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lt. 8. JODSOif, President.
L.O. HobbUTsm, Caehler.
•ouis, nNNNvm*
Capital #80,000.
This Bank conducts a
Qta«NdBaBkli« and EICM»B|«
Bu l»Mi.
Money to Loan on Chattel or Personal
Seourity, in any Amounts De
#ired. Loans Negotiated on
Improved Farm#.
HnMi a L**«elV ItvoroMed rev!**! wehSTe
tette*fat*lU1et for^ll doja*ti»eii*s of ousi
I\e«« til Ml t'TOT.
We p*/ SdThitfP Bank Bates on Ttme
we c«
.... can pl»co !"1T*' Money on Improved
PMrno, tU tVJ«r »Hen eve#.
We oaii wttte Inau*»noe In duoh st#or\«
oomc*n4e* a# flu' National of Hartford.
81. P*u.l f'lre and Ma*4ne, and unttvaled
V«exv?v for all Uallroad UnJ«
to SlltTLo*il.ty now i(jt
"wi hare the \tgocy tor Uw st n *«st
Aootdeni r«i#ut)S«ee Com ^7*^
Uhe Ttareie*# Tn»ur«roeOo.of Hairtrola,
which wooMeftt I«suia«ce U wrilten oft
tloite«ii. iiood from one .lay to
Vo4loi?s goodfbr one wlWi weRV
ctemnHr Hi cane rlffTT »f? par
"mitatl "ixwao«W'lrof
•Ml0"7™tr« i* TUB T*avm.«»S.
We tfully .oitclt the aesounts
Mta.aAd *1 i who h»*e AMlimfs with banks In twi
Ssetlor. of »ti« 8t»te.
oollectlons a Spoolally.
Kail road Time ruble.
irtntu laave !lortliai(ollo*»:
3otag Baat: Laave at l*OJ p. m. andlK:M
*.oto« Waat Laava at 2:47 p. m. and lliBB
BWJTRIR'E v««t B«A*C«.
AMlv«*tll:SOs. fft. le»Te artt:00p.ra.
I n— atT:80 a. m. *ful arrtve ai&itOp.m.
Morris Market.
The following is the market price for
whest to-dny: No. 1 Hard, .79 No. 1
Northern, .78 No. 9 Northern, .71 No.
3 Northern, 65.
Flax, $ .94.
^ocal lUites.
John Brennan is putting down n
tubular well at the Metropoitan hotel.
Lumbermen here, as well as else
where, are becoming anxious for a
fall of snow.
There was a very pleasant dance at
the St. Paul House, New Year's night.
There were about fifty couple present.
Two loads of full cream cheese
came in from the Swan Lake cheese
factory this morning, to be shipped to
the cities.
A Farmers' Institute commenced a
two days' session at Little Falls yes
terday. When are we to have one in
Stevens county?
The board of county commissioners
commeueed a session yesterday, with
only one new member, F. "NV. Heller
of the 2d. district.
The editor of the TRrenm «**ej»4s
his thanks to the Wr. C. T- V. for a
splendid boquet of cut flowers, hand
ed us by Miss Hollman.
Divine service at All Saint's Church
next Sunday. The Holy Communion
will be celebrated at the morning ser
vice. Tee public are invited.
The Little Falls Transcript says
that an olu bear ami tnree young ones
were killed on Rich Prairie a few
days since and brought to that city.
Jqsepli itiaubenger, the young man
who was accidentally shot by Nathan
Wilson one week ago last Sunday,
died last Thursday morning at about
$ o'clock.
£andiyohi county has a new court
house just completed. The Will mar
Argus says that it is the universal
opinion of all that is one of the finest
in the state.
If any of our fishermen should hap
pen to catch more Long lake perch
than they know what to do with, they
can leave a dozen or so at the TRIBUNE
office, and the editor will endeavor to
take care of them.
Oar thanks are due to Mrs. M. L.
^orpey for a lithograph of Morris
tjS seeri tg'u yqaps ^go.'.' of the
streets and alleys are distinctly
shown and a]l the panies of the streets
given. Quite a nice new year's pres*
ent, surely,
I4st ftf tqwn ta*es far Big Stoi4e
Mid Stevens counties for 1878 may be
sees* at the auditor's office. It is a
dandy and has a striking resemblance
of an old fashioned country school
writing book. It contains a list of
seventy names.
The Benson Times, refering to the
aijfaiigements on the G.' N.y says: "It
jjakes two days and from 44 to 66 miles
travel for the papers to reach their
tjestinations, of 6, 7, and 12 miles re
spectively. All the other mail goes
through the same uijjieart] of proceetj
p're to reach its (destination.'
