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tie £vitmtu,
WEDNESDAY, OCT. 91, 1801.
The steam plow oil the Manhattan
Farm, Gallatin Valley, Moutana,
has traction wheels twenty-four inch
es broad, and will therefore work on
ground that is a little soft without
miring down. It draws twelve twelve-
A Sauk Centre merchant advertises
prints at 3b cents a yard. Great
heavaiis'. That is away down below
the amount of the tariff on that arti
cle of feminine wear! And this, too,
right square on the face of the decla
ration of Ex-President Cleveland and
other free traders that the amount of
tariff on any article is added to the
price of that article or, in other words,
"itie tariff
a tax, ami
litis to pav it." Tliat Sauk Centre
Blio l,
merchant, whoso name is
ji'iould bo ivX'iied ait i\
M.'i-Stivr: The Xcw
i i e n i i o u s i n s
country cost about as much as it dce3
to maintain the Russian army. The
comparison is an odd one, since the
Union army saved a great republic
from being dismembered, while the
Russian army represents the ambi
tions and fears of an absolute mon
arch. The Times should give equal
attention to the fact that while Rus
sia is offered only 78 for its new loan
the United States can obtain par at
half the rate of interest. By credit
ing the financial difference to Ameri
can patriotism the balance sheet of
the Times will have a different bal
Dr. J. C. Ayer & Co. are among the
heaviest advertising firms in the
world. Their annual outlay ranges
from $250,CCD to $400,000. When
asked how they were able to decide
that this immense expenditure in ad
vertising paid them, they replied:
"Because we have tested it thor
oughly, and proven to our satisfaction
that we cannot drop the advertise
ments. For two years we stopped all
our advertising in Indians. Although
our medicines have been sold in that
state for thirty years or more, and
were as familiar as household names,
their sales dropped oft so that at the
end of the two years there were less
than one-third of the amount sold
while advertising. We made the
same experiment in two other states,
with similar results. W hen we again
placed our advertising we got back
our old trade. Is not that satisfactory
proof that our advertising is a necess
'Business men who claim that, be
cause they advertised years ago and
thereby become well known to the
public at that time that it is not nec
essary to again advertise, should prof
it by the experience of the above
named firm.
The Xew York Sun, the ablest pa
per now supporting the Democratic
party, makes the following exceeding
ly pithy comments upon the efforts
of Ex-President Cleveland and other
prominent Democrats to persuade the
people that the protective tariff is
ruining the country:
"From all parts of the West, from
all parts of the country, comes the
same story. The crops are good,
business is good, the spirits and the
hopes of the people are high. If but
half of the expectations are realized
we shall be thankful.
This well satisfied and thriving
country the Coricana Gorden and
the Claimant [Cleveland] have under
taken to persuade that it has been
ruined and still is being ruined by
the protective tariff. These two sing
ular compounds of mountebank .and
crank want the Democratic party to
shut its eyes, stand on its head, and
say to the farmers, whose barns are
bulging with grain, "Your grainaries
are empty on account of the tariff
to the jobbers and the country store
keepers, whose stocks are being sold
as fast as they are ordered, "You are
prevented from doing business by
the tariffto the laborers, whose ser
vices are in greater demand than ever,
''You can find no work on account of
the tariff to the well dressed, "You
are naked on account of the tariff
to the well-to-do, "You are paupers on
account of the tariffto a nation di
gesting its dinner with enjoyment and
peace of mind, "You are starving on
account of the tariff."
If the Democratic party were suf
ficiently far gone with paresis to be
scared by the croaking of these ridicu
lous crows, it would be laughed out
of sight in 1892. Hired weepers are
not in demand at a wedding feast,
and (Crows are hunted with shotguns.
