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Fact Creeps Out When Two
Widows Dispute Over
NEW YORK, Dec. 8.—During the
hearing yesterday before Surrogate
Ketcham in Brooklyn in the contest ,
over the will of Brigadier-General Ho- ,
ratio M. Stratton, one of the founders j
and first commander-in-chief of the J
United Boys’ Brigade of America, who i
died May 16 last at 61 Westminster |
road, Flatbush, *it was disclosed that |
General Stratton for years had been |
, maintaining one home at Paulsboro,
N. J., and another in Flatbush.
Two widows of General Stratton ap
peared before the surrogate, one be
ing Mrs. Maria Lillian Stratton, to
whom he was married in Paulsboro,
January 17, 1883, and the other Mrs.
Leita Hartman Stratton, a daughter
of General Henry Hartman, whom he
married in Troy In 1900.
The first wife, who was accompanied
by three survivors of her seven chil
dren, produoed the certificate of her
» marriage, over whloh there was no dis
Mrs. Marie Lillian Stratton says in
her affidavit that ehe was never di
vorced nor separated from her hus
band, and that he had always sup
ported her and the children in a liberal
manner. Her husband, she said, fre
quently went away from their home at
Paulsboro, giving business duties as
the cause of his absence.
The first she knew of her husband's
double life was the day before his
death, when a message came to Pauls
boro that he was critically 111 at 61
Westminister road, Brooklyn. Her two
sons hastened to Brooklyn and there
met Leita Hartman Stratton at hie
bedside, but it was not until half an
hour after his death that the disclosure
that he had been married to her took
The second wife testified that she
had known General Stratton for more I
than a year before their marriage, and
that he had represented himself as a |
widower. The estate, which is valued j
at about $50,000, was left to wife No. 2.
NEW YORK, Dec. 8.—A story that
can incite tears in a Police Court must
needs be filled with pathos. Mrs. Lily
Kletz told such a story yesterday in
Harlem Police Court.
Mrs. Kletz is 2G years old, five feet
two inches tall and pretty. She weighs
eighty-five pounds. Her husband,
Charles Kletz, a bartender, Is 35 years
old, six feet tall and weighs 220 pounds.
"On the night of November 23,’” Mrs.
Kletz told Magistrate Corrigan, ‘‘my
husband came home drunk.
“He caught hold of me and threw me
to the floor, and when I was pyostrate!
he kicked me and dislocated my left
shoulder. Then he threw me the entire
, length of a ten-foot hallway.”
i -•
EEIZABETH, Dec. 8.-r-In order that
the "White Way” opening of the Broad
Street Improvement Association, which |
takes place tonight, may bei
made an orderly affair and an occa
. sion of joyousness rather than one of
rowdyism. Chief of Police George H. |
Tenney has issued stringent regula- j
tions. These prohibited the use of con
fetti, feather ticklers or any of the
more annoying articles usually brought
forth on such an occasion.
NEW YORK, Dec. 8.—A whiff of
hydrocyanic acid gas, one of the most
• deadly poisons known to chemistry,
caused the instant death yesterday of
Arthur H. Koelker, a young German
chemist, in the William G. Lyle labora
5 tory connected with Roosevelt Hos
pital. The breaking of a glass retort,
in which Koelker was conducting ex
. perlments with cynaide of potassium
and ferro-cyanide salts released the
fumes which caused his death.
JERSEY CITY, Dec. 8—Rev. J.
M Frazer, a missionary to China, who
for the last eight years has labored in
the Far East, will repeat his lecture on
existing conditions in China next Mon
, day evening in St. Peter’s Hall.
I Our new '
stock is
very attrac- |
tive and our
display will
give you an
idea of the goods we carry.
Here’s a few prices that will con
vince you:
Lollies' Solid Gold Watches, set
ti Itb four genuine diamonds, gunr
unleed Hoe movement.*21.30
l.ndles’ Solid Gold Watches, *14 up
Gentlemen's Solid Gold Watehes.
*1H up
Gentlemen’s 20-year case, Elgin nr
Wall ham Movement.*7.05
l.ndles’ Solid Silver Watehes,
*2.73 Up
Genuine Diamond Kings.
