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Subscriptions: One year, 13; one month,
25 ets; single copy, 1 cent.
Members of ill Publisher' Prem. The lmt
Mt leiegrtnihlo uewi from all art of the
world are received by the Dally Timet up to
tb uour of Rains to prs.
Frank K. Lai)i;liy, Publisher.
Published Eerr Weekday Afternoon.
Entered at tba poatnffice at Uarre a eoond
class matter.
Till RSDAY. MAY 14. 1903.
The average daily circulation of the
Barre Daily Times lor the week euding
Saturday was
copies, the largest paid circulation of any
daily paper in this section.
The no license element won a victory in
Exeter. X. II., Tuesday and celebrated by
ringing bells and burning red fire. Burn
ing red fire docs less damage than paint
ing a town red.
x . V n
hi I
7 tfct, T.MtLlf H
Unlike the residents of the "New Ver
mont," the earth thirsts and cannot quench
that thirst. It is extremely unfortunate
that the wet spell for the one cannot be
utilized for the other.
The division of New Hampshire Tues
day on the question of license or no license
was in the main the cities and large towns
against the rural communities, which
was natural and no doubt as it should be.
Most of the nearby New Hampshire
towns along the Connecticut river went
wet at Tuesday's special election, so the
Rutland Herald need not be alarmed
about St. Johnsbury's source of supply.
;st. Johnsbury Republican.
There was not the least bit of fear that
you wouldn't get the stuff.
The proposal of placing a rugged boul
der from the Vermont hills over the g"ave
of the late Dr. James Conland of Brattle
boro Is well suggested, and it is also a hap
py idea that the opportunity is offered to
everyone to assist in paying a slight trib
ute to the sterling character of this man.
If the scheme for a public hospital for
Barre is put under way it will be well to
follow the example of several other cities
and towns of the state and have a hospital
Sunday. That means that the Sunday
services at all the churches of the city will
be given over to the hospital and all con
tributions of the day will be for the bene
fit of that public institution. The churches
of the cities where the plan has been tried
have cooperated iu the movement and the
results have been quite satisfactory.
' A resourceful woman in Beldens, a little
town in Addison county, has settled the
tramp question as far as her house is con
cerned. A biir. burly knight of the road
called at her house recently and demand
ed food. Being refused the man showed
fight, whereupon the Beldens woman
whipped out a 42 calibre revolver from the J
folds of her dress. The last seen of the
tramp he was making hurried tracks to
cover his cowardly body. .And it Is ten to
one that the gun wasn't loaded either.
THEY wish they were old enough
to war his Clothes and he
wishes he were young enough for
theirs. No matter we have the
best Suits made, for them all.
From youth to old age.
Here are Suits for every stage.
. See our window display of New
Spring Toggery.
Rogers & Grady Co,,
Quinlcn Building, Barre, Vermont.
Ilia Oiva Make.
.We'd thank tha lelf made man If ha
Would only sometime stop
And curb In 3 wild deslra to be
forever talking shop.
v""- Philadelphia Press.
The Difference.
She Why, a bachelor la an object ol
public flerlslon!
He Yes; and a married man gets fcta
t homo. Puck. - , .
In Dandelion Time.
The skies have rau;;lit a deeper blue,
Thu titrds a sweeter ung;
The viillows wreathe themselves anew
In tender prifns ajuni?
The windinir brooks. The sheltered nooks
'Are bursting: all ablaze
With Btars untold of gleaming gold
In dandelion days.
No song more limpid or more sweet
Than yonder bird's; no sheen
Like that of grass beneath my feet
Than emeralds more cretn.
No softer breeze e'er stirred the trees
Than this, that gently sways
The budding beeeh beyond my reach
In dahdullon Cays.
The snnff re-echoes In the heart.
The breezes stir the blood:
Within the brain fresh fancies start
And wake a nobler mood.
Viewed through the clear, pure atmos
Life takes a loftier phase
And seems possessed of keener rest
In dandelion days.
A magic sppll rests on the year.
And time has stayed Its flisht.
For long lost sprirrjridea -reappear
In pageants of delight.
A child once more. I wonder o er
The meadow's starry maze.
And life forgets Its sharp regrets
In dandelion days.
-Julia E. Goodwin In Springfield Repub
lican. Hard Case.
