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H. & CDSON President.
L.o. HOLH8TKE,Cashier.
Oo.pl to.
1 #80,000,00
This Bank conducts a
General Banking and ExcHnnpe
Money to Loan 011 Chattel or PerBOaftl
Security, in any Amounts De
sired. Loans Negotiated on
Improved Farms.
With a Largely Increased Capital weh»ve'
ba*e*faoUltiM for all departments of busi
ne«»«mn ever.
W\ pir Savings Bank Rates on Time
We can place mote Money on Improved
Varmii, at Better Hate# tKaft ever.
We can write Insurance Ifi such wroryj
•oibofeinleti ivs the National of HarMfiiWy
Panl Fire and Marine, afid O.lrlvaled
$eh«*vettte Aaenoy for all Railroad Lands
|h this. vlottllfy, the Cheapest Lands now for
*We h».ve the Agency for the
oetrtenf tnsuf&noe Company In th
mt-nv 'J-he WorHt—
Insurance Co. of llart/ord, U»
./hich accident Insurance Is written on
ticket*. (fooil from one day to thirty, or on
Polloies ifood fht one your, wlfh^voo*J in
defnn-lty !u ease of t*ijnry. This i« no
••mutual" company, but has the Atill to pay
all losses.
We reapertfnlly solicit the acconnt*of
ants,A/U1 all who have dealing# with banks 1B tWS
S MStton of the State.
Collections a Specially*
Railroad Time Table.
Passenger trains leave Morris »s follows:
Ootag Bast. Leave at 12:01 p. m. aud I2:tt
**«3oiof West. Leare at 2:47 p. m.
a. m.
Arrive »t 11:80 a. m.»nd leave»t 8:00 p.m.
XiSaTe at 7:30 a. m. and arrive at 6:80 p. m.
Morris Market*
The following l« the market price
t»r wheat to-day: No. 1 Hard, 80
Ho. 1 iSortheru, 7U No.£ NorEll'n, 77
Flax, $1.34.
^£ocal Ilotcs.
District court convenes iu this city
on Tuesday next, May -Oth.
The board of county commissioners
meet on Tuesday the 27th inst.
Remember the meeting of tlie Agri
cultural Society uext Saturday after
Are you in favor of having a rot
class fair next fall If so, be sure and
attend the meeting next Saturday.
Sunday evening services at the Con
gregational church now begin at :4o
Y. P. S. C. E. meeting as» u^ual at 7.
The council room has been papered
and otherwise repaired, and now pre
sents a very respectable appeurauce.
There will be a meeting of the Cho
ral Union at the west tide school
house, on Friday evening, at 8 o'clock.
Ascension Day, Thursday, May 15,
there will be regular services in the
Catholic church, the same as Sun
The bilde elas9 meets this week at
7:30 on Thursday evening at the Con
gregational church, instead of as
Died, Saturday morning, May 10th,
Mary Ellen, daughter of T. E. &nd
Sarah Colahau, aged two years and
six months.
Do you want to see good races at
the fair this fall? If so, attend the
meeting next Saturday afternoon, at
the TRIBUNE office.
Larsou & Kllson have commenced
excavating for the foundation of their
new brick building, and J. D. Good is
having brick hauled f'*r his building.
No greater triumph medicine or
chemistry has been recorded than
Hall's hair renewer to revivify and
restore gray hair to the color ot youth.
J. D. Good's ttue residence, corner
of West Fifth street and Pacific ave
nue, has been greatly improved iu ap
pearance since it received its new coat
of paiut.
Married, yesterday morning, May
12th, at the Catholic church, Rev.
Father Gaskell officiating, Henry J.
Sclirapps to Miss Jolianna Foley,
both of the town of Synnes.
Of course everybody, wife and chil
dren, aunts and cousins, will attend
the medal contest at the Congrega
tional church next Friday evening.
.Jfhe occasion will be one of great in
Any one who may ueed mason
work, either brick or stone, or cistern
repaired or a new one built, cannot
find a better mau to do the work than
John Boyd. He thoroughly under
stands his business, as we know from
practical experience.
Frank Zabl has enlarged his livery
stable and erected a new carriage
house, and is now fully prepared to
accommodate the public with the best
Of horses and carriages at reasonable
prices. Frank Knows how to run a
livery stable, and all who patronize
bim are sure to be satisfied. There is
«o doubt of it.
