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Nieces and Nephews Claim
Fraud Was Used to Influence
Disposal of Fortune.
Fraud, the exercise of unduo in- J
fhtence. and lack of capacity, are !
charged in a conlost over the will of
Edouard W. Methot, a French Cana
dian, who committed suicide in his
home at Red Bank, June 1, 1914. The
contest was brought before Vice
Chancellor Stevens, sitting as'u'yice
I ordinary in the Prerogative Court, on
an appeal from an order admitting the
will to probate In the Orphans’ Court
of Monmouth county, <
Mr. Methot, at the time he com
mitted suicide by inhaling illuminat
ing gas, was worth, it is estimated,
1700,000. He was seventy-six years
old, was a bachelor, and his nearest
relatives were sixteen nephews and
nieces, and ten grand-nephews pnd
v,■grand-nieces. He had begun as a
lumberman in Quebec and after
amassing great wealth was the presi
dent of a large sayings bank known
as the Caisse Economie, in Quebec.
In 1907 he was adjudged to be in
sane, but was again declared sane in
1910 and released from the asylum
where he was commuted, it was in
1911 that he made the will now in con
test. Mr. Methot’s father, also a lum
berman of Quebec, died insane.
In 1898 Mr. Methot made a will in
which he apportioned his estate to
each of hiB nephews and nieces, and
again, in 1907, some months before he
became insane, he made another will
in whlgh he distributed his increased
fortune in the same manner but with
greater detail.
Hypnotic Influence Charged.
Hypnotic influence entered Vaguely
into the argument of Henry E. Frank
enberg, of the Now York bar, Wtto in
association with Ralph E. Bum Is
counsel for the numerous contestants
in the case. It Is alleged by them
(hat Homer Methot, one of the
nephews of the dead man, who lives
in Red Bank, so influenced Ids uncle
that he practically cut off all of the
other heirs and gave to Homer ab
solute control of his large estate.
The contestants are Arabella Methot
Masslcotte, Oscar Arcatid, Louis J.
Ulrich Thlbaudeau. Eva Thlbaudeau
Pelletier, Sophie Thlbaudeau Coutol
Uer, Adolphe Thlbaudeau. ail of Mon
treal: Isidore Thibaudcau, of Water
The Gem Shop
Would you feast your eyes on beautiful gems
in rich settings—diamonds, pearls, sapphires,
rubies and all the others?
Would you please someone at Christmas time
with such a gift?
Then come to the "Gem Shop" of Newark,
where you will find exquisite gems in the most
artistic designs and mountings—at prices that will
surprise you by their reasonableness.
It is not necessary to search further. You will
find just what you are looking fpr here.
J.Wiss & Sons
■ 11 . . mvnsnnn «m» cutlirs .
bury. Conn.; J. Homer Thibaudeau, ]
Adolphe Arcand, Arthur and Jo
sephine Arcand, of Montreal; Al
phonse Arcand, of Montreal; Al
Mrs. Eugene M. Boyd, of Montreal.
The defendant, Homer Methot; a
brother. Louis Ebens Methot, and
their sister, Mrs. Emellne Methot
Fleming, are represented in the case
by former Attorney-General Edmund
Wilson, former Judge Gilbert Collins
and Samuel Phillips Savage. The
lawyers are to have three days in
which to present the case to the
Mr. Franks,iberg, the fleet one to
address the court, told the story as
his clients saw it at some length. He
charged that Homer Methot, the
nephew, was dissatisfied with the will
of 1907, and conspired to have his
uncle committed as an Insane person.
That afterward he conspired to have
him taken from the asylum to which
he had been committed in Canada and
Jo get him under his personal control.
He finally succeeded, according to
Mr. Frankenberg, and took his uncle
abroad for awhile. He ^hon came to
Red Bank with him and took his uncle
to his own home. After Edouard
Methot lived in his nephew's home for
a month, he rented a house across
the street from the nephew's home
and lived there until he committed
The contest is on two instruments.
One of these is a will disposing of
about $75,000 worth of property and
the other a trust deed which by its
4. A- .. *. ■ . , ‘ r . . • - . * |
terms put tlie nephew in complete
control of all of the large estate on
the death of the Uncle. Mr. Franken
berg said that Mr. Methot always re
ferred to the trust deed as his will and
believed that It was one.
In the course of the argument the
name of Dr. David A. Shirras, an
eminent alienist of Canada, cropped
up several times. It developed that
Dr. Shirras was in the habit of using
hypnotism in his treatment of patients
and, as declared by Mr. Frankenberg,
Homer Methot one time paid him
>6,000 for his services.
