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Newark evening star and Newark advertiser. [volume] (Newark, N.J.) 1909-1916, April 18, 1914, STATE EDITION, Image 17

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RESIDENTIAL, HulMlng riot" In Montrose
Motion c,r the Wronger. THE DREW CO..
519 Union builtllng, Newark.
Bryan L. Kennelly, Auctioneer,
will sell at auction
Wednesday, April 22, 1914,
lit 12 o'clock noon, at the Exchange Sales
room, 14-11; Vesey *t., New York.
Executor’s Sale
Estate of William M. Tallman, Dec’d.
North Side Tappen Av.,
177 feet east of Cedar Av.,
North Plainfield, N. J.
The three-story frame dwelling. 11 rooms
end bath, also two-story frame stable, with
two stalls, loft and carriage room; size of
plot. 159.7x177x142x175
Raymond. Mountain. Van Blarcom Ar Marsh,
Attorneys, lfi4 Market st., Newark N. J.
Maps, Ac., with attorneys, or at auctioneer’s
offices. 156 Broadway. New York.
The Man Who Knows
764 Broad st., next to Howard Bank.
CEDAR LAKE, in Adlrondacks of New Jer
sey—Beautiful. convenient. healthful;
bungalows, building sites; suit every purse
and taste, one hour on Lackawanna road.
Address, phone, DONALDSON, Grantwood.
N. J._
COMMITTER S farm of 5 ncres, with house
of 8 rooms, barn and poultry houses, fruit,
etc., situated In the hills of northern New
Jersey, mile from commuting station, within
one hour of New York; exceptionally desir
able for poultry raining; rent $300 yearly.
NUTLEY REALTY CO.. 233 Broadway. N. v.
COMMUTER'S chicken farm; modern 8 room
house all Improvements. 10 minutes walk
from station. 750 Clinton av.. Plainfield.
N. J. / _
FARMS for Pale, from one to forty ac-es;
four miles from Newark, reasonable prices;
ifttle cash needed. Inquire VITAL &
FRANK. 142 Market. Room 309. _
FARMS MV SPECIALTY—Ail kinds; cata
log free. H. MATTHEWS. Second st. and
Monmouth av.. Lakewood. N. J.
FARMS, various sizes: write for particulars
ENOCH TINDALL. Hlghtstown. N. J- _
FIVE-ACRE farm, seven-room house: splen
did locution; at Maplewood. N. I ; call
for information. VITAL & FRANK,. 142
Market. Room 309. __
FIVE acres, good for fruit and chickens;
$lrtO cash; near Atlantic City. J. BROWN.
H46 N. 12th st.. Philadelnhin. Pa.
FOR SALE—At Stelton. N. J.. handsome
residence, 12 rooms, hardwood trim, in
good order: with two acres of land and
plenty of shade (about 76 trees) of different
varieties; excellent location; less than five
minutes’ walk from station on main line
Pennsylvania Railroad. 18 trains daily; tele
phone and electric light available; price nine
thousand dollars ($9,000). MICHAEL
O’CONNOR, 304 George st.. New Brunswick,
N. J.
FOR SALE—20?acre farm; 7-room house, all
outbuildings; fine water; school within 1Q0
yarns; good opening for a teacher; one mile
of Frankllnvllle R. R. station. For fur
ther particulars address Monroeville, N. J.
J. W. BUCK, owner.
LARGE beautiful farm iu Berkshire* for sab*;
suitable gentleman's home. MeDOWRLL,
$7 Nassau st. N. Y.
MODEL POULTRY FARM, successful busi
ness proposition; fully equipped with
thoroughbred stock; 35 acres; capacity 3.000;
large dwelling: mile from railroad; profits
will return 20 per cent on Investment;
$16,000. part cash. Box 266. Beverly. N. J.
JWI'ST BE SOLD—Seven-room house; all
Improvements, near depot: half acre; 40
minutes New York; at a bargain and easy
terms. CHARLES FREY. Demarest, N. J.
POULTRY farm, exceptional sacrifice; $7 80u;
15 acre*; house 7 rooms; Improvements,
burn, laying house, brooder houses; Incuba
tors. engine, horse, wagon, carriages, tools,
'noo high class layers: artesian well: VA m?le
station: 2 orchards: income 8125 month
RoSRMUND. WoortcTIfT Lake. N. J.
PF.QU AN NOCK—Sal e or rent. 1% acres;
nine-room house; Improvements; near sta
tion. 36 Sterling pi.. Brooklyn. N. V.
SMALL FARM, one acre, good soil; beauti
ful country: hour out; 7-room house, fine
fine condition; $3,200. Box 209, Stirling.
N. J. _
STOCK FARM—125 acres. Including stock.
implements. $7,000; near Mt. Holly; house
10 rooms, heater, running water, porch;
barn; liberal terms; send for list profitable
farms. AM XV. DRESSER, Burlington. N. J.
jjC’UTH JERSEY FARMS—Five acre* good
land. 8100; can be paid monthly at the rate
of $5; choice 'and for raising fruit borrl*r,
vegetables poultry squabs; mild, healthful
climate; nearby town; half mile from rn:l
rond station: prosperous locality; good roads;
pure water GTESE. 142 Market *t.. city.
THE nicest, cheapest 60-ncre farm, within
20 miles from New York; 50 ncres level,
best, garden Voll. K> woodlfcnd. with large
r1\er. orchard, 8-room house, barn and out
buildings. tin main road; $1.75 per acre. Box
8. Detnarc&l. N. J.
VILLAGE torn). 8 ncres level, rich soil;
large 5-room bungalow, barn. well, brook;
excellent for poultr.x and fruit: 2Mt miles
from Far till Is station (Lackawanna) hour
out: near school, stoye: trackless trolley.
18.S('(*. terms, to still. SAMMIS & ROGERS.
Somerville, X. J.
WILL *ell cheap. 14 *4, acres near South
Ambov. 1.000 rt. water front. 500 ft. pier;
three large factory buildings, containing
18 009 square feet, railroad siding princi
pals only. M. J. WEINMAN, 2G4 West
113th at., N. Y.
16.600—-COUNTRY residence, 12 rooms,
brick tenant house; 30 acres, ham. shop,
shade, fruit, good soil; one mile Burlington
Vepot; liberal terms. A. W. DRESSER, Bur
l rig ton, N. J.
CONNECTICUT farm bargains: 200 acre?, wa
ter. buddings, flock, tools, 80.000. half
.-ash. UO acres, steel* tools. $4,000: others
HULL. .South Norwalk. Coun.
Fa KM for sal« 3 35 acres; five miles fropi
Htulion: $3,800, o'-.1-established boardings
house. 16 rooms, bate.; >i7 acres fine land:
largo llvo wrick; $7,500; 25 acres, ten-room
hon.".: on®- mile /ruin nation: $3,200; 10
acre gentleman’s l.crrn, boar, ling-house or
poultry farm; eight large rooms; also 30
acrns. 28 cultivated, one mile from station;
$2,400. Jt^T jl.'Sk JUHaSZ. Madison Conn.
■flPIL'E 24-arre farm. $1,600; 2 acre village
' farm. ? 1.200; i-j'To suburban home. $2.
400 $600 cash on each, other farms; all
kinds, state want*; get list and pictures.
WILLIAM CONE. Canterbury. Conn.
RELIABLE furm agency: send for circulars.
JAMES X. WATUOUS, Box ljf. New Lon
don. conn.
THREE ACRES, new barn, chicken coop;
., foundation for house (house burned), run
ning water, gravel pit; electric light; one
ha if mile front station: price $500. JOHN
BURNS. Box 257, Collinsville, Conn.
PRODUCTIVE farm or country home, near
Hartford. Conn.; 116 acres, bordering small
ioko; isjiUblt! dairy truck or tobacco. 14
room residence, lurge barn, 8 other building*,
good market; ’dock, machinery; price right.
Apply bl Lincoln Park, Newark.
SO-ACRK DAIRY and poultry farm, half mile
from «lcpol, milk station, school and fioivs,
13-room atone house, bothrooiii, set tubs and
v fray*/ Hue barns, silo; running water, Ice
howto, orphan I: plenty wofsl fur home use:
priest for «|m:i i: iruyor S3,400: half rash; stock
And in*-.is iii- fur sale. Address It. F. V. 1,
bo* 23, Coh h*'*r, Conn.
2C-ACRE farm; 7-room bungalow; modern
Improvement* garage, ben house. In’.l'd
P.ips raw. price $3,500. RICHARD H,
TUCK Kit. Soy»*rook, Conn.
f.i-ACRB FARM. 8-room house barn. T
rhicken bouse*, workshop: must bell at
or. orifice. O. \. HI SCON, Woodstock Valley,
?60 ACRES. good building, rn.ooth le.nl
broo*; neat '-It lea. trolley; It. F. D.; phone;
orchard; s'll whole or par:. OLO. STOTT
Mystic, Conn.
