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Morris tribune. [volume] (Morris, Minn.) 1880-2000, October 13, 1886, Image 6

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Wilt- nl*
Were set to l.tbor hard atki ln'ng,
Now softly fall the shadowa--j»raT,
The bells are rung for even soiifl
An hour ago'tho golden bun-
SNi'i.k slowly ilown.into the west,
»nv" ".l ',r-v Ihinds,your toil is done
Tis time for rest!—'tis tiinvforrest?**'
0 weary Feet! that many'a mile
Have trudged Along a stony wav
At lust ya reach the treating
stile .*
0 longer fear tp astray.
The gentle bending, rustling'treei'
Rouk tha yonug birds withinthamat,'
And softly sings the quiet breeze
Tis time Tor rest!—'tte time for rest!"
0 weary Eyes! from whjch the tears
rt.'Il luaiiy a time like thumfdr rain—"
O weary lloart! tha,» through t-he y4ai«..
neat with such bitter, restless,pain,
To-night forget the gloomy strife.
Ami knoVr wliiH H&aVen shall wMid1
Lay down the tangled web of life
Tis tint* for rest!—'tils time for T«if'
-thaiu.^'n Magazine, ,a
—would'even in lier despa.ir haye )^id
violent "hands on'ber precious.j)ig-tail
if her maids of honpu 'fift'd- 'lot.xyshe^
to the rescue. Af4t§r.sl.vpddjngjtpf^111s,
of tea,rs, and
tie feet till they, acjierl, !she ^ej)
porcelain tower and taking h^,toli,
mg-rqd Went off to thp sl)qre,t o^'div^r.t
her mind "by fi^hin«. .^s she ^hedsiie.
sang: The song the princess.sang.
of her own impiovisatlon,
The Tale of a Clima '1 lUiiui
,i ,1 rtt-a
"It is a Chinese love story I am go
ing to relate,"'feaid the painted1.'1
'at"your plHte, "yoiir
blue cliinxl plate. Theft the stbi'y
"Pelican—" interrupted Assuntaj
"why, tlkat is the name of ugl^v
clumsy bird."
"Peiikan was, I assure you,
the paintec limnly, "the name oi that
eniperqr. This palace, built in
style of the early Chinese renaj-ssauce,
was, owing to the,stormy,reigu$.of-tlQ
eniperqr'^ predecessors, decidedly in.
need of repairs. Why. the chln^ beUsi
of the tallest pagoda had all taU.en.QiI-,
into the .wa,terv ..Thedilapidated state
of his palace occupied the Qpiperor'a,
thoughts more thaa the beauty of his
daughter, the young and. lovely Prin-,
cess Sweii-Kian^." ,.
"Oh, what -a 5unyy,nam^,49f a prip-t
cess," exclaimed Assunta.
vJCignss. ,a genuine ChiuQSfl,
name, si^norma, ju^o «o
ladies are. very shqi t."lM ,..,,1
'^Excuse me, bu& .tiie go^n of,(tjie
princess was quite,ns jqpg, a^.^Uucia'a
walking dress. .T!h^ leuyith and-.glos^
sin ess qfthi.s incqiuparable pigtail.hadi
caused a mighty, uing^ ^"oq-I^qq, to(
fall in love with and qt!er to marry
lier. It was a very, grand match, fur,
Swen-Kiang, for her father was, only
an emperor over & lew,popr little is-,
lands. But the king Yoo-Fpp had two
very serious faults: in Swen-Kijiing.'^
eyes lie was qld enough to ,be her,,
great-grandfather, and besjdep tha?.
he was a liiuichba k." :, ,,
"Oh," ,returned j^ucia, teasinglyi
"those arenot st^cjhyeryswpusfaujts,
in a king." .' ... ,.j,
"Alas'", returned the paints,
princess was so. ignopant, .sp chij^is^
—she.livedo you know, nof.e tluui .a
thousand, years agq—sl^ tjtiqught/.,
them sp... S[ie was veiy .UJihapp.y itj,
the idea o^niarryin£ t,he ujy .old king,
And i)i her'despair sue #liook qil.%11 tl^}
blue-bells ft'.qm her to:yer/ .and tr.auv.
"Fishing I went by the ailvey s^{tr, s ..-1
But ca.ught—alas apd woe is))?
Never a fish with scales of gol"
Only a gander gtay and old"
Whb went siwimtninij'pnerfl.'
A enndenr, ugly, old'AnW t*rinit
Whatiti the world,shall 1 ds with l&n?
Tra-la-la, Tta^JiarJftl/'i
"I don,'t thiak much ol'. tAat 30113,,
even if a princess did sing it„"(Qxclauiii-.
ed Lucia, ,. *i.x. ,.
"In the,Chijieseitisi^orepielqdiA^s,",
rejoined, tlj^ pointer, "it is, I am ^f^id,
badly translated.". )„.,n -,i
"Did yqu transla^©,it?" Ask?4» Ast
sunt a, slyly..llif jJf
Th© pam.ter turned, red and went on
rapidjy. "This song, sung in Chinese
and in the sw'eet voice ot.Swen-Kiang,
attracted, the. attention pf a yonth
who was .pacing thfj sapdstnRQt-v^cy.,
far a Way,. This yqung, ,man'^, nait^
was Tu-foo. He was the architect
employed .by, the
renang the bells on the pagoda. Tu-foo
apprqached,, thfc ?lowU
.diffidently,, a^d. 'threw.' ^ims}?lr,,.i^:e,.
idownWard at her, jfeeit.
ikneelingt .hefeJt in, ,the .jbpaor^.^f
/silken' rp^e apd drawjing oyt,
,ing cardv painted' in'the, hjgUefct
ot Chinese art on riq^'p^ec,. ^|im,spii,
in color, and a foot and, a, hftl^ I©jugt
e s e u y e s e n e i
"Th'$ ptinc(?ss hf^
fish, and besides had grown^ tyj^ QH
jSitting there oh the ,shqr,^,.alpr|pA|f Sp,j
she graciously deigned tq xeceiM^the,
card, glanced a,t ,thq you,t^i, a^d \$$fr
ceivin* thM h.iaey^s w^' as h/jvvqY(
and oblique ^Liid his pig-tail aJnrw^ a^4
long and thick* as'Jti^r :byk:j'jij,, pr.QJob^^
ed him to' herself a v.e.f.y 'h^ndsiqji^,
man. She Jcpmmanded t.lje kV«9/fnSi
youth to arise and 'se/jt'. ,himqel|
her side. /Well, jprincpsg.,' apji"-^^.u
architect sat thereon ihe/sands, and
the little bltiebipds a)jqve,\p^ejr,'/ne^ds
sang and sang and, llew.'. ^bqji^ an§(
around them,.. The I^e.fci^fr^m,.
princess'^ hand ancisanj^.do
wp^^ p.
sea. I^ow Tu-rqq.tqu^d^ thje, cpMr^e^(
tq do I doiji't knojvS. .^v'K /an .h,9 ij
had hardly gone by_wn^n jliipflung,^ni,
Bflf attHp'ji^iiic^sS's feet- ^and,, begg^cf
her to be his'wife a,n^(s]^rp.W)^ |i, ,pm
the artist's loaf.''( 'j,
t.L ni)
"Artist's loaf—ho'w qqaj
wonder?" as Iced |elma(..Whoflftd not
spoken heforq,
"Oh, n6't so
the Muses and naked by Apouo.
