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Store Your Furs Now
Why put off storing your furs? Why run the risk of having
them damaged by moths, destroyed by fire or stolen? ’Phone
Market 6700 for our wagon to call. Give us the risk. Our cold
dry air storage vaults protect your furs absolutely. ’Phone for
the wagon or drop a postal Wednesday.
■. ■ ■ ■"* - - r:-'-' * .•
“Musical Hour”—2 to 3
Arrange your shopping so that you may visit the Bamberger
auditorium tomorrow afternoon between two and three o’clock.
This period is known as “Musical Hour,” when a concert is ren
dered on the Behning player piano and the Columbia Grand
Grafonola. Program changed daily. Two to three p. m.
The STERLING TypewriteNhiaranteed for One Year=25.00
For years people have been looking for an INEXPENSIVE typewriter possessing these cardinal virtues, viz—Perfect Align
, ment—Visible Writing—Writing in any Language. The machine is here—at Bamberger’s. It is THE STERLING TYPEWRITER—
I made in Newark—fully guaranteed for one year. Price, $25.00. The typewriter is not an untried article. For two years it has been
put to severe tests, proving durability that is unequaled. It has all the improvements that any other machine has, namely: visible
writing, margin release, a back spacer, two colored ribbons, automatic paper feed and double margin stops. There are no type bars to
spring and twist. All the characters are on a type-wheel, which may be instantly removed. Type-wheels with characters in Spanish, German, Greek, Portu
guese, as well as English, may be had. Standard keyboard, giving 90 characters, furnishing three fractions and three other characters in excess of most
typewriters. To the average business man, professional man and others an expenditure of $100 for a typewriter is unwarranted,. Here is where the Sterling
fits in. See it demonstrated on the first floor, rear of store. A remarkable typewriter for $25.00
——— ■■■■ .. IP I
“Opportunity Week”
The hundreds of industrious housewives who
awaited this annual event for purchasing their Spring
and Summer household supplies have certain cause for
rejoicing. This is the BEST Opportunity Week on
Opportunities in House Linens
Soiled Lunch Cloths, '4 Off—About two hundred soiled
lunch cloths in 36, 45 and 54 inch’ sizes; German and Austrian
linen; scalloped or hemstitched; a few round pieces, majority
in square. Regular LOO to 5.00.. 54 Off
29c Huck Towels, 22c—Large size, neatly hemstitched;
made of all pure German linen, of extra close weave, in many
pretty designs; some in wreath effects, suitable for embroider
ing initials. Regular 29c, special.22c
79c Table Damask, 68c—Pure Scotch linen table damask,
of heavy quality, fully bleached; a variety of dainty designs to
choose from. Regular 79c per yard, special at.68c
15c Crash Toweling, 1254c—All pure linen crash toweling,
firm and durable; white with red borders, for hand, dish or
roller towel use; this toweling is of extra heavy quality and
sells regularly for 15c yard, special at.12'/jc
12Vic Huck Towels, 10c—Size 18x36 union linen huck
towels of good, firm quality, in plain white or with red bor
ders, suitable for hotel or boarding house use. Sold regularly
lor 1254c each, but we’ve marked them special at.10c
11c Crash Toweling, 8J4c—This crash toweling is all pure
linen, of very good quality, seventeen inches wide; an extra
close weave; white with red borders. The regular price is lie
per yard, on sale special at.854*
1254c Bath Towels, 954c—Absorbent bath towels of brown
linen with red borders; of good quality, but subject to slight
imperfections. Would sell in the regular way for 12j4c each,
special, while they last, each.954*
1.59 Linen Napkins, 1.37—Pure Scotch linen napkins, in
size 19x19 inches, of good heavy quality; full bleached; many
neat patterns. Regular 1.59 »er dozen, special at.1.37
Opportunities in Domestics
1.50 Cotton Blankets, 1.00—Full size white cotton blan
kets, of heavy quality, with soft, fleecy nap? choice of pink or
blue borders. Regular price 1.50 pair, special.1.00
1.00 Bed Spreads, 79c—Large size crochet bed spreads at
almost one-fourth less than regular; mads of good yarn, strong
and firm, closely woven; many pretty designs to choose from.
