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Double' \
Page Boy
by /1
howard^ i
,500 j|
Ifc, Only Howard can give you tins
Exclusive, real-hair Howard hair-do l
| i TMACINI^URSELF in this thick, luxurious double roll that
t JL ■achoi below your shoulders and from ear to ear! Reinem
L b«r, Howard, and Howard alone, has it. Attachment equipped
| with Howard Tressons, new, exclusive bob-clip that anchors
| your attachment securely. Won’t fall off. Handmade of finest
f re&l hair. Easy way to order: Tear out this ad. Print your name
/ ®nd address. State hair color wanted: Jet Black. Brown Black.
\ Hark Brown. Or send hair sample. You save all costly postage
\ charges if you enclose check or money order for full amount.
/ $1.00 deposit is required on all C.O.D. orders. You pay postman
\ balance plus postage charges. Mail to Howard, address below,
i, We pay postage on prepaid orders only. Send for free Howard
^ Catalogue. ----—
/\ Dept. J , 143 West 125th Street, New York 27, N. Y.
vf Salon-styled, real-hair attachments
Guaranteed: Satisfaction or money back
• j
Your Weekly
“Treat” Recipe
Food Consultant and Home
. I
Strawberries, bananas and
sugar toppd with sourd cram is
a spcial treat for this season.
It’s one of the nicest desserts
I know, and the one Avhich you
will have many requests for re
2 cups cliced bananas
2 cups cliced strawberries
V2 CUJIS sugar
pint Bowman Soured Cream
Mix strawberries, bananas and
sugar and together and place in
individual Serving glasses. Chill.
Top with Bowman Soured Cream
(chilled). Serve at once.
Things That Interest
Every woman wants long
black curly eyelashes, jtiemem
ber, lashes are a delicate growth,
unlike the hairs of the head, that
will stick with us tor seven years
or more. They are not very
deeply rooted, you known.
A constant habit of rubbing
the eyes can deplete the growth,
may even cause etys, which
could even destroy the little pa
pilla from which each shaft em
erges. Also, too frequent use of
the crayon over this tender ter
ritory, may have a not too fav
vorable effect upon them.
Never, never, trim the ends.
This will not extend the growth,
instead you cut away the line
needle y>oint that you already
have and succeed only in pro
moting the growth of a stubbly
{ stiff blunt end lash.
! More about eyelashes next
j week. Address Bessie F. Beil, in
I care of Global News Syndicate,
| p. o. Box 86, Manhattanville Sta.
! N Y. 27, N. Y. Send a three cent
i stamp and ask for my leaflet,”
Slimming the Waistline” or
i “Dobule Chin Trobule”
When cards are encolsed with
i wedding invitations to be pre
j sented at the reception; one card
j should be enclosed for each per
i eon invited to tlie reception—
that is, two for husband and
help for the home
If wou will dip your cookie
j cutter into warm water frequen
I tly when cutting out cookies,
j they will have neat, smooth ed
Add 2 tablespoons of garpe
juice to each grapefriut half. It
will give a new flavor and a
pretty color.
A top man on atoms—Dr. R.
E. Lapp, points out that one
j atomic bomb dropped on the
I Pentagon building would just
[ about clean out Washingtno
without tne formality of an el
! ection.
f ; By Frances Ainsworth f J
I’ve just learned about somoj !
fcing new for your home—and it j ■
^ beautiful that I know you f \
tant to learn about it, too. It I
| ailed “Carrara Glass” and it f
I fed on walls or wainscoting. It i!
timed Carrara because it rival'
; ie beautiful marble from tit' j
tmed quarries at Carrara, Italy !
Last week I visited my sister j
•nn, in her new home—and that’: j
•here I discovered this new wa> j
• ^eatment. Ann told me that he) .
fcorator had recommended its usi 1
i both the bathroom and kitchaj
! For her bathroom, Ann solectc'
i bite glass walls, and used bril
| i.ntly colored shower curtain!
