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I IttIi ( !Li is't'
1 r .
) Make Cooking Easy;
7?2 Times' Daily Short Story.
I Test
Of JVcr-Oc
"So your father insists upon yonr
marrying the big soldier, Lisa?" said
Ihe doctor.
Tie does."
"And you wish to marry that pale
faced boy, Hans, who dreams and
writes verses?"
"Well, my child, I must see what I j
can do for you." .
The next morning Colonel Visher,
Lisa's father, received a call from the.
"I came to see you about your daugh-j
tcr," said the latter. "She has no dis-j
ease, and yet her health is not good.!
Soma mental trouble Is wearing oat
"Yes; she wants to marry that misery
able poet, while I want her to marry a.
thorough man." .
"Yon, being a soldier, think all the,
bravery is among military men. Thia;
poet may have more courage in that
frail body of his than your major." i
'If I thought that I would give Lisa,
to Hans." i
"Why not put the two -men to a
ten?" 1
"I am agreeable to that."
"And give Una to the one that stands:
it the better." !
"Then she will go to the major. But.
. what test would you suggest, doctor?" '
"Leave that to me. I will think of
somo plan. Conio to my office at this,
hour tomorrow, and I will gunimon.
both the suitors to meet you there."
"Very well. I will do as you say.
But you do not seem to understand
that a soldier is trained to disregard1
danger, find the major will win."
"We shall see."
The nest day Hans reached the doc
tor's Office a few minutes before. the
others, "the doctor havlug summoned
Lim a little earlier than they.
"Hans," said the doctor, "when I was
a boy I loved a little girl. There is no
passion in childhood love; it is abso
lutely pure. I wish you to construct a
poem describing this love stealing over
mo while I was sitting with my llttlo
girl one summer evening watching the
tin sot." .
' "I will do so tomorrow. Put why i
have you sent for me, doctor?"
"Begin the construction of the poem
Tt must ho finished within an
hour. If it is successful Lisa may bo
yours." . S
"How so?" asked the boy, wondering
how a poena could produce such a re-,
: BUlt. ' V
"Aslc no questions, but do as I tell ,
. you." " ' -'" ' - '
Hans threw himself back into an ;
easy chair and In Imagination became I
.... . , , . ... -i . 1
a boy sitting oosiae nis cuuu. u v
watching a beautiful sunset Colonel
.Visher came in with the" major. The
colonel cast a contemptuous glance at
the poet, who sat staring at the new
comers with his great black eyes, mo (
major, a line looking fellow, with a
strong '. fact! and military bearing,
looked about him womleringly. The t
doctor brought something, evidently a j
box, covered with a cloth from a closet ,
and set it on a stool in tho middle of
the room. As soon as it was In place i
he withdrew the cloth, exposing a glass
case in which was a rattlesnake. The j
viper was darting his vicious eyes from j
one to the other, showing at the same ,
time his venomous tongue. . j
"JIajor," said the doctor, "my friend, j
Colonel Visher, before giving you his
daughter desires to test your bravery, j
There is a rattlesnake so confined that i
ha is harmless. Ho you think you
could place your hand on the glass and
let him strike at lt without witndraw-.
lnglt?" ; ' i
The major stepped forward as im
perturbably as he had entered upon
many a duty on the field of battle and
placed his hand on the glass. The ser
pent made a spring for it, thumping
the glass. The major jerked away.' bis
hand as if be had been bitten. Coloring
with mortification, he placed it a sec-,
ond time on the glass and withdrew it
as quickly as before. Again and again
be tried it and every time failed. '
"That will 'do," said the doctor.
"Hans, come here."
Hans arose and came forward.
"Put your band on the glass,", said
the doctor.
Hans mechanically stretched forth ,
his hand and rested It upon the glass: j
The serpent struck at it, but Hans was
in a dream and did not know it. j
"That will do," said the doctor.
"Gentlemen, the object for which I
summoned you has been accomplished? I
Good morning." .
The major went out smarting under
cs .
his inability' to keep LTTEaridwhere
there was nothing but the seeming of
danger. Hans stood looking'out'of tha
window. The doctor, who was "'near
him, heard him mutter: "1
"Bat faint and sweet, Uka distant strains j
From strings in a summer night, - -,
Coma thoughts of tha childish sympathy j
That brought m such, delight"
"That'll do, Hans," said the doctor
"You may go. What do you'tMnk o
his nerve, colonel ?"
"Solendid. What a rdty he isn't a
eoldier! lie has won Lisa, and be shall
have her." f
He was standing before the. snake's
case and was tempted.to.place his.band
on the glass.. The snake sprang !up, and
the colonel sprang back,
"Great heavens!'! he exclaimed. "If
,my men saw. me do that they would
despise me!"
