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•1 —— .—1
Hello, Lucille, how are you? I
was talking about you yesterday,
saying that you will have a birth
day this month. How have you
been anyway? I heard about the
wonderful time you had in Idlewild
this summer. Yes, Walter Aber
nathy told me that there were
more people there this year than
he had ever seen before.
Yes, it seems that everybody is
talking about the Henderson wed
ding. They all say that it was one
grand affair, and that Lovelyn
Evans had charge of it. I was told
that nearly everyone who came
downstairs at the Chicken Shack
after the wedding supper, helped
himself to something from the cash
I know that Lovelyn would have
put a stop to that had she seen it.
One person remarked that he knew
Ernie had to start from scratch the
next morning, for there could not
have been anything left in the
cash register. But they say that
the wedding was lovely, and that he
got a very fine girl.
* ■* * *
Yes. I was by her house Tues
day. \Ye played bridge and then
went over to the Pioneer Barbecue
Pit on 51st street for something to
eat. Talk about barbecue! I never
have eaten such delicious lamb as
they have there. The place is so
lovc'y, too. The walls are hand
painted scenery, and everything is
so spotlessly clean. Mrs. Ella
Morphis is the owner and she and
the people connected with it are
so affable.
* * * *
Are you going to the Tuskegee
Wilberforce game Saturday? I
would not miss it for the world!
I hope that it is a pretty day. I
can’t wear a green dress this year
as I had my dress dyed black. No,
I took it to the William Cherry
Cleaning Company at 43rd street
and Prairie avenue and it looks
like new. They certainly do fine
work there.
* * * *
Talking about a cleaning place,
I must tell you about a new pro
duct that is on the market. The
Pynol Flakes. It is one of the finest
preparations for silks, etc., which
I have ever used. Then the sham
poo is par excellent. I want you to
try some. They have several ar
ticles which are worth while. Your
face fee's so f r e s h after using
Pynol soap. I am just simply car
ried away with it.
* * * *
Did you hear about Enid Lee
passing away? Yes. she died in
New York, and her funeral was
held Thursday. I have not heard
whether Etta Moten went to the
services or not. You know she trav
eled to South America as Etta’s
' — ■■■ I
accompanist on her trip there. She
was certainly a brilliant pianist.
I understand that she was ill only
a brief period, too.
* * * *
That is life, you are here today,
and gone tomorrow. I saw Dr.
Lawson driving his car the other
day. I was so glad to see him out
as Lulu told me that he had been
awfully ill. I think he looks fine,
and he told me he goes for a drive
every day.
* * * *
I was down there the other night.
The conversation came up about
them, then. T heard several of the
girls say that they were really sep
arated. It seems that she is the
one who refuses to come home.
She had better be careful, for as
good looking as he is, you know
someone will soon begin to comfort
him. He does net seem to be wor
^ * * *
I will have to tell you about it
when I see you, as this is “deep
stuff,” and my line is a party line,
and it is too dangerous to talk over
the phone. I'll give you a ring what
time to come by for me to go to
the game. You will be rooting for
Tuskegee, and I will be rooting for
Wilberforce, but that will be al
right between friends. So long, ’til
It paijs to be 1
• beautiful
Good afternoon, friends. We arc
going into further details about
conditions which cause dry, split,
lustreless hair.
Many people of both ses.es think
because they see the final white
suds, the hair is clean, and when
rinsed in three waters the shampoo
Is complete.
Remember we spoke of our hair
growing In shingles and there is
also grease, acid, salt, etc., that
remain under these shingles and
unless they are carefully removed
will dry, and when coming in con
tact with hot combs, will further
dry the hair and cook it, causing
the hair to burn, mat together, and
begin to break off.
Sometimes one will shampoo her
own hair improperly and ask the
beautician for a press and wrave.
The hair is not c’ean and eventu
ally is burned and breaks off. If
she is informed of this, and is not
told in detail how to shampoo
properly, rarely will she be con
vinced that it was her fault and
not the beautician’s.
I always advise betting one who
TTlrs. Dauid...
(Formerly Of The Duck Inn)
Inuites l]ou T o Dine
446 E. 47th St. Drexel 2965
i ♦ {• »*« ♦** ••• »*« ••• ♦*« »*« *ji
Popular candidate for County
Treasurer — able — dependable
trustworthy — Friendly.
The popular Jonesetta Bridge
Club spent a very pleasant after
noon at the home of the treasurer,
Mrs. Lela Harper, 4841 Forestville
avenue. In spite of the long vaca
tion, all members were present
and ready to greet each other, to
vie for the prizes offered the best
Contract players.
They were Mesdames Thelma
Clarke, Bessie Taylor and Ethel
Jones. After the game, the hostess
invited the members to her spaci
ous dining room, where a delicious
dinner was served on a specially
prepared table.
Other members present were:
Brownie Singleton, Octavia Davis,
Inez McKinney, Odessa Taylor,
Elizabeth McMinn. Laura Banks
and Anna Jones. Mrs. Bertha Per
riloux was accepted as a new mem
ber. Next meeting will be with the
president, Anna Jones, 421-5 Cham
plain avenue.
