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VOL. VII NO. 41.
Eight Workmen in Penn
sylvania Powder Plant.
Inhabitants Red to Places of Safety
Fearing that Geatcr Explosions
Would Follow.
nolllaaysburg, Fa., May 1. The
plant of the Cresson Powder, works,
owned by Pittsburg capitalists and lo
cated on Tiney creek, ten miles south
of this town, was wrecked by an ex
plosion during the day. Eight work
men were killed. The dead are:
Ross Kennedy, Charles Ross, George
Pay, Tony Fabrico, an Arabian; Wil
liam Lyons, Frank McKiernan, Fisher
Lantzer, Frank Straesser.
Superintendent Harry Taggart of
Pittsburg is fatally injured.
The powder factory is located in a
remote portion of the county and au
thentic details are unobtainable at
present. Near the factory are the lime
stone quarries of the American Wire
and Nail company, where 500 men are
employed. These quarries have been
deserted by the fleeing men, and all
who live in the neighborhood are hur
rying to places of safety.
In the magazines and storehouses of
the factory are 1,400 blocks of explo
sives, and it Is feared greater explo
sions may occur. The Piuey creek
branch of the Pennsylvania .railroad
runs past the factory, and because of
the danger the railroad company has
refused to allow trains to pass over
this branch.
. 'Fourteen men and sixteen women
were employed In the factory which
was destroyed. Most of them were
brought from Pittsburg. They are re
garded ns experts in the manufacture
of powder. The women managed to
escape from the building before the
explosion came that hurled their fellow
workmen into eternity. All were cut
and badly burned.
The force of the explosion was so
great that it wrecked all buildings in
the vicinity and broke window panes
In towns tive miles away. A rescuing
party lias gone from Williamsburg to
the scene of death and destruction.
Dedication Continued In Haw Weather
ffliich Ilemaniled Overcoats.
St. Louis, May 1. The second day of
the dedication ceremonies of the Ixmisiana
Purchase Exposition began at 10::J0 this
morning with a reception to the diplomat
ic corps and representatives of foreign
governments at the St. Louis club. This
lasted an hour. Then the diplomats and
others were driven to the Liberal Arts
building, escorted by the entire' Eighth
At noon a crowd nearly as great as that
of yesterday was gathered. ' Ex-Senator
Thurston of Nebraska acted as chairman
of the day. President Francis delivered
an address of welcome to the foreign rep
resentatives, followed by addresses by
the French ambassador and the Spanish
minister. The weather was nearly as
cold as yesterday. The diplomats wore
heavy overcoats and the women appeared
in furs and heavy wiutejr wraps. The
reception at the state house was a brilliant
affair. Luncheon was served at the club.
Sisiter of Catholic. Priest at Lorraine, Ohio,
Lorraine, Ohio, May 1. During the ab
sence of Father Reichlan, a Catholic
priest, from his home last night, his sis
ter, who keeps house for him, was mur
dered by an unknown man who entered
her room and crushed her head with a
stone which was found by the bedside.
Former liarre Hoy Meet With Fatal Acci
dent. Franklin, X. II., April 30. Ralph liar-
ley Paddleford, aged 10, died at 1.30
o'clock Wednesday morning as the result
of an injury received in a game of base
ball He was struck in the abdomen by a
oase nail and the immediate cause of his
death was internal hemorrhages.
The boy was the son of ' Mrs. Sarah
Dustin Paddleford, living at 2d Smith
street. He came here two vears asm from
Barre, Vt. The funeral will be held Sat
urday and burial will be in Bristol.
Barn Together With SI Head of Cuttle
ami Two Horses Burned.
Woodsville, X. JI., April 30. A barn
belonging to James Jordori of Woodsville,
and located about one and one-half miles
north of Wells River, Vt., was burned
early this morning with 21 head of cattle
Warden of Rhode Island Prison Bead
Providence, R. I., May 1. Gen. Nelson
Viall, warden ot the Rhode Island Btate
prison, aieu tnis morning.
Only Three Retail Establishment in
Operation Business Quite
The opening of the saloons in Barre to
day was not attended with any unusual
occurrences. Outside the wholesalers,
only three places are doing business, John
Gallagher on Granite street, Joe Ossola at
Xo. Barre and M. J. McGowan, who holds
a second class license at the south end.
May 1st is observed as a holiday by the
Italian colony of the city, and they have
furnished the greater part of the patron
age of the saloons today. If it had not
been lor tnis trade would have been very
M. J. McGowan had sold about $21
worth up to 10 o'clock.
