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Business Mens Exhibit and Those in
Charge at Board of Trade Rooms
ir_... ... __
"*" '■“• -I'Vir- 1 1 ■
Remarkable Remington Type
writing Speed Exhibit Is
Feature of the Day.
Hundreds of persons visited the busi
ness show in the Board of Trade rooms
at 800 Broad street this afternoon.
The committee of the Newark As
sociation of Credit Men, which is man
aging the affair, yesterday .decided to
run the ahow two days Instead of one.
The exhibition will clOBe tonight at 10
A feature of the exhibition is the re
markable speed obtained by a demon
strator on the No. 10 machine of tho
Remington Typewriter Company Par
ker Woodson, the light-fingered oper
ator, dashes off 228 words a minute,
necessitating thirteen or fourteen
strokes on the keyboard each second.
The Remington Wahl adding and sub
tracting visible machines arc also
noticeable for accuracy and the speed
with which they can be operated.
There is no doubt that the exhibition
of time and labor-saving instruments
for offices has been a success. Yes
terday afternoon and evening the
Board of Trade auditorium was con
tinually filled with interested specta
tors. The local and out-of-town con
cerns which have entereil their wares
in the show have made every effort to
add to the general prosperous appear
ance of the exhibits.
First BiiftfncNN Show,
This is the first business show ever
held in Newark. It has been a pro
nounced success and one of th^ mem
bers of the Newark association today
declared the exhibition would undoubt
edly become a yearly event in this city.
"We will have to obtain a larger hall,
though.” he added; ''the- merchants
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medicine. 1 recommend Duffy's Pure
Malt Whiskey to every suffering per
son.''—Mrs. Anton Matous. 2025 Galena
Duffy's Pure Malt Whiskey is a medi
cine for all mankind. It corrects the
defective digestion of the food. In
creases the appetite, strengthens the
heart, gives force to the circulation,
cures all throat troubles and insomnia
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nervous forces. It has to its credll
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s recommendation in itself. It wll
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-— ■ -!-'
have taken right on to the show and
have expressed their delight at the
present trial"
It is understood that manj- other con
cerns would have entered exhibits but
could not obtain the room. Even those
who had stalls were clamoring for more
room. The board of directors of the
credit association will meet in a short
tune to consider t lie proposition of con
ducting a business show in this city
nnnually. It Is generally believed they
will decide to have the exhibitions, and
on a much larger scale than the pres
ent show.
There will bo a speed contest tonight
ill \Vhieh the demonstrators of a num
ber of typewriting, adding, addressing
and other machines will take part. The
speed of some of these demonstrators
has always proved to be an interesting
part of the exhibit, and the test tonight
will undoubtedly have a large gallery.
Appeared Last Evening for Sec
ond Concert.
That residents of this city appreciate
the wonderful genius of Mlscha Elman,
the young Russian violinist, who ap
peared in this city for the second time
this season last night at Kreugcr Audi
torium with the Halvey Singing So
ciety, was evidenced by the host if
admirers who greeted him. On Mr.
Elman's former visit hero in January,
when he played in Wallace Hall, he
gave his own arrangement of Schu
bert’s "Standchen," and this he gen
erously repeated last night, to the
great delight of his audience.
Miss Mabel G. Dunning, soprano, con
tributed charming songs, with the as
sistance of the society, which showed
the euroful training of a year under
the direction of Leon M. Kramer, who
is tlie conductor of the Cantors' Asso
ciation of American and <he director of
the Manhattan College of Music, New
York. The proceeds of the concert will
bi devoted to n fund which is being
raised to establsh a free school of
Counsel Unable to Agree Upon
Nature of Action.
1 Special to tho Newark Star.1
TRENTON, May 17.—Because counsel
for the government and the Hudson
Butterine Company could not agree up
on whether a civil or criminal action
should be first tried against the com
pany, the cases were laid over until
next Friday. The defendants In the
criminal case are Frank O. Persons,
Henry Braun and Adam Trlmborn. they
having been indicted for unlawful sale
of oleomargarine. The civil suit was to
collect from a J5.000 bond given by the
company as a guarantee that they
would conduct their oleomargarine
business within the provisions of the
ISp^clnl to the Newark Star.J
TRENTON. Mav 17.—At the meeting
of the New Jersey Society of the Sons
of the Revolution today, resolutions
were adopted calling for the restora
tion of the old barracks building to Its
original form.
The resolution was introduced by
Vice-Chancellor Edwin R. Walker, who
has made an extensive search of the
old records to prove his contention that
the barracks In Its present shape does
not represent the building as It was
originally built.
DANVILLE, 111., May 17.—The police
are unable to find a clue which will
lead to the arrest of the person or
persons responsible for the death of
John Sherlock, of Pittsburg, Pa., whose
body was found In Grape Creek yester
day. They believe the man was mur
dered for his new shoes and a small
amount of money.
DETROIT, Mleh., May 17,—A delega
tion of about twenty Detroit business
men, headed by President Milton A.
McRae, of the Detroit Board of Com
i merce, left today for Washington tc
i stimulate sentiment In favor of the
pending Canadian reciprocity treaty.
. ....__ . ' •- , . . -,iil _.. . '■ >.-. ;
Rebels Expect Concession to
Name Cabinet Officers and
Fourteen Governors.
