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The “Tango" Gown
Have you seen the “Tango”
gown in one of our Market street
show windows? This particular
style will probably never become
popular, but its daring lines will
appeal to those who appreciate the
ultra in feminine fashions. The
gown is an original model, shown
for the first time here.
Sewing Machines
Scores of excellent values in the
annual clearaway of sewing ma
chines. New machines, sample
machines, demonstration machines
—all guaranteed—at low prices.
| Terms, $1 a week.
MA/uctr. HAisnrc itstssowKnav sis.
Silver* Plated Ware
We have a splendid lot of silver
plated table flatware, such as
knives, forks and spoons, in odd
lots and dropped patterns; worth
12£4c to 20c each, which we offer
at only .10c
Men’s 15.00 Suits, 9.751
(Second Floor—Washington St.)
Bamberger fifteen dollar summer suits at $9.75! There- I
fore, some great doings in the men’s clothing store today i
—same tomorrow and Saturday morning. A saving of j
$5.25 on such fine-looking, cool and comfortable summer ■
suits is too big a proposition for dollar-wise men who need
clothes to overlook. We had 432 suits to start with this i
morning. Wouldn’t be a bit surprised if most of them
were gone after the two and a half days of brisk selling.
Every 15,00 Suit in the
Store Is Priced at 9,75
We have not held back a solitary garment, but give
you free choice of any of the famous'fifteens at more than
a third off. Included are fancy mixtures of all-wool (guar
anteed) plain color suits and thin and summery mohair
clothing—all of this season’s style and making. The range
of patterns and sizes offers reasonably good picking. Any
man who is particular about what he wears should be
pleased in a jiffy. We repeat, all $15 suits Friday and .
Saturday morning.9-75 |
“Broken Lot” Shoe Sale
• (Shoes, Second Floor—Market Street)
Every pair of high and low shoes of which there is not
a complete stock of sizes and widths is now on sale at a
reduced price.
Women’s 3.00 to 5.00 Footwear,
1.90—This assortment consists of
low shoes, pumps, oxfords and co
lonials of patent colt, tan or black
calf, white canvas and nubuck; reg
ularly worth $3.00 to $5.00; spe
cial .1.90
Women’s White Footwear, 1.29—
White canvas button shoes and
white nubuck or canvis pumps and
oxfords with turned and Goodyear
welted soles; regularly $2.50 and
$3.00; special. 1.29
Women’s 3.50 White Nubuck Shoes, 2.45—These shoes are
made with medium and wide toos, button style, hand-sewed welted
soles (Goodyear process); fine quality; regularly $3.50; spe
cial ...2.45
Women’s 3.00 Black Suede Pumps, 1.00—These black suede
pumps are of excellent quality; they have hand-sewed welted
soles (Goodyear process); sold regularly for $3.00 pair; spe
cial ...1.00
Women’s 2.50 Leather Pumps, 79c—Gunmetal and patent colt
pumps in sizes 2yi, 3, 3yZ only—made with Goodyear welted
soles; low shoes that sold regularly for $2.50; special at.79c
All Boys’ Low Shoes Are Reduced—In this sale we offer our
entire line of boys’ low shoes at greatly reduced prices. These
prices now prevail:
All of our boys’ $3.00 low shoes.2.25
All of our boys’ $2.50 low shoes.1.85
All of our boys’ $2.00 low shoes.1.35
Boys’ Tan Play Shoes, 1.00—Tan calf play shoes with elk
soles; also boys’ gunmetal calf oxford ties; sizes in the lot from
8 to 12Zi\ usually sold for $1.50; specially priced.1.00
Children’s Barefoot Sandals at 1.00-- These sandals have
Goodyear welted soles; gray calf tops; the best barefoot sandals
made; sold according to size at $1.25, $1.50 and $2.00; special
at ....1.00
Children’s Sample Low Shoes, 50c—A lot of sample low shoes
and oxfords of tan, red or black kid and gunmetal calf; sizes in
the lot up to 7; shoes worth from 75c to $1.25; special price.50c
Misses’ Sample Low Shoes, 79c—These shoes come in sizes
mostly 13 and 13)i; they are made of fine patent colt, gunmental
and tan calf; sample footwear, regularly worth $1.50 to $2.50;
special . 79c
Misses’ and Children’s Pumps, 1.00—A lot of misses’ and
children’s patent colt and gunmetal calf pumps, in sizes from 7
to 13; formerly sold at $1.25 to $1.65; special at.1.00
All Men’s 4.00 to 5.00 Low Shoes, 2.95—Includes gunmetal
calf, patent colt and Russia calf. This is unquestionably the best
shoe offer for men we have announced in months. All $4 to $5
low shoes, the pair .2.95
Men’s Narrow Width Shoes, 1.95—$5 to $7 oxfords
left from our recent semi-annual sale; slightly imperfect, but
arc certainly rare bargains at . 1.95
All Men’s $3.50 Low Shoes at 2.35—Included are tan and
black calf and patent colt shoes, which have been selling regularly
at $3.50; special, the pair...2.35
Boys’ Brand New 2.00 & 2.50
Wash Suits Going at 1.45
, (Second Floor—Washington Street)
Hundreds of youngsters
will be rigged up in brand
new wash suits tomorrow,
for their mothers arc buy
ing them by threes, fours
and sixes today. The suits
^ are a noted manufacturer’s
regular $2 and $2.50 lines,
but we got a limited num
ber to sell at $1.45. Rus
sian and sailor blouse
styles with sailor or mili
tary collars. Made of gal
atea, percale and madras.