Everything appeared very orderly this
forenoon in the saloons open and the two
doing business had no more than they
could easily attena to.
Xo arrests up to noon and only one
drunk seen.
Rome Loonelr Played Garnet In Both
Yesterday's National League scores:
At Brooklyn, Boston 10, Brooklyn 2.
At Philadelphia, Philadelphia 10, Xew
York 2.
At St. Louis, Pittsburg 13, St. I.ouis 4.
National League Standing.
Won. Lost. Pot. i Won. Lost. Pet.
New York S 3 .T'7 St. Louis 0 7 ,4H!
Pittsburg 9 4 .ists I Brooklyn R fi MA
Chicago' 7 4 .. I PtiiladVha 4 It .:oS
Boston . 7 .ftjS I incimiau 2 a .lfcU
Yesterday's American League scores:
At Xew York, Xew York 0, Washing
ton 2.
At Boston, Philadelphia 12, Boston 2.
American League Standing.
Won. Lot. 1'i t.
Iw'troit 0 1 .:U
I'liila. 4 .tin.'
W iin. Lost. Pet.
New Tot k 4 4
Boston 4 B . .4o0
Cleveland '-' 3 .4"9
St. Lotus 1 4 ,'-11
Wai.li'g'n 4 4 .WW
Chicago S .3 .fiiw
Two Hundred and Fifty in Sessiou at
Rutland, April 30. A meeting of em
ployers of labor from all over Vermont
was held here today under the auspices of
the Vermont Employers' association. A
formal meeting was held this afternoon at
Baxter hall.at which the question of trade
unionism and employers' association was
discussed. Speeches were made, strongly
comleunng the actions of labor unions.
About 2"0 w ere present, including 150
from out of tow n. Those in attendance
were mostly members o the different em
ployers' associations scattered about the
A conference was held at the Berwick
House this evening by members of thse
employers' associations, at which plans
wete discussed for forming a state federa
tion of these employers' associations. No
definrte action was taken, however.
The meeting this afternoon at Baxter
hall was scheduled to begin at 2.30 o'clock
but it was about 4 o'clock when President
Manning of the Columbian Marble Co.,
president of the Vermont Employers' As
sociation of this city, called the meeting to
lie said that employers all over the
country were feeling the need of closer
affiliations. He said the labor uulons were
becoming Intolerable in their demands
and attempts to run the employers' busi
ness and it was time the latter got to
gether to offer a solid front to their
tyranny. '
I)lpoed of In City Court Today, .Making
Total of Kleveu,
Rutland, May l. -There were eight
drunks disposed of in city court this morn
ing. Seven of these were just plain drunks
and one was charged with being drunk
and disorderly. All paid fines and eof,ts,
except one who took the alternative sen
tence of 10 days in the comity jail. Three
other drunks were lined the same, making
11 in two days.
There are three licensed places running,
two first and one second class.
JameK K. McMahon of New York liealen
aiereiieumy .
Xew York, May 1. With his head a
mass of wounds and cuts James K. Me
Mahon. a retired eoutractor and member
of the executive committee of Tammany
Hall, was found murdered at his home on
West l.V'.rd street this morning. ' The po
lice think Burglars were surprised by Me-
Mahon while trying to break into the
house. Lawrence limes, fiicManous
brother-in-law. with whom he boarded,
claims to have heard a woman speaking to
a man In the vestibule early this morning
and some believe McMahon was murder
ed by a woman aided by one or more meu.
McMahon was a brother of ex-Judge Dan
iel P. McMahon, the Tammany leader.
Former Sneaker Keifer Wear III
Clawhammer All Day Limit.
There- was a eouTindtion In the din
ing room of the Ilollcndeu hotel, 1h
Cleveland, O., tho other morning and
a craning of many necks when General
J. Warren Keifer. former speaker of
the housj of representatives, appeared
for breakfast in company with Gen
eral Joe Wheeler, says the rsew lorh.
General Keifer was in full evening
Sress. He has adopted full dress for
all occasions and wears no othef
clothes from the time he arises in tho
morning until he retires at night.
Underground Observatories
It Is proposed In Prance to establish
subterranean observatories bv drilling
miles into the earth with oil well ma
chinery. In these the strata, tempera
ture and gase3 at various depths would
ie studied.
Concord Granite Cutters
Did Not Strike.
Mainly on Lines of Westerly Settle
ment $3 for Three-fourths of
Men and Eight Hour Day.