Old soldiers who are members of
Overton Post shquld bear in mind
J,jjat there \yiil be a meeting nejjt F?i
$|ay evening at Odd :eHo\i's« hall of
said Post for the purpose of installing
the new officers. Tie a string around
your fore-finger so you will not forget
it. Half-past seven is the Uaie yaa.
are to report.
Such queer weather yesterday ntrf
day before! l,hv air was fujl of
frost and tlie trees, weeds, grass,'and,
in fact, ali nature was ornamented in
the most picturesque manner with
i-o§t- which hung ingracefu} festoons
iftm'the branches of'Yieea and shrub,
bery of all kinds. The same be
said of the weather today.
A rather peculiar situation is this,
reported by the Le Sueur News: The
village council of Green Isle SiMey
.{qunty, was iatUcted at ithe- ftcrent
|es$&h of ti*e grand jury. The vib
]age has had seven saloons, and to en
able the proprietors to puy the license
of $500 per year, the council gener
ously employed each of tiiem AS po
licemen at a salary of ®300—their duty
being to watch their own saloon,
'.phis certainly a new
^ya(|ing the )ugh jicense law, but the
members of the council will probably
pay dearly for their bold piece of
Thanks, gentlemen, thanks.
... $"T, •^""""'"•"l'
C. VT. Scott and W. & Buckley ft
Staples are in town.
C. H. Crawford of St. Cloud* ytisf* in
town the first of the week. y®
D. M. Baldwin" and wife oMftraoe
ville were in town Friday.
A. H. McConville left Sunday for a
few days visit in Graceville.
Walter F. Horton of St Paul, was
registered at The Morris yesterday.
Nelse Willette of Hrainerd spent
Sunday with his nephew, Paul Betters.
A. S. Crossfield of Browns Valley
took dinner at The Morris Saturday.
Sheriff Munro was confined to the
house several days last week by sick
J. J. Cairney is exceedingly happy
over the arrival at his home last Sun
day of a sweet little girl.
The Misses Watson returned to
school last Sunday night, after spend
ing the holidays at home.
T. II. Toombs of Grant county hits
been re-appointed a member of the
state board of equalization.
The Misses Stinson returned from
the cities Saturday night, where they
tiave Deen opemtinji: tne holidays.
Postmaster General Wauamaker
has SI,000,000 life insurance, and
Chauncey M. Depew lias $500,000,
Ed. Bugee of Minneapolis, repre
senting the McCormack Harvesting
Machine Co., was in town last week.
Andrew Thorstad, of the firm of
Syverson & Thorstad, is visiting his
mother and friends in Xorman county.
R. L. Sholly and wife of Fargo
stopped iu town a few days last week.
They were on their way to Pennsyl
L. O. Hollister arrived at the 20tli
mile stone on life's iourney last Sat
urday, on winch occasion he received
numerous congratulations from his
Mrs. V. E. William, who has been
visiting the family of Frank Z ihl
during the holidays, left Monday
morning for her home in Gleiulivc,
Miss Ellen Northeott was the lucky
person who won the plush cloak at
Danielson's, she being one of those
who purchased five dollar's worth of
goods and secured the winning num
The TRIBUNE folks were liberally
remembered by Anton Anderson-on
New Year's Day, for which they re
turn thanks and express the hope
that he may live to see the return
of many "happy new years."
Stewart, the hustling grain man,
was in town the latter part of last
week, and jn reply to our enquirery,
"Any news in Hancock?" said, "Yes,
a farmer down there promised to
haul in a load of wheat next week."
In a private letter from Geo. M.
Giltinan, dated at St. Paul the 4th
inst., he refers to the feelings of
friendly interest manifested in his
welfare by the people of Stevens
county, regardless of party, and says
the :u stoi
ec. »way bm yieas
antest recollections.
We regcet jexceedingly to be called
upon as the recorder of matters of in
terest to the public to state that our
esteemed friend Major Dave Kemp of
the Metropolitan is suffering frona a
severe attach pf the chronic diarrhoea,
a disease the gallant major contracted
while marching through Georgia with
General Sherman.
AH goods at Miss Spooner's at 10
pes cent disco«*nfc&f next 30 days.
R. J. Hall was elected by the state
Alliance convention as a member of
the finance committee for the Fifth
congressional district. The committee
consists of five members, one for each
congressional district. Dr. Fish of
the Great West was re-elected for the
Fourth district, \v:hich of pqqysa
pleases R, J.