Regular 1.00 spreads, specially priced at.79c
1.00 Embroidered Pillow Cases, 85c—Size 45x36-inch pil
low cases, made of Fruit of the Loom muslin, with scalloped
edges and embroidered in eyelet effects; beautiful patterns.
Regular price 1.00 per pair, special at.85c
15c Lonsdale Cambric, IO'/jC—As a special feature of
Housekeepers’i Opportunity Week we shall offer the well
known Lonsdale cambric at 1054c a yard; all full pieces. Sells
regularly for 15c per yard, special at.1054c
854c Bleached Muslin, 654c—Closely woven bleached mus
lin, thirty-six inches wide, free from dressing; nice for under
wear; nice soft finish. This quality sells regularly for 854c pet
yrard, but we offer it special at...6)4c
“Atlantic” Sheets and Pillow Cases
During Housekeepers’ Opportunity Week we shall otter
this famous brand of sheets and pillow cases at the following
special prices; beautiful texture; wash white and soft:
Size 54x90-inch sheets, regular 55c each, special at. .45c
Size 03x90-inch sheets, regular 65c each, special at. .50c
Size 72x90-inch sheets, regular 69c each, special at. .55c
Size 81x90-inch sheets, regular 75c each, special at. .60c
Size 81x99-inch sheets, regular 85c each, special at. .68c
Size 90x90-inch sheets, regular 85c each, special at. .68c
Size 90x99-inch sheets, regular 89c each, special at..73c
Size 42x30-in. pillow cases, regular 17c each, spec.. 13c
Size 45x36-in. pillow /cases, regular 19c each, spec..15c
Size 50x36-in. pillow cases, regular 22c each, spec.. 17c
Opportunities in Floor Coverings
39.50 Royal Wilton Rugs, .34.50—Size 9x12 ft., woven in
one piece; a large variety of new designs; rich colorings. These
seamless rugs sell regularly for 39.50 each, special sale
44.00 Royal Wilton Rugs, .37.75—About seventy-five new
and beautiful designs for your selection; made of pure worsted;
size 9x12; suitable for all rooms. Regular 44.00 rugs, spe
cial .37.75
27.00 Body Brussels Rugs, 23.75—A beautiful line of best
quality body Brussels rugs, in size 9x12 ft.; thirty different
patterns; good, durable rugs that sell regularly for 27.00,
at .23.75
45.00 Wilton Rugs, 39.75- Handsome two-toned Wilton
rugs in rich shades of green, tan and blue, with handsome bor
ders in deeper shades; 9x12 ft. Usually 45.00, special.. .39.75
1.15 Tapestry Brussels Carpet, 1.00 Yard—Best quality
tapestry Brussels in an excellent variety of patterns, suitable
for halls and stairs. Regularly 1.15 per yard, made, laid and
lined, at.1.00
Opportunities in Curtains & Shades
Lace Curtains at 1.00—Not a pair in the lot is worth less
than 1.50 and from that to 2.00 and 2.50. More than fifty dif
ferent designs in Irish Point, Brussels and Renaissance effects
in Scotch and English laces. Full width and length. Lock
stitch edges. Regular 1.50, 2.00 and 2.50 curtains, special,
pair ..
35c Window Shades. 25c—-Full size window shades, made
of good quality domestic Holland, in white, green and ecru
color; mounted on strong spring rollers, complete with fixtures.
