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Dealing In Stars I
by (DEE)
Dinah Washington’ a peaceful
sox*t of person, found herself in
a “fight”, it was a friendly
“batt e”; the Queen of the Juke
Boxes, literally had to fight her
way through the crowd of fans
and well wishers who had gath
ered around the entrance of the
Masonic Temple in St.-, Louis,
where the singer Was appearing
on a three star bill.
♦ * *
Chicago mourns tht untimely
death of trumpeter Jesse Miller.
Jesse who had been ill for the
past four months, is a gi’eat loss
to he music world and will be
long remembered by many.
* * *
(R(oy Brown offered to give
free lessons to singer Margaret
Truman, daughter of the Pi'esi
dent. Roy made his offer thru
a telegram addressed to Miss
Truman. ;
* * *
Wiatch "for the Kingsnien
Cabaret Ball coming soon. It is
a must for good entertainment.
Blunging you the best in the en
tertainment wOrld. F eaturing
the popular vocal artist- Miss
Delores Holmes, those dai’ing, j
curageous Three Maniacs, you |
haven’t lived until you’ve seen
Another untimely death was |
that of Cootie Williams’ drum-1
mer, Robert (Bob) Aviles.
* * *
The latest crae in platter spin
ners is Greg Harris. Greg, who
spins for Metropolitan Mutual
Assnr'ance Co., every Monday
Wednesday and Friday nights,
frm 11:30 to midnight over W
C. IV, L., featurer those two won
derful artists DEiroll Gardner and
George Shearing, plus otheirs of
course. Foung Harris has that
too cool air put down by Dave
iGarroway. So, don’t forget to
make Greg “The Oool One” Har
ris a must on your list.
* * *
Jimmy ‘‘Rickey” Ricks is- lead
ing the Ravens to another mil
lion stale disc with their latest
waxing “I Don’t Have Tto Ridei
Nio More”. Rickey does a superfo
job on it’s rhythm all the way,
a,s in “Write Me A Letter” and
“Send For Me If You Need Me”.
The reverse side of the disc fea
tures, tenor Maithe Marshall a
personal hit, his solo effort on
‘‘I’ve Been A Fool” reaches a
new high. Watch for them.
* * *
Visiting Cal Bfostic last week
end was his dream /girl, that
much talked about Melina”.
Watches Youngsters Carry On
vmmt 'msam
CHICAGO, ILL. — Bashful, 22-year-old Shetland pony ow ,ed by
th-i CurlijM Candy Farms, is no longer in the farms’ six pc ,” hitch. !
jiTirg up to his reputation as the “best wheel pony that ever stepped
In a/d out of a ring,” however, he visited /the International Live
Stock Show to watch the present team, composed of his sons ard !
■dftn^hters, go ‘hrc-ugh its paces. B iiful, in recent years called
fesprc.' oy Bashful,” m . = his 20-vear pin from Otto
fichu 1 c? Curtiss, tins 1 ■■ and retired to the pasture
Oh ti • .»npr*s i near Cary, Ili. Son of King Larigo, a national
fha.i •'v r- of tj;e Banama exhibition of tne early 1900’s, he can look
•f»sck or: a colorful career during which he has traveled 18,000 miles
ft year and participated in hundreds of performances a* horse shows,
Utate fairs, w*/ tend rallies and other special events. He can stop ,
Worrying, now. about the gray hair at his temples which has had
to be touched rp with bi^ck hair dye the last few years, and he won’t
have to wutch weight so closely. Till now he has had to keep down
to a trim f.5P pstria. Fight cf his sons and daughters are carrying
on in the fbyw and he has two “little ones” at home who also
Join the teems of the Fhra*? Curtiss hitches when they are old enough.
or Luncheon Cloth
nOLORFUL tablecloths always add cheer to a meal. Here’s one waj
Is of decorating checked fabric to make an attractively bright cloth at i
snail cost. Applique circles of scarlet cotton at each corner for cher
ies and finish with green appliqued leaves and embroidery. These littlt
end touches, so easy to do, make a vast difference in your table linen
fTbke decorations for making this CHERRY APPLIQUE
irUNCHEON SET, send a stamped, self-addressed envelope to the Horn*
tewing Department of this newspaper and ask for Leaflet No. E-1372
Drive Carefully
It’s Sensible
Every American takes pride in
doing well. The Traffic Division
of your Chicago Police Depart
ment says your driving is
a mighty important thing to dd
well. In fact, when we think of
the 397 people killed in traffic
last year and how many of them
.would be alive today if everyone
had driven carefully and well, we
ghuld make good driving our main
iNew Year’s resolution. It’s sensi.
BD =Been
^ Delayed
Wk4> ir^rrr^mssM;
ind BD means Black-Draught, the friendly lax
itlve that helps to dispel tiredness, loginesl
ind headaches of ordinary constipation, so oft
m the cause of delay and lateness. Black
Draught Is pure; made of imported herbs. Taken
is directed, Its action Is gentle and natural like.
