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If Ki-o-na Does Net Cure the Red
Cross Pharmacy Will Feturn
Your Honey.
Among all the remedies in the Ked Cross
Pharmacy, the iojiilar drug store, there
are few that they are williini to sell on a
guarantee to refund the money if they do
not cure. .Mio-iia, the famous dyspepsia
remedy, has made so many cures anions;
their customers that Mr. Iiickert says: " If
tnis remedy does not cure you. come back
to our store ami we will cheerfully return
your money."
Anyone who has dyspepsia, indigestion,
headaches, dizzy feelings, or liver troubles,
should take advantage of this chance to be
made well without any risk of spending
their money to no purpose. Mi-o-na will
cure; will regulate the digestion; will
enable am one to eat w hat he wants. If it
does not do all this, the medicine will not
cost you a cent.
The lied Cross Pharmacy has sold hun
dreds of boxes of Mio-n-a in the last few
weeks and has yet to receive the first com
plaint from any customer. Sueh a record
is simply marvelous and speaks volumes
for the merit of the remedy.
It is easy enough to till a column with
the symptoms afflicting those who have
dyspepsia, but there is no need of describ
ing their condition. What they want is a
cure. And they have It in Mi-o-na.
Do not suffer a day longer with disor
dered digestion. If Mi-o-na cures you it
costs fiOc a box", and if it does not, you
have the Bed Cross Pharmacy's personal
guaarantee to return your money.
A. W.
Climax, in the Postal Investigation-
Superintendent of FreeDelivery
Charged With Bribery.
XfiDSLEY'S mysteey.
Theory That Murderer n a Clnb
111 nn Itincrcdlted.
Irvlngtou, X. Y Mny 2.S. The Iden
tity of the man who shot mid killed
John Jloffernan near the Ardsley club
house on Sunday ni jlit continues to be
a mystery which bullies the local au
thorities. After the inquest here a
statement was circulated that Dr. liob
ert iK-nnlston told the coroner that
when lie was dying IleiTcnian told Id in
thnt he recognized the man who snot
Liin and knew him to be one of the
members of the Ardsley club. Dr.
Denniston said later:
"That statement is a lie. I was with
Ileft'ernan when lie was dying iu the
Dobhs l-'prry hospital. lie was con
scious ami perfectly rational. ' I asked
him if he could describe ids assailant,
nnd ho said: 'The man was well dress
ed, but he did not look like a man who
was accustomed to good clothes. He
did not look like a gentleman.' I have
not the slightest Idea who lie could be.
I think ho mistook me for one of the
Ardsley club members nnd tackled me
for lite- purpose of robbing me. When
he told me to throw up my hands 1 1
grappled with him nnd he shot Il)e., "
Washington, May 2S.-A. "W. Maehen,
superintendent of the free delivery
service-, who was relieved from duty
some time Ago, ha" been arrested at
the instigation of the post cilice de
partment charged, with receiving
bribes from contractors. These bribes
are supposed to aggregate ?20,000.
Fourth Assistant Postmaster General
Bristow has issued the following state
"Mr. A. W. Machcn, general super
intendent free delivery system, has
been arrested. lie is charged with re
ceiving bribes amounting in nil to
about $22.(XiO In connection with a eon
tract held by Grolf Pros, of Washing
ton, for a patent fastener used on
street letter boxes, known as the Groff
fastener. The post office department
in the past ten years has used about
$100,000 worth of these fasteners, and
it Is shown by ample evidence that
for the past three years at least Mr,
Machen has been receiving 40 per cent
of the amounts paid to the Groffs.
The transaction of the business was
conducted by Diller B. Groff, who con
trols the patent of his brother, Samuel
M., a policeman."
The arrest of Mr. Machcn was the
concluding act of a a examination of
him which was conducted for three
hours by Fourth Assistant l'ostmaster
General Bristow, Inspector Fosnes,
who relieved Mr. Machen as chief of
the free delivery system, and i'ost Of
fice Inspector Myer, At the conclusion
of the examination Deputy United
States Marshal Springraan was called
Into General Bristow's oflice and made i
the arrest.
Fatal Illiixe of lai'f nilinry Orlftf
evr Tk urk Ylut.
New York, May 2-V Three children
perished with their mother In a lire in
a five story apartment house at 300
West One Hundred and ' Thirty-fifth
street, and the father and a fourth
child and another tenant were serious
ly burned.
The fire was started by an incen
diary, and the police are searching for
a man who, with his hands covered
with oil, was seen running from the
place Immediately after the Are started.