Regular price 35c each, special at.23c
18c Cretonne, 12c—These beautiful cretonnes are suitable
for making valances and curtains for the bedroom; a wide range
of handsome patterns in dainty colorings. Regular 18c quality,
five hundred yards, special, per yard.12c
39c Sash Lace, 29c—One thousand yards of sash lace at
twenty-nine cents a yard; thirty inches wide; made with lace
insertion and edge; ten different designs. A quality that sells
regularly for 39c per yard, special at.29c
Opportunities in the Basement
Dinner Sets, 24.98~01d Abbey Limoges china; 101 pieces,
sugar bowl and 3 meat dishes; 29.98 sets.24.98
Dinner Sets, 7.98—100 pieces, including soup tureen and
3 meat dishes; American porcelain; regular
Galvanized W'ash Tubs- Two sizes at reduced prices for
one day during Opportunity Week. Strongly made tubs; serv
iceable sizes for family use. Regular 55c size, special at 45c.
Regular 65c size, special at.55c
Aluminum Percolators—Sensible, serviceable shape; three
quart size; fitted with perforated inside strainer; strong hinge
cover; the modern clean way to make coffee. Regular 1.98
each, special at.1.49
Children’s Spring SAMPLE Shoes
# 1.25 to 2.00 Shoes, 89c pair
Here’s great news to parents whose children
wear shoes of size 6, 6/2 or 7. We have just secured
a big and splendid lot of sampie shoes in the sizes
mentioned, which we offer at 89c a pair. Regular
1.25 to $2 values. Patent colt, vici kid, tan and gun
metal calf button and lace shoes. Fancy or plain
tops. Hand sewed turned soles. Spring heels; sizes
6, 6K2, 7; regular 1.25 to $2 children’s shoes; while
they last, the pair.-,89c
3,500 Pairs of Children’s Shoes—All Sizes
Another special purchase of children’s shoes. All sizes in this lot. Three thousand
pairs in all—the floor goods of a well-known Philadelphia shoemaker. In the enormous line
are patent colt and vici kid button and lace shoes, all having hand-sewed turned soles.
75c to 90c Shoes 59c
Children’s shoes in sizes 1 to 6. With
out heels; regular 75c to 90c values; special
selling price, the pair..59c
1.00 to 1.25 Shoes 79c
Children’s shoes in sizes 3 to 8. With spring
heels; regular $1 to 1.25 values; special selling
price, the pair.79c
Women’s 5.00 Raincoats for 3.98
Every One Guaranteed—A Special Purchase
A lucky purchase brings one hundred women’s $5 GUARANTEED raincoats to sell
for 3.98. Every one of these splendid coats is made of strictly rainproof material. Rubberized
back; storm collar; full cut, loose garments; in tan only. If last week’s rainy days revealed
your need of a raincoat, you do not want to miss this exceptionally good opportunity. Wom
en’s regular $5 raincoats, while the special lot lasts .T.3.98
“Serge Dress Day”
(Women’s Dresses—Third Floor—Market Street)
Our first “Serge Dress Day”—held three weeks ago—was such
a rousing success that we have decided to make women’s serge
frocks a one-day feature again tomorrow. Moreover, there have
i been many enlistments in the serge dress regiment during the past
3 fortnight. They deserve a day set aside for their review—and
choosing. Thursday we shall feature—
j Women’s Serge Dresses, 5.00—
Smartly tailored dresses, of double
warp serge or French serge.
Fashioned in various pretty ways,
some with vestees of satin, Persian
tnoire or finished with buttons.
Black, navy and leading shades for
spring ..5.00
Women’s Serge Dresses, 6.00 to
7*98—Splendidly tailored dresses
of excellent quality all-wool serge;
some beautifully trimmed with
Roman stripe silk; many with vests
of Bulgarian silk and new revers.