Concord, May 1. "The granite cutters
will not strike May 1." This was the
pleasant information giveh last evening by
a member of the executive committee of
the union. The granite cutters held a
largely attended meeting last evening and
appointed a committee to confer with a
committee representing the manufacturers.
It was agreed to accept the proposition
of the manufacturers, which is practically
on the lines of the recent Westerly, R. I.,
settlement. The terms allow that 75 per
cent of the men employed must receive $3
per day and that 23 per cent of the less
skilled help receive $2.80 per day. Eight
hours constitute a day's labor.
There remains one matter to be settled,
and that is in relation to the tool sharpen
ers. They desire an increase in wages
from $2.80 to $;. it is expected that this
will be fully discussed at a coming meet
ing of the Sharpeners' union. .
Cattle Helng Driven between Vermont and
New Hampshire,
White Kiver Junction, April .10. Dr.
J. W. Kink of Washington, D. C, a
United States inspector, is here investi
gating reports of movements of live stock
across the state line between .New Hamp
shire and Vermont in this vicinity. The
investigation is to extend to the towns of
Hanover, X. 11., and Norwich, Vt.
It has been alleged that in these three
localities live stuck has been secretly
driven from one state to the other In vio
lation of law. It is believed here that the
lospec'or is on the track of one otfender,
or more, who have boon, either ignorantiy
or deliberately, importing cattle from Xew
Hampshire into Vermont and vice versa.
Leon Jlaixlrew of Wlnooakl, Got Metnher
Caught in Elevator,
Winooskl, MayT. Another serious ac
cident happened at the Woolen company's
plant yesterday morning.- I.eon Dandrew,
a lo-year-old lad, who is employed in the
spinning department of the Colchester
mill as a bobbin carrier, had his right foot
badly crushed between the elevator and
flooring. The young man was taken to the
oitiee of Dr. Hill, who found no bones
broken, but the flesh was scraped from the
foot and made a very painful wound.
Mr. and Mrs. Baglcv Abbott have been
visiting at A. A. Heed's.
A party went to Ftarre Wednesday even
ing to see "David llaruin."
Uncle Liberty Jeffords Is so far recov
ered as to be out of doors these warm davs.
Horace White has sold the wfiite horse
he has driven for some time, to Barre par
The Order of the Eastern Star was or
ganized last night w ith nearly fifty mem
bers. M rs. Palph Ditty Is soon to go to Lu
nenburg to keep house for llev. F. E. Cur
rier's father.
Mrs. Munroe fceaver who has been vis
iting in Concord, X. II., has gone to Bos
ton for a few weeks' visit,
Andrew Burnham returned last fivpnini?
from Randolph, where he has been spend
ing a lew uays with relatives.
The fishermen are all on the war path
early this morning. Large strings of fish
will be brought in this evening.
Cornelius Perrin is seriously ill at the
home of his nephew !u South Barre and
has a trained nurse to care for him. Dr.
Tindall attends him.
Miss Kennedy and Miss Cloggston who
are teaching in the quarry district are
boarding at Williamstown village at
School tsupt. G. E, Wilber's. They drive
to and from school.
, Mr. Bogle of the firm of Bogle Bros.,
wholesale dealers in Silverware, White
River Junctioa, accompanied by Mrs.
Bogle Is making a trip through this part
of the country, visiting his customers.
Miss Townsheud ot the firm of Town
send & Harrington has gone to New York
and Boston for new goods, ijhe will be
at the store in Williamstown on Tuesday
with a new stock cf hats and trimmings.
While making the turn from Main
street up the Brookfield road the buck
board which Henry Lazell was driving in
dropped on one Bide, both wheels crashing
down, and the two men riding with him
were thrown out but the horse was stopped
and no one hurt.
The People's Telephone Co, has Just put
a telephone Into M. S. Drury's store. The
Central office is to be in this store and the
switchboard Is expected to be In place in
a few days. The wire is being strung
from Chelsea to Williamstown and wiil
probably be through by Saturday.
McKinstry vs. Collins
Suit Decided,
Jury Reported at Five O'clock Last
Evening After Being Out
Thirty-one Hours.
Montpelier, May 1. After being out 31
hours the jury in the MeKinstry vs. Col
lins case reported a verdict last evening
shortly before five o'clock. The jury
awards in favor of the plaintiff to recover
damages of $700.
The case was given to the jury at ten
o'clock Wednesday forenoon, and since that
time they have been In the custody of the
eheritf. Late Wednesday afternoon they
were taken up and allowed to ask the
court a question, which was, if the words
in the printed forms given them, "In
manner and form as the plaintiff has al
leged," necessarily included "all" that the
plaintiff had alleged. The court told them
that it did not.