Striking combinations.
Sizes 2'/i to 10 years. $2
and $2.50 value.1.45
Boys’ 1.50 Suits, 1.00
Russian and sailor
blouse suits, in sizes '2 Va to
9 years; military or sailor
collars; some with short
sleeves and straight pants;
many handsome combina
tions; well tailored; regu
lar $1.50, special .1.00
Knickerbockers, 59c
Those knickerbockers and
bloomers come in sizes
^ from 5 to 17 years; they
are made of good quality
J* khaki cloth, linen or linen.
“ crash; cut peg top; all
seams reinforced; excep
tional values, per pair.50c
Our 18.00 Tapestry Brussels
Rugs, 14.95
( Rugs—Fourth Floor—Washington Street)
Without filling mail or telephone orders, we offer our
Tegular $18 seamless tapestry Brussels rugs at $14.95.
These fine floor coverings are 9 by 12 feet in size. Thirty
new and acceptable designs to select from. For the dining
room or living-room these rugs are just what you need.
Made of the finest wool; woven in one piece. Regular price
$18, FRIDAY ONLY......14.95
Pick Out Any Straw, Sir,
And Pay Just Half
(.Men’s Straw Hats—Second Floor- Washington Street)
“All men’s straw hats at half price,” read the Bamberger
announcement yesterday—and many men are hurrying here
today to share the good things. When Bamberger'Straws,
Bangkoks and Panamas drop to half price, dingy straws go to
the winds, and fresh, clean, spotless straws take their places.
The scale of prices follows:
All 1.50 Straws, 75c
All 2.00 Straws, 1.00
All 3.00 Straws, 1.50
All 4.00 Straws, 2.00
All 5.00 Bangkoks, 2.50
All 5.00 Panamas, 2.50
All 6.50 Panamas, 3.25
All 7.50 Panamas, 3.75
All 9.00 Panamas, 4.50
All 12.00 Panamas, 6.00
Girls’ and Misses’ Wear
Misses’ Colored Dresses, 2.00 and 3.00—These dainty dresses are
made of fine lawns, dimities and figured voiles, in many styles; some
trimmed with lace or embroidery, others with self trimmings; sizes
14 to 18 years; $3.00 to $6.00 values.2.00 and 3.00
Misses’ Lingerie Dresses, 3.00 and 3.98—Dozens of charming
styles; coatee effects, tunic, straight line and high or medium
waisted models, elaborately trimmed with laces, embroideries, me
dallions and panels; sizes 14 to 18 years; worth $5.00 to $7.00;
at. ...3.00 and 3.98
Juniors’ and Children’s Dresses at 79c—Frocks of percale,
English prints, linon and drill in splendid colors; many effective
models; self strapped, lace, embroidery, braid or novelty trimming;
sizes 6 to 17 years; reg. $1.00 and $1.50 at.79c
Misses’ 7.98 to 12.98 Lingerie Dresses, 5.00—Two hundred fine
batiste and voile dresses, elaborately trimmed with heavy macrame
lace or fine lace; some allover embroidered; edgings to correspond;
satin girdles; sizes-14 to 18 years; worth $7.98 to $12.98; special
at ...5.00
Misses’ White Tub Skirts, 79c—Just one hundred of these ex
cellent wash skirts to go at seventy-nine cents each; made in the
season’s newest models, of cordeline, in all sizes; nicely tailored and
exceptional values at... ,79c
Women’s 1.00 Tub Skirts, 79c
(Women’s Skirts—Third Floor—Market Street)
Two hundred and fifty snow white tub skirts will be ready
for women tomorrow at 79c, instead of $1. These Summer
skirts are made of white pique, and are fastened in the front
with pearl buttons. The buttons are held in place by patent
fasteners and are easily removable for laundering. Skirts have
small tucks at waist line in back. Regular $1 values; special
10.00 to 17.98 Coats, 8.98
Excepting only sport coats, we offer our entire stock of
women’s $10 to $17.98 coats at $8.98. The collection embraces
both three-quarter and full-length coats of eponge, serge, Bed
ford cord and cheviot. Some are lined throughout; others are
unlined. Sold regularly at $10.00 to $17.98; clearance... .8.98