Some people—not ma»y,~I fear, how
eyw-eat it with ajel^^t
China and Jatoah,. if pot in llciqlaj^a or,
America! still Sweh-Kiaug wa»s a|*Ei%
dent girl, though npt pjrn^enJt.
and, tins artist's bread might not I destroyed llieni in such
jack tor butter, she, huj-ried up into Blake died .of dis^as^ ft
her ij^mtieV, Jetcknl a, .jewel-casket
her diV.ssiug table, and rettirning
gave it to tu-foq. -a
gave ltj to Tu-fop. He topk the cask
et under ^ia left arm, pave his. right to
prii\cess, and the two stepped in
tp a little boa! which w.'is anohoril
hear bv. Tiji-foo topic*'I he oar's aiid
*owe3 o(T in Hie" direct ioii'pf the in
land of'Bliss'.
r- l-
"A (Chinese love St Pi y asked'LiVdlk,
"Do the Chinese ever fall in lovfe?'*"
"Indeed they do," returned the
told in A crude Chinese fa$hidh.rtttit'I'
can i'ntefptet it for yon, I thiriR.'" ^ee!,
in the ri^ht-liand cortier bf the'^at'e'.
is a gvqup of blue islands^ witlji ^re^
and pagodas, all of the same a^urej
color, dotted over theniy whrie tall
blue trees bend over the 'a'ttdf
the islands are separated one from the
other by small blue str^jgt3,„ Over
this island pt^pirethe.gceftt) Empprar
Pelikau reigned."
y'S^e there i^.the bark it is already
a long distance a way from tne'iffufre
lnnd on
^lie Pi^sfui Is­
lands. W lien P&ikan wTio had been
Bleeping since (tinner* time, woke up
and roared for daughter-— alas!'she
w^s jiowbeiv 'tb te seen. 'The"-empt
or rmxed dbWh .tfr VM seashore, peer
ed oiVt 6m the\V?it £r, saw' the 'boat,
recognized the, fugitive, ,, and called'
JLo-nd'v for his men Atarms There
they',4f5luhMiln»'"over fhe 'little bri'dVe'
whioh sepHrytyk'th^ main island from
the Pile' •rfdjolnjiijr "ft. Wdw warlike'
lpot in ''lTouIn^' robes of
.pan tiier skth rhie.l'VVft n a^trachah, and
with tjtiiVeVs offylh-skin hanging over
'fllft i-igftf
the sh0\il(iy^. These warrior's
ni/uvfa S6lehihTy clbWti to tile pier,step
i —_= ,thi ftrii-'
board the"(.'hin.ocT.
neror and his son-in law
nave-t'e?n,' th'ef"king 'Voo'-lToo, folfoKv
and pursu&'1the flying lttvers. j'"
S\Wmfiviihi, unhapp^" Tti-
le^—the fi-i^atd'^A'mS rapidly on 'tjienv
TUe princes^' bet' hands and
vjfteps: rtlfeflfdj1 ^Yitfyte'S \rt im#gina
t'lon her d'epr'?Ved "o^ his "nose,
hw eyeS"pht btrtV' hl^' pig-tail out off'
olo^e' tO his lYek'd, his legS .iie\VeiT from
.his bbdy—the'Chinose''^iini^hnietit for.
hej- hands and invokes the aid of the
Chinese Venus.",o-«c n «!,.»/
'.'What is her name?" asked, JjUi^%
Lycii}.," answered the painter sjow
ty'l "S'bWe .'TVou'eVor, her iiahie is
Assuhta,. .•¥ndi»? hersjiistTt: it1 to be -Pfef
licita« Tiie.utxUleiiS. hetr*i her -prayer
aijifi ^ij§wets.ijt. Jp^thei. twink.ljng, .of
ai^ eye .Sweu-1iang"*apd Tu-f(jp ,ai^
turned iilt6"Vwo pretty litVie' birds]
There, lfroTii heV are' 'fl^-tiiLr tfp: 'i'llt 6
the blue-sky^ biHirsjiaiid! k^ssrtijg' 'es^li
ot'jiec gQ-,, t'hQ, Story,
'fair ladies,,t,he pfate ttfijs n^e."
'"AniVtiic-fallk. the fine pigtails
iney were eu Tiie uohl aiui,
:h a»*e?f by tne^'qdaesi'.iiito two lq
.mlv shades: and
when the ti'ui:
iiijjy shades and
when the nunip-
backfe'd kiHgrVod^qo,' aiid t}ie, ,'lofd
iii^h ^ec\itfoiiVer''W o'p'^-Blin^, his. ^conf
st^nt.coWpjL'riiW^^^t'eii^ed/.^' jbo/jirct'
the bb'at to'Jobk fdV'tKe Ioyeys .one of
snaike4' DitJlth'e.t^inV sltQe1ajiid the
.ouier'the foM fd^h "exeeutioner s heel,
ca\isiftg theYii.lJqni'fb'^uipp v,erj ..higp.
.... ,,
i .AKrJEA«iuiE,B i'AkRAGpir^i
How Blake Itan Hie Bxtt«rie* Two
Jhnidred Years
.•. -1 .mI'IO-
-idrtfihtf Robert' Blalke, of
^v^dl's tip,ie,. is, t^e subject of^a nevf
voluiqp.the,AMtfeqr,being,, David Han
way. iUtsukc^a^ a-quiet qoHtitry
tf^fnan' itVid'M:1 'P.'tftttil''he"'^-aS lie^riy
^{V,rs of^ age ,ve£.''taetweeii_'t^e
yiftrs ^pji(X,e:5,7 4^ .,beat tU?s fa-,
mdus iiDtltoli: -Admirals of iliis sdaJy
Ini'mbled1 Po^rtgaixjuthe sea ichastfs
ed.'jthii'^ratesS '6'f'"'Al^i^rs' 'arid Tiin'isj
JL^4t|tiered down the forts on Tun is Bay,
supposed to,l^ iiji^re^^abl^aijd bijrij
«d'hine of the Dey's ships defeated
'tiie '^paiiisli ships at1' Cadiz,'
K'"J, l!!U
,? ".» M'l- V/IC.WI 1'iJo-j i\
^i}«, as a climax, captured pix
8panis1ili treasure ships m^ilie"1
pled Upori.aiid crushed tq pieces the «n .j .j .•» /*»tv»
..} ,i
5.!: 'k' i i an« narrow-moutn bay of Santa
deneate.sn.au shells, .tji^t forni^ the 1 ,^, ^v-v.:
ornamental bordep^ of }ierfl.o^verrV^ds
t£^]z dR!rVe]9er#?
pui^'y, Jit/
jjjake i'^n thft gauntlet of the oastigs
Pjt^he^niquth.af tli^bay,! ^aid, so .eii
g^.ged .Hhjps., t}ia,t. they,
^i^t Ipe.undpr fiyeral,so
i.b^tter^s.jconti^w.tq fi^i upon ,hini.
