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! %EWS Of i A M M ■■ U %ADIO
_*»»<■***************- - -- -
Sunday Stage Shows
Click With Patrons
Carrol Dickerson and his orchestra will return to the
Regal stage again Sunday. Last Sunday’s stage revue was
credited with being the best seen in quite a time at the Regal.
(Tarroll Dickerson will also play the week of June 14, when
.Ethel Waters, the star of stars returns to Chicago. Miss
Waters will be surrounded by a star-studded show.
i ne ivfgui kiicnuiei win uvuiwu
ue to have Sunday stage shows,
wit hall star gillings. The Sunday
show vogue caused the lovers of
good stage revues to attend the
theater and it is regaining some of
the old popularity which it enjoy
ed in the old days.
“The Shadow of Doubt" starring
Richard Cortez and Virginia Bruce
is he film feature for today (Fri
day) and Saturday. Beginning,
with the huge stage sho\y is “The
Casino Murder" with Paul Lukas
in the stellar role. Thin is a re
vival of the Philo Vance, the so
ciety sleuth, series ofp eictures.
The “Screeno" Nights at the Re
gal theater every Wednesday at 9
p. m. is also causing great crowds
to flock to the popular theater.
--. ■ ■■ " ' T—
New York, May 29—(ASN)
—Mme. Rowena Muekleroy Sav
age, noted concert singer of Jef
ferson City, Mo., and Los Angeles
California, is here for a short
visit and is the house guest of Dr.
and Mrs. Theodore Donald ;cn
The comely diva is the wife of Dr.
VV. Sherman Savage, professor of
history at Lincoln university and
will probably return home i.i two
Mme. Savage, although not
committing herself to any definite
plans for future appearances, did
intimate that she wanted to spend
at least two years in Europe for
extensive study. She is also study
ing a bit while here under the
tutelage of Mme. Rosalie Mil'er.
the internationally famed voice j
I culturist.
: fv , • ' . By EARL J. MORRIS
.1 Carroll Dickerson’s ork will leave for a tour of the
tuth and central Midwestern section, following the engage
:nt at the Regal Theater, with Ethel Waters. He is being
aked through the Associated Colored Orchestras, with
lestro J. Renfroe Bell, just plain Jimmy Bell to you and l
me. To the ladies . wflobert Montgomery who is starring in
;j^j|j^Jjadie8^^^^V^rted the latest Hollywood fad .
' ^ain J'.Llus . ... qHHKurse is eaten in a different house.
4^:. .try it . . . Jeni tleCon, Grandtown’s contribution to the
screen, will feature a special dance created for her by Bill
Robinson in ‘‘Broadway Melody of 1936" starring Jack Ben
ny, June Knjght, Una Merkel and others . . . Despite the fact
that the Mills Brothers are doing their stuff in dear old Lon
don town, where they have been the house guests of Reginald
Forsythe; the English-Sepia composer, we will see them in j
Diek Powell picture, “Broadway Gondolier.” The flicker al
so features Ted Fiorito’s ork Claude Hopkins, who is
playing Harlem for the first time at the Cotton Club despite
the fact he has been in New York ten years, values the auto:
graph of the late King Albert of Belgium. It was given to
the Harlemaestro when he played a command performance
for their majesties in Brussels more than ten years ago.