Octavia Davis, reporter.
is well experienced, care for one’s
head, for simple as it seems, the
shampoo is the fundamental factor
in a beautiful head ureas.
Here is a lovely formula for the
shampoo. Next week I shall give
directions on how to shampoo the
hair. This is good for men and
women. Remember our slogan. “It
Pays to be Beautiful.”
% bar coconut castile soap
2 quarts water
% teaspoon baking soda
% teaspoon borax
Heat mixture over low flame. Do
not boil. When cool, add a few
drops of your favorite perfume.
410 East Forty-seventh Street
I Meet the Tuskegee - Wilberforce I
I Teams at MORRIS’ I
| Where They Dine Annually |
I Open Day and Night Phone Drexel 4673 f
r ~
illlllllltlBllllil!llllllllll|lillllllltl|||||l|||||||ll|l!||||li|llliI|!ll!l|:i|il|l||liliilill!lliil 'i ■::ai:ilt|tlllllli|li|il|li||||ili;ili.'
Social Service Guild Of St.
Edmund's Episcopal Church
Qivnig Annual Bridge Party
The Social Service Guild of St. Edmunds church are
giving their annual bridge and whist party at Bacon’s Casino
on Thursdaoy evening, October 15th. Much interest is being
manifested in this affair because of the fact that as in pre
vious years there are to be a score or more of elaborate and
useful prizes given to the successful contestants. >.
The committee immediately in .— — ■■ ■ —1
charge of the card tournament is
composed of Mrs, Harry Horsley,
Mrs. Pauline Jennings, Mrs. Char
les Mickey and Mrs Frank Ed
wards. In addition to the regular
prizes there will be a magnificent
(Joor prize awarded.
St. Edmund’s Social Service Guild
has been active for many years
rendering valuable service in this
community. The members work
regularly all during the year with
the underpriviledged and handicap
ped. They give scholarship assist
ance to students, clothing to the
need}', supplement family budgets,
assist with rent and various other
worthy causes.
The card party Thursday night,
to which the general public is in
vited. gives promise of being one
of the outstanding social events
of the fall season.
Among the members of this
guild are the following, Mines:
Louis B. Anderson
Frank Anderson
A W. Beck
Ashby Berryman
Elsie Brown
Grace Bryant
Edna Bunn
Lucille Cooper
Frank Edwards
Georgia Evans
Valencia Fowler
Harry Horsley
Bernice Hall
A. L. Howe
Macon Huggins
Carrie Hurd
Jennie Jones
Margaret Lane
Janies T. Eorick
Emma Meade
Lenora Mickey
Ernest Morris
The'ma Patterson
Isabelle Phinney
Jennie Richardson
Edith Sampson

Dresses, Millinery, Linger
ie, Hosiery. — Latest Fash
ions of the Hour.
9 E. Garfield Blvd — Eng. 4228
Mrs. H. W. Brown, Prop.
Cleo Scott
Mable Spivey
Effie Wilson
Rosa Terrill
Katye Woods
S. Harrison
Nancy J. Roberts
Isabella Taylor
Jennie Burnett
Stella Buster
June Hoew
Bessie G. Smith
Jessye Smith
Lawrence Young
and others.
The Rev. Father Samuel J. Mar
tin is the priest of St. Edmund’s
The John C. Robinson Aero Aux
iliary held it’s regular meeting at
the Poro College, 4401 South Park,
way, Monday night. The president
expressed her appreciation in hav
ing such good attendance. It seems
as if great interest is being shown
in helping her put over her pro
Plans were completed for the
big benefit dance in the near fu
ture. The next meeting will be held
at the same place Monday, October
19 at 8:30 o’clock and we urge
each member to be present.
Tillie Lawsche, president.
Octavia Davis, reporter.
Plymouth, Mass., Oct. 15—Mrs.
Samuel J. Lee, sister of Mrs. Cry
stal Dyrd Fauset, director of the
Women’s Division of the Demo
cratic drive among Negroes in the
East, died here Saturday.
st mm Roii
—of Home, Family, Social and
Business relationships.
No luck, fortunes, or bunk. In
telligent suggestions for better
living by persons of broad ex
perience. Send 6c stamps for
Personality Studio
139 West 125th Street,
# ♦ % *% ♦% »!»(»?♦ *!• •% *!• •% *% •% ♦% *!♦ •% **♦*% •*« •%
• *•* 1J4**♦ *-•« *% **• **• **♦ » »*• »*• »% »*i
- means -
WE write and YOU get the credit
LETTERS: social and busi
ness; popular speeches and
talks for Teachers, Minis
ters, Civic, Business and I^odge
Leaders; articles for publica
tion. Your own work criticised,
rewritten, or revised.
Send 6c stamps for more de
C. N. S. BUREAU 141 W. 125 th
Street, New York City.
*:• v •;< »;• •> >;• ? •> •> 1

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