—l.g
to compare \\ d h La; antic nr Not . pa;\
country. We have had a beautiful
winter here, only a little snow and no
severe cold weather.
Elk and antelope are \* r\ •. morov.s.
Wild geese and ducks have their breed
ing places here, and ate plentiful in the
fall, some of the ducks slaying all
winter. Our game warden look after
the protection of game here. One of
my neighbors .-hot some elk h - : g!d of
my store day before ye-vrd y. but was
arrested y« torday. This i- no plain:
for a game hog, ami game is not being
slaughtered here.
Baric does very well here, and onle
ranchmen grow oais fot hay. but there
is li lr grain grown here yet !• at Top
ami Timothy both do well, and we have
the best native hay ii this -tat.
Settlers are coming hero rapidly.
When 1 lot ated hot o 1 Aug t t here
wore about 4,000 : ores of la au.d'ul land
between Horse creek ami Greene river,
just above anil adjoining my claim, all
government land. All has been taken
since. #
There, are still some good tracts of
vacant hind on the streams up near the
mountain.-. lam located about eigh
teen miles from the Montana Wind
River mountains east ar.d south, and
Wyoming range on the west. I have ri i
good view of Fremont's peak from my ‘
place. It is about 140 mile- distant.
Hav just re ived i • of ' 1 eat ib-,
lishment of a post-olfie;* :C my place, to
be called Daniel, and of the appoint
ment of myself as post-master.
With kind regards to yon, and all my
friends in North park, I remain
Your* truly,
T. P. Daniel. j
Masqurade Echoes.
Were you sleepy next clay r
Who had the prettiest mask?
Was’nt Little lied Riding liootl a
The flower girl had :i rather at
tractive mask.
Rut the girl dressed in the burlap
or something of that sort proved to
be a boy. Rut he fooled 'em.
We saw several who seemed an x
ious to fall into the embrace of
“tired natures, sweet restorer balmy
The }'Oii ng meu *.vho wore the long
gray hair weie not half so startling
as the old fellow with natural g;a3*
whiskers. Truth is ever stranger
than fiction-.
Did you see Topsy? Was'rlt she
just too cute ior anything? Her
delicate little lissome form around
which that striking gown draped so
touchingly, and the regular darky
kick to perfection.
Walden, Larimer County, Colorado, Friday, March 44,7 1800
Bj onr Spt il Correa t*indent■
• The Mi —ea Aggie Cochrane md Mag ,
! gie S; vangford were visiting at W. F.
| ami J. Domdson’s when ihe late bli/./.. id I
! eaine up and they went home on the •
j worst day of the throe. They ate a pair!
!of plucky girls. Wo know men who
: could not bo induced to make stu li a •
trip on such a day.
It. IV Way and F. B. Reliant were
caller-: at J. E Wyckofi - last Sunday
\ -.i \\ u . started t Fort C< >lll n •
last Monday. where he will re-ido tin
iest .if the winter. He has been work
: ing for Mark Baldwin since curly in the
j Fall.
J J. L l-dt was transacting business in
| Wnbleu last Saturday
j Will Howard and family were visiting
t hi- parents last Sunday
.John Jergesou wa vi.-iling at* Al. t
Oldenburg’s last Sunday.
Mi'S Mary WyekolY and Rush were
visiting at Win. Weleii’s last Sunday
afternoon and evening.
W. V. Donclson got home, from lowa
last Saturday evening. He -ays that
the wnathet in lowa i' worse than it is
in North park.
Rand still continues lo grow in spite
of hard limes, snow storm-, and bliz
zards. This time it i- J. L lsh who
ha.s tried to boom the town lie has
; just received a full line of gent'’ fur
nishing goods. which he proposes to
1 sell to those in need of such things.
Success to bin
Owen S. Case is tho busiest man in
North p ■ >th< r park. He
teaches the public school lien*, feeds
about 125 head of stock; does Ins own
I cooking: gives jessons on the violin on
Saturday, and lessons on the guitar on
Sunday. Who can put in their time
any closer than that?
We have been informed that Miss Ada
Shearer (formerly of this place. Inn now
of Fort Coilin') and the Rev. Mr. Wil
liam- of Lamar, Colorado, are to be
married on Wednesday, (lie 21 i in t.,
after which they go to Lamar to li\ •
We hope thcii hark may sn 1 .-mHiothly
on life’s sea
We ate glad to report aal Mi .
Poter Mom 00, who bt < u qu to
i- again able to attend to In ; duties as
; ne t - mi'trcs', and :•.!-(» tier household
Long Ago.