Under the auspices of the Epworth
League a muslcale will be given in
the Vailsburg M. E. Church tomor
row night.
Mrs. J. Wriggin, of Oakland ter
race, will entertain the Ever-ready
Sewing Circle at her home today.
Miss Lillian Gilbertson is the guest
of Miss Grace Berg, of Kichelieu ter
race, for a few days.
Elmer Towers, of Smith street, will
entertain the T. Q. T. Club at his
home on Friday.
Miss Helen Holmes, of Sandford
avenue, is in New York State for a
week. '.'
Jury Out Only Twenty Minutes
in Convicting South Jer
sey Policeman.
Samuel Merchant, the former I
policeman of Westbury, Gloucester
County, who was convicted tn the i
Federal Court In this city late yesler- '
day afternoon of sending an obscene
letter through tfie mails, has been
placed in Jail here to await sentence
by Judge John Itellstab, before whom
the case was tried. The Jury was out
only twenty minutes in arriving at a
District Attorney J. Warren Davis,
in his summing up. bitterly assailed
Merchant for his actions In inducing
Miss Mary Snelbaker to receive Ills
attentions, which Anally resulted in
the girl leaving her home and becom
ing eetranged from her parents.
Mrs. Pamela Snelbaker, mother of
the girl, to whom Merchant sent the
letter in code which resulted in ills
conviction, made a strong witness for
the prosecution.
When asked by former Senator
John Boyd Avis, counsel for Mer
chant, on cross-examination, as to
Whether the letter offered in evidence
was the same one which the girl re
ceived and opened in front of her
father and mother, Mrs. Snelbaker
threw both hands in the air and ex
"It is positively the same, wjth both
my hands raised to God.”
Mrs. Snelbaker told how she found
the key to the code, which her
daughter and Merchant used, at the
bottom of a jewel box of her daugh
ter's, and after deciphering the letter
called the attention of Mr. Davis to
the matter. The matter, she said,
was brought to the attention of the
authorities to break up the Infatua
tion which her daughter had for
, Merchant, who had two wives.
"I had one of the loveliest girls
that any mother ever had." exclaimed
Mrs. Snelbaker, "until tills man came
along. I can’t .stand it any longer."
She was completely unnerved and the
case was halted until she had re
gained her composure. During her
mother's testimony the girl, who sat
in ihe front seat of the court room,
laughed loudly several times.
iiie father of the girl, John Snel
baker, also testlAed during the after
noon session. When asked If he had
not said he would "get" Merchant,
the witness stated that he had never
made such a statement.
“Isn't it true that there are no
lengths that you won't go to get
Merchant,” said counsel for Mer
"There is no answer to that ques
tion,” replied Mr. Snelbaker quietly.
Come in and see the magnificent assortment of player
pianos that we have gathered together under one roof—in or
der that you may select your instrument for Xmas without
fear of getting one that is unreliable. For every player-piano
in our ware rooms is of an unquestioned standard—no matter
what you pay, the Griffith reputation protects you. “Let us
be known oy the quality of the pianos we sell’ is the motto
upon which our name has been built.
And as our Christmas offering to you; we have pro
cured an unprecedented array of beautiful player-pianos, an instrument
for every purse, yet all of them of perfect tonal purity. Come in and
see them. .
Our large assortment comprises a variety of player-pianos at the fol
lowing special Christmas prices—
$375, $485, $600, $650
Steinway Pianolas From $1150-$2550
The Aeolian-Vocalion
Come, Hear It Now—
It’s a Royal Gift.
Don't wait until the last minute—for although we are
the only Aeolian Vocalion agents in Newark and you can get
one at any time—we want you to get yours for Christmas.
It's the new phonograph—the only instrument equipped with
the Graduola, the wonderful device for tone-control. The
Vocalion will accurately reproduce the lower tones of differ
ent instruments—it avoids entirely the thin nasal tone of the
ordinary machine. You can reduce the music to the softest
whisper or swell it to the full fortissimo. It’s a wonderful
Christmas gift—come In tomorrow.
PRICES, $35 to $2000
Convenient Payments If Desired
Thia Style
We Are Doing a Wonderful
Christmas Business
And, so, we feel prompted to say “Thank You.”
This store ia more than ever Christmas buying headquarters
for all, particularly for practical Christmas Gifts.
A store where quality and attractive prices reign supreme at
all times.
To this we add the extra attraction of wide assortments.