All the leading shades; also cream
color .6.00 to 7.98
Women’s Serge Dresses, 8.50 to
10.00—Fine French and Botany
serge dresses in many- charming
models. Both tailored and dressy
styles in the most fashionable
shades; also cream color. Effective
ly trimmed. Charming frocks for
afternoon and street wear
8.50 to 10.00
Women’s Serge Dresses, 10.98 to
12.98—Finest quality Botany and
French serges. Attractive new
styles, vestee effects; trimmings of
Persian silks; fancy ratine collars
and cuffs; also tailored models with
buttons and smart buckles. Black,
navy blue and latest shades
10.98 to 12.98
Women’s Serge Dresses, 13.98 to
15.00— Excellent serge dresses,
smartly made, some in the new
simple straight lines; also pretty
tailored models, new draped effects
and the new Bulgarian blouses;
made with pretty vests and col
lars; a large collection of them
at .13.98 to 15.00
Women’s Serge Dresses, 17.98 to
20.00— A collection of beautiful
models, made of plain imported
serges and fancy fabrics in light
and dark staple shades. Fancy tai
lored effects, some with dainty col
lars of embroidered batiste and
pretty ornaments.... 17.98 to 20.00
Imported Wash Goods Clearance
(Wash Goods—First Floor—Market Street)
We offer our entire stock of imported wash goods, while it lasts, at about one-third less
than original prices. These beautiful materials are the remaining stock of the much-talked-of
foreign weaves first shown in our brilliant Spring opening. The assortment has been depleted
to such an extent that in many cases there are only three or four colors, where originally there
were ten or twelve. However, just the color you desire may be here. It is well worth your
while to come and see. Here are eight of the special offerings:
1.39 Plain Color Carreau Ratine, reduced to 1.00 yard „
1.50 Ratine Stripe Voile, is now reduced to 1.00 yard
1.50 Satin Stripe Cord Vdtle, is reduced to 1.00 yard
1.25 46-inch Plain Eponge, is now reduced to 98c yard
1.75 Ratine Bordered Crepe, now reduced to 1.25 yard
5.00 Embroidered French Crepe, is reduced to 3.00 yard
5.75 Two-tone Embroidered Voiles, reduced to 3.50 yard
6.00 Embroidered Ratine, is now reduced to 4.00 yard
Samples of Fine Art Linens
(Art Linens—Second Floor—Halsey Street)
Cluny Scarfs
18x54 Inch Cluny lace bureau
scurfs, with centres of fine quality
linen; edges of wide hand-maue
Cluny; handsome pieces that sell j
regularly for 4.00 each; we've H
marked them at the special price A
of .*•»» 4
Other styles, regular 4.50 to 5.50. jfi
at .2.75 to 4.00 ^
Fine Lace Pieces $
A beautiful lot of sample centre ,
pieces and table cloths. In sixes
from 24 to 72 inches, made of the
finest French Cluny. filet and an
tique laces in exquisite patterns;
for special selling we shall offer
these pieces at..1-8 off
Cluny Centre Pieces
Pretty sample Cluny pieces with
.all-linen centres; edges of wide,
hand-made French Cluny lace,
some with Insertions; a very de
sirable pattern; sold regularly for
4.00 each, specially priced at..3.00
Other styles, regular 3.25 to 6.00.
at.2.50 to 3.50
Sample Pieces
A quantity of sample pieces that
are soiled, at half the regular
prices. Included are centre pieces
and table cloths. In sizes from 24
to T2 Inches; French Cluny, fllet
and hand-embroidered styles; spe
cial at ...Vi price
These nre glorious davs in the
suburbs and country. Nature—
smiling goddess—has begun her
vernal transformation, and t lie
whole world shouts with rapture.
The gentle approach of Spring
Is in lue nature of «*. benedic
tion; we see the budding trees—
the far-stretching greensward—
the blossoming flowers—and we
are at peace.
Go out into the country next
Sunday, or sooner, if you can,
and fraternize with nature.
Throw off the lethargy and mor
bid drowsiness of Winter and
become 'a child of Spring. Drink
into your lungs the pure, sweet *
air of the new season—*AND
R-e-a-d-y .
The Ladies’ Home
Journal Style
Book, 5c
(First Floor—Washington St.)