MORRIS TRIBUNE has entered up
on the sixteenth year of its career
and has grown to be one of the leading
country journals in the stevte, We
hope to see it prosper }n the future
as in the past and jf the good people
of that county desire a newspaper of
worth tliey will tender it their hearty
support.—Graceville Transcript.
The annual inee ting of the Stevens
Co. Farmers Alliance will be held at
the court house in Morris cn Monday,
^an. }2th, at one o'clock p. for
the purpose of electing officers for
the ensuing year and transacting such
other business as may come before
the Alliance.- ^er last adjournment.
T't ScniiATTMAN, Sec.
Fox weak back, (-host paine, use a Dr.
J. McLean's Wonderful Healing
Plaster (porous). Sold by Hplbufd & Up
Tl^e r?ew "C}an»e pf W{H'" ft? the
amusement of young people, and old
er people too, for that matter, is a
very interesting game indeed. It
differs from nearly all other games'in
its singular actuality, the board on
which it is played representing an
imagipary battlefield, and the piepes
moving in a manner imitating that o|
jroops in actual engagement, as close-,
jy as pan be done through a few sim?
pie rpH'S. The cpst qf ^lie bqard and
pieces js «}{yut h»1! wy une fond
of tite game can havo more thsn that
amount of amusement frot»it in one
The following officers of Morris
Lodge, A. O. U. W., for the ensuing
year, were installed
A. 4 oil won*
F.-=-W. 11" Hancock.
0.—Chas. Wilson.
Rec.—J. D. Gillespie.
Fin.—P. A. MeCirtlljr:
B.—M. P. Morris.
G.—J. E. Spooner.
Trustee—J. V. Goq^^j.
Lace scarfs, faeinators, yarns,
zephyrs, working silks, araseiises
tassels, banner rods, all at reduced
I price#. Miss
Arizona Kicker: The otjier week
a tenderfoot who said he had been
reporter on the Pittsburgh Chronicle,
came along and struck us for a job,
and we set him to work Monday on
the agricultural department of this
paper. We warned him against the
strange climate of this strange coun
try, and that he must not attempt to
handle anything until he first asked
the name of it. After two or three
hours he got the swell-head and weut
out to chin the boys, and that after
noon we buried him. He had heard
tell of jackass rabbits, but had never
seen one, and someone made him be
lieve that Colonel Moore's mule.which
was tied to the postoffice, was one of
those gentle creatures of the plains,
lie was looking to see if the animal's
feet were webbed when the calamity
came. "Mortum bum," which is the
Latin for he didn't know it was load
ed, and that we have his latch-key,
five cents in money and a summer
neck tie which we will forward to his
friends on request.
The TRIBUNE is pleased at all times
to make note of the improvement in
stock, whether it be in our county of
Stevens or some other county of the
stated The Red Wing Advance Sun
has the following in retatioe to.the
stock iuterest in Goodhue county:
"Another addition to the stock inter
ests of the connty has just been made,
which is of more than usual import
ance. It is the purchase by II. E.
Perkins of a herd of Aberdeen Angus
cattle, consisting of 35 cows and six
bulls, which hits been placed on his
Featherstone farm for stock raising
purposes. This herd is the first of the
kind to be brought into this county,
and hence is attracting no little atten
tion. The breed is primarily and
principally a beef breed, and as such
takes rank among the best, in fact by
many it is considered to he the very
best animal. Mr. Perkins intends to
engage in the development of this
breed on an extensive scale, and it is
certainly the earnest wish of every
one that his enterprise may be re*
warded with that succss which it so
richly merits,"
If you have a painful sense of fatigue,
find your duties irksome, take Dr. J. H.
McLean's Sarsaparilla. It will brace
ou up, make you strong and vigorous,
'or sale by Hulburd & Co.