Fire Marshal Freel found stairways
as far up as the third floor soaked with
kerosene oil. It appeared as if the in
cendiary had been at work In the house
for a long time before-he was discov
ered by Johnson.
That more persons were not burned
in the Are is attributed to the action of
a rnotorman on an elevated train who
saw the smoke and blew the compress
ed air whistle. The screeching of the
whistle aroused the whole neighbor
Captain Martens said that the fire
was believed to have been started by a
tenant of the house who had been evict
ed. He also said there had been many
brawls among the tenants In the block.
and a
One Hundred Shot Klred
Uunrd Killed.
Thurmond, W. Va., May 2S.The
first serious outbreak since the late
strike order was issued lias occurred
at the Big Q mines on Laurel creek not
far from here. For several days the
strikers at that point have been mak
ing an effort to induce the nonunion
men to join their ranks. The strikers
began marching in a Itody toward the
mines. The guards on duty, half a
dozen iu number, at sight of the march
ing body opened fire.
The strikers quickly returned the
fire, but as they were yet at long range
the shooting was not effective, and
only one person, Marshall Brown, a
guard, was killed in the battle. Sev
eral received minor injuries. Brown
was shot through the stomach, the bul
let being from a Winchester, and he
.lived but a short time. More than luC
shots were fired before the strikers re
treated. More trouble is anticipated.
To Succeed O. V. Miller.
Washington, May 28. Edwin W.
Lawrence of Rutland, Vt., bus been
appointed assistant attorney in the of
lice of the assistant attorney general
for the post oflice department to suc
ceed Daniel V. Miller, recently re
moved. Mr. Ijiwrence is a member ot
the Vermont liar. The investigation ot
affairs in the assistant attorney gen
eral's oltice continues, but there are no
further developments.
The Iliiltfni-lii Safe.
Now York, -May 28. The agents ol
the Hamburg-American line in this
city have received a dispatch from
Halifax, N. S., saying the steamer Bul
garia has arrived. All were well od
board. She carried 2,000 immigrants.
The Bulgaria left Hamburg on May Vi
and Boulogne on the 15th for Balti
more and was spoken on May 20, lat
itude 41.10, longitude 30,r..'t, by the
steamer Mirmetonka, which arrived
here May 25. She signaled she was
not under command, but did not re
quire any assistance.
Defendant's I)anffliter Dencrinea the
. Alleged Murder.
Monticello, N. Y., May 2S.-At the
opening of the trial of Mrs. Taylor,
charged with killing her husband, the
prisoner appeared fresh and in good
spirits. District Attorney Anderson
continued the examination of Ida May
Dekay, The door which separated the
kitchen from the bedroom in the Tay
lor house was brought into court and
Ida described minutely bow her mother
had stood in the doorway and deliber
ately bred at Taylor and bow she had
afterward cut up and disposed of the
Ex-District Attorney W. W. Smith,
senior attorney for the defense, put the
witness through, a rigid and thorough
cross examination, but was not able to
confuse her or break down her story.
Mrs. Taylor keeps her eyes fixed upon
the girl, a ml no sentence spoken by her
escapes her.
The Cotton Market.
New York. May 28. The volume of
speculation in the cotton market, was
small. The overnight developments
were conflicting. Liverpool at the
time of the local opening was about
as expected on the old crop, but higher
than duo on the new crop. The mar
ket here opened 2 points lower on the
near months nnd unchanged to 4
points higher on the late positions,
the greatest loss being recorded iu
August, which sold at 10.70 on the
call. Following the call the market
ruled quiet, but after declining 3 to A
points further on the near position!
was about steady. -
4. fv , Ki.-,iJ
oi hi voir i
team" lliADt Nam --
Grant Trnlnmen'n Demand.
Denver, May 28. Grand Master Mor
rissey of the Brotherhood of Baiiway
Trainmen, which is in national con
vention here, has received a telegram
from Milwaukee to the effect that the
Wisconsin railroad system had grant
ed the demand of its trainmen for au
increase of wages. Conferences con
corning this have been in progress fot
more than three weeks. The demand
was for an increase of 15 per cent foi
the freight men ami 12 per cent foi
the passenger men.
Political C'rlMiM In (annila,
Victoria, B. C. May 28.-British Co
lumbia is on the eve of a political
crisis, presumably resulting from the-
Investigation into the circumstances
surrounding the Columbia and westeri
land grants. It is said that I). M
Ebarts, attorney general, and W. C
Wells, commissioner of lands and
works, have resigned, or are on the
point of resigning. It is generally be
lieved that dissolution and general elec
tion will follow.