DELAWARE FA:DIS—I-arse ard small; $6*0
n $15,000, productive V-el Ion-:: in e bar
gain >lst. CliAS. M. HA.tfMoNlh MiUoid,
Del- __
TARMS fo- talc, rend for free eataDj.
M \Rfj'vCUl SI/’TS
FOR FALE—P0 Mies. 6-ieom houso, k
h-:ns; good elevation; ndcndld water;
mm ‘lit e-i.nwe* fields; nclfihi ora tcle
/».*vone dne; w.U cut 100 era wcod, cO.r-lP
ft. : ruce; isnd sloping, will include 3 town
l j • -sea har. c-.^b wayoiks, n teLira i? ;
E 1* Too; to suit, \J. 3. COJU*E—L
k to. WttliaB*stcw». ifiass.
150 acres, water front; one. of the most
beautiful place* on tin* Eastern Shore; (UK*
peach trees, bearing; 10 room house, beautiful
grove. Rood land, big barn, other outbuilding*:
cue mile from railroad town; plenty game,
duck shooting, fishing, boating; will furnish
pictures of house upon application: price
[ 120.000: easy terms; this farm, properly work
ed. will bring $4.OPO this year. Write E. B.
FKills. Real Estate Broker, 211 N. Division
I st., Salisbury. Md.
Two mile? village and station keeps 10
cows and team; 300 bbls. apples In season,
other fruit; $500 worth wood and timber;
7-room house; bam. 50x60; silo, wagon
house, poultry house, good repair; running
one mile station; keeps 5 cows an«l team;
sugar orchard. 40 fruit trees; 6-room house.
2 barns. 2 poultry houses; running water;
bonier? river. $1,600. part cash.
Two miles village main road; smooth, rich
land, slopes to south; excellent 8-room house,
painted white. * • on blinds, barn 40x50;
wagon shed and poultry house; large brook
on farm; wood, some pine; horse, cow.
poultry, wagon, tools, all go.
One mile East Northfleld. Mass.; good
buildings and rich land. 7-room house and
barn; $1,600; easy terms.
17-ACHE FRUIT FARM. *1,000.
Good buildings and rich land.
Write for Circular of Farms.
■Winchester, N. H.
DELAWARE River fame 12(1 acres; house
12 rooms; station 2 tulle?. DANIEL HOL
BROOK. Port Jervis. N. Y.
COMMUTER'S FARM; hour out: 22 acre?;
rich soil fiult; 3.500 ft. frontage; barn;
corner; $4,50$; easy terms, no agents. R.
DRAKE. Spring Valley. N. Y.
FOR SAI.E at Quaker Ridge. 12 acres; gen
tleman's residence or sanitarium. JOIIS
CARROLL, owner. Mamaroneck. N, Y.
FARMS, $1,500 up to $10,000; hotels, cottages.
boarding hous< s, road houses, business
property, lake properties. Write T. HAR- .
PER, Montloello, N. Y.
FOR SALE—Two farm house? and landt
bargain. Write W. PORTER. Liberty. N.
Y. Box 882. !
SEVENTY Here*. Columbia County; bolls*
steam heat; bath1 buildings: fruit; brook:
near station: sacrifice $4,600; photo*. EDGE
BROOK. Rider’s Mill. N Y. _
SACRIFICE for cash. 4r.-ncre farm board
ing-house furniture, stock. 12 rooms, out
building . Sullivan County. Owner, SHANA
HAN. I’ort Richmond. N. Y.
SELL Ok RENT—73 acres, old-fashioned
farm, cottage and outbuilding*: elevation
600 feet; beiutifql view. J. ARMSTRONG,
12 Broadway New York.
SLLLI VAN COUNTY, beautiful location) four
acres, six-room house, furnished, nlC5
orchard, barn; $2,100; one-half. cash.
THREE ACRES, six-room house, village.
orchard, ucar church and stores; $2,200; one
half cash. THOMAS HARPER. Monticello.
N. Y. i
33 ACRES: beautifully situated; village
limltr; suitable country home or boarders; ;
13 room*: Improvements: barn. 3 stalls; hen1
house; brooder houses. Incubators for poul- j
try and duck business; large ponds; unen
cumbered. $7,000; principals. T. A. IIIND
MARSH. R. F. p. 2, box 8, Saratoga
Springs. N. Y.
2*1 ACRE fnrm In swell farming .section at
Goshen; State rood: eood buildings: thrifty
apple orchard, flue water; sacrifice at $4,500
cash. STEVENS & VAIL. Middletown. N. Y. j
167-ACRE farm plenty of pears, apples,
wood and tarm land; easy living; $050
cash. G. E. HACKETT. Branch. N. Y.
brick house, Swiss barn for 20 head, wagon
house, hen houses, corn cribs, pigsty, etc.,
nil In flr*t-claBs condition. Owner going
abroad, wishes to make immediate sale, so
Includes pair fine draft horses, cow, 100
chickens, 10 pig*, all machinery, fords, Im
plements, wagons, crops, etc., and will sac
rifice everything for only $4,300 and only $1,200
cash needed. C. W H UNSBERGER, Green
Lane, I'a.
FERTILE farms, near Philadelphia; fruit,
poultry, truck, dairy: excellent markets
W. M. STEVENS, perkasle. Pa.
JERSEY farm wanted; mall full particulars.
HERRMANN, 1012 Nebraska av., Ricli
^ mt nd Hill, New York.
Monthly Rentals. 1 artlculars on Application.
Dwellings to let. City.
South 20th at., 6 rooms, bath.$16
Menmouth »t.. 6 rooms, bath. 25
Homestead l urk. 7 rooms, bat it. 27
Homestead Park, 8 rooms, bath. 8o
Orchard st., garage and rooms. 8o
i Spruce st., garage and rooms. 30
Homestead Park. 8 rooms, bath. 35
Moon place, 10 rooms, ltupts. 35
ltenner av., 8 rooms, bath. . . .. 85
MonmrJ^th st., 9 rooms, impts. 35
Frelinghuysen av., 8 rooms, burn. 40
Elizabeth av., 10 rooms.. Impts., garage. . 42
Summer av.. 12 rooms, impts. 50
Third av., 10 rooms, bath. 50
Highland av., 10 rooms, bath....,. 50
Parker st.. 11 rooms, impts. 60
' Summer av., 12 rooms. Impts. 76
Mt. Pleasant av., 12 rooms, bath. . 84
Redden terrace, 12 rnfms.100
Walnut st.. 7 rooms Impts.100
| Leslie st., 12 rooms, 3 baths.100
Clinton av.. 14 rooms. ...125
i Mt. Pleasant av., 12 rooms.150
Mt Prospect av*., 11 rooms, barn.166
i High st.. 12 rooms, bath.100
Dwellings to let. put of city.
l Irvington. 6 room-. Impts....$22
I East Grange. 5 rooms. Impts. 25
Irvington. 8• rooms, impts. 30
NutUy. 7 rooms, impts. 32
Arlington, 8 rooms. Impts. 35
Arlington. 6 rooms, bath. 40
Avon. 9 rooms, bath.125
Verona, 10 rooms, garage. 45
Glen Ridge, 9 rooms, impts. 45
Orange. 12 rooms.. . 60
Bloomfield, 11 rooms. 60
Verona, 10 rooms. 40
J WARD SMITH & SON. Prudential Bldg.
AT BOGOTA N. J.—Most convenient sub
urban town In New Jersey; 25 minutes to
New York by West Shore or Susquehanna
Railroad, also by trolley lines to 130th :d,.;
beautiful dwelling to rent, contains live
bedrooms, two baths, large living room,
open fireplaces, hardwood floors and every
modern Improvement: rent $660 per annum.
Room 3809. Woo!worth building.
ASTOR ST., 28; near Clinton av.—Ten room*,
bath. hea:er electric light*-: vacant May l;
$40. LINNETT «v WOLF, 221 Clinton av.
BLOOMFIELD AV., 72—Seven rooms un
I proventente. A. H. VREELAND, 45 Clin
j ton at.
j 1002 BROAD ST.
I BROAD ST.. 49—Nine rooms, two baths; one
I or two families; steam heat; new plumb
ing. $45 month. Inquire 319 Belleville av.
| 1002 BROAD ST.
I CHELSEA AV.. 84. 86—Now six rooms.
