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At a regular meeting of the Tenth
Ward Democratic Club hold yesterday
the following resolution was unani
mously adopted:
Result ed, That this club heartily in
dorses the candidacy of John F. Mona
han for the office of • sheriff of this
county. In doing so we feel sure that
we are presenting the name of a candi
date who would be a credit to this
high position—one who has made a
faithful, honest public oflloial and a
successful business man, true as steel,
and t\e feel absolutely certain that
*.vejy citizen who gives him support
will never have any opologir-s to offer.
Committee on resolutions, Alderman
P. C. O'Brien, Freeholder E. J. Quinn,
Daniel Maloney, George Ktoecker, Wal
ter Wright, James F. Hyland, Francis
M. Cue. Thomas F Preston, Francis P.
Tully, Michael O’Brien, John O’Donnell,
George Fitzsimmons, Terrence Smith,
C. F. O'Brien.
Mrs. Lillian Errickson, who had her
husband haled before Judge Hahn, in
the First Precinct Court, yesterday, for
non-support, declared today that Er
rickson was stooping to all kinds of
methods In an effort, to hurt hep char
acter. Mrs. Errickson is highly spoken
of by her neighbors, who declare that
she is a much persecuted woman.
The annual exhibition of thn milli
nery and dressmaking departments of
the Central Evening High School will
be held in the school building on Bur
net street Monday night from ,7:80 to
10:80 o'clock.
Pleat: of non vult were entered be
fore Judge Jay Ten Eyck today by
Frank Kalensky, of 516 Bergen street,
who on January 16 attempted to com
mit suicide by 3hootlng hlmseh' In tne
head with a revolver; by John Devlin,
who on March 17 stole a suit of clothes
valued at J25 from the home of Emma
Beckrneyer, of 776 Bergen street, and
by William Banks, who Is charged with
assault nd abattery with nltcnt to
kill James Cheatham during a quarrel
In East Orange tn Saturday, March 12.
Banks hit Cheatham on the head with
a piece of iron pipe.
The three men were remanded to jail
for sentence on Monday.
PATERSON, March 24.—While in the
| office of Lawyer Jacob Veenstra yes
terday afternoon Henry Sand ford, of
Haledon, was stricken with heart
trouble, and for two hours was so near
death that it was feared he would not
recover. He was taken to St. Joseph’s
i Hospital in an ambulance in chargo of
1 Dr. Coen.
Abe Simon, who has been connected
with local theatres for several years,
has been appointed to the staff of ad
vance men with Buffalo Bill’s Wild
5 West show. Mr. Simon has been or
dered to report at Trenton tomorrow.
First indications that the crime
wave now existing in New York had
extended Into surrounding territory
came last night when two negroes held
up Charlie Sing In his laundry, at 10S
Bank street, beat him, inflicting cruel
wounds, and robbed him of $4.50 in his
cash drawer. Police have a drag-net
out for Sing's assailants.
Charles Shanks, of 50 North Eleventh
street, saw two negroes, presumably
those who held up the Chinese, leave
; the laundry and run toward Comes
alley, half a block away. A moment
later Sing staggered to the doorway,
with blood streaming down his face.
Shanks pursued the two men, but upon
seeing the laundryman drop upon a
doorstep gave up the chase to aid the
'■ injured celestial.
Although he is not badly injured
Sing went to the hospital.
Harry Vandeventer, 39 years old, of
1289 Cottage street, Irvington, arrested
yesterday afternoon by Court Officers
Rommelhs and Kcltcrleln, of the First
precinct, on a charge of non-support,
! was paroled in the custody of his
| counsel for an examination Thursday
1 morning. It is alleged by Mrs. Van
j deventer that her husband has failed
I to support her for the past two months,
j The couple have one child, Horace, 8
'years old. who lives with the father.
Republican Senator Will Insist
on Amendment to Elec
tion Measure.
Neither Party Feels That Ex
treme Radicalism Is Neces
sary to Keep Pledges.
fKrom a Staff Correspondent.J
TRENTON, March 24.—The Geran
election reform bill will be revamped
by the Senate elections committee to
morrow afternoon.