{id bright towels for contrast, li j
er kitchen, she used a delightfu
ade Green with Forest Grecf
dm — and it’s very effective
teide from the beauty ot tin;
iass wall finish, it certainly
tactical for it has a depth of col ;
p and is not merely a coaled sur j
ace. Ann told me that it is guar i
pteed not to check, stain or fad' |
. that it won’t absorb fcathroon j
r cooking odor??. Water, oils, o; i
Tease do not affect it — and sh/'
eeps it gleaming srd spotlesf
imply by wiping it off with /
limp cloth!
I Well, her home was so lovelj
Hat I decided to re-do my kitchev
falls with the same glass! There’:
: fich a wide color range, too —
tey, white, black, ivory, jade
! pige and forest green—with sucl
‘ ftlors as wine, orange and P.em
fandt Blue for trim. I finally de
jded upon beige walls with blu»
rim. and we’re having the kitcher
able top and my little plant
helves covered with the sam j
\ Every mother of small chJdre l
(ill agree with me that glass i j
he of the easiest—most practical
iirfaces for the heme. And whei)
['s not only easy to clean but
pautiful, too — it's really worth
taking into, isn’t it?^ • J
Weight of the earth has been
computed as 6 sextillion, 592
quintillion tons, not including the
An average brunette has 120,
I 000 hairs; a blonde has 104,000;
I while a person with red hair has
J only about 88,000.
1 The U. S. Government is un
doubtedly the greatest show on
/earth! Its continous performance
costs money—a great deal off
money, and the audience, wheth
er it boos or cheers, digs deep
for its tax tickets—Northeastern
Examiner, San Diego.
Havana, the capital city of
Cuba, was founded in 1511.
for and about WOMEN
HOLLYWOOD Calif. — Dia
monds, orchids and ermine seem
the perfect accoutrements for
the beauty of Leslie Brooks.
The new drop earrings, Edward
ian in desikn, with the diamonds
securely set in palladium, point
up the lovelly off-the-shoulder
neckline of Miss Brooks draped
Army Dependents
Arrive In Far East
With The Eighth Army In Yo
,koha(rna, Japan—Several depen
dents of Negro Army personnel
stationel in Japan were aboard
the U. S. Army Transport Sim
on B. Buckner when it arrived in
Yokohama recently.
They" are Mrs. Pearl Wafrd,
wife of Chaplain (Captain) Bev
erly M. Ward, 76th Antiaircraft
Battalion in Yokohama, and
their son Lewis, 11. The Wards
formerly lived in Harrisburg,
Mrs. Anna Hairston, ‘ wife of
First Lieutenant Joseph H.
Hairston, 159th Field Artillery*,
Battalion in Nara, and their
children, Nancy, 8 and Naomi, 4.
Lieutenant and Mrs. Hairston
are from Connellsville, Pennsyl
Mrsi. Maomi Harris, wife of
Technical Sergeant Lewis Harris
95th Infantry Battalion, at Camp
Gifu, and their daughter, Anita,
8 months old. Sergeant and Mrs.
Harris are from Jacksonviile.r
Mrs. Winifred Cunningham of
Kokomo, Indiana, wife of Tech
nical Sergeant John Cunningham
933rd Antiaircraft Artillery Bat
tallion in Yokohama.
Mrs. Louise Thompson, wife of
First Sergeant Sherman Thom
pson, 539 th T transportation'
Truck Company in Kobe, and
Mfs. Louse Bullock, wife of
Technician Third Grade Joseph
Bullock,, Company “E”, Kobe
Quartermaster Depot. ; Mrs.
Thompson and Mrs. Bullock are
| from Brooklyn, New York.