! steam heat, electric IlglTtx, tiled bath,
beam celling. Halls ami stairs carpeted; one
half block to South Orange av. trolley; one
block west of South Munn av.; rent $3u.
18 Bathgate pi.. Rorevllle.
CLINTON HILL—Nine rooms and hath;
from May or June, Address CLINTON
I1ILL. Box 25, Star office.
CLINTON AV., No. 7 6—Fourteen rooms, 2
bathrooms. Inquire STOUTEN BURGH &
CO.. 797-805 Broad «t.
CLINTON AV., 273; opposite Milford av.—
Twelve room residence; 2 baths, steam
heater, etc.; *75. LIN NETT & WOLF, 221
Clinton nv.
EAST PARK ST., near Tark PI—Three
story brick 14 light rooms, steam heat
and all Improvements, being put In good
order; excellent location for boarding or fur
nished room house. Inquire FIELDER
CORPORATION. Firemen’s Bldg. Phono
7801 Market.
ELM ST.. 177. nea* JefTeroon at.—Six large
roomc bath and Improvement*; reasonable
rent. Inquire ;'n at ora, 75 Ferry «t.
CINE M-ryom house, all Improvement*, heat:
newly decorated; fine condition: rent, only
2‘* Ken my at. OKBEN. 786 Broad et.
| GOUVERNEUR ST. I*—Twelve rooms and
bath good location; all Improvements;
rent $36. GEISEK PLUM, 845 Broad at.
HOUSE. No. 93 Bleeekor at. Apply F. A.
COUCHEUUNfl. Firemen's building.
IRVINGTON—Large house and lot: room
f..r garage and chickens; low rent to re
suoiodble party. Inquire 619 Stuyvesart av.
J -lVNSON AV IfA. cor. Runyon xt.— Eight
ruumn. bath and toilet# room: parquet
floors and electric lights; 1«»t 47x132; room for
garage; $»r>. EDWARD BEERS. 736 Pru
dery. In 1 butidiurr.
Mlf.T«'N f?T.. 12. between Boston and Wlck
lUifc 11^.—House 9 rconrta and bath, electro
light, Lt ata heat an 1 oil modern improve
ments. Inquire B COHEN, it N'.w ti.
NINE-ROOM house. 18 Norwood av.; rent
jtyu; water gas; '.arge g.trJcn; place keep
ciil.ia«»- inquire 6*0 Augusta, it.. Jn'iag
; '
Keep your eye on the bargains
being offered in Newark Real Estate
_—. . — - - - . —
NO. 247 WASHINGTON AV —Nine room* i
and bath, $30. FRANK EICHHORN, SB)
Broad st., or W. D. DONOVAN, 103 El
wood av.
NINTH AV., 66a—Cozy brick; 6 rooms, bath,
laundry, furnace, perfect order; $29. J. M.
SAYRE, 20 Avon av.
MELROSE AV., block from Central av. car
—New eight-room one-farnlly house; elec
tric lights, steam heat, tiled bath, parquet
floors; will decorate to suit tenant’s taste;
room for garage, rent $13. THE EDWARD
W. MARLIN CO.. 18 Bathgate pi., neaf
Roseville station
MILLER ST., 100—Six-room, brick; modern
bath; hot-air howter; large |H>rch; $27.50
LINNETT & WOLF. 221 Clinton av.
MONMOUTH ST.. 149— Ix>oklng Into Clinton
av., 10 rooms, brick; steam, electricity;
$3S. LINNETT & WOLF, 231 Clinton av.
MURRAY ST.. 29—Stucco dwelling: 11 rooms
and tiled bath, steam, electricity; parquet
floors. LINNETT A WOLF. 221 Clinton av.
ORANGE ST, 485. corner of Seventh st.
Eight rooms, bath, all Improvements; Im
mediate possession; $40. K1NU-MARSAC
CO., 810 Broad st. *.
ORANGE—To rent, house, 53 Snyder st.,
8 room*, all improvements, low rent; good
location; detached house; possession May 1.
SNYDER. 227 Main st., Orange.
ONE-FAMILY 8 room house; all Improve
ments: cor. Littleton and Fourteenth ace.:
rent $25. Inquire M. BIDDELMAN. 259 Lit l
tleton aveV; phone 5826-R Market. j
QUITMAN ST.. 156—House. 8 rooms and .
bath; very desirable location; only few ‘
doors from Clinton av. DR. HOLT. CC1 I
Broad st.
QUITMAN ST., 150—Eight rooms and bath: j
all Improvements; near Clinton av.; $37.50.
LINNETT & WOLF, 221 Clinton av. j
ROSEVILLE. 210 North Seventh st.—Eleven 1
rooms, newly decorated throughout; splen- j
didiy located for furnished rooms; two min- (
utes to trolley and station; $55. Inquire,
gate pi.. Agents.
ROSEVILLE SECTION—One-family house: a]
moms; good loentlnn: one or three years*
lense nt $45 (room for garage). Applv II. M.
VAN SANT. Firemen’s building, or 820 North I
Seventh street. j
ROSEVILLE. North Ninth st.—Twelve -
rooms, reception hall, beautifully finished
throughout; hardwood floors, electric lights. |
large front porch, rent $40. THE EDWARD
W. MARTIN CO.. 18 Hathgate pi.. Rose
STEUREN ST.—Six-room, one-family house
steam heat and all modern Improvements,
refined neighborhood: cmtral to two trolleys
nnd Grove st. station; rent *25. THE ED
WARD W. MARTIN CO., 18 Bathgate pi..
TEN ROOM house to let. in Rns.dand, N. J.;
hath, steam heat, *Tas and good water; un
furnished. high elevation overlooking the
Blue Ridge Mountains; good, healthy location;
three-quarters of a mile from Essex Fells
‘•tatIon nnd two miles from Caldwell; stage to
Caldwell every h ur; room for ear or horse
and carriage. C. BRAl N WORTH, Rose*
land. N. .1.
THREE-STORY brick house. 14 light rooms.
steam heat, all Improvements; suitable
for furnished room or boarding house; near
Hroad and City Hall. Inquire MASS. G85
Hroad st.; telephone 3207-M, Market.
TD LET—Six-room house, all Improvements;
steam heat; near trolleys; large garden;
good neighborhood, rent. $20; Vallsburg sec
tion. 22 Falm st. t
THIRD AV.. near Broad st.—Ten rooms;
Improvements. Inquire 37 Third av.
WASHINGTON AV.. 67-Hou*-, 5 room%
hath, bent, all f npro/ements; decorated:!
rent, only $15; select neighborhood. ORBEN,
805 Firemen’s building.
BRADFORD ST.. 37—Six rooms nnd hath;
newly painted Inside and outside; rent $17.
BLOOMFIELD—Eight rooms. with bath |
place for servant, nil latest Improvements; |
Newark. Orange and thontclair trollgys near '
house; hardwood floors, gas and electricity;
rent $32 BUILDER. 87 Bay av.. Bloom
BLOOM FIELD, Berkeley av., 134. close to
Bloomfield trolley and Wat waning Station,
i-ack <W[annn Ral'rond—Modern one-family
dwelling; four rooms and reception hall first
floor, open fireplace; five bedrooms; every
Improvement; large grounds; rent $45.
K1NO-MARSAC CO., 810 Broad st.
EAST ORANGE. North Fifteenth st.—Eight
rooms, one-family house; best, condition;
select neighborhood, convenient to trolley
and station, room for garage, rent $35.
EDWARD W. MARTIN CO., 18 Bathgate |
pi.. Roseville static n.
EAST ORANGE. North Burnett Ft., 35—Four
teen room and two hath*1 in first-class resi
dential section 3 minutes from E. O. station
and trolley; all Improvements, steam heat,
etc.; rent reasonable. See this house first; It
will pay you. LOUIS SCHLESINOER. Inc.,
r.- ax building.
FAST ORANGE—Ten-room house to rent
at a bargain; steam heat, large, light
rooms: wide lot. 34x100; near schools; con
veniently located; a good house at a mod
erate rental, let us show you this property.
40 Fourth av., opposite Ampere station.
IRVINGTON—Will rent an up-to-date $35
eight-room house for $28. 33 Sand ford av.,
MONTCLAIR. 18 Lexington av.—Handsome'
eleven-room house In exclusive section of
Montclair; beautifully dccongfeed. hardwood !
floors, furnace heat, separate servant ac
eemmodatfon; sets hack 4 0 feet from street j
on lot 80x220; beautiful shade trees one
half block to trolley. (J minutes to station;
rent $50. Apply any Montclair agent, or
ORANGE. Main st., 483—Eight rooms, hot ;
water heater, gas and toilet rent very j
reasonable Inquire Of OWNER, 477 Main
st. Tel 2783-W. Orange.
