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Young Man, Turn to Sporting Page
Special Offerings in Furniture
1,000 Men’s Pure Silk Shirts, 3.35
The Latest Bamberger Shirt Sensation
=•=Price Is Close• to Usual Wholesale
Another “scoop” for the Bamberger shirt store. One thousand superlative quality pure silk shirts are ready
for three days’ selling at $3.35 each. No need to mention what they would bring regularly or elsewhere. Men
will recognize in these shirts a quality and finish that is not possible at $3.35 under anything but an extraordinary
combination of circumstances. With whole-hearted faith as a foundation rock, our shirt shop has risen to State
wide pre-eminence, and it is just such brilliant events as this that keeps wide-awake men on the keen edge of ex
pectancy. .
Beautiful Color Stripes in Heavy
Quality SHks-==Flawlessly Made==~
Perfect in Fit and Every Detail
Men, you never looked upon a finer collection of modestly priced color stripes in various widths—pin, pencil,
chalk, some in two-tone harmonies—words fail to describe the glorious colorings. Every shirt is exactly made—
flawlessly made. Bodies are cut full; neckbands are properly sized; sleeves are in right lengths. Double soft
French cuffs. In every detail they cover the last requirement of sartorial elegance. Don’t think of letting the op
portunity to purchase fine silk shirts at $3.35 slip through your fingers!
Sale of Men’s Pajamas at 1.65,
Worth 2.00 to 3.00
Seldom is so fine a grade offered at this tempting figure.
Faultlessly made, of superior weaves, woven madras and mer
cerized cloths, white and every wanted color—spic-span new
and every thread perfect, they are unusual garments at $1.65.
A great inducement for particular men to stock up on
summer weight pajamas. So classy the cloths, so perfect the
last stitch of workmanship, they are quite irresistible at $1.65
Plain Colored Pajamas, 1.10,
A Real Special Value
/just three hundred of these fine garments. Don’t forget!
Stanch quality mercerized cloths in white, tan. helio, gray,
pink and blue, effectively trimmed, perfect in fit and finish.
These sleeping garments were made up especially for us,
and, of course, we can fully guarantee them. All sizes. Extra
fine value, every one of them, at $1.19
Just three hundred at $1,19!
1.50 House Presses, 1.19
Gingham. chambray and cambric house dresses, made
with square, V, round and high necks; plain colors, stripes,
checks and figures; trimmed with bands of plain color mate
rial, embroidery, piping and buttons; short sleeves; $1.50
dresses; special....1.19
Extra-1200 Crepe de Chine Blouses, 3.00
Many weeks of preparation—weeks
fraught with strenuous effort and keenest
merchandising—before we could buy
twelve hundred copy model crepe de chine
blouses in seven entrancing styles at prices
permitting an absurd sale figure—$3.00.
Women know how much they have to pay
for dependable crepe de chine per yard; they know,
too, how quickly the little touches bring up the
cost of a home-made blouse, and they are too famil
iar with the fact that a "homespun” never has the
“catchy” air of a blouse cut, tailored and finished
by expert hands, not to appreciate the unusual
character of this sale.
Parisian Charm in Every One of the Styles
Quaker, sailor and Norman collars, beautiful fichus of soft embroidered net,
Gladstones of organdie, edged with picot lace, are only a few of the winning gen
eralities of these beautiful little blouses. Black, the regal touch on pastel shades, is
shown in sautoir chains, four-in-hands and edging tassels. Cut jet, self-covered buttons
and buckles of mother of pearl are a few of the lesser trimmings that impart detailed
Women who are familiar with the character aimed at by Fifth avenue blouse shops will imme
diately recognize the unusualness of these blouses from every standpoint—crepe de chine, trimmings
and styles.
We have but twelve hundred on hand—whi te, pink, peachbloom and yellow; extraordinary
clean through. Three dollars never bought as much before and probably never will outside of New
ark’s ideal blouse shop—Bamberger’s.