Write “Style Book” on vour
shopping list. Get the Sum
mer number of the Ladies’ Home
Journal Style Book at Bamber
ger’s Wednesday. This just-out
number is a complete fashion
magazine of eighty pages, ex
plaining and illustrating all the
latest fashions, including frocks
for afternoon and evening wear,
dresses for morning and house
wear, bathing suits, summer
blouses, neckwear—pretty clothes
for little people, jaunty apparel
for growing girls—lingerie, art
embroidery suggestions —a
“world” of fashion news. This
Style Book is the same fashion
journal that sold at 20c a copy
until recently. Now it is only
five cents a copy. Get it at
Bamberger’s pattern department
We direct especial attention to
the Bamberger line of “Old Hick
ory” porch and outdoor furniture.
It is made of the natural old
hickory bark, artistically inter
laced and reinforced with strong
limbs of hickory. It is the ideal
furniture for the porch and gar
den, and may be used to excel
lent advantage in furnishing
bungalows and summer cottages.
The line embraces chairs, rock
ers, settees, tables, tabourettes,
swinging baskets and veranda
boxes, together with play houses
and summer houses.
This 4.75 Rocker, 3.98
“Old Hickory” rocker—an
exact reproduction of the famous
Andrew Jackson rocker; regular
price $4.75, special.3.98
This 4.00 Chair, 3.50
“Old Hickory” chair—an exact
reproduction of the famous An
drew Jackson chair; regular
price $4, special.3.50
Rattan and Cane
Torch Furniture
For strength and comfort, the
rattan and porch furniture that
is found in the Bamberrer store
is unsurpassed. Rattan and cane
are both yielding; therefore rest
3.00 Rocker, 2.59—We shall
feature at a special price
Wednesday a large, comfortable
rattan seat and back rocker.
Made of heavy stock. Has double
woven seat and back. Brace arm
support. Natural or green finish.
Regular selling price $3, special
price .2.59
L. Bamberger (§L C o .
* J ** ... . T *_
_iM—_ '■ ---
Helping ‘Cause’
the Year Round
Mrs. Maude W. Park.
BOSTON, April 22.—Mrs. Maude W.
Park is chairman of the Boston
Woman Suffrage party, and as such
is about the busiest suffragist in
Massachusetts. She works for “the
cause” the year round.
As a member of the legislative
committee of the State association
much of Mrs.'^Park's most valuable
work has been done. It has been said
that she is the only woman the dis
criminating Bay State legislators like
to hear.
Mrs. Park is one of the directors
of tfie Boston City Federation of
Women's Clubs, and is active ip the
work of the Conference Commission
for Moral Education.
BOSTON, April 22.—A ten-year con
test between the United States gov- j
ernment and the heirs of John S.
Fay, of Falmouth, was decided in
favor of the government today by a
decision of Judge Aldrich in the
United Stages Circuit Court of Ap
peals, awarding two water-front
acres at Woods Hole to the govern
ment for the benefit of the United
States fish hatchery. The late Mr.
Fay bequeathed the land to the gov
ernment for that purpose, with the
condition that if it were not so used
it Was to revert to the heirs.
The lot remained undeveloped, and
in 1903 Henry R. Fay, one of the
heirs, ordered the Federal keeper off
the land. The State courts formally
disBDSScssed the keeper, but the heirs
lost their contention in the Federal
Court, the decision in which was up
held today.
NEW YORK, April 22. — George
Ferns, John Thompson and Charles
Franklin, said by the police to be old
in the game of “wire-tapping," were
arrested in Ferns's Bretton Hall
apartment hotel, at Eighty-sixth
street , and Broadway, yesterday,
charged with grand larceny.
The proposed victim of the alleged
wire-tappers was Charles White, who
is in the foundry business in Chatta
nooga. White, who says Ferns pro
posed to him to “beat the races,” told
the police, and the men were allowed
to rob him of $500 Then Detective
Briarton, posing as a friend of
White, was brought into the game
The band planned to get $25,000
BOSTON. April 22.—An investiga
tion of the "white slave" traffic in
this State by a committee of five
members of the legislature, with
sweeping powers, is provided for by a
bill whhsh became law when Gover
nor Foss attached his signature last
evening. The sum of $10,000 is appro
priated to pay the expense of the in
vestigation. The committee is em
powered to summon Witnesses, books
and papers, and is to report January
1 next.