Northwestern Architect: Some
thing must be done to shut out scien
tific ways of competing with and
breaking down our industries. We can
no longer complain in the name of
our infant industries alone because
the evil now boldly attacks the oldest
and best established. If one had
been asked a short time since what
Minnesota product was host fit tod to
withstand the competition of any and
all comers he would have named her
ice crop. But now the Minneapolis
Brewing Association is putting a fifty
u thousand dollar refrigerating apparat
us into its new brewery, and we sub
mit thai the time is ripe for a strike
against the galling competition with
brains which we are forced to meet
at every turn. These fellows who are
ever scheming to upset and supplant
old ways of production with some of
their infernal tangled jugglery, are
by this last act self-convicted of total
want of sentiment, and their perform-
inch plows and moves at a speed of
three miles per hour, will draw the
plows at most any depth they may be aucc borders so near to the impious
jmd is operated by three men, that they may not hoie to escape the
plowing forty acres per day.
The Chicago, Milwaukee & St.
I%nl railway company is building at
ita Milwaukee shops two new engines
which promise a revolution in loco
motive building. The new engines
consume their own smoke and have
no smoke stack. They are fitted up
with an electrical headlight, which is
placed on a stand immediately in
front of the boiler, thus giving the
engineer an unobstructed view of
the line ahead.
wrath of a loyal people. It has come
to a pretty pass when the generous
work of our great patron—we had
nearly written saint—J. Frost, must
by their low scheming be made to com
pete with the cheap labor of Ohio oil
or Illinois coal. What adds iusidt to
injury, what "rubs it in" and makes it
altogether unbearable to our people,
who are above all things proud of
Minnesota's lakes and streams and
their beautiful winter harvest, is the
introduction of fire and steam into
ice making. We warn these scientif
ic scoundrels,—who for all we know
are in the pay of the fuel barons,—
that it would be none too bad for
them should our good old patron
turn on them with some device for
^heating our buildings with the beauti
ful crystal harvested from our lakes.
Such retaliation would be strictly
proper when the provocation is con
sidered, and would be heralded with
delight by a loyal people.
i How's ThisI
We offer One Hundred Dollars Ijto
ward for any ease of Catarrh that cannot
le cured i»y takiug Hall's Catarrh Cure.
F. J. CLIENKY & Co Props.,
Toledo, Ohio,
We, tlie undersigned have known
I F. J. Cheney the past 15 years, and be
lieve him perfectly honorable in all busi
ness transactions, and financially able to
carry out any obligations made by their
West & Truax, Wholesale Druggists,
Toledo, Ohio, Walding, Kinnan, & Mar
vin, Wholesale Druggists, Toledo, Ohio.
Hall's Catarrh Cure is taken internal
ly, acting directly upon the blood and
mucous surfaces of the system. Price,
75c. per bottle. Sold by all druggists.
"Didn't you tell me you could hold
the plow?" said a farmer to an Irish
man he had taken on trial.
''Be aisy, now," said Fat. "How
could I hould it and two horses pul
lin' it away Just stop the craytures
and 111 hould it for ye."
From our Washington correspond
ent: It is pertinent to remark that
congress will convene two months
hence Bnd that a new era in investi
gation will begin. A new party never
comes into power without putting a
score or more of investigation brooms
to sweeping out the various depart
ments at Washington.
It is understood on excellent au
thority that the President will fill the
vacancy at the court of claims before
the court meets on the last Monday of
this month. The docket of the court
is said to be overcrowded and action
on claims is necessarily delayed be
yond a reasonable length of time, so
that it is urged to be quite essential
that there should be a full bench as
early as possible. It is said that the
chances are in favor of the appoint
ment of ex-Representative Thompson,
of Ohio, who is supported b}r Senator
Sherman. He was in two congresses
and a member of the judiciary com
mittees of those houses. Judge But
ler of Indiana was thought to be a
certainty until it developed that it
was the desire of the Republicans of
that state that he be the next candi
date for governor* He is very deaf
and that, it is claimed, would natur
ally handicap him severely as a mem
ber of a court. No one mentions the
name of Comptroller Gilkeson in this
connection nowadays and he is re
garded quite out of the race.
Comptroller Lacey has expressed
himself in favor of establishing a
training school for bank examiners
and bank receivers and may make
such a recommendation in his report.
