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f A Record Breaker
icent ruct^Mi^PMH^B
^Cade. Pythian Building and the
W Overton building which had been
* erected in the last few years.
Three minute speeches were
made by George T. Donohue of the
Chicago Park commission, Claude
A. Barnett, representing the press;
Atty Alva Bates, representing the
professional life; Mrs. George
Cleveland Hall, the social; Mrs.
Maude Roberts George, the artistic
and A. Lincoln Wlsler, the busi
ness . He was profuse in his praise
of the press.
He declared that the council
could not go far without the
wholehearted support of the press
which it had received.
F. J. C. Dresser, emergency
administrator of public works
projects of the housing division;
Norman Meyer, manager of -ales
promotion of the Herald and Ex
- aminer; Charles A. Living-ton,
“ director of publicity. Illinois Man
“ ufacturing association; James B.
2 McCahey, president of the school
» board; A. C. Rodamacher, Illinois
- Bell Telephone company; Edward
~ D. Kemmer, chairman of the pr '
■ liminary committee, Chicago As
sociation of Commerce and Hon.
* Oscar IJepriest were other speak
ers. ,.Mr. Kemmer paid a great
I'ienent to “Dick” Jones by
i* df daring that be was the best
* toastmaster ill the city of Chica
; go- j - .
* At Speakers lame
. Besides the mayor, at the speak
. <‘is' table were Mr. and Mr-. N.
> ii. .McGill, Wilson Lovett, Claud'
* Burnett, A. M. Burroughs, Mr.
| and Mrs. Walter Abernathy. Hon.
. Oscar DePriest, William H. Ri
* ley, president of the council; Capt.
* and Mrs. Udell Turpin, A. Liu
| coin Wi.sler, Atty. Alva Bates,
t George T. Donoghue, Mrs. Mantle
■ Roberts George, Harry M. En
* glestein, chairman of the hoard:
| William P. Harrison, “Dick”
; .lone . the toastmaster; I)r. Carl
> Roberts. Rev. Harold Kingsley.
> VIrs. George Cleveland Hall, E.
, Kemjner, Mr. and Mrs. R.'-b
. ,-,-t s. Abbott,. F. -I. C. Dresser
* Mrs. Robert A. Cole, and Mrs.
i Lovely* Evans.
’ Serving on the hoard of direc
> tors with Mr. Englestein are Mr.
: $50.°°
" To party giving information lead
" ing to the recovery of a General
. Electric Refrigerator, Model \5
■ stolen from moving truck standing
'in rear of 5105 Michigan Ave.. on
* the night of May 1st.
Phone: KENwood 7R96
All Information Given Will Be Held
In Strictest Confidence.
"ity Wile Bridge
To Open June 5,
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! Jones, Art Cooper, Hilliard How
; ard, Horace Chatman, Mrs. An
j drew Hill, Alonzo Jernigan, Fred
I Searcy, Ira Scull, Henry Freeman,
i H. I„ Chatman, O. Landry, L.
! Baser, N. B l)av>s. I! Brow" S. J. i
Johnson, G. A. Price, L Wilburn,
Hamilton Alexander, Roger iviur
genene, Louis Clay, 0 A. Moore,
C. Dawson, G. Felton, A. Clarke,
T Foster, Mrs. Emma Scott. W.
Norris, Fred I-laycs, D. Dobson
and Mrs. Mauvoleyene Carpenter.
Among the firms who have en
tries are the Metropolitan Funeral
System, who have r’vtv contest
ants, The Regular Third Ward
Democratic Organization has 40
players entered, Morgan’s Liquor
House, the Plantation Cafe, the
Freda C loss Corset Shoppe, the
South Center Department Store.
Patton’s Studio, Charles Crook
Funeral Home, the White Paper
company and Alvin Poole’s Un
dertaking establishment.
Some of the clubs taking part
are the Royal Roosters, Dukes, the
International Harvester Big Bro
thers, the Greater Chicago Elks,
Nile Owls, Loyal Buddies, Chicago
Police department, Santa Fe
Waiters, and the Third Ward Vct
| ing club.
. ■; ■■■ ■ ,7"- —Map—j
Fur Coats
4653 Prairie Ave., l)rex. 45 )5 j
So. Side’s Largest Mfg. Furrier
day, pi.. 1 1UM—
Champlain avc., was accosted by
four young hoodlums, who wrest
ed her purse from her ard fled
down an alley. Mrs. Brown told
the 5th District police that aside
from stealing her three dollars in
cash, some keys and other small
articles in her purse, the youths
struck her on the head.
AIzoura Baker, age 28, is recov
ering at her home, 4517 Michigan
ave., where she attempted to end
her life Tuesday afternoon by
closing i’ll the windows and turn
ing on the gas. She was revived
by Dr. G. Nbrban, 309 E. 47th st.
Killed By Speeding Cnr
A man who was later identified
as Will Turner was struck and
killed Wednesday by a hit and run
driver in front of 3407 State st
Turner had just leaped from a
north bound automobile when he
was run down by the speeding car.