More New Dresses for the Big Sale
(Women’s and Misses’ Dresses, Third Floor—Market Street)
A thousand new summer frocks have been addel to
the sale of women’s and misses’ dresses which is creating
such a furor. They are all fresh and dainty and decid
edly charming. And as to value, never before have we
offered such beautiful frocks for so little money as are
offered in this midsummer sale.
1.50 to 2.50 Dresses, 1.00—Embraced in this collection are dainty
summer dresses of fancy lawn, plain gingham, imitation stripe voile and
chambray, in pretty colorings. The styles include attractive button-in-front
models with embroidered collar and cuffs and tunic effect; plain chambray
frocks trimmed with contrasting black and white collars and cuffs, also
piping and buttons to match, set off with a frill of dainty lace or embroid
ery; women’s and misses’ sizes; special .1.00
3.00 and 4.00 Dresses, 2.00—Materials are dimities, voiles, best stripe
ginghams, cotton foulards, lawns in figures and dots and plain chambray;
little frocks with vestees, new collars and new sleeves; stripe lawn models
are made bolero effect, with surplice necks of lace, ratine collar and belt,
ornamented with white crochet buttons; women’s and misses’ sizes;
special ...2.00
5.00 and 6.00 Dresses, 3.00—Included are dresses of embroidered voile,
lingerie, French linen, poplin, imported cordeline and figured and striped
voiles; the styles embrace dainty lace and embroidery trimmed gowns,
allover embroidery frocks, Russian blouses and tailored dresses with
vestees and satin trimmed vests; women’s and misses’ sizes; special. .3.00
6.00 and 7.00 Dresses, 3.98—The materials are white lingerie, em
broidered, plain and crepe voile. Hundreds of bewitching models, includ
ing dresses elaborately inserted with Val. laces, new models with rich
colorings of embroidery; prettiest trimmed blouses and skirts; women’s
and misses' sizes; special ...3.98
10.00 and 12.98 New Summer Frocks, 5.00—Some are made of fash
ionable crepe, crepe voile and plain voiles, elaborately trimmed. Exquisite
gowns, handsomely embroidered, made in Russian blouse effect, and
dresses in coatee styles, richly set off with heavy laces, and the softest
silk girdles with pearl buckles, mounted over net foundations. Women’s
and misses’ sizes .5.00
All Men’s Silk Shirts Are Reduced!
3.00 Shirts, 2.15
Pure silk and silk
mixed shirts of excellent
quality, several well
known makes included;
newest colorings and
patterns; coat cut mod
els; French cuffs; sizes
14 to 17; our regular
' $3.00 shirts, spec...2.13
5.00 & 6.00 Shirts, 2.95
Plain and satin striped
silks of best quality;
beautiful colorings; silk
stitched button holes;
centres faced with silk;
these shirts come from
one of the best custom
makers; $5.00 and $6.00
values; sold formerly at
$3.65; special .2.95
5.00 Shirts, 3.85
Heavy quality silk, in
exclusive designs or pure
white; plain or satin
stripes; coat cut fronts;
new shape double cuffs;
perfect in fit and finish;
our regular $5.00 silk
shirts ...3.85
6.50 & 7.50 Shirts, 4.65
Finest quality pure silk
crepe and tub silk shirts,
in an assortment of
handsome designs and
colorings; perfect fitting;
best workmanship; our
regular $6.50 and $7.50
shirts, at the special
price of .4.65
Hair Goods for Cool Coiffures
y (Hair Dressing Parlors—Third Floor—“Green Room”)
Cool and dainty hair goods for the latest high dress coif
f fures are offered at attractive prices Friday. We are prone to
say that the values now placed at your disposal are the very
best that we have offered this season. Stocks are complete;
your hair will be matched perfectly in the bright daylight with
out difficulty.