The difficulty in finding proper men,
thoroughly equipped, disassociated by
financial interests and personal and
political ties, with bank organizations,
and sufficient standing in the com
munity to inspire confidence, has long
been felt in the comptroller's office in
the appointment of receivers for banks,
and is an argument that strongly ap
peals for change in the method of ap
pointment of receivers. In a lesser
degree It applies also 4© bank exam
The McKinley law has not caused
such a decrease in foreign commerce
Absolutely Pure.
A sjream of tartar baking powder.
Highest of ail in leavening strength.—
Latest U.S. Government Food Report.
of the United States. On the con
trary, under the new tariff act, the
volume of our foreign trade has
proportions never before attained and
the official figures give the lie direct
to the free trade editors of the Demo
cratic press who maliciously misrep
resented the provisions of the McKiu
ley law before their actual operation
was known. The government report
of foroign commerce in August shows
an incroase in the exports of merchan
dise of $10,087,7(»1 over the previous
month. Compared with the same
month in preceding years the exports
were larger than they were a year ago
by $16,563,438, and larger than in
August, 1890 by $13,028,202. In two
months of the present fiscal year—
July and August -the exports show
an increase of nearly $25,000,000 ovor
the similar period of 18(.X), and nearly
$24,000,000 over the like period of
1889. During the twelve months
ending with August, the exports show
an increase of nearly $ 1,000,000 over
the preceding year and nearly $147,
0WUXX) over two years ago. As the
McKinley law was operative during
July and August aud during nearly
eleven months of the year from which
the above figures are taken, no high
order of intelligence is necessary to
determine whether the free trade edi
tors lied or told the truth when they
declared the McKinley law would
cause a decrease in the foreign trade
of the United States.
The Best Salve in the world for Cuts,
Bruises, Sore3, Ulcers, Salt Rheum, Fev
er Sores, Tetter, Chapped Hands, Chil
blains, Corns, and all Skin Eruptions,
and positively cures Piles, or no pay re
quired It is guaranteed to give perfect
satisfaction or money refunded. Price
2T cents per box. For sale by Fritz
Buckentin, Morris, and Tliorpo & Tollif
son, Hancock.
A Fairy Tale.
A famous woodsman once boasted
that he could find his way through a
wilderness and return by the same path.
Being tested, he carried with him a
slender thread, which should serve as a
guide for the return trip. Reaching the
end of his journey, he lay down to rest.
While he rested came the genius of in
dustry and breathed upon his thread and
changed it to two shinning ribbons of
steel. It was a railroad. Tluongs of
people whirled past him in luxurious
cars, and he read upon the train the
mystic legend: "WisconsinCentral!"
For tickets, berths and full informa
tion apply to any ticket agent.
Quick Time and Best Route.
The route to western Iowa, Nebras
ka, Kansas, Colorado, and the south
west is via the Great Northern to
Sioux City. Leave Morris at 12:56
a. m. Leave St. Paul at G:40 p. m.,
Minneapolis 7:15 p. m., arrive at
Sioux City 7:15 a. m. leave on the
Union Pacific at 8:25, reach Denver
in thirty-six hours, Ogden and Salt
Lake in two and a half days, and
other points in southwest in quick
time. For full particulars see L. A.
Hamblen, agent of the Great North
era Railway. ^3t3
Farms For Sale.
At low prices and on very easy
terms, in Stevens and Swift counties.
E. 4th St., St. Paul, Minn.
Headache and neuralgia like dreams
fade away before the use of Dr. White
hall's Megrimine, sold by Fritz Bucken
tin, druggist. 24
Lump and ground rock 6alt for sale at
Cairney's Meat Market. 13tf
Bacteria Killed by Electricity.
The disease producing bacteria may
be billed by a current of electricity, as
has been shown by experiments with
bottles of water containing them. By
passing the current from a battery
through a loop of wire suspended in the
water it was found that a small voltage
was sufficient to deprive the most active
bacteria of life. The consumption ba
cillus died under two and a quarter
volts, while other more hardy species
could not survive more than three volts
and a half.
Unfortunately, this electrical method
would be too expensive and troublesome
for the householder to pursue. It is sug
gested, therefore, that cities or water
companies shall perform the entire task,
delivering the water to consumers in a
condition guaranteed harmless. Accord
ing to the plan proposed the killing of
the microbe is to be accomplished at the
reservoir. Nothing could be easier than
to apply the energy of a battery by a
current at one place in the supply pipes
as to kill with absolute certainty every
microbe that passed through in the flow
ing water.
