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k UU.ki-..
L F.& R C Gleason's Busy Store If
Subscriptions: One year, $3; one month, ;
25 cis; single copy, 1 cent.
Members ( the Publishers' Pre. The lt- j
l teiesraphio ue from 11 rrtji of the ;
world re received by the tiijr Timet op to
lh soar of going to pre.
Frank E. tangley, T'nlilSnber.
pablished Etut Wwkdf Aftfirnoon.
NEW WHITE GOODS for Waists and Entire" Dresses, very handsome
effects, of which we will be pleased to submit samples upon application.
WASH CHIFFON is one of the most satisfactory goods for Graduating
Dresses, as it looks as well after repeated washings.
We are headquarters for Laces, Trimmings, Ribbons and Embroideries. .
Entered t the poMnffloe at I arre m taoouil
cl8 matter.
SATIUDAT, MAT 2, 1903.
, - H . ,V
The averasre daily circulation of the
Barre Daily Times for the week ending
Saturday was
L. P. (Si H. G GLEASON, Montpelier Vt. g
copies, the largest paid circulation of any
daily paper In this section.
IS :,j?CJ s , af t
It is stated that the recent visit of King
Edward VII to 1'aris is the first time an
English king has viHited there since l.V.'O,
when Henry VIII and Francis I met.
Queen Victoria, however, visited 1'aris
during her reign.
After finishing a tour of inspection in
the United States General Baden-J'owell
said that while the United .States cavalry
horses are superb the men are not up to
his expectations in vhvsidue. We are
sorry to loarn that but General Baden-
Powell will have to admit that the United
tstates cavalrymen can fight for all that.
Allen M. Fletcher, the representative to
the legislature from Cavendish, a banker
and good all around man, has been spoken
of for governor. Mr. Fletcher gained con
siderable of a reputation at the legislature
by conscientious work on the lieenselaw
and by characterizing himself as "we
farmers." But it is stated that he does
carry on a small garden so that it is pos
sible for hiin to style himself a fanner.
Mr. Fletcher is not one of the impossibles.
C 1 V5 i t PI
n n ji
Says the Kutland Herald: "There is
another point suggested iu the vigorous
enforcement of the new law. Our prohi
bition friends are quoting the number of
arrests for drunkenness as an argument
against the law. It would be a good point
to make if the old law had been enforced
"We are not arguing that Montpelier is
proving the superiority of license over no
lieense. It Is too early for a judgment on
that point; but we are pleased to see the
prohibits admit that the Montpelier peo
ple propose to have the new statute re
pected and its violators punished."
The system of compulsory arbitration
received a hard ran in New Zealand re
cently. A difficulty over wages in a cab
inet making establishment arose and the
Arbitration Court decided in favor of the
men, whose wages were raised to Is 8d
an hour. After that decision the em
ployers declared that they were unable to
do business at the new rates and a lock
out followed. Action was taken against
the employers for breach of award. Now
ihA Arbitration Court has dismissed the
cases against the employers after a com
plete hearing. This action of the Xew
Zealand Arbitration Court is equivalent to
a confession that its workings are im
practicable. It certainly belies its name
as a compulsory court of arbitration.
:xiientve Saloon Provided i'or Venning
ton Haulers.
Konnimrton. May 1. The selectmen
Si.v viriicticallv sold what liquors there
.- in the town aszMiev when it was dis
,nrmu(.l. to E. .1. MorrUsey, who has
been granted a second class license. There
ar several hundred dollars worth on
hand, mostly bottled goods, and as soon as
im will h reai v to onen. it will do inveu
toried and turned over to him.
Most of the places for which license
have already been issued will be ready to
start operations Monday. The places that
ik 111 tif, twulv have been fitted tip regard-
w of pvopnse. The bars in three of
them have cost $000 each not including the
"All Hands Round"
Here are good things for your feet. We
intend to treat your feet so well that they will
always bring you in here when you want any
thing to wear. Hats, Furnishings, Shirts, Un
derwear, Hose, Handkerchiefs, Gloves, Fancy
Vests everything and Suits Ready-to-Wear ;
that will "wear" and Suits Made-to-Order to
fit your individual ideas as well as your figure.
The Vaughan
Rogers & Grady Co.,
Quinlen Building. Top to Toe Outfitters.
Thf attfiituin r.f PET-OSlTOnS i called to
the following section of Vermont Statute:
" Si'C. 40Tir.. In the vear and every fifth
vear tlieriaXter, at fiu'-li time in the year as tlie
Inspector of Finanee xhtdl denlciiate, the Irus
t s of suvijiys banks. Saving IiiHtitHHonn ami
Trust Companies fhall call in the deuoMt l'""
for examination and veritication."
In aeeordanee with the requirements c.f this
jectiou the Insjieetor of i'inance lias designated
as the month during which deposit books shall
be examined and veritlud and the
i fi.iviTt suivr.j Hak asp Tiu s-r
Comi-asv are reijnested to hrinK or wnd tneir
lMMiks to the liank, as soon an convenient alter
the hi st dav of May. that they may be examined
and verilteti as required by law.
Hooks sent by mail will be promptly returned.
