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paints. Oils, Glass,
Rutty, Wall paper,
Paint Brushes, at the
North Park Pharmacy.
This Entertainment waa a Social
and a Financial Succeaa.
The Ladies Aid Musicale that took
place in the Church Wednesday even
in'; was certainly a Social and finan
cial success. The program was an
excellent one and Ladies who helped
to get it up ant) pushed it through a
most arduous and laborious task of
drilling and practice which resulted
in the final successful rendition of it,
deserve especial praise.
The entertainment proved beyond
all doubt that Walden possesses in
her people, talent that no one need by
un}’ means Ik? ashamed of, while a
few showed exceptional talent for a
country town, —yet, why should we
Say country town, for it is a well
known and well established fact that
the grentest ami most noted men and
Women in the United Slates and the
world for that matter.—have received
Vneir start, their early inspirations,
and the ground work of their charac
ter, upon which has been in the past
and will contlue to Ife built in the
future—-the most successful careers
in the history of men. tf you ask
Why the answer is plain and simple
It is because a person raised out in
the country has opportunities of oh
Serving hntttre and natures laws amt
thus receive inspirations in GodV
free, big open expanse Of the air we
breathe which it wotlld be impossible
Id receive Id a large city because
there the direct opposition of facts—
hot only does but will always exist
Amorig the pieces on the program
fcfl rendered and that deserve special
ftferition are: The Piano solo, “Zen
flh Waltdea;” Juvenille (Quartet, “The
tow;" Piano Duet; Miss Riggen and
MMh Dailey. “Mountain Glee," Piano
J/uet, Mrs. Linger, Miss Riggcn.
'‘"olish Dance:” the recitation “Jane
Conquest,’ as recited by Miss Rigger
Vas exceptionally well rendered in a
♦ery clear and distinct voice which
added very itfucli to the effectiveness
b f the prece as delivered and received.
Coming to the selections that received
encored we find the following Lndiue
(juaritflic; Mrs. Butler, Mrs. Sturde
•)ant. Mrs. Snair atfd Miss Dailey,
“Alice;" Quaftet, Mr. Dailey. Mrs
Sutler, Miss Dailey and Mr. True:
f)uet; Piano and Violin, Mr. Davis
4ml Mro. Butler, “The Flower Song;"
Mafe Quartette, Messrs. Dailey.
fllacCallitrri, Capron, True, “Sleep and
Rest;" Juvenille Quartette, Kig-ajig
j'ig: Piano Solo, Miss Riggen, -Al
bine Glow;” Vocal Solo, Mr. True,
“Entreaty;” Ladies Quartet, “Love’s
{/id Sweet Song;" and Pearl Stout on
4 selected song. Pearl has a sweet
A oicc, although, not very strong as
she shows unmistakable talent
for the making of a very fine singer
some day, and if Pearl cultivates her
voice and it grows stronger and
sweeter ns wc believe it will, we pre
dict that she will some day become
one of the sweetest singers in the
Jn uuuulusion lot us say that wo
liope to sec similar entertainments
often, suet bt'g to suggest that in fu
ture ones to be given that plenty of
Comic selection, be interspersed here
ini! there in the program, for the.
jeasou Hint It is a better drawing card
and for the further reason that it is
liutnan nature to want to dispel the
cares and worries of life, if only for a
lime, with a good hearty laugh. A
Action' alwe’ys feels better for some
'.ime afterwards, besides it is the best
hind of a cure for indigestion, sn at
tack of biliousness or a bad lireri the
latter being the prime cause of all
crankiness from one person toward
another, so that when you find a per
son venting their spleen toward an
other without good cause you may
set it down at once that their liver is
Alt'. 1 of whack. Then, again, in the
words of Ella Wheeler Wilcox:
••Liuikli »nd tho world laughs vHth fou.
Weep, and you weepalnna, ...
Tiiit- »t;ufid old earth must borrow it* witth.
It ho? sorrow enough of ito own.” .
Ladies, “Hero's Hopin ' that you
may give many more successful en
tertainments, that each succeeding
one may lie a little better than its
jjreilecesser and that you may always
be successful in ail your worthy uu
dertakiogs is the wish of the Union.
You are rented to sAhserihe for
Pearl Pearls.
The following notes came in from
our Pearl correspondent too late to
be published in our last issue:
Editor, North Park Union.
Dear Sir:—We are glad to see you
and sorry to lose our old friend .J. K.