A dynamo with a capacity of 1,000
volts would do the work perfectly for
the biggest possible pipe, slaying all the
bacteria going through and rendering
innocuous all the millions of gallons
daily that a metropolis consumes. All
that is necessary is that a length of the
pipe shall be made of insulated material,
and through holes in its sides will be in
serted wires representing the poles of the
battery—positive on one side and nega
tive on the other. Set the dynamo going,
and the current springs through the wa
ter, filling it with powerful electric
waves necessarily fatal to all living or
ganisms floating in the stream.—New
York Telegram.
Rules for Dress.
Dress yourself fine where others are
fine, a»d pjaiji where others are plain
but take care that your clothes are well
made and fit you, ror otherwise they will
give you a very awkward aw.—Lo»d
Common Sense i» Bicycle Riding.
Regarding pneumatic tires, the editor
of the cycling department in Outing
says: "There is no doubt about it but
that a better air valve must be devised,
made with an airtight cap which cap
not be detached. Some suck device 1
hear has been tried in its experimental
stages, and when completed it will be a
vast improvement on the crude valve
now generally in use. Dealers must
take pains to instruct purchasers of pneu
maivs tires how to inflate and to what
tension—th? heavier the man the harder
the tension. Riders muip use brains and
common sense and not be afraid to take
a bit of trouble if they would get the
beet jesults out of a jjceujuiatic tire."
from the V. H. Ship Baltimore
Chilians In u Melee.
NEW YORK, Oct. 19.—A Herald special
from Valparaiso says: Three, perhaps
four, American men-of-warsmen were
killed and several others were more or
less seriously hurt in a desperate street
fight with a crowd of Chilian sailors. A
number of the Chilians were pretty
badly hurt, but so far as known none
were killed.
The last spike on the Seattle and Mon
tana has been driven. The road is
eighty-seven and one-half miles in length
and runs Seattle to Jannis Prairie, Ska
git county, where it i« met by the Fair
haven anil Southern, which rnnsto New
Westminster, B. C. Both roads are the
property uf the Great Northern,
The Marilrrer of Manes l.ufkln Executed
at ItfdwouU Fulls, Minn,
Flfty-thi as Many
Rebel* Killed and
More Wounded.
NEW YORK, Oct. 14.—The Herald pub
lishes a dispatch from Monte video, which
says that fifty-three of the revolutionists
were shot and killed, and as many more
wounded in the recent uprising. The
number participating in the uprising
was about 600 men. It had been planned
to assassinate President Obez, and a
number of men had been detailed to per
form this work, but the plot was dis
covered in time to adopt measures for
the protection of the executive. The
government supporters declare that the
Catholic elergy are largely responsible
for the revolt, and that they urged the
junta on its outbreak. Montevideo has
been placed under martial law. It has
leaked out that $30 0,000 was offered the
colonel of the artillery to turn over the
town to the rebels, but that lie refused.
Children Cry for
Pitcher's Castoria.
De "Old Way" Eriles do Cook
as well as de Steak.
To broil perfectly, over a fire, requires con
atant watching and an experienced coos.
With the CHAPTER OAK. a child ten years
old will equal any expert.
Place an ordinary sheet-iron pan,one»quar»
ter fuil of sand or water—either will answer,
Band is preferable—upon the bottom oven
plate to catch tlio drlopings grease the oven
slide or broiling rack one greasing is all that
i3 required. Place the steaks upon the oven
Blldc close the wire g-raze oven door for
three to five minutes—large steaks require
ton to fiftoen minutes—and the steak will bo
thoroughly cooked on top and bottom at
the same time.
There is no taint of coal-gas or smote, and
tha meats are more tender and better in
flavor than those broiled over the coals. Tha
convenience of broiling in the oven will be
appreciated by every housekeeper, and adda
another to the many reasons why the Charter
Oak Bange or Stove with the Wire Gauze
Oven Door ahouid be preferred to all otiisra
now in tho market.