SELECT r.l).
Far. far away beside the foam
A little maiden had her home.
And pr inces wooed her, rich and gay
Rut still ho slightly said them nay
She eared not if they came or went,
Within her humble home eontei.l.
For things were not as now yea know
Long and long and long ago.
Her father oft would musing -tand
And hold his little maiden’s hand.
And pointing, cry ‘From o’er the -, .i
One day nij* woe will come to me."
And wl shook 11.
"What shall 1 do when -1 e. i- \v< d .
lie loved her so. he loved her so.
Long and long ami long ago.
A lover came o’er seas ont day
And stole her rimplc heart away;
But when her father's t> nr*.
And thought of all hi after year.--.
“Go back across the sea" .die cried,
And wept. “! cannot I*, your bride."
For tiling were not as now you know
Long add Long and long ago.
She watched upon the bridge next day
Her bonny lover sail away
She dropped her ring into the foam
And then at twilight wandered home.
She found her father sitting then ,
She wept and kissed his silvei hair,
She loved them both,she loved them to,
Long and long and long ago.
No Ham For Him.
From Chambers' Journal The
patient, a Collier, had made a brave
fight for life, but had been defeated.
All hope of recovery was gone, and
my friend said to the dying man's
wife, “It is of no farther uSe plac
ing any restriction on diet. You
may let him eat anything that lie may
fancy.” The good woman, who was
relieved by the doctor's permisson—
for she had found her husband by no
means a tractable subject in the mat
ter of diet—went upstairs and said;
•‘ls there owt thu, could fancy to eat?
The doctor says thu san hev owt tha
fancies now,' “Ay.” replied the
sinking but hungry man. "I should
like a bit 'o that liam as I cured
afore t was ta’en bad.” Said his
wife firmly: “Nay, tlia etui hev owt
else Ilia likes, but we re savin’ that
liam for the funeral, ' Wo hoard la
ter the old coal digger go' well.
When the lady reeled and etatfgorod and eauk
down upon tho pave
She was t-oon the center of a snrKiiut m
That came tlocLin - til urouudher like u liuinuu
tidal wave
Till the street ears were not Kiv< n room tu
"Hub herlinnds! ' sonic of thorn shouted. "Huh
her arms!" and "Rub her side!"
"Hu*» her feet and start the hlood that's had j
a chuck!"
Alula •rriuninK little newsboy put Ted hi<> ci«nr
otto and eried:
- Denver Post,
Pen, Paste and Scissors.
Dr. Leslie K. Keclev the founder
of Keeley Cure for druukvness is dead
Ilis estate is worth about $10,000,000
The ministers oL Denver have
made such a crusade against gambling
as to induce the Fire and Police Board
A order it stopped. Wo will watch
for results.
Chief Wasfiakic of the Shoshone
Indians died at Fort Washakie Wyom
ing on the IGth. of last month, He
was M 0 years old and will be sueoeded
by his son Dick who is J 5. Washa
kie was ebcif 50 years.
Mr. I. X. Stevens a Denver lawyer
who gave the name of Mountain and
Plain to the fall festivals, has bought
the Colorado Springs Gazette, a’nd
will hereafter have editor;,d control
ut the paper. It will continue
The imperialists, having repealed
tiie declaration of independence, do
not appear to be satisl'ml with that;
but arc now taking steps to repeal
the constitution itself. When this
government gives one kind of rule to
Americans and another kind of rule
fto the people of Porto Rico, it ceases
to be a republic and becomes an
empire.—Rocky Mountain News.
A peculiar suit is pending in the
Supreme Judicial Court of Mass, on
appeal. A young woman agreed
with a doctor to furnish some of her
‘Mini for gracing purpose and she
allc p - the d tor look liiorev' :« than
tho contract called lor •" siio sued
him for tho excess, and the lower
court decided against her. For
shame' Tho court was dearie in tri -
or and the doctor was a chump for
doing i l ..
A Peculiar religious sect i.s now
operating in 80-ton. T. W Sanford
is the leader (<;' thi new movement,
lie oirers a religion stripped of "for
mality dignity ui. 1 creed.- The
IIOI3* Ghost and l is the name of
thi-; new organi/ati m and it draw.'
followers from among the beautiful
young maidens > : ' ankee land
Sanford v : t!i so* of these 3'onng
convefts expects soon to start for the
Iloly land.
The. New York Y.’oild is authoriU
for the statement 1 hat two American
dtizens, railroad engineers, arc and
tve been in 1 Me xican pi
for nearly a 3 with no formal
charge made a. them and no
chance for havitii their cases tried.
