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that will appeal to the housewife on terms
and prices that are lower than the lowest.
A Highly Polished
China Closet
Live Oak Heatei
Per Week
At this price and easy terms
cannot be bought in any otiier
place in Newark. Made of solid
oak, rubbed and polished with
bent end glasses and large claw
Our special terms of 75c
a week and special price of
$16-25 should appeal to you
Donald’s Oak Heater
The most durable and econom
ical oak heater made Made ol
heavy gaujre smooth steel, extra
heavy ca^t iron tire box and air
tight base. Will burn /t*
either hard or soft coil ^
Fully warranted, si.ee.
Th!s Beautiful
Dinner Set
Consists of
12 Cups
12 Saucers
12 Fruit Plates
12 Dessert P ates
12 Large Plates
12 Mei:um Plates
12 Deep Soup Plates
12 Indiv. butters
1 Cov. Vep. Dish
1 Covered Soup
1 Sugar Bowl
1 Cream Pitcher
1 3 pc. Butter Dish
1 Salad
1 Gravy Bowl
1 Pkk c Dish
3 Assorted Meat &
Fish Platters
'frais handsome set is actually worth Sig. The shanes are
ewest, up-to-date—being exact copies of imported ware. Beautiful
ioral designs, also the rich plain gold stipple pattern - A a t
every set guaranteed perfect; 112 pieces. Special Sale
$1.00 CASH; 50c A WEEK. See It in Our Window
Prominent Soprano Soloist Will
Xppear in Revival of “The
Bohemian Girl.”
Church, society and musical circles
•f Newark will find more than ordinary
Interest in the coming appearance of
Miss Blanche Duffield In the prima
donna role of Arline, heading the cast
of the magnificent revival of the Paris
version of “The Bohemian Girl," the
operatic masterpiece of the Irish com
poser, Michael William Balfe, which,
coming direct from a season at the new
Boston Opera House, la to be produced
at the Newark Theatre, beginning next
Monday night, for one week, by the
Messrs. Milton and Sargent Aborn.
Miss Duffield, whose work as the
•oprano soloist with Sousa's band i3
known throughout the country and
whose operatic repertoire comprises the
great roles of modern and old-time
works, was formerly a society girl and
choir singer of Brooklyn, N. Y. From
the outset of her career, entered upon
not long after she effected her debut in
the exclusive Columbia Heights young
er set, the young soprano won recog
nition. Her vocal delivery Is marked
by beautiful fidelity to pitch, clear-cut
diction and a splendid observance of
the technique of her art, and in the
aria "I Dreamt I Dwelt in Marble
Hails,’’ which she renders In the second
act of “The Bohemian Girl,” tha
aurety and finesse of her coloratura is
exemplified, while in the other solo
allotted to her and in the 'ensembles
wherein she figures her finely developed
vocal attainments elicit salvos of ap
plause and cause her to be recalled
again and again.
LOS ANGELES. Nov. 17.- Charles G.
Lehnhausen, of the local police force
and Mrs. Charlotte Keppert were mar
ried early today. The wedding was
quiet and attended only by the most
intimate friends of the couple. Mon
signor P. Hartnett officiated. The ro
mance of Lehnhausen and Mrs. Hop
per' began only a few months ago.
Mrs. Keppert Is a niece it former
Vice-President Levi P. Morton She Is
well known as a magazine and special
■tory writer. Lehnhausen has been a
member of the police department since
1S9B and was made captain recently.
IWMifflB I*t I li In Iff iii'i ' I r..
Candidate’s Mind a Blank After
Having Tooth Drawn.
PROVIDENCE, Nov. 17.—Nathaniel
C. Greene, of Hillsgrove, Prohibition
j candidate for governor at the recent
election, visited a dentist Tuesday.
Since that time his mind has been a
blank. Physicians who attended him
say that he had a narrow escape from
death by cocaine poisoning. For twen
ty-four hours Mr. Greene remained in
a stupor. He is somewhat improved,
but remembers nothing. The doctors
believe he will regain his faculties.
