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TOMORROW we expect to do the largest volume of business for any one day in the
history of the store; and if values count, all selling records will be broken.
The day marks the celebration of the 56th Anniversary of the founding of this
business, and the 11th Anniversary of the opening of the present store after the disas
trous fire of February, 1900. '
We mean to make this a day that will be remembered for years to come. We mean
to make this a “BUSINESS BUILDING’’ sale, not a profit-making occasion. We aim to
make each item sb out of the ordinary—so brimful of value-giving—that it will reward
our steady customers as well as bring in thousands of new friends.
IN THIS celebration it isn’t a question of how cheap we can sell, but how low can
offer the medium and better kind of merchandise.
We cannot be too emphatic in dwelling upon this point: that all the goods were
made up for this season—that every article is new, clean and thoroughly trustworthy—
Plan to come here tomorrow. There may have been many memorable sales in the
past and there may be many great sales in the future, but judging by the values we know
there never was and we doubt whether there’ll ever be a money-saving event like this.
„ ,i tt « Silk Waists: A Great Utter
Single Green Stamps Itoith bach , hiku urade sample wautajn ^)easnsal,1i"efsj,rS*cffct<,s’ s,,k and c ,,on
if) Purrhl»ca? Pmrn liters may have been many sensational waist offers in the past, but to the
/ UC rurcnase a rom Kspenmg our knowledge we’ve never known of any to approach
_ _ this for value-giving. They’re of the finest chiffon, faffeta silk
Till l'if\cinn I imp * and messaline, hand embroidered; some with fine laces, others
I Ul \slVJlliy a tmt tailor-made; shown in black, brown, green and navy; values
Mail Orders hilled When Possible. Get Your Orders in tarty »ruail anil Cellar Streets MltasC I a»ve small I'arceiS Wltll V 011 $4.50, $5.00 and *6.00, at.
Amoskeag Apron
20,000 yds.; every want
ed check; last indigo
blue, browns, greens
and reds; reg. Me and
Oc; tomorrow, yard.
On hale Wash Goods Dept.. Maiu
Floor, Rear)
Messaline Silk Petticoats
Of superior quality messaline; big variety of handsome col
orings, plain colors and two-toned#'also beautiful ^ O
stripe effects; attractive styles with deep accordion 1 VII
plaited ilounce; regular #4.00 value, tor Saturday |,0 /
[ only at...
Silk Jersey Petticoats
Extra size Petticoats of finest quality silk jer
sey, deep flounce of superior quality messaline; J yII
black and all the new colors; made extra full and f j
the ideal petticoat for stout women; reg. #5.50, at «
m m • w—* • d • Department, ilfafrt Woor
Men s Fu rn isni rigs i* °f
No bitier investment could be
made than to stock up now
while Anniversary is here.
Men’s 1.50 & $2 Shirts |
The finest high-class shirts any store |
ever offered under regular price. From A •
one ot the most prominent Troy makers,
but for trade reasons we are not permitted to use the name;
however, the label is in every shirt and you'll recognize then
as being one of the best makes in the country. Every shirt
new and perfect, coat-cut fronts, plain and pleated bosoms,
light and dark effects; all advance fall patterns; standard
$1.50 and $2.00 shirts at fi for fi.50, or, each, 1.15.
Sweater Coats
Extra heavy wool, Oxford,
navy and white, tine pearl but
tons, strong and 4
serviceable; reg. £ .
$3.00, sale price...
Men's Silk Sox
Full regular made thread
silk sox, double soles, extra
spliced heels and /X
toes; regular S1.00 II L.
silk hose.
Silk Hose
Extra quality, heels and toes
specially reinforced, not the
thin flimsy kind, but ^ mm
good substantial
grade; reg. 50c, at..
| “Star” Brand Shirts
Reduced for this sale
51.50 “Star Brand" Shirts. .1.25 ,
52.00 “Star Brand" Shirts. .1.65
Men’s $1 and $1.50 High Class Neckwear at i
Large folded shapes, of the finest domestic and imported silks, such as 1
you’ll find only in $1.00 and $1.50 neckwear; the best assortment of styles and , ^ 11 11
color combinations shown anywhere; at the price they ought to go in dozen ^
lots as last as we can hand them out: worth $1.00 and $1.50. at 6 for $2.75, each /
Men’s “ Mattawan ” Shirts ‘President” Suspenders I
This popular brand needs no introduction; suffice to say. Variety ol new
that they are all new, perfect goods; coat-cut fronts, s wm striped and fig
plain and pleated bosoms; new fall styles in light £* L*. ^ ured effeqts; reg
and dark effects; sold nowhere under $1.00, while |j ular ^Oc; *or
some stores ask as high as $1.45; your choice at sale, at.