Exclusive novelties.
Individual gifts.
Distinctive things.
Each department being a Holiday Specialty Shop.
You can solve the gift problem here to your entire satisfac
tion and at a worth-while saving.
Let the Children Phone to Santa Claus
Any Evening (Except Sunday) Just Before Bedtime.
Those who cannot come to the store to see “Santa” mav
ring up Market 5500 between 6 and 8 o’clock and ask for “Santa
Claus.” He will answer, and you may have a nice little chat
w'ith him, telling what you’d like to have for Christmas. He
has bis headquarters at our store on the second floor.
Here by the Thousands
Shelves overloaded with dolls.
Dolls that it would take an hour to mention
Dolls from Germany—lots of them.
American made dolls—in abundance.
Little dolls.
Big dolls—dolls that sleep—dolls that talk.
Baby dolls—Lady dolls.
Dutch dolls—Japanese dolls—character dolls.
Elegant Perfumes
Make Dainty Gifts
Where is the woman whose
eyes will not brighten at the
eight of a bottle of delicious ex
tract, cologne or toilet water
among her Christmas gifts?
Mala Floor
Coty's Perfumes and Toilet
Waters ......2410 lo 5-00
Fiver's Perfumes and Toilet
Waters .0©c to 2.35
Rigaud’s Mary Garden or Lilas
Perfumes.1.00 to 4.50
Pier KIs Perfume-1.35 to 2.1©
Pinaud’s Lilas or Violette Vege
ta! . ,.i...€5*
Arly's Lilas Perfume. .1.00 to 3.00
Houbigant’s Extracts.2.H5 to 4JH\
4711 Cologne.33* to «5*
EJle Mai me Perfumery. L25 to XM
Spiehler’s Perfumery. BO* to 24)0
Vantine’s Perfumery. .25* to 1.50
Miro Pena Perfumery. .50* to 4.75
Colgate’s Perfumes. ...25* to 2*5
Hud nut’s Perfumes... .75c to 5.00
Headache Cologne.25c to 75*
Seekers for Practical
can find these also in the Toilet
Articles Section:
Hot Water Bottles in rubber or
metal ..75c to 2.50
Bath Brushes.25c to 2.75
Invalid Cushions.... 1.75 and 1.05
Perfumizers ..50c to 4.05
A complete assortment of Pink,
Blue, Ivory and Celluloid Toilet
Articles. Toilet Goods Section—
First Floor.
Another Offering of
78c Yd.
Regular 1.00 Grade
37 inches, one of the finest
grade, velvet corduroys offered at
regular selling price. Similar of
ferings brought such a rousing
response that we felt safe in mak
ing another purchase. You know
how extremely fashionable is this
sort of corduroy and how scarce
it is W’e have the newest and
best street shades to offer; Copen
hagen. taupe, Russian castor,
plum, marine, brown, seal, white
and black; most ideal material for
costumes, coats and children's
wear; special ................78c
Silk Underwear
All women love silk underwear
—hut many do not care to indulge
their tastes in this direction—
therefore, a gift of silk under
wear cannot very well be misdi
Second Floor
Crepe Meteor, Crepe de Chine
and Satin Underwear in
Unlimited Variety
Envelope ffcemtoe—Front beau
tifully embroidered in two-tone
colors, others lace trimmed or tai
lored..345 to 10.98
Camisoles of Crepe de Chine—
Lace trimmed.140 to 5.98
Crepe de Chlae and Crepe Me
teor Gowns—Embroidered in two*
tone colors^ lace trimmed or tai
lored.540 to 1548
Crepe de Chlae Skirts—Exqui
sitely trimmed with fine lace,
3.95 to 2445
Crepe de Chlae and Meteor
Short Chemise or Vests 185 to 540
Satin Underwear
Pink, Gold and White
In Vast Array of Fascinating
* Gowns of Satin—Fancy trimmed
with silver and Val. laces, eome
tailored with picot edge,
948 to 1348
Camisoles of Satin—Pink, gold
and white, trimmed with silver
and Val. lace......... 140 to 7.9S
So tin Envelope Chemise—Fancy
trimmed with silver and Val.
laces; also many tailored styles,
540 to 1348
Satin Bloomer*—Lace trimmed
or plain shirred..... .248 to 548
Satin Skirts—Many styles, some
Suite fancy, some with deep lace
ounce and ribbon, some with sil
ver and gold lace trimming,
•48 to 3845
Women’s Coats
and Suits
Plush Coats, $25.00
A variety of excellent mod
els, one model with chin chin
collar edged with fur. flare
skirt, belt all around; another
splendid model with sailor
collar of self cloth, one-half
belt back, flare skirt; another
with all fur collar, belted over
hips, giving a fullness that is
stylish; all nicely lined with
good quality satin.