Rheumatism Is caused lijp aeid
in the blood therefore, external treat
ment affords no permanent relief.
To eliminate the poison aud make a
thorough cure of the disease, nothing
else IS so efficient as Ayer's Sarsa
parllia. Give it a triik Ww fl.
^jVorth $5 a bottle.
We wish to call attention to the ad.
of W. C. Elders, who will open an en
gine and boiler repair shop here on
the tenth of June. He thoroughly
understands his business and will
guarantee all work Those in need of
repairs should leave orders early, as
lie has a good deal of work ou hand.
Mr. E. Intends to make Morris his
home, and we hope our citizens will
encourage Itiin by their patronage.
The general government reeeutly
ordered the postmasters to count the
number of pieces sent out from their
respective offices with their weight
aud value, for the week ending last
Sunday, the 11th lift. The following
is the report of the Morris office:
Number of pieces 3,617 weight of let
ters, 156 pounds aud 4 ounces value,
$47.12. Itsliouid be remembered that
this is a season of the year when the
mail matter is particularly light, on
account of our farmers being especial
ly busy.
k v.
Rev. S. Ellery went to Walipetou
Mr. Hoard Is iu town looking after
sTannh.gln te rest s.
John House is laid up with a bad
cut on one of his feet.
Justice Camp leaves tomorrow for
Alexandria on business.
Mr. Rohrenbach, of Donnelly, at
last accounts, was seriously ill.
Rev. H. M. Herrick will preach at
the Randall school house next Sunday
at 3 p. in.
We received a pleasant call from
our friend H. D. Tenney, of Hancock,
D. C. Clinton, representing P. H.
Kelley, St. Panl, was in town ou busi
ness last Friday.
We were pleased to receive a oail
yesterday from IJ. Stebbius, Q. M. of
Hunter Post, Hancock.
Olof Olson, of Willmar, the newly
elected grand recorder of the A. O. W.,
was iu our city yesterday.
J. W. Reynolds, of Herinau, passed
through town last Mouday, ott Ms
way home from Washington.
Miss Mary Wuusch has been ap
pointed to the position of deuuty in
the office of registei of deeds, in place
of Miss Pearce, resigned.
J. W. Reynolds, of Herman, was
admitted t« practice in the Supreme
C»urt or the United States during his
recent trip to Washington.
Henry Juuson had quite au excit
ing chase the other day after a little
jack rabbit, which he captured aud
took home as a pet lor Mrs. J's little
Rev. Father Coflfey, of Canada, Is
visiting the family ol Win. Logue.
He preached at the Catholic church
last Sunday and delivered a very elo
quent address.
Guy Boweu, of Iroquois, Ontario,
Canada, was visiting his brother-in
law, Rev. S. Ellery, the latter part of
last week, remaining here until Mon
day. Mr. Bowen is greatly pleased
with tiiis western country and will
probably settle iu this couuty at no^
distant day.
The numerous frieuds of Mrs. J. A.
Johnson will be gratified to learn that
she is gradually improving in health,
after having been dangerously ill for
several months past. It is confident
ly believed that she will soou be fully
recovered, as she is able to sit up a
portion of the time.
There is an east side school teacher
by the name of Johnston who ought
to be bonnced forthwith. A woman
who will pound little children as she
does iiHS more of the nature of a brute
tliau a human being, and we have no
use for her in a civilized aud refined
community. Sliame on such a cruel
We had a pleasant drive oat to J. L.
Walker's, about five miles, in com
pany with Dr. Duly, last Thursday
and then we had a very pleasant visit
while there. The Doctor, as well as
ourself, is fond of greens, aud of course
we didn't let the opportunity pass of
getting a mess. Greeu9 is wltat we
went for and we got 'em—you bet.
When you ask for Badger soap see
that you get It.
For lame back, side or chest, use
Shiloh's Porous Piaster. Price 25
cents. Sold by Fritz Buckentln.
Mamma (to her little boy). "Now,
Benuie, if you '11 be good and go to
sleep, mamma '11 give you one of Dr.
Ayer's nice sugar-coated Cathartic
Pills, uexi Jiiuexou need medicine."
Beunie, smiling sweetly, dropped oft'
to sleep at once.
