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Hyomci Cures This Common and Dis
agreeable Disease.
ITyomei cures catarrh by the simple
method ol breathing it into the air pass
aces and lungs. It kilis the emus of
catarrhal poison, heals and soothes the
irritated mucous membrane, enters the
blood with the oxygen and kills the germs
present there, c-ilectuallv driving this
disease from the system.
If you have any of the following symp
toms, catarrhal genua are at work some
where in the muouous membrane of the
nose, throat, bronchial tulws or tissues
ol the lungs.
flf'iiiivc t'ri'ath,
lryiu'M, of tin tnt!e, .
am ar.rosH Hit eye.
I'ain iu hai k.ot I lie
I'ain ill front of the
Tendency to take cold.
Hunting iain iu the
Hawking; to clear the
Vain in tlie t-hci-t,
A f mif;h,
r-t itch in siili',
I.oj-in of llet-li,
ariahle ajijii't iti'.
Low njiinili'il at times,
lUi.-ing of frothy mii-
H't torating yellow
liithciiltv in breathing,
Fr-iineiit Htieey.infr,
llUhkiiteKH ui voiee,
ItiM'liuriro from the
Stijiiatfi' of ilif unseat
Acliini? of tlie IhuIv,
Drop ii i n g In thp
M o 11 1 h open while
Tickling "f the
lurinaiiiin of crusts in
the in !,
lrvm- of the throat
in t)u liiiirion,
Li-? of M ri'lijil h,
n.kihiii of 1'iiiiliinir.
t niili short ami hark-
C'oulIi worse nights
ami mitrnintrs,
l,o?. lit vital furce.
A li-clinr of litflitnc-s
ai ros (lie iipiii rjiai't
lit tli; client.
Hyotnei will enre the disease, destroy
activity of all germ life la the respiratory
organs, enrich and purify the blood with
additional ozone, and after a few days'
use of this treatment the majority of these
symptoms will have disappeared. In a
few weeks the cure will be complete.
Catarrh or catarrhal colds cannot exist
when ilyomei is axed. Thin is a strong
statement, but the Red Cross Pharmacy
emphasizes It by agreeing to refund your
money if Ilyomei does not cure.
Horror Hepi.rtiMt U lll Henrcely Hear
St Petersburg, May 1 4. -Ad.ili tiona
details of the Kisheneff massacre of
Jews tire printed ho re dally. The cor
respondents give the- number of vic
tims thus fur buried In the Jewish
cemetery at forty-four and' say that
eighty-four persons seriously wounded
are still in the Jewish hospital.
The horrors reported scarcely bear
repetition. In one Instance spikes were
"ll riven through a woman's head into
the floor, and cases of bodily mutila
tion have been authenticated. About
t00 to 1,000 persons were arrested, an
energetic olllcial having been sent
from Odessa to deal with the sit nation.
The apathy of tlie local authorities
during tlie two days of rapine and
murder appears to have been fully es
tablished. Second ftlnncre IlUcrciIKed.
St. Petersburg, May 14. The report
published in the United States that a
massacre of Jews similar to the one
which took place recently at Kisheneff,
capital of Bessarabia, hnd occurred at
Tiraspol, seven miles from Kisheneff,
Is ollielally denied and is universally
Desperate State of Affair In Val
paraiso, Chile.
Buenos Ay res, May 14. Advices re
ceived here from Valparaiso say mar
tial law has been proclaimed there as
ft result of the rioting at that place.
Forty are said to have been killed,
and mnny have been Injured. When
the offices of the Mercurlo were at
tacked by the rioting dock laborers the
Itaff of that paper defended themselves
with firearms. Tlie rioters have set
fire to a nuinltor of warehouses, in
addition to burning the premises of the
IJonth America u Steamship company.
Troops are patrolling the streets of
Shipwrecked Immigrant In Tort.
Washington. May 14. The treasury
department has received a dispatch
from Newborn, X. C, announcing the
arrival there of the Immigrants taken
from the wrecked barkentine Vera
Cruz III. The immigration officials
who were sent to make the inspection
have not yet reached Newbern. Blank
manifests have been sent, as the de
partment assumes that the ship's pa
per's were lost with the vessel. A tele
gram from Boston announces that the
firm at New Bedford to which the ship
was said to be consigned denies that it
is the consignee and declines all re
sponsibility for the vessel.