*0.23 up to *300
Gentlemen’* Solid
Gold Signet .
Ring:* < mono- flk
uram free), GE
93.30 up
X Diamond Lockets, ^
9ft op
Solid Gold Scnrf
pin* *1 m> „ .
I'lUr Ilnttoiia, Lorgnette*, 1 ob»—
hundredx of pattern* to aeleetfroin.
\ large na«Ortnient of Engage
ment and Wed-"—': King*.
Xext to lUulbfrgtr’il new building.
119 Market St. "JSX&K’&f
50c Chocolates or Bonbons at
Do not forget that box of candy for the
Sunday enjoyment. Our candies are of ab- /KMC'
solute purity, with a rich, tempting flavor,
and come in a large assortment in each box,
giving a tasteful variety. Chocolates, bon-bons or
candied fruits, in 1-lb. boxes, made by a well-known
candy manufacturer; special, Saturday only, 29c.
Broad and Cedar Streets—Money Refunded on Any Unsatisfactory Purchase
Webster’s Dictionary
For home, office or school use; contains 715
pages, indexed and bound in leather; colored
and half-tone plates throughout; q am
1911 edition; regular $1,50; Early
Christmas Sale price.
Attend the
Early Christmas Sale
Judging by the large outpouring of early holiday
buyers and the record-breaking business this week
our Early Christmas Sale is a pronounced success.
Special values are offered as an inducement to
shop early and the amount of money that can be saved
by purchasing now is a big factor to consider.
For Saturday we’ve prepared another wonderful
array of values, partly told of below, and it will be
greatly to your interest to shop at the Snyder store
To encourage morning shopping we will give
Double Oi&C Green Stamps Noon I
Single W(: Green Stamps After Noon and Night
Furs at This Great Sale
Through a number of special purchases due to the backward season we re en
abled to many wonderful bargains in the richest furs. If there’s any need to fulfill—for
your own use or for gifts—make the most of this big opportunity.
Belgian Lynx Sets
The silky, lustrous quality; shawl made wm Af"
> in the snake effect and the flat animal model; / 111%
j muffs large or small sizes, in the half-barrel J %/ftJ
styles; value $12.50, at.
Also Belgian lynx sets, values from 8.50 to 10.00, at 5.05 and 6.95.
Natural Raccoon Sets—Handsome
shawl, head and tail trimming, full
half-barrel pillow muffs, two skins
in each; value $35.00, 24.75
Black Fox Muffs—Made in a large
half-barrel muff style, of genuine
American fox, European dye. silk
lined; value $37.50, 24.75
| Sabaline Coney Sets—Made in a
fancy trimmed shawl and full pil
low muff; value $20.00, 12.75
Wolf Sets—Made of Canadian
wolf, in a very large shawl, with
a very large muff, in black and
blue; value $20.00, |2
Caracal Coats—A new, lustrous
fur oaracul coat, full length. (U
Inches long; brocaded silk lined; all
solid skins: only a limited lot;
$52.50 Is the cheapest price quoted
on these coats; choice of any
at .30.75
Belgian Lynx Sets—Made In a
new shape muff, with plain or
snake shawl; good quality skins;
value $10.00; sale price.5.S5
Full Length Moor-Seal Coats—
Finest quality skins: full 51 lnchea
long, brocaded silk lined; value $85.
specially priced at.59.50
Sample Post Coats*—Black only;
the finest and most selected skins
we have ever been able to procure;
full length, 58 and 54 Inch model;
seml-fltted; regular ttS and $85
values at.... .57,50
Black Coney Malta, large half
barrel shape; black only; value
6.00, at.2.98
Blue ait Blank Wolf or Fox 8ota>
select sklna: snake, fancr- and plain
shawl; handsome mutts, in the latest
inodes, at.84.75
910.00 Blaok American Lynx P1W
low Mutts, at.5.96
Select Frenoh Coney Seta, new
shawl models, trimmed with tassel
ornaments, etc.; mutts oan be wont
as a pocketbook; also a few other
pretty novelties; value 991.10,
at .14.75
Manchurian Blue Wolf Sato, large
pillow muffs, wtth shawl oollar;
value $10.00, aale price.BBS
Velvet Waists
We will place
on sale for Satur
day at a special
price the newest
novelty — velvet
waists. They’re
beautifully made
and any woman
who secures one
will have reason
to c o n g r atulate
herself. They’re
shown in black
and brown and
come In all sires;
>alue $4.00; like
picture; special at
To Free
pijt Cut this out, present to
r 11 S p a I d ing Demonstrator,
All Toilet Department, and re- I
p , ceive a 25c or 50c plaster
■rarls> for rheumatism before De
of the cember 14th. These plas- I
pi ters have been demon
strated In Snyder’s over a
A 3.00 Silk Petticoat at. . . . it,89
Here's a special bound to interest every economical woman. Beautiful Silk Petticoats, .