Last mouth we visited Washington
through tiie pages of Deniorest's Fam
ily Magazine, and enjoyed the very
interesting views of the exterior of
the White House and Its surround
ings. This mouth, in the June num
ber of this popular Magazine (which
has just arrived), we enter the Execu
tive Mansion, and are treated to a
ramble through its corridors, its ex
ecutive and private apartments. We
thus participate in the special favor
Shown to Deniorest's Magazine, as we
are introduced to many features not
usually seen by the general public.
All the departments are full to over
flowing with entertaining aud helpful
matter, aud the stories are particular
ly good. A remarkable 20 cents
worth, surely. Published by W. Jen
nings Deworest, 15 East 14th St., New
When you want a good reliable pair
of Shoes you can get them at
14tf T. J. MOORE'S.
We have heard quite a number ol
farmers in this vicinity say of late
that if we have a good soaking raiu
soon they were going to build a new
barn, or make au addition to their
house or put up a grainary or some
other building this season. Why
they were wailing for rain to decide
whether or ijot to bqlld was that if it
did not raiu soon there would be a
short crop and they could not afford
to build, but if it rained, the chances
for a good crop woukl be increased
aud they would theu go ou with theft
building. In talking with one ot our
carpenters and contractors a few days
since in relation to this same matter,
he remarKed: "If we have a good
heavy rain soon, there will be such a
boom iu building in the couutry as
we have not seeu In years, I know of
lots of farmers who ure just waiting
for a rain to decide about bulldlug."
Croup, whooping cough and bron
chitis immediately relieved by Shi
loh's Cure. Sold by FriU Bucken
Stevens County Agricultural
There will be a Special Meeting of
the Stevens Couuty Agricultural SO*
ciety on Saturday, May the 17th, at
2 o'clock p. m., in the TRIBUNE Office.
£JT All interested iu fencing the
grounds and fitting up the track ttie
earnestly invited to be present.
D. T. WHEATOH, Sec'y.
Morris, May 7th. 20t2
When you ask for Badger soap s»i
that you get it.
"The Morris."
Oat new hotel, "The Morris,'* wits
opened to the public last week, under
the management of Messrs. Mathews
k Buckley, proprietors.
Some time since the TRIBUNE con
tained a full and complete deserip
tion of this elegant hostelry, giving
the number of rooms, their dimen
sions, the cost of the building, the
names of the contractors for its con
struction, the material used, etc., etc.,
therefore shall not at this time enter
into another description of the same
but will state that there are forty-two
rooms for guests, besides the elegant
parlors, the commodious and pleasant
dining room, kitchen, office, sample
room, wash room, store room, and
other necessary rooms for a first-class
The building is heated throughout
with steam, and is supplied with call
and re-call electric bells. The sys
tem of ventilation is as perfect as
could be wished for the comfort of
guests. The rooms are so arranged
that each one is supplied with abund
ant light. The halls are wide, airy,
and well lighted. The guests' rooms
are elegantly furnished with modern
furniture. The parlors are carpeted
with Gobelin carpeting and magniii
oently furnished. In fact, The Mor.
ris is a complete, modern style hotel
in all of its appointments. The
rooms in the second and third stories
are unusually pleasant, commanding*
as they do, a delightful view of the
surrounding country.
Messrs. Mathews k Buckley, the
proprietors, have had an extended ex
perience in the hotel business. They
are both intelligent, well-informed,
affiable gentlemen. It requires for
successful hotel managers gentlemen
of varied experience and qualifica
tions, and it may be truly said that
"every man can't keep a hotel,"—that
is, can't keep a hotel successfully. To
be good hotel keepers, the managers
must be good judges of human nature,
so that when guests enter the house
the manager or managers can tell at
a glance the kind of treatment that
will please each particular guest.
Messrs. Mathews & Buckley are liap
ily blessed with these most necessary
qualifications, as their past record
and the commendation of the travel
ing public clearly show.
Mrs. Mathews, the hostess, cannot
be too highly commended as a lady
peculiarly adapted for the position
she occupies—easy and pleasant in
her manners, and while exercising a
general supervision of the affairs
properly under her control, she will
be found to be a charming lady to en
tertain company.
Frank Osborn, the steward, is an
experienced caterer and is well known
to the traveling public, especially
North Dakota.