"Don't trouble yourself, colonel. Nona
of them could do it Hans is the only,
man I have ever seen accomplish if
And Hans could not have done -it ex
cept through oblivion to the danger.
The nerves which directed thelmotioa
act independently of the wilLlBut the
colonel did cot know that -
Japan Coal MIne.
The value of the coal mined in Japan
is almost equal to that of all the other
minerals combined. It varies from the
hardest anthracite to peat but the
quality is usually inferior to that of
American coal.
Logr Line JCnota.
The distance between the knots on a
log line is 50 75-120 feet
Whether you use much or little Sta
tionery, we can give yoa the best for
your money. We have at all times a
large variety of Fouataia Pens, Steel
Pens, Writing Sets, Desk and Office
Supplies. Remember the place,
CMS; A. SHITH, Proprietor,
Gordon Block. 140 North Main St.
An Opportunity of a Life-Time!
To close out quick I will sell Toole's
barsparilla for 60a a bottle or three bottles
for l.'2.j. Poole's Little Vegetable Mils
for lo a bottle or t vo bottles for 25o.
Poole's Kidney Pills for 25o per bottle or
three bottles for Kp. Pooles Blood Pills
for 25a per bottle or three bottles for 00c.
These gxd are perfectly reliable and
are worth double the money. This is a
chance to get a, good medicine at half
price. These goods are guaranteed or the
money refunded.
The East Barre Dtog Store,
.1. If. MCAimiUE, Prop.
i Over National Bank, - - Barre, Vt.
Oar prices are low for first-class H
work. Call and see us.
We Will Make the
Cigar Trust
Look like a plate of cold Lima
beans if you insist on having
Union-made Cigars. Just trry the
" DEFENDER," manufactured by
Harry P. Page.
i l
New York Engineer's Views
Upon the Outlook.
Scrtcrr rrlrde Sar it We lr-d
Her WitUdraw From Maochnrla
Araertrna Merchant Would lie e
P rived of Million Annnnllr-In-dnetrloaa
"atlre rrerer Iloialia
The' story of America's commercial
conquest of Manchuria belongs to New
Vork, for it was a Xew York engineer
who first penetrated the wilds of Man
churia to meet the Uussinn euKim.-ers
surveying the railroad and to secure
for America the contract for construc
tion material and equipment, says the
New York Tribune. He was M. Sergey
Friede, a young engineer, who, in ls'.)5,
learning of Itussia's intention to build
railroads in Manchuria, determined to
explore the land In advance of all ri
vals, and even the P.ussian engineers
themselves, and to await their arrival
In central Manchuria to convince them
that America could supply more cheap
ly than could any other nation the ma
terials and supplies Kussia needed for
tho development of her new acquisi
tion. So' successful was Mr. Friede
that he soon began cabling orders home
for tho construction material and equip
ment necessary for the building of the
new railway, and as the road advanced
' and Russia poured in a new population
and built cities to house the newcomers
it was necessary to bring other Amer
icans to Manchuria to establish branch
offices in these growing Russian cities,
until now there is a considerable Yan
kee colony In that part of Asia.
"Knowing Manchuria as 1 do," said
Mr. Friede, "from tho pioneer days
of 1S06, when I crossed it nlone at the
peril of my life in tiny native wagons
along trails that could never be called
roads, until I saw the country trans
formed by the expenditure of Itussia's
millions, cities springing up In waste
nlaces. railways racing across moun
tains and plains more rapidly than had
ever railways been built before, and
the whole land brought under the civ
ilizing influence of the American loco
motive and the Yankee electric light,
1 cannot but feel that the time has
come for Americans to look at Man
churia with our own eyes and not as
we have always done through British
glasses. Russia,' -with America's aid,
I. it la Wo nro thA
nearest to Russia's possessions in the
far east, and will always be the ones to
receive the greatest benefit by Russia's
prodigal expenditures. She has built
her railroads' to develop trade, not
stifle it; she gladly buys our flour mills
to grind wheat grown in Manchuria; '
rays hundred of thousands of Man
churtans wajres that enable thorn to
buy our cottons, and induces merchants
of all nations to settle In the cities she
builds along the Hue of the railway.