Very Smart Coats
at $15.00
Of excellent quality broad
cloth, choice mixtures, whip
cord, corduroy and ail nicely
satin lined, others waist and
yoke lined. The variety of
models in the assortment is
endless, surely you can make
a satisfactory selection; good
assortment of colors and sires.
18.50 & 25.00 for Suits
Values 25.00 to 45.00
Reproductions of high grade
suits at theBe nominal prices,
tn order to work up remaining
materials, such as broadcloths,
whipcords, gabardines, etc.;
splendidly lined and made In
the same excellent manner as
the originals; fur trimmed or
velvet and braid trimmed;
belted models or slightly
semi-fltted; models with flare
jackets and collars that ap
pear well. Sat or standing; re
markable values.
Beginning Next
December 18th,
and Thereafter
Our Store Will Be
Until Friday,
December 24th,
When We
as Usual at 6 P. M.
v— ...._,
Dolls that cry.
Dolls at every price imaginable.
All at the dolls’ convention now in session on our
second door, right opposite Santa Claus.
And the things for them, too.
And every doll here wants a little mother
Come in—it will make your heart glad.
Character Dolls—A most com
plete assortment, with voice and
flirting eyes, at.50c and 59c
Character Dolls—A comprehen
sive assortment, from $2 to 17.96
Dressed Dolls—A very complete
line with up-to-date dressing,
25e, 29c, 35c Babies to 11.98 & Up
Jointed Dolls-—with bisque face,
from the very smallest at 25c to
the largest, at.12.00
Kid Body Dolls—All new goods,
almost all sizes, from 35c to 2.98
Character Dolls—With beauti
ful eyes, at.25c
Character Dolls—Good site,
cute face, with and without
hair .,.29c
Character Dolls—Nice site,
prize baby, our baby with voice;
a wonderful and complete stock,
1.00, 1.25, 1.50
this is Newark's ymbrella Headquarters,
not only at Christmas time, but all the year
round. It naturally follows that choice is best
and values greatest here. Main Flow.
k a | Men’s and Women’s Umbrellas, cov
A| I .VO ered with fine grade piece dyed Taf
feta, with Silk cases—beautiful va
riety of handles with Sterling Silver and Gold
Plated Trimmings.
ii Men’s and Women’s Umbrellas, with
Al Z.VO covers and rases of fine Union Taffeta
Silk (guaranteed for \>ne year)—a
variety of fancy trimmed and European Novelty
k , ^ nn Men’s and Women’s close rolling Um
brellas—-covers and cases of Taffeta
Si|k that Plain or sterling Sil
ver trimmed handles. *
* j a nn Men’s and Women’s Umbrellas, cov
Al A-.VfS erc<* and cased with finest pure Silk
v Taffeta; guaranteed against cracking
for one year—handles are works of art—hundreds
of styles to choose from.
Here by the thousands.
The kinds of ties that the men folks like.
Ties for the flashy dresser, for the more sedate,
for the conservative.
Ties for every man—for John, Will, Ephraim,
for husband, son, brother, cousin, nephew and
so on.
Ties from America’s best tie makers.
Ties made from richest imported silks.
25c to 2.50
Special Purchase of 100
Men’s Bath Robes
Men’s 4.00 and 5.00
Bath Robes
Special 3.55
Beacon & Lawrence
Great variety of two
tone colorings in gray,
brown, tan, blue and other
colorings, including new
Indian designs, plain and
silk corded edge robes,
pockets and cuffs, well tai
lored, all seams piped, satin
yoke piece and cord and
girdle to match; small, me
dium and large sizes.
Other Bath Robes & Gowns
2.98 to 18.00
Men's House Coats
Greatest Values in Town
We specialize on Men’s House Coats for Christ
mas at special prices.
5.00 Houee Coats. Special.3.95
7.00 House Coat*, Special.5J>0
8.00 House Coats, Special.....6.95
10.00 House Coats, Special.....8.7a
St 1.98 to $18.50 finest grade cloth House Coat*,
and velvets; all shades in two-tone colorings.
No One Ever Has Too Many
That is one reason why gloves are always
a welcome Christmas gift—and doubly so
when they come from Newark’s foremost
Glove Store. (Main Floor.)