The billiard and sample room is
under the supervision of John Boutell,
a pleasant and courteous gentleman.
The employes of the hotel have
been admirably selected and the
guests of The Morris will be certain
to receive from them prompt and
careful attention.
Few hotels in the northwest are
more completely fitted for the accom
modation of the public than our new
hotel, The Morris and we are pleased
to state that it has, since It was
opened to the public, received a most
liberal patronage, having on several
nights been completely filled with
guests and if it does not achieve a
wide-spread reputation as the best
hotel in this section, it will be no
fault of the proprietors.
On behalf of the citizens of Morris
we extend to the managers of The
Morris a hearty and cordial welcome,
and hope they may never regret com
ing among us.
Do you need a mower? The superi
ority of the Champion mowers is ap
parent. They are made in different
styles and widths of cut to suit every
body. Buy one aud be happy.
Medal Contest.
A Demorest Medal Contest will be
given at the Congregational church
on next Friday eveniug, Mny IGth,
Cold Water Hong Loyal Legion
Recitation—Moral Suasion or Prohibition....
May Healer
8olo—The Drunkard's Lone Child
Clara Curtiss
Recitation—Our Country's Cruel Tyrant
Edna Haight
Duet—The Song the Swallows Hing.
Recitation—Curtailing the Rum Truffle
Walter Smith
Recitation—The English Sparrow Must Uo...
May Dye
Solo—The Temperance Flag
Recitation—The Martyred Mother
.Lizzie DeKay
Recitation—Failures of the Past
Maud Whlteley
Double Quartet- The Convent Bells
Awarding of Medal by Judges.
Presentation of Flag to School and Re
£oyai Legion accompanied by Drums.
Admission free. A collection will
be taken to apply on cost of flag.
Sleepless nights, made miserable
by that terrible cough. Shiloh's Cure
is the Remedy for you. Sold by Fritz
Maple Sugar.
Pure maple sugar, just received di
rect from Vermont, at Hancock's
Original aud Only Red Front Grocery.
Don't be deceived by Illegitimate ad
vertising by presenting bogus "red
frouU," but call uuti see me.
Dr. Harris leaves Morris Sunday
pveniqg, to be gone till
The Board of Health urges prompt
action in removing all filth, garbage,
etc., to desigp^ted dumping grounds.
The city teams begin next week to re
move offlendiqg material at property
owners' expense.
H. b. Huw&JBP,
Chairman Board.
Prtntift' Prints
Fine liue of prints, of the latest
styles, selected by a competent per
son, now on sale at Y. Moore's.
160 Aores of Oood Land,
Oue and a half miles from Han
cock, for sate cheap, on easy terms.
Apply to
H. J.
The convert given by Miss Richards
and class at the court house hall last
Saturday evening was well attended,
but uot so many were present as ws
expected to Bee. The hull should
have beeu crowded. Still, there was
quite a large audience present, and
we can ussure those who lulled to at
tend that they missed a rich treat.
The conceit was by far the best that
has been given here this season. Miss
Richards was iu superb voice, and her
singing was pcnectly charming little
Miss liixson's perfoimance on the
piano was really wouderfui Dr.
Green's execution on the violin was
fine indeed In fact, we may truly say
that the concert from beginning to
the end was interesting, each one go
ing through tiie parts assigued In a
very creditable mannsr. hurely our
neighboring village of Herman has
good reason to be proud of her music
al talent, which perhaps would never
have been fully appreciated had it not
been for the rare musical genius of
Miss Richards. To this lady is due
the credit of traiuiug the ladies and
geutlemeu of Herman who displayed
their n.usical talent last Saturday
eveniug to so good advantage. Mauy
regrets were expressed on account of
Mrs. Jones being unable to be present
to delight the audieuce with her
sweet, musical voice.
That hacking cough can be so
quickly cured by Shiloh's Cure. We
guarantee it. Sold by Fritz Buck
et) tiu.
The Demorest Contest.
had a brilliant entertainment in the
Baptist church last Friday evening.
The spacious room was filled com
pletely. Seven of our youug ladies of
the high school contested for the
Demorest Silver Medal. The elocu
tlouary tournament was admirably
performed by all the candidates.