TO LET. CRANFORD—House, a rooms, hath.
electricity: ground, good location; trolley;
school; station 6 minutes; Now York. 45;
$35 monthly: lea*? with lease. Address HAL
SEY. 1448 Pacific st.. Brooklyn, N. Y.
$28 AND $25, one month free, beautiful
one-fnmlly buff brick house; six light ]
rooms often fireplace and very modern lm- I
provements. 806 Wlss building.
Mountain av.. cor. Braemorc rd.)—Stucco
nnd shingle house, perfect order. 13 rooms,
2 baths and laundry, four flrepla *es, broad
veranda fine trees; five minutes to station
Address OWNER, room 601, 115 Broadway,
New York.
BRICK HOUSE. 15 rooms, all Improvements.
parquet floors; will sell at sacrifice. In
quire 73 Burnett st.. near James st.
THREE-STORY frame dwelling, tei^ rooms,
equipped with modern Improvements, heat,
light, hot and cold water baths, etc.; health
ful location; convenient to Lackawanna
Railroad and street cars, pnsepsslon May 1
Call or address T. E. BURKE. 44 Mechanic
st.. Newark, or 81 Second st., South Or
ange N. J.
•Springtic 1<1 and Belmont #v»—Several very
desirable offices to rent: well heated arid ven
tilated; tine business location: it will pnv
you} to Investigate; rent reasonable. Inquire
ALFRED POPIK. managing agent room 202.
MULBERRY ST . 70; opposite Centre Mar
ket—Lnrg* store. 100 fe»*t deep; suitable for
commission business: fine location: will rent
or lease. Inquire FRANK POPIK. Ainerl
can National Bank building, cor. Springfield
and Belmont av.
TWO-STORY brick factory, 14 Milton st..
i near Wlckcllffe st., 30-50 light on all *|<J*a;
will leose whole or part. Inquire B. COHEN,
10 Now st.
ABOUT 10,000 square feet to rent, with
power and water, mm well o* siding facili
ties. Address POWER, Box 14. Star office.
FINE. up-to-date office*, corner of Mulberry
nnd Market *ts.. all modern Improvement*;
janitor services; rent from SIS* up. BiiEL
4*4»N. 223 Murapa at
CLINTON AV.. 463-Store to let, near Ber- j
gen sf.; suitable for any business; rooms'
and bath In rear of store; store light and i
BERGEN ST., 804. near Hawthorne av.— ]
Large store, suitable for any business.
ROSEVILLE ,AV., Orange st.—Comer store;
heavy shopping and railroad transient
traffic; suitable for any line of business,
terms can he made on lease, prosperous
established business surrounding. EDWARD
W. MARTIN CO., Agents. 18 Bathgate pL,
SO. ORANGE AV.. 62%, one block from
Court House—With two rooms, gus and
water; rent $20; suitable for any kind of
business; In a good business neighborhood.
Apply F. J. CRIQUl, corner Howard st. and
South Orange av.
CENTURY BUILDING. 142 Market at.—A
few very large, light, well-honied and
ventilated offices to rent. It will j»ay you
t > Investigate, lunltor or IA)U1S SCHLES
INGKR. INC.. Essex building.
LARGE store, with living rooms in rear.
suitable for any business; 264 Bunk st.,
neur YVIekliffe st.; will divide for two ten
Broad at.
SPRINGFIELD AV., 260—Very large store,
v\ 1th modern front; Intest Improved mirror
show windows, t lose to junction of Spring
Held av. and Jones st. Inquire A. F. MUL
LER. 258 Springfield av.
SPRINGFIELD AV., 84, Junction of South
Orange av.—In A1 location; good for any
kind of bus! ness. Inquire A. FI SCI l, owner.
800 Broad st.
WASHINGTON 8T., 336—Rear store or
shop, suitable for tire repairing or any
kind of business; very cheup. Inquire 340
Washington st.
CORNER store to let, with roams, suitable
for any kind of buslneus, rent reasonable,
90 Norwood Bt, Vailsburg section, one block
south of South Orange av. Inquire MRS.
GRUCHKLL, 69 Norwood st.
WASHINGTON 8T.. Nos. 347-349-Half top
floor, $16 per month; half second floor, $2j
per month; for light manufacturing, tailor, 1
photographer, etc. THE DREW CO., 61h
t’nlon building. Phone 68.17 Market.
BLOOMFIELD AV.. 99—Largo, light store.
suitable for any business; large display
windows; electric lights, etc. HOP WOOD,
86 Clinton Mt.
SI MMER AV. 822, corner Irving st.—Store
and three living rooms. Forest Hill sec
tion; good for any business; rent $19. In
quire MURRAY. 186 Market st.
BROAD ST., 669, second floor, Central av.
lunction. opp. Shubert Theatre—Offices and
studios. $9 to $20. PETIT REALTY CO.,
722 Essex Bldg.
HALSEY ST., 67—Stores, offices and studios.
$10 to $30 monthly; all Improvements,
cheapest rent In city. Owner, A. O. PETIT,
722 Essex Bldg ,
OFF MULBERRY ST.—Small store, newly
painted and decorated, rent $12. suitable
most any business. FIACRE. 926 Essex
MARKET RT.—Store and upper floors; pre
ferred location; rent special ratr, $125 per
men’s building, phone 7861 Market.
NEW STORES, up to date In every way.
In thickly populated neighborhood; good
location for shoe, Jewelry, florist or branch
rt ores of any kind. 26 Pacific st.
BRIDGE ST., 53—Suitable for painter; rent
cun be worked out. ' Inquire PHIL GARRY,
49 Bridge st.
DESIRABLE front office, in Rplngarn Build
ing. low rent also desk space. W. J.
EGAN. 188 Market st.
DESIRABLE large store a,nd good rooms;
suitable for any business. Inquire 167
Warren st.
BLOOMFIELD AVK.. 221—Store, three living
rooms; moderate rent. MR. HANILY, 645
Mt. Prospect a ve.
CORNER STORE and adjoining store, with
rooms In rear; good for any business. In
quire 80f) Broad st.. HfMBER.
i MMIT ST., 121, near Warren st.—Shire
nod two rooms; Immediate possession.
KINO-M A USAC CO., 810 Broad st.
GOOD store, oft Mulberry st.; flne condition;
suitable for any business; rent $12. Inquire
FIACRE, 926 Essex Bldg.
HIGHLAND AV., 86— Large store for rent;
suitable for any business; rent reasonable.
Inquire 280 Clifton av.
OFFICE at Ifl Clinton st.. near Broad at ;
light, heat and lanltor service furnished.
Inquire .1 K. ItlPPEL. 7Ml Broad st.
BLOOMFIELD AV 6ifl— Largo store. 2 rooms
In rear; good for any business; good loca
tion. Inquire second floor. V. MEROLA.
EART ORANGE. Main st.. 50—Corner store.
suitable for druggist, milliner, etc.; fine
location nrnr trolleys1 rent reasonable Ap
ply B CHERLER. Phone 38S9-R. Orange.
MORRISTOWN—To let, store, 25 South st..
14x90 f*-et. with hent largo show window,
fln,- cement cellar. Also to let De Hart
offices, chove. GEO. H. ROSS & CO., Mor
ristown. N. J.
TO LET—Store In the business centre of Ea-t
Orange, the southwest corner of North Park
end Dodd «te Apply on premises to B.
ton av., Newark
WERT ORANGE. Washington st.. 23—Newly
built; suitable for any business; good
location rent reasonable; trolley passes the
door. Inquire V. ATRIA. 23 Washington st.
WILLOW RT., near Washington st.—Very
central. 1.260 square feet, $30 per month;
MeWHOUTER RT.. 88—Third floor; power. $39
per month. DREW CO., 519 Union build
ing. Phone 6837 Market.
FACTORY loft of 2.R00 square feet, with
power and heal; suitable for light msnu
factoring purposes. I.. A. RAYUR. 332 Mul
berry st. Tel. fll Market._
TO LET. for term nf years 72-76 Mechanic
st.. flve-story and barement brick factory,
with windows on three sides; engine, holler,
elevator, steam heat, gas and electricity. A.
L. CROSS A BARKLEY, 810 Broadast._
46 Lawrence rt.
NEW RT.. 12—Good light loft. ?5x50. for
light manufacturing or office; steam heat,
electricity running water, etc. Inquire MR
RICH. 12 New st.. or telephone 4163 Mkt.
LOFT TO LET fbrlek). second floor, light
all sides; two car fines; $20. WOLF, 8
Elm at.