Mr., Ifati^ay tjiius., iputlipe^ ihe -fight
'\VIjn(l^,d.-ti(lesuiied,qivthe» mocaing
5.qf ,A prjj.^0»,
1 when B1 ak^. rmcheu
,^,l.yj, bay.andi ^tood-iu at .p^jjCAnundei
ft press qf icjinvaar ...l|ii|riiig:fpur hovvrs
ba1ttlje/xager4fh'ieHy: the gal
ijeqns. On board the smaller ships and
m.B^any.pf thptb^tt^vi^
ip^ ,t 1»y., .i Mj i 1 e, iddj? of. th e ar
.]b.pj| a.^.,,\ve|lt1,fis.)^hp,.jelopds, pf .smofce
jfpjjed p^ php.^ hy
V-onfid^Bce »isiknx,sup^iq^ifcyr,^ll ,up
oi^the small ships anchoredunder t,p^
r'iClfjTs an(*
bred thei^ ajso,_ By this
tiiiie the tide had .begiyi tq tui'n. ^incL
i 1 i- ngtt^r rfl r^-!fiyd'' 'vlii t:!iiM(Yr?g
six4ten ^aHewna and pat achesblaz*
y?$Jn a,tj ^fi^iioipfJft between -th^aai
the barter,!.9,3.., .$j. thM ,nfp»Rgpt.
'ttie'.win^,' wnicH, had been., blowing
^^adiiy iiVt'61
btiy1,"v'eeted fiWiffd1
an|r l«®*n' 'to-3 blow
equally wtettdily
.oTt^hetfandi' '-.tf(j»wab nbt squally,'with
'^)ff,sr ffMii'»• nnountiirt9}: hut'
a ,'^r rPHcf, ''-(ivrnv ?bre»z&,' -. jb^'ore- which
^he Engiislh' Uleet'Hegtviiivedifef^pdsitiori
ft C.'ui-i»1 -jviibh/ eatlei o• Bialoe'8 shlhs
B-hrt11Je 1
wlt«fee- forfcs Huh4£v th©
1 iiJfcv'rfbipeartiriqot fvkn 06 tlte- hwri-i
i*#!bef©r**be "wind 'tturniwl, .bdfe: its
o'p^o rt u n eroep »*'amd 11 lb« ferifii n t- rcre«
fopithbariutory-^iaw-Mri Hibniiay
Kcpnt'hiJ3b»-^wCTibbo mdkgiiip
ibhe m«vri«'
ij^hfei •••The
'.jlq'^l loawtio A,he! Ens^iah »rt 'li'iHe/1 -«nd'
.kp(undod ad- tJeen Jass^t aui-t ^b' il
rlrecl irveh..i• ft'hq 1 (5^8 of«'tha !Hp,'»nfardH
.said'Ub1 hah'd b«Bi fpightfuh" /This
doinfl-wtili fopini man'Jwbo,tup ito
^e^ageoi»t&r<by*v uierhart been a la.ndn
r}|(aw. nBefcne' theutJ,i'howMoq ihe'Had
rt.']/eeti a»td *i!u (te.fjful deader
tjaifl 'J11. i?\arliawt«tyt
f)adiiCu4n*»0(?'»iffcati'.iignn®dln f*'Thfe
aiko SantAi:. b'riuE -wlfs i'00 -twilr»
acujou^dhBayrf th®(Earl
.V^.nat aHmeti 1 wiio kn8fvt)l#ept/Ura:wonv
dered tfhajfa AnjjisrtboutmaiB, wiiih what!1
courag9!#oevflr!'e8Klb«wo(i, wiafcld^hdvo-.
j^dert^fkoofct} ^lieydcniJi!i«irdiliy rpeiv!
thehisftl'W08vtj0:«beheMte wlkafcthay
/la'^drtoe, whiM titoerittpahiarde conn
i niai *er.
,, {J.hwf. timj
,j,tfttp- this wonderfii,! ^ea battle. QtfQ
of lijis, servants, \Tr. Bear, qu: tly
paid of his habits: ,"General nlpe
prajr'd.hinxself ,abqard his ^ilup, ith
jsuefe o| hi^ men as coula be ndn ted
tOjtiliat duty with him, and t^ie last,
thing he'did after he bad given hip ,con\
ma lids and word to his m,en in 6nl:r
to retire to his bed, was to ptyiy with
the aforementioned Mr. Bear. .YVlieu
that was over l^e \ya,s wont to say:,
'Thonias, bring ,me the pretty cup of"
saplf,', which 1\b* did, with a qrust of
l^ead he would then sit down and
give Thongs liberty to do ih^ same,
^•'J^eu^uire what n,ewa lie h^id of l^is ,!
BHd^ewater'' lhen tha^t' day. aijd tiilk
of,'t|ie|)eople And affairs oiil^epl^cei.
JViLsiion's Hnntrer* «..
yekrs ago, when ^ak'
iViid?r.fhp managenient of' ^tr/ijkosqji,
the company were playing ui Galuru
bils^ As Nilgs®n'lva9:tto% i» the cast
otT^helastf^ight 'of the engtijetiifent
V9°ipi?an^. Jifyx, Mar^tzelc,
|la(|ame, his wif^ and wvenU o.ther
u. "'3ers e^-tlie-opera. dompahy, took
'thre Iearly •"morrnk^S'Jt.^ Buffalo,
th'eii: next stop, expecting to arrive
theije tha^ni^it.., ,A,.heav.ii 8up,watorn,i
set jiv and the tram moved but slowly*.
'oWiiig1 'to
the nttAierofis tofldckttdes.'
'Whirl tHfe'^We'^|tTiin Tbur .miles pf
BiUlaJjq a freight train, a%ad of
waiS wrecked, owing to. a broken hi-idge.
Thris, of course, caused a delay of sev^
eral hdurs.' Th'6 show \i-as stilf falling,'
heaVily, it \yas ni ih^ and al.tl^o^ghthey
wei4 vsithin sight of.iBuffailo it was im^
'possible foi' a vehicle of hjoy kSrid' to
'reacjh them. There was not a. 'hou'sp'
ofkny de'scni^fibn wiiliin 'a "^alf-nnle
of tliem, and, having had no'suppei,
they were naturalty vei*y hupgry. Tp
make ny\tt,ers worse it was very cold
in the car% &Ime.,Nilsson, as fltiay well
be suppose^ was not in .the best ql,
s Max Maretzek^ aftfr ascertaining
t,liQ full particulars of the wreck and
realizing tl\ere was'no immediate help
fqy, tiheni, resolved. |o make the best of,
,it„, He always carfifed a l|ttie Refresh
is. in,ent^'in'the Vvay of wine, cKeese apd
^Qad, in hja
j'ase lie ^'liquid
Yj **., r^r T1 1T
^.rqw hhngi y between.meals.,
tore lriiprovised, a little ,'t.al
fqre iriiprovised, a little table in the
jqeariof the car, with t"he.assistance, ol
Jii's. jagent. and ^lace^l thereon a lcyig.
^•qU bf bolognii'sausage, a Ii'yge shco'.
qr 'cheese, a loai of bread and
fi'' large .bottle of" winiB. ^ie
.invited the ehtire'part'y^—•Mm)e.,Nilsson
ipqluded—al^out eight in all, to share
bis repast', \vith him. T|iey werp all,
,wit,h tlie'excepitloft of'the grteat singer,
only too glad to accept, and a lively
though hnn«ry pafty dre^f arOurrd'tho
board. M'nle. NiifA6n gave otte Ibok
at the ('ii5(jb:cE*l«thd xfiusag'1 ftrrd'Witlra
i i a i n u u o n & i u u 1 -L v i w
.ed,"disgusting," atvd'!sa™lov^
ejaculatious! of discontent fell from her
lips, ahd moire than once'she was heard
to remark to her companion that she'
iWas jneaSrly-stfei/ved'.''