MEXICO CITY, May 17.n—If the hopes
of President Diaz's ministers are rea
lized, an armistice will be announced
before the end of the day. Foreign
Minister de la Barra declares that ne
gotiations between the government and
the rebels doubtless will reach a
definite result at today's cabinet meet
ing and which in his belief will mean
JUAREZ, Mexico, May 17.—Provi
sional President Francisco I. Madero,
Jr., and Dr. Vasques Gomez, his 'chief
peace commissioner were In confer
ence at 7 a. m. today concerning the
signing of a peace agreement.
Judge Carbajal, it wa»-»«xpected.
would transmit about noon the formal
acceptance by the Mexican government
of the peace conditions, which have
already been taken to mean the be
ginning of an era of tranquility in
Besides the portfolios of war, justice
and gobernaclon In the presidential
cabinet It was said today the Insur
•rectos would name governors for the
following fourteen States:
Chihuahua, Sonora. Sinaloa. Zacate
cas, Coahuila, Yucatan, Tlaxcala,
Durango Hidalgo Puebla Guanajuata,
Guerrero Morelos and Jalisco or To
EAGLE PASS, Tex., May 17.—Rein
forced by 100 federal cavalrymen, who
came In during the night, the federal
garrison at Cutdad Porflrlo Diaz, across
the river from this place, Is today pre
pared to fight if the two bands of
rebels reported within twelve miles of
the town attack them.
The predicted rebel attack did not
show a sign of materializing last night,
but refugees streamed into Eagle Pass,
until there now there are 2,000 of them !
BALTIMORE, Md„ May 17.—The
movement for a non-sectarian civic
demonstration to Cardinal Gibbons to
be held here the first part of June, in
honor of his twenty-fifth anniversary as
a cardinal and his golden jubilee us a
priest was formally inaugurated last
night when Governor Crothers an
nounced a committee, which, on behalf
of the State, will assist In the arrange
ments. Mayor J. H. Preston will name
a committee to represent the city.
It Is Intended to honor James Gib
bons, the American, for the Influence
he has exercised for high Ideals In
citizenship and patriotism, rather than
the cardinal In his relationship to the
President Taft has accepted an invi
tation to be present, and many prom
inent men of the country are expected
to attend.
"The Ideal Business Man" will bs
the subject of a talk of Rabbi Solomon
Foster at,the noonday luncheon of the
Newark Association of Oredlt Men to
morrow In the Hotel Broad. Rabbi
Foster, who is the pastor of congrega
tion B'nal Jeshurun. has had lots of
experience with Newark's business
men and is expected to speak on mat
ters of minute interest to the member*
of the association.
, , . JU'A .
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Fate of Morse and Walsh to Be
Known Soon.
WASHINGTON, May. 17.—President
Taft probably will announce his dispo
sition of the pardon cases of Charles
W. Morse, of New York, and John R.
Walsh, of Chicago, the convicted bank
ers, some time tjils week.
The President has read voluminous
reports on both cases and has con
sidered carefully the arguments pre
sented by Attorney-General Wicker
sham and others.
The annual dinner to be followed by
reports and election of officers of the
Wednesday Club will be held tonight
In the Continental Hotel. The princi
pal speaker will be the Rev. Dr. Charles
P. Fagnanl, whose reputation as an
interesting speaker has kept him in
constant demand. His subject will be
"Democracy and tho Kingdom of God.
The speaker is the professor of the
Old Testament language and literature
In Union Theologicalj Seminary. Pro
fessor Byron C. Mathews will preside.
Quick results »re w! i»t you got If you uso tks
Star. Try a cliutdod ad.
American Attains Journalistic
Ne Plus Ultra by Interview
ing Thibdan “Deity.”
NEW YORK, May 17.—The irrepres
sible American interviewer has suc
ceeded at last in talking with the Dalai
Kama of Thibet, generally regarded as
the most unapproachable being in the
world. Very few men of white skin
have ever seen him. and countless
thousands of his followers hold him
to be a deity.
The first interview’ ever obtained with
him will be published here this week
by the Continent, a Presbyterian de
nominational journal. Its represents
r— 1 ■ ' ■" - , .1"
tive, William T. Ellis, of Philadelphia,
met the Lama in the village of Darjeel
ing, beneath the Himalayan snows,
where he 1* exiled in an a^lum pre
pared for him by the British.
Of the things the Lama has to talk
about, the item that most impressed
his Interviewer was a statement that
he Intended, upon his return to Thibet
to send many of his young men to
America for a Western education.
He also proposed that Thibet, and
even the sacred city of Lhassa itself,
should be thrown open to the com
merce of the world and the ancient
policy of seclusion abandoned.
He declared that Buddhism as a re
ligion was superior to Christianity, and
prophesied that In four hundred years
all mankind will be enrolled in d
Buddhist fellowship.
HONOLULU, Hawaiian Islands, May
17.—Frozen fourteen months, a leper
has been freed as cured. It’s a re
markable result, claimed to have been
obtained here by a new method of
treatment. The ordeal, a most severe
one, consists of freezing the affected
portions with barbon dlozlde. It is
applied to all affected parts.
The patient who has been released
shows neither bacteriological nor clini
cal evidence that he was ever affect
ed with the disease.
', , 5, .
WASHINGTON. May 17. — Three
Washingtonians cooked their dinner
in the air yesterday when up In an
aeroplane. They were John G. Farrer,
Dr. F. G. Chamberlain and Anthony
Jannus, aviator. They were in the alr<
twenty-live minutes and rose to a
height of about 250 feet. They cooked
I celery soup and terrapin.

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