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Lynchburg, Va., June 18—For the
time being, the plans are off to show
“The Green Pastures” here on its
southern, tour in October. When the
question was first raised, local
white business men raised a yelp,
stating that since Paramount, the
best house here, had no gallery for
colored, to bring the show in would
cause. Whites had a feeling that the
Paramount is much to good for the
colored patrons.
When the manager of the Para
mount ran a slide information his
white patrons that he could get
“The Green Pastures” if they want
ed it, the applause was so sparse
that he gave up the idea.
Lynchburg is the only city in the
South where prejudice has been al
lowed to block the playing of the
most successful show of recent
Miss Mary Bruce and her husband
Andrew Johnson, 5228 S. Parkway
and Lawrence A. Newbv, Assistant
State’s Attorney of Cook County,
arrived in the city from the east
Sunday night on a motor trip. They
visited Washington, D. C., Pitts
burgh, Philadelphia Baltimore and
New York City. Miss Bruce spent
most of her time on Broadway in
New York city seeing the big musi
■'il shows and gained a number of
new ideas which she intends to in
corporate in her big show which
>’ne will "ive August 10 at the Black
stone theatre.
Munday At Fair
Prof James A. Mundy, one of the
leading choir directors in the coun
try and who has directed several of
the big church choirs of this city
and who has made an enviable rec
ord at the Tribune’s Festival at
Soldier’s Field annually, is directing
a choir of 100 voices at the World’s
Fair three nights each week. Prof.
Mundy’s contract started when the
Fair opened and is good until it
closes. Mme. Clara Malone is one
of his principal soloists.
High School Gossip
Look out I’m going to blow the
dirt in your eyes.
Juanita says F. Dabney and her
sister is “The Hare”. Guess aagin
ol’ gal.
My ol’ pay E. Rolilns thought he
was layin’ it at the Warwick. Boy
you’re thinkin’ wrong, all w^rong.
Some people wonder who the
girl is who sends in things about
herself an dall her Lawrences. Well
read my column next week and find j
B. Myres looked very nice with
the red rose in her hair Friday. !
So Myrtle A. wrote in a book that
Joe Lewis was her boy friend, eh!
Fambro looked mello said two
young ladies.
What has happened to the ro
mance of Sam Curry and Mamie
Why didn’t Sam go to the Fair
with Mamie Thursday?
The above photograph appeared in one of the largest daily papers in Liverpool,
England, a few years ago when Miss Josephine Baker appeared there. The whole
city closed up business and there was a Josephine Baker holiday. Columns and
columns of articles were written about this noted stage artist that has caused her to
be the idol of Paris, France and other cities of Europe. Miss Baker will arrive in New
fork City in August over the Airway Lines She will fly to St. Louis, Mo., to visit her
mother and after remaining there several weeks will fly to Chicago to see the World’s
h air, accompanied by her mother. She will be met at the Municipal Airport by
“Monk” Harris, her Chicago representative and the Parkard people have arranged
to use their car the whole time she is here. Mr. Harris is arranging to give her a pub
lic reception under the auspices of the Chicago World. A number of Chicago’s prom
inent women will be invited to be on a Reception Committee to receive Miss Baker.
Mamie Holland is mellow don’t
you think so Sam?
1 hear Walter Bynes is trying to
rush Bernice Colley.
What’s the trouble between Hugh
lutt Hill and Hattie Essex?
Marguerite and Dorothy Overton
are trying to rush Leon Gray.
It looks like love everlasting be
tween Asiscus and Rose Tribue.
When is Edward Brown going to
geta chick? He has been called the
chickless wonder for four years.
M. M. tells everybody that she
goes with Edward Smgington’s cou
sin. But he tells me a different
story. What about it Mae?
E. Primus I old me she is coming
off her high horse and see the earth.
It’s about time she’s coming to
C. \\ hite so you and I. Shears
have gotten the ends to meet, don’t
you think so ?
Howard Harris the girl friend is
alright except she wears color that
don't become her.