"1^ there1 no pIat!e 'no"!farrm'H6u!ei
Whfeiie' I chki get something' •'td eat?'''
sheasked of the agent.- •11
Vjf there was we surely would have
found tt iong ago.' 'It
attd becom--
jpg desperate, she arose and'
AvaUcinig rather sheepishly idown to tiie'
j-eariettd of! the cafy-she asked Mai
iVIiir^tzek if there was anything, ft
crust ©f bread ev^n, left tof their 'frugal
repasts The gratification' and satis-1
faction of the other ia.rfeists mdy fcell
bp imagined wheal Mdk placed: th«'
eaufiage, cheese and wine before the
'^J'9w yie^,.,. Thfi.piiiipa^ked batteries
jwere sw^pj ,the |U'e pl.Bl^l^J.'^.gunr
j^'afl, H^rjucfc,/. 011$, .after
,aether.,, ,Uie, Q)'e:w3,,,bfavded
,4,n{| A?p\e,, the.: ^P(api?il*L(!!ot}t,,„to
$\sm ,,PK df|q,\v i pn, ihe,
way. ijl.pi^tha mo^wnt^ljhis tipcc^s
aidy intxt^^d, Bl*Ku.^ danger smce the
gp#niar4s npt-ju.se a,U:theii,rsups,
w i e u o
ly hit an enemy'. The galleons would
'#U1 s9^e^ t^e,En&l^h ^t,,the
k^e cj$\vp,||mi£t L4,xe s^(!^d be^,Yr.
/Vyw It^asfqipd m^o.Sai)bIe .tP:ibfin?
.9^ tlfip. %{^uxe,..sbjijps ..^ncl,..pid^-s
jM'ere giy^n tq rtre them., ., Whei^tUu
I 'Ml
doniiA, and the alacrity and
astonishing rapidity with1 which! she
dispatched every morsel was a triumph
th^y: had not experienced foe sortie
time, The nekt day^ -wheii Nils^on
wa^ cozi'ly- domiciled.in.her-- Juxuviotts
.apartments-at the Tift.House, dainti
,ly, picking at a morseloi(tender chicken/
she.tfas lieaifd tto rensailk that during
her varied'e-xperienee as a pbblie eing
ei ,^ie had never 6 iiten &• meal tha/t
tasted so^gobd lamivvlioleaomeas tJhat
little midnight Inch c^»cheese And sistu
s^gQ inia. lonesome car ott-tt -'Winter's
night. —Th e Ey ei
Ol I ll ll.i
i 1 i i i i f- i 1 i
Clever Kati. ri i-.. to
-A-f aWhefiIi\Jin^nfe'ar1Bradfbrd, foWfi
li&i-sqs late one evening, beard a» rat.
^qiie jiliilg asthoughtihis lifd depenfled
upon! itv"'Uf»!ri tni*esitiga{tfqfiMl,.'!Mlik'
4»iw4 ^'great frizzly feilpwfVaj^p^ren,t!-'
IjT thp ,^^tpf, of,the,,whole, t^Dhft,
^si,l^ engaged in rolling an. egg .froni*
tjwa nfesf't'd the edge ot
An xiibo# td Met},'wh'Ak h^! .'^ihg Vo
,dp,.. Mf.', r?majnei.^qui.et., ancl
watclied ithe'^Jsroceeding.. WhaC' hapr
•pefied can b& beit1 told!in MrJ" M!ck'fo
Pwn Jalri^i^g^', '''The 6id filler 'kdfit a
SQMjalM},VandJ ^.roifin' the.^gjajii th«
same time, tUtfinajly he .itfto the
edge ofjt4^ monger tijen all at onct lie
took the egg,between'hisiorepawsand-
r,|^d ili«aa«feiv«i»! ii-ith,the!b«liai that iput-A it over anything I ever se*d/'rH
wna^in^«iindaBOtanenvw^oAad two hnJs
.•On-iiilai-llOK fNH TifsHxl
774-s/I ly.hi vin i!\
V/ hdl'.H"
U'.fl 7/
Kl I Jm.« iri
Icv r' ynii(uvjlg A Y'l »ij--jvl
Int^Mting Kxtrocts From The Diary of (tat.
S!»tSVi- ^ytterfieljd ,had. a very
piste and interesting diary of the
operations of apqctiqn of Gan. H^n
edek's cqrpp, .(the Second) in that
memorable campaign under Gen.Grant
toward, liifihmqod. It is a faithful
record, written ^dqwn every day—
sometimes a,fter a desperate' battle,
Viliile yet on5 the
field sonie-
..times after'long and weary marches.
i4t is a record of almost one continu-.
,qus, blopdy batj^le pf fifty-one days'
duration, the' eorps being tinder the
enemy's-firer^very dAy of the fifty one
fxceptingitwOi '-I. :j-t
Polio wing. ,\vo giye extracts which are.
pf .thrilling interest:
two armies have been
civ.q^'litf^ "at'1each' tither all day, the
1^4 bon* only ••soVt'iity-five o-'eighty
yards, .ft{nart,i .but concealed in thick,
feecOnd growth timber. ,1 received or
(ie.vs from General' Hancock to place a
s\^-gitb 'battery in' 'position, on the
frwnt lintf-of'bfc.ttle.: I«electeda denso
growth.of,small pines,' whore-we could
wirk without beip^g qbseryed by the
.ep««iy. Got the battepy intrenched
.an' dragged1 the gtlns" 111 by hand,
^h.'rpshoot'enl trUsy'A,rt^ong the line,
i,tli heavy caukiouading,or iPtiVifitiit.
r^y 12, o'.qlpfk last night
W9, Wft our jp|)sition and marched
,arqund to tlul extreme left. After
d\unp«i^ our* kV'.ap-'acks and every
thing tha1-, wouiiil make the l^ast noise
\vequietIj-.-ctiAjle^wly marched through
fjl.'ick woplls,brush and weeds un^il an
orcUr cJine along the line in a low
tqiid to/ 'halt make no noise 'be as
quiet a possible.Mf The corps iinni
fcered ttjfen nearly if not quite, 30,000
ivi^ns, ftofd so tjmet were they during
the nvardi tWat one Wddld scarce
ly, ha^e •1 thought that the're
was more than one regrm'eht in
niptiori' Every soldier knew that
there'waA fmi Ahead tor' the morniirg,'
and that to make the fun more inter
est ilig'ft was 'absohiteiy necessary to
feeeji perfectly still, in order'to give lis
thojidvahtage, and \ve always liked to
ha# the advantage iii a fight where
oui lives' were at stake, and we all
knlw they would
staflf o.»
liey se^at in the!1 other end of th€*t'J ihf,' told th-
where, wrapping her furs1 around her,
s)ie made'a Vath'effort to sleep.5 The
rest of the party cared' little whether
^hej ate- ot* trot thfey resolVed
would "fix her yet." Kitid^hisftrted
Max Marety.ek cut ft slice Of b^ead
and cheese ana 'laid therti aside,
together with a piece of the de
spised sausage and'a 'glass wf ^Wlne
and after the rest of the com
cqj^ipany had eaten, they made prepa
i-a(tipris 'fot their night's Te^t,,' but'
to* sleep: They meant to'Watch Nilsson
Abplit 'aVi' hour after she becamb ex^
trejiiely fidgety tend restless.
in a few hours.