Secretary of State’s Plan
Based on “Sober Second
Thought” of Mankind.
WASHINGTON, April 22.—William
J. Bryan, secretary of state, is about
to launch his first distinctive policy
of international importance. It is a
plan for promotion of world peace
which contemplates the negotiation
of treaties between the United States
and all the civilized nations of the
earth. It will have as its most
) original feature a temporary limita
tion upon the armament and war
preparations of disputing nations.
Mr. Bryan already has discussed
his plan informally with members of
the Senate committee on foreign re- •
iations and has asked for a hearing
before that commttte on next Wednes
day to present the, project in detail.
He Wins Senate Approval.
Democratic members of the Senata
who have heard of this important
move on the part of the Commoner
first regarded the scheme as more or ^
less visionary and impracticable, but
as they have talked it over with him
they have come to look with greater
favor on his views and are prepared
now to give serious consideration to
pph* nlnn nima of fH#
xiiu *-»» ,f “*» “***— --
end that the Taft scheme of general
arbitration treaties had. In fact,
Mr. Wilson’s secretary of state seems
to be imbued with the desire to pick
the Taft movement up where it was
wrecked and by avoiding the fea
tures to which the Senate objected
and by adding a few new ones of hia
own to carry it through to a suc
cessful conclusion.
“Sober Second Thought.
Members of the Senate have learned
as yet only a general outline of the
Bryan plan, but that Is sufficient to
indicate that Mr. Bryan, like Secre
tary Knox, of the Taft administra
tion, hopes to promote world peace
through setting up International ma
chinery which will open the way for
nations to cool oft in times when pas
sions are running high and will af- •
ford an opportunity for a second
thought. In fact, the Bryan policy
already is being referred to as that
of “the sober second thought.”
Mr. Brydn’s plan, it is understood,
contemplates the negotiation of ar
bitration treaties which will provide
for the reference of all questions of •
dispute, including those of vital in
terest and national honor, to an in
ternational court of inquiry. The
findings of this court, as members
of the Senate understand the plan,
are to be merely findings of fact and
are not to be binding on either na
But pending the arbitration the
disputing nations, under the terms
of the proposed treaties, will be
bound to make no change in their t
military strength or status—not to
increase their armament, mobilise
troops or in any way alter the mili
tary policy as It existed at the be
ginning of the controversy.
I’lan Based on Delay.
The entire groundwork of the
Bryan plan seems to consist in the
idea that if contesting nations only
have the opportunity for a calm sec
ond thought and are relieved from
the incidental irritation that comes
from war preparations, the chances
are that armed conflict will be
CHICAGO. April 22.—John Dillon,
noted many years ago in Chicago as
a comedian, and known among actors
as "the best laugh-getter” in the pro
fession. died last night at the home
of his daughter. The cause of death
wte pneumonia. He was in his prime
at the time of the great Chicago fire »
in 1871 and attracted thousands of
persons daily to the old Academy of
Music in Halsted street. He retired
from the stage about fifteen years
ago. He was 81 years old.
NEW YORK, April 22.—Frederic
Thompson, the theatrical manager,
who was formerly the husband of
Mabel Taliaferro, the actress, was
married yesterday to Selina Wheat
Pilcher, a modiste, who was a friend
of his sohool days. His former wife
obtained a divorce from him in Chi
cago last year, alleging cruelty.
HAVANA. April 22.—The Senate
and House in joint session last night
solemnly proclaimed General Juan
Mario Menocal and Enrique Jose
Varona elected president and vice
president of the republic respectively.
They will be inaugurated at noon on
May 20.
“Short Line”
Real Rapid Transit
New York and Newark
Pennsylvania Railroad
Hudson & Manhattan
Tube Service
, %
Park Place Station, Newark
Downtown New York Uptown New York
8,13fBVS? JSSKSy- -
324 Train* Every Day

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