BUILDING In or near Newark, containing
30 000 square feet, for storing records;
freight elevator service required. Address
C. A. L., 399 Tremont av., Orange, N. J.
44* MT PR08PRCT AV.,
4, 5, 6, 7 LARGE, AIRY ROOMS,
av.~Modern 6 and 7-room and Lath iipnrt
menta; excellent location: unexcelled Janitor
service; decorated to suit tenant*: leaaorta
ble rent: Investigate before renting elae
where; Janitor on premlue* or LOL’8
Rr'H R,tTNGEK Inc.. Esacx bldg.
APARTMENT of 7 elegant room* and bath
on nrtit floo**; hea» furnished; suitable for
phyalclan, at 223 South Orange »v between
i Bergen and Hunterdon. Ring middle bell
or call a. 15j IluAterdon et.
APARTMENT. The Parker,'* 26 Elizabeth
av., near Clinton av.—Six rooms and tiled
bath; steam heat, hot wuier and janitor ser
vice furnished; refined surroundings; $38.
APARTMENTS—Seven rooms and bath, all
improvements; heat furnished; decorated
to suit tenant; 260 Main at.. Orange. LEWIS
W. BUTTERFIELD. 17 Day st.
APARTMENT. 162ft Elizabeth av.—Nine
rooms and bath, steam heat, electric
lights; rent reasonable. Apply LOWER. 164
Elizabeth av.
APARTMENT to let In beautiful Forest Till!:
nil improvements, steam heat, hot water,
jaultor service: moderate rentals; ML and
Prospect h\\ ears to prenilr.es. See MRS.
MI'LtJllEW. 7Jilt lllgtilniul av.
APARTMENT. Klphtecnth av., <112—Six
rooms, bath, ail Improvements. Apply .1
DEN'SKY, 21 Falrview av.. city.
ATTRACTIVE two-family house five rooms.
second floor; nil pleasant; reasonable. 8S
Pacific st. FRANK EL. 218 Rroad st.
AT 447 WASHINGTON AV—Apartments.
five moms and bath and toilet: all rooms
light; $16 nnd $13. A. L. CROSS & 11 ARK
LEY, 810 Broad at.
“The Broderson”
Few Choice Apartments to Rent. i
t hree Minutes to Corner Broad and Market
Seven Minute* to I'ennaylvantn Railroad.
S'-ven Minutes to Hudson Tubes.
Six Minutes to Central Railroad.
''«e|ve Minutes to D.. L. K w. Railroad.
Four Minutes to Newark Theatre.
Louis Schlesinger, Inc.
Or Apply Superintendent on
the Premises.
RET.MONT AV.. 060—Five-room tint, nicely
decorated; all Improvements; good neigh
borhood. rent $18. second floor. CLINTON
PARK SOUTH L. & I. CO.. S00 Broad st.
BEAUTIFUL seven-room apartment, 20 min
utes from Broad and Market st*.. half
block from Clinton av. . rent reasonable; a'l
improvements, including electric lights. Ap
ply Room 803, Essex building.
BEAUTIFUL corner five-room and three
room flats; bath, latest Improvements; rent
reasonable. 223 Sherman av., cur. Stanton
CHESTNUT ST., 180—Three light rooms to
let; rent $5, Inquire 17 West Kinney st..
Newark, N. J. Phone 3707-M, Market.
COLORED people; second floor, six rotund?
hath. tuba, range; keys second floor r*0
Oak wood pi.. orange. neur Central av.
SNOVKIt. 275 Mulberry *»t.. Newark.
CORNER fluts. 6 beautiful rooms; latest
improvements except heat; rent $19 and
$20. Inquire BAUER, premises, 127 Leslie
street. ,
COURT ST.. 75—Three rooms and bath;
also four rooms; rent $13.
DESIRABLE six rooms; bath: upper part
of house 151 Union st. . halls furnished:
nil Improvements, except boot. CLARK, 93d
Broad st.
ECKERT AV.. 38-44, near Seymour av.—
Two-farnlly house, first and second floors,
6 and 7 rooms and baths; separate steam
heaters; new; nil Improvements; handsomely
decorated; elegant fixture-; rent, $23 to $35
OEISER & PLUM. 846 Broad st.
EDWIN PL., 16, near Clinton pi; also nenr
j new trolley line—Five rooms, hath, steam
heat furnished; Janitor service, carpeted
halls, electric lights; fine location. Apply to
JANITOR. 1st floor; rent, $18.
EATON PL., 80, East Orange, one block
from Grove st. station—"The Stockton,” 7
rooms, all Improvements; rent, $35. In
quire on premises or any agent.
EARL 8T., 16—Five rootna and modern bath;
Janitor service for halls second floor; $17.
FA I It MOUNT A V.. 26ft—Five pit
tooms. with hath private porches, pantry;
nenr trolley line; rent reasonable. Inquire
second floor.
EAST KINNEY ST.. 116—Four light rooms,
with gas; rent $9. Inquire 9S Ferguson
FIFTEENTH AV., 512—Five rooms, ull im
provements; $14 11 VVISELBERO. or J.
S MAHONEY, 268 Hank st.
E! .4/. A BE! 11 A V', 167 SI* rooms,
heat, electric lights; newly decorated; rent,
$24; two-family house. WOLFSON.
ELIZABETH AV., 140-SIx rooms, tiled bath,
separate steam heater, electricity separate,
porch, $25. LINNETT & WOLF, U\ Clin
ton av.
ELIZABETH AV., 329—Five pleasant rooms
and bath, enclosed porch; all modern Im
provements; rent, $17.
557-561 CLINTON A V.
Modern six and seven room apartments;
parquet floor; rooms nicely arranged; nil
Improvements: Janitor service. These apart
ments will make a comfortable home and
we can make the rent tit your Income. Come
Im and talk It over. FIDELITY TRUST
CO., Ileal Estate Dept., Hoorn 915 Pruden
tial Hldg.
FAIRMOUNT AV.. 103- Six large rootna; all
improvements; hath; pantry; fine location;
convenient to cars; $18. Inquire Janitor.
FOREST HILL, 28H Woodslde av.—Second
floor, 7 rooma, bath, ull improvements;
rant, $30. C. E. SHIPMAN. 911 Essex build
FOURTH AV., 68-60—Flat, 6 rooms and bath,
h11 Improvements but heat, fine location;
ri nt, $19.
Four and live rooms, with Improvements.
Inquire on premises, at 86 Elm st., or 63
Stratford pi. BRODY.
FOUR large rooms, all tmpts.; rent $13 and
$14. Inquire 89 Wlnans av.
FOR COLORED—North Sixth at., 784, three
blocks from trolley, opposite Branch Brook
Park; three rooms, toilet and hath, wash
tubs; $6 monthly.
FOR COLORED—165 Broome st., three
rooma, improvements;\rent $9. For par
ticulars address BEYER, 59 Court st.
FLAT, five and six rooma and hath; all im
provements. 471 South Twenty-first st.,
near Springfield av.
FIVE minutes’ walk from Broad at.. 4 light
rooma; Immediate possession, rent $10. In
Bldg. Phone 7801 Market.
FIVE and six rooma and bath, all Improve
ments. 478 Louth Twenty-first st., near
Springfield av.
HAVE four rooma to let; Improvements; rent
12. 2uh Irvington av.. South Orange.
HAWTHOKNE AV.. 31*7 -flight rooms and
hath, all modern lmpro\ement*. separate
entrances, steum heaters, rent $26. bVVAN
WiCK A CO., 600 Orange st.
HAWTHOKNE AV.. 38—Five rooms; all
improernents except heat; first floor;
rc*nt $18. Inquire GEO. VIRTUE, 800
Kroad «t.
HAWTHOKNE AV.. 395—Two-family. fhV
floor, six rooms and bath, modern improve
ments. electric lights, rent $22. inquire
SWAN WICK A CO., 600 Orange et., corn r
Roseville av.
HAWKINS ST., #7—Five Urge, light, airy
rooma. enclosed i*orch, improvements, rent
$13. six rooms. $14.
HILLSIDE AV.. 202—Six-room flat, five
large rooms, tile vestibule strictly up-to
date Inquire G. VIRTUE, 800 Hroad et.
HUNTERDON ST.. 295—Five and six-room
apartments; ail latest improvements;
steam heat, hot water HUpply, electric light;
janitor uervlce; $23 up. Apply M. HILL
MAN. on premises.
IfopHON ST., 52: near Hawthorue ave.—81s
light rooms end tile butli: all improvements
dome; uewly decorated: 2nd floor; $18.
HUNTER ST.. 26. near Elizabeth av.—
j Beautiful flat, five rooms and bath, all
improvements; rent $16.60. Inquire DAVID
SON, premises.