1 e.
-J t
medication i
; 1 dittetcnt and I
1 immeasurably
superior to
talcum powderi
and lotions
for all
I .1. .. . ft. r- . . . - . 1 f e i
. j iicitittij, V.IIUUIHJ, scaiuirig, ounuurn, ;
I icme Kdsn, if urns, Pimples, Hounds,
After SlidMixj, lender Feet, Offensive I
I Body Odors, and Bed Sores.
I A Perfectly Ideof Baby Powder.
I Al Drug Siortt, 25c Lai v trial ply. free.
J Comfort Powder CO., Hartford, Ct,
Riari;& Wells, W. H. Cladding, E. A. Eiown.
1 1 s f -'
i i I 1 J ' '. f
Expect f-'oon to Catch
Irnbria l'vuainiter.
Hoarding ll.Mine Keeper fell lieteo
flve Almut lllin mi. I rioiii Her
Story Driver of l.iire U11140U
I l'ronipllj Located.
New York, May 11. The un'cst ot
the man who sent the box of dynamite
to the Cuaard pier last week Is now
iupposed to be but a question of hours.
Inspector McClusky and nearly the
whole headquarters staff are hot on his
trail. They have a good description of
hlui'and have a large part of his be
longings, including his trunk and some
of his clothing, in their possession. The
inspector, lias known, as a matter of
fact, since Monday morning last that
the man who Kent the dynamite sent it
from Mrs. Currie's boarding house, Slid
West Thirty-first street, where he en
gaged a room on Thursday last under
the name of G. Rosso, or G. Rosseo, or
G. Rosseau.-
ratriek Rooney of 423 West Thirty-
first street, who was once an election
worker for Devery, was the express
man with whom the stfanger made the
bargain to take the box to the pier.
Two of Rooney's men Peter Barthe
of C32 West Thirtieth street and Jo
feph McC'ormkk of 425 Ninth avenue
called for the box at the Currie house
and delivered it in the green wagon at
the pier. With them went a young
man of the name of Frank Carlton,
who was out of work and who went
along to take a free ride. Burtho drove
the horse and MeCormiek and Carlton
sat unconcernedly on the box all the
way down to the pier.
From Mrs, Currie's story it was
learned that the stranger went to her
boarding house oil Thursday morning
and paid a week's rent In advance for
a room on the second floor. He had
with him a largo trunk, in which It is
helieved the Infernal machine was con
cealed. Soon after arriving he re
moved the hox from the trunk and
went out to arrange for Its transfer.
About 3 o'clock that afternoon the
stranger approached Rooney, who,
with Bartlie aud MeCormiek, wns
standing at the southeast corner of
Ninth avenue and Thirtieth street.
Hire ExpreMKiunn to Transfer llox.
I have a box that I want taken from
81G West Thirty-first street, around the
corner from here," he said, "to the
Cunard steamship pier, No. 51 North
Rooney told him to give the order to
Barthe and he would attend to it. The
stranger explained that the box was
not addressed, but that they were to
leave it at the pier and say that it
would bo called for by a passenger sail
ing on the TJmbrta. lie told where his
room was in the house and said that
the housekeeper would show where the
box was.
Bartlie took the twenty-five cent
piece which was offered for the re
moval of the box and drove around to
the house with tlie old green express
wagon. Barthe and MeCormiek car
ried down ttte box. They drove around
the corner before starting for the pier
Dial gay. that the man who hired them
was standing there and waved his hand
to them as if to say that everything
was all right. Tliey did not see him
again. It was then that Carlton jump
ed in the wagon and went along. Tlie
men say that while they were carrying
the box from the wagon to the baggage
pile on the pier it fell, and a piece was
knocked off the bottom. They picked
It up and carried it along.
Saw Story In P pern.