Homfi’* Lob, Kid filOTM.IWtoSM
Women’s 2-clasp Kid Gloves.75c to SjM
Women's 2-elasp Lambskin Gl«» vac, IjM dt 1.15
Women’s 1-clasp W ashable f apeak!n Gloves,
* 140 and 1.50
Women’s 1-clasp Washable Mocha Gtavea. 1.75
Women’s 1 -clasp Mocha Glove* . . .1410 to 24)0
W omen’s Strop-wrist Rlanrltr < apeak!n Glove*,
washable .2.00 nod 2^5
( hlldren’a Kid Gloves—cape and mochas, some
knit-lined .I4W and 1.80
Men** Glove*. 1.00 to HGO0. W ashable eape
sklnst mochas (some con be washed);
white kid gloves for dress wear, chnmols
gloves la natural color with black embroid
ery; atlk-llaed, knit-lined, la mbs'-wool
lined and far and far-lined gloves.
Children's Muffs and Sets
Reasonably Priced
As a Christmas suggestion nothing would
be nlore appropriate or more useful than a
separate muff or set; our assortment is varied
and reasonably priced, ranging from 14MI to
Hoffs In pillow, melon or hall *hnpe
with animal shape scarfs of Laakd
Wool, Angora, Thibet, Imitation Er
mine, Imitation Ermine and A agora,
Gamb and Angora, Cblaehilla Coney,
Gray Cooey, Katiral Ctwy, Bcavor
Coney, Pitch Coney, Natoral Kit Gywx.
Iceland Pax, Sgmlrrci, Wsafm, Jib
ami Raccoon, Opossnm, Ifenr tod
t French Gooey >
(Third Floor)
Very Special, Solid Gold
Bracelet Watch
15-jeweled lever move
ment, heavy 10k. case and
flexible bracelet, move
ment guaranteed to be ac
curate timekeeper. A nice
Christmas present for
wife, daughter, sister or
Mala Ftaar
/ 1 _ ^
Another New Individual
Novelty Hat
Is the “Hawaian” Sailor
The hat is made entirely of fine blades
of straw resembling very much silk fringe,
it covers the entire hat and is of the
natural straw color; a simple trimming of
high colored flowers on the brim of the
hat. forming a wreath constitutes the only'
trimming. HHHaery Parlor.
The Price Is 13.50
^ -
Specials from Upholstery Section
Let Us Furnish Your Sleeping Rooms
Colonial Curtains and Valances—all ready to hang; 6 feet 9 inches long; made from My 2&c
Cretonne in our stock, from a selection of over 30 different designs and colors, with neat j ^
ball or peco edge; complete... *
Complete Bed Sets to match; complete, 4.75
Rrnlar Volar 11.SO to I4J» lioplr*. Amur
traction Silk Moire Oooiaak and Tmusporeot
son foot Parttrrro. in the most beautiful colorings,
suitable for any fitted home; pair.8.98
Valoe 4JX» Klnr Vet I.ore Cortoloo—Squarc or
round mesh, bodies with solid lane edge or edge
and Insertion; In white, cream and Arabe color;
sill lengths; pair.2-jU
Value to 1AO. Ruffled and Met Muslin Cu»
toloa—A large range of styles, suitable for sleep
ing-rooms; sill length; pair. -59c
' Value 2JVTI mud H.SO. Beautiful rope.try t ouch
Coven, In rich oriental design*; 60 Inches wide;
reversible colors; each. 1.98
SO Fain Sample Fortlereo, at about 14 of their
regular value; Tight, medium to heavy quality;
pair 2.98
Another Consignment of Uw Cutttaa—Val
ues J.00 and 3.50; newest makes and atyloa; neat
and dainty ourtatna; Bonaa net. In rich shade at
Arabe or "straight edge; Bandeux l-ace Curtains;
sill length*; white, cream or Arabe; pair.IJ»8
Regular talar ISWc and the Fine Serlm -
R.750 yards with fancy borders; 3« inches wide; for
sash, long and Dutch curtains; yard.Me
White Window shades at Redaeed Prices, wlt.i
nickel ring pull—
Regular 55c ^fcadft...a*c
Regalar She Saafaet Shade* -Jf*
Regular Ms Veaettaa StHpe Shade*.. .She
Most Useful Christmas Gifts
Laer Bed Seta. library TaHt Searfa, l eaner
< nark l aser*. Smoking Staada and other ttovotty
Braaa rants. _
(Third Woocl

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