Gen Can^ll cPmmahded'tiie First
hnjgade'of die- Third division of the
Second corps: As 'soon as our me!n
\veyd brdiigftt'to a halt, and just as
Geh. CaTroll and staff had dismoimt
',ed, (jleti: Hancock and staff l'dde up,
and they too, dismounted. Our men'
,werd all in position. The moon had
'ftonei dow» and the stars were shining
^brightly-. All pht in the time 'as best
th?y 'conld waiting for the signal at
breakof day.- Sam£ tried to sleep.soine
wt-re cracking jokes, and others dis-'
ciissingthe sitTuatioiT but all spoke in
a police Scarcely above a whisper.
en\ thatirststreak of light appear
ec6h^ *'feasfrern hori'/bn Gen. Haft-'
^Cwio wa^ wide awake as!to what
to transpire, asked one of
^icer&fop'the titrie.'^OH be
i.t it was 3:45, he told Gen.
L«J1 fhr •t he had better'have'his
men f»i. m,
at the same time sent
word to loth *c c€)«??-nflnders to do the
same. Our 1..braes stood re&ay>^.hav
ing stof^d saddled all night: W9
mounted and then G£n: Carroll, in
rather a stem tori ah vo-ice, forgetting'
himself for the moment,"called out to
IVis men: '"Fall in!" Gen: Hancock
spoke up' quickly and said: '-Please
don't intorm the: enemy that we are
cominig. ien. CaiTdll." Soon the men
Wefe in line, and- tlw order1 was given
to move forward as slowly and silent
ly ks possible.11''
The-lines of-skirmishera-were fifteen
paces infront'bf'u^. Slowly, steadily
but firmly, we moved 'on. each soldter
•tiirryirig eighty rounds of ammunition.
"Occfafeionaily an officer could be heard
ejjicol«te ift a! Qow! but empatliic
voice: -"Steady- tfcere,' boys hot'SO
fast: keep uiet." Finally the sirs
jmpossibility for a mah to walk ^Vart
ii hutidred rods inthwsnowstofii^ahd
the nearest house 'is nelirly aHiinile
away,"' ho driswiBted'.,! v.'- .-.i /»»i
presently, unable to bear her
pense is•In-o.'keh, a'single^hot is fired:
The eivemV Jot-post has discovered
irmishers through the
iglit, and hits fired at
ted iii hot haste. Our
halts- for' a monieiit.
•battle!comes up with
.' "Aiwther and anoth
$ «nd then "the line of
ered to 'move1 forward
one pf 01.
gray mori
him afodir
Our fiP9t 1
Amd joins t
er shpfefe i
•battle is Cs
Then several' of the
eiheniyS'onit"08ts are gobbled inrgreat1
coitfu.siofc'ist heard' in 'oui4 immediate
front the "long roll'' is being beaten
the!biugle! is sduridiug" •'to'aTmyM' in
•the•enemy's mmp
But 6 is tco late, '^fhe 'boy^'is Hlue1
have been ordered 'Charge with fiked
bayofn-efcs. ©vcr tiie fi rst:fineofbreast
wordis.ttieyseriarnbled, and are in the
midst of th^ enemy's -camp they are
right among cheir tents." 'The surprise
is niostiiromplote'. -Botheof'the eriemy
a*e half di-eswd^sonie not that, but
the Whale eamp ,siifeie7,000 iii alf, are
•pri^oh^rsi wiir,'including Gem JohVl
stronj one of Gen. Early's division com
hlanderd.'• Many resisted ehpture on
ly to 'be1 'bayoneted orf shot. Several
batteries oi artillery also fell iritb out'
I met Gen. Johnston as he was pass
ing oyer hii own:fortification!^ on' his
to 'our rear a prisoned ttnfl he
•aftked me whose'troops these' were. I
'told him they wete1 Gen: Hancock's,
undi helsaiUt1""Ii Was the hlost) g^l1
rtnt cha.iige'"! eve* g«wi''
•eltoMvj bi^okfenl
Ci«ri"oH'K bri^Adft had
it was rather a gallant^ affair."
"••'Oten.' Carroll's trrlgftde' Mok two
tands'^f'folot'S—'glory en'Ohgh for orle'
'day. The'enemy/'much ^chagri-rted! wi
the'hislorious surprise in thisquarter,
•soot*! cartie^ipon' rts"in gre.-vt? fwee
Mj ht4d ©lir position wll' daff
right pore in on* ^onb,1 that trees
Which ware abeklt a, foqit hi diameter,
were Completely cut down by'musket
'b^lls.j iSipdh w'ds theterrible litis from
tfoe'eiiemy."'"'K "M'1
•May "l^^We1 IViM "bn the 'bfittle
grdqiijd rill night.' I had:chst'r£re of the
skirnii^W lin£, artd at 7 P^olook
TTforning received 'orders! to iWOVe
slowlt forwvWd, supported 'by Gen.'
Ga^Killl-"WA dfoVe theen^tny 'several
yards, eapturinj? 'Hev-yrkl
l*eid it. .chock up imdfer his chua- andii httiia/ed
d«Mib!ed himself up, }jke« biaJl and |'st,A,ii(lk.»f tewtorffarid tWb'pietfeS'pf rti'j
who|*ped himself, 1 clean- over,, egg ..and\ til'lery. Gen. Carroll was "Wounded^
^lljifth^ifcsll /kerslap on hiHi back onto
the.flbqp ..three, .feet ibelow!. .There-he
sotnb «ifh a^qualin! t.h«tili fought
iHure,fthe old cuss had dislocated asj'inti
iii his bafilt ajpd!!wiais*-• afgpin'.itoi
end thft.)(p}d (Chap's! imisecy Mihen lol!
ajidibehqW .two other iaiats appeared:
jonMthe ,s?P*W!of action and l'li /be
duri^d 'if ihpTi itwo ratfi.iidu't eivph
t»k« ihold of a hind leg,jph that ©Id
cuss liiiA .ftrhqldin.'^pn to.t lie. leggi.ftll,
th®.timf ^pd-.hffldin': it ciKKk.nui/un-'/
tier, his chin, and drag him about thir
ty feet ^.p^ffche hftTO)tq,thQip» hole..
U'hew tJva old| |:ft^l Vet goiofuthftt, etg
,«uid .started it intp the holp i»kwfid !©i!
him-flind pushed it out of sight 111 jest
abo«t$.89cqpdi r,J«lwayskflpweiBats
(lltl.t 1 I
'Itttit1 Irt'thiS
"oaibphigw^sineeMay '8 dfottly teh
dri.y»—hibfi and'' offit'e^s.' Yes'
't!ef,day,9"ahid OJCli/liy's flghf iA'called
the bf,fetK!U)f 'f^)bW'sylvaliirt.'^-K-'ans'afe
'GiW'Jo^rtitt^-'W "mI l"""'-.-. yluinj*:
is n| „(HIJIK, yKi iju t«
iTcrre rllaute EstprosfiJ K !•.•.•,«
A'youhg prolefestyr in (mft* IllinCi^'uwl
v^iit 5r''tya9tertgrt^rf tVi t)«i m'H^ied1 to
.^'(j.jJt.i^l^e'f o/t^Hwe^lt,f)y ^Tthe^'j jiv
.W«iin ojiq.oiith.ui.ftast^ern. ,aou«ties! of.