all new fall goods, and offered so far under the regular price that it’s just like letting money / I
slip away to miss this offer. They’re made of superior quality messallne; big variety of I ^
handsome colors, plain colors and two-tone, also beautiful stripe effects; attractive styles j
with deep accordion-pleated flounce; regular 3.00. j
Flannelette Wear
Women’s Flannelette Petticoats, extra heavy;
pink, blue stripes, also white scalloped 'JQ**
Women’s Petticoats, flannelette, extra size,
pretty stripe effect; deep ruffle and seal- 3Q ,
loped edge; regular 50c, at. 071*
Women’s Nightgowns, extra heavy flannel
ette; pretty pink and blue stripes, double yoke
back and front, braid trimmed, cut very CAr
full and long, at. dUL
Women's Nightgowns, of excellent quality
flannelette, extra size, high neck, 98C
Infants’ Nightgowns, of extra heavy flannel
ette, in white, also dainty stripes; sizes /JCr
Children’s Nightgowns, flannelette, Hubbard
style, double yoke back and front and turnover
collar; extra full and long; sizes 4 to 14 1ft
years; regular 50c, at. 07L
Children’s Flannelette Night Drawers, extra
heavy, with and without feet; pink and blue
stripe and plain white; sizes 2 to 8 rnA
years . OUC
Klosfit Petticoats
No woman should be
\ without a Klosfit Petticoat.
I They’re a necessity for
AJ every perfect - fitting gar
V ment. We feature these
highly desirable garments,
and as a leader we offer:
Choice of 1.50 Petticoats at
Klosfit Petticoats are the
foundation of every perfectly
fitting gown. The Klosfit Pet
ticoat lits any figure — no alterations are
necessary. They tit without a wrinkle. Over
the hip is an elastic gusset—these and the
strong elastic waistband make the petticoat
hug the waist like a corset. Placket abso
lutely flat.
Other Styles at from $1.50 to $5
Women’s Hand Bags
Splendidly complete stocks, embracing
every new style, and offered at the most
moderate cost.
Women's Genuine Leather Hand Bags
In seal and walrus pressing, all
leather-lined; guarantee tag In each
bag; good aim change purse, single
and double strap handles,
a good roomy bag and ap
(proprlate Christman gift.
values 1.50, special at..
Women’s Genuine Leather Hand Bags
In seal grain, with fancy leather
trimmed metal frames; lnslda change
purse; all leather lined; double strap
handles; round and broken ,
bottoms, a good 3.00 value,
| Women's Fancy Dress Bags
5} In all wanted shades of buffed calf
/» and tan calf, lined, pretty, plain gilt
frames; double strap handles, good size
1& change purse, broken bottoms. In tan,
la green, gray mottled; a good rv/v
P 3.50 value, special O.UU
Also very large assortment of beaded
■mgs .1.50 to 33.00
Big line of Morocco, Seal, Walrus and
fnaey leather bags, from. . .3,30 to 23.00
Men’s Leather Goods for Gifts
BUI Fold.&0c to fl.00
I Men’s Wallets .1.00 to e.OO
Men’s Change Purse an-d BUI Fold I
Combination .ajflc to a.00
Men's Cigar Cases.BOe to «.B0
Men's Cigarette Cases. .Me to B.00
Also a big line of military
brushes In very pretty leather
Women’s Neckwear
Women’s Fancy Collars, with jabots
attached; plauen lace collars, with tabs,
Irish crochet jabot; net stock collars,
with side frills attached; each g
in holiday box; choice, at...