They were emplo*l on a Mexican
railroad and in last March by reason
of being in a colli' 1 m a> iminecrE at j
which time a Me* am was lolled, tliey
were arrested and thrust into prison
whore they have net been kept.!
Both ate citizens of ihc state of Kan ;
sas. Edward Turner and George R.
Clark are their names. One is losing
one eye and the other becoming para
lized by reason <;f the long confine- j
ment. The State department at |
Washington has been appealed to. but
the casv hangs along with little or no
interest taken and perhaps wont be
until the prisoners are dead.
Mining Notes.
Rodgers and Parks, north of Pink
hamton. ate doing some energetic
work on a claim just opened up lust
fail. Their ore is fine and the pros
pect one of the bed in that pari of
the count3*.
The annual general meeting of the
North Park Stock Growers’ Associa
tion will be held in the Walden Town
Hall on Baluiciay. March 3rd, nt 1
p. in., for the purpose of transacting
the annual business, including the
election of officers.
Rj- order of the President.
James Mar**, secretary.
The true origin of Polled Durhams,
about which there is a considerable
discussion, is Shorthorn and •Muley.”
And the strain built up from that
cross is the result.
Arizona stockmen seem to be go
ing out of the business. It is said that
lb we is not mote than 10 per ceut
of the cattle on the range in that
territory now that there were ten years
ago. Th.- decrease is ascribed to
short feed, hard winters and the
operations of theives. Denver
North Park Circuit.
Walden: Sunday. March I. Sun
day School 2p. in. Epwortli League
7p. in. Sermon by Pastor to follow.
J.uml OlHce. «t Denver C*»lu.,
February n li'X).
Not ce ■; lie <•!)% given that tn*- following
nn ned a< or lute filed notice of hie mtobtiou
■ n I I il proo lin to ol
\ 1 t 11l !>• «>of will In* Miado lx*f»»ro T’ik (
: Court of Ldrimt C<
lid • e Fo Coll un <••>l.. . on Hen li 31 1033
1 - K R» H. E. No 16 1 I >l
the S. •: S K. . > -vi 10 i. litlN. '. N I* .
|Si .- .m , Townslr,. No. 10 N.. .11 It:. '•.<• N.
1 W
I llmr . -x i!h* following wiuio-s.-i. to provo l.i -
«”o '• "" 1 .01* 11 (Mill, and I'tiHiviitioti of. J
| ;-»i.l lot t viz-.
| WilUu .1 IN«l. or Fort Collinr.
Tiiiii D; v 5. J.- ** Glonyrr, t*«>!■'.
j AM>« tJolihioa. •* *•
J F W. Slioi'Wimkl.
1 C. 1» F. id. Rogietor.
I I P I'.-h 1C L I'M ... ::t
nepartnientot ttie Interior.
Flilted Sint.'.- Land Dili.
Don vim. Colorado. February 23. lt>o<*.
t ilfioloiit •oi t nfllda Ii linring Incn fl
in tl( l»v .l.iiiii*- N. Hutch. • • ■:. 1•■ -1 :i 111 .
ncanmt TimlM i ('ulinrc c.i.ty No 7.221. iniidi*
Soptonibt 21 1 S 6, or tlx N • N\\ , gnd SYV’I4
a.:d NW'q S\\’, Si-rtio;i 21 Toiviihliip
v - R .79 W, by R . ....
teetoo, * |od that:
Edward,P. St I not i .(>■. i»1
i ct ifu . ohtry wan
] nudi*. nor li..si!: .nc of -ilil tm t iln> t-econd
•tr.nor plnnt. |- o-w and miltiv.it>> 10 Menu
; • 1 .Id tract tot t . o-idt or cutting'- :it>
!i. 1 1 11 •*1 by tliol. '. lir.vr, ;• ~i at tin* pnih.'Mt
j l iui'* iio bn>* no tu*.*- | il.i.iird t>> VI fot iiitn mill
j '.rowi ! lioriMin, mild par! Ic* :im Ihti l>> not i
opp.M;*, !>'*p>. d mid off. I .\ t '.- iir»
j toiiclii’ic.-aivi nt t'J. 'cloc'v A .'.I «>n
tlie I of Apt 1900, bofo H
,t• s ' '•' ! '*v .•.. . .in l'nt' 11 Sint »*6 ( 'oinmi--ion.T
Uny I tha
■•• I iii In o'clock A. .M on April lltli.