Jet powder #r granulated. Costs a penny or less
t dose. Give Syrup of Black-Draught to chll
lren. At nearest dealer’s ask for
Alger ^ Hiss Guilty7 j
- NEW YORK.—Alger Hiss and his wife, Priscilla, are shown leav«
ing Federal Court for a few minutes after they heard the jury return
a verdict of “guilty” against Mr. Hiss on two counts of perjury. With
Wan smiles on their faces they drove away in a maroon car with two
unidentified ^friends^_, __„
The Greater Chicago
Safety Council
(A Non-Profit, Non Political
Needs your hd* H needs help
from the^heighborhood clubs you
belong to
Highway Safety is close’ to
you. It’s close to your home. It’s
close to your family. One person
in 60 — that means someone in
your family or in your immediate
neighborhood — wifi be seriously
hurt by an automobile this j'ear.
EDUCATION — Sounding the
alarm”*— arousing your friends
and your neighborhood — will
produce results — SURPRIS
The Greater Chicago Safety
Council will supply movie1 film
and will locate speakers for
neighborhood clubs upon request
to Speakers’ Bureau. Telephone;
FRanklin 2-9756.
To further stimulate your in
terest in Highway Safety, The
Greater Chicago Safety Council
will offer $50.00 as first prize —
$15.00 as second prize •— and
$5.00 each for 7 more prizes for
the best original safety slogans
betwecii 6 and 20 words mailed
before March 1st to:
Greater Chcago Safety Council
10 North Clark Street
Chicago, Illinois.
Recent Service
Ogden Avenue and Division
Downtown streetcars in the loop
area are being re-routed for an
indefinite period which began in
January, because of Wacker
Dri ve .Superhighway- Washington
Street construction v/ork.
Eczema Itching,
Gets Quick Ease and Comfort
Cct a bottle of stainless, powerful
penetrating Moone’s Emerald Oil.
* he very first application should give
/on comforting relief and a few short
reatments convince you that you
>ave at last found the way to over
time the intense itching and dis
tress. Moone’s Emerald Oil is easy
nd simple to use—greaseless—stain
ess— economical — promotes healing,
ask for Moone's Emerald Oil. Satis
faction or money back—good dm'*'
*1sLh everywhore.
m Designed to speedily relieve
simple headache and painful
discomforts of neuralgia.
K> Measured doses — in powder
form for quick assimilation.
IT* Proof of merit. Same type for
mula over one-third century,
na Standard U. S. P. ingredients.
Laboratory tested, controlled,
In price range of everyone.
10c and 25c sizes.
Caution: Use only as directed
~ r
Missed By An Inch |
attempt to blow up the U AW — CH
Hdqtrs. Bldg, here in Detroit, <
Christmas wrapped box containing
39 sticks of dynamite was discovered
by detectives, shown examining tin
“gift” wtyere it was found in an ouP
door stairwell leading to a side base
I ment entrance. Two fuses and d'eto*
| nators were used, only one fault;
I detonator and too tight taping of t
I fuse that burned one inch from *«
cap thwarted the explosion. Folic
said that there was enough explo
sive there to blow the 4 story brick
building sky high.
Have Ail of Your
Friends to Register
For the Primary
Election in April
tcid Indigestion
Relieved in 5 minutes <X 4
double your money back
When excess stomach acid causes painful, suTToeal
,g g*s, sour stomach and heartburn, doctors usual!
rescribe the fastest-acting medicines Known I!
rmptomatic relief—medicines, like those in Bell-a
ablets. No laxative. Bell-ans brings comfort lit
ify or double jrflir money back on return of be r
t us. 253 at sMl iruggists.
IWSFa pirm grip on
fl | at 45-55-65
B fnp up tn Win
■ If you or# losing nervo
W'foreo, pop, energy, on*
bit ion—and a full, fir HI
; ^ it may be for want all
lOnough vital elements often needed AFTER i
40. On* of America’s great Laboratories |
has now produced JOY TABLETS. This da*
.pendable new VITAMINIZED Tonic and
RITTERS with Real ORGANIC Iron is in*j
•ended for ADULTS ONLY. In One Nigh*'
It can begin to ACT. Full three weeks' |
j supply of JOY TABLETS—taken threa
times a day—must bring tremendous in»
I crease in Nerve. Force, Energy and Power
to any man or woman past 40—and
thoroughly satisfy—or NO CHARGE. Your
money back if not positively delighted
100 per cent. Nothing else the some. So,
get JOY TABLETS today. Send SI.98 Cash,
Check oi Money Order and receive JOY
TABLETS in plain wrapper (postage pre*
paid). Or you prefer, orwjr C.O.D. and
pay postman $1.98 plus p«^age sad
C.O.D. fees. JOY PRODUCTS. *£0 Rite#*
Side Ave., Dept. I), JERSEY CITY, wh J.
There were 6010 Hit and Run
accidents in Chicago during 1949,
according to Traffic Chief Mi
chael J, Ahern. In these acci
dents 49 persons were killed and
832 persons were injured.