Mr. Greene does not know how he
got out of the office nor how he
reached his home, ten miles away
When he did reach home, however, his
clothing was dripping wet and hit
watch was filled with water. The opin
ion is held by his family that he mud
have fallen into the Pawtucket river.
His son, Nathaniel T. Greene, vis
ited the dentist, who at first, he says
denied that he ever treated such a per
son. After repeated questioning, young
Mr. Greene says, the dentist admittef
that he pulled a tooth for the man the
day before.
VINELAND, Nov. IT.—When William
Darmstadter, a young blacksmith, ar
rived home from work last night h<
found that his wife had packed hei
trunk and. wheeling 11 to the depot,
had left town without leaving anj
f Lower Store, 951=953 Broad St. Upper Store, 679=681 Broad St. Roseville Store, 487=489 Orange St. I
Telephone, 3210-3211 Market Telephone, 54-S5 Market Telephone, 2660 Branch Brook |j
SMB ■ ■ a ill# AAI1II1IA AnPUl A I ft Next week, Thanksgiving week, and practically all of the week’s |!
S 1 P Hi I# | “ I If I RIP \" Li |_ I "I ml V business crowded into three days. We will make it to your Ei
“ S*f It 111 IIl ■will If I 111 I1! ■\fllil £11 b\ interest to trade this week. Get your order in early.
I I Ittl 1 I\OU I W I I A U UI LUIrlLU Sale Lasts Thursday, Friday and Saturday. ft
InSITTrn —Quality always
Kg I I |fK the best, and our
8 B price is
always right; no cold stor- jiff:
agegoods ;ALL FRESH,lb.
MFRIDAI F-lt is ofsuperlative'qual
mrrTCD ity;finestmilkoniy
Du 11 til used in making, lb. Uuw
We are local agents. J/J-lb., 1-lb. prints.
Fancy Old English Dairy Cheese, lb. 28c
I Fancy American Full Cream Cheese,
lb ...23c
Finest Societe des Roquefort, lb-42c
La Delicieux Camembert, each.29c
Norton’s Pineapple Cheese, 42c & 60c ea.
Dried Fruit Dept.
Fancy Extra Large Santa Clara —
Prunes, extra processed, 2-lb.bx
Fancy Glace Citron, lb.28c
Fancy Glace Orange Peel, lb.22c
Fancy Glace Lemon Peel, lb.22c
Fancy Seeded Raisins, 1-lb. pa.11c
Fancy Pound Cake Currants, 1-lb. pa.12c
Fancy Malaga Seedless Raisins, 1
1b. pa.12c
Fancy Imported Sultana Raisins, 1
lb. pa.22c
7 Crown lmp’ted Malaga Raisins, lb.28c
3 Crown California Malaga Raisins,
lb . 12c
Fancy Evaporated Peeled Peaches, lb.30c
Fancy Evaporated Brushed Peaches,
lb .18c
Pf| Fancy Evaporated Pitted Plums, lb...22c
R-d Fancy Evaporated Moorpark Apri
cots, lb ..25c
| SlrSCA C0ffeB ^tWscoffee6
PI Sales increase daily; 5 lbs.,
y 95c; lb.
|d| A. & C. Special Blend, 5 lbs. 1.15, lb.24c
P A. W. & S. Finest Mixed Coffee, 5
lbs. 1.40, lb.30c
Hi Old Grist Mill Coffee, lb. pa., spec..18c
Crosse & Blackwell’s Coffee Essence,
||1 Royal Banquet Coffee, 1-lb. tin, spec.35c
fj? Geo. Washington Coffee, per tin....30c
If Entire Wheat Flour brand oT?“
|*l Franklin Milisiswellknown; '71^
?-| packed in 5-lb. cartons/spec
Mince Meat
more s Prt.