Perfectly Well.
JPlLLMOBE, Dubuque Co., la., Sep'-, iw.
Ifisa i£. Finnjgan writes: My mother and sis
ter used Pastor Koenlg's Nerye Tonic for neu
ralgia. They are both perfectly well now and
never tire of praising the Tonic.
GREENE, Iowa, Oct. 1#, 1890.
For nineteen years my daughter suffered from
fits so that sue could not even dress herself. On
the 17th of March last she commenced using
Pastor Koeoiy's Nerve Tonic, and it has cared
her entirely. Accept many kind thank and
blessings cannot tell how happy I feel
Minn., Oct. 16.—
William Rose, the murderer of Moses
Lufkin. was hanged here at 4:50 a. m.
After eating a hearty breakfast the con
demned man walked to the gallows with
the utmost composure. He bade good
bye to all, and the black cap was ad
justed and the trap sprung. There was
a dull crash and the rope parted square
in two three feet above the neck of the
condemned man. He fell in a heap un
conscious. Without a word being spokon
by anyone the limp body was picked up,
carried on the platform and laid down
face upward upon the readjusted trap.
The second noose, dangling from above
was pulled down, adjusted quickly and
the trap again sprung without any at
tempt to raise him to his feet. Then en
sued a slow process of strangulation.
K's Ui FA4 s.-c 21, nt
t-UKOli .-noil.
Weliuve kinil ill Sect lout* 4. SS, S7, SI, £8 A
TOWN OF HOlMiEH. 121—11.
We tmvv IiuhI in KecMona 1, & .".1.
We have land In «-l it-as 7,14. 10 st««l
TOWN O'/ 8WAN LAKE, K*--!'.
We have land in S» «i ions 8,7 and 81.
We li:ive land in jM'ot.ions a, i:J. 'J3, 3 and 8*.
Wo huve land in K etions 5, 7, ani i!9.
TOWN OK VU.VKN, V21--12.
We have lands In Sections 8. Hi nnd fl.
SEJ4 Sec 11, at a Downright Bargain if taken
We have l:itut In Sections 8, S, 15,17,19. W, 23,
!!7, t-'O and :i3.
TOWN OK SCOTT, 124—43.
We liavf 1 .juris at a Bargain In Sections5, 7,
11,1"), 19,'27, 'J9, 31,33 and 85.
W,4 Of SW, and W,'4of N\\M4 Sec 9. "Dirt
Cheap," and must le sold soon. If vuu
want a bargain, this Is one. Also
SEVi of
NE !j of S\V«.,-, and S\V4
my child is cured. MRS. THF.KESA KYLE.
STOBM LAKE, Iowa, July 9,1890.
I was suffering from nervousness, sleepless
ness, ana loss of memory abotft two months ago
I took Pastor Koenig's Nerve Tonic, and I at
tribute mv recovery to this mtdicine I am sat
isfied with its effect. J. A. BAAST.
—A Valuable Book ®n Nervous
Disean©s sent fro© to any address,
and poor patients can al*o obtain
this medicine free of charsjo.
Hi is r"m'*dr has been prepared by the Reverend
Pastor Kuoniff, of Fort Wayne. Ind., since lbiS. and
Is now prepared under his direction by tho
KOENIC MEO.CO., Chicago, lit.
Sold by Druggists at 81 per Bottle. 6 for S3i
Size* 81*75* 6 Bottles for
AT Marshall, MIKN.
SppteipbeL- 21), 18'.il.
Not'ce Is hereby given that Uie foilowlpg.
named settler has filed notice of his inten
tion make final proof In support of his
claim, and that sakl proof will be mnde
before the Judge, or in Ills absence, the Clerk
of District Court at Morris, Minn., on Satur
day, Nov. 7, 18H1, viz: Lowls Foley, Home
stead Application No. 11I59H, for the
tion 10, Township 123, Kunge 43.
He names the following witnesses to prove
his continuous residence upon, and cultiva
tion of, said land, viz: Edward Casey, An
thony Corcoran, Michael Finnegan, James
Brennan, all of Jforrls
P. Q.
sept.30 L. L4-NiE, Keglster.