In our first flush of excitement we
must not forget that, if we urge her
to withdraw, under Chinese rule our
merchants would not be permitted to
remain for a moment except la the
open ports of which we ask for two,
one of which, Mukden, the capital, is
a straggling city of 20,000 persons,
hundreds of miles away from the sea
coast and reached only by the Russian
"For Russia to retire from Manchu
ria is unpractical, tt would deprive
American merchants and manufactur
ers of millions 'annually and would
mean that the country would relapse
into barbarism and the hundreds of
millions Russia has expended would be
lost to her. for the Manchurians still
successfully waylay travelers and even
wreck traius, so that it is necessary to
guard the railway for almost its entire
length. Americans are welcomed in
Manchuria, the Russians taking up ea
gerly our new inventions in later sav
ing devices; In fact it was the adoption
of one of these, the American steam
rock drill, that brought about the first
strike known in Russian Asia. I had
Induced the engineers to order a eamr
pie lot, and on their arrival we started
them to work. The Manchurians, who
had been accustomed to chipping away
tho rocks and bovldor3 by band, sul
lenly watched the Yankee machines
thumping away, guided ty invisiom
hands, and then at the toucn or a uui
ton the charge of dynamite sent the
bowlders flying in every direction. It
was more than they could comprehend,
En fhr threw down their tools, refus
ing to work with the white man's spirit
devils. The engineers were annoyed;
but, thoroughly convinced that they
could complete the railway perhaps
years In advance of the time hoped for
by use of the American steam rock
,i.,mi 4 refused to eive way. tho
ILUli J . v, .. " p
Manchurians returned sullenly to work j
and from that day to this Russia lu the ;
far east has looked to us to help her
out of many dillicultics. The Manchu
rians shortly after became Involved in
the Boxer outbreak, and many foreign
ers were imprisoned in the little" Rus
sian cities already springing up, the
rails were torn up and, the wooden
bridges were burned by the Boxers.
"Nor are tho exciting times yet over.
I have representatives in all the larger
eitiea of Manchuria, despite the fact
that there are no open ports there, but
1 1
I would not yet care to cross tne coun
try without the protection of Russian
authority. There are 20.0tto.09O" Man
churians In the 400,000 square miles o
Manchurian territory. The industrious
of these prefer Russian rule, and the
Chinese merchants pour in from be
yond Peking to escape the mandarins,
who are permitted to pillage them at
will in every other part of the empire.
But there is an Immense lawless ele
ment that it will take all Russia's mili
tary strength in Manchuria to subdue,
The Vital
Reason Why
surpasses all
other foods.
Shredded Whole Wheat Biscuit
is made in the most complete,
scienti fic and hygienic food lab
oratory in the world.
This laboratory is flooded
With sunlight through 30,000
panes of glass and finished ia
white enamel, marble and
mosaic the veritable home of
purity & place where contam
ination is impossible.'
The wheat is first thoroughly
cleansed and all light kernels
removed, then thoroughly
. cooked and spun into thousands
Of little shreds; each shred
containing thousands of little
pores; which gives the greatest
surface for the absorption of
the digestive fluids of any .
known food.
' This insures perfect digestion
and immediate relief from
Order today.
Send for' The Vital Question" Free), "
nuiGjiiui falls, y. r.
and it is on the natives she depends for
the work of draining extensive areas,
reclaiming waste lauds ' and building
towns for the Incoming while popula
tion. Convicts are no longer sent to
Si1.KrIa. ' It costs more to feed and
house them than to hire the Manchuri
ans. Russia welcomes every one into
Manchuria who brings an idea that
will aid her in the development of the
land, but she has many difficulties to
overcome and asks to be let alone until
she can complete her work. Already
she has spent within two years some
f 20,000,000 in building Dalny, the Pa
cific terminus of the trans-Asiatic rail
way, and making it ready for the com
merce of the world. She has raised the
commerce of Manchuria from nothing
to millions. .We are the greatest gain
ers, and lt behooves us to aid rather
than binder Russia in the development
of a rich, fertile region that without
her boundless expenditures would be
ns worthless to us as Korea."
Nable'a Estimate ot Emernon.
In his article on Ralph Waldo Emer
son in 1903 in Harper's Magazine for
May, Hamilton V. Mabio thus sums up
his estimate of Emerson's work:
"Concerning the Quality and rank of
his work there is general agreement.
He has survived the reaction which
follows the death of a writer of orig
inal and individual force. The defects
of his prose, t,be limitations of his
verse, are clear enough, but the depth
of his insight, the lift of his thought,
tho freshness of his spirit, the felicity
of his speech and Its penetration, the
wholeness and symmetry of his life
these are far beyond the region of
questioning. He explained America to
herself in terms of the spiritual life,
he set man in his true place in the
new world, be has kept the conscience
of the nation and established for all
time the doctrine that the success or
failure of the new society shall be
measured by Its service in the emanci
pation of the soul, the exaltation of
A rrogrennlve Chinaman.