The iirst knowledge that the police
had of this end of the dynamite story
came from Mrs. Currie, who read of
the scare In the newspapers and called
up Inspector McCluskey on the tele
phone on Monday night. She said that
she felt sure that the box came from
her house and told of the actions of the
mysterious stranger who had hired a
room from her on Thursday and whom
she has not seen since. Inspector Mc
Clusky sent Detective Sergeant Arthur
Carey around to investigate. From
Mrs. Currie the detective learned of the
express wagon find got the stories of
the men who took tlie box to the pier.
Sirs. Currie said that she saw the
man writing something with a lend
pencil In his room on Saturday morn
ing. This is evidently tlie letter nt
warning which was received at police
headquarters at 12:15 o'clock of that
day. From the time that Mrs. Currie
told her story to Detective Carey de
tectives were stationed at or near the
house to catch the stranger in case he
should return. There was little rea
son to believe that he would, however,
for he had evidently hired the room
that ho might send the box from it.
Prominent S J riiciman Demi.
Syracuse, N. Y., May M.-John Mc
Carthy, in early days the loading mer
chant of Syracuse, has died here, aged
eighty-one 'years. He was the. oldest
resident of this city, born within Its
present limits. He- was a Democrat In
politics and held many positions of
honor In the municipality. In 1888 he
retired from business.
l ire DeHtroy 111 Gla Plant.
Washington. Ta., May 14.-Fire has
almost totally consumed the large
plant of the Atla3' Glass and Metal
company, entailing a loss of $125,000.
The fire started In the wareroom and
was of mysterious origin,
ance is about JC5,000.
The insuv-
Trace to 41"iw Oppnuinec I'oree to
Ilnrr Three Hundred Dead,
Madrid. M;r 11.-A dispatch from
Ceuta. Mormon. ftiutouiKcs that the
triiit iiii-n who attacked Tetu.m Mon
day were repulsed. They stubbornly
fought their way through the suburbs
to the foot of the walls, but the Impe
rial troops, eventually regained their
lust positions and drove off the rebels
with heavy losses on both sides.
A' later dispatch from Ceuta says a
courier who has arrived there' by sea
from Tetuan states that the battle was
suspended in order to allow tlie oppos
ing forces to bury their dead, number
ing "00. Many heads are displayed on
the walls of Tetuan. which still has
three days' supply of ammunition.
Advices from Tangier announce that
the imperial forces have routed the
rebel mountaineer near Fez, inflict
ing great losses on the enemy.
1 iMklonarle Denert Mein!nec.
London, May 11. Advices from Mo
rocco say the American missionaries
have practically abandoned "Metiuinez
owing to the critical situation, but
there is no anxiety regarding the mis
sionaries elsewhere. Letters received
here from Fez this week state that the
surrounding country Is quiet and that
the outlook Is more hopeful in conse
quence of the rains having Improved
the agricultural prospects.
Murder Mj-tery In l'ltlxhiirft.
Pittsburg, May 14. The finding of
the body of an unknown man floating
in the Monongahela river at the foot of
Short street will probably develop a
murder mystery. A handkerchief had
been forced into the man's mouth, and
there were several wounds on the back
of the head, which seem to have been
inflicted by a blunt instrument. The
body is that of a man about sixty
years old, well dressed aud has the ap
pearance of being above the class of
people that usually frequent the water
front. There was nothing on the per
son that would in any way lead to
To Kliiiiinn e Stnsre Irlxhman.
St. Louis. May 14. The Officers As
sociation of the Knights of Father
Mathew, in session here has. under
taken to elimiuate the stage Irishman
of the vulgar type of caricature. It is
claimed that repeated Insults have
been offered to the Irish race by cer
tain theatrical companies, which por
tray a character alleged to be an Irish
type, but which Is not Irish and which
is an insult to that race.
Ilaek Driver Strike at Fnnernl.
Toledo, O., May 14 During the fu
neral services over the remains of
Mrs. Mary Kamm here the drivers of
hacks struck and refused to work be
cause the hearse was driven by a non
union man. The officiating undertak
ers filled the strikers' places Just In
time to prevent a scene, as the casket
containing the remains was being tak
en to the hearse just as the affair was
straightened out.
11 l imilou Convention.
Schenectady, N. W, May 14. The
seventieth annual convention of the
I'si TJpsilon fraternity is about to be
gin in this city. A number of dele
gates already have arrived and are be
ing entertained at the local chapter
house. The fraternity was organized
lit Union college, Schenectady, seventy
yeare ago.