20-inch Switches of fine Wavy
Hair, special at .1.00
24-inch Switches of fine Wavy
Hair, special at .1.50
28-30 in. Switches of fine Wavy
Hair, special .2.70
20-inch Switches of real Human
Hair, special at .1.80
24-inch Switches of real Human
Hair, special at .2.80
26-28 in. Switches of Real Hu
man Hair, special at .5.80
All-around Transformations of
fine Wavy Hair, special.90c
Yvette Bathing Cap Fringe of
Real Human Hair, special _90c
La Madeleine Hair Color Restor
er, special price .90c
Hair Dressing and Manicuring a
Do you realize the im
portance of the Bamberger
Half - Yearly Furniture
Sale? Have you considered
that you will save ten to
fifty dollars on every
hundred spent for furni
ture if you make your pur
chases at Bamberger’s
NOW? To choose from a
storeful of substantially
made, cheerful, home-like
furniture at so much below
regular prices is a privilege
that no householder who is
desirous of adding comfort
to his home should fail to
Save 10% to 50%
In no instance will you save
less than 10 per cent, by pur
chasing furniture in the sale.
In many cases you will save
15 per cent., 25 per cent., 30
per cent, and in not a few in
stances you may buy furni
ture at HALF PRICE! And
bear this in mind — every
piece of furniture offered in
this sale is NEW. We have
no old stock to get rid of, for
the Bamberger furniture de
partment has been in exist
ence only nine months. Visit
the store Friday and see our
splendid stock of furniture—
and note prices.
Toweling and
Towel Items
(First Floor—Washington St.)
Crash Toweling, 10'/jc—Heavy
all linen crash toweling with neat
red borders; also linen glass
toweling in red checks; of very
good quality; special, yard-lO'/jc
Huck Towels, 8!/jc — Union
linen huck towels of good liberal
size; white with red borders; a
quality that will wear well; spe
cially priced for Friday,
each !.8</ic
Huck Towels, 14 '/jc—Large
size union linen huck towels, of
extra heavy quality; neat red or
white borders; hemmed ends;
regularly 19c each; special
at .14 t/jc
Turkish Towels, 9Vic—These
white Turkish towels are of good,
firm quality and soft and spongy;
they have neat red borders; on
sale, special, each .9'/jc
Women’s Bathing
Suit Sale
(Third Floor—Market Street)
Mohair Bathing Suits, 3.00—
Blue and black mohair, trimmed
in contrasting shades; worth
$4.00 and $5.00, at .3.00
Silk Bathing Suits, 3.98—
Black, navy and brown; Persian,
soutache braid or satin trimmed;
worth $5.00 and $6.00, at...3.98
Silk Bathing Suits, 5.00—Taf
feta or satin in black and navy
blue; prettily trimmed; $6.00 to
$8.98 values .5.00
Silk Bathing Suits, 6.00—Mes
saline and taffeta trimmed with
colored silk and buttons; worth
$7.98 to $9.98, at.6.00
Silk Bathing Suits, 8.98—Fine
fancy striped taffeta and figured
messaline, beautifully trimmed;
worth $10.98 to $15.00, at..8.98
Bathing Suits and Rompers for
misses and children; many styles
at prices from.1.00 to 3.00
Bathing Tights and .bathing
combination suits, priced at
50c, 1.00, 1.50, 2.00 and 3.00
Bathing Caps — An immense
variety in the very newest styles,
priced at .. 25c to 2.75
Wash Goods
(First Floor—Washington St)
27-inch Striped Crepe, 10c—
Fine, soft finished woven crepe;
colored stripes of blue, helio,
pink and black on white grounds;
27 inches wide; yard.10c
Figured Batiste and Dimity,
8 Vic—Perfect goods in new de
signs; mostly flora! effects in
black and white, blue, pink and
helio; regular 12Ac quality,
yard ...S'/jc
9c Dress Gingham,. 6 Vic—Good
quality dress gingham, in desir
able plaids, checks and stripes;
a grade regularly 9c per yard;
special at ..6 Vic
Take a Kodak
With You
(Photo Supplier—Sixth Floor)
Let pictures tell the story of
your vacation. Snap-shot scenes
of the motor trip, the fishing out
ing. the hunting expedition.