The jury remained together all night
Wednesday night, and today one of the
jurymen said that the time they wer, to
gether seemed like five weeks Instead of
81 hours.
This was the third trial of the ease, in
which McKinstry sought to get damages
for the death of his wife which, it was
alleged, was caused through the rough
usage received from the defendaut. The
suit was for $.".0oo. It was one of the
most remarkable that has been on the
Washington county court docket for some
Yesterday afternoon the contested Barre
divorce esse of Murdoek Mclver vs. Mary
Ann Mel ver went on trial. The plaintiff
alleges Intolerable severity.
There was a slight sensation during the
examination of one dl the witnesses iu the
Mclver case. A man who had been sworn
in as a witness, and was awaiting his
turn to testify, became too much in evi
dence in the jury box where he was sit-
Hn ll orviorol fo o f tai n n vert) oaf.
Kliwl with the world in i'pni'rul and lir.it
hummed a tune to himself until the. sheriff
rapped on his desk. An Instant later
Mrs. Murray gave an exnressiou of opin
ion as to the reputation ot iho j etitionee
which ideased the gentleman and he an-
piauded. But not, for long, for Judge
MaiTord pointed to him with his finger
and said, "Mr. SSheriiT, take that man into
your custody." Uh was taken from the
court room bv Mr. Evans.
but John 11. ex'ntrr Clnne to Man Until
An OHlcer Arrived,
Montpelier, April HO. It appears that
John H. Center had something to do with
the arrest of Frank Coburn at the Central
Vermont depot last night. - Mr. Seuter
found him asleep on a seat in the waiting
room and awoke him, presumably with
me intention oi aausing him to go home.
Coburn, however, jumped up and gave Mr.
Senter a crack over one eye that nearly
knocked htm down. Mr. Senter spoke
gently as he sometimes docs, clinched Co-
burn and downed hun on the spot.. He
kept him In the station until the night
operator telephoned to the police station
and Officer Durkee appeared on the scene.
Coburn probably concluded he hit the
wrong man that time.
Vt S, 'oye" liegldence at Cambridge
- Darned to the Ground
Cambridge, April 30. -The large two
story dwelling house, owned and occupied
by YV. S. Noyes,w as burned to the ground
this afternoon. The tire was caused by
sparks from the steam mill nearby. The
contents of the house weie saved. There
is no insurance. The dwelling house,
owned by Charlos Wallace, was badly
damaged, and the residences of B. G.
McCoy and L. H. Bixby barely escaped
being consumed. Good work was done
by a bucket brigade. Jefi'ersonville aud
Fletcher assisted largely by good help.
This Is the second time a house on this
site has been destroyed by tire.
Door of Safe lilown Off and Money and
Stamps Taken,
White Kiver Junction, April SO. The
post office at Wilder was entered by forc
ing a window at midnight last night and
the door of the safe was blown off. A
quantity of postage stamps and money to
pay money orders and cash were abstract
ed including .l which was the property
of J. M. CUiiniby, postmaster. There is
no clue to the burtrhirs. The government
los3 has not been fully ascertained.
Woodbury Granite Company Oettlng Out
Timber For Stone Shed,
Hardwick, April ."0. The Woodbury
flranite Comnanv has lumber and timhr
out for a new i!0() foot shed and Is getting
out material ior a tuu loot addition to tne
original shed.
Coal Drop In Rutland.
Kutland, April SO. The price of coal in
this city was reduced today. Grate ooal
is now selling at $8.25; egg, $0.50, stove,
$0.50; chestnut, $.50, and pea at $3,50.
Men in the Employ of Smith, Whit-
comb & Cook and Trow & Holden
Shops Are Out.
The machinists at Smith, Whitcomb &
Cook's and Trow & Holden's are out on
strike today, pending a gettlement of their
demands for an increase of wages. The
machinists ask a minimum wage of $2.1o
a day or 24 cents an hour, with a five per
cent advance in the wages of all journey
men now employed in the shops, lhe ma
chinists also ask that apprentices be lim
ited to one for every five workmen. :
The men at Wnitcomb Pros, are all
working. The number of men out are
five from Smith, Whitcomb & Cook's, and
six from Trow & Holden's.
Whitcomb Bros, have six men at work,
two of whom are members of the Machin
ists' nnion and one the Carpenter's union.
It is claimed that this firm is already pay
ing the scale demanded, though the firm
has not signed the agreement.