The measure will unquestionably be
amended before being reported in the
Senate next week. There are indica
tions that the principal amendment
will be a referendum clause providing
that the bill shall first be submitted
to the people.
A Republican Senator today said:
“It Is unfair to revolutionize the elec
toral system of the State without giv
ing the voter* an opportunity to pass
upon It. Neither of the two political
parties In their platforms promised
any such radical changes as the Geran
bill contemplates. Its passage by the
House amazes me. It will never get
through the Senate In Its present form.
The Nichols bills, extending direct
nominations to governors and con
gressmen, are a fulfilment of the Re
publican platform pledges. They have
been thrown Into the IJouse commit
tee, where they still repose.
Predicts Amendment.
"I don't predict that the Geran bill
will be so treated by the Senate, but I
do say that It will be amended before
it passes. The suggestion to tack on
the referendum clause is a good one
and ought to prevail.
“If the Governor should attend the
elections committee meeting tomorrow
afternoon he will find other men be
sides himself with views on the elec
toral subject.
“The Governor has expressed hts in
tention of stumping the State In the
Interests of this bl.l should it be held
up or defeated. Why not raise an
Issue on the bill. Let the referendum
clause be attached to it. Let it be an
nounced as 'the people's measure.’ Let
Governor Wilson proclaim himself the
people’s advocate and spokesman. Let
him defend this bill, which many insist
Is not wanted by the people, and then
let the people decide at a special elec
Bradley Against BUI.
Senator Bradley Is now rounding
his fourteenth year of continuous legls
latle service, having served five years
is an Assemblyman, and Is com
pleting his ninth year as Senator from
”amden. Senator Bradley’s knowledge
of the financial condition of the State
and its resources were acknowledged
this year by his retention as chairman
of the Joint appropriation committee,
which has a Democratic majority. The
Camden man Is familiar with the elec
tion laws as with State finances, and
he has already declared the Geran bill
should be very materially changed, if
passed at all In any form.
Conversations with several Republl
■an and two or three Democratic Sen
iors today brought out some Inter
esting remarks and views on the Geran
pill. It also showed that while some
Senators are somewhat reluctantly
willing to talk about the bill they, with
’ew exceptions. Insist that their iden
;ity shall not be revealed, sty'rg, gen
‘rally, that they prefer to make their
tiller vie —I known in the open Senate.
Senators Edge and Nichols were,
lowever, quite outspoken. The former
laid that lie was. In the beginning and
would be to the end, an advocate of
what is known as the "vest-pocket”
vote. He would have a law requiring
hat every voter In the State should
receive by post copies of all the i
lallots and pasters, so that every man j
night, in the quiet of his home, pre- j
iare Ills own ticket at his leisure, fold i
t and put It in his vest pocket and go
o the polls and vote It. This method.
Senator Edge said, he believed was the
:rue method of obtaining a representa
tive vote and was the most popular
■nethod of voting that had yet been
devised. The election bill introduced by
aim provides for the vest-pocket vote
ind there Is no more doubt that he
will conte i for it than there is that he j
will not vote for the Geran bill in its j
iresent form.
Senator Nichols said that he would I
ike it to be understood that he had
lever said, unequivocally, that he would !
vote for the Geran bill as passed by the j
House. He has said that he felt very
tlndly toward the Governor and there I
were some features of the bill which ;
he was In favor of, but there were j
pthers that he hoped would be changed. |
Leave It to People.
The State Gazette today editorially j
prints the following:
Why objection should be made by I
Governor Wilson and his friends who j
favor the Geran election bill in its j
present form to a referendum amend-1
mont we are unable to understand.
They declare that the bill has been
demanded by the people, but, so far,
there has been no public demonstration
either for or against the measure, and
there Is a well-founded belief that not
one-half of 1 per cent, of the voters
know what changes In the present elec
tion laws the Geran bill provides.
If It is the purpose of the friends
of the Geran bill to enable the people
to govern themselves, the right way
to do this would seem to be to let the
people say how and in what manner
they shall be governed.