P. McCallum.
We can’t tell the color of your hair
yet, but we are sure we will know you
when you come up to cat pie with us.
Well, our girls are woudering if
you arc a married man or single,
or if your hair is red. It would be
well for you to advise us about those
qualifications for our girls stand in
the front rank.
That is right. Every town or com
inanity should stand by its girls. A
good, true girl is worth her weight
in gold, wherever found, no matter
whether she ever gets to stand on a
pair of scales aud stay there until the
gold is balanced with her Averdupois
or not In fact, a good true girl—we
are taught in the Bible—will last for
ever, while, ramer or later the gold
and other mAerial things will raeli
and pass away. Unlike the Erie.
Pennsylvania man, whom Mr. Thorn
dyke gave a aesfefrvjrig roast in the
Loveland Reporter, April It, for say
ing Women were barred from Heaven.
I can say like every other man that
when the final wind-up comes to thn
mortal existence that 1 hope td meet
my Mother and other loved one*
there. So do we all. Heaven would
not be Heaven without oitt Mothers
Now, in regard to the questions
asked concerning uie, 1 will try and
be as brief and as near to the point
is possible.
I atn a single mr*ri, arid, what i*
more I am likely to !>e for some time
to come so far as I know’* now. M\
hair is not red, but on the contrary it
is light in color. ! am of a lighi
complexion and have, I Helrcvc; what
is known as the steel grey eyes. I
am slender in build; am five feet foui
inches in keigHth; weigh on an aver
age about 125 pounds and am con
sidered by those who know me best
to be it pretty good natured sort of n
ou9s as a rule, but, will acknoWledg*
-hat I am not always as nrittfred
is I might be—especially when sum
one else treacts on fn'y corns.
Hof*. jg that f(itH description ol
myself will prove satisfactory to all
at least, for the present, I will bios,
this preamble by saying that I hop.
ail reatters of the Union will know
when they see me—especially when 1
present inyself for the pie, ami toiler
1 present or semi out liilljt for suit
scriptions due the paper, - hope all
will take it good naturitflj 1 and pat
promptly as 11 takes Cash to ruu i
newspaper. tliflOß.
C. G. Kkebcrg and Axle Carlsoi
have gone to North l’ark lo stop a
while, in the neighborhood of Andrew
The big steel strike near tho moutl
of Three mile, ju»l over the Hill fron
the Grand Encampment, is n big one.
you heti—Shake, hoys!
A. J. Swanson was circulating
among tile copper mines around Big
Creek I’ark last week with his weather
eye out for horses, to ship to South
ern parts.
The Foote & Snider tunnel’ is in
about :)25 feet, and several veins ol
white quartz have been fassed
through, but the pay chute has not
yet been reached.
The Big Creek tunnel is in about
.->SO feet, and all the hands are still
at the pumps. The vein will b>
reached in July, and a 1 f-foqt .or*
laxly will lw cut about 000 feet deep
The Tuiiy prospect is down 100
feet, and al>out 200 foot of cross cut
tiug has been dons. _ The Tuiiy- has
~ large development, fund, and tbi
work is being pushed clay und night.
Pearl should have a stliool this
coming summer, »nd it. is to be hoped
that out superintendent will find us
qpt wanting when placed in the bal
anee. Mr. T. John Payne, secrctan
of the Canadian school district, ex
presses himself in favor of a hew
district at T'earl. Thanks, Mr. PaJ'he;
wc appreciate your good will
Thos. Waldorf and Sam Carter were
enjoying an outing the other day on
the bare hills near the Akers camp.
' on the Independence ranee. a->H tl>c*
am now bathing in the sweet “white
momenta" that eo often come to the
weary prospectors. Fuoeesa to you,
Boys, and may the rock that gave yon
such flattering prospects of great
gold values over remain to brighten
your lives and fan your energies to
high callings.
Dr. L. I>. lloiUhall. manager of the
Mt lint Zirkle miuc, came up from
Grand Encampment last week to in- l
veslig .te the extent of the recent
strike of high grade copper ore iu
that mine. By the way the d«>otor •
smiled, one would think the prospects
are pleasing, to sa> the least. Well,
why not? The Mount Zirkel has ten
feet of mineral that will go iuto the
shipping bin. The Wolverine is a
good second—it has a vein three feet
wide, and the ore is of good shipping
grade. The company will put in a
steam hoist iu the near future, and
every effort will be made to put the
Wolverine iu first column.
Personal and Local.
Subscribe for the Union.
Win. Sice left For Pearl yesterday.