Wan Wen Tsao, recently appointed
minister of foreign affairs of China
and virtually premier of the empire, is
one of the most progressive of modern
Celestials. He is said to be an enthu
siastic advocate of occidental diplo
macy ond of introducing the latest in
ventions In the domain of science. It
was Wan Wen Tsao who was mainly
instrumental in effecting the early
closing of the late war and who has
until now, more than any other Chi
nese diplomat, been active In the sup
pression of the nntifureign revolts. He
is regarded as the most powerful man
in China, even more powerful than
was the late LI Hung Chang. He occu
pied a place in the cabinet during the
long tour abroad of Li Hung Chang
and has been intrusted since with many
high posts.
hr-d t iw "' '"
d Absorption
Ji p km JiU
hi el:-- vj
Ltisntlrle C Ine Don it tlrraait of
Ui Strike.
Omaha, May 12 The strike sta
tion in Omaha lnis" been further com
plicated by the closing down of eight
eeu of the larirest laundries In the city
and the locking out of 500 laundry
workers. This aetfon wat token by
the lauiulrymcn after an extended con
ferencc and the reception by theio ot
a request from the Laundry Workers"
union that they do not attempt work
for hotels, restaurants and other plnce
which have been declared "unfa!''
President Kimball of the Trlcitj
Laundrymen's club says the union doei
not represent a majority of the laun
dry workers. He said there were suf
flcient nonunion employees left to run
the laundries, but he feared for the
nfety of the employees and that there
fore the laundry men had decided tc
close indefinitely. Some Work which
had accumulated Saturday and Sun
day will be cleaned up during the day
In some of the largest concerns, how
ever, and then tha shut down will be
general. Mr. Kimball said that there
was an understanding with the laun
dries of South Omaha, and Council
Bluffs that no Omaha work should be
accepted by them.
Defalcation of an Elhnnlom lt.
Washington, May 12. Further in
vestigation of the case of Frank M.
Barnett, a clerk in the bureau of eth
nology, from Alabama, who was ar
rested Saturday charged with stealing
money from the government, discloses
the fact that bis method was to open
fictitious accounts, crediting certain
names with alleged services rendered
to tre bureau. These accounts would
be passed in the regular way and
checks drawn for the amounts. Bur
nett would then intercept the checks.
The total sum thus procured was $500.
LnyljR the German Atlantic Cnble.
Bevlin. May 12.-The laying of a du
plicate German Atlantic cable has been
commenced at Borkurn, on island in the
North sea twenty-six miles from Emdcn.
A large number of people attended the
ceremony, and cheers were given for
the German emperor and the president
of the United States. In the evening
thert was a banquet, which was at
tended by the principal representatives
of the company and cable Interests.
Patriotic speeches were delivered em
phasizing the relationship betweeo Ger
many and tho United States.
Excitement In Cotton Slarket.
New York. May 12.-The wildest ex
citement in cotton this season occur
red when an enormous covering move
ment was started by an unexpected ad
vance of 11 to 14 points in Liverpool,
attended by heavy sales of spot cotton
In the English market. The local mar
ket responded with an advance of 15
to 21 points on the more active months,
new high records in all enses being
made. The bull clique realized heav
ily In order to avert a bear panic,
which at one time appeared Inevitable,
To Take Al Adams to Dannemora.
Ossining. X, Y May 12. Superin
tendent of Prisons Collins has decided
to remove Al Adams, the ex-policy
king, now serving a sentence in Sing
Sing prison, to the State hospital at
Dannemora. The hospital is connect
ed with Clinton prison, and all prison
ers who are seriously sick are sent
there. Miller, of 520 per cent syndicate
fame, who is suffering from consump
tion In the Sing Sing prison hospital,
is also to be removed to the State hos
pital. . . :
Joaquin Mtller'a Family Prostrated.
Saratoga. X. Y.. May 12. Mrs. Joa
jUiii Miller and Miss Juanita Miller,
wife ond daughter of Joaquin Miller,
who was erroneously reported dead at
his home on Mount Tamalpas, near
Oakland, Cal., were prostrated when
they were told that Mr. Miller was
dead. They had received no word from
California, but were soon told of the
denial of the report. Mr. Miller passed
the winter and early spring in Saratoga.
ttoslnesa In Victoria Demoralised,
Melbourne, Victoria, May 12.--The
train service, owing to the railroad
strike, is most limited, ond oil busi
ness is hampered. The sittings of the
country and circuit courts have been
postponed, and the principal timber
yards are closed. The strikers have
issued a manifesto In which they ay
they are only fighting for freedom of
action after working hours.
aW-aaw-aaWM w t-af
wm mm
Good Things
'a If
Everything in, the Market line that is good. Our cus
tomers are our best advertisers, for we please them.