Deerter Charged "With M tinier,
Glasgow. May .14. Paul Martin,
deserter from the French armv, has
been arrested here charged with the
murder in Paris of Mine. De Biienne,
a well known person, who went to that
city from America nnd who wns re
cently found strangled in her room.
Bi Yaeltta Storm Bound.
Gourock. Scotland, May 14. A storm
of wind nnd rain rendered it Impossi
ble to start the proposed fifty-five mile
race between the Shamrocks from here
around the channel fleet off Lamlash,
Isle of A mm.' for a prize of $500 of
fered by the Hon. Charles Russell.
Mrs. Choute Coming Home.
Southampton, May 14. The North
German Lloyd line steamer Kaiser
Wilhelm II... which has sailed from
here for New York, had among her
passengers Mrs. Choate. wife of the
United States ambassador, and. Miss
Victorian Parliament Meet.
Melbourne, Victoria. May 11. Parlia
ment met in the forenoon. The gov
ernor's speech was tlip shortest on rec
ord. He merely announced that par
liament had been summoned to pass a
measure dealing with the railroad
Dr. F. D. Fontaine of Worcester, Mass., Has Made
Many. Successful Tests of the Value of QUIN
ONA Upon a Nervous, Run-Down System.
Dr. F. IX Fontaine, Portland street, Wor
cester, Mass., having prescribed QUIXO
X A many times during the last five years
In cases where the patient's system" was
completely run down from 'overwork,
worry or past sickness and closely noted
its effects, makes the following statement:
"I have prescribed QUI NGN A for about
five years and have proved conclusively
that it is an excellent tonio to build np
the health. It soon changes a delicate,
nervous person to one with a stromr. hurriv
Nervousness, sleeplessness and constant
Sweet, crisp Cakes
of wheat and malt.
Ailmlral Krani' Hacshter Weil.
Tokyo, April 110, via Victoria, B. C,
May 14. The wedding of Miss Virginia
S. Evans, daughter of Rear Admiral
Evans, and Mr. II. T, Sewall took
place in the Trinity cathedral, Tiukljl,
Tokyo, last Wednesday. The cere
mony was rendered additionally im
pressive by the large attendance of
distinguished personages. Baron Ko
innr, Sir Claude MacDonald, Mr. N.
Wilson, United States charge d'af
faires; Baron Sanuomiya, Lieutenant
Commander Marsh, United States na
val attache, and wife were among
those present.
Hail Fire In Uufinln.
Buffalo, May 14. The Diamond
mills and storehouse, formerly the
Lake Shore transfer house, and an ele
vator, all owned by Churchill & Co.;
twenty freight cars nnd several small
dwellings have been burned; loss,
?2X),000, partly covered by insurance.
Lieutenant William Clark of Engine
No. 21 was struck on the head by the
heavy iron butt of a piece of hose and
knocked senseless. His skull was
fractured, and he died later at the hos
pital. Sln Child I.al.or 11111.
Ilarrisburg, Pa., May 14. Governor
Pennypacker has signed the. child la
bor bill and vetoed the other three
miners' hills. The child labor bill
makes it unlawful to employ children
under sixteen years of age in and
about the mines. The three bills ve
toed were the eight hour day bill, the
bill providing for the payment for coal
mined by the ton of 2.240 pounds and
the mine inspection bill.
New Oberlln Irelilen IuHtnlletl.
Oberlin. O., May 14. The Inaugura
tion of Henry C. King, D. D., as pres
ident of Oberlln college has taken
place. The inaugural procession was
tlie most marked feature of the cere
monies. The procession consisted of
I?1?" S,00 p(?ons' of whom win
half were students. The presidency
was formally transferred to Mr. King
by Hon. J. (. W. Cowles of Cleveland.
.1 , :. . . .
T on, m, m"" 11 , n J , ,
-H'f Oxfoitl-Cam-
budge athletic authorities have re-
ceived a cable message from the ath
letic . authorities of Yale "announcing
that the proposed ititeruniversity ath
letic conlest in Ixmdon during the
month of July Is declined owing to
Harvard's refusal to participate in it.