All through our land thereara so
cieties and different organizations,
formed for the laudable and christain
purpose of reforming mankind, and
especially for looking after youth who
have become orphans and thrown up
on the world, without home and de
prived of the kindly advice and care
of friends. But notwithstanding the
fact of the existeupe of these numer
QUS humane societies orphans and
homeless children are to be found in
nearly every village who receive no
attention from these societies in
the country, to say nothing of those in
the large cities. Young children,
left without the advice and watchful
care of a mother, are often not slow
in finding the road to ruin, down
which they pass to an untimely grave,
with no one to shed a tear qf pity or
express a yegv^t over their sad tak
ing off." It is not necessary for us
to look farther than our own little
city to find cases of this kind. If our
moral and religous societies would
give more sitteption to the heathen"
at home and not expend all of their
sympathy and money on the heathen
of some far-off Uorah-goolah-gah, it
would be far better for humanity gen
Benson Monitor: A loud protest is
now being heard from towns along
this division of the Great Northern on
account of the miserable train ser
vice now offered the public, At
places like Clontarf, DeGraff and
Murdock where people can get their
mail only by freight the kick is es
pecially strong. Take tltf JtlonitwrHi
own experience for instance. Last
week we put the bundle containing
the DeGraff mail in the office here on
Friday. No mail is put off the freight
trains going east. The mail is car
ried to the stations having no night
offices on the west bound trains and is
taken from these places by those go
ing eastward. So the Monitor's De
Graff list was taken to Willmar on
Friday night's train. As it was not
distributed in that office until after
the freight had left Saturday morn
ing it must have laid there until the
next west bound freight va^ sent out,
which was ftot until Monday morn
ing. Thus the mail that was put in
the office here last Friday did not
reach DeGraff until Monday of this
week—three davs to go a distance of
Seven miles, If that is^'t iutse.ri}h^e
mail or tyapi service fp,r. th}scivilUed
age the Monitor will lqrever drop its
claims as arjudge of the difference
between modern and aueieni accqu^
A. V. and A. X.
The follwing are the -ifflcers of
Golden Sheaf Lodge. A. F. k A. M.,
for the ensuing year.
W. M.—F. A. Hancock.
S. W.—W. F. Cooley.
J, W---W- C. nickucU
^ec.--Wr VV. GrU'voWl.'
'jreas.—-I. VV. ly.
3. D.—A.
J), w, "iiiiltf:
8, £•—A
J. 8.—L) !'tr*i Lliifiley,
Tyler—(. 8-amona.
—. ..jf
Of the product »f I. w. Harper
tiller. Nelson county, Kentucky.
herpby- *fiis '^hfsfey is
not sQ^d promiscuously over tire conn*
try but is placed only Into the hands
«f one respectable dealer In each
plaice, whose name is a guarantee that
the'whisky is sold pure .as it conies
from the Distillery.
Messrs. Mathews k Buckley are tfyp
only Riilhorkprt MfitH tov J^orris,
"Woman,Her diseases and Their Treat
ment A valuafllc illustrated book" Wf
sevonty-two pages sent free, on receipt
of 10 cents, to covcr cost of mailing,
A Surprise.
Jftrhaps one of the most surprised
men in seven states was County Com
missioner Milo Camp last evening
when he returned from a session of
the board at about 7:30. He found
gathered at his pleasant home several
of his neighbors and friends, apd on
entering his domicil was requested to
seat himself in one of Good's elegant
easy chairs. On the centre table was
a superb bible, by the reading of
which Milo-could "ease his con
ccience" for the sins he has commit
ted while a member of the board of
commissioners. The real and perhaps
the most pleasant surprise was a
magnificent cake, on which were the
figures 1853 and 1891, the former being
the year of Mr. C.'s birth, and the
latter indicating the anniversary of
that event. This was the handiwork
of Mrs. Camp. The other presents
came from friends as a memento for
his public services on behalf of iti*
Ssrioas Fire.
The following property was dis
troyed by lire on the Bull farm, about
two miles west of this city, yesterday
forenoon. Mr. J. C. Campbell has
charge of the farm:
Five head of horses, 15 head of cat
tie, two barns, 2,500 Isabels of oats,
a quantity of barley. 75 busheis cl
flax, 40 tons of hay, a large amount of
farm machinery, harnesses, etc. etc.
The fire was discovered at about 9
o'clock, but its origin is unknown.
The property was insured, but Mr.
Campbell, who gave us the above
facts, did not know the amount.
We understand that Mr. Campbell
owned the stock.
The Best Salve in the world for Guts,
Bruises, Sores, Ulcers, Salt Rneum, Fev
er Sores, Tetter, Chapped Hands, Chil
blains, Corns, and all Skin Eruptions,
and positively cures Piles, or no pay re
quired It is guaranteed to give perfect
satisfaction or money refunded. Price
25 cents per box. For sale by Fritz
Buckentin, Morris, and Thorpe & Tollif
son, Hancock.
In Judge Gillespie's Court.
F. McCullough was arrested De
cember 30th. charged with taking $45
from M. Igo on the 29th day of Dec.
1890. He was brought before Justice
Gillespie for examination and held
for grand jury under bond of $200.
In default of bail he was committed
to the care of Sheriff Munro.
