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The Chicago World is in no way
responsible for the ideas or opinions
of its columnists or writers. The
World expressly repudiates any lia
bility cr responsibility which may be
incurred through articles written by
Who’s Who
by Lausayale Brown
Who is this Mr. Joseph
Beauharnias and what nation
ality is he that he and his race
feel so superior to the black
race and what has his race
contributed to the United
States of America in which he
and his race now live and en
joy the fruits of the black
race's contributions to this
country ?
If Mr. Beauharnias and his co
horts are not satisfied with our
American way of life why don’t
they go back where they came
from and stop begging America
for so much help ? Then you and
your race will have a leg to stand
upon, otherwise, you should keep
your mouth shut while you are
in America, for you may not be
able to get back to the country
where you came from, for Ave, the
American people, may isolate you.
Who would ever think that a
foreigner would come to this
country and attempt to organize
such a segregated league such as
this? Twenty years ago you could
expect such things from a south
erner here in America, but those
da3rs are gone now, as the south
wouldn’t attempt to organize, such
an organisation in these modern
I Avonder if Beauharnias thinks
that he has done his race any
good 1)3' distributing such lietra
ture as have been passed out by
some of the nit-wit members of
that organization in the City of
uhicago, and it so, lie is badly
mistaken a-s he and his followers
will know the answer soon, espec
ially when J. Edgar Hoover gets
through with him.
He seems to he very much mis
guided on the black race of peo
ple .as they are the proudest peo
ple on earth and they do not care
to mix or mingle with such per
sons its Mr. Beauharias and his
If it was left to the Negro race
to decide such issues, Beauharnias
and all of those who believe in
his policies and advocate them
would be on their way back where
they came from.
YWCA Inaugurates
Teen Canteen
{Jay times for gay-teens is the
purpose of the new Teen Can
teen to be initiated at thei South
Parkway Young Women’s Chris
tian Association Center, 4459 S.
Parkway, on Saturdayj^^eb. 18,
according to Miss Una Squires,
YWCA Y-Teen program direc
tor. Registration for the canteen
will be taken at the center be
ginning Monday, Feb. 6th until
the opening date
informal activities will be
conducted between 7:30 and
11:30 o’clock each Saturday
evening for high school girls and
boys. Dancing, ping pong, table
games and singing are included
among the program events.
Chairman of the Canteen Plan
ning Committee is Mrs. Leslie
C. Vaughn, 4331 S. Wentworth
avenue. Among the members of
the committee are: Mr. Leon
Scott, 4535 Prarie; Mrs. Paul
Montgomery, 6119 Iajomis; Mr.
and Mrs. Selyn Wilson, 114 S.
10th St.; Mr. Paul Boswell, 1619
Hyde Park Blvd.; Rev. and Mrs.
IG- H. Martin, 428 E. 49th St.;
Mrs. Erma Shepard, 6035 South
Negro With Seniority
Replaced By White
Store Detective
by Hillard J. McFall
Who actually runs the “Big Show?” How does the
rest periods run; and what penalties do htey inflict on tardy
employees? These and many other questions are of a per
plexing nature to information seekers — particularly when
they are news reporters.
Who is the mystery man that
was brought in by a mysterious
official and placed in charge of
I the store’s protective service
thereby relieving an older em
ployee of his duties and placing
him in a sub-servient job?
While on the discussion, what
is the picture behind the manage
ment of the big “Neisner” store?
Is it true that a certain store of
ficial once used such abuse upon
i Negro salesgirl until she cried?
What actually goes on behind
the scenes in the management of
Bronzeville’s largest department
■ tore? How does the chiefs of
personnel treat the workers? Do
the employees remain quiet and
take the abuse from labor over
lords because they are afraid of
loosing their jobs?
Is “Wholesale Firing” prevai
led? Is there nay “Color” dis
tinction in the hiring of Negro
girls as sales personnel; or has
that practice once caused unrest
imong certain workers?