Floyd Norris was in from Higho
Jack Kilbourne was in from Butler
Herb Hill was in town f p om Zirkel
i his week.
Win. Ralston kas over from Pearl
this week.
Fred McAvoy is in Mi-Idle Park
this week.
You are invited to subscribe for
the Union.
Montie Blevins and family were in
town Monday.
11. O. Docker retnfri*d from Lara
mie, Wednesday.
Win. Knox left Tuesday morning
for Ogden. Utah.
Mrs. Ella Davidson left for a visit
in Denver Monday.
John Lafcver came down from the
saw mill this week.
Sol Boston is laid up this week
with a sprained back.
C. J. FleUdicr wos a visitor here
tuis week from Denver.
Cy Haskins came iu from Woods
Landing Monday evening.
Wm. Westfiolm and Lira Parson
were in from Spicer Friday.
Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Elms were in
town from Pearl this Week.
Win. Winscctu returned to' Walden
from Laramie, Wedflbdday.
Eli Peterson and family were in
towu from Hebron Tuesday.
A1 McKee aud Charles Bulis' were
lu town from Pearl Tuesday.
Jas. Taylor and Jus. Kiitali of He
bron were in Walden Tuefiday.
The freight team.? arrived iiV the
city from Laramie, Wednesdaj*.
Judge Cowdrey’s new house on the
Canadian is nearing completion.
After a long absence we sec Mr.
A. E. Dwiucll in the city again.
Jake Fox was iu from Matthews
ranch on the Michigan this week.
Miss Ollie Snyder returned to Pearl
yesterday after a two week* visit.
Mrs. Willis arrived in Wul
den last night from Saratoga, Wjo.
J. W. Knowles ami C. J. Hunter
were fn from PlnkVamfOti, Saturday.
Frank £. Killam ami R. K. Smith
were iu town from Laramie this week.
Adin V\'ebb, Road Overseer, was
iu from the west side on-: day this
A. C. Dowses anil F. . TV. Shafer
were visitors in town yesterday from
Thomas Akers was a visitor in our
town yesterday from T'earl a:id Pink
liamton. t
Ray, son of W. O. plosraan, was
in from the ranch on the Michigan,
Monday. (
Send your mail orders for Clothing
and ShOed to Woodruff and Terry
Laramie. ,
Alva a timbrel was in one, day this
week .fjfoc his place over on the
Mrs. Fry aqri Mamie Kah£man of
the Mosmah House employes are on
the sick list.
Thomas Tils is in the city today
from his ranch on the Illinois, near
Owl mountain.
<L £. to ©sto B ft.
I carry a full line of groceries,
dry goo&s, boots and shoes, cloth*
ing, hatt and oaps, furnishing goods
and miners supplies. Also agent
for the Osborne mowers and rakes.
Prices alWays the IoWBSt.
It will not pay you to go
outside for merchandise.
mgSpeiß" f?oass.
W-alclgia, Colorado.
c* t. oavis , Manager.
Hrkdqnai era for Tourists and Traveling ken. Sample ivwm in
codhection. Ah •. t ri* ?s table board.
I*'.’ b'» S - 1 •£ o.* fwetti !h u L l c*i x./u"'.'* t*i> »i».n ii;»f uitcu
recohtly rcfltt*ti nfm ulshoif thfou'rhoat.
t/ 1- ■ N,. .
Rates $1.60 pei* day.
Meh of beys dressed, beflt and
cheapest, at Wooiffuff nhd Terry's,
Miss Clara Daflcv will go to Higho
next week to take cfiarge of ft summer
school there.
Charley Raker anc! Archie Hunter
wen* in town Suuday frorii the Col.
Moore ranch.
VVoodruft and Terry, Laramie;
will save you money on men’s aud
hoys’ clothing.
German socks. Rubbers. Boots nnd
Shoes for man or boy, at Woodruff &
Terry’s, Laramie.
Miss D. Norris'came in from Den
ver Friday on her way to Hebron
where she went next day.
Sam Swire is visiting hi* inoQicr in
Denver atul will leave for the North
ern part of Idaho after his visit.
A. J. Monroe drove about 200
of cattle through town Monday,
on his way to his ranch at Spicer.
John A Holier, an Attorney at
Law, of Boulder, will open up a Law
fjfilco in Walden, Colorado, Iri June.
H. Lonoke has purchased this week
from Wm. Long of Hebron one of the
finest little drivng teams in the I’ark.