Mary Richards song and dance girl motored to Buffa
lo and had only one flat tire . . . but Daisy Boone gave her
several blow-outs when she hit the town. Mary Richards
and Leonard Reed are now doing a Fred Austaire and Ginger
Rogers dance at the Vendome Cafe. Reed’s new revue is
chocked full of new songs . . . The Mid-Night Steppers, that
whirl-wind flash dance team, is due in Chicago, Bronzeville,
GRANDTOWN, today (Friday) They are enroute to New
York and will sail for London, opening at the Palladium thea
ter on June 13. , Arnett Babero trucked down to Rochester,
N. Y. He is the best em cee in all Buffalo, he is a rage.
Miller Worthington, the handsome flash “single” dancer is
being called “Jazznocracy" in Buffalo . . . Georgette Walker, i
who retired from stage life and is now a dutiful housewife,
was spotted visiting her old love, the spotlight . . . Bennie j
Cftrricket, the handsome Clark Gable-looking man about town,
doing the mellow spots with his Arline OOOH. Eddie Plicque,
still is one of the most popular men in Grandtown. My how
that boy can spiel and it isn’t always at the fights that he
d&es his best spieling. . . . Calvin Stone certainly likes to
Btf etch those long legs of his since he moved from the Gray
jitone Hotel out on California avenue . . . Pete Hamilton can
still take it. . . but he is no faro dealer,
j Once A Pancake
Eddie White is the most consistent man in town. Now
lie is rushing that pretty little actress . . . Evelyn Wilhite
who is a member of the A1 Martin Club (hope you get what
I mean) is his ex-flame ... It is easy to remember, but hard
to forget. Mushy and Babyface of the Four Blazers are now
working in pictures. This should explode the rumor that
1 hey are stranded in the land of oranges. Jewel Bostick it
having a ball in Los Angeles. She is writing a column for
one of the local papers . . . Joe Peterson is the Ned Sparks of
Grandtown (Sparks is the guy who played in “Imitation o'
Life” and said. “Once a pancake always a pancake.) Peter
crack a smile. Whenever I heard a joke I inveriably glane
son can see the funniest comedian in the world and nevei
at Joe Peterson, if he smiles the joke is good. But if he
laughs, the joke is a corker.
Henry Pratt has been trying for weeks to get an ex
cuse to get to Harlem. Now it’s, “Let’s go down to the Louis
Camera fight, Earl.” He doesn’t care a whoop about the
fight. But Eunice Wilson is there. Dorothy Hicks, chorine
and wife of Bob Hicks, the musician, is still crazy about
Bob Hicks— Myra Cunningham, wife of Warren LaRue can
really get drunk smoking a cigaret . . . Adelle Wherry may
leave Indianapolis. Margaret Wheeler is the true playgirl
of this town .. . Felix Matlock is an orator .. . Billy Mitchell,
the comedian, has replaced the female impersonator, Mae
West at the Annex Cafe. Mitchell has one of the best train
ed dogs in modern vaudeville, Prof. Toby . . . Doris Kelsie
can really take it. . . she good-naturedly and patiently listen
ed to that fellow pour out his sober thoughts of love for,
while he was soused. Reuben Brown, a good hoofer, says
that Bill Bailey is Bill Robinson's shadow.
I’ j
j When Great musicians meet
—Photo by Al-JVlac Syndicated f eatures.
When the great Dave Rubinoff, noted violinist, vis
ited Detroit last week, his first move was to call on his
friend and colleague, Eddie Soulh (right), “The Dark
Angel of the Violin,” who was recently lauded by Rudy
Vallee as one of the world’s outstanding virtuosos when he
appeared as guest of Mr. Vallee on the coast-to-coast broad
casting of the Fleischmann hour via NBC. Maestro South is
now currently appearing with his superb orchestra at the
swanky Chocolate bar in Detroit.
Floridan Rooms Close;
Carrington At “Esquirfe”
The Fir lidan Room in the St.
Clair Hotel closed Saturday night.
Jimmy Bell and his orchestra held
sway at the exclusive hotel! Jer
ome Carrington, the vocalizing
pianist, know as the “man with n
thousand songs” was the ‘tar of
the .revue, Carrington m wed into
Curtis T. Bartel’s “Esc-uire” Tap
room at Pheri.Ian and Morse avc.,
which opened Tuesday night.
The Floridan Room will be
closed until fall. Boll and bis mi -
ical aggregation remained there
six months. This .s the first tinr
a sepia band has remained at a
hotel for such a period in many
The stars in the rev"e were
Hattie Noel, the burnt cu'- com
medienne, Vivian Brown, Jennie
Dancer, Josephine Piorson and
The Three Brown Spots.