Just what is the true picture be
hind the curtain of South Center
Department store? Is it true that
certain persons are placed in key
spots to “Keep Their Mouths
Is it true that some citizens
‘just plain live on the south side,
spend thousand^ of dollars per
year and don’t know what’s hap
pening to our youths of today?”
Why not think of where you
spend your money and what you
get in return in the form of fair
employment and good working
conditions for Negro personnel.
Every story has two sides . . .
Naturally, when management
seeks to hide its inside activities
from the public, it just doesn’t add
Yes! Some w.orkers complain
of “Store Flunkies” who run to
“De boss” and tattle on every
thing she or he knows. Is it true
that certain workers are afraid to
talk to customers for any length
of time for various reasons? Read
week for the answer to some of
these questions.
Barkway; Mrs. Virginia Davis,
6757 S. Evans, and Mrs. Carole
O. Ware, 4145 South Parkway.
This will be a membership club.
Two Appointed To
Michael Reese
Clinic Staff
Dr. William E. Cunningham
and Dr Harvey A. Whitfield,
both of'5751 Indiana avenue were
appointed to the clinic staff of
the Michael Reese hospital at
29th and Ellis ave.- it was an
nounced iby Dr. Morris H. Kree
ger, hospital director.
Both doctors served their me.
dicdl residence at the Provident
hospital and acquired other med
ical background in various cities.
Dr. Kreeger stated that the
appointments followed the hos
pital policy not to exclude appli
cants for reason of race, creed
or color.
BILLIE (You’re My Thrill) HOLIDAY,
America’s greatest Song Stylist, greets
FRANKIE (Mule Train) LAINE, noted
singing star at New York’s Bop City, “Jazz
Center” of the world during his recent en
gagement there. They are great admirers
of one another, and exchanged high com
pliments, wishing each other continued suc
cess for the New Year, 1950 . . . Photo,
Bop City Studio; Courtesy Floyd Snelson.
by Hillard J. McFall
Jealousy, was blamed for the fatal shooting of Marion
Thompson, 29, 4541 Vincennes ave., early Wednesday morn
ing in her apartment by her enraged ex-suitor Janies Page,
a Pennsylvania dining car waiter, residing at 5720 South
Michigan avenue.
Miss Thompson, who was em
ployed as a clerk, was shot in the
breast and head and killed by the
waiter at 1:05 a.m., shortly after
he finished his run into Chicago.
An investigation by Detectives
Lucas and Carlson of the Wabash
Station revealed that the slain
woman had broken off her re
lations with Page in favor of John
Marshall of 6150 Vernon avenue.
Page is reported to have had an
altercation with Marshall recent
| ly over the affections of Miss
In a statement to police Mar
shall said: as he was entering the
building where Miss Thompson
lived he noticed Page following
him. He said, he ran into Miss
Thompson’s apartment and closed
the door as Page pursued him.
In the corridor Page kicked the
door down and came in shooting.
Two of his bullets, fired from a
.32 calibre automatic pistol, struck
Miss Thompson. At an inquest
held in the Metropolitan Funeral
parlors Jan. 25, Page was held to
the grand jury on /recommenda
tion of the coroner’s jury on a
charge of murder.
Mayor Proclaims
Safety Week
Therefore, I- Martin H. Ken
nelly, Mayor of Chicago, desig
nate the period from February
18th to 25th, 1950, as TRAFFIC
and urge all our citizens to prac
tice traffic safety principles and
regulations and to encourage
further ways and means whereby
traffic accidents may be pre
Dated this 6th day of January,
A.D.- 1950,
Martn H. Kennelly, Mayor
Get your State Plates
Before the State
Gets You
Springfield, Jan- 25 — Secre
tary of State Edward J. Barrett
today repeated his warning to
the motoring public to rtgiet your
state plates before the state gets
Revise Night Loop
“L” Routing
Since January 15, all but one
station on the outside track of
the loop elevated structure have
been closed after 9 p-m. on week
days and Saturdays and all day
Sundays and holidays because;
volume of traffic on the struc
ture during those periods is in
sufficient to justify the double
expense of keeping inner and
outer loop stations open. Ravens
wood “L” trains now use the in
ner loop track between 9 p.m.
and 1 a.m. weekdays and Satur
days making all stops they for
merly did on the outer track.