Eli Akers came in from Fori Col*
lins Thursday of last week and is tak
ing care.of Jack Hoyt’a harneaa ahop
Just arrived at C. E. Mosmah’s, a
spring Ijne of Ladies’ trin Uuts
made by Beaty and Co.> o Buffalo,
New York.
' Sec W. Nf; Mannon'a ad in this
paper as agent for the steam laundry
mid help,him out when you have any
laundry work.
Miss Mary E. Gill, County Behool
Superintendent, visited the Walden
schools this week. Bhe reports them
doing very nicely.
Ai drove a lhrge bunch of
cattle through town yesterday on the
way .to his ranch, formerly known as
the Gillette place 4
Don't place your orddr for Mowers
£pd ftakes until you have examined
the new ball bearing <V'orno Motfer
*at> C. U Moemuu'i
A full line of Boots rttid Shoe*
just arrived at C. K. Mosman's, made
by the eelebrnted manufacturer Smith,
Wallace and Co., of Chicago.
Mrs. 0. C. Fliniau wrs taken very
sick Sunday but is improving nicely
and It is hoped by her friends that she
will soon be well and strong again.
Harry Hunter, of Col. Moore's
ranch on Big Creek, pasted through
Walden Monday with about 500 bead
of cattle on his way to Middle Park
Contractor and builder, / L. Fox
has a new ad in this issue. He in
vites youf patronage, an f will do
first-class work at a reasonable price.
Miss Foster arrived and stopped
in town last night on her wa}- out to
the Haworth school, which sh l ? will
take charge of Monday for the sum
C. E. Mos man has improved the
looks of the Monman House very
much By building a new wire fence
and making other improvements this
T. J. Montgomery, ex-county Clerk
of Larimer county, was a visitor here
the first of the week from Ft. Collins.
He was accompanied by F. Withers
of Denver.
The two cripples, Frank Monman
aud Wm. Hartdke, who were crippled
several weeks ago, are taking daily
walks and will soon he in good shape
once more.
Hugh Griffith sold his ranch, stock
and everything to Ralph Coyte, who
took possession immediately. The
ranch is located two miles e-.iat of town
on the Michigsn. ( ; „
C. C. Fliniau is Having r. new wary
bouse built by bia store to otoje farm*
ing implements and oil)*? things re
quiring storage. L. A. Holdrcge and
son are doing the work.
. Work has been resumed on Oeorge
Daugherty's blacksmith shop
week, which was delayed on. atoootytyt,
’of having to wait for the sheet-iron
which came in this week. ( ,
MJaa Mabel Frf&k, who.has been
the Union typo for some time past;
hsa been on the sick list t&is wesk,
bat jusr manJr friends hope to dm bet
up arid! around again soon.
And yon all need some supplies of all
kinds. We are netting in a new stock o
Goods and will be able to nil all your ordrrr
a ttxt prices on drocertes. /
Silver Dollar coffee 3 pound can S 1-M- '
Comet eoffoe 3 pound can 7®
X X X X or Arbueklns eoffoe 9 pound* 1 •’C
Qloaa or Corn I larch per pnund . .11
Arm and Hammer Brand Soda 3 packages V*
Ycaat Foam or Magic Yaaat, each
Two cans Tomatoea ? M
Oood Laundry Soap, ail bar* > <M
100 pounds Defiance Flour B.os
2ti pounds Corn Meal •#$
Wdldetii ©oloradot
r E MUsor. rrasiSmt. L r MUUr. VISaPewMwU. ■ 8 Tree, CwhNf
Walden, Colo.
1 GtMnl BuUig BuUess TruuetH litirat PiM « Tint DM;
Western KsUoml Beak. New Took. Pint NaUemel Bank. DMmt.
Omaha Nstlanal Bank, 6mabs FJrei N4lU>u*l Batik, liirtnla
■■*■■■ i ■——tfih—————— ,
Mrs. A Lafevcr and daughter ar
rived here thin week from Oakland,
Cal. Mr. and Mrs. LafCrer have
•ought what tn known as the Home
.nt'lfrof dw ‘.. I.^.
U. C. FurU*r. of Hopkins, Michi
gan, arrived uere this week from
Denver where he had been attending
one of tho Business colleges. He
will spend the summer in North Park.
My Spring goods have commenced
to arrive add within ilie next thirty
days they will all bo on exhibition at
C. E. Mosman's. Remember I am
headquarters lof anything that you
will call for. Prices guaranteed. ,
W F. Hankins returned Wednea
day evening from Denver where he
purchased the finest line ofJewelry and
Confectionery that over came to Wal
den. He has a new ad in Hits paper.