U for 3.75, or, each. .l—
Men’s Sweater Coats
Guarantoed strictly pure wool: pockets and fine :
pearl buttons: fashioned in Oxford, black, ^
white and navy; regular S4.00, at.
$5.00 “ Hy-Lo ” Sweater Coats 4.50
$0.00 “ Hy-Lo” Sweater Coats 5.40
Can be worn either V neck or with high collar.
Well suited for automobiling and all outdoor sport.
Men's “Paris” and “Boston” Garters; white. | O ,
black and colors; regular 25c, sale price. 1 Ot
Men’s Bath Robes
Made of tine German blankets, ney jacquard and
tigured effects, made with satin yoke, cords <1 j r
and tassels to match; fine 53 robes, sale price I O
All better t'obes Reduced 15 Per Cent,
for Anniversary.
Men's 1.1)5 Root’s Tivoli Underwear fiCr, ROOTS
At almost halt price; guaranteed pure Australian wool; «... //*^| t
white and natural gray; shirts in sizes up to 50; drawers / v/ W I |\/| j| |
to 52. The mill discontinued making this particular nutn
ber and we secured their*entirc stock on hand. All arc perfect goods. ^*T"A ^
but for business reasons the mill stamped them “second quality.” WE 1 /~\l l L/rtl\ VS
Men’s Underwear Men’s Union Suits f- vINULrxWLMn,
Fine wool fleeced, shirts with Silk and lisle and plain lisle;
sateen front, drawers v » the famous “Superi- a ^ O
with extra gussets; At) C or” make, regular $2 I /V
regular $1.00, at. and $2.50, at.
Kimono Uowns
Isn't this value alone worth a trip
here tomorrow, not to mention the
hundreds of other Anniversary spe
cials f Bound to have use for one
of these gowns; why let the chance
slip by ? Flannelette and tleece
down, shown in
large variety of
beautiful colorings;
in several very de
sirable styles; reg
ular #1.03; Anni
versary price. .
Popular Books of Fiction, 35c
Formerly Sold at 1.08; our reg. price 45c; now at
Over 500 titles to select from. A few from among them are :
The Running Fight The Danger Mark Meryl
The Silver Horde Silent Places The Quaker Maid
The Title Market 13th District Spenders
The Man from Glen- When a Man Marries Dr. Lavender’s People
gary Post Girl | Coniston
The Beauty Third Degree If I Were king
The Danger Trail Primadonna ! The Westerners
The key to Yesterday Filigree Ball < The Garden of Fate
Like Another Helen Nedia j Alms and the Woman
The Scarlet Empire Lion and the Mouse Freckles
The Hungry Heart She That Hesitates i A Fool There Was
Fruit of the Loom,
Mill or Lonsdale
Full yard wide
• limit to 20 yards)
at, per yard,
j *
We Cap the Climax in Value-Giving for Men and Young cMen by Offering
$25 Silk Lined Fall Overcoats
• An Offer Worth Coming Miles to Secure, Because You
Positively Save $12.5'.) on Every' Coat You Buy
We say these overcoats are worth $25.00, but we doubt
whether your tailor would make one to measure lor less than
$35.00; then ask him if he will guarantee the lining. WE GUAR
■ son why we present this value. It’s just this: We want more men
i to become acquainted with our third-floor men’s department and
Jwe therefore make this Anniversary otter, knowing you 11 nevei ror^er
the Snyder Store after you've bought one of these overcoats. 1 hey re
made of the finest black unfinished worsteds afid dark Oxford gray
vicunas; strictly hand-tailored; latest three-quarter length model; fit
perfectly; sizes to start wi*h from 33 to 46 chest measure, including
sizes for extra stout men; $25.00 silk-lined overcoats at 12.50.
If these Coals are sold before, the tlay is out well have one made up to your
measure for the some price. Jtnt the offer is good for Saturday, October the j
f Seventh, only , J
As AnoJher Big Anniversary Attraction We Offer |
i Men’s $15.00 and $18.00 “Griffon Branl” Suits at ]
This means your unreserved choice of our entire 815.00 and
$18.00 stock of Griffon Brand Suits, so you can just judge the
amount of money you save; and even at regular prices these suits
are considered the best in the land. They’re hand-tailored; newest
models; very exclusive in design and finish; pfain or fancy blue
serge, black clays, unfinished worsteds or Thibets, as well as the
popular tan and brown mixed tweeds; sizes 32 to 46 chest measure,
including stouts; Anniversary price.