Women’s Lace Stock Collars and
jabots, side frills, and stock collars with
jabots and frills attached; each in
fancy holiday box; per box,
Infants’ & Children’s Wear
Our stock of infants’ and children’s wear is complete, with sweaters,
worsted leggings, caps, mittens, Angora caps, hand-knitted caps, worsted
sacques, veils, soft knit night garments, flannelette night drawers and
MX7S. jersey leggings. Featured for tomorrow are:
\ CHILDREN’S COATS, of fine all-wool
P cloth, In plain colors, red, brown and navy;
very pretty double-breasted model, with
velvet collar; sizes 2 to 6 years; regular
A $3.50; special, at.
of fine broadcloth, all
i good, desirable colors;
I tome with large collars
I of caracul, others very ef
I fectlvely trimmed; sizes
2 to 6 years; -j ri Q
regular $5 J.yA
coats; spec’l
of caracul, also broad
cloth and chinchilla, in
all the popular colorings
and nobby styles; sizes 2
to 6 years; ^
regular $6 ^1111
coats; spec’l v v
Hand-made worsted caps, made In the heavy eiderdown w
wool and in a pretty variety of good colorings; the ideal cap ^
for the cold weather, and so practical; reg. 98c; special, at.. ^ w
Gold Jewelry for Gifts
Solid gold brooches, Roman gold, ar
tistically designed crescent, with flower,
wishbones and many fancy ja
» styles, set with real pearls.L • DU
Solid gold scarf pins, horseshoes, wish
bones, crescents, question marks, heads
and a great many other artistic and man
nish designs, set with real oriental | ja
pearls; special, at.l.DU
Solid gold cuff links, Roman gold,
plain bead and fancy patterns; the price I
would pay for a gold filled but- on |
ton; special . 0“C
j. Others from.1.50 to 15.00 1
la Soiid gold tie clasp, to match <70. I
cuff links, at . I VC
y Others .1.50 to 5.00
Solid gold fobs at.3.95
Solid gold fancy real pearl sunburst,
with genuine diamond centre, ^ Qg
Warranted Gold Filled Watches
—20-year movement, guaranteed
to keep accurate time.4-OH
Solid Gold Scarf Pins, with
brilliant diamond.4.93
Men’* Solid Gold Vent Chain*. I
at .7.50
Solid Gold l.nvolllere. pendant
I set with ruby centres, at.1.05
une initial engraved tree or charge
Sweater Coats
Nice, warm and well-made gar
ment at a price that will appeal to
every woman; of
Ane all-wool
zephyr; made In a
pretty double
breasted model,
high and V neck,
in white and ox
ford; also some
salesmen’s sam
ples, which com
prise very attract
ive sweaters;
value $3.00; spe
jjp> A Great
W Array
" Every
4 ^Sg^
Men’s handkerchiefs, with initials, per box of
six, at. .75c, 1.00 and 1.50
Men’s handkerchiefs, plain linen hemstitched,
at, each.12^c, 25c, 50c and 75c
Men’s handkerchiefs, all linen, initials, at,
each.18c, 25c and 50c
Women’s handkerchiefs, all linen and hem
stitched, at, each.12ic, 25c and 50c
Women’s handkerchiefs, all linen, with
initials, per box of six, at.75c, 1.00 and 1.50
Women’s princess lace handkerchiefs, large
variety of patterns, each... 50c, 75c, 1.25, 1.5§ & 1.75
Women’s lace handkerchiefs, trimmed with
Val., mechlin or point Venice lace, at, each....