One Mr. Zimmerman, partner in the
horse show lately here, caused the ar
rest of Quint Quick, the party in
charge of horses left here last week,
on charge of cruelty to animals, in
that he did not give said animals pro
per exercise. Upon examination it
was held by the court that the evi
dence did not sustain the charge and
Quint was discharged Quick and
quickly left the court.
Nathan Wilson was arrested on the
31st ult. on the charge of assault in
the first degree upon Joseph Strau
benger. He was brought into court
and upon the request of the counuty
attorney examination was postponed
to January 8th. Bail was fixed at
tl,50O, which was furnished.
You cannot accomplish any work it
business unless you feel well. If yo.
feel used up—tired out—take Dr. J. II
McLean's Sarsaparilla. It will give you
health, strength and vitality. Sold by
Hulburd & Co.
A Professional Nurse.
One who is thoroughly conpetent, who
is neat, tidy and quiet, whose very touch
is medicine, who knows what to do and
when to do it is a blessing indeed, but
so few there are who fully understand,
know, and are able to use the require
ments, the endorsement of a medicine
by such a person should carry weight.
They have practical experience, and op
portunities of seeing and noting the
effect better really than the Physician in
charge, as they are with the patient day
and night and every change and symptom
^5 QQted and watched.
I have myself used and in my profes
sion as nurse administered your Red
Clover Remedies, and find] that it does
all and more than you say for it. I
cheerfully recommended it for troubles
of Stomach, Liver or Bowls, and have
advised my friends to use it, which has
been done and in every case with the
very best results, and all speak of Loose's
Extract Red Clover in the highest terms.
March, 30th, 1889. Marion, Ohio.
to**'*** Hint'April
4, 18d0, two calves, one red and white
and the other black. The owner can
have same by proving property and pay
inglcliarges. PATRICK
52t3 Town of Hevtpn.
pr. Harris is now in his office in Mor^
ris from 9 a. in., to 5 p. m., every day ex*
cept Sunday.
its first stages, can bo successfully
by the prompt use of Ayer'S
Cherry Pectoral. Even in the Inter
periods of that disease, ijlict cough is
linvQ used Aver's Cherry Pectoral''
with \lie Vest clleet in luy practico.
^'hia wonderful once saved
wy Ufc, I had a cousiaut vuHuh, »dgh|
la flesh,
given lip by my p!-y ioian. On#
bottlo and a l-.-tlf of t! o Ivcinrnl cured
me."—A. J. l-.uaon, M. 1., Hii«:«Ilutoi%i.
Several years ago I was severely ii^:
Tlie doctors naiil I was in consumption,
and that they couid do nothing for mo,
but advised me, as a last resort, to try
Ayer's Cherry Pectoral. After tnkitii
this Txiotltoino two or '•'ufbiUlis'T
wa»curefl,tti#h'cSdth veinains good
tb tlie present day "—James birduurd,
parien, Cyu«.
Several yearn ago, on apassan-e home
from California, hy water, I contracted
so severe a colli that for some days
was confined to my state-room, ami a
physician on board considered my lire
in danger. Happening to have a bottle
of Ayer's Cherry Pectoral, I used it
freely, and my hm^s were soon renter
to a healthy conditio ), iiinee tlieh'S
liaya *vuitly reconrtnemfed this prepl
Aratlooi.fViJ. 1. itJUandtar, Junction Var
flyer's Cherry Pectoral,
Or. «L O. Ayer & Co., Lowell, Mass.
Extended to One and
Vtt Commence the Mew
Yeas, we Offer at
FIRST cast
All oar
Blankets, Etc.
In Fact, All Heavy Winter
Bespeotfully yours,
Pmrie Fsrmejt-
Hie otw-reliable agricultural journal,
The Prairie Farmer, of Chicago, comes
out with its initial number for 1891 in a
handsome new dress, and is indeed an
elegant paper, filled with the soundest
and most practical information for all
interested in agriculture in its many de
partments. The present editorial organ*
ization of The Prairie Farmer is most
complete and thorough, and the journal
enters its 51st year better equipped than
ever. Writers who aro well known au
thorities are its regular contributors, and
their articles are accompanied bv illus
trations and engravings, to assist the
reader tb the fullest understanding o{
the subject treated. V
The Prairie Farmer is a model hottys
paper, alike useful to the farmer, the
villager, and the city man.furnishing de
lightful reading for all who love and ap*
preoiatc agriculture. The ladies and
children are not forgotten, for its de
partments of Household, Garden and
Lawn, Young Folks. Poetry, Puzzles and
Miscellany are unsurpassed.