The New York World says:
“Young men who are very par
ticular about doing just so much
and no more as a return for their
I wages almost invariably get just
so much pay and no more and
rise just so far and no further,
Study the history of really suc
cessful men and you will learn
that their success was built upon
their willingness to do just a
little more than was necessary.
The boss soon learns who his
willing helpers are. He uses
them more and more. That is
why in time they become indis
pensible to him.”
The truest words ever spoken
We see exemplifications every
day, and we suspect other great
business houses do also.
The man or boy, woman or
girl who is not willing to do just
a bit more than his or her Satur
day night envelope calls for is
not apt to amount to much. This
is trite advice, no doubt, but
nevertheless it is GOOD AD
Earn MORE than your salary
calls for.
Annual Sale of Floor Coverings
Fine Royal Wilton Rugs
A very special purchase of unusual importance. Royal Wilton
rugs in the most needed sizes. These rugs are woven of pure worsted
of the finest grade. Every rug new and perfect.
Size 9x12, regular $45.00 quality, special.36.50
Size 8.3x10.6, regular $41.25 quality, special. ,
Size 6x9, regular $27.75 quality, special..-2-00
Size 4.6x7.6, regular $15.75 quality, special.." r l!i?
Size 36x63 inch, regular $7.50 quality, special...
Size 27x54 inch, regular $4.75 quality, special. 3..>i>
45.00 Seamless Wilton Rugs, .‘15.00
A clean-cut saving of $10 on the purchase of a satisfactory Wilton
Rug. Closely woven, in one piece, of the finest worsted. Rich Oriental
patterns in handsome color schemes. Sizes 9x12 feet. Special. .35.00
Seamless Velvet Rugs, 10.00 and 18.00
9x12 seamless velvet rugs that will give satisfactory wear Suit
able for dining-rooms and bedrooms. A variety of designs never be
fore equaled in this popular price rug. Special.16.00 and 18.00
Durable Tapestry llrussels Rugs
Handsome and durable rugs, of standard make, closely woven.
Wanted sizes. Excellent rugs for dining-rooms and bedrooms.
Size 9x12 feet, sale prices.15.50 and 12.75
Size 8.3x10.6 feet, sale prices.14.95 and 11.00
Size 6x9 feet, special sale price.6.25
Large Si/..* Royal Wilton Rugs
Extra size rugs at reduced prices for this sale. We are showing
i large line of large size Royal Wiltons, suitable for extra large rooms.
New designs.
Size 10.6x12 feet, sale prices.42.00 and 47.00
Size 10.6x13.6 feet, sale prices.46.50 and 52.00
Size 11.3x15 feet, sale price only.49.00
High-Grade Axminster Rugs, 20.00
Size 9x9 feet, a square rug, suitable for reception halls, dens and
libraries; shown in a splendid asostrment of Oriental patterns; ex
cellent quality. Sale price.20.00
37.50 Royal Wilton Rugs, 33.50
One of the finest lots of these desirable 9x9 rugs to be found any
where. They’re of superior quality, suitable for that square room; reg
ularly $37.50. Sale price.33.50
French Weave Wilton Rugs
One of ihe largest American rug manufacturers (who does not
restrict retail prices) sold us a large lot of new French Weave Wilton
rugs in this season’s patterns. These rugs are sold in many stores
along with restricted lines at the same prices. Note the savings:
Size 9x12, advertised elsewhere at $
Size 8.3x10.6, advertised elsewhere at S54.00. .37.75
Size 36x36 in., advertised elsewhere at $9.50... .6.95
Size 27x45 in., advertised elsewhere at $6.25... .4.55
Seamless Wilton Velvet Rugs
Heavy durable rugs, woven in one piece, without seams. Size 9x12
feet. Rich Oriental designs and colorings; about twenty different pat
terns for your selection. Special.25.95
Seamless Axminster Rugs
Perfect reproductions of the most exquisite Oriental rugs. A
great variety of patterns and beautiful color effects. Three sizes:
Size 9x12 feet, special price.26.75
Size 8.3x10.6 feet, special price.23.75
Size 6x9 feet, special price.12.95
39.50 Royal Wilton Rugs, 29.75
Excellent quality Royal Wilton rugs, in size 9x12 feet; strong and
sturdy and will give a world of service; the patterns and colorings are
most desirable. Special sale price.29.75
Did You Hear
McCormack sang to an
overflow house last night.