& Brick’s famous Mince ilHP
Meat, 5-lb. pails.WWU
Atmore’s or None Such Condensed
Mince Meat, 9c pa^ 3 for.26c
Home-made Mince Meat, 5-lb. jar. 1.00
Mrs. Hardcastle's English Minoe
Meat, lb. jars 90c; J/J-gal. jars.. .L75
1 for a 5-lb. box of imported
Richardson & Robbin’s Famous Plum
Puddings, 1-lb. tins 22c, 2s 41c; 3s
62c, 4s.79c
Mrs. Hardcastle’s English Plum Pud
dings, Is 35c, 2s 70c, 3s 1.00, 4s. .1.30
22c '"tb?'forf$”mMixed Nats
Extra Large Jumbo Brazils, lb.18c
Extra Large Jumbo Pecans, lb.20c
Extra Quality English Walnuts, lb. .25c
Extra Long Naples Filberts, lb.....20c
Extra Paper Shell Almonds, lb... ..30c
Crystallized Ginger, i/'-js 20c, Is.40c
Layer Raisins, superfine, 45c lb.; ex
tra fine, 35c lb.; fine.28c lb.
Extra Fancy Layer Figs, lb.20c
Extra Fancy Layer Fard Dates, lb.. .14c
Stuffed Prunes, 1-lb. trunks...55c
Extra quality, per qt.13c
Fancy Malaga Grapes, lb.25c
_ _ 1.
|j a lift —Turkeys are so high
Hl||fl\ that maybe a fine ham
■ in in v tajj.e ^ pjace
Note Michener’s FINEST AA.
ular price 23c lb., special.. ww
Waldorf Bacon, small strips, lb.28c
Steero bcuibesn
Makes real bouillon, the richest and
most saving. Just one cube dropped
in cup of boiling water. Box.'.. .30c
Our sales on the STEERO Bouillon
Cubes attest Its popularity.
Great Cracker Special
Our package goods are larger and
finer than all others.
Fig Bars-,2ca2poXnds for 22c
# These crackers were made for this sale
and the filling is figs, not fig flavored
Ward’s Best or Borax Soap—There is
nothing better made, 100 cakes to the
box of 75 lbs., full weight, a < g
box. T’.IO
Babbitt’s Best Soap has had a big ad
vance. We bought early and our
price is less than wholesale. ■?
Babbitt’s Cleanser, 8c box, 3 for... .23c
Grandma’s Borax Powder, large box. 14c
New Buckwheat Flour, 1254-lb. bag.49c
Palm Olive SoapLT ~T
for the toilet; spec., cake, 9c, 3 for -&OC
NewOrleans Molasses ''JLTIq'
obtainable; open kettle goods; gal / VC
Gulden’s Mustard~,2,1.P”‘'h
and spoon with every jar; spec.. OC
Gulden's Triple Assorted Stuffed
Olives, stuffed with • Celery,
Olives and Pimentos, spec... .23c
.'___. ^—
strictly fancy Jersey potatoes; ^
smooth, round, mealy A IP
cookers; per bag of 2K / iln H
bushels (165 lbs.). fc,TW :
For a 10-lb,-kit Extra/Choice '
•OJ Norway Salt Mackerel They K
are a bargain. Fat and juicy.
Bon Accord Soused Mackerel, new Up
goods, very fancy, 1-lb. tins 18c, %
2-lb. tins...27c m
McGowan's Salmon, 1-Ib. fiats 22c, §g
'A*.•.12c Jf;
Crescent Soused Sardines, spoc. 18c tin
White Rose Tunny Fish, large tin.. 24c 1§
The famous Havemeyer & Elder Brand, §g
packed in 25-lb. sacks, only i a fl
one to a customer, spec., bag H
Imported Domino Sugar, packed |a. E
2 l-5th-lb. cartons, special.... I VC ®
IpA For a gallon California Port, ^
•&U Sherry, Muscatel, Angelica or t§f
Sweet Catawba, per qt. bot. 46c.
No charge for demijohn on above. y
Tezor Cocktails “°:,ry“igkhn”;,a0ef I
quality? Bronx, Manhattan or « rv|-| H
Martini; per bottle..... I*UU
Blandy Port Wine, Palma Sherry B
Wine, per qt. bot.. . /«5C |f?