.(I/his si at^. .IJw (theid^y of [the'wedding
,W»e bridegroom was driven,iin«t! hruj^i
gy.,tUrjoij|j|i a:qu,ut.t7 r»«4'i^-«thefidit.
fleMph of hjii., ^vyBpwtiva faUi«u-Ui
if/w's :Q^. t^N'ot h«ing famiUw with
,»eighl»ofhqqd'hftfit^|ed in, Iront
ii v/o!lo!. 'jd!
of a dilapidated log cabin and inquir
ed of a. lapk raai^ who was, leaning
against a rait fence "Is this the way
to. Mr. potjders?" The lank man
hitched tip his trowsers and said: "Be
you goin' to Podd,ers?" "Yes."
"That's where the doin's is to night
his darter's goin' to be hitched."
"Yes." "Whcvs she goin'to git?" "A
man named Tomkins," said the blush
ing bridegroom. "Is he any good?"
"Pretty poor stiok, I've been told."
"lias begot Any style?" "Not mqch,"
tKo r^\A mo
thatweddm an I heard no body could
go that .coi^ldn eatwth then, forks
my gals, can eat with their forks, but
I reckon I lIletL«m|o. .i»pd^r:s twp.
miles straight ^head.
Tliey Must Hang:.
^al f^nd fmal disposition pf ther case th(
dateqr the^e^tioncamnot be fixed
.pnor tp a time when the supreme
grant the counsel ja .hearing, a stay of
proceedings will Ik ordeped,, and, after
reviewing the^evidence, ,a n$w trial.
wiH be granted, or, cas^At isrefuspd,
the shenlj wdl proceed tp,
quakehad just occurred, "There nevpr
was a martyr )yhere there wasno pnn- ^.ith
A robber who might be killed
against all Mankind. .^®
combmatiotls^OTthe whoW, and y6t
:wiil become martyrs. ~^L%nbnsense.
"Then you are not afraid tlTat^-cfc1
anarchists Will he considered martyrs
•in case they are hanged?" asked the
.Vo sir, most emphatically I.
not because I haVe JonfidencJ_
Pfre/sident lloiistou, of Texas.
Cpl. Elias Rector, of Arkansas, used
to tell a gobd story about his riding
some mile^ with, Sam Houston, then
pn his,way. to Texas to take part in
the war of independence, Houston
an(l. was proposih'g a parting drink,'
when yocijng Rector'checked him and
tjaid if Hm-iston would not consider it
inipertme«fe inayoung in
an, he wish
e^jto make a request. "What is it?M
said Houston: "It is/'' replied Rector
"T,ha,t you here pledge yourself nev^
er.to take another drink of intoxicat
ing litpnors:" "All right, my boy,'?
said Houston, "I'll do it," atid rais
ing the bofctWhigh above his head He
dashed it'to tiie ground,: Wetting thq
groiind with its contents. "-Now,"
I'M keep this razor and shave me
w.ith it'wliSn 'H^bhie"president of a'
.republic:" He put spurs to his bob
failed pony, and .the friends parted.
Hq.ustoii kept his rwoivi he kept the
ra^qr until, lie became President'of
tpe republio of Texas
:f 1 ti
JA jtypiool pritisJU ^eaut^,
Freenonft Seout*, Xiii Cari^m »ad C»
i Iii the afternoon of the next day,
i writes Gen. Freemont in his autoV)iog
rapjiy, a warhoop was heard, such as
Indiana make when returning from a
1 victorious enterprise,and soon Carson
and Godey appeared, driving before
them a band of horses, recognized by
Fuentes to be a part of those they had
Wel 'sa.dtheoldman^tha |ost. Two bloody scalps dahtrling
of relief "I glad he 3 such a poo^
shoat' for my galshasgotan invite to
ed tliey had taken th^
State's Attorney Grinnell to Cfiisalgj:News.
"The anarchists," hq exqlairaed„
pulling \Jgprqusly on.thecigaj.-. "Now,
I never like to be interviewd on law
suits, and most positively decline to
talk On the shbject. H,owever,. I will
give yqu sj^me news on the case. I
have served notice on the counsel for
the defendants that I hive asked the diately
court to take up th6 motion for anew
some people pret^sad tojs^y that thejj presence, or expectation of a consider
.sin nftnaphae able party. They released the boy
had given strong evidence of the
stoicTsinworio«Xiniething else of the sav
age chai f¥ t^p m^e^mmencinghis brea,k-,
fast upon horse's n^au-wss^qon as he
1 of
rode a pony, and was dressed in a ®red ^mong the boldest and mqst
buckskin suit, and W'ith his riflesWung
across his shoulder he looked every western adventure, so full, of dar,inc
inch the liuntefr He^drank freely^deeds, can present. Two men, 0
from a bottle. At length they arrived
York World. ••,...?{•
iOne of the most ^fbnrineht figures'!
at NSew'pott thW'surtirher "has be^n a ''T^oi'Mard and
rn the
^I'dfessiohal iBritish. beauty,,iMrs. Hei-1
y|a,r, wife of Mr. Horace Helyar of the third
BriMsh Legation'. We are promised a bequests
liuudiber of these professional beauties and brother,
of native growth next season, but in
i^d.ans as well
the horses. They informed us th.-U
left th
eni fro,„
law or as a question of faqt
should not be,hanged." ..
"'Do you think that in case they arf
hanged, thev will become martyrs?",.
"No. sir, answered the energetic
state's attorney, bringing do wn.hjs sun
browned band oil his desk, so hard
hi contil!m,fi thc
alone.fti toward- nightfall
entered the mountains into which tlit*
trail led. After sunset the irtoon gave
!ight, and thej' followed the trail by
moonshine until late in the night,
when it entered a narrow defile and
.difficult to follow. Afraid of los
ing it in thedarknessof the defile, they
tied Up the horses, struck no fire, and
lay down to sleep in silence «hd in
darkness. Here they lay froiti mid
night till morning. At daylight they
resumed the pursuit, and about sun
rise disoOVexted the horses, and imme
dismounting and tying up
to a
rt,fest of which
Oil t'day October ist. ^oui pee I s.trn encanwrnent of tour lodges clo»e by.
elirig tp" thai'v,Ky Fpday. hat .Wijl Tfoey proceeded quietly and got with
be done after that depends oii '^fid-,
ing of Judge. G^ry. In case, a npw ,ject ^f»n a movement among the
trial is granted we will gP, PVflr the,
alible business ^gain $hoqld he Giving tiie war shout, they instantly
refuse to grant a new trval th^ men charged into the camp, regardless of
will stand up and receive:,thqir. ^em
tence. I understand .tl)P counsel: fop Wdaldimulv
the defence will tlien appeal tq ^he
supreme coyrt jqr a new "nal. The
I rising ground which lntervenea, from
they perceived the
thirty or forty yards of their ob
court shall Jiaye/beeq. *n. spssjofl fien i-the neck Our men fired their rifles
?«*'if 4- upon .a steady, aim and rushed in.