Nettie Rauk, Annie Greene, Susie
Foreu, Annie Creser, Lillie Smith,
Sarah Dittes, Fannie Todd were the
competitors. The judges consisted of
Mrs. Chadbourne, Mrs. Crossfield aud
Geo. I.Becker, who awarded the prize
to Miss Dittes. The influence of these
ie beautiful and morally refiuiug.
If we have made mistakes in the
uames of some of the persons who
took part in the medal contest at
Browns Valley, please attach the
blame to Brother Barrett, the writer,
wiiose manuscript is decidedly more
bliud than usual.—EDITOR.
The Louisiana Lottery
Ghost kept bobbiug up in the North
Dakota .Legislature for several weeks,
and tor a good while the outcome
seemed about as uncertain as an in
vestment in the lottery itself. In tact,
neither frieuds nor opponents had a
"sure thing," and nobody could tell
what would be the fate of the bill.
Uncertainty is demoralizing, whether
it be waiting for the action of a legis
lature, or llsteulug for the roll of the
lottery wheel. There is no uncertain
ty when you determine to buy your
railroad tickets over "The Burling
tou." You are certain—
To travel by the best line.
To have courteous attention.
To ride on the smoothest track.
To make the quickest time.
To reach destination promptly.
To eat ou the finest dining cars.
To enjoy the most luxurious equip
For tickets, rates, etc., apply to any
agent of this or connecting lines, or
address W. J. C. Kenyon, Gen. Pass.
Agent C. B. & N. R. R., St. Paul, Minn.
Man was made to mourn but need
lie suffer unnecessarily? For every
poison there is an amifoteand happi
ly Bludbilder is the antidote to many
evi s that poison map's existence.
This great vegetable specific is the
most valuable that medical researcli
has succeeded in wresting from the
secret oep„hs of science. It is a sur
prisingly controlling power in cases
of cancer and tumors, it reduces
glandular swellings, a'leviutes epilep
sy, regulates the bowels, promotes di
gestion, tones the stomach, induces
sleep, sustains against fatigue and ex
pels scrofulous and ail other blood de
rangements. Price $1.00. Sold by
all druggists.
A. O,
There will be a regular meeting of
the A. O. H., at their hall, tomorrow
(Thursday) evening. A lull attend
ance is requested.
Stoddart & Co., Patent Attorneys,
615 7th St., Washington, D. C.,Opp
U. S. Patent Office. Patents, Cav
eats and Re-issues secured. Trade
Marks Registered. All Patent busi
ness conducted for-Moderate Fees.
Information, advice, and special
references sent on request. ltf.
House for Sal*
The hou?e and lot belongltojfto Rev.
O. Dahle, situated on Montanaavenue,
is for sale cheap. For terms apply to
Morris, April 30th, 19t3
not remedied in season, ifi liable to
habitual and chronic. Dras
tic purgatives, by weakening the bowels,
confirm, rather than cure, the evil.
Ayer's Tills, being mild, elective, and
strengthening in their action, are gener
ally recommended by the faculty as the
best of aperient*.
"Having been stibject, for years, to
ppnstija{ion, without being able to find
much relief, I at last tried Ayer's Pills.
I deem it both a duty and a pleasure
to testify that I have derived great ben
efit from their use. For over two years
past I have taken one of these pills
every night before retiring. I would not
willingly be without them." Gr. W.
jtowman, 26 East Main St., Carlisle, Pa.
*'I have been taldng Ayer's Pills and
using them in my family since 1857, and
Cheerfully recommend them to all in
need of a safe but effectual cathartic,"
-—^olin M. Boggs, Louisville, Ky.
'Tor eight years I was afflicted with
constipation, which at last became so
bad that the doctors could do no more
for me. Then I began to take Ayer's
Pills, and soon the bowels recovered
their natural and regular action, so that
now am in excellent health."—8. L.
Loughbridge, Bryan, Texas,
Ilavinsr nsert Ayer's Pills, with good
results, I fully indorse tliem for the pur
poses for which they are recommended."
—-T. Conner*, M. 1)., Centre Bridge, Pa.
Ayer's Pills,
VKtwxnzo BT
Or. J. C. Aver it Co., towsll, Mast,
1890. 1890.