Operations on the outer track
are not affected during the day
or early evening on weekdays
and Saturdays
Members of the Maxwell St.
YMCA are planning a series of
‘Variety” shows for the benefit
0f the “Y”. Atty. Jewel Rodgers
i schairman of the board of di
Meetings are being held week
at the “Y” to map plans for the
inaugural affair which is expect
ed to take pace in March.
Among those present at the
last meeting were: Leroy Wood
fork. atheletic director; James
Brow’n- executive secretary; At
torneys John and Jew’el Rodgers;
Mr. and Mrs. Overton Evans,
Miss Laura Jackson, and Mr.
Emanuel Carter, producer and
Hillard J. McFall, public rel'a.
iions director of the “Y”.
Appoint New Head
Of Transportation
Robert J. McKinney wits ap
pointed general superintendent
of Surface Transportation re
cently by CTA General Manager
Wafler J. McCarter, succeeding
the late William A. Hall.
McKinney’s transpcHation ca
reer began i n 1908 when h e
started as a conductor with the
Union Traction Cmpany. Since
that time he has held a wide
Popular Mortician
Succumbs Of Heart
Ailment In Provident
by Hillard J. McFall
Relatives and friends of the late Mack Atkins will at
tend funeral services in Ebenezer Baptist church, located at
4501. Vincennes avenue, Monday, Feb. 6th at 11 a.m. Mr.
Atkins who migrated to the Windy City of Chicago from
Clarksdale, Miss., in the year 1932, established the funeral
home which now bears his name, died suddenly Tuesday at
2:30 p.m. in Provident hospital. He had been suffering from
a heart ailment. )
A specialist was called in early
Tuesday to diagnose Mr. Atkins’
heart. He found him in critical
condition. A short time later he
succumbed. Friends as well as
relatives were shocked by the sud
deness of .his demise and com
mented that only a few days ago
“Mack” was in a jovial mood and
joked with them, showing no signs
of illness.
Mack Atkins was a familiar
figure in city-wide political and
civic affairs. He was recently en
dorsed by the Republican County
Committee for County Commis
sioner of Cook County. He was
a faithful member of Ebenczer
Baptist church and served on the
Board of Trustees as chairman.
Brother Atkins was an active
member of the Masonic Order
and was a member in good stand
ing. He held high esteem among
his fellow brothers and Masons.
Among his political activities,
Mr. Atkins was treasurer of the
Third Ward Regular Republican
Organization and a close friend
to Bill King and Charles Jenkins.
Mr. Atkins is survived by one
daughter, Mrs. Charlene Warner |
and four grandchildren; two bro
thers, Bob and Tom of Chicago;
three sisters, Mesdames Delcinia
Clemons and Evelyn Green of
Chicago and Malissa Alexander
of Milwaukee, Wis. Mr. Atkins
resided at 4153 South Parkway.
Bundle Says Prejudices
Make Mockery of UN
Dr. Ralph J- Bunchc, turned
down an appointment as Assis
tant Secretary of State because
of Washington’s “Jim Crowism”,
charges in the February Ameri
can Magazine that “American
antiracial and antireligious prac
tices make a mokery of both the
Constitution and the Charter of
the United Nations.”
In an article entitled “What
America Means To Me” in which
he reaffirms his belief in Ameri
ca ideals, this outstanding Negr0
range of positions in the Trans
portation Department and was
appointed assistant Superinten
dent of Transportation after the
World’s Fair.
reveals that racial prejudice
nearly blocked his assignment to
the State Department which be.
came a springboard to his pres
ent post as director of the De
partment of Trusteeships for the
United Nations.
“I like the American way of
life,” says Dr. Bunche, “Because
I like the conceptions of equality
and of the rights and dignity of
the individual on which it is
based. As every good America, I
will t0 see the country fulfill
its promise to all its people. I
dislike vigorously tose practices
which prevent this.”
As for racial discrimination,
Dr. Bunche says “conditions in
our nation’s capital are scanda

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