September •_'8,1891.
IjTotice is hereb}' given that the fol'owing
nan.e.l se.'tler has filed notice of h's Intention
to make final proof in support of his claim,
and that said proof will be nwifle before the
Clerk of the I)lsti let ).'rt at Mo.."is. Minn.,
on Monday, November 17, 1H91, vH: H'' .is M.
Tranda., Homestead No. 11984. for t!ie lii
SE4 Section ^1, Town 1 Ran (re .fi.
He name: the fo'lowlng witnesses io prove
his continuous residence upon, and cultiva
tion of. said laid, viz: .ioho Ga.la'iati, Knud
^. Garll, Eugene Callaha l, Joseph M. Chev
alier, ft'i of Haneock I', o.
oct J,. M'. LANTiE, Ttedstor.
of m\ oJu.r war, IHOT
tor Fl.ASTKK on walls. Ortiamcutt! CARPETS
and RUGS or Kmc material,
and into UUHI 08
Ctstbi. £Cr"Cat»loKUC and Samples Fret
jJ. I). GOOD, AffcaJ.
"ANAKKSIS" {rives instant
relict and is nn infallible
Cure for IMlos. Priee$l. By
Driisriristsor mini, samples
free. Addrcfls"AJiAKESIS,"
Ho* :M10, Mew.Yorli City.
In all the Latest Styles
and Designs,
Fancy and Ladies Furnishing
Corner Opposite First Na
tional Bank.
For Horses, Cattle, Sheep, Dogs, Bogs,
500 Pace Book on Treatment of Animals
and Chart fSciit Free.
CUBES Fevci'n.f'or.srestions,Inflammation
A.A.iHpinal .Meuiiitcitiw, .ililk Fever.
B.B.-Wrnias, Lameness. IIlieumatiam.
C.C.—Distemper, ISnwal Discharges.
D.I).--IJOIH or (irubs, Worm*.
E.E.« OIIIJ:1IM, Heaven, Pneumonia.
F.F.—Colic or Gripe**, Bellyache.
G.G.—Misrarriaite. II em or rh ages.
H.H.-l riuary nnd Kidney Diseases.
I.1.—Eruptive Diseases, iHamre.
of Digestion,
Single Bottle (over 50 doses), .60
Stable Case, with .Specifics, Manual,
Veterinary Cure Oil and Medicator, 87.00
Jar Veterinary Cure Oil, 1.00
Sold by ftrnjtslsis or *rnt prepaid anywhere amd In any
quantity on of price.
1IURP11UKYSM1K.D. CO., Ill k US William St., KewYork.
in use 30 yr i y for
Tiio only Huccessfui
Ner/ous Debility, Vita! Weakness,
imd Prostrati-
from over-work or oiU.'r cause®.
$t per vial, CA S iaia and largu vial po:iaer,
8old hy or Bent )oat)ni] on rt'cclpt o( prk&
HlWUKina' SIKD. CO., lU Alis miUaaSt., New York,
Notice—Timber Culture.
September 20,1891.
Complaint having been entered nt this
office by Leslie StiUKon, atrnlnst. William D.
Hunter, for failure to comply with law as to
Timber-*'ulturo Entry No. 1:513, dated Nov.
17,1887, upon the northwest quarter Section
Ml, Township 1:2-1 north, Range west, in
Stevens county, Minnesota, with a view to
the cancellation of sail entry contestant
alleging that the snld Willlfyni D. Hunter hilt)
failed to plant, and cultivate lei timber upon
said land, the required amount of trees, seeds
or cuttings to be planted ami cultivated
thereon, and that there Is not to exceed five
acres of trees, inul said five acres or less does
not show any cultlvalipn the said parties
are hereby summoned to appear at tills oflicc
on tho 15th day of December, 1891, nt 10
o'clock A. M., to respond and furnish testi
mony oonoertilng said alleged failure.
U A o 0 i
111 th* time and
L. M. LANGE, Register.
E. P. FREEMAN, Receiver.
Kg, Growing kd Mar
keting 2 Sucsass.