M. Lewis is still saving her lunch
money to buy Milton Johnson any
thing he wants. Oh, you big foolish
girl- ! ^
M. Morris, why be so jealous of
James Bell, he wouldn’t fool you
L. Robes what other girls hand
kerchief and ring did you have be
sides a certain girls on 48th street?
Just tell me, I won’t tell anybody.!
T. Martinez you was seen with
F. Wilson a few tmies. Does his
girl know aobut that?
A. Burns what happened to you
and Martinez’s friendship?
L. Anderson you are a very mel
low girl. Also your new girl friend.
Timothy P. your girl friend is all
right except she wears too much
war paint.
Linnie Russell stop useing the
war paint for a while. But that
African told her it looked good on
her. So she is using it again.
Paul A. and Charles (Chuck)
Williams are good friends but not
so good for a certain girl at Hyde
Park to break it up. Watch out for
that certain girl.
.. Robert Matthews, 34, 5535 Grove
avenue, was given sixty days in the
House of Correction when he was
charged with the assault of George
Morgan, 6625 Lafayette avenue. The
police arrested Mathews at his home
where the assault occurred, shortly
after the melee in which he used a
knife on his foe. Morgan was cut
on the right side of the face during
a dice game which Matthews denied.
Many Old Lapsed Life Insurance
Policies On Deceased Or Living
Persons May Be Valuable. Policy
Holders Bureau, 103 E. 43rd St.
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Have you seen tlie white shoes of
Normandy fabric, Oxfords and
pumps on display at Bill’s Booterv,
the popular Shoe Store at 302 East
43rd street, near Prairie avenue?
These are the shoes for the warm
months. They are all the rage. En
joy the cool comfort of these ideal
summer shoes while working or play
ing. They sell pumps for dress, ox
tor sport, sandals for lazy vacation
ease. Wear them in white or dye
hem any desired color. Before going
to the “loop”, look at these shoes
and you will like them.
Laundry Gossip
Individual Towel and Service Co.
By Rosa Lee Owens
P. H. is a regular sport.
J. Davis, you have such a mean
temper you should try taming lions.
Slappy is it necessary for you to
talk so loud and run all over the
plant ?
B. P. has no time to dream since
she is in love with B. H.
N. P. must be on a merry-go
round. He is always walking in cir
Why does R. B. shake one foot
when she walks?
E. T., why do you try to walk
like R. B.?
D. McG., did you really win sec
ond prize in a lashion show ? Or
claim it?
R. O., you must not disappoint
your customers by not putting Gos
sip in the paper.
C. Bell, did you ever get an ans
wer to your note? That was a hot
one—you kuow what I. mean.
Why do they call D. C. the B. C.?
Because she is so evil.
Slappy, why do you pick on H.
D.? Is it because she stuck you up.
Z. T., wake up! Give the beauty
shop a break.
1liey say Mirtice Romance is
gaining by leaps and bounds. Go to
it, kid.
VV hen girls have to work together
they might just as well be congenial
and not talk about each other.
11. D. is a mello chick, if you
know what I mean.
Yv\ B. things lie is hot but the
girls say lie is a regular chump—
ne goes from one to the other.
.MB. Why can’t you keep a boy
friend ?
John S. where do you get your
hair cut? Onthe West Side?
Who’s afraid of the Big Bad Wolf?
C.ij., don’t over advertise your
Mr. B., why don’t you give the
girl’s a break by buying a paper?
Bet you sleep in the park you STe
so tight.
W onder whyMami e B. hates to
see S. squibbling with anyone else
but herself. I think she still cares
for him. and how. (You would be
Willie S. thinks he has a certain
dame in the palm o fliis hand, but
he never was so wrong before. Wake
up boy friend, yo uare sleeping or
The City Championships for all
Junior tennis players will go into
play on Saturday June 23rd at 1 P.
M. All Junior Tennis players must
get in touch with T. Arnold Johns,
the tennis pro at the Mother Seam
es Tennis Courts at 32nd and Ver
non avenue.
This year Mr. Johns is having
seven events, Junior Singles and
Doubles, Girls Singles and Doubles,
Boys Singles and Doubles and Ju
nior Mixed Doubles. Choose your
partners and get your entries in to
Arnold L. Johns before Saturday
June 23rd at 1 ‘P. M. Address your
mail to 5656 Wabash avenue or call
Nomal 9136. Trophies and medals
to be awarded.