Make this a Kodak vacation. We
carry a complete stock of Ko
daks and Brownies and supplies.
You may depend upon Bamber
ger’s for everything In Kodakery
that you need. Kodaks from $10
and up. Brownies, $1 to $12.
Eastman Hawkeye Films
No. 2 Brownie, reg. 20c. at,.lBe
No. 2A Brownie, reg. 26c, at. 20c
No. 3 Brownie, reg. 36c, at. .»8c
No 3A Brownie, reg. 40c, at..32c
Stanley Plntes
Size f.yT, reg. 56c; special. . BOc
Size 4x6, reg. 35c; special... SOc
Acid Fixing Powder, reg. 15c. at
M. Q. Tubes, reg. BOc doz., at..23e
L . 2$ am b e r g e r tSL C 6 .
* I ... _ __IlSa_Uai___—_- -±-- ^
The name Belleville—which
is a French word, meaning
“beautiful city”—was proba
bly chosen because of its
euphonious sound, although
there is a Belleville in France
situated in an easterly direc
tion from Paris. This Belle
ville, unlike our pretty sub
urb, is not an altogether
beautiful place, in fact it is
somewhat of a misnomer.
Belleville, France, and Belle
ville, New Jersey, are as un
like as possible. The French
Belleville is a dirty, sordid
place under the very shadows
of Paris. The New Jersey
Belleville is under the shad
ows of Newark, but the
shadows are bright and shin
Our Belleville is a lovely
place—a credit to the name.
Close Friday at 6 P. M.; Saturday at 1 P. M.
Corset Clearance
We have gone through our stock and taken
out all $1.00 and $1.50 corsets of which we have
not a complete range of sizes. That does not mean
that your size is not here.
We Have Your Size—But not in every style
in every make.
All Standard Makers
are well represented, but we respect their wishes
in not mentioning their names in connection with
a cut in price.
Five Hundred Corsets in all.
1.00 and 1.50 Corsets, all sizes OOC
nFor Nice, Fresh=Looking
Men’s Negligee Shirts
Worth 1.00 to 1.50
Included in the lot are our entire line of $1.00
shirts (excepting the white ones) and a special pur
chase of shirts made to sell at $1.00 and $1.50; per
fect goods; all sizes, 79c.
Do you know that Hay Fever can be prevented
and that you can be put in a condition that will en
able you to skip it this year?
971 Broad Street
and let him explain his new and exclusive method
for the treatment of Catarrh, Bronchitis, Asthma and
all diseases of the nose and throat.
National Therapeutic Institute, 971 Broad St.
Office Hours: 9 A. M. to 6 P. M.
= -FROM™
Broad St. Station
Via New Jersey Central
Red Bank, Long Branch, Asbury Park, Ocean Grove, Bradley
Beach, Belmar, Spring Lake, Sea Girt, Point Pleasant
9:03 3:50.' 4:25 *5:25:
A M Red Bonk p M Red Bank
First Stop r•IT,# First Stop
P. M.
8:50 9:30
A. M. A. M.
* Will not run Saturdays or September 1st.
New Fast Train from the Shore Direct
To Newark Week Days (Kfi*) Will Arrive
At Broad Street Station 7:51 A. M.
Other Trains from Broad St. Station: Week Days 11:35 A.M.
1:37, 5:36, 6:36,9:08,11:50 P. M. Sundays (2:38 P. M. to
Red Bank), 3:55, 9:12 P. M. 12:05 Sunday Nights.
All Trains Are Placed in Station in Advance of
Leaving Time, Enabling Passengers to
Enter Them at Their Leisure.
For Tickets, Timetables, Baggage Checks and all informa
tion, see Ticket Agents or consult C. K. ARMSTRONG, D. P. A.,
Broad Street Station.
I hereby announce myself as
a candidate for the office of
State Senator on the Demo
cratic ticket at the primary
election to be held September
23d, 1913.
Morristown, N. J.
(Paid for by James J. Lyons.)
insure your clothing
and personal effects
while traveling, or in
hotel or boarding house.
Tolophono 1740 Market

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