Odell Slien a Labor Law.
Albany. N. Y., May ll.-Governor
Odell has signed Senator Brackett's
bill amending the labor law so as to
prohibit the employment of any male
under eighteen years or - r :,:,ale at
ail In polishing or bu!" . metals
or iridium. A penal . ju is pro
vided for each violation.
Dead at 110 Year.
Upper Sandusky, )., May 14. Peter
Stansiey has died here, aged 110 years,
after an illness of seven weeks' dura
tion. He is survived by a widow of
100 years, to whom he had been mar
ried eighty-five years. He was the
oldest man in Ohio.
colds, night sweats, bad stomach, no appe
tite, severe headaches and that all-dragged-otit
feeling are nature's way of showing
that the system is run down. Some out
side aid must be given before your system
will again grow strong. QUI NONA is
the one preparation that will give that
strength necessary to become well and
strong again. During the last eight years
doctors have proven the wonderful value
of QUIXOXA In all sueh cases. You can
now obtain QUIXOXA by going direct to
your druggist for it. The QUIXOXA CO.,
1 Hartford St., Boston, Mass.
1 v a r
Jim Dumps' half-sister, pals and
Had very little appetite.
She said i "Such dainty-looking food
Will please the most capricious mood.
So crisp, so light it takes my whim 1"
" It takes with all," quoth " Sunny Jim."
Tbi Kedilj-to-Serve Cerel
a different food
for indifferent appetites.
Strenf thena e.rtd Produces Force.
'Not having enjoyed the best of health for the pant three years,
I have tried several kiuds of diet. The past six month have given
'Force' a very thorouirh trial, with Rood results, it is not only very
palatable, but produces beneflciul results. It is very strengthening,
aud produce just what it claims to do 'Force.'
On of New York State' Beat Known
New York, May 14. William Brook
field, former chairman of tho Repub
lican state committee, former presi
dent of the New York county commit
tee and one of the best known Repub
licans Lti the state, has died of heart
disease at his home, GlS Madison ave
nue. He was born in Green Bank, N.
J., May 24. 1S44.
Mr. Brookfield lived in this city mist
of his life and for many years was
one of the most prominent figures in
the political world of New York.
He was four times chosen chairman
of the Republican state committee nnd
was three times made president of the
Republican county committee. When
this committee was organized under
the plan of the committee of thirty Mr.
Brookfield had. a prominent part in the
committee's work.
He 'was the anti-PIatt candidate for
the presidency of the Republican coun
ty organization in 1SP5, but was de
feated after a hard contest by Edward
Gets Back Property Ghot Told Him
to Give Away.
London, May 14. The chancery court
has ordered the cancellation of the
deed by which II. S. II. Cavendish, the
explorer, provided that his property
should go to Mrs. Strutt, wife of Maiot
C. II. Strutt, and her children, to the'
exclusion of the plaintiff's own wife tn nee races. The recent rains protn
who was Isabel Jay, formerly leading J('a heavy roads.
lady of the Savoy theater.
Mr. Cavendish,, in his appeal to the
chancery court, charged Major Strutt
and Mrs. Strutt with influencing him
through table turning and claimed that
Mrs. Strutt obtained the deed by pre
tending to be the ghost of the plain
tiff's mother and by representing the
latter as speaking from heaven and
advising him to so dispose of his prop
erty. Poue Mnki I'll iladelli inn nMarqula.
l.'nmn Mne 1 i f 'n r,H , . .1 1
J v. ........... cmuui .-
eoutly applied to the pope to confer a
tltle of nobHity on Murtln Malony of
ni,ti.i..i..t,(.. . i, i' ....
church offerings and his efforts to fur
ther Catholicism, especially In con
structing a parochial church at Tren
ton, N. J., and the pontiff after re-
ceiving satisfactory information from
the archbishop of Philadelphia and the
bishop of Trenton has issued a brief
creating Mr. Malony a marquis.
Striking TeaniKter Victorious.
Grand Rapids, Mich., May 14. The
striking teamsters won the first union
victory In this city when the Colum
bian Transfer company, the largest
employer, gave in and signed the un
ion agreement calling for increased
pay and recognition of the union. The
Gelock Transfer company and the Mill
ing companies followed, and about 200
drivers returned to work. One hun
dred teamsters are still out.