Sn Season'
Dry Gqods,
Notions, Fancy Goods,
Clothing, Hats, Caps,
Boots and Shoes,
Groceries, k
We desire to call your at
tention to our Extensive
Stock of Spring Goods.
At present we wish to call
your especial attention to
our Largo and Well Selected
Stock of Dress Goods—Lat
est Styles, Newest Novelties.
We quote Frioes on a few
goods that we sometimes
find paople paying more for
than we sell them at.
Best quality Henrietta, all colors, 46
inch wide, worth $1.25 our price, #1.00.
Second quality Henrietta, 40 inch
wide, 05 cents.
Black Henriettas, 40 inch wide, 65, 75,
00 and 100 cents.
All Wool, Silk-finished, Black Hen
rietta, 48 inch wide, |1.25.
English Henrietta, 36 inch wide, 25
A better quality at 85 cents. These
goods sell at some stores from 35 to 45
Black lirillianteens, 40,50 to 100 cents
per yard.
Colored Brillianteens, 35 to 75 ccnts.
Broadliead Dress Goods, 35, 30, 40,50
and Go cents per yard.
Satines, Domestic and Imported, prices
12£, 15, 20,25 and 30 cents.
Mousseline Suitings, 8 cents per yard.
Calicocs, Ginghams, Muslins, Crashes,
Table Linens, Towels, Napkins, Etc., at
prices to suit you.
Our Notion and Fancy
Goods Department has been
replenished with all the Latest
Novelties^' too numerous to
We ask a fair inspection of our stock.
We aim to have the latest and most de
sirable goods to be had for the season.
Every line of goods has been selected
with care.
Our prices are lower than ever. We
want cash, and will make you cash
prices* astonishingly low.
Come, inspect out stock, mA ask
Entertaining Knowledge*
Volume fourteen of Alden's Mani
fold Cyclopedia takes the work from
Exclude to Floyd. We notice the
same skill in the selection of topics
and the same careful editing which
has characterized the work from the
beginning. In fact, us it progresses,
its great merits become still more
conspicuous. The combination of a
dictionary and a cyclopedia is an ex
cellent idea and is being well carried
out. The judicious use of illustrations
is a helpful feature, and the treatment
of subjects is clear, direct, and practi
cal. Thus, while it is of great value
to profesf ioiial men, it Is also a thor
oughly serviceable and helpful work
for the masses of the people. Among
the subjects treated in this volume
are Excommunicate, 3 pages Ex
treme Unction, 1 page Eye, 20 pages
Faith aud Faith Cure, each over one
page Faraday, 2 pages Fertilizers, 1
page Feudal System, 4 pages Fire
arms, 6 pages Fishery, 7 pages
Florence, 5 pages Floriculture, 2
pages. Covering the various fields of
agriculture, manufacture, commerce,
science, art, luveutiou, history, re
ligion, law, biography, and politics,
the work is truly manifold in charac
ter as well us name. It costs only 75
cents a volume In excellent cloth
binding, and $1,00 in halt Morocco.
Specimen pages free sold on easy in
stalments, if desired. John B. Alden,
publisher, New York, Chicago or At
The Best Salve in the world for
Outs, Bruises, Sores, Uloers, Salt
llheuiri^ Fever Sores, Tetter, Chapped
Hands, Chilblains Corns, and all
S.kifi Erupt' »ns, and positively cures
Piles, or no pay required. It Is guar
anteed to give perfect satisfaction or
money refunded. Prioe 25 cents pet
box. Forsaleby FfiU Buukeutlli.
Lessons on Organ and Piano.
Miss Sarah Thompson Is prepared
to give lesSons on Piano and Organ.
Apply at residence of Frank ^ahl, for
terms. Will be here Monday, Tues
day an4 Saturday. U
The old reliable Meriq, always the
same in quality. None know it but to
love it. A1 ways for sal« by H. E. Dye
$ Co., on the west side* lot
Oh «3T*e Burlington," April £2, May 30, ficpt, 9
end 88, and October 14,1810.
On the above dates the agents of
the Chioago, Burlington A Northern
Railroad, at all stations, wlil sell
"Homeseekers' Excursion tickets to
all principal land points in Southern
Missouri, Kansas, Nebraska, Arkan
sas, Indian Territory, Texas, New
Mexico, (-oiorado, Wyoming, Utah,
Idaho, Montana, South and North
Dakota,Northwestern Iowa, Minneso
ta, Tennessee, Louisiana, Alabama
and Mississippi, at a very low rute for
the round trip, gojci for*return' with
in thirty ds^s frdln dateof sale. For
further iu/ormalion apply
ket agent
write to W.