The Mcti lm
fare will gn . . /a-1
riety in motion picture meihus. |
Today (Friday) and Saturday,
May Robson and Pi e ton. >P«stoi
in “Strangers All.” “It is a/ sto
ry of your brxt door neighbor,
which proves that half of us an
crazy,” ao leads the exploitation
on the picture.
Sunday for four days, comes
Rdward G. Robin'on in “The
Whole Town Is Talking.” There
has been so much said about this
picture that we, will not burden
you with a lengthv account, but
will simply say: “If you miss it,
you will be very sorry.”
Radid Star
Tells How
Shd Began
New Y4rk City, May 29—
Sunday night at ten the cur
tain rises? on a broadcast of
radio’s original musical com
edy, “Thef Gibson Family.”
Lyrics by Howard Dietz and
Arthur Schwartz and book by
Owen Da/vis, Sr., and son,
Donald, u'sher in another ep
isode of j big radio favorite.
And now la rich, warm voice,
resonant ’ and rhythmic—
“There’s a Lot of Places I Can’t
Go Back Ip 'NrJ'itlnre ’— it's Gee
G<e Jampsithe Mignonette f the
story, sinAng. 'I he country gets
un ar.d timis the radio li.uder—
this girl 1 knows how to sing a
Gee Gee James was mrn and
went to dojiool in Philadelphia;
worked in theatres and cabarets
in her hpme town. Radio beck
omd. She started ever Stati in
WIP—V FAN, Philadelphia—and
then a big opportunity—g.,t an
auditon for the part of Mignon
ette in "The Gibson Family.”
Gee Gee is 5 feet 5—dark brown
hair—likes algebra—spends most
of her time swimming (she saved
a girl once)- likes basketball,
too—movies and teanis come n xt
-biggest weakness is buying c ats
-and perfume Panhandlers take
advantage of her soft heart; dis
likes flowers, hut likes greens,
ai d spir.ach! Ambition is to be
come a headliner in radio. Just
watch her.
States Theater
Offers Thriller
The States theatc r continues to
*. ve the best in Screen entertain
ment for is patrons. Today (Fri
day) and Saturday, Fay Wiay
and Ralph Bellamy in "Woman
in the Dark;” also “Murder
Oath” With Preston Foster. The
double feature program is supple
mented by a serial. Patrons may
go a late as 11 p. m. and see a
complete show on Saturday nights.
Sunday and Monday, “Wings
in the Dark," with Myrna Loy and
Cary Grant. It* is a picture that
you will not want to miss. It .ells
the story Of a blind aviator. “Call
of the Savage,” the thrilling chap
ter play, will be an added feature
Tuesday, the Martin Johnsons,
the African explorers, will pre
sent their latest jungle picture.
Noble Sissle at Palace
Back After
N.Y. Run
Noble Si.-sle and his orchestra
opened today (Friday) for s
week’s run at the Palace cheater,
ing their Palace theater engage
The well-known orchestra, follow
.lent, will leave to open in Dav
nport, Iowa. They are touring
he IiKO circuit.
Balancing out Sissle’s “Harlem
lound-up” revue is Lavada Cartel
ister to Valaoia Snow Berry
Silly Banks, the comedian. a.no
Henry “Rubberlegg” Williams,
larlem’s latest sensation.
Noble Sissle left Chicago with
he “Follies Rogers’’ revue wh’ch
ipened at the French Ca ino in
'lew York City. Sissle and 1 i
•rew of jazz men held a long stand
it the College Inn during Hit
’entury..-<tf Progress exposition
leld hire last year, l>> idr to hi'
ipening with the “Follies Beger
s ”,a French revue.
Jimmie White’s vehiclp. “Gcing
to Town,” is swinging into its
hird week. The patrors enjov
he current paid notion so much
hat B<nnie Tnlcnd',r may hold a
»w of the hit numbers over for
he new revue. Tile opening 'if the
vue, with the chorus and I'd
Be and Jimmie White doing s me
lifty hoofing, is a work f art.