Cash in 5 Years from r.Rpycr
age of27 acres eelervcafh year,
•l'his book telM just haw ttyi
writer did it, »I1 In dotiiil—Imnu,
KTii, nmrtctinK all described.
illustrated fhotvinB
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We Have Lands for Sale ii Steven Connly, as Fellows:
a Special l!ar*uln if
.-IK!4 of 8J, at a remarkably
price. It, is certainly worth while ».o
investigate this. And her.f ii* another:
The 8K'/4 ef SK'4 of Sec 1!), am! the SWi of
S-e 2'.', 2W acres of very tine land at a
low price ami on such terms that
wiil :clnn!iv astonish you.
have lands in Sections 2, 3, 5,0, 15, 17,
19. ~1. 28, SSI, !S1, -i- a ml f3.
In ti town we have lands in SectionsIS',
SI,«! MIS!
O K O K A I i O i -4 4
W. li*v«51 mils in Sections 1!', 2.T.:in! 38.
TOWN OK KVEKG1. YDE, 143-44.
Weoff-r af. ail especial bargain for a sbon
time ouly, the 8EJ4 See and the NKJ i
new I
valuable appliances. First
iipun the subject. Contains
pares. Cloth Bound. Anrnutn or
wuman with this Kuitie can raise i
the in'ft paving
crop no*r t"-own. i
Prit-e of book iSS.OO.
Surd money by Registered Let­
Postal order.
T. Draft. Address
H. L. SorN.Money
XEWAHI, Tecumseh, MM*.
Sec S4, together or In sepArate parcels,
at very low prices and easy terms. We
made personal examination* of these
two pieces and they nre nothing short
of beau'les. There In no liner land In
the county.
also have tine lands In Sections 1,5, B, 15,
1SI, il, 24, *5, 27, 2i» 1,88 Mid 3*.
DAKEIt, 124-44.
We offer the NEVi Sec .",4, at a Heal Bargain
for a very short time. 11'you want it at
the present price you must come julek.
We made a personal Inspect ion of this
land it is a good piece.
We also have lands in Sections 1.
7, 21,23,
25, 27, 29, Jl, 8:1 and U5.
We have lands in this Town In Sections 1, 3,
4,6,9 and 17.
We have three Real Bonanzas,notwithstand
ing the fact they are In Traverse coun
ty. Hy ottering these pieces In Traverse
county for sale we do not for a moment
wish to be understood as Intimating
that the land in Traverse county Is any
way near equal to the land in Stevens
county, for it is not. However, the
tracts referred to .ire as foUtfws:
Wy. Sec S«, 12SI, It 45, 32(1 acres.
SW Sec K\ 125. 45. 160 acres.
NW% Sec 11, 125, 45, 160 acres, partly un
der cultivation.
The Terms of Sale of the lands we adver
tise vary with different owners, but we will
undertake the task of satisfying the wishes
of any reasonable person, and of course we
would be more than pleased to comply with
ttie wishes of the unreasonable, but it Is
somewhat unfortunate for us that we cannot
always do so.
We wish it Distinctly Remembered
That we shall ranke the md Business a
Specialty, and If yon do not find what you
want on our list, call at our office, make
known your wants to us, and ve will under
take to supply your demands.
We shall, as Usual, Carry on and Conduct a General
Insurance. Abstract
Conveyancing and Immigration Business.
Sell Ocean Steamship Tickets, to and from the Old Country, for Cash or on Time.
Also Sell European Drafts and Foreign Exchange, Payable In Any
Part of the Old Country.
We thank our Old Patrons, one and all, for their many favors, and solicit a
continuance of the Public's Patronage in the future.
August 31,1801.
Notice is hereby given that the followinu^
named settler hns filed notice of Ills Intention
to make Una! proof In support of his claim,
and that said proof will be made before the
Clerk of Dlstnot Court at Morris, Minn., on
Saturday. Oct. 81, 1801, viz: Christian P.
Hanson, H. No. 24r»08, for tho NNVJ4 &EI54
Section 30, Township 123, Range 44.