Look it up and then go and see him
Miss Lldn K. Key, a stator of tho
prcuchors wife, Mrs. Speneo, arrived
in Walden, on Thursday evening's
stago, from Rock Camp, Ohio. Mias
Key is an aocomplishod young lady
and will, we foel confident, rqccive a
very warm welcome in otlr Social
oiK'les, ks, we understand, 'die ia to
spetul the summer here.
A motion was put before the last
meeting of the Literary Society for
the season, Friday night, In which
they decided to have their two side
lamps sold at the school entertain
ment tonight in the Odd Fellows ball.
The money In tho treasury find that
received for the lamps will be turned
over to the school fuud to buy books
for the Library. Pearl Slack, Secre
tary Walden Literary Society.
The Central Livery Barn, of which
Mr. A. E. Butler is proprietor, is al
ways supplied with plenty of firatrclaas
hay aad grain for the accommodation
of its patrons. Mr. Bntler has first
class livery rigs, and invites the pat
ronage of all people in Walden and
vicinity. Hia dtajday ad will appear
in the Union next week. Be sure
and look it up t gnd give him a share
of your livtry business whenever you
want anything in that line.
Hereafter the Blacksmith amd
Wagon shop of George Daugherty
will be known as the £orth Park
Wagon and Repair shop. The new
Blmclfstaßb shop he ia now building
will,bh occupied by, jjf. N. Richards,
Hhp frill own this department, while
Mf. Daugherty the Wagon
and repair depattynent which bn will
•till own coder the new arraagtH&cnL
Both men are ootnpetent mechanics
and no will be made in plac
Ing your work With them.
You . are invited to anbifcrtbfl tor
• lie Vxinx.
Drug* aad Madtoinaa, parfoiMt.1
Stotfooarj, Book* a*I ■ *5]
Lina of Toflat Arttetaa, at
North Park Pharmacy.
A meeting of the member* of tW
Nor tii lark 8m forowsrs AnM
tiou wilt b« held la Waldia, Dt W dk*]
City hall. May 7th, 1902, at 1 p. m.; 1
for tba purpot* of electing new offi
cer* and to consider the leaving ol
land and other important hue iotas.
Jakes TAttorn, Secretary.
B. O. Hoyt, father of t B. tioyt,'
Walden's hmrnaas-maker, died is Ft
Collins, Thursday of last week iit ttW
ago of i 8 yeara. He leaves a wflflej
three sons and two dpnghtfrs to
mourn his loss. Mrs. Beoord, one
of UIS daughters, lives In K Cblllae'
Mrs. Tingle, Salt Lake City; Twc
of hils sons in California and Jack ill
Walden, who ieh here lasi weelt ano
arrived In Ft. Collioa before bis lathed
died. Mr. Hoyt has the eympatfay of
all his friends here in his lost.
The ttembsfs of I. 6. d P.‘
lodge, No. 118 Walden, Coioi *do’
gave an excellent progruru conntating
of Music, Recitntlona, etr l;» ’.heir
ha!l here last Friday n•"!>*, i\ '» >noj
o i the B#rd Anhiversar v of 1.- Older
There were between on* i hun
dred fieopla present «m! * t
very nice time. Bupp«*i > ?
at the Mosman House for fu.i
All hope that the members may . >
their way to give a similar
tertainment at some time !n the near
Deputy Assessor James Marl
be in Walden from May 24tU to
31st, inclusive. Ail tax: schedules to
be returned to Jamas Marr, WnlMi,*
Colorndo, by Mny 81st, 190$.
: ’ If 1 *r
Aa we go to pre** n telephoo* S*k
sage informs ns that our frlepd, Jam
Hoyt, is very sick with rbeumatiffk fa
Ft Colima and (earn pre entertains
as to Whether or not he wjUi reepwaj
How ever hi* friends will aU bopetim
be wiiL
Aa we are already MS
this week, we depire to anoounea Shu*
the Bofaool entertainment, on this But,
day night, was a social and flaajiW,
success. pa* taken ip cm
Box suppers and the two lamps told
which will be qepl lor. the baweSt o(
tba Scbopl library. We wlli.givu JM
full partic*,lata eouoafaiag the Septet
entertainment and nppe(-wl*M
up with a vary
lack ol apnea forbids us dotag M
this isanc.
Get yoorji# «|K
tftnr.n o«ce. *

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