JOHN TROW. President.
H. (. WOKTHEN. ' iee-Pres.
H. ti. WOOl'Kl EE, Treasurer
New Dress Hats!
New Trimmings!
Phenomenal Offering in
Ladies' Walking Skirts!
Of" brand
beauties absolutely the finest lot
for the money you tm saw. ,
We have by far the largest show
room and largest stock in central
Vermont, and we arc making prices
low very low.
We Sell Harness, Too,
and Sell Them Right.
Just step In and look them over. If
you can't come in. send for Cata
logue. It's free.
Dr. E. A. .Smith of Brandon has an
nounced that the annual campmeeting of
the (Jupen City Park Spiritualist associa
tion will open the first Sunday in August
and continue one month.
Mrs. C. L. Heed, wife of the editor of
the Hiehford Journal, died at her home on
Province street. Hiehford, Wednesday al-
ternoon, April i!0, at 1 o'clock, after only
five days illness with pneumonia.
A little son of Mrs. T. Gregoire of Hieh
ford sustained a broken rib aud a bruised
shoulder Thursday, the result of the wind
blowing down a long ladder wnien was
leaning against the house, and which
struck three children at play. The other
children escaped without serious injur)'.
A valuable document has been found
among the effects of the late Isaac W. San
born of Lvndonville. It is the original
Brant of the town of Lyndon, dated June
27, 1781, aud bears the signature of Ver
mont's first governor, Thomas Chittenden
It bears the old state seal. A pin is used
In confining the papers,showing the quaint
style of that useful article over 125 years
ago. Thiswill be placed among the cher
ished relics of the town.
The exercises of commencement week
at Thetford Academy, TheUord, will take
place May 24 to Way 27 inclusive. The
exercises of the graduating class will be
held Wednesday afternoon, May 27. The
class numbers live members. Miss Vera
1'owell of Thetford, is valedictorian, and
Miss Eva Benson of 1'ompaiioosuo, salut
atorian. President Kzra liraiuerdof Mid
dlebnry College, will preach the baccal
aureate sermon Sunday af teraoon, May 21.
Beginning May 1 the' profits, if any
made, at the three stores of the Vermont
Marble Company, located at Proctor, West
and Center Hutlaud, will be divided at the
end of each year, iu cash among the em
ployees of the company in proportion to
the total amount each employee has traded
at any of the stores during the year. Cash
purchases for not less than 50 cents will
not be considered. People purchasing
goods at the store but not employed by the
company will not participate in the distri
bution of the prolits made at any of the
stores. The company will continue the
policy heretofore pursued by it to sell
goods at a low margin of profit. The per
centage of net profit made in 1002 in the
three stores was a little less than 4 per
cent. A committee from each place has
been elected to represent the employes.
All members of the! Modern Woodmen
will meet in their hall this evening at 7
o'clock. J. K. Pine, V. C, K. N. Al
drich, clerk.
The members of Maple Leaf Camp,
8i!'J2, M. W of A., are requested to meet
at their hall in Graniteville at 1 p. m. Sun
day, May S, to attend the funeral of their
late neighbor. E. T. Leonard. The fu
neral will be held at 2 p. in. J. K. Pirle,
V. C, E. N. Aldrich, clerk.
The Congregational church services to
morrow will be ss follows: Preaching
service, followed bv the Sacrament of the
Lord's Supper, at lO.oO a. m. The offer
ing will be for state and national Heme
Missions. Sunday school at 11.45 a. in.
Hi. E. consecration meeting at 6.15 p.m.
Leader, Mrs, J. A.l'lestid. Preaching at
7 p. in. A cordial welcome to all these
I have just returned from New
York with a large assortment of
Ladies' and Children's Dress
Hats and the latest novelties in
Trimmings. Also new Sailors.
fine of the best thines we have ever offered our trade in
Ladies' Medium-priced Skirts a seven-gore Skirt, STRICTLY
ALL WOOL, in black, blue, grey and tan, fresh from the fac
tory, at $3.75. Other splendid values at $3.98, $4.25, $4.75
1 ...... tir.ff.
and $4.98. Though we offer a splendidly strong une oi wag
ing Skirts at a very'Jow price, please note our assurance that
even the cheapest numbers we sell are oi good style ana maite.
We do not, and will not, sell the trashy job lot, sweat-shop
stuff, which looks well on paper but does not give satisfaction
to the purchaser. Our Skirts are Union-made.
Mills' Old Stand,
Prospect Street, - - - Barre, Vt.
Over National Bank, Bane, Vt.
Fine Work, promptly exe
cuted, with reasonable prices
therefor. Call and see us
Having leased the Union Blacksmith Shop
known as the C, N, Benedict shop. No. 22 Sum
mer Street, I will do all kinds of Blacksmithinf .
Horse Shoeing a specialty. All work done in a
first-class manner. Satisfaction guaranteed. Call
and see me. . W. T. BURGESS.