25c, 50c, 75c, 1.00 and 1.25
Men’s silk handkerchiefs, plain, with initials, and
colored borders, at, eath.25c, 50c, 75c, 1.00 and 1.50
Stamped Fancy Aprons
Stamped on fine cross
bar lawn; large variety
of pretty styles and de
signs, including Royal
Society thread in all col
ors to complete apron;
finished pieces on dis
play, from which many
excellent ideas may be
derived; regu
lar 25c; special
here, at. 1
For Men and Boys
Men’s Suspenders
Made with fine lisles and heavy '
extra elastic webs; fitted with un
breakable leather ends; neat
buckles; each pair in pretty r
gift box; per pair. LtuC
Men’s Sweater Coats
Pure Wool Sweater Coats, some
with pockets, others without,
smoked pearl buttons, hand made
buttonholes; regular $3.00 nn
coats, at. L UU
Boys’ Sweater Coats
Fine Wool Sweater Coats, oxford,
red and white, two pockets, hand
made buttonholes, matched pearl
buttons; good $2.00 sweater | if
coats, at. l.OO
Boys’ Suspenders
A limited quantity of Fine Silk
Lisle Suspenders, made from the
short ends of webbing used in men’s
50c suspenders, trimmed and fin
ished in best manner, each ir.
pair in pretty box; per pair.. iuL
Men’s Combination Sets
Consisting of a pair of Fine Lisle
Suspenders, Armbands and Garters
to match, neatly packed in pretty
holly box, a most useful gift,
per set . UHL
Toys and Dolls
Our ‘Baby Ruth’ Jointed
j&K&t&L Doll
is the best doll
in America,
made especially
for us by Eur
ope’s largest
and best doll
factory, stands
22 inches high,
some with eye
lashes, a perfect
beauty; actual
value SI .50;
5,000 of them
^ 1.00
New Imported Toys—Mechanical
Trains, Autos, Street Roller, Hill
Climbers, all finely finished, special,
at .98c and 49c
EJnsltafc Doll Perambula-*e act
♦ora—Nice size. a. dainty I 4V
preaent for the little one. at
On Sale In Our Newly
Enlarged Basement
Child’s Tea Sets |
23 Pieces, worth gl.TB, at gl.OO
—Imported German China, every J
piece highly decorated and gold
lined—assorted natural flower !
decorations. These sets are I
hrand-new and packed In a !
strong box. Consists of t> j
plates, S cups and saucers, 1 i
large teapot, 1 sugar *
bowl, 1 milk pitcher; I (III
worth $1.75, special at.. a*v\s
Mechanical Trains
Large size Mechanical Trains and
all the necessary paraphernalia,
consisting of extra heavy locomo
tive, tender, cars and cir
Genulue Flexible Flyece, | no
here at.. I*VO
Best Values in Clothing
Before you buy clothing, in justice to your
self come and at least see the reliable makes we’re
placing on sale tomorrow at special prices. With
: Xmas near at hand no better or more useful gift
could be made than a good suit or overcoat.
Men’s & Young Men’s Overcoats & Suits
Any wanted style overcoat, such as “Presto,” box or
convertible effects, in plain black and neat mixed patterns.
The suits are all hand tailored and
are made of plain black clay diag
onal and unfinished worsted;also the
’atest brown and gray mixtures as
well as blue serge; sizes from 32 to
46 chest measure, including sizes
for stout men; positive 18.00 values
Men’s and Youths’ Overcoats and Suits
Splendidly tailored suits, of plain blue serge
► and fancy mixed patterns. The overcoats are
of plain black kersey, also “Presto*' and con
vertible styles in neat mixed effects; sizes 32 to
ii chest measure; values from liOO to 16.00, at
Men s & Youths Trousers
Made of mercerized wor
sted and cassimeres; in neat
light and dark stripe effects;
sizes 29 to 46 waist ^
measure; value A
2.50 and 3.00, at. “•
Men’s Smoking Jackets
Silk Jackets, made in Japan,
shown In plain blue, brown,
garnet colors, silk quilted
throughout, silk frogs and
shawl collars; sizes « ^ «
32 to 42 chest C IIV
measure, special O
Genuine Oil Paintings
i Size 16x20 inches; regular $3.50, at_
,7 This offer is truly typical of the
4 many great values that are the order of
the day in Our Third Floor Picture Store. One of the
■J biggest values in oil paintings ever offered at this time
m of the year. Come in deep gilt and gold burnished
sweep frames, with ebony protection boxes and glass.
1,000 Framed Pictures, Value to 1.50, at
Etchings, Facsimiles of Water Colors, Fruits, Games, Carbons, Religious; ma _
Drawings by Fisher, Christy, alto Indian subjects by Remington; in oak, gilt and ftUr
mission frames; suitable for gifts. ^

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