Doubtless the saddest person in
the oldest office building in the loop
district here after announcement was
made last week that the structure
is to be wrecked was James Cole
man, 75 year old elevator operator.
Mr. Coleman has been on the job
for 47 years and has been off only
once for sickness.
Enjoy a Pleasant Evening at the
Ccibin Inn
3119 Cottage Grove Ave.
Gilda Gray, Hostess Baby Blue at the Fiano
Phone Calumet 4972
Nora Holt, as vivacious, charming
and dashing as ever is back home,
for internationally famous is this
celebrated entertainer is she admits
that ‘Chicago is really her home.”
Last Monday night she was a
guest artist at the affair given by
Mrs. Irene Castle McLaughlin, lo
cal society leader, and former stage
favorit,e at the Deerpath theatre.
Society was out in force for the oc
casion which was given for the ben
efit of the “Orphans of the Storm,”
the dog shelter which Mrs. Me
Laughlin maintains. Miss Holt re
ceived an ovation when she sang
‘Nymph Errant,”, the song which
Gertrude Lawrence, Douglas Fair
banks Jr’s., fiancee is singing in
Headed This Way
This artist is the sister of Cab
Calloway. Both are leaders of or
chestras and have become the top
notchers in their profession. Miss
Calloway is expected to land her
orchestra in one of the fine cafes at
the World’s Fair.
Many Old Lapsed Life Insurance
Policies On Deceased Or Living
Persons May Be Valuable. Policy
Holders Bureau, 103 E. 43rd St.
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Pullman Porters
Continued From Page One
Brotherhood Enthusiastic
Brotherhood leaders are quite en
thusiastic over the passing of Senate
Bill 3266 and House Bill 8996, em
bodying the amendments to the Rail
way Labor Act, since, besides, pres
sing the case of the porters and
maide against the principals of the
company union at the Senate and
House Committee hearings, they
interviewed a large number of sen
ators and congressmen in the in
terest of the Bill, and enlisted the
support of civic, religious, educa
tional and fraternal organizations
for the measure which played a
signal role in defeating the cause
of the company union forces, and
rendering the enactment of the law
possible, observed Randolph, who
spoke at a monster mass meeting
last Sunday at the St. Marks M.
E. Church, in a nation-wide cam
paign to prepare the Brotherhood
to function under the amendment.
The new rail measure outlaws
the company unions and yellow dog
contracts, an objective the organiz
ed workers have been seeking to
achieve for over a generation, and
w hich the Pennsylvania and other
open shop railway systems and the
Pullman Company, have attempted
to maintain. No longer can the
carriers finance employes’ organiza
tions, thereby establishing autocrats
control over the workers. No longer
need tht workers, Pullman porters
and maids, engineers, firemen shop
craftsmen, or whatnot, hae any fear
at all either to join the Brotherhood
of Sleeping Car Porters or any
, union, said the porters’ leader, Mr.
' Randolph.
ror the violation oi any ot tne
provisions of the Act, granting
workers the rights self-or
tion aud the selection and the desig
nation of representatives of their
own choosing, the carriers or the
agents of the carrriers, are liable to
a penalty of from $1,000 to $20,000
or imprisonment for six months or
National boards of adjustment
and medistion will be set up under
the law for settlement of disputes
that may arise between the workers
and the management, and povisions
are made for the determination of
the choice of railway employes as
to which organization they wish to
represent them, in the form ot
elections that shall be held under
the supervision of the Government,
free from intimation, coercion or in
terference by he carriers, declared
A stampede among the porters
and maids from New York to Calif
ornia and from Jacksonville, Fla.,
to Minnesota, has already set in, to
join or reinstate in the Brother hood
of Sleeping Car Porters, realizing
as they do now that the Pullman
Company, nor its agents or stool
pigeons, can penalize or victimize
them for exercising their right to
join and be active in the Union/'
concluded Mr. Randolph.
47th & State Street
, 26 Ounce Stein
Chili and Tamales
Our Specialty
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