The publishers will send a sample copy
to every applicant, and it is worth while
to di'op them a postal for a specimen, or
sind them the subscription price, One
Dollar, for a year, to The Prairie Farm
er, 108 Adams St., Chicago, 111.
To all new subscribers who pay in ad
vance we will send the Tiunqipi and
Prairie Farme? qqe year for $9.00.
Attention, Overton Post
There will be a meeting of Overton.
Post, Q. A. R., at Odd Fellow's Hall,
next Friday evening, January 9th» 1891,
at 7:30 o'clock. Installation of officers
and all membefs ate requested to be pre
My & Pimm
Fir Coats,
Morris, Jan, 7th, 1'
go^ds at Miss, Spooaer'q
^ersRent discount for the next 30 days.
We are in the market for good No. 1
wheat. Bring samples and get our priees
befora seliingelsewhere,
H. W- STOW**Oo
When Baby was wc*, wa g«re her Caatoria.
When atae waa a Child, she cried for CMtoria.
When ahe became Miss, she clung to CMtoria^
When the had Children,
ahe gave them Castori*
If yoq suffer from any affection caus
ftd ht impure blood, such as scrofula,
gait rheum, sores, bolls, pimples, tetter,
ringworm, take Dr J. II. McLean's Sar»
saparilla. Sold by Hulburd & Co.
A Load of Hay.
Win ted in payment for tlie Tm
BrSt£. Please deliver soon,
H. a fir%V®K8^'
2 Children Cry for
Pitcher's Castorla*
You can be cliccrful ami h»pi*SP eBfrf
when you are well. If vou fee! "out Ojt
sorts" tako l)i\ J. l|. MoLoan's Sarsaps*
It is probably true that there are
iwrtain persons in Morris and vicinity
|vho sometimes indulge in a glass of
beer. We do not vouch fortliis state*
Inent being strictly true, but circum
•tantial evidence indicates that such
Is the case. For the benefit of such
persons we would state that Doctor
Schultze, in Science, claims to have
established, by a very extended series
of experiments, that beer, by as little
as five minute's standing in any glass,
even when cold and in the dark, will
be materially affected both in taste
and odor. By making trial tests on
some hundred persons he sustains his
claims. The change is due, as he
thinks, to the slight solubility of the
glass substance in the beer. Lead is
used in the manufacture of glass,
making it more easy to manipulate,
and from experiments with glass ob
tained from the leading source of supj
ply, he determined that one cubic
centimetre of beer, by five minute's
standing in a glass, dissolved 6-20 ten
millionths of a milligram of the glass
substance containing 0-48 thousand
millionths of a milligram of lead ox
ide. It is this small quantity of glass
substance that affects the taste of the
beer, and if it contains lead, renders
it objectionable for sanitary reasons,
By further experiments with vessels
of different substances, he came to
the conclusion that gold-lined silver
mugs are the best,. and he ranks
covered salt-glazed stone mugs as
What The Hone Would Say.
Any one who is guilty of abusing
and mistreating a horse, especially a
good horse, ought to be punished se
verely. Yet scarcely a day pa
but we see right here in Morris some
of these noble animals treated in a
shameful yes, brutal manner. And it
it is for the benefit of those persons
who mistreat their horses that we
publish the following, and ask for it a
careful perusal.
Wilmer Atkinson has been investi
gating tlie sentiments of a horse, and
he says in his Journal that the horse,
if it could talk, would say:
Don't hitch me to an iron post or
railing when the mercury is below
freezing. I need the skin on nay
Don't leave me hitched in my stall
at night with a big cob right where I
must lie down. I am tied and can't
select a smooth place.
Don't compel me to eat more salt
than I want by mixing it with my oats*
I know better than any other animal
how much I need.
Don't think becnuse I go free under
the whip I don't get tired. Yon would
move up if under the whip.
Don't think because I am a horse
that iron weeds and briars won't hurt
my hay.
Don't whip me when I get frighten
ed along the road, or I will expect it
next time and may make trouble.
Don't trot me up hill for I have to
carry you and the buggy and myself
too. Try it yourself sometime. Run
up hill with a big load.
Dort'tic^ep my stable vSfjr^dack^
for when I go out in the light mv eyes
are injured, especially if snow be en
the ground.
Don't say whoa, unless you mean it.
Teach me to stop at the word. It may
check me if the lines break and save
a runaway and smash-up.
Don't make me drink ice cold water,
nor put a frosty bit in my mouth,
Warm the bit by holding it a half of
a minute against my body.