The decision to strike was not reached
by the men until an early hour this morn
ing, after the failure of a conference be
tween the employers and the men.
Hardwick Man Said He Saw Woman's
Body in River Near the
Last evening at 7 o'clock a man went
to the police station and notified Chief
Prow n that while coming to this city on
the Central Vermont train he saw the
body of a woman in the Onion river near
the Pioneer.
Chief Brown at once communicated with
the police department at Montpelier and a
search was instituted, but up to the time
of going to press no body had been fonnd.
The man could not state positively that
what he saw was a woman's body but he
thought that it was. , The man came here
from Hardwick.
Chief McMahon of the Montpelier po
lice, immediately started for the Pioneer
and searched until it became so dark that
it was impossible to see objects in the wa
ter. Nothing was found of the body and
it Is thought some mistake was make
about the matter.
The Following Neiv Books Have !, cully
i.een Added.
The following new books have recently
public library: Concerning Polly, Wins-
iow; .i&nt'i vv ara, Gangster; oust ?s) sto
ries, Ki riling; Thy Friend Itorothy,
lilanchard; Cadet -Staodish of the St.- Ixu
1s, Drysdale; The Fast Mail, Drysdale,
.I'l. ...... J.
iu lining mipruonigu. xiysias; ine
Young Heath Patrol, Drysdale; Lovey
fro l?i'- llpHpt-4 i Vmrur,vm Oh tho
VVinfj nf thH Otv-niiim Harris- Thf Win.
demeanors of Nancy, Hoyt: Cardigan,
c Milliners; l ne v nue isiro, iarne; uua
sian Life in Town and Country, Palmer,
Tho V'mr l'ViAthora Macon- Tha Hnnnla
of Baskerville, Doyle; The Right Princess,
nurnnam ; 1'araotmv, McKay; j emporai
lVm-pr. Mi-Kiiv That Cwmrirjls Soot. Hlv-
on, Jr.; The Pit, Morris; The Octopus,
Norris; The Mississippi Hubble, Hough;
History or jviouern iiauan An, wittaru;
lilithedale Homance, Hawthorne: Nation
al Kegister of the Stciety fS. A. II., Cor
nish ; Her Majesty, The King, Koche; The
.Munoenngs, lirowii;
OHIcera Choen Last Evening to Serve For
a Year.
TruSt. Aldemar Commandery, No 11,
at their meeting last evening elected the
following officers for the year: Knights
Templar, K. H. Whiaker; Generalissimo,
William Marr; capt, general, J. W. Jack
son; prelate, O. H. Lcid: senior warden,
J, S, Wilson; junior warden, Noble Ixive;
treasurer, E. V. Bisbee; recorder, A, K
Bruce; standard bearer, Nat. Bond; sword
bearttr, V. K. Ayers; warden, .1. M. Bon
nyman; 1st capt. gen.. M. J. McGowan;
2d capt. gens., C. W. Melcher,. K. X. Al
drich; sentinel, D. A, Blake.
Addle Leonard of Grnmfeville Was Tlirowu
From Team.
Grauiteville, May 1. Addie Leonard,
foreman on Miles, Clarihew & Gray's
quarry, sustained quite a serious accident
last Friday by being thrown from a team.
Secretary Boot's I'Inn to Excite
General Interest.
Secretary Boot is resolved that the
United States shall have tho best "men
behind the guns" that time and trouble
will buy, says a Washington special
dispatch to the New York Post lie
has had a special board of officers work
out a plan for this end which he hopes
will succeed. As an immediate step to
excite interest lie wishes to have a
team of expert American rltlemen as
pctnblcd through competitive contests
and scut abroad to try at r.islcy in
England for the Palma trophy, now
held by Canada,
The scheme evolved by. the army
board contemplates Introducing rifle
practice into the colleges and leading
Ugh schools of the country. Later It la
hoped to have municipal shooting gal
leries sprinkled all over the country
where men in all walks of life can
learn to use the modern military fire
arm. The next congress, it is said, will
be asked to provide medals and tro
phies for competitive marksmanship
outside of the organized militia.
Not a Whole Length of
Pipe on Main Street
If New Street is Constructed New
Sewer Main May be Necessary
Pipe Broken for Ten Years.
At the hearing on the necessity and the
nature ot a permanent roadway for Main
street at the city council chamber yester
day afternoon, a rather startling fact was
stated by City Engineer Allen when he
said that he had been making an examin
ation of the Main street sewer from the
National Bank building to Granite street,
aud that from Miles' block to Granite
street there Isn't a length of sewer pipe
that is whole.