Kteninshli. Huddemneld Sank In Col
lixion. London, May 28. The British steam
ship Huddersfield, which left Antwerp
at a o clock for Grimsby, collided with
the Norwegian steamship Uto, from
Ito.tterdam, near Sdeftingcn.
The Huddersfield foundered. The
passengers, numbering about twenty,
were drowned. They were mostly
former seamen who were returning to
England to draw their pay;
It is believed they were crushed in
the collision by the Uto's bows.
Jim Dumps' grandchild, sly little elf,
Cried, "Grandpa, on the lowest shelf
Please put the food I like the best,
So I caa reach It with the rest.
I just love 'Force,'" she said to him.
"'Force' you shall have," said "Sunny Jim.
f in sS
Tlie IteaUy-to-Scrvii Cereal
liKed aliHe
by young and old.
Sho Likes It. '
"I am a little plrl seven years old. We rise 'Force' for
breakfast and like it. , Jessie Maoakbt Richardson,"
Ml i
Iowa anil Missouri Towns Devastated
and. Many Persons Dead,
Latest Visitation "Wreck .11 Isaonrl
Yillntte of Elmo-I'revlon Tor
nado Wiped Ilotnu, la.,
Ott the Map.
if ft Si Pi
medication fr
different arid
i immeasurably
superior to
talcum puwder
and lotions
for all
lit liinq. Chafing, Scakiimj, Sunburn,
3 el tie Rash, Burns, Pimples, Wounds.
I After Shaving, Tender Feet, Offensive
liody Odors, and Bed Sores.
A Perfectly Ideal Baby Powder.
Al Oruo Stora, c. JLnrQt trial pka. free.
ComtortPnwitRreo.. HnrtfAM
, , v..
Ricked & Wclb, W.'Ji. GhidmS, L A. Drown.
I -v-lt nt Helena.
IToleim. Mont.," May 28. l'rositloni
Roosevelt' special train nrrived hen
over the Northern racific at 8::i0 a. m
An immense crowd was at the statior.
to proet the president. After an in
formal reception at the station I'resi
dent Roosevelt and Secretary Loeb, ae
companled by Governor Toole one
Mayor Edwards, entered carriages ant!
the parade moved to the eapitol, .when
the 'president made a thirty minutes
Trolley Car Held I .
Portland, Ore., May 2H.-An electric
car on the Oregon City line lias been
held up by three masked men at Mid
way station. B. r.oynton, assistant
superintendent of the company, waf
robbed of a gold watch nnd $20. The
robbers secured .$oo in cash from the
Kin Victor's Visit to l'ai ls.
Taris, May 28. Official arrangements
have been concluded for a visit of Kins
Victor Emmanuel of Italy to Tavls on
July S or 7, The question, concerning
the date is due to the uncertainty as tc
Whether the king will go to London be
fore coming to Paris. Elaborate fes
tivities will be arranged here in his
majesty's honor.
lrlxh luduntrlex at St. Louis.'
London, May 28. The Irish depart
ment of agriculture has decided to or
ganize a special exhibit of Irish indus
tries for the s;t. Louis exposition. The
secretary for Ireland, Mr. AVyndhnm
in making this announcement in the
house of commons, said the depart
mont had been informed that if it
undertook the organization of an ex
Libit a special pavilion would be pro
vided from American sources. The de
partment was now in correspondence
on the subject with the royal commis
sion, whose co-operation iir the proj
ect had been secured.
SiMiuiKh War Veteran.
Washington, May 28 Colonel M. T
Trell, commander in chief of the Span
lsh AVar Veterans, has announced that
the national .'encampment of the or
ganization this year will be held in
New Haven, Conn. The dates of the
encampment have not been fixed defi
nitely, but they probably will be Sept.
28-30. It is expected that President
Roosevelt will attend the encampment.
When Fagged Out From the Heat.
Refresh Your Whole System With a
Sip of Quinona.
CI. D. 01B80N MACK,
110 Treniont St., Boston, says of
Blanchard, la., May 2S.-A most de
structive and fatal tornado struck the
town of Elmo, Mo., eight miles south
of Blanchard and just across the Mis
souri state line. Nine persons were
killed outright and five were injured.
some of whom may die.
The storm caila from the northeast
and first struck the Wabash depot.