Don't forget to file my teeth when,
they get jagged and I cannot chew my
food. When I get lean it is a sign
my teeth want filing.
Don't ask me to "back" with blind
on. I am afraid to.
Don't run me down a steep hill, for
if anything should give way I might
break your neck.
Don't put on my blind-bridle so
that it irritates my eye, or so leave
my forelock that it will be in my eyes.
Don't be so careless of my harness
as to find a great sore on me before
you attend to it.
Don't lend me to some blockhead
that has less sense than I have.
Don't forget the old book that is a
friend to all oppressed, that says: "A
merciful man is merciful to his beast."
The Western Rural suggests sever
al other tilings the horse would say if
he could. He would say:
Don't make such an infernal fool o
yourself as to curse me when you ge
mad, I can't tell whether you arc
cursing or praying. All I know
that you seem to be more ungovern
able than 1 am.
Don't let an Ignorant horse shoei
drive a nail into the sensitive part ot
the foot. It hurts, I tell you.
Don't try to warm yourself up with
whisky on a cold day while I am out
side shivering.
Don't compel me to cook my feet by
standing in hot manure.
Don't pile the litter up around my
manger to dry. The scent is neither
healthful or pleasant.
Oreat Remedy
18 Hill Street,
Baa Francisco, Chi.,
April 23,1890.
"Hating Won sore
ly afflicted with rheu
matism, my mother
and daughter with
sore throat, we have,,
by the use of St. Jacobs
Oil, been cured."
ElAenville, N. Y.. Jan. «, 1890.
"I suffered with neuralgia, bought a bottle
of St. Jacobs Oil and soon recovered. I treated
a sprained ankle with same results,"
TKOH. M. VAN Goawm.
Baltimore, Md., Dee. 1S, 1889.
1 suffered a long time with sciatic pains tn
the hipS found no relief till I tried St,
fcoift oil, which completely cured me,
frMtrrsptly and Perman*ntfy
-5 ,*"' V
.Handled on Commission.
Money Loaned
At Low Rates, and with Privilege of
Yearly Payments.-
Of all Legitimate Kinds,
have none but R*"
flPair-Dea&ig v
And will Unload if I have to
Here are a Few Specialties that I want to draw
attention to:
Men and Boys Suits, at Cost!
T. J. MOORE jMorris, Minn.
General Lavi -^oiiiess
All Collections Receive Prompt
dairy and good
fof beet. A tfew
grade woarliag)
ris, Minn
CK).,HlYariftfe Farm,Mor­
Photograph Gallery!
Ha* opened the Photograph Rooms
over Croonquist's Store, and are now
prepared for business.
Parties in want of First-Class Work
are invited to call.
Satisfaction Guaranteed!
Morris, Oct. 22,1890.
FIRST, Cath. S200
3, Each $10 Cath. 50
20, Each $5 Cash, IOO
m«i 250 Found Boies
DDI7CC iguhther'SC"?! 250
rnifcCQ Total Prizes. $700
Will be given to ihese forming the MOST
Hr'thT"Latest Intention in Writing Pens.
So words w.nt
WVbsttT'-.T Worcester's
Dictionaries. ./ .u i a ucr
thftn it occurs in
one enl
ranffe words nlphabetieallv uml at end of list write
your name. P. O. addit ss and numler ot' wonis in list,
words must be written in ink with a
Tadella and
tha Pen used mult be enclosed with the list.
v^t Ki\-
these prizesto induce vou to try tlie pells. A Tadella
Pen mav be bought of IfOVK STATION KR for
a penny,or we
will send sample dz..to suit ivll hands.and full informa­
regard'"* method of awarding prizes.for
UAon rnltud
paid through the NATIOS.VT.
HOK (ML I .KAT11KK ANK New York.
Answers must be received H£FOHK 3ARCH UTH. and
the I'omm'.ttce will award prizes within twenty days.
For further information address (with two-cent stauip)
When writhe men?! i!s prtpor.
30 years
•Tells the slorys
Everybody's Wagon."
One or two seats, or two horses,
light, atrooft kandy—justwhateverybody
irante. Write for circular.
Heavy wagous, light wagons, trocbr,
«nd bob sleighs—we make them alH a&'~
We sell besides buggies, road carts aud eer»
ilage?. YOU can't afford to'buy wlthc»*J
ftrst examining our goods. A flrstrCA
agent wanted In every town.