IRVINtaTON, Nesbitt Ter., 110—Eight beau
fiful light rooms; all latest Improvement*;
Be pa rut > entrance, un premise* or OWNFK,
all 1« r-llngbuysen av.
lll\ 1 Nil TON Fifteenth av., ?12, near Qrov©
bI.—Five rooms and bath, hot and cold
water, rent, $li». Inquire at corner store.
JOHNSON av 289 Tvro-f»mllj second Amt
six rooms and hath; separate steam licuier,
low rent to gi»oU tenant.
AV., 183, near Kutiyon st.—
iuighi rooms and sun parlor, bath, elec
tric, parquet floors; second lloor. rent J32,
lu adults, lurge lot; room for garage.
LINCOLN AV.. 62-54, 190 ft*et to Washing
ton a\in minutes to D.. L. & \\L and
Manhattan Tube —Four ami 6 room apart*
incuts; ull outside apartments; beautifully
and luxurious tqulpimmi. attain heat, hot
water and janitor service furnished; com
pitted June 1. rents. $28 to $JT. other par
ticulars on application. THE EDWARD W.
MARTIN CD., IS Bathgate pi.; telephone 3b2
B. B. Near Roseville .sinHop
MAPLE^ AV., 7 8, three doors from Clinton
av-—iHve nice rooms, improvements, tile
MELROSE AV.. block from Central av. car—
Nt w eight-room on.-family house, t in tile
lights, steam heat, tiled bath, parqu. t floors;
will decorate tt» bull tenant's tust. , room for
garage; rent, $46.* THE EDWARD W MA It
’ll N CO., 18 But ligate pi., near Roseville
MOVING, $:. a padded 'an.
KiOHAbE, $1 monthly. Handled carefully.
MODERN Storage Co., 13b llulsey st. Tel.
til a Market.
MARKS AV.. 30—Six rooms, nil improve
ments, pur tuet floors, rent reasonable.
rooms; nil Improvements; first floor of a
three-ramlly brick house; rent $18. In
quire CEO. VIRTUE, 800 Broad st.
ORCHARD ST., 40—First floor, Ox rooms,
bath, all improvements; steam best iui
nished; two-family house, inquire 35 Or
chard st.
ORANGE st . 49$ Sevan rooms And bath;
modern improvements, steam heat, junitor
service furnished; rent $32. SWAN WICK Ac
co„ 500 orange *t
ORATON ST., 137—Flat, 6 rooms, all light,
and bath: $10.
OLIVER ST., 2 24—Three, four and live
rooms, lents $8, $9. $10. Inquire first
1 LANE ST., 9G—Four rooms, second floor;
gas, hot and eold water; tubs, $10, adults.
Ring third bell.
QUITMAN ST., 10F»—Four rooms, all lm
provementa; on second floor.
RIDtiE ST., 789—Two-fnmlly hoyse, upper
.and lower floors; 6 and 7 rooms; all Im
provements; minute to trolley amt school.
DR. W. B. Hol/r. 6G1 Broad st.
No. 92-4-15 North Rmud st., near Third av.,
live minutes to Erie station, ten minutes
to Market and Broad, large, light six and
seven-room apartments; steam heat, hot
water and Janitor service furnished; Indi
vidual maid accommodations; tiled baths,
electric lights: will decorate to suit tenant’s
taste In beautiful Japanese gra*s cloth and
handsome paper with cut-out boidorn; every
room clean and entirely renovated. Inquire
CO., 18 Bathgate pi., near Roseville station,
D.. L. & W.; tel. B. II. 392.
Four rooms, with Improvements; $12; 1C
mlnutys from Broad and Market, near Clin
ton avr car lines. Inquire on premises, or 5;
Stratford pi. BRODY.
R< iff COURT, 13th at coi Howard st.—
Five and six moms; steam heat, h*>t water,
telephone and janitor bervlce; one block front
Court House. Inquire Janitor on premises
or B. STERNER, 131 Springfield u\., tel.
0171 . Market.
RUSEVILLE. South 12th st., 107-111, between
Central and Ninth nvs.—Five and six large,
light rooms respectively; all Improvements
but heat; near two trolleys and Ito evlll
station, rents, $17 and $18. THE EDWARD
VV. MARTIN CO., 18 Bathgate pi., Roseville,
ROSEVILLE—Boston plan; two-fandly, six
and eight-room apartments; separate en
trances and heaters, electric lights; large
lot; live minutes to station; rents, $28 to $
CO., 18 Bathgate pi., near Roseville elu
ROSEVILLE—Two-family house, 6 and 6
room apartments; light rooms, separate
steam beaters; threo minutes to station; cen
tral to three trolleys; rentH, $2‘i ami $22. THE
EDWARD W MARTIN CO., 1« Bathgate
pi., near Roseville station.
R1 NYQN : 1 82\ near Clinton pi.—Beauti
ful six-room flat, second floor, with ull Im
provements; rent., $18. Inquire delicatessen
store, across the street.
BIX large, light rooms; ull improvements
elegant decorations; separate lien tors; sec
ond floor, rent $25; screens and awnings
rttrnlshed; 81 North Thirteenth «t.. corner
SiM.nth av. Apply DAVID L. HELLER, 800
Broil d st.
SIX or seven rooms, tiled hath, separate
steam heater; nil Improvements; conven
ient to Broad and Market. Inquire 90 Quit
man st.
8CI1EEHER AV., §7— First floor, separate
entrance, 7 rooms and bath; Improvements;
rent, $25.
SREEDWAY av.. 33—81 rents. bath, two
attic rooms; steam, electric light, separate
SI WINGFIELD AV.. 482—Four rooms, nil
Improvements; rent $11. Inquire at L.
MARX, 492 Springfield av.
-■.rbingrield AV., 260—Ail modern lm«
provements except heat, (> rooms and bath;
2 large front rooms convenient to buslnes*
section of city. Inquire 258 Springfield av.,
HCHKEBER AV.. 165—Two-family house.
five rooms; all Improvements; rent $32,
eight rooms on second floor, rent $27. in
quire GEO. VIRTUE. 800 Broad «t.
8FRINOFIELD AV.. 2«0—All modern Im
provements except heat. 6 rooms and bath,
2 large trout rooms; convenient to business
section of city. Inqulro 258 Springfield av.
Seventeenth Av., 88
Four-room flat; Improvement!*, all light
room?! $12. Inquire 372 Hunterdon hi.,
aiounrf the corner.
SOUTH ORANGE AV.. 223r-Seven elegant
large rooms ami bath; beat furnished, pox
MOHtdon May 1. King mlddP' bell or inquire
at 160 Hunterdon at.
SOUTH ORANGE AVE., 002; Vallsburg sec
tion Third floor; 0 large rooms: hath and
pantry; nil Improvement!*: rent reasonable.
Inquire store?
SOUTH SEVENTH ST., 62—First floor. 6
rooms nnd bath, screens, awnlngc; con
venient to trolley and Roseville depot; rent
SOUTH H T., 396—Bix large, light rooma
«n*l bnth all modern Improvements; two
hlockH from four car linos; rent, $20.
SOUTH 12TH ST., 627—Four rooms and bath;
enclosed poitsh; flrnt floor. Inquire third
floor, right.
rooms and bath; Improvement?; two-fam
ily house.
SOUTH 15TH HT. 473—Five large room?, al
cove and hath; nil modern Improvements;
I T17. Inqtill' fgfl South iltn St.
SOUTH 17TH ST., near South Orange av -
Three nice rooms; Improvements; third
floor; rent only $8.50.
SOUTH 19TH HT.. 776, cor. Springfield av.
Flve light rooms, all Improvements; in
desirable location', $17; third floor.
SOUTH 19TH HT.. 3C8— First floor In nice
three-family house; five room*, bath and
pantry; $17. Ring third bell
room flat high and dry. decorated; mod
ern Improvement*', paved street; near trol
ley. rent only $18. OR HEN, 780 Broad *t.
room flat; modern Improvement?: Hill
sections. near trolley*; healthful location;
rent only $17. CHAS. OHUEN, 810 Fire
men'* building.
let of 6 rooms; all improvement* except
beat; rent $17; tear trolley line*.
SO)f.T!r I*'™™*™ ST.. 838—Five large
electric P"?? n,>ori aM Improvements;
f'llnton Lth ™r>>etecl; on8 WOck from
union m. Inquire next door, second floor.
arnidKfpr.ftn d'* IOxquPite apartment
amid refined surroundings: five larae
owner. bEth; *team hoat Provided by
SI MMLU AV ., 734 -Six and seven rooms; nil
tnimitoB ™a,: decorated; 3
minims Hrottd, Clinton, Paterson mid Mi
store*'0* cara* lD(,u,re 00 premises, or in
STm7F1 ST-' to let. first and ttec
ond floor. Inquire 120 Third av.