CALIFORNIA BRANDY... ) per (H « 1 |
OLD PALE SHERRY.j bot. **** 11
California Table Claret, doz. qts...2,50 iji
California Zinfandel, doz. qts.3.50 IS
White or Green Creme de Menthe,
bot. 1.35 m
Gordon’s Dry Gin, per bot-...82c |j
Gilka’s Genuine Berlin Kummel, bot.1.20
Climax Domestic Spaghetti Or Mac- ^ jgS
aroni, doz. 95c, per lb. pa. OC | |
Fleur-de-lis Imported Macaroni, Spa- §1
ghetti, A. B. C. Letters or Ver-i. ■»
micelli, lb.... l^C
Van Camp's Spaghetti, in tomato
sauce;, Neapolitan style, large cans O v
14c, small..... 9c pi
.! I Alinil Our sales on the Famous PRIDE of the FAMILY Urand are simply enormous;
I flEISJ I I The quality is superlative and has our backing. You are getting this at an y
1 1111 ffl ■ ■ unusually low price. You don’t pay for national advertising, 241-lb. bag,
3LU W 11 1 B 85c; one-half barrel, $3.40; per'barrel. .
results--the Sixteenth ward alder
manic contest and the councilmamo
contest in the Second ward of Mont
clair—will br settled on November 28.
The ballots win be recounted on ihat
date at the Court House. Chief Jus
tice Gummere so ordered yesterday. In
both instances Republican candidates
were declared elected by small plurali
Discrepancies in Sixteenth Ward.
In the Sixteenth ward, where
John M. Judge, Democrat, was
defeated by George R. Merritt,
Republican, it is declared that
serious discrepancies in the tally of the
votes have been disco. ;red. It 1b
claimed that In the Twelfth district
of the ward the records show that 30b
votes were counted, while only 282 were
legally cast. This resulted, it is
claimed, from not entering the debits
against the Republican candidate. In
two other districts, it is claimed, other
discrepancies were also found.
In the Montclair ward it is claimed
that the tally sheet in one of the dis
tricts was not properly kept, the elec
tion officer having been inexperienced,
with the result that several times dur
ing election night statements were
given out showing the totals received
by the candidates, and each time the
totals were different. In this ward the
vote was very close, William B. Wal
lace, Republican, being finally cred
ited with a plurality of four votes over
William J. Carr, his Democratic op
POTTSVILLE. Pa., Nov. 17.—What
probably will develop into a double
murder took place at Auchey’s Station,
a hamlet two miles west of Auburn
last night, when James Mitchell, whe
was only recently discharged from the
Pottsville jail, shot Mrs. J. H. Falli
and her motber-in-law The latter ie
dead and Mrs. Falls, who fs the wife
of a merchant, is dying.
Mitchell has escaped and is being
pursued over the Blue mountains by a
mounted squad of State polio*.
We Are Talking i
To Ruptured People j
See How You’ve Needlessly Suffered All These Years, Simply Because <
You’ve Failed to Investigate.
Every week for the last fifteen years
we’ve been printing in thl§ paper a
little talk to ruptured people.
We have pointed out how your con
dition, instead of improving, grown
constantly worse as long aa you wear a trues
which falls to keep your rupture from coming
out—and you know that is so, for your condi
tion is now more serious than one, two, three
or four years ago—
We hare pointed out the dangers of opera
tions—how every year thousands die under the
surgeon’s knife—
We have explained how it is no longer neces
I sary to go to a hospital or risk nn operation—
How you can get relief and cure In a safe,
inexpensive way—without losing any time from
your work or business—
Simply by getting and wearing a Cluthe •
Trues—the Truss wuich nearly always cures,
even after everything else, including operation,
has failed to do any good whatever-* *
Wc have explained HOW the Cluthe Truss
cures—how It AUTOMATICALLY' gives a ;
soothing, stimulating, healing MASSAGE ;
TREATMENT which cures by gradually ]
STRENGTHENING the weakened abdominal !