WINONA WAGON CO., Wiaooa, fei^:
fenn dt our NEW Hn®
Trapidlv and honorably, by those of
either net, youtipcc Mirt Ju thrir
n locaHtios.whervvfr tln*y Im\ Any
can lo the work. K«*v to lrnr.i.
e AirnUh »v»rrthlnjr.
No rUk.
»i-» entiling
Md 1 -1
V«»» own «U vi.r,
your inoiiu'nu, or voni lime to thfcwork.
entirely inl,aini hini^.H HOudertuI miocem to
urk* r.
trum to
pi-rwoek ftin
It tile
.. vM,
tj1 *v« K
•'*\?r-''ti .-
Caps, Gloves & Mittens, at Cost!
Wool Boots Must Go!
Overshoes Must Go!
Blankets and Flannels Must Go!
Underwear Must Go!
Boots and Shoes Must Go
Groceries at usual Close Prices.
Have an Overstok of APPLES, which I will Sell Below
Market Price.
I Need Money to meet my Bills. THE GOODS MUST QQl
Mouldings, Building Paper, 4c.
Also, Fence Posts and Cord-wood.
Yard on Sixth Street, near Engine House,
House, Sign & Carriage
All Work Guaranteed to be
Shop on Sixth Street, a little Eaat of EngUw
So'D T»
ARE seiesiti:U*a!lyaa4
earefuilv prei-areti 'ivsoripnoiis used for raeay
years iu private rraot u-e with success..« fcronrW
thirty wars used by .ic people. Every .UK'ie Spe
cific Is'a special cure for the disease rained.
These Specities cure without drugging.
lng or reducing the system, and are in fact IM
deed the sovereign remedies oft he W orle.
& Fevers, Congestion, inflammation...
Worms. Worm Fever, Worm Colic..
i vi ns Co i ie, or Teething of Infests
IHhrrhen. of ChiUireu or Adults....
lysentery« Gripiug, Bilious Colkv...
Cholera Morbus. Vomiting..
Couttlis. Cold, bronchitis
Neu ra Itfia, Too nache, Fnceache—
iemlm ne?. ?tck Headaclte. ertlgo
i Stomach.
or Painful Perledl.
Whites, too Profuse Periixls
13 Croup. Cough. Pifticult Bresthinif....
11 !~nlt Uheuni. Erysipelas, KruntkUMk
15 heiiiKH ism. Rheumatic Pains....
16 Fever and A sue. Chills, Maiarle.. ,,
17 I'iles. lilind or lileedlng
19 (ainrrh, lurtuen?.a. Cold In the Head
i£Q Whoopiiu Cough. Violent Coughs.
General Debility.I'liystealWealcneaa
"tl Kidney l)isens»»
liS Nervous Debility 1
30 1 rinarv rakness. Wetting Bed.
3'i Diseasrs of theIIeart,Palpitation
Sold by Druggists, or sent postpaid on reo«lp®
of price.
HVMVHRKYS' .'1AN','AJ, (144 p«s«s)
richly bound In cloth and gold, mailed free.
Humphreys'3IedlciueCo.lt® Fulton St, N T.
E 1 I S
A Distinctively Northwestern
Ann. Advocate of Northwestern
Opposed to War Taxation In Tim*
of Peace.
Opposed to the Taxation of the Farmer I
Laborer for the Benefit of Monopo
lies and Trusts.
Always BBMKT, CUUS AKD mimi
Agt«. forMoTTls
GI.OBK is a Favorite wltli
year. Send SO cents
ggi^Orders may be left at Kerl A WktxKe'f
^l^cKsmith Shop.
Sample & Billiard Room
Christianson & Flatner,
New Building, New Fixtures,
and Everything in First
Class Style.
Best af lager Beer, Wiaes, Li%ion
and Cigars Always «i Hand*
Female Weakness, Ulcers, Toman, Sore*
Abscesses, Blood Poisoning, Salt Rheum
Catarrh, Erysipelas, Rheumatism and sli
Blood and Skin Diseases. PRICEti.
Bottle, or 6
for $ i lb can Solid Extract
and the Family. The price it
a six
trial, and get, besides all the News and GoodL
Things, the Proeeedings of the Legislature OS
Your State and of iigress.
Oftbe Several Kditioai of UteMvfee
WKBKLT Eight Pases,
Wo tnn furnish mhi the cm
•iiim io «x|kiB bfrtt.
CO., AldllTAt lAUll
Ysaii fl.OO
DAILY. "... 8.0O
StiNDAT. Twenty PfcRw, 2.00
Only. Per Month, .TO
AUDSUSOAT, Per Month, .8ft

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