\Mthln five minutes of three trolleys, two
tr r.utes from It. R, stutlon: new houses; ell i
Improvements; hest location; rent $16. $18; |
. "lx. rn«ns amt hath; see these I
imS'SK:.-.. 18, 20, 27 Triton terrace. Key i
at OKHI.N s, 810 Firemen's UMr.
see f°r an apartment? First
$''-. hmniior",'"';,iCllflnn av': r nt • *" "'"I
tfrh, ■ J ,L "prvl,p- steam heat, electric
I'fh ' ®II improvements; liberal Inducement
mVfG lc ‘\,Atrj.'i'"' . ('nl1 ■» odlce of
UrU l sl. ' M0KSE' 133 Third av„ or 740
T'low I'/0 KK1W, AI’ARTMHNTS, 122 Hlge
, *'• 11'1‘ moms ntm on 1st floor
mrvIres■*°'re,nr"tei, »'?.. hot water and
Phone Market *«B. " 0,1 "r""‘"r
T Somhw‘ I'- BeM*v,"» «IPI Third a vs.—
Southwest corner apartment; second floor
hnirn 'o Improvement; rent reasonable:
inquire of (he janitor.
TO RENT—Splendid light six-room nnnrt
n,en* In the beautiful •‘drafton'* apart
"’oof; on °,'af'on ttV" ProspJSTav.
Apply on premises.
floor ln np" 2-famllv house,
Huntington ter, near Hawthorne nv.
T,£,I'I>:°H ST.. 77—Two rooms, m good
londlflon rent $5.50. Inquire at barber1
s! "city. MRH' *" STrLL,Nfi- 1203 Hroad
VI'’1^AAVE, 122 Peslrnhle 7 room house;
m<< ynrtf for chlckeun; omiveulent to trol
fv i10'* N. Newark station. Inquire lid
' erona avo.
\\ IJINfrro\ RT.-Two upper
lb-340; rooming house fifteen rooms and
'•nIn • *75 per month THE DREW CO 519
1,1 l°n building. Phone 6837 Market. *
\\ INTirnoP ST., 84—Thou or four rooms;
rent reasonable; three minutes to trolley.
Apply 826 Summer nv.
Woni)8ior. Rrynnt st.. 50-Seven-room flat;
nloovc nnd bath; nil Improvements; sopa>
raie «toam heat; three minutes from two
troll-v lines; rent reasonable. Owner. E.
ROTHCHIT.D. 118 Washington st.; phone,
6M7-M Market.
V\ EEQUAIIIC AV,, 93—A handsome slx
room fiHt. parquet floors and every known
Improvement: two-fnmllv house, separate
entrances. Inquire CLINTON PARK SOUTH
L .SL* I. CO., 800 Broad st.
3 and 4 Rooms
ALL modern “Improvement* except heat' all
«xtiu light moms; good locution; 10 minutes'
xvnIk from Market and Broad sis.; rent, $1?
nnd $14. 49 I Ungers st., near Thirteenth av.
Inquire of janitor. ♦
APARTMRN'T MELROSE. corner Harrison
«t. and Webfter pi., East Orange; most ex
clusive residential street; 'two minutes to
train and trolley; must be seen to be appro
elated. Janitor or LOUIS SCHLE8INQER,
Inc., Essex building.
APARTMENT. "Th« Charlotte,” 175 Main
Pt.. East Orange—Beautiful second floor,
seven room npnrtment; stearn heat. hot
water. . leetrlc light nnd Janitor service; near
drove St. Station of I)., L. & \V.; rent rea*
sonable. Apply JANITOR, on premises.
East Orange—Seven rooms and hath; steam
lent, electric, gas. refrigerator and dumb
waiter janitor services; b*-st for the money
$30 to $35. Inqulro JANITOR. ”Near Brick
APARTMENTS—Seven mom* nnd bath: all
Improvements; heat furnished: decorated to
suit tenant;. 200 Main *t., Orange. LEWIS
W. BUTTERFIELD. 17 Day st.
ARLINGTON Hlckorv at.. 287. near Quincy
av.—Six rooms, bath, all Improvements;
steam; rent $17. MRS. MICHEL, 121 Chest
nut pt.
BEAUTIFULLY decorated apartments In
East Orange; appreciated when seen; 4-5
rooms and bath; nil modern Improvements;
electric llghls, steam heat, unlimited hot
water supply and Janitor service; block to
Grove st. station D., L. ft XV. It. It.; Or
ange carp at corner; rents $25 to $24. Apply
to JANITOR, fit Main st.
BAST ORA NOB, 4 Baton p1.—Flat, r, nice,
light rooms nnd bath; newly painted and
decorated IP near Fifteenth and Main »ts.
IT. H. FLOURNOY. 828 Broad st.
In two-fnmllv house; light, cheerful and
modern; separata entrance; 2!t Glen wood +1..
'.vest of Prospect st.. Fast Orange; posses
sion May 1. Inquire MBS. DALY, first floor,
building. Newark
Seven very light rooms, hath; choice loca
tion; electric and gas lighted; separate steam
heaters; separate entrance; all newly dec
orated; lot 40x119 feet; rent $30. inquire
207 N. drove st.
GIRARD AV.,72 One block from trolley; nice
locat'on; seven large light rooms; upper part
of two-family house, separate entrance, pep.
erate lie*tera. bath, pantry, etc.; all rooms
neatly demisted, rent. $23. Apply on prem
ises, or JOHN ZIPFEL, 217 Springfield av..
EAST ORANGE, Mttrcy nv., 78—Four large,
light rooms. |n a good location; flr“t floor
• tf two-fnmllv house: rent very reasonable.
Inquire ?8 > Clifton nv.. Newark.
EAST ORANGE, two minutes to Ampere
Station six room flat In two-family house;
-learn heat, all Improvements; rent reduced
to $22; convenient to Ft ores and schools; en
close# back porch, yard. Apply 40 Fourth
av., opposite Ampere Station,
EAST ORANGE-*Choice 7-room, second floor
apartment, 19th st.; steam heat, separata
■ ntrances, private porch. Boston plan, two
family; nicely decorated; convenient to
“tores. • ehools. trolley and train*; rent, $31.
RICHARDS ft HENDERSON, 40 Fourth av.,
oppoi Ite Ampere Station.
EAST ORANGE—Seven-room, second floor
Boston plan apartment; fine location; all
impiov* in- ritf. Including electric lights, pri
vate f >orch; conveniently located: reduc'd
rent to small family. Call or write, RICH.
ARDS ft HENDERSON, 40 Fourth av., oppo
site Ampere station.
East ORANGE Central av., ifti—Lower
Boston plan apartment; only appreciated
when seen; all Improvements, parquet floors,
etc.; from June 1st. flue locality; rent low.
EAST ORANGB, Bppirt st., 91 —Eight
room*, nil separate; Improvements; In
two-family house, rent $28. Inquire first
EAST ORANGE Hamilton st., i«;
rooms and hath; refrigerator room: rent
$40. Inqulro C. H. STIGER, Brick Ch.i.h
EAST ORANGE, Ninth av., 14—First floor,
corner. 0 moms nnd hath; nil Improve
ments except heat. WALTER PENDER. 139
Main *t., E. O.
LAST ORANGE. Washington and Essex
nts.. live and six rooms, with two baths;
large living room, with fireplace; janitor ser
vice. all improvements; with a restaurant;
rent $50 to $80. Inquire C. H. STIGER,
Brick Church station.
BAHT ORANGE, South Grove *t., 204—Five
room Hat. all improvement-, ran t»- r. mi-.i
for $17; npar Central av
IRVINGTON, Alpine st.. 84 8G: cor. of Ell *
«v.- ElegoHtit now apartment; beiiutlmllv
fnriitsli< <1 iifid decorated: separate steam heat
ers: electricity; 5 and 8 room sultea; special
IRVINGTON. Myrtle av.. near Clinton av.—
Thioe piomR. hath. Improvements, $10
monthly. Inquire 1175 Uroud et., or GALE,
R9 Myrtle.
FOUR pleasant rooms. 13-15 Grove ter..
Irvington: wutor and gas; rent $9. Inquire
on prentices.
ELEGANT Groom Pat. all Improvement*, ex
••opt lion. I non Ire 27 Sharon av., Irving
ton. or phone 21*48 J Waverly.