$ 4 e
w o
,, -v ly terminated the agonies of
that it made.aai array of paper weight?... /he
dance about as it a miniature, earth-.
would never become a martyr even if tions had been made to feast a large
he had died m, order that more rph- p&vty> otit was a very proper place
bers might live.These men may cla^m ror Rendezvous and for the cetebra
to have a principle, but on their own
statements it is one so cruel, so devil-
and sd-antagoftisbig to the^ptr^^^ hest houses had been skinmd ftnd
of the,best.government,.pn the.face.pf- dit up, for-the Indians living in the
the earth th^t it becprr^s a crime
derer to kill and the incendiary ita
n. o^ th^e. could eTer he-M
from their long
bow one o{ whicb sed tjlcou
shirt collar, barely missing
I n i a n s w e e s e e o n e
fatally pierced with bullets.
The re8t exCept
captured. The
a lad who was
scalps ol the fallen
stripped of!, but in the
qut. process bne of them,who had two balls
old squaw, possibly his mother, stop
ped and looked back from the mount
ain side she Was climbing, threaten
ing and lamenting. The frightful
spectacle appalled the stout
hearts pf our men but they did
what humanity required and quick-'
gory sa'vage.
They were now
mas[-er the whi(^h wa8 a
littleTecess the mountain,
fihe $ ti And
from aH infasi^n.
apparently free'
Great prepaTa-1
ti of sUch s as robbers
degert would
nM)un\aing and oniy
makes it his principle to rob, the m«t- Jther
pf the
Several of
coming into the-
?r piaina to rob and. murder, make no
use o{ horses than to eat them
Large earthe„
1 1 3
vessels were on the fire,
and stewing the horse beef, and
a s e v e a l- a s k e s o n a i n i n i y a n
pairfl ot moccasins, indicated the
iound^e'^ pot to be kliled,V^,on-
tied as a prisoner. This object. aq-~
c'omplished, pur men gathered up all
the: surviving horses, fifteen, in nuB1'
ber, returned upon their trail, and re
joined us,(it our canipin the afternoon
of the same day. They had ridden
about one hundred miles in the per
suit and return, and all in thirty
hours. The time, place, object,, and
numbers cop^idered, this expedition
Carson and Godey may be cpnsid-
disinterested which the annals o!
at ,the fork of the two trails, one of an unknown, body
.which led to Fort Smith,where Rector defiles of an unknown mountain, at
was going and the othel- to Texas, tack tliem °n si^tit.. without counting
^(p us ton held up his bottle in the air
desert,, pursue day and |))gnt
Indians mtp the,
numbers,, and defeat them in
an in­
stant, and for what? To. punish the
robbers of the desert and to avenge
the wroiigs of Mexicans whom they
did npw
.A £haritfcMe Millibiiairc.^
.. Miss Catharine L, Wolf liasj^gj ^dd-,
^d another to her many benefactions
to the Episcopal Church in the diocese'
of New Ybrk. To this lady Grdee
Church owes its. most pleasing ,ftnd:
saidReotor 'asa Slight gift in memory Valuable additions, a«d assistant
of pie, I Will give you -my'I'azori" it Bishop Potter has had occasion to
being the custom of -people in those acknowledge most princely aid from
days to cartty their razors and shave her for church purposes on more than:
.themselves. Houston accepted the 'pne occasion. In the1 intellectual and
gift, and on extending his left arm artistic as well as thecharitable life of
,wqt.t ed therazor Oft his leathern slfefeeve the metropolis there are greAt" thanks
and with an exulting tone reqiark^d ,dup-to this ptiblic-spirited lady, who
,has devoted her1 life to weH-dom^
There are few galleries of ivaintings, if
hhy. in the city equal to the one at
her residence, completed by the addi
tib'nsjshe has'made to the collection
begun by her father. Miss Wolf was'
the inlieritorof three fortunes of about
equal an1oulnt-»-o!ne from her father,1
John David Wolf, Esq., one of thie!
city's most siu*eisful merchants 'itt
the days 'beforo the war one from
her mother, in maidennood Mtes
heiress to a full share
estate of Mrs. Catherine Lorillard
thei meantime Mrs. Helyar created a i Spencer, lister of the brothdtfs (FKei'
gveat deal of interest. Like all beau ties, and Jacob, and the wife of Comnio
she had hnrenemieii«nd her partisans,: dore Spencer, of the United States Ha
and l.er appeamnce in public was th^v vy whom his widow survived' fot
signal for a serios ot small discussions |'ma*iy vearis.' Mrs. Spencer was re
a» to her claim to physical lovelinessi hiwrkaldefor her public and private
Ma»y followed her about With eyes of charities, to which she devoted the
adlmiration while'others, with shrjrgs whole of-her lafge income over proptn!
and lifted eyebrOWs, said:' "'What household expenses. Miss Wolf hrt??
yotu cart' see in. that wortha**"-?-' ahd i always follow**! the rule ot her- atmt. estate! in Norfolk t'he 'Dronortr oil
expressively leitt the sentence uolinish- "Of the infome'from my property 1' i'
•qdTi'jOn one occasion, however, when spend! What my position reai.nably of Cholmondelfitr. fTta.^od
/^ho»appeaired ih'the evening,iiv a smoke-! re'quitjes. "The iest I give to t'hose: who 1 pnginkl costoftiieb\i tiding tfWSf
c^Aqred tulle gdwn, with hei'' mAgnvfi- ^r*e reedy."•' So it happened that!on tess''tnitfi $2,2*50,000,' as stated'' bj^,'
eeut! armsnand' 'shoulders bane, th^ j' the division of her: estate iho prind-'j tlw au^tipn^er,' arid that sn$l' went,
fay-orable Verdict Was-uhatririiohs and1'JmlwiiK intiaet, but there xms' J10 aid-' mueli fiifthfer theti thlih nOW. Thi
vJier depreci(ltors,ifor the 'rioncev were"
of £urphts income
rqqted. Mrs. Helyar typically 'had a)f been paid over to the needy Yet it Wfis difFfcuft to obtain btd6[
Knglish, with extroraieliy'bloHle hair, and deserving.! Miss Wolf is equally 11-ot a single one1 ih fact' 'Was madetbjt
.IbliiAO, gray eyes, and a'brilliant. skin, i a feature in social life at Newport1 aid bhe profett^ in':bulk. The first, IoC»
^it,h» thenbtyhiifingllsh'shoulders, flat-l'in Ne\y York, and no less a feature eomprisifig1 ll\OiOO aiTC«, the
bank, rftid tiny waist: tlw Du Mmirieu i^elatij ely in the charities pf that) fe
Wftn^en ifU*t-aye have. She wae iin!| 'sort tpamin those of this city. With
Piqurnlag this Summer.for a limit 1 rel- i Onb ajbandoufng he'r po»itlon! irrthfl
ativ# aWud'COta«equeiytly rtpie»retl oiWyil wiowrW
ii?/.black and white, gray and lilac. clipici
^eiis' tall,aid dress®S '«Wtreilfely"W8l|» lher ti
^wid nevediailsjiid «^trA£4f.) aittautiipia' iitadria:
Wt}V!poses are very fine, "/fxmnio-i jl-t
it has l*en her deli^rato
as of a vocation, to devotfl
lie and h»eans of doing-vail at.
le good for society, art, aud re-
e Shot With the Indians.