Agent. v*i
^n5" tic-
•'The Hm-ijngton'• or
IK iteujMJu, Gen. Pass.
4 N.H.R., St. Paul,
The County Pair.
At the request of several gentlemen
who are Interested iu our county fair,
Secretary Wheatou called a meeting
of the Stevens Couuty Agricultural
Society mid ail those interested in
fencing the fair grounds and putting
tiie track in good condition. The call
for the meeting was published in last
week's TRMJUNE and appears again
today. The lime of holding the meet
ing is uext Saturday, at 2 o'clock p. in.
Now, then, all those interested in
th"*e matters clmuld make It a point
to be prest ii!. Every town in the
county should be represented on the
occaslou. Now is the time to act to
set the machinery in motion to form
a stock company to appoint the
necessary committees to solicit sub
scriptions to tlie stock, and to esti
mate the cost of putting up sheds and
other necessary buildings, fencing
grounds, etc If the citizens ot the
county desire to have a respectable
fair, they must go to work NOW,
There is no time to fool away in talk
ing about a fair. What is wanted is
WORK. We have a large number of
horsemen who have fine h-orses, aud
they especially should interest them
selves in this matter and be represent
ed at the meeting next Saturday
afteruoon. Don't forget the time, aud
be sure and be on baud.
Taken Up,
Oue gray mure, one suckling colt,
one 2-year-old giay coit.
Boots and Shoes.
It isafaet that cannot be suc lessful
ly denied, that T. J, Moore
largest aud beat selected stock of
boots aud shoes ever offered or sale
in Morris. 19tf
In Memoriam.
On Thursday, April 10, 189c),*the
death messenger came t* summon
our respected neighbor .-iiid friend,
Win. Fryberger, to his filial rest and
'He rests from his at id his
works do follow him
Mr. Fry berger war. bora iuOliio in
1825, and moved u this sta^e 1857
from Indiaua. lie. was among tiie
oiliest residents »i" the township of
Feutherstoue, iiuvli.g assisted In its
organization, ami u-oni that timr to
his death he never ceased to work aud
exert his influence for tiie welfare of
his community.
In him was voposed the confidence
of his feilow-townisiiien to a degret'
more than oruuctiy, ami this trust be
never betrayed. He w ws unassuming
and never sought pronsmence in any
way yet his ability w»& recognized
as evinced by the fact that he was
placed at the front in public aflairs ia
his township lor eighteen consecutive
years. He was a member of the M. E.
church, a failhfui 5iiizen, and loved
and honored as a lius'oar.tl and father.
He leaves a wife, three sous and three
daughters, and a large circle of friends
to mourn his io-s.
And now ilia:, he is gone from us
his loss Is keenly felt, for while he j'et
lingered with u«, although fatally ill,
hope was wi'hin ull lhat he might
still be restored to health. But It was
not so ordained to be the reaper rec
ognized In him a well ripened sheaf,
ready for the Master's use, and he
was called beyond. He leaves for us
the example ot a life of integrity,
worthy of our imitation.—Red Wing
Advance Sun.
The deceased, Mr. Fry
berger, was
the father of Mrs. J. A. Johnson, of
this city,
Merit Wins.
We desire to say to our citizens,
that for years we have been selling
Dr. King's New Discovery for Con
sumption, Dr. King s New Life Pills,
Buckleu'* Arnica Salve and Electric
Bitters, and have never handled rem
edies that sell as well or that have
given such universal satisfaction.
We do not hesitate to guarantee them
every time, and we stand ready to re
fund the purchase price, if satisfact
ory results do not follow their use.
These remedies have won their popu
larity purely on their merits, Fritz
Buckentin, Druggist.
On Improved Farms.
At Low Rates.
On Easy Terms of Payment.
With or Without Commission.
Plenty of Money.
No Delay.
Business confidential.
Office over Stevens County Bank
Morris, Minn.
The MinneapolisTribune-truly jays:
The correct American policy is not to
continue the futile attempt tt» force
our sury.luis food products upon for
eign nations a •*o!i»tautiy depreciating
prices, but to build up and diversify
our own industries so that we may
consume our surplus food at home.