Traffic Division statistics re
vealed that, of the total number
of Hit and Run cases, Chicago
Police were able to clear up 2735
or 45,3 percent.
Commenting upon the Hit and
Run picture, Sergeant George W.
Jones, in charge of Hit and Run'
investigations, said, “We handle
anywhere from 450 to 500 cases
a month and we’re able to clear
up about 45 percent of them.
The rest generally remain un
solved because our office is not .
furnished with sufficient infor
mation to trace the violator.”
“This does not mean that we
neglect this type of case,” Sgt.
Jones added, “We have success
fully apprehended a number of
hit' and run drivers when we had
only meager evidence to start
with.” . (
For motorists and pedestrians
who see a Hit and Run accident,
Sgt. Jones offered these rules:
1. Call the Police immediate
ly and give them all details pos
2. Get license number of car
(including State and year).
3. Get description of car (col
or, make, year, and model).
4. Get description and num
ber of occupants.
OF F. E. P. C.
An end to prevailing employ
ment discrimination against Ne
groes through enforcement of
the Chicago Fair Employment
Ordinance was demanded by
midwest UE leaders today in a
letter to Mayor Martin Kennel
ly, all members of the- City
council, and all officers and di
rectors of the powerful Chicago
Association of Commerce and
Industry, which represents 5,000
member firms.
Pointing to the fact that 40
percent of Chicago’s unemploy
ed are Negro, with a 10 percent
colored population, as compared
to 22 percent a year ago, the
letter was signed jointly by Er
Name New General
John T. Harty was recently
appointed general storekeeper
for the CTA by General Mana
ger Walter J. McCarter. He
succeeds the late L-. J;. Dixon.
Harty had held the position of
assistant general storekeeper
since December 1944.
nest DeMaio, William D. Smith j
and Grant W. Oakes, president, I
vice president and secretary- I
11 of the United Electrical, Ra- j
treasurer respectively of District:
die & Miachine Wooers of
America (UE), largest union or
ganization in Chicago. Smith is
one' of the ranking progressive
Negro labor leaders of the na- ,
tionn. (
The communication charged
“wholesale, outrageous and con
tinuous violations of the letter
and spirit of the Chicago FEP
Ordinance which has been, in j I
theory, part of the law since j
“This crisis,” the union leaders
declared, “is the practical result
of giving mere lip-service to the
needs of the people for a stable
and wholesome economy while
condoning the vicious everyday
practices of discrimination in
industry and commerce.”
' mi m min m m hoiivomoj m$m m
You Enjoy Clean,
Refreshing Shaves...
lave Money, TOO, Wih
eeriest. Longest
Kting Low-Price Blades on the Market \
Are you «
from las? of
4 Here's One Cf The Best ~
Home Ways To Stsiid Up Red Blood!
Fou girls who suffer from simple
tnemia or who lose to much during
monthly periods that y: a are pale, feel
tired, weak,, “dragr out”—this may
be due to low Llo _ ..-iron—
So start today—try Lydia E. Pink
ham’s TABLETS—one of thr greatest
blood-iron tonics you can buy to help
build up red blood to give more
strength and nergy—in such cases.
Finkham’s Tablets help build up the
ted quality cf the blood (very impor
tant) by reinforcing the haemoglobin
»f red blood cells.
^ Just try Pinkham’s Tablets for 30
lays—then see if you, too, don’t re
aarkably benefit. All drugstores.
sufia L Pinkham’s TA6LCTS
Have You Seen
THE NEW 1949
ANdover 3-7373
All Work Guaranteed
w I 189 W. MADISON ST.
Time For Action
/ ;
This article is written to wake up the credit and pawn shop believers,
and to let them know that they are being mislead e^ery minute of th<
day. I have been, writing such articles and fighting for the people foi
the past twenty years. My specific aim is to let the public know that cre
dit and budget system are . against them.
The merchants of such businesses mislead you at the very start when
they have you put your signature on their paper. After the merchants
have once gotten your signature, then is the time they begin laughing at
you. Their faces change and they make life miserable for you. You work
hard in a factory to make that credit vulture happy, and he is working
hard to make you suffer. After the first week or t,wo they begin serving
garnishee notices on your employer if yru miss one or two payments*
Thousands of jobs are lost for this reason, because the employer becomes
annoyed at so many garnishees as it calls for extra bookkeeping.
Jobs are not easy to* get all the time, especially a good job, so you
should try to protect your job. If that credit man, who is (taking youtf
money, wanted to be homest with you he would tell you the evils of such
systems just as I am telling you.
For a better suit, made of the finest merchan
dise, the highest grade tailoring and a perfect
fit at the lowest prices in the city, come to . ..
1654 E. 47th st.
S49.50 $59.50
More than 20 years ago, I. Goodman was the first to say in thousands of
pamphlets, “Don’t Spend Your Money where You Can’t Work,” If his
means anything to you, prove your loyalty by giving credit where credit;
is due. .
Don’t load your pockets with credit books, but lighten them with
United States Government Bonds.

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