UVR IN I II 19 1 .RANGES— New Y M C. A
dormitory offer* Ideal baenelor quarters;
telephone, shower hn»hs. every convenience;
$2 per week. Y M. C. A.. 419 Main #t.. Dr
ang* _
ORANGE. Park at.. IB—Three separate
apartments, rt rooms, bath, pantry In each
steam heated; Janitor service; uultable for
WILCOX AV. 47. Fast Orange—Flat, sec
ond floor, eight rooms, all improvements,
separate denm heaters, electric light, sep
arate entrances; newly decorated.
GIRARD AV., 72. one block from trolley—
Nice location. 7 large, light rooms. upi»er
part of two-family house; separate entrance,
separate heaters, bnth. pnntrv. etc . all
rooms neatly decorated; rent $28. Apply on
premises, or JOHN iSU'FEL, 217 Bpnngtteld
^ ■ convenient to all ears. 'ff
Mri^^"S»Lo 5f“iV*r*e pleu:ant housekeeping
room, also hall room; reasonable.
ST" 898~I'ar^e front rootrT for tw<f;
in r??m' two bi^cka from Market at.
Inquire three flights up. “
bltOAD st. 25; Falrmount av., 19^-One,
.‘1° and three .ooma; heat. Janitor; lojr
rates. Apply on premises.
BOSTON ST., 45—Beautifully furnished
w*etd(l|,v^eQ,^‘n*' )iftpair^rnentfl’ *3-G9« 14 *****
weekly, «■•.,, trally located.
CHESTNUT , 25—Single room; all Im
pro entente; private family; r< amenable,
1 'furmlhi^ ST" <9, cor' fimen—Eleg4j tly
furiMMie'1 room.; all modem imp.
ments. reasonable.
t'hou”.1k..oiri'nv-2-Clean room". complete for
™,:tki;9!nS' Bas anJ *>ath; .lee ping
C<s!eom leJt’rt61*’ ** crnablngton, central—
Steam-heated rooms, single or double, for
Weekly ul el*°*rtcMy’ telep"°ne; *»
C<forHLeSor t~_Nlc^5r front room
hatha- ».i?E wo gentlemen; all convenlcncee;
bnlh.H with or without board; 5 mi rime,
from Proud and Market. minuiea
C°oV,hLBT" 27, corner Haleey—Neatly fur*
mailed rooma; ateam heat; telephoned
CoJime?t!ti»8Tki» ,'V-Lar«" fr°m mom with
EAfnmt STTT^Nldy fuml.^
mint room, hall room; table board.
E1eSdTvKle„fiSI ^.TV-Furnlahed room for
men tad' Be'ulem‘,n or couple; all Improve.
ElOHTEENTfT'Av'.'. 2 a 3—Homelike. lai^a
front room; housekeeping or sleeping’
Improvements; private; *2.60. P' Bi
, JL* "'L1*'™. y°1 11 n» Information about
irk froo °lher fu'"'ah<*l room. In Now
i noMreimuulh^r|?ar Xe FURN,SHBO
krrh"c!aT’$!i"up.f"rnl“be'1 Cl,n"ll,,e for honS
I luri?,Ka,!d furnlflhed rooms,
son able & * 8n a * 11,1 Improvements; rea
SOUth ^venth’U.."^
RT■'.,8~lSecond floor room, for on*
in? *■»—«»—*»
II F’ldU* Yk RT". SS?* ^Ashlngton st., 346—
USI i\yertvBeRteeiAJ\K' lf,eep!n* rnnm"- *1.50
Impts erty 1,1 44’ houspkeePlng. 12 up;
aHERN ST., 76—*2.50 rents nice, large,
clean housekeeping room.
UIilli ST., tin, near Market-Pieanant lam
m'int/ma r°°m: al1 Improve*
1 f,T' SB—I'lpaaant front room: one nr
private* t ro'’ni: eloctrlc lllfUt;
lllt;I' ST-| •*—r’leaoant alnale or double
rooms, nil Improvements; reasonable.
HIGH ST. 636—Large, pleasant front room.
throe windows, clothes closet; hot and cold
des/i/d* WUler; hft room; *2 up; hoard if
HIGH RT., 621—Bright and airy furnished
front room, with or without kitchenette
mi accommodations; private family.
HOWARD ST., HO—-Large, front room suit*
able for two; also two rooms for light
housekeeping. -T
LARGE front room for two gentlemen With
or without hoard. 230 OranRR st.
LAFAYETTE HT.. 17b—With or without
LOMnARDY ST., 35—Furnished front room,
central, In private home, Improvements;
telephone. *71
LIBERTY, 26. comer Lafayette—Rooms rdf
men; bath and gas, *1.50.
MARSHA LI, RT., 15—Pleawnnt, neat elngfe
room, $1.50; also housekeeping, ,
MUI,BKRHY ST., 198— l.:irirc front room for
MkIii nou.vekBepInK; rlecpInB room. |I.So,
WUr.rtRKUY ST.. II10. cor. Urevn DoBlr
nl'le ronniM for gontlemen, |1.5o.
MII. HE nil Y st" Ml-UirkrTplBaMnt room,
utable for two; all Improvements; only
MULBERRY HT.. 80— Light housekeeping
room, $1.75; sleeping rooms. $1.
MULBERRY RT.. 294—Nicely furnished front
parlor for sleeping; also housekeeping
room; nil Improvements.
VEW ST.. 131—Large front rooms, sleeping
or houM k. • ; Intr; reasonable.
NEAR city Hall. «8 Columbia at.—iMm,
clean, light kitchen and sleeping rooms;
hot and cold water: stationary tube; bath;
telephone; refined private house: reasonable.
ORCHARD ST.. 11— New neatly furnished
rooms, with bath; centrally located; $2 up.
ORCHARD ST.. 120—Three-room suite
sitting room, bedroom, kitchenette; also
hall room. $1.50.
ORANGE PL., 5—Four connecting and com*
fortnhly furnished rooms to let, reasonable;
fll" rb'eplrjg rooms; near trolley and rall
rond station.
PI. A N E ST., 161—Three connecting roqnijL
10.50 wei-kly; 4-room flat, $13; 3 rooms, fid;
also sleeping room, 1 or 2.
PLANE ST., 131—Two large connecting
rooms for light housekeeping; running hot,
cold water; use of laundry.
RECTOR ST.. 31—Clean, comfortable room,
private family; Improvements.
ROSEVILLE AV.. 41—Large front and
middle room, nicely furnished, all con
lUlBI'VII.LB, South Twelfth HlkS
room. $1.26; neur trolley and station.
SPRING HT., 37, near Lackawanna—House
ping room, $2, sleeping, $1.
SOUTH ST., 69— Light housekeeping room,
every convenience, $2.50 per week; large
room for two people. 12.60; also hall room,
$1.50; comfortable home; near station.
VANDERPOOL ST.. 11—First-cla&s second
floor room, all conveniences: for one or
two gentlemen; private house.
WASHINGTON ST.. 162-Front sleeping pa*>
lor, board If desired; also sleeping roots
for 1 or 3; Improvements.
WASHINGTON ST.. 205—Commercial Hotel’;
furnished rooms; all Impts.; rates reason
WARREN PL., 9—Front housekeeping room,
$2.50; sleeping rooms, $1.25.
WARREN PL., 14—Pleasant, clean front
room: suitable for two; improvements; rea
WEST KINNEY, near Broad—Nicely furnished
room for gentleman or lady: oil imprcmv
meats; private family: price reasonable. Ad
dress FURNISHED, Rox 2f>. Star office.
TWO furnished room* to let. 77 Glebe *t«
Orange; second floor.
LARGE sunny front room. 6 windows and
<t.«nr to private porch: three minutes to
Htntlon and trolley; $5 weekly for two; m#
other roomers. 70 Hollywood av.. East Or.
ange. _ -"Thk
FURNISHED room*, near cars and Laeka«
wanna Htntlon: private house. 19 Will
iam st.. ne,Tr Fifteenth st.. East Orange, u
COUPLE desire? two furnished rooms, house
keeping. vicinity Roseville car barn; statg
terms. L., box 30, Ftar office.
Desirable rooms, with or wit. out board,
at reasonable rates; home cot’ting; good
service. C. JOHNSON. Prop. Tel. BQb3
Murket. _
r>3 Bank Street.
M«»aln at all hour* at reasonable priced,
t>ustcess men's and ladies' lunch. 11 US 3,
30c. table d’hote. i> to 8 p. m.. 40c.
BOARD and room In American private fam
ily; pentlemen only. 43 Hudson st..*'tie
t\v«M>n t)nmtre st. und Sussex av.
Star Classified Ads. bring re*
»ults. Advertise in The Star. .

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