Mr. Allen further stated that many of
the lengths of pipe are broken in three
places, two underneath and one on top.
From the bank building to the Miles
block the pipe Is apparently whole. Be
yond Granite street Mr. Allen has not had
opportunity to examine. Mr. Allen said
the breaks iad probably existed for the
past ten years. He attributed the cause
of the breaks to poor tamping when the
pipe was laid.
If the cracks have been there 10 years
as seems probable it will be extremnly
dangerous to dig up Main street for the
purposes of constructing a new roadway
without first laying a new sewer main, as
the present pipes would be very liable to
cave in.
The hearing brought out no opposition
to the construction of a new street ev
ervone agreed that it was needed. The
objections that were made were to meth
ods proposed by assessing half the cost on
the abuttors.
W. A. Boyoe, L. .1. Bolster, ,1. P. Lam-
son for .Sortwell & Morse and others, F.
Williams for the Nichols estate, O. C.
Sheplee, Dr. B. W. Bralcy as administra
tor for the A. P. Braley estate and Morse
estate, W. It. Gladding, Mrs. A, T.
Smith, Mrs. L. J." Bolster, Mrs. O. C.
Sheplee and J. B. Sanguinettt, all object
ed to being assessed -10 percent of the eott
of construction.
W. G. Reynolds objected to the assess
ment if it was to be made on the f rout foot
basis. The property of Hevnolds & Son
has a considerable frontage, but little
The question ot the continuance or tne
scales iu front of Reynolds rtwe was dis
cussed. L. J. Bolster. ,one of the near-by
property owners, said he had uo objection
to oner to their remaining.
At 3.-1.J the hearing adjourned
The sewer system of Barre was con
structed Bi years ago this fall at an ex
pense of between f(i.".(XlO and $7o,0O0.
Bonds for $75,(K)i) wer8 issued to pay for
the same. None of these have ever been
paid, as they do not fall duo until I'.H'Ht.
Announcements of Honors and Dates
MadeAnnice McGae Takes
, First Honor.
The commencement announcements of
Spaulding High school have been made
and are as follows: Prize speakers, Stella
Brooks, Bessie Jones, Ethel Strong, Allia
Kichardson, Carrie Item is, Louise Calder,
Pinkie Lewis, Harold Itobinson, Harry
Jackson, James Darling and Mary McDon
ald. The last named is not to compete
for a prize. The prize speaking contest
will be held on Tuesday evening, June S.
On Thursday afternoon the class day
exercises will be held. The programme is
as follows: Address of welcome, Leon
Parker; class history, ' Mae Heath; class
will, Charles McDonald; prophecies, Ethel
Wlshart; essay, (honorable mention) In
fluence of the Senate in our National Gov
ernment, Arthur Daniels; address to un
dergraduates, Clyde BatcheMer; presenta
tions, Annie Clark ; address to graduates,
Dean Thwlng.
The exercises of graduation will be held
on Friday, Juue 12, with the following
programme: Kssay, Emerson, Lena
Wales (second honor); address; essay,
Recreation, Annice McGue (first honor).
The members of the graduating class
are: English course, Clyde Batchelder,
Annie Clark, Mae Heath, Charles McDon
ald, Leon Parker, Dean Thwing, Ethel
Wishart; academic course, Arthur Dan
iels, Annice McGue, G.Truman Swasey, '
Lena Wales.
Who Will Claim Them?
The following letters appear on the ad
vertised list for May 1. l.H):i:
Men E. Andrews, Homer Bates, John
Boyce, Ralph Brown, Wm, BatcheMer 2,
John Chy north, Robert Clark, Alfonse
Desilets, A. Emery, I. C. Given, Michael
Glynn, G. 11. Johnson, Alfred Ladoo, Joe
Murry, W. F. McKanua, 8. D. Partridge,
O. Roberts, S. & S. Beef Co.,,G. B. Sassi,
John Thiffer.
Women Mrs. K. Boggl, Mary Budro,
Mary ClarIhew,Anna Gordeu, Mary Huse,
Maggie Ling, Hattie Pecry, Mrs. Jo ret
urns, Mrs. Ellen Quinlan.Marv Rencarelll,
Mrs. Cora Robinson, Lillian fetranbridge.
First l'late Ola Manufacturer Dead.
Creighton, Pa May 1. Capt. John B.
Ward, the pioneer manufacturer of plate
glass, died this morning, aged ninety one

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