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. ^ w vN /S. Xs. /"VV //WAA/ffl
r*Let us face the truth. This year—1948—may well be the
most important year of your life. Influences both good and
bad, will effect your life—and the lives of all other people
too. My 1948 Guide was designed to help you overcome evil
' influences through Strength and Power and Mastery of Life—
. and to bring a world of new happiness, joy and prosperity
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The main purpose of this uplifting 1948 Guide is to present to yoa a way of life—a kingdom of
i your own—through which you can achieve true peace of mind and make your life the rich, satis
i fying experience it should, and can be. Through the years, Abbe Wallace Guides have won an
endearing place in the hearts of thousands with down-to-earth philosophy and counsel. Inis years
1948 Guide, covering the next twelve months, is one for which many, many troubled men and
women will be deeply grateful. It points the way to a higher world of well being and happiness
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copy of this Guide—open your heart to this inner power—that you may go forth unatraia to
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1948 Guide ordered j .
4 -- ■— ' ■■
It's a Fact — / r
i ' h„ ~ '^ v'A*>/- _ v. ' f by Tommj
(<lft ^S/N6LEHANDEDLY &mtsn&
1o mbmt dutch Trade monopoly
(N1H£ ftYSf--AND M£T WITH /
British censure Fordoing iT!
WtRmmM (on hishstn birthday]
m hidoiH was Forced To ray
10,000founds For EXPENSES HE incurre
ih Founding Singapore/
^ •
Texas university—
\QUhD6t If 14 A STA7E I
aaiM’sus/ % i
S'M cun w**'_j
'FIXING 6oo$£&EW'--i
• Anewer ~fe/nom?w -
Q 1948 Hollywood feotvres Syndkote
Life At A Glance
To be frank with you, propa
ganda is the greatest journalistic
invention for disconcerting and j
perplexing folks in modem times. |
Half of the time, you don’t know |
where to start reading, or lis- !
tening to get the truth-No
wonder mental ailments are on
the increase throughout the
world. Each paper you read; each
newscaster you listen to, throws
, a different slant on the same
; subject you have been reading
1 ail the time. And if you try to
figure out which is right, you’ll
just.about go crazy
Lloyds of London, the World’s
most prominent insurance com
pany sure took a good long out
look into the .future when it be- !
gan operating many years ago.
In fact, they figured out the best
things to take risks on. Oh, yes,
they will insure just about every
thing you can think of, even
they will insure you against ac
cidents of the most odd nature.
WThy they will even insure
shapely torsos, fetching legs and
luscious lips, hut there is one
thing the^Jwill not take a risk
on, and' that is life.... And
strangely enough', we Americans
niae more gjpiiey selling life in
surance than any other kind_
Of course, I don’t know what
would happen in the event some
atom bombs rock some of the
Down Australia way, the less
fortunate wil herafter be able
to ease their ptysicial pains
through a Free Medicine plan,
set up by the government. The
physicians are vigorously oppos
ed to the plan, and say taey will
boycott it, nevertheless, the low;
income group will be medically
attended to through the govern
ment plan.... Our government
might search around and figure
out some way to give thousands
o' tiow income groups here in
this country free medical care..
It would be quite fitting with
out highly industrialized society
.... Of course the American
Medical Association would not
relish such a plan, but they are
in the minority, and do not have
to depend upon local municipal
and county hospitals for medical
And this is something you can
take for what its wrorth. The
Louis-Walcott encounter won’t
go beyond >jeven rounds* and
when the shindig is ail over,
Champ Louis will do some stujm.
ping for the Third Party....
What we truly and earnestly
aspire to be, that in some sense
we lare. The mere Inspiration,
by changing the frame of the
mind, for the moment realizes
itself.—Anna Jameson
It is pretty certain that the
race for the GOP nomination will
fee ,a .wide qpen one. Nobody
knows what will happen when
all the expendable favorite sons
have been expended.—Howard
Brubaker " in New Yorker.
••••••••••••••######o##o3 m«
Food Research Consultant,
Home-Maker's Club.. Inc.