,••-> 1 > • • R.* l. i and R«.*c«Mvt*r at the
j 1 nit**d Stiu>' Land Ollicc in Denver, Coloiado
! Tin' -aid eoiiti'-ifint li.-ivin.;, in n proper ntli
•l ' n 20,1900
| ul.ii h tdiov .I■ •. ••: 'i .1 1 . . i •••!•(•«*, p< i'-otiitl
Lervice of thi>* mu : ce c.iiihot lx* made, m
ic-rel.y or>le:i d and dir'et'-d tlmt kicli nntieo
I 1 «' ,I \ >it.. 'i p.'oi r'l P I»il I >i\
i D. Font), Re,; i -ter.
r r men ‘ i r m urn 2‘>
After the last day of January,
900. and until furtliei notice, the
North Park Stuck Growers associa-i
I tiOn hereby oiler a bount}’ of thirty
! dollars ($3O) on each grey wolf and ( !
j Fifty cents (50c) on each coyote killed j]
!in North park. Parties claiming iii G
above bounties will present each pelt 1 ’
while it i-> yet gnu nto some spoil- l"
hie stock man, who will certify t<> thcU
date of killing. iSuch proof and ;>«•:» M
when presented to C. E. Mosipan i \
Waltlon, or tin* umlersigncd :it Hebron , {
: will, after the pelts have been proper
ly marked, entitle the person present
ing the pelt to the above bounty.
James Marr, Sec.
for the
Marshnll U. Drnpcr E. W J. N. McLeod F.. M A
Oraduate* ol Co’o. State School ol Miite*. f
Assayers, K
Chemists, Mining
Testing laboratories forCyanido,
Chlorination, Concentration, ■
Amalgamation and oilier
tests for selection of
treatment of ores.
Examination and xcj-obtb on MinincH
cations ctc.. ron Mining and M.iuncl
Gold, 7Jc Lend. :tic Mi
Si Ivor, ooc Copper, 7.7 c ■
Gold tt Silver, rt. Any 3 (sAmc Hoinplc)sl.ro ■
Send lor complete pi ice list mid iruiili.urß
euvc!o|M‘s>. I
1700 Champa St. Denver Colol
#<f: $ # $ :|t )$: >s< sijns: !jnft f »
* o
*!*■ o
g In order to make rooms for *■ ►
| my stock of Spring Goods o
❖ which will be arriving about j ►
f April Ist I will make a o
I ♦ *
# <>
<S» 4t
$4 +
I will sell everything in Dry < >
* Goods, Boots and Shoes and < l
% Gents’ Furnishing Goods at
t For Gash. lam receiving o
¥ a FRESH and NEW supply *.l
T o O
❖ ol o
4 Which will K
$ Be Sold for
§Rock Bottom j [
Prices For < *
I CASH. ;i
! C. E. MOSMAN. ::
* tst <s*
I ’ulronize •*******++***++**+++*****&+
~ * (Ball Bt Übc 5
{ ** 2 North Park I’nion Office when ♦
♦. in lined of .lol> Work of any %
I IK lUstric'S. *. kind, as wo arc now prepared
J. to do Plain and Fancy Job ♦
J work of any description. 2
• f***‘* *.*>* *** X
q | CQc Ulow Ibave | wwww *
J A good supply of letter heads, ♦
*>’ note heads, bill heads—lurgi £
CvryC/ J or sma H- <"ir<K circulars, J Qflfer.
; * dodgers and envelopes, all of ♦
4: the finest and best qualitv. 2
4***4 * * * to J
HU maorh 2>one r~~**~**s
Pniniptlv. and in the highest £
style of llie art. W.■ do jobs £ XllG
in black, gold, silver and any £
coloi Prices always reason- * Xorl h I J arl-c
«'>i" |
t Ilion.
j >A. S. PEABODY Co:,< \
A t
J ***** _ O EALERI/v .) ***** #
J Staple - and - Fancy • Groceries.
t Flour, Grain and Feed M
| Purity, Strengtli and Quality found in all Our Good?. M
t Special attention given tire onttiting of Ranchmen. Give us M
a call—we will treat yon right M
Haaaasaaaaaaa^^Sg£SS3iP :
KqS Groceries, Dry Goods, General s|a
ls*j? Ranch Supplies Always in Stock. ffi9
Tho situation in Kentuoky U that
the contest board Ini' decided in
favor of all contesting democrats
and now it is either appeal or
injunction or Quo W arranto. It
takes a long while to turn
out a lot of politicians when once
installed in oflicc.

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