The death ear got away before
any one was able to get its num
ber. The body was removed to i-he
Lawrence Jones funeral home,
3315 S. State st.
The last registration for the
city-wide bridge tournament being
conducted by the Metropolitan
News is Tuesday, June 4, at 5 p.
m. Register now. __
—A— f
OF |
|i To buy the most beautiful A
Pi grounds and Lake in the V
(B State, near Chicago— On
a Monthly Payments. *
Address C. A, SAGER f
| 4 Rooms COMPLETE $129.00|
Bed Room and Kitchen Furniture
$99.50 7-pe. Dining Set . . . $27.00—$1 Down
79.50 2-pc. L. R. Set 37.50—$1 Down
89.50 3-pc. B. R. Set . .. 29.75—$1 Down
28.00 Dinette Set . 11.80—$1 Down
29.00 Rug 9x12 . 12.95—$1 Down
$325.00 Val. Complete for $129.00—$5 Down
4034 S. Michigan Ave.
Phone: Boulevard 3340
I 'i r^r
chanuise and the personal p>n|i
larity of “Morry” with his wiijie
circle of friends, acquaintances and
business associates have together
resulted in this establishment be
coming one of the most successful
and outstanding Radio and Elec
tric Refrigeration centers >f th
mid South Side.
♦ ♦ ^
k JACKIE & fli DO ▼
| Prompt - Safe - Service $
Call KEN wood 7500
All contributors to The Metro
politan News will please observe
the following rules when submit
ting articles to be published.
X. Please typwrite articles
whenever possible.
2. Double-space items, or
write in a largfe clear hand.
3 .Write on ONE SIDE OF
4. Condense items as much
as posible. State only what
happens, and -avoid too much
happens, and avoid too much
5. Articles intended for pub
lication in Tuesday’s edition
MUST be in this office before
10:00 A. M. Monday.
6. Articles intended for pub
lication in Friday’s edition
MUST be in the office before
10:00 A. M. Thursday.
|^Bn retain his
B^Bthc school ami
W^Bs'cero win;; of
H^Bparty in tin
B^B*i viih !.i!
IH^Htirn. Ilo had
|^Hr t)m
I^Bil anil hail a
IH^^L's he h;nl < 1
Sg^Bitcd that
' m
BBj^B i i' t-iv'i

B^V>f brunt ion
^Hi lint oil to tin
by id M-liool
on | -
fl^Hi oily h
■^Bmg ayonr;
g^Biat ilo; h-gi la
In- if 1-1,
■ hope of .'Till!
^Langston because
bw able to meet the
alaries. He closed
lenouneing the "po
iry atid trickery”
e administration of
n of clubs will be
f afternoon June 2,
j o’clock at the Rose
outh Parkway. At
*■ B. Prescott will be
eed, dentist whose
il at 252 E. 47th
from his wife,
udge Philip Fin
e dentist ciaim
ihe was married
19 and that his
in February,
i'Sented by At
St a
You are cordially invited to
visit an 1 inspect the Neisner
Pro . St ire, located at .‘!!)08 Cot
tage Gr <vc avenue, where they
have ius completed an extensive
remodel ir K and enlarging of their
'tore ir preparation for their
usual sun mer business.
You w II be most pleasantly
surprised at the attractive new
summer merchandise that is on
display i i this new store which
includes j full line of new milli
nery. hos iery, lingerie and chil
dren’s win r for both the home and
for summ er vacations and also a
complete tc.ck of both men’s and
ladies’ sti aw hats. Ail merchan
dise ofTen d is of excellent quali
ty and pr iced within the reach of
everyone. Shop and save at Neis
ner’s 5c to $1.00 Stores, at the
above add ess or at 411 Last 47th
street. _
and best wishes
B. F Hammond
476 El illst St., Cal. 5619
Votary Public
•John F. Clraig, Licensed Em
_. /^——j IT-\
Chicago Radio *5SiSy !
1344 South Halsted St.
Open Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday Till 10 P. M.-4Sunday 6:30 '!
Urban League
Opens Drive
for Members
The first membership mass
meeting, conducted by the
Chicago Urban League this
season, will be held at Pilgrim
Baptist Church, 3201 Indiana
avenue, Sunday, June 2, at 4
o’clock in the afternoon, Rev.
J. C. Austin, Attorney Pat
rick Prescott and other promi
nent citizens, interested in
the social and civic welfare of
the city, will be among the
At this meeting, information
regarding the work of the Depart
ment for Social and Civic Improve
ment in organizing neighborhood
improvement clubs and promoting
community betterment, will be
presented. Plans for securing
jobs on PVVA projects will also be
explained. A brief summary of the
work of the Urban League during
the past twelve months will be giv
Opens Finance Drive
This meeting- will open the for
mal opening of the Urban League’s
1934-35 financial campaign. The
campaign will last for ten days
during which it is the hope of the
Finance Committee that not less
than $5,000 will be raised. ‘‘This
sum is needed in order that we may
continue our campaign for improv
ed community conditions and our
fight for jobs,” stated Attorney
Sidney P. Brown, chairman of the
Finance Committee. “The Urban
League not only serves the south
side, but all of metropolitan Chi
cago and therefore our budget is
very modest. As a matter-of-fact,
we serve all of the Negroes of Il
linois since we organized the Illi
nois Advisory Council for Negroes
under Dr. Bousfield, two years a
go. Certainly $5,000 is a small
amount co ask from our friends.”