As was suggested by Assemblyman
McCran, if his referendum amendment
adopted the people would have an
opportunity to study the measure and
vote intelligently upon it at a special
election to be held for the purpose of
giving them an opportunity to express
their opinion of the measure at the
polls before the primary and general
elections were held.j
If our Democratic friends are sure
that the people want the Geran bill In
Its present form, they should not object
to the proposition that they be given
an opportunity to prove that declara
The bill has good and commendable
features, but we anticipate more or less
confusion and delay when a voter who
Is not familiar with the English lan
guage Is called upon to answer sixteen I
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questions before he Is permitted to reg
ister, and then to answer the same
sixteen questions on election day before
he Is permitted to east his ballot.
If the answers he makes to these
questions on election day are differ
ent from the answers that he made to
them at the time of his registration,
the bill says that he shall not be per
mitted to vote.
This one feature of the Geran bill
is going to make voting on the day
of election mighty slow business, if k
becomes a law, and we predict that
many men will stay away from the
polls rather than to take the time to go
through this rigmarole.
The Leveen Association, with a mem
bership of more than 1.000 Democratic
voters in the Third ward, adopted ring
ing resolutions last night protesting
against the passage of the Geran bill
and the measure to reduce the milk
standard, known as the Meyer bill
Senator Harry- V. Osborne, of Essex,
who has been fulsome in his praise of
the Geran measure, was called upon to
oppose It, along with other Democratic
senators, he being the only one desig
nated by name, however.
The action of the association waa
The memorial which is addressed to
the executive reads as follows:
"Hon. Woodrow Wilson, Trenton:
"Governor—We, the members of the
Leveen Association, an organization
representative of all classes residing in
the most populous section of the city
of Newark and County of Essex, being
averse to believing that with a full
knowledge of the harm that might
ensue, either, your excellency or a ma
jority of the Legislature would perml:
the Meyer bill to become a law, we re
spectively petition you, as Governor, to
advise the Legislature to introduce a
bill repealing the Meyer law.”
The Geran bill resolution. which was
offered by Albert Klein, follows:
“Whereas. We, the members of the
Leveen Association, learn with regret
of the enactment of the Geran law, an
act -alculatcd to disfranchtse thous
ands of worthy citizens, destroy party
organizations and add enormously to
the expense of our taxpayers. There
fore be it
“Resolved, That this association does
commend the Essex Democratic com
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mlttee for Its condemnation of the
Geran bill and Indorsement of the Alc
Gowan election bill, that gratitude Is
hereby expressed to the members of
Assembly, who opposed the Geran bill,
and be it further
"Resolved, That we earnestly request
the Democratic Senators, particularly
Senator Osborne, to oppose the Geran ,
bill and urge the substitution, and be
it further
“Resolved, That we ask Governor
Wilson to use his Influence in this dl*
rection and that a copy of these reso
lutions be forw'arded the Governor, the
Democratic Senators and the Assem
blymen who voted against the Garah
The Wilson-Record-Geran bill.revolu
tionizlng the present method of election, ^
which a has passed the House and |s I
now before the Senate, will probably . 1
be discussed at the regular meeting "
of the Republican County Committee
tonight, as far as its advantages and
disadvantages are concerned, and it ii' <
expected that some action on the b 11
will be taken. Members of the county |
committee generally are unalterably ^
opposed to the measure in its present
Amendments will probably be sub-‘
mlttcd to be supported before the Sen
ate committee at Trenton, which has
the bill under consideraton. Those
favoring the bill in its present sha^e
are expected to be found the Progressive
Republicans in the committee, inas
much as George L. Record w’is the
author of the bill One of the Sections
appealing to the Progressives s that
providing for the election of the county
Mrs. Wtlhelrnina Scharewskl, *2 years
old. of 92V4 Bremen street, wts fined
*10 by Judge Hahn In the First Pre
cinct Police Court today on a charge
cf shoplifting. Mrs. Scharewvki was
detected by Miss Susan Matson a locsl
s*ore detective, helping hersell to ex- (
pensive lac< s and fancy artic|-s. Ac )
cording to the police the wogan had
been pilfering for several days and has
taken much frem the store. Tie wom
an confessed to Sergeants E(?an and
Ferrell that she lias been opejntlng at
this stole for several weeks

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