Capt. Boggs, a Virginian, who held
a captain's license on the Mississippi
riv«ir before he was of age, and who
for fourteen years hadth'e contract to
supply the military posts in Utah,
'Colorado, New Mexico, and Arizo/ia
with fuel, telle.the following story
"I was down in the Ute reservation.
in Colorado and had strolled down
the shores of a "small lake while my
muljes and teamsters were eating din
ner,! when I came across a party--:1"
Of about a dozen Indians. They
wer^ armed with rifles and werq
shooting at' a, snag which stuck
out| of the water about two.....!
hiinjired yards distant. The stak«s •1
for'which they were shooting were
corrjposed of a quarter of a dollar fromJ
eaclji man. .1 stood watching ttuem for.. .1
fo'nie tijp»e and then decided to entei
the competition. Each man had three
Shots and the man who hit the snarf'
the most tirries won the pot. Tli^"*,
inisfes were t^qld by the splash ip th.Q
wktfer the hitft by the absenqe ot thflM
Bplrtsn. 1 .. .. .. .j ii
After some parley with the redskin^—
I got them to allow me to enter the
match,. tboiigh tl^ey compeU^d
deposit'nalf a dollar while they pdt 'i.
a quarter. I had a Henry repeater
with me, that, fortunately for my
purpose .was,, then uploaded, I ^'^8,
"accounted one of the best shots in
that cottntVy bat knew that the Tn
diaqswerenot by any means slow.
slipped three cartridges into myjrifi'
jfepo^feu' 'ti^In1-WitiUa»8^ftnd': as. I did, so I broke, the ball,C
*mmtiev which the Fonr lodges
incKans received them Wh a
rflj„ht of
££3 leaving a blank cartyid
course i,^P'^h followed aV"'
s o s n e
ttaie. ..a «v
tinie.I int%
ing the ball
bad hit the snag every
that pptvbut tjb.e, ne.^t
tionally lost by pot ta
ofi and by taking indiffeilent aim
"I them broke all the bfklls otf until
had won $18. Then the Indians, wh
began to look at me with suspigion:o
awe, refused to shoot ayy mo^e. 1
vited them up to the 3t'or)e and spen
the money on' knick-knacks, which
divided aaiflfng them, i then too
them ba.ck.. ,tp the Jake aijid aha^e
them .the trick. They were very muc
surprised','but took it in good' part.'
"in returning that way a''fewday
afieij Iionnd-the same IndianB Oc th
lake shore shQoting a big match, jvit
a neighboring tribe, -^-hom the^\ wer
rapidly cleaning out of everything.
learned that they had 'skifirffcd' eri-r
Indian in the eountrj' th»t-they coul
get to shoot, against theai. I- sail
nothing, but, mused on the.re^din^s
of the savage to adopt the whit^man
trick's."—Boston Traveller.
Tiie Mexican Warwick* aiid'Hi
'1,:, Wifei
tetter t'o thc dnrinnati EDqtffrfe^
Mrs. Kat, the presideftt's6't!ifig ant
ajid lovely third wife,- is not Vet
years old, and is an extremely Avell
lred arid accomplished' IrWdy. Hei
beauty is of the rich, southerh'type
conspicuous for lustrous blafclf eyed
jetty hair, attd vpluptuotiS outlines
Sha is the da'ughtei* of RorMfer o Rubio:
who—so the quidnunce3 Say—will \t
the next president during Ijiaz's of
term for the amended constitution——
of the country expressly stipulate!
that the executive shall remAin in of
fice but four years,? and shall not bt
eligible for re eleitiort two siiccessiv^
terme. Diaz cbtAicd'',iiy-iifot tnebtfPif
011 t,he one platfornr.W driviftjj
predec3sor» Don Sebastian Le'rd^',
toO-ipx.e and afterthbse fotir years'^e'rt}
Mrs. Diaf is a devout Cathohc, and
that is a stron!: card for her
ended, resigned there* rrof government'
into the fronds 6f hts frrehd and fMc-4*
totumVOfen. Manuel Gonz&les. btit: stillu
contintped to be the "power" beh9hd
.the throne" ftnd'to rule by proxy, so
to speak. President Gonzales, by his
peculations, which amountedto'whole-1
sale robbery, made himself so hated
tjy the nation as to be n6 longer eligi
ble. When his time expired Diaz as
Slimed the executive office and when
the time rolls' around that he must
again "step down and* oat,** Mfe^fath- "1 .^[wi
er-in-law may relieve hhh."'In! fchffi
way, by a'series of judicious alt€fft&
tipnis^ the Mexican Warwick may
niaiiage to keep the loaves and fishes
in the family for ah indefinite period.
)il Vii!
aniong an element by no tiieans insig
iiilicanit in the country, although this
^ta,r is not now in the ascendanti'"
Wellington Critic*-. 1 .»i •••.« .'.*
A big) brawn|f 'fart-we9tertt0¥',4(Wiiig
.t'jj^^ights Of the'city wight fti ip paSr
I I I "X-
hiSMirtesp^t^, tp Postmaster General, hn.««
ViiafiltheijOther day.
"I'm glad to &ebyoa,,*gaidihfe,hMtd ',1
,p,f tjiep. 0: d:. "I rilway&alit'e^8
the nieq pf ^ha w $8|t. Is this y pqi fif§t .K|.•
visit to'Wa^hington?" .. .,r„jA
"Fust'time, anf itVa big tp^vn," pe-(
plied tiie :visitor/ ,','You te^t.,us PP, ,.,,^1
buiWin's,, but we.kmdsr.git fiw^y. ^itiV, ,lV)W
y o u i o n o e n o s
w u
polity ii^i?,
:ikota? What do you peopl^thihJCi.wBiT
^,1''.defA0.crftti?..a^.mipj?.tT^^ion ,,by ,,1'P
-this tinie?" ...
1! JTain[t'.potljerin\' us.n?ucn pnq iwiay
ea: I'tipther.. Th.ar ai'u't epougii c^6""
to-make,it« hardly in.t,eresf in,
How are the ipail facilities?"
"Kow. j^ifre hittin' .us .wn^
liv^" aiid tp© yiiitor'si faco
up. "Hiar'8 jist.t.hopsandsi iu,y ,,,'em,.
aii' that's ^vha^'s the maUe^. .WObftt ,io»
we..want ife, female .W-iUt'ies. ,'Thn.i:i „.,j|
wooi't pljedgie yoii a thousand vote^ in.
Biy couutry for any office you want 1
Tike:p.,m,^. promised t,p ^. his-iii.
fiuen®. j,.,,., ,1 *til tJViui
Anot-har illustrution of tho.' Zand! «ll'
distre: 9in Eh gland wa-s giv^nat'th^
recent ^aie pi the fiihi6q^,,Houi htou''
estate, ^•'ivr^it
That rents of the estate footed up «?Sn.oOO.
1" .V'oh ifr »«n ti 4-v» *-.
part of tfie estate, received a bid oi
$1,-500,000, whfclf was fat?lVlow lh|
estimate' of it^ Value by "tiie OWtMaL
Consequently the property' Wris trFtlff
drawn. Fifteen 'or 20 yeaPs tt"o much
higher prices coiild have beerV rtsiluie^
bufi elip present ahd fibocoobM
•«-j »ki
k Jt.'d
»J 1 J-Jrt
)i i«i
i I Mill
arid that
theri'thlih nOW.
1 Jud

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