Blue and Red Divisions
Mrs. Annie Oliver, prominent in
club circles, is Director of the Blue
Division and .J. A. Buford of Unity
Mutual Life Insurance Company
is heading the Red Division. Each
of these divisions has set $2,500 as
a goal. Both divisions have re
cruited many active Captains and
thesfe Captains wjth their teams of!
workers will hold reserved seats at ,
the Mass Meeting Sunday.
In the World of Music
By Mabel Sanford Lewis
Theodore Charles Stone, a young i
baritone and one of Chicago’s ex
cellent musi
cians, Was
heard on Tues
day evening in
recital at the
church of the
Good Shep
lerd. Mr. Stone
opened his pro
gram with Cal
dara's "Selve
Amiehe, Om
brose Piante.
The next group
listed “Mary
the Maiden”
(John Alden
r P e !,'Mabel S. Lewis
The Cave,
(Edwin Schneider), “Why?”
(Tsehaiskowsky), “Where My Car
avan Has Rested" (Lohr), with
violin obligato, which was played
by Rufus Heathington. Songs of
two of our young composers were
used: “Within My Heart,” by
Muriel Rose and "Then My Life
Will Be Made Anew” by Josephus
Mr. Stone was a graceful fine
voiced performer, behaving with a
routined maturity of styie that be
lied his scant years. His appear
ance was very successful indeed
His program was well chosen and
gave him excellent opportunity to
display his vocal aitistry. He
sang with all possible ease, his
voice was flexible and well control
led. Chicago friends of the young
singer had good reason to bo
proud of him. His splendid spirit
won the fully merited approval of
the appreciative audience. The
following artists assisted, Walter
E. Cossette, organist, Rufus
Heathington, violinist, the writer
aeeompsmied the singer.
Miss Sarah Bohannon Moore,
soprano, was heard in recital
Tuesday evening at the Walters
A. M. E. Zion church. She was
assisted by Alfonse S. Hunt, vio
linist and W. Harry Newmeyer,
accompanist. Having to appear in
recital on this same evening the
Writer was unable to cover this
The voice pupils of Charles La
Berge and the piano pupils of
Earl Blair of the American Con
servatory of Music were heard in
joint recital at Kimball Hall Sat
urday afternoon. Ariel Lovelaci
one of our own young singers ap
peared on program. He sang Sen
era Pierce’s “The Journey” and
Mac Fadyr.’s “Inter NosaJ’
William Petty, violinist and
Mrs. Ieeler Petty-Little, soprano,
appeared in their third annual
recital Monday evening at Grace
Presbyterian church to a large
audience, the writer is pleased ro
state that the young man is im
proving in his playing and with
continued practice, I fee! Sure he
will go further. I hope that he
will continue to progress as he has
since I first heard him three years
Mrs. Little Is a sincere and ar
dent worker and we sincerely ap
preciate her interest in this young
man, whom I believe is very de
serving. Gertrude Smith Jackson
was very enjoyable as the accom
panist for the sobists. Anita Mc
Ghee, pianist played two numbers
on the program.
The It. Nathaniel Dett Club,
had its regular meeting at die
home of Miss Ethel Helena Smith.
A large number of members was
present. Election of officers. The
same officers were retained. Miss
Claire Malone, soprano, sang the
(Glory Road) with Mrs Cleo Dick
erson Ball at the piano. Several
visitors were present, Mr. Charles
Manner?, Theodore Charles Stone,
and Frank Rayford, also the dis
tinguished composer, Mrs. Flor
ence B. Price. Mrs. Neota McCur
dy-Dyett, president. The hostess
served a delightful repast.
The Prairie Avenue Baptist
church choir was heard in the
Sunday Musical. The program
was as follows: Solo, “Peter Go
Ring Deni Bells”, Ralph Watson,
tenor; Reading, “When De Lawd
Went Home” Mrs. Ethel Cobb,
Choir. “Inflammatus” (Rossini);
Soprano Solo, Mrs. Mabel Morris;
Violin selection, Virgil Shepard; •
Duct, Mrs. lone Trice and Mrs.
Lucy Jackson.
Rufus Johnson was presented in
a pupil recital Sunday by his
teacher, Miss Mabel Rippe at die
North Shore Conservatory if Mu
ic, 1105 Lawrence ave., Mr. John
on is quite an extraordinary bass
singer. He has one of the finest
and most polished voices that one
should wish to hear. And should
be much considered in the musi
cal field, his voice has beauty with
color; he is competent and far
above the average I • | 11.
You’ll find Chicago’s
finest selection of smart
new Topcoats on display
here now. New Raglans,
LADIES' SPRING Poi„ Coat, ^ ka
and otlici
Smart new Swagger and RnFfPCPP
J y | ^ range of Splendid new creations
s:=:$09st S1|S50 ~~:st:*A95
LL a"d CO,‘ Id Silk, and MM
{•hades. ors. B “ Prints. B

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