muscles, by OVERCOMING the WEAKNESS ;
which Is the real CAUSE of rupture, Just aa ,
, gentle exercise gradually restores strength to j
I a weak arm—
We have told many times how you risk
nothing whatever In TRYING this Truss—how
we guarantee It to keep your rupture continu
ously in place—that If it doesn't hold as we
say, If it doesn't benefit you, it won't cost you
a single cent—
We have told again and again why this
Truss can’t shift or slip—how it is held com
fortably in position by SUCTION—how it has
no belt, no leg-straps, no springs—how it is
how, when you lift, bend or otherwise strain,
And at various times you have probably read
all these and other facts as we gave thorn in
our advertisements. But, perhaps you didn’t
believe us. Perhaps you have tried so many I j
trusses, spent so much money In vain, that vou (
think no trues can help you. Or, perhaps you 1
simply kept "putting off.'’ The result Is that j
your rupture has been getting WORSE all Lhe *
time— *
While those who, when they read our adver- .
tlsements, wrote for our free book, or called at j
our Institute and tried the Cluthe Truss, are S
all now Hither well and sound again or Im
mensely benefited and on the rapid road to
recovery— jj
And you, if you still negteot to Investigate, Jl
simply condemn yourself to a life of suffering. ,
But If you will write for our free book on ch© J
Cure of Rupture, or call at our Institute for *
free demonstration of the Cluthe Truss (you 2
will receive the personal attention of a mem- j
ber of the Institute), you will then know for jj
yourself how you can bo free from trouble for ,
the rest of your life without.risking Huy more j
'money—and you will uee how, once you get a l
Cluthe Truss, your reaich for re'lef Is over. j
If you live too far away to call, writ© for j
our free book. It tells all about the Cluthe
Truss and how you can get the same service J
and the same, results In the privacy of your
own home without & visit to this Institute.
125 E. 23d St, Bet. 4th & Lexington Aves.
Hours 9 to K. Closed Sunday.
Send me your free book on the
jl Cure of Rapture.
| Name..
■ Street. ...
V-*-1__ 111 ... i ■■ I
He Was Urgently Requested, by
a Rope, to Make the
NEW YORK, Nov. 17.—The latest ad
dition to the Central Park Zoo Is a
brawny tiger cub caught two months
ago by a party of American naturalists
in the ruins of a 3,000-year-old temple
at Chtchon-ttza, Yucatan. The Amer
icans lasaooed the little animal and
carried htm In a bag on mule-back tc
Progress o, where he was presented tc
Mrs. Marie Wright, of New Rochelle
N. Y„. who was returning to the United
States after spending four months lr
Mexico as a tolerate to the centennial
The tiger had a hard thne on ship
board, being attacked with seasicknest
and requiring constant care throughout
the voyage.
Mrs. Wright turned over all her
rights In her captive to the Central
Park officials and they secured his re
lease from detention at the hands of
the customs men.
PHILADELPHIA, Nov. 17.—Despon
dent over the death of her husband,
who died last May, Mrs. Margaret Bu
chanan, 56 years old, committed sui
cide yesterday afternoon by hanging
herself with a wire clothes line In the
collar of her home, at 1734 North Paxon
street. Mrs. Buchanan had been in a
melancholy state since the death of her
husband, last May, and yesterday
morning at breakfast she seemed a lit
tle more despondent than usual, her
son, who found the body on his return
from work last night, said.
tj£3 Bk SB jn n RSft1 fcjB m •
until the radiator of your Automobile bursts from
the freezing of the water system, but get a /
Freezometer end
Rediator Hydrometer J
We are headquarters for Denatured Alcohol, /
Glycerine, Gasoline, Motor Oils, Greases, Chamois, /
Sponges, Polishes, etc. A big assortment at the- /
NOTE—By the use of this ingenious little in- J jj
strument the exact freezing point of the radiator-/
solution can be ascertained instantly, thus enabling/.^
the autoist to always so maintain his solution as to
withstand any possible low temperature. Full in
structions accompany each instrument.
-- .... ■■■■ ' —...
v\ oxvct ax^A, toecotaa a mcVvm
^ Wit bet C/ream '\S.abv\- ^ H
130 -134 Bloomfield Avenue
»— . —■■ - .. .
7 \ ' < . tatf-a- 2 *' ' / , /

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