When the budget is low remember there, are clever ways of tvi
/ng canned corened beef into nOurisfc'n# delicious economy disl’.cs. T
secret is to add the tasty, appetizing flavor of relish, green poor
ar cneese. just a little ingenuity can
turn a. very prosaic can of corned beef
into a delectable entree that your
?uests will exclaiat and ’ de
mand gke recipe for.
A* A starter, try this easily fuadt
rorned beef pie. To serve six, you'll
jeed four potatoes. 1 No. 2 size can'j
ted kidney beans, 1 12 oz. can corned ;
peef, 1-2 green pepper , 1 small on- I
pn and 2 tablespoons butter. Chill '
>eef and then cut in cubes. Cut peeled 1
potatoes in very tiny cubes (as '
/mall as possible). Then place chon-1
ted onion, green pepper and butter |
P frying pan and stir until onion is !
lear. Add three-fourths of the potatoes i
)nd stir for five minutes. Add the.1
pbes of corned beef,, the beans with j
fieir liquor and 1 teaspoonfu! salt. ;
lend and place in deep baking dish. '
Spread with bits of butter. Bake at
/bout 350 degrees for one and one-half
pours. M-m-! * <
Then, there’s that famous old fav
nte — corned beef hash! But how.
puch more appetizing it seems when
■roperly garnished. To serve six. you
p'gnt bake two No. 2 cans corned
eef hash in a shallow glass or oven
<are baking dish for about 25 min
xes- (Dot with butter before baking.)
ftien merely garnish with alternating
Snds of chopped hard-boiled egg
diiteff, chopped yolks and green pic
ie. Somehow, just that little extra
decoration turtle ordinary corned b<
hath into a ‘company” dish. Perk)
you ye already tried baking cor-/
! e?t hash in petties and serving ei
w!tk 0. poached erjj in the hollow!
cut center. If not, jxju'll find t>.i.-i
tasiy luncheon entree, or “kiddies
cia!” when the man of tb.jj. !io<
is cut for dinner. . ,
For an entirely “different” mac;/
ni dish, add corned beef before bi
ing and top the whole with a i|
cheese sauce. To serve 6, take 1 i
oz. can corned beef, slice in 1/2-1/
slices and place chc layer in bottom',
ban.ng dish. Add layer of macaitl
(.well-cooked) 'then cheese sauce
repeat until all ingredientes have bq
used. For a large baking <iish-fj
you'll need two cups well-cooked -m/
erani .anti a cheese sauqe made of J
following ingerdientes: 4 tablespoir
flour, 1/2 teaspoon salt, 14 teaspcS
dry mustard, i cup evaporated rr.l
diluted with 1 cup water, 2 tall
spoons ox butter, a dash or two *
papr.ka and 14 lb. yellow Ameritf
cheese. Combine butter, flour, miista#
salt and paprika in top part of douS
boder and blend into melted butt!
Add evaporated milk and water, tbl
cheese -cut fine. That’s your ched
sauce — and a very good recipe yotl
find it, too — for macaroni or to "4
zest to dozens of different '■-•epafatf
dishes. Try it! •
N A ' 3 strips bacon
N 1 No- 2fc can sauerkraut 2 tablespoons chopped onion
D 1 No. 2 can corned beei 2 teaspoons prepared liorse
1 cup canned tomato juice radish
A Place sauerkraut in the bottom of a shallow greased
S cassercasserole. Mix together the corned bee.” hash, tomato
j g juice, onion and horseradish and spread over the sauerkraut.
E D ^ut t*le kacon into Vi inch strips and arrange on top of the
S hash mixture. Bake in hot (450°) oven about CJ minu'es.
E © 1948 Hollywood Features Gvid'cst
Argentina exports more corn
than any other country, although
its total annual crop is only,
about one-tenth of the annual
crop growr in the U. S.
Can you remember way back
when a man could afford a yacht
even if he only had a million oT
two?—Cuba (Mich) News and.

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