The Congregational church services to
morrow will be as follows: Sunday school
at 12.30 p.m. Preaching service at l.SW
p. m. baptism, welcome to church fellow-
snip,-anu Jjoru s supper aiier me seiuion. S f XI T?fYVXTPT T
The offering will be for state and national : F. vj. OC L.. il. l.J W E.1L,
Home Missions. C. E. meeting at o..;o
p. in. Leader, Reuben Lord.'
welcome to all these services,.
A cordial
Children made happy by wearing one of
those new spring coats which Pitts is
Kow is the time to . secure that new silk
coat. See them at Fitts. Prices reason
able. .
We sell the Home-made Make of mus
lin underwear and black petticoats. Veale
fc Knight.
A little money will buy a good wash
dress for a child at A. P. Abbott & Co's.
Complete, Architects
and Builders.
58 Summer St., Barre, Vermont.
Consult the eye sight
glasses at J. W. IJolton's.
specialist for
Vehicles, Harness, Blankets.
Wholesale and Retail.
84 Slate Street. - - Montpelier, Vt,
A Question to Tux Payer.
Editor Times: I would like to ask the
citizens of Barre what we pay taxes for.
I want to know If we pay taxes to see a
woman and five children starve, two of
the children being sick, .lust because
she don't want to go to the poor farm,
and althouirh she is willing to work for
her own rent. I want to find out if the
overseer of the poor has the right to use
people as he wants and use bad language
to them, when It is a mistake on his own
This I have said, I can prove.
A Woman who pays taxes.
Knickerbocker shirt waists fit and wear.
For sale by Veale vt Knight.
Prindle & Averill have just received
carload of cement.
See our Children's line of sun shades.
Veal & Knight.
Use Wise King flonr for bread.
BeLtnont Alcander
Will make the season of 1903 to a limited mira
ler of mares for a service fee of $20.00.
Will make the season of 1903 to a limited num
ber of marcs for a service fee of $15.00.
TERMS Cash when the colt is 9 dayj old.
Breeders who desire io Improve their stock
shouldjiot fail to see these two noted Stallions at
North Main Street, - - - Earre, Vermont.
For Our Saturday Trade!
Spring Suits iu endless variety,
Coats of every description at Fitts.
Fewer gallons; wears longer; Devoe.
IKtiwes t'harlianoau. tlie (Ovie repairer, lias heen
tlnimr Inline in Barre tifteeji yer, and he
d.-Oi-s anvlxiiiv to suv' he has not used In cim-toim-r
well. 'Jlis work Im all well done ami only
the best stock is used. He lo furnUlies the
best velvet ruhlx-r heels lor ladies' arid teiille
men's hoe. Cult ill and see. him. Von will
till. I him at his trade every day, under I'nelps
liro.s' store, tjoidon JSIoek.
Fresh Native Rhubarb, per pound, - -' v- - 8c
Radishes, per bunch, - - - - " c
Runch Oninns. cer bunch. - - - - - - ' 5c
Lettuce, per bunch,. ; - , - . -, JOc
Spinach Greens, per peck, - 30c
Pinrarnks- cicn. - - - - - " 20c
New Cabbage, Sweet Potatoes, Berries, etc.
Headquarters for Lard, Salt Pork, Home-cured Hams and Bacon.
" . . (Telephone 9-3)
20 North Main Street. Cash Marketmen.
H. Z.
44 North Main St.,
Barre, Vermont.
Hints for May Comfort.
First Try our Medium-weight Wool or. Balbriggan
Underwear, 25c to $1.50 per garment.
Second Take a Negligee Shirt with delicate figures
or stripes, or plain white, at 50c to S1.50.
Third Add Socks, Cuffs, Collars, Neckwear, Handkerchief-!,
etc., from our attractive stork.
Fourth Get into a Spring-weight Sack Suit, all colors
and kinds. Prices from S5.00 to $25 00
Fifth You must have a Spring Overcoat even if you
wear it on your arm at times. H?re they re at $3. 50 to
$20.00. Short, medium or long styles.
' Sixths Put on one of our swell Dery or Sofc Hats
at 50c to S3.00.
Now you are fixed and ought to feel good all this season.
Mooe & Owens,
Successors to D. M. Miles,
t22 North Main St., Barre, Vermont.
For Saturday, May 2d.
Fine assortment of Beef, Pork, Veal, Sausage, Ham, Tripe, Groceries
and Vegetables. Also nice fresh Strawberries.
Nice fresh Chickens, per pound, - - - 22c
Large California Navel Oranges, per doz., 35c
Good Cal. Navel Oranges, per dozen, - 30c
Seedlings-, per dozen, - '20c
Large nice Lemons, per dozen, - - -25c
Large ripe Bananas, per dozen, - - - 25c
Fancy Pineapples, each. - - - - '- J5c
New Cabbage, per pound, - - . . tc
Fresh Rhubarb, per pound, - - - - 5c
Radishes, per bunch, - ; - 5C
(Telephone 215-1)
115 South Main Street, - - - . Barre, Vermont.
Special for Saturday, May 2d.
Delicious Chocolate Cream Drops, per pound,
Maple Creams, per pound, - - . . . ..
Peppermint and Wintergreen Creams,' per pound, - -
r iii.su MADE AS TO rURK AT
The Barre Candy Kitchen.

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