He names the following witnesses to prove
Ms continuous residence upon, and cultiva
tion of, said land, viz: Carl B. Knudtsen,
Charles Saniuelson, Jereinlas Peterson, Her
man Elclund, all of Artichoke P. O., Minn.
septlG Li. M. LANGE, Register.
At her rooms, corner oX Atlantic Avenue and
Fifth street, has a New and Complete
Stock of
Comprising All of the
Recently purchased for the Fall Trade.
She iB fully prepared to attend to MilUnery
In all Its branches.
Prices Low and Satisfaction
September 14,1801.
Notice is heroby given that the following
named Bettier has filed notice of his intention
to make final proof in support of his claim,
and that said proof will be made before the
Clerk of District Court at Morris, Minn., on
Wednesday, Oct. 28. 1891, viz: Christian F.
Wollln, I). S. No. B929 for the NWV4' NW'4
Section £6, Township 12C, Range 41.
He namds the following witnesses to prove
his continuous residence upon, and cultiva
tion of, said land, vlaw Fred Judliins, John
Husii, }ete* Hanson, Anan Mel land, all of
Morris 1'. O.
septl6 A. BARTO, Register.
August 31,1895
Notice Is hereby given that the following
named settler l^as filed notice of his Intention
to make final proof In support of his claim,
and that said proof will be made before the
Clerk of District Court at Morris, Minn., on
Saturday, Oct. 81,1891, viz: Carl B. Knudtsen,
D. rt. No. 24.VV), for tbe SEJ,4 HE1/* Section 30,
Township 123, Ilnnge 44
He names the following witnesses to prove
Is continuous residence upon, and cultiva
tion of, said land, viz: Christian J'. Hanson,
Charles Samuelson, Jereiplas Peterson, Her
man Eklund, all of Artichoke P. ()., Minn.
septlC L. M. LANGE, Register.
Qa -the Pomme de Terre River, live
Miles Northeast of Morris.
Manufactures tbe Celebrated
Custom Work a Specialty!
The Mill is in thorough repair, having
been lately improved, and now doe* better
yorlt thai} eypr, junel?
Anil SamplB Hnnml
H. LARSON, Prop.,
Atlantic Avenue, MORRIS, MINN,
Best of Lager Beer
ON Draught and Iiottled.
Alwajra la Stock.
We also carry a full line
& co.
For Cash or in exchange fcr Coantry^Produce.
Gome and
Honetat Aprlll,
Successors to L. V. BarneB.
We have Doubled our Stcck of
-f Notion v Dry
5 & 10 Cent Counter Goods, Winter
Supplies, Etc.
Organs and Genuine Singer Sewing Machines.
Needles and Supplies for All Machines.
Call and fee© us before buying elsewhere. It will do
you good to Get Our Prices.
Yours truly,!
—Will hereafter be found in the—
IN"©w Brick. Block.,
With a Full Line of
The Finest Line of Bottled Goods, Canned, Preserved
and Evaporated Fruits in the city.
Teas and Coffees a Specialty!
New Stock of Crockery and Glassware 1
Car Load of Bran and Shorts Just Received
Have also added a
Which I will sell fcr Cash at Bottom Prices.
Ail sf Wiicli vrc Will e. at
Bottom Prices,
Also, Agents for the Celebrated
Norwegian Plow Company's Plow,
New Brick Store, Atlantic Avenue.
Will Constantly Keep on Hand a Full
Line of
-^Farming Implements^
Too Numerous to Specify.
Also a Large Variety of
Among the Machines and Extras
1 A A sin
the Celebrated. Bridgeport
Front Grocery
for Eggs and Potatoes. Highest Market Price
Paid for First-class Dairy Butter.
DMlera la
Hats, Caps, Boots, Shoes,
Orook-erv, Glassware, etc
Seated Buggies and Carts.
the Osborne, the Minneapolis and Wood's.
we handle are
Us Before You Buy.
J. BB.0M, Proprietor,
Kith SteMt, MO&BIS, MINN.
Have now on hand a Large Number of Hand-Made
Manufactured by myselt from the Very Best Material.
Also a Good Stock of
Bon Harness, Saddles, Bridles, BMets,
and everything kept in a First-Class Harness Store.
i-»- t*

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