PlunnluK Labor Hay lllot.
Rostoff-on-the'-Don, Russia. May 14.
The Social Democrats are doing their
utmost to induce the public to co-operate
in starting disturbances on Labor
flay. The agitators are alleged to pos
loss arms and boxes of dynamite. The
authorities have posted placards an
nouncing that stringent measures will
oe adopted for the preservation of or
ler. "
Mil her Hides a. Winner.
London, May 11. At tlie Newmarket
second spring meeting Flotsam, ridden
by Maher,' the American jockey, won
the Newmarket stakes (of 30 sover
eigns, with 2,000 sovereigns added, for
three-year-olds, one mile and two fur
tongs). Rabelais was second and Gay
Gordon third. Eight horses started.
Miles Attain Tenni Champion.
London, May 14. It. II. Miles has re
captured the amateur tennis cham
pionship by defeating Vane Penned
30 at the Queen's club.
Ithode Inlnnil Hotel Burned.
Oakland Beach, R. I., May 14. The
Oakland Beach hotel and two adjoin
ing cottages have been burned. The
loss is $2:!,000, on which there is $21,.
000 insurance.
AVoman Suicide In llatel.
New York, May 14. A woman, wbos
appearance indicated prosperity and
whose name is given by the police at
Mrs. Claude Guernsey of Philadelphia,
committed suicide in a room of the
Hotel Navarre, Seventh avenue and
Thirty-eighth street, by drinking car
bolic acid. Her companion, who gave
his name as John B. Walker, occupa
tion reporter, age forty years, residence
9 East Twenty-second street, was lock
ed up in the West Thirty-seventh
street station charged with being a
suspicious person.
Alleged lief milter Dlaappeara.
Toledo, O., May 14. Ex-Doputj
County Treasurer James IC. Wales,
whose arrest 011 an embezzlement
charge was asvi.red by the officers, has
not only failed to give himself up, as
had been expected, but has eluded the
whole police and detective force ot
Toledo. How one so well known could
so suddenly disappear is a puzzle to the
public and police. He was seen on the
(streets several times after the warrant
for his arrest was issued.
Part-Mmlrld Automobile Itaee.
Paris, May H.-The Paris-Madrid
automobile races have been inaugu
rated, fifty-eight contestants in tin
tourists' claw starting from the Auto
mobile Club of France, on the Place de
la Concorde, between 7 a. m. and noon.
Although the main speed tests are to
be made later, great interest was tak
en in the tests of the heavier vehicles
nml tlie opening 0f this year's long dis-
MinlKter'a cn Alleged Former.
New York. May U.PhiI!p L. Ger
niond, a law student, the sou of the
Rev. Philip Gerniond.. pastor of the
I'helsea Methodist Episcopal church on
Thirtieth street, between Eighth and
Klnth avenues, was arrested in Wilkes
biirre and brought to this city and will
be arraigned in the Jefferson market
court on charge of forgery and passing
worthless checks.
UrouRht In Northern New York.
Schenectady, N. Y., May ll.-Advlces
from the interior of the county indi
cate that the, drought Which' now Is
being experienced is so severe that
many of the farmers are unable to
proceed with their plowing. Many
gardens hare been abandoned altogeth
"", and it is feared that the conse
0",nw wl l)e severe,
i - -' 'J n.; .
me -- 1
e have started over three thousand
boys m various parts of the country '
in a profitable business on their own
account. We want a boy to represent
e Saturday
Evening' Post
In every town. The work can be done
after school hours and on Saturdays It is
pleasant, as well as profitable. The' mngi
zmes are sold among neighbors and friends
in ofiiccs, stores, as well as imhomcs.
No Money Required to Begin
The first week's supply is sent free. These
are sold at five cents a copy and provide
the money to order the following week at
wholesale prices.
who tell five or more copies,
win oe uistrinntpri ininn k.,-
Our Frpr booklet gives portraits of
ai7tniK tun! Oiuiki .i .. '
The Curtis Publishing Co.
' rcn street

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