Hundreds could not secure
tickets. But you may hear
him in your home at your
pleasure on the
The great tenor has made
about 55 records for the Vic
tor, and we have the most
complete stock of records In
Newark. Likewise, Victrolas
in all types and finishes.
Ask about our liberal pay
ment plan.
Good quality silverware will
be on sale Thursday, Friday
and Saturday, while
the lots last, at special (
prices. Bamberger sil- 1
verware offerings are
too well known to
need further comment
Roger*’ A-l Quality
Table Ware
Pretty floral designs in
French pray finish.
65c Tea Spoons, per set of
six, for .50c
$1.30 Table Spoons and
Forks, set of six... 1.00
$1.20 Dessert Spoons and
Forks, set of six...l.oo
$1.86 Medium Knives,
plain or fancy, set of
six .1.50
25e Butter Knives and
Sugar Shells, each... 10c
About 2,000 Pieces of Ster
ling Silver Deposit Ware
A manufacturer’s surplus stock.
Included are sugar and cream
sets, flower vases and baskets,
olive dishes, oil bottles, toilet
water bottles, sherbets, wine
glasses, sandwich trays, lemon
trays, decanters and liquor sets.
Regular 50c to $13.50, special
at.35c to 10.00
Silver-Plated Hollow Ware
$2.50 Sandwich Trays, and
and Bowls .1.05
$2.50 Syrup Cups, special.1.05
$3.50 Casseroles, special.3.05
$3 00 Pie. Plates, special.3.50
$3.50 Bread Plates and Sandwich
$3.50 Cheese and Cracker
$6.50 Candelabras, 5 lights,. .4,4.5
$5.00 Cheese and Cracker
Dishes. 4.45
$4.00 Tea Pots, special.3,50
$6.50 Casseroles, 9-in. oval...4.05
$1.50 Fruit Bowls and Pie
Plates .1.10
$1.00 Bon Bon Dishes and Cheese
Jars .75c
Initial Cngraving on hollow
ware free during this sale.
Monogram engraving at spe
cial prices.
Ready-New Baby Carriages
Reed Pullman Sleepers—White enameled sleepers with
reed bodies and hoods. Upholstered in white corduroy; some
with reversible gears; easy-riding, flexible springs; rubber
tired steel or artillery wheels.l(i.75 to 43.50
Reed Pullman Carriages—Natural shellac, brown or gray
carriages with reed bodies and hoods upholstered in cordu
roy to match; easy-riding steel springs; plain and fancy
enameled cross handles.13.74 to 34.50
Hong Kong Pullman Sleepers - Made of Hong Kong
grass and reed, neatly upholstered in corduroy or leatherette;
reclining back, with windshield; natural wood pusher and
rubber-tired wheels.15.98 to 31.50
Folding Go-Carts—Best materials, construction and fin
ish; steel frame; full size bodies with leatherette or mohair
hoods; easy-riding seats; reclining backs; a large assortment
at .5.50
Folding Go-Carts—All steel frames, gears and pushers;
enameled cross handles; leatherette bodies and hoods; rub
ber-tired wheels; semi-collapsible style; regular price, $4.00:
special at .2.95
Stationary Chair Go-Carts—Wood panel bodies; leather
ette upholstered; steel axles and gear; rubber-tired steel
wheels; slightly imperfect carts; regularly $3.00 and $3.50;
while they last, at.1.75
New Spring Wall Papers
10c Wall Paper, 4'/zC—Pretty satin stripes, in all the
leading colors; (sold with straight or cut-out borders only);
paper, special, roll.iy2c
9c to 12*/2c Wall Paper, 5c to 9c—Neat floral stripes and
allover designs, for bedrooms; special, per roll.5c to 9c
18c Wall Paper, 12'/2c—Handsome liquid and varnish
gold designs, and two-tone effects in all colors; special.