Extraordinary Sale Women's Tailored Suits
Beginning Wednesday, Hay 6th, and continuing until they are sold, we
offer THIRTY SPRING SUITS, assorted sizes and styles, at only $8.75 each.
They have all been selected from our own stuck of High-grade Suits and are
: reduced from much higher prices.
L. P. H. C. GLEASON, Montpelier, Vt.
It IDS f
Interest Cleaned From Our
The state convention of the . Catholic
Order of Foresters will be held in St. Al
bans June 11.
The twenty-first annual encampment of
the Vermont division Hons of Veterans
will be held with C. S. Clark Camp, No. 6,
Stowe, June 10, 17 and 18.
It is understood among the Boston and
New York alumni of Norwich I; Diversity,
Northtield, that Allan I). Brown, presi
dent of Norwieh University, will resign
his position at the coming commencement
President Urown is in poor neaim ana
cannot cive the oflice the attention that it
A larM sawmill In Tlnmouth owned by
John V. Blauchard and Albeit V. Billa-
do of St. Albans, was destroyed by fire
Tuesday evening. The loss is $2,500. The
fire Is tbounht to have been of Incendiary
origin. This mill was recently completed
to take the place of the one on the sa.(ie
site burned by an incendiary last fall.
Henry Talbert, who was arrested at St.
Albans' Monday charged with intoxica
tion, and who Is now serving bis time in
jail, is wanted in Hardwick on the charge
of grand larceny. Jt appears that Tal
bert was In Hardwick Sunday and while
there stole ftlO. Part of the money has
been recovered by Sheriff Kelley. Tal
bert will be taken to the Caledonia connty
jatl as soon as his terra at St. Albans is
Station Bobbed of WiS Yesterday While
A geut Wan at Dinner.
Underbill, May 13. While the station
agent, 0. C. Abbott, was at dinner Wed
nesday noon, entrance was made into the
private office by some person or persons
climbing over the top of the lattice work
which incloses the otliee, and between S25
and f 2ti stolen.. -
Glasses fitted by an eye sight specialist
at J. V. lloltou'8.
mp - I )
Hiss Slique I didn't know that Pro
fessor Diggs was a woman hater.
Mr. Slabber Well, what makes you
think he Is?
Miss Slique Why, there he Is trying
to persuade Sapley to get .married.
St Louis Tost-Dispatch.
307 North'.Main St., Barre.
Working SkirU. 40c to 50c
H:n's Hose, per pair 5c to. 10c
Suspenders 15c to 50c
Ladies' Wrappers 50c to $1.25
Ladies' Skirts .50c to $2.00
Table Linens of all kinds and colors,
Towels, etc. Call and inspect stock.
During the past ten years the wealth of
the state of Maine has increased $100,000
000. The most of this Increase is due to
the building up of manufactories and the
utilization of the vast forests, while the
"summer colony" has added considerable
to that result. Maine is a favored state
in several respects. It has immense for
ests, some mineral resources, a sea eoast
and lastly, all the things that go to make
an attractive allurement for the sports
men. With such conditions the Increase
of the state's wealth was to be expected.
"Carbolized paper," sure preventive
carpet bugs and moths, at Perry's.
Ladies' tailored made suits in the latest
styles at Perry's.
silk coats, a new iot just in at
You .
Then come to us. Our show
room is the largest, our
stock is the largest and,
best of all, our prices are
the lowest. We want every
buyer to come in and test our
statements; they'll wash.
a fine display.
Vehicles, Harness, Blankets.
Wholesale andjldail.
St State St rwt, - Moutpelier, Vt,
John J. Roberts, superintendent of Nel
son Bros, slate quarry at West Pawlet,
met a horrible death Tuesday. He was
unloading powder and had gone into the
powder house with a keg under each arm
when he stepped on a dynamite cap. It
exploded as did all the dynamite in the
building. The powder bouse and contents
were blown up. Mr. lloberts was carried
some distance, lie was badly mangled
and torn and his clothing was set on fire.
He lived some time after being taken home
and conversed with his family about the
accident. A son was badly burned while
pulling the burning elothes from his fath
er. '
State Auditor Horace F Graham is
waiting for some one to bring mandamus
proceedings against him in connection with
a bill allowed by the court of claims. Sev
eral claims have been allowed by that
court, but Mr. Graham is in doubt as to
his authority to give orders on the state
treasurer under the act of the last
legislature which created the court and so
far has not drawn any orders for their
payment. A question has arisen as to the
constitutionality of the law and Mr. Gra
ham proposes to pay no money under it
until the supreme court has passed judg
ment on it. It is likely that a test ease
will be made soon and the matter adjudi
cated. Top Notch.