. , Men’s and Young Men’s $12 50 Suits for Anniversary A r
Men s and Boys Made of plain and iancy blue serge, black Thibet and the newest mixed
effects; a splendid dress or business suit; sizes from 32 to 46 chest measure. S • JH_/
Clo.hiny itore, 3d floor including stouis.
Boys’ $6 and $7 Suits
We’ve never known pf a better suit to
be offered anywhere at the price. Double
breasted, Norfolk, sailor and Russian
styles; plain blue serge and the latest
brown, gray and tan Scotch cheviots and
tweeds; all splendidly tailored; sizes from 3 to 18 years;
value $6.00 and $7.00; Anniversary price, 4.50.
59c Wool Pants at.45c 59c Corduroy Knicker and
75c Wool Pants at.35c Bloomer Pan'8- sizes 5
,, p. „ to 16 years, at.4oc
$1.50 and $2.00 1 “r pe'1 75c Corduroy Knicker and
Telescope Hats at 9hc Bloomer Pants, sues 5
.lack Tar Wool Hats at. . . .59c to 16 years.57c
Men’s&Young Mefi’s Trousers
Made of plain black and blue serge and g
the popular gray stripe cassimere; sizes 29 I 11/
to 46 waist measure; regular $3.00 trousers; J ^y J
Anniversary price.
Boys’ $4 and $5 Fall Reefers
Parents who buy one of these natty reefers can rest assured
that they have secured one of the best bargains
ever placed before them. Twelve different styles
to select from, in shepherd plaids and the new
est brown, tan and gray mixed patterns; velvet
collars; sizes Z'A to 10 years; value S4.00 and
$6.00; for Anniversary, 2.95.
Boys’ Suits
Some with Extra Pants—Double-breast
ed, sailor and Russian styles, all-wool
blue serge and a nice variety ^ s _ j
of light and dark mixed pat- J /v U
terns; sizes 3 to 18; value
S5.00, at... '
• . . _ _
Boys' Suits
Double-breasted coat style,
full-cut knicker pants, neat
mixed patterns; sizes 0 to
17; value $2.50, at.
Boys Suits
Some with Extra Pants—Double-breast
ed, sailor and Russian styles, of good
wearing cassitnere and chev
iot, neat light and dark mixed
patterns: sizes 3 to 17; value
$3.50, at.
Our Stock of $3.50 Women’s Victoria Shoes for Anniversary #75
For the past twenty-two years since our famous $3.50 Victoria -
shoes were introduced here, they have beeji considered the best foot- -
wear obtainable at the price. As for style, quality, comfort and dura
bility, they have won thousands of regular customers; but never before
have they been sold at the special price we offer them for Satur
day. Twenty-five different models in the foremost and most wanted styles of thg season, in
cluding the new 7-inch boots with 14 and 1(3 buttons — the style that young people fancy.
Include patent colt, gunmetal and vici kid leathers; Cuban and low heels; Goodyear welt soles
of white oak leather; button, lace and blucher styles; all sizes and widths; our stock of $3.50
Victoria shoes at 2.75.
Choice our Entire Stock of $5 Shoes at A AA
One of the most important offerings in high-class shoes that We have ever known V V/
1(0 be announced. Products of such famous makers as the Laird & Schorber & Co.,
Londsberry & Mattison Co. and John Cross & Co., as well as our own custom-made shoes, considered to
be the best $5.00 lines in the country. AH styles and novelties in gunmetal calf, tan Russia calf, vici Kid,
imported patent leather and black suede: Cuban and regular heels; all hand-made.
Women’s $3 Shoes at
/,000 Pairs on Fate in the Under-Priced Basement
At a popular price you ^-v /%
couldn’t buy a better pair of rj| ||||
shoes at any time. They were f |i|sl
made up specially for us to f ||i|
offer as an extra special for gnA C vF vF
Anniversary. All leathers in
all sizes and widths; Goodyear welt
soles, Cuban and regular heels, gun
metal calf, vici kid and patent colt;
lace, button and blucher styles; all
new fall goods; worth $3.00 a pair,
on sale in the basement shoe depart
ment at 2.00.
I-—-—- -,
Special in Women’s Rubbers
They consist of storm and croquet styles,
Cuban and regular heels; on sale in the base
ment; regular 50c, special for Anniversary sale
in the basement shoe department, a pair... I

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