roll .12'/2c
25c Wall Paper, 18c—Self-colored stencil and stripe de
signs, including beautiful shadow blend effects; special,
roll .18c
36c to 40c Wall Paper, 19c—Imported fadeless oatmeal
wall paper in all colors; will not fade; special, roll19c
16c Wall Paper. 8c—Domestic oatmeal paper that will
give good service; fast colors; special, per roll.8c
(Sold with novel panel and cut-out borders, upward from
6c yard.)
50c to 75c Wall Paper, 32c to 50c—Handsome two-tones,
bronzes, tapestries and soisettes; special, per roll. .32c to 50c
3c Oak Molding, l'/2c—This molding is suitable for any
room in the house; 1,800 feet, while it lasts, special, per
foot .li/2c
Your Furs
Are Cleaned Before
Before any fur coat, small fur,
rug. drapery or article of wear
ing apparel is placed in the
. Bamberger cold dry air storage
vaults it is thoroughly cleaned
' by a special vacuum process.
For this service there is no extra j
( charge.
This is onlv one of the SANI
TARY features of Bamberger
storage. By visiting the vaults
(located on the eighth floor) you
will learn about others.
Why not be sure your furs are
safe from Hre, theft, moth and
non-sanitary conditions? Phone
Market 6700 for a Bamberger
Men’s and Women’s High-Grade Umbrellas, 1.00
Made by Follmer, Clogg & Co., the Famous
Fifth Avenue, New York, Manufacturers
The lot consists of travelers’ samples and the end-season factory clearance.
Every cover NEW and guaranteed to give one full year’s service. Utterly im
possible tq. retail this excellent grade at $1.00 regularly. We bought 1,750 um
brellas, and the magnitude of the purchase set the price which enables us to quote
$1.00 apiece for these service-giving umbrellas.
Not seconds—but a strictly perfect lot, giving you ail the wear you can pos
sibly expect from an umbrella double an d triple the sale price.
Coverings of American Taffeta—Dyed in the piece, insuring uniform
and retentive color. Sunfast and rainproof black, so closely woven, it is far
superior in wearing quality than all-silk taffeta. Extra strong frames, 26
and 28 inch spread, solidly riveted.
Handles for Men and Women—Many imported novelties in straignt or
hooked styles. Caps of gold plate, plain or engraved sterling, stag horn,
gunmetal, carved and plain ebonies, silver inlay handles, tigerwood, pi
mento, iridescent horn, malacca and boxwood.
3.00 White Bed
Spreads. 2.39
Just in time, too, for
the Spring renovation.
Full sized, fine grade
satin bedspreads, heavy
quality, fringed, corners
cut, in good assortment
of select patterns. Some
very minor imperfec
tions, hardly worth the
mentioning, but for that rea
son they are repriced $2.39.
Don’t delay. Only a small lot,
and this means easy clear
ance. •
Curtains and Draperies
Hundreds of pairs of curtains and thou
sands of yards of upholsteries have been let
down in price for special selling this week.
A great opportunity for housewives.
“Salon de Blanc”
Have you visited the new soda water
parlor located on the first floor near the
Washington street elevators? Pure ices and
creams are served in this inviting nook.
Take Care of Your Eyes
Any exacting work such as reading or
sewing for a length of time will take its toll
from weak eyes. Avoid serious complica
tions by having your eyes properly glassed
now. Examination free.
The Hemco Adjustable Chair
Visit our fifth floor furniture department
and see how the Hemco chair adjusts itself
by means of the weight of your body, there
by affording perfect relaxation.
Of course you’ve worn and
used your teeth all your life.