"But," persisted the St. Louis wo
man who had the chopping habit, "the
firm declares In Its advertisement that
It only nsks a fair price for Its goods."
"Exactly," replied her husband, "by
which It means a "world's fair price."
Philadelphia Catholic Standard and
tetter To A. P. Abbott.
Barre, Vt.
Dear Sir: It's an old saying: thebest
advertisement Is a pleased customer. f;S$
It happens to us continually in this way :
A man buys Devoe for his house he has
painted it once in three years for a dog's
age,and thinks he knows what he wants
buys SO gallons and has 10 left. ZHZHZ
ile says right off that 20 Devoe is as
much as ,10 of anything else. Ile likes
that; it comes quick; it is a surprise; and
he tells of it. The best advertisement is a
pleased customer. KSJ
Three years roll round. There isn't a
sign that his house needs paint, he don't
paint it. Next year he don't paint it. This
comes slow; it Is a surprise; but he has
got used to it. Still the best advertise
ment is a pleased customer.
Yours truly,
F. W. Devoe & Co.,
New York.
P. S. Ileynolds & Son sell our paint.
See it in A. A. Smith
& Brother's window.
William H. Pitkin,
Room 3, Miles Building, Barre, Vt.
The Vaughan Store!
Saturday Special, May 1 6th.
Ladies' Wrappers, 69c.
100 Splendid $1.00 and $1.25 Wrappers, good quality Per
cales, in all sizes and colors, trimmed with white and black nov
elty braid, separate waist lining. Nothing like this offered you
before this Summer at oar Sattff day special price, 69c,
50 White Aprons made of Lawn, with pockets, hemmed bot
tom, wide strings the largest Apron you-ever saw. Value, 38c.
Sattff day bargain, only 25c.
50 White Bretelle Aprons, made of fine quality Lawn, i -inch
hem, long wide strings, tucked bretelle and bib, real value 38 to
50c. Saturday bargain, only 25c.
H. Z, Mills Old Stand,
44 North Main St., - - - Barre, Vermont.
lew Clothing. Stores!
From the "Land of Flowers !"
ofr t Kg
We were more than pleased to be favored with &
5 your presence last Saturday, our Opening Day, and
win uc nappy tu nice 1 yuu iiuc ttgttui u ui; wuti
, We assure you that your patronage will Be duly
appreciated, and we will endeavor to merit a share of
2 th ume and make vmir visits here both oleasant and Sh
See the special sash nnd belt ribbons at
A. F. Abbott fc Co's for Saturday.
Try our perfumes.
Veale & Knight.
They are new.
Ask your grocer for Wise King Flour.
profitable to you.
Our line of merchandise cannot be excelled outside
2 the large cities. Every day this week will be an g
" Opening Day." Come in and see us!
Palo Alto -s
the floxsrer.
50c JPer Ounce.
Stanford Violet,
California Lilac,
Santa Barbara Heliotrope,
Mariposa Lily,
Rosemere, Coronado,
La Francisco,
Palo Alto Pink, '
The Finest Carnation Odor in
the World.
Try these Perfumes.'
They will please you.
D. F. Davis, "The Druggist,"
262 North Main St., - - Barre, Vermont,
Union Oothing Co.,
Old Skatinc Rink. Ocoosite Decot Scmare. Barre. Vt. 2
I We Clothe" I
It costs you but 5c to
prove that the
F !i T
WW jKk Jjtf JL
is one 0 the best
Cigars sold.
E. D. CLARK & CO., Distributors, - - - St. Albans, Vermont.
ittle man,
Tbe Man, the Boy and the Little
This store meets life in all phases. The
.11 .11 .
tne oouncing youtn, trie marrying man, his elder
brother and the husband of his mother-in-law we
clothe them all and any store that caters to all
classes is pretty sure to care for each one better be
cause It cares for all. You'll never pay too much for
your Clothes or wear poor Clothes if you buy them
here. We can give you Ready-made, Made-to-order
or lailor-made. Satisfaction guaranteed al
Mooife & Oweasj
Successors to D. M. Miles
Barre, Vermont.
122 North Main St.,

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