It would of course then cease to be a
surplus. So long as the price which
foreigners will pay for the small sur
plus exported is allowed to fix the
price ol the whole crop raised, so long
will our farmers sutler from starva
tion prices.
Booms to Ban*.
For tetms apply to
Morris, May Uh. 90tf
FITS.—All Fits stopped tree bf Dr.
Kline's (treat Nerve Restorer. No
Fits after first d.iy's use. Marvelous
cures. Treatise and $2.00 trial bottle
free to Fit etisos. Send to Dr. Kline,
981 Arch St., Phila., Pa.
A Northern Family
Dawn bout li ldisehnrtteof the PINE llLUPF
el TACtK, where those who wish to escupe
th« colli Northern winters can net hoard at
tnttileriite prices Amid tlie I'ines, thehealth
icHt -jjol In America. Address.
*. ("OTTAfiK llKSOItT,
Pine BlutT, Moore Co., N. C.
'i 'liMil liHl II "I I I i llllllMW——1
Wk. The Great Skin Remedy
Relieves and Cures
ILchiegs and Irritations of tha SltiB-.
Eitbor Itching1 or Bieodin?,
COM Erxs.CniLBLAiirg.CiiArs nr- UHA**S.
ltf.\-tivitlyrelieves the of Burns and
8r.ui li,anicurnUMWrat«asc without a tear*
flqiiiti boxes 25c, Largo boxes GOo.
ffivbollsoap proveptaphaplMk
chJipr-ed an« ilv skin, nml pT®-
if-m.?• i':.Su'.'i!Nurvi uemitilk**thecotrptax
itm. 'It uautual^'l for u- e in h.u-l witter,
ft*, nb«:U«o iiiivity »u:l delicate per
luntfl rcr,: ra it a paeitlvo luxury lor the
bath ltitrm-ry.
fttut'oti '1 ho labels on the ir«nuJne are
a t.'J the. I' itfru Urten. Prepared only
by J. W. Ools £s Co., Black Rirer Falls. Wis.
feu by Dnmvi-ts and Dealers 1a Medlcia*
Scott, April 2,18901
The J. I. CASE Threshers
Have been at the Head of the race of Threshers for Forty
Eight Years, and this Season the IRONSIDE
AGITATOR is the Machine to Buy.
Milwautee Hamster and Binder, Empire Binders aid 'Mower!,
Standard Mowers—4.3, 6 and 7 Foot Cnt Standard
Rakes, 10, 12 and 14 feet Wheel Scrapers,
Road Graders, &c.
Mouldings, Building Paper, 4c.
Also, Fence Posts and CordwoocL
Yard on Sixth Street, near Engine House,
Will Constantly Keep on Hand a Full
Line of
^Farming Implements^
Too Numerous to Specify.
Also a Large Variety of
One and Two Seated Buggies and Carts.
Among and Extras we handle are
the Osborne, the Minneapolis and Wood's.
Come and See Us Before You Buy.
Go West, Young Man!
To the Pacific Avenue Store,
The Only General Stock on the West Side of R. R. Track.
New Spring and Summer Goods.
We have just received direct from Manufacturers a Com
plete Line of Boots and Shoes. A fit for every Man,
Woman and Child in Stevens County, and at Prices which will
astonish you. Also,
A complete New Line and Cheaper than ever.
We can do yon Goml il'you want in Stuple
Dry GTOOCIN or Groceries. Special DiNcountN tor
Cash on Bills ol )$«* and Upwards.
Remember the Place! Pacific Ave., West Side.
IE3_ 3D^"E cSc CO.,
2718. Register No. 7008, Volume 7.
Was foalwft April 15,1886 bred by Leon Landron, of
France imported April 22,1889, by G. N. Haugen & Co.,
of North wood, Iowa. Diable was sired
Dapple Gray and weighs 1800 pounds.
Will make the season at my farm, except Wednesdays*'
when he will be in the Town of Pepperton.
TERiVtS: $20 to Insure. $2 to be paid at time of
service 10 per cent, discount on balance if paid within
ten months.
Dealer In
Oorner af Attordie Ave. & Fifth
Diaz, 817 is a

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