They were given you to last all
your life. Your own neglect
and abuse shortens their use
Unless you consult a * -
good dentist ,,
I can make your teeth good
—to last all the rest of your
Easy pay. Easy pain.
Easy payments
Best 22-k. Gold Crowns and
Bridge Work,
3.00, 4.00, 5.00
Fillings. 50c
My Anchor Suction Teeth
Can’t slip. Can’t drop. F 0(1
Fit snug—light weight. u.UO 1
Newark’s Painless Dentist
194 Market Street
Open Evening:* Until 8 o’clock
Sundny* 10 A. HI. to I P. HI.
Is in the Air
The carpenters are begin- »
ning to do outside work,
and that’s one of the signs
that Spring is here.
And this is the season
when the question of NEW
TOOLS arises. No good me
chanic will consider any- t
thing but GOOD TOOLS,
and we have everything in
C A R P E N T E R S’ and
MASONS’ TOOLS, in qual
ities that we stand back of.
Our stock of the best
makes of tools was never , ---*
so complete, and the prices
we quote ought to interest
any mechanic who cares
anything about saving
money on high-grade tools.
And, remember, if any
thing you buy here
SHOULD turn out wrong,
we’ll make it right.
Macknet & Doremus
Everything in Hardware
796-798 Broad Street /
Past. Present, Future—All Revealed
Wonderful Revelations That Will
Surprise, Mystify and help You.
Let me send you free a Test reading of
your life as revealed by the stars above that
will surprise, mystify and aid you. I will
open your eyas by tel ling you Secret Facta
krown only to yourself. I will make for you
wonderful revelations of past, present and *
future. I will convince you that Astrology
is true: that it will point the way to success
In marriage, love, health, wealth and busi
ness. It will tell what profession to follow;
changes to come: mistakes to avoid; whether
friends are false or true; questions of present
or future marriages, divorces, friendships,
Are you in trouble, perplexed or at a lose
what to do to secure youur greatest desire?
No matter what your past experience or what
your present trouble may be, 1 can help you.
Write to me and be convinced that Astrology
is an accurate Science. Put me to the test
and let me+prove it to you. My answers to
questions and my advice bring good luck
and success in love, courtship and financial
Send me your full name and address, stat
ing whether Mr.. Mrs. or Miss and exact dat#
of birth; put two cents postage on your let*
ter and enclose ten cents stamps (not coin)
to cover part expenses of typing, return post
age. etc., and 1 will send you specially pre- J
pared free test reading at once. Write plains ^
ly. Address Carlins Amhoff, 81 .Shaftesbury
Avenue, Flat 164-A, London, \y\, England.
Liberal loans on Diamonds, Watches
Jewelry and Silverware. Ample rnpl-'
tal 6o make loans in competition with
4 Essn Building, Glinlon Slum
Hours 9 A. M. to S:30 P. M.
Saturday 9 lo 3 P. M,
--« ,
—1-- -- •--4
BY VIRTUE of the provisions of the will
of Mahlon Campfleld, deceased, dated Oc
tober 3, 1870. and probated In the E#sex
County Surrogate's i>moe, I will expose to
sale at public auction on Tuesday, the
twenty-eighth day of April, ms. at the
hour of two o’clock in the afternoon of said
day. upon tli6 premises, to wit, at No vi
Walnut street. In the City of Newark, Essex
County, New Jersey, all that certain tract
In said City of Newark: U
Beginning In the north line of Walnn,
street, at the corner of a lot former]*
Robert G. Henry'B; thence running alone
saW lot north twenty-eight degrees ana e.
teen minuteb east one hundred and twjntv"
two feet; thence north slxtv-two dee.™
went thirty-four feet; thence south twfmv^
eight degrees fifteen minutes west
dred and twenty-two feet to
and thence along said street south stxt vTw '
degrees east thirty-four feet to th. ,tw
of beginning. t0 th« P‘aca
Substituted^. Administrator wlih 'th.f" wU,
James J. Gibb, 800 Broad stre*.
Newark, N. J., Proctor. ^ I

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