Let us please you. Prices right.
A. Tomasi Block, '
Corner North Main and Merchant Sts , Barre, Vt.
; Dyspepsia. Remedy Thai Cures
If Mi -o-na Docs Not Curs the Red Cross
Pharmacy Will Return Year '
Among all the remedies in the Red t'ro-j
rharmacv, the xiu'ar drug store, there
are few that they are willing to sell on a
guarantee to refund the money if they do
not cure. Mi-o-na, the fatuous dyspepsia
remedy, has made go many cure among
their customers that Mr. Uk-kert says, " If
this remedy does not cure you, come- back
to our store and we will cheerfully return
your money."
Anyone who has dyspepsia, indigestion,
headaches, dizzy feelings, or liver troubles,
should take advantage of this chance to
be made well without any risk of pend
ing their money to no purpose. Mi-o-na
will cure; will regulate the digestion; will
enable anyone to eat what he wants.
If it does not do all this, the medicine will
not cost you a cent.
The lied Cross Pharmacy has sold hun
dreds of boxes of Mi o-na In the last few
weeks and has yet to receive the first com
plaint from any customer. Hwh a reeord
is simply marvelous and speaks volumes
for the merits of the remedy. . ,
It is easy enough to fill ft column with
the symptoms atUicting those who hava
dyspepsia, but there Is no need of describ
ing their condition. What they want Is a
cure. And they have It in Mi-o-na.
Io not suffer a day longer with disor
dered digestion, if Mi-o-na cures you it
costs 30o a box, and If lt does not you
have the Red Cross Pharmacy's personal
guarantee to return your money.
Lieutenant Gordon Will Reward Her
With an American Eilueatton.
A pretty little romance, whose pres
ent chapter Is the placing of a bright
eyed Filipino girl In on American
home to be educated, is being discussed
with great interest by the villagers or
Flttsfleld, Mo., says the St. Louis Post
Dispatch. Fylva Dolz, the half grown daughter
of a Togal chieftain, is handsome and
full of bounding life, with the piercing
eyes of her countrymen, the vivacity
of a Spanish girl and the fascinating
ways of orientals. She Is to be edu
cated in the United States as a reward
for saving the life of Lieutenant
Charles F. Gordon of the Twenty-seventh
United States infantry, ond she
will live at the home of his mother in
Pittsfield. ,
It was just outside Malaban that the
Twenty-seventh had a severe encoun
ter with the Tagalogs, and Lieutenant
Gordon was severely wounded. A blow
from a sword in the hands of one of
the Filipino soldiers rendered him un
conscious. He was left on the field for
dead, but when he came to a little Fi
lipino girl was bathing his head with
water from a gourd. She gave him
some whisky to drink and then had
him removed to the camp of the Taga
logs. Lieutenant Gordon as held prison
er for several weeks, and during that
time the girl Sylva Dolz became very
much attached to him. Eventually the
lieutenant was rescued and a number
of Tagalogs taken captive. Among
them was Sylva and her father. Their
friendship continued, and when Lieu
tenant Gordon talked of returning to
America Sylva was inconsolable. It
was finally' arranged that she should
accompany him, and they arrived in
Flttsfleld at. the home of Lieutenant
Gordon's mother only a few days ago.
Sylva is very much Interested in the
strange " country and the- ways of
Americans. She takes aptly to l.er sur
roundings, and it is believed that her
education will be nn easy task.
One of the Eyeball ot a If'JO.OOO
Animal llemovert.
Prince, n lion which is valued ot
$20,Oto and exhibited by Bosto'-k, had
bis eyes injured in a recent fU'ht, says
a special, dispatch from Richmond, Va.,
to the New York World. Prineo was
lassoed the other day, his feet were
tied, he was lashed to the bars of tho
operating cage aud one of his eyeballs
was removed. .
Bostock's artist has prepared a water
color drawing of the sound eye and an
order has been placed for a glass one.
As soon as the wouud has KUiIb-iently
healed to permit the placing of the uew
eye Prince will bear the distinction of
wearing the only glass optlcvver made
for a live'liou. .
mm ---
Ice Cream Soda
College Ices,
Hade right and served right by
us Try them I
D,' F.DAVIS, "The Druggist'
Morse Block, Barre, Vt.
u -
to Eat.

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