Bobbie Davi , nationally aown
adii) and stage pernorality, i; .he
star. The licit manner in which
h ■ sings her various numbers ,'s
the reason why she will remain
in stellar parts. If you haven’t
seen the production, “Going t<
Town," hop out there tonight and
treat yourself to a good show.
Cotton Club Bids for Sepia
Fight Fans Patronage
Famed Cafe
Groomed for
Big Business
New York, May 29—(Sepcial)
—V l tli the coming cf the Toe
Loui-Primo Camera fight at the
Yankee Stadium .slated for June
l.ri, the nite club impresarios arc
planning to entertain the out of
towners in a gala fashion. The
Cotton Club, “'i lie Aristocrat of
Harlem,” who heretofore have
mere or less cater, d to the Nordic;
has finally extended an open invi
tation to rile Siepas.
Joe Louis started training at
Prmpton Lake, N. L, m Decora
Hon Day, May 00, and the spar
ling partners, news photograph
ers, spurt; scribe: and whatnots
are getting all set for the rushing
activity which is sure to take
place on Dr. Joseph 1). Bier’s 10
acre estate in New Jersey. Joe
Louis and his troupe, including
three managers, four body guard;
ird two press agents, will have
.xclusive use of the 12 room man
sion located on Dr. Bier’s estat.
[>erl Howell ”nd 15ud
Ilarri At Ktrattford
I!crt Howell, ,lie honey-vole d,
•r o: ing , nor inter, Bud Ha ris
h? comedian awl Haul Haris, the
■Vi rld’s fastest three minute danc
■i' opened yesterday (Decorjition
Day) at the Stratford theater.
SisteriAct is Tops
of (ylO” Cafe
The “31oV Cafe on 4,‘ircl street
has one of tire cleverest little shows
on the Sjotlthside. The revue
stars “Peai u," comedian-dancer,
Monzella iwhose singing of
“You’re a i seventy Thing” in a
doll-like fas' on will cause you to
want more. « id more of her sing
ing. Marco la Washington, a new
comer to the Routhsido is very
pleasing a* a singer.
The sister enm of Doris Kelsie
and Bessie S ott probably steal
all honors in the revile. Their
clever tan dal irie is the hit of the
little revue, Curley Jackson’s
band swings. < it music as yon like
it. Bob Rob ison, popular young
man about to -n is the manager,
ick, at 59 Ea t
tion to its de
cked, which is
reasons for the
populaiity of the spot, is a place
where one can also dance to his
heart’* content. 1
The Chcken Sjack is owned by
Lcola J. Strang1 . Waltir Evans,
pi.pu'nr young n’an, is the m n
ager. Evans holds the rank of lieu
tenant in the Military Order of
Guards air force.' Lieut. Evans is
an accomplished aviator.
Meet Theophilis and Mignonette
—Photo by Al-Mar Syndicated Features.
The National Broadcasting company is exceptional
ly proud of its famous comic team—Mr. Whitman and Miss
James—who last month won seventh place among radio’s
leading comic personalities. Here the alert cameraman
caught the “Theophilis” and Mignonette” of the famed
“Gibson Family’’ program. Ivory Soap’s original comedy,
in one of their jubilant moods during a recent broadcast.
Apex Cafe Revue “Sparkles
The Apex Cafe at 43rd and Indiana avenue, new cafe
revue is good, dean and sparkling, sparkling like champagne
and just as good. Charles Isom, the crooning Star who won
new laurels for himself with his recent radio broadcast, is
the manager.
Cinnny Montgomery, fine m uu
| cleverest youngsters In the’ city
I When it comes to tan dancing is
the featured artist of the revue,
i Young Montgomery is a whirl
wind type of dancer and vour mind
rambles to thoughts of Nias Ber
ry, the king of all cyclonic eccen
tric dancers.
Adelle Wherry, talented young
singer, wins the plaudits of the pa
trons with her masterly style of
singing those sweet, mellow, popu
lar songs. Tis a pleasure to vis
it this spot. The eongeniolity of
the manager, Maurice Scott will
make you want to came back
again. Little Joe (I’m trying to
please you) Alston is the assistant
manager. The music of Herby
Williams will be remembered long
after you leave the rendezvous of
pleasure. The violin playing of
one of the members of the aggre
gation will soothe you, and melt
you into a bundle of swinging es
thetic joy.
The Melody Mixers, a radio
singing trio, again stole honors in
the “Varieties of 1935” a vaud -
villp revue sponsored by the Boy
Scouts of America. The s’ ow w is
held last Friday at the M. 0. G.
hall. The proceeds of the affair
went to camping and equipment
fund of Boy Seoul troop 53c. Th:
Three Flats also appeared o/i the
Louise Beavers
Feted in N. Y.
New York City, May 29—(AS
N)—Miss Louise Beavers, famous
notion picture star, now on the
last lap of her Eastern visit, was
gaily entertained by Mrs. Minnie
Romlyo, New York society ma
tron, with a surprise dinner par
ty, which was given at the Whit •
Tower Lodge on Thursday eve
ning, May 28.
The noted star will return
to her home in Los Angelos, Cal
ifornia in a few days as she Iras
ilready been signed for another
xicturc. The White Tower lot’g ■
a; become a vivorite watering
dace for the elite.
i| LEE’S
55) E. 47th ST.
| ■ Lcola J. Sti-inger, Prop. j
i Walter Evans, Mgr. ||
S- S. Van nine’s Super Detective
Returns To The Screen In
ALL - STAR Everv Wednesday
REVUE AT 9:30 I*. M.
—— i
Scores in
Pet. ict Mich., May 29—(ASM)
—If the illustrious aiulienc. vvh.c i
greeted Eddie South when he pre
miered at the Chocolate Bar four
weeks ago may be judg d as i
criterion, then it is a certainty
that the “Dark Angel of th • \ io
iin” is sure to prove the bigg- st
drawing card that this l ot spot
has ever had. He is at present tne
most beloved and intimate enter
tainer in Detroit. Nite Club circles,
barring none, and thh fact has
been substantiated by nene th r
than the great virtuoso KubinofT,
who is an outstanding violinist in
his own right.
South has an array af glitter
ing admireiB who follow h m
about as though he were the 1 g
endary Pied Piper of Hamelin and
they but enraptured ..•hildrcn, E. r
those who are not so familiar .vii.li
the necomnlishments of this or ted
violinist, it may bo recorede here
that lie possesses.woeo Hr5 ,c ,1’
that he is one of the most amazing
personalities in the field if music.
He possesses the most unu u 1
talent of any maestro in America
today hw raise of his genius.
His personality is one which
expands magnificently in ju t the
sort of elegant atmosphere that
the Chocolate Bar affoids, and h;
has just that technique of playing
that caused RubinofF to laid Ed
die South to tiie skies. It is now
rumored that the present engage
ment of Chicago’s favorite son
which was slated for four w.tks
has been extended for another six
^ 740 E. 17th ST. ▼
. Featuring that Star
$ of Stars f
. Johnny Scales
and Hiu Great Show
a Phone Now for Reservations
| DOC* JEN K'NS, Mgr. f
& •:*
! Ed — Uncle Max X
; 205 E. 47th St.
. 1 Door East of Indiana !•!
’ Service with a Smile *>
; All Phones DREXcl 2127 %
| Anywhere - Anytime *
! Special for this Week X
Prima Beer J
; WHISKEY 89c Qt. X
; 2 Naturals 65c Pt. *
• Kentucky Bourbon .;.
• With each 10c Stein of Beer
Jimmie White, M. C.
Now Nitely
With the Incomparable
White Bros.
Hank Gilliam
Silver Tongue Tenor
Madeline Porter
Original Female Bojangles
Bobbie Davis
Sepia Song Bird
Dorcelle Chatman
Torch Singer and Others
Never an Excess Charge
Music By j
Jimmie McCleary
and His Merry Makers with
Brownie at the Piano
Open All Nile
NJo Cover or Minimum Charge
Special arrangements for clubs
Celebrity Morn - FRIDAY
Phone: WENTworth 1958

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