The Masonic temple next was demol
ished. On the lower floor of the tem
ple was a general merchandise store,
in which were several citizens. The
building was torn .to pieces beforo any
warning was received, and tlie victims
were buried beneath tlie wreckage.
Of the fourteen persona in the store
only five escaped death, and three re
ceived injuries which in two or three
cases may prove fatal. Tlie storm
passed on through the town, leaving
but a few buildings standing. A relief
party at once began the rescue of those
in the ruins of the temple, and nine
bodies were removed to an improvised
morgue. Five others were taken out,
some with broken legs and arms and
in each case serious if not fatal in
Tlie storm came on with great sud
denness and almost destroyed tlie town
before the people realized what had
happened. After leaving Elmo it con
tinued into, the country in a south
west direction, and it is feared more
fatalities have occurred. Several dwelf-
mgs are known to have Mown to
pieces, but the fate of their occupants
is unknown. A deluge of rain added
to the misfortune of the stricken peo
ple. Village of Itotnit I)-M r j ert.
When wire communication with in
terior towns was opened up it became
apparent that the tornado in Iowa
caused far greater loss than was at
first reported. A report from Rotna,
in Shelby county, received by way of
Audubon, says that tlie town of Rotna
was completely demolished nnd many
of the farmhouses near that place
were wrecked. At Rotna a large
church and the Owat Western depot
are among the buildings known to
have been wrecked. No definite news
of casualties from there had been re
ceived. At Creston ten dwellings were
blown off their foundations and Mrs
S. E. Troop and her daughter were in
jured in the wreckage of their home.
Ten miles north" of Gray, Audubon
county, two children are reported
killed in tlie wreckage of a farmhouse
and five others injured seriously. All
were occupants of one house.
Succumb to Injtirii-- Ileeelved In
Automobile llace.
roi tiers, France, May 28. Marcel
Renault, the well known racer and
maker of automobiles, who was over
turned in a deep ditch near Couhe
Verac, twenty-one miles from here,
during the first stage of the Paris
Madrid race" started Sunday morning,
died at Couhe Verac from tlie effect of
the Injuries which he sustained.
Renault never recovered full con
sciousness from the timo Maurice Far
man found him stretched out beside
the track. He did not recognize his
aged mother, who had been nt Lis bed
side constantly since Tuesday night.
Ether and caffein were frequently
administered hypodermieally to alle
viate the patient's suffering. He also
was given a slight draft of champagne.
His liead was constantly incased in
Henry Jeannof, M. Renault's machin
ist, who is suffering from a broken
shoulder, has been removed in an am
bulance to his home, his mother ac
companying him.
Novel Course In the University
f Michigan.
two oificees aeeested.
Professor Trneblootl, to Stimulate
Interest Among: Student With.
Spring Ferer, Circa Instruction
on How to Propose Kneels Ilcfore
Coeds and Plead In Impassioned
Tones For Their Hands.
The University of Michigan has add
ed a new course to its curriculum, one
that may best be styled a course in
love making, says a special dispatch
from Ann Arbor, Mich., to the Chicago
Tribune. Professor Truehlood .is the
inventor of tlie novel scheme, and his
course, which has been hitherto shuu
ued as one of the toughest at the uni
versity, now seems likely to lieeome
the most popular study on the cam
pus. Ever since the spring vacation ex
pired Professor Trueblood has been
trying different methods of exciting in
terest in his class in order to reduce
the ranks of the absentees from classes
who had spring fever. A few days ago
he hit upon the successful plan, ami
now the many visitors who attend his
Russian Lieutenants Intended to Kill
II 1Kb. Personage.
Berlin, May 28. The Lokal Anzeiger
prints a dispatch from St. Petersburg
announcing that the arrest of two of
ficers of the artillerv of the minnl
Lieutenants Grigorieff and Molostvov, elassc"' are the spectators of thrilling
iiaa caused a painful sensation in mil- " ' "" l iItJ Ulms a "ay roresii
itary circles. The arrests were the re-. or Trueblood is forced to kneel before
suit of the seizure of correspondence Somo U)ai(lf'l ami show his pupils the
of the most compromising, revolution- rl''lt Wa' to l!wlne their devotion to
ary character. im'ir sweeniearts
Lieutenant Grigorieff told the exam
ining judge, that he had decided to
shoot the procurator of the holy synod,
I'odjedonoszef. tlie day of the burial
of M. Sipiagtiine, the minister of the
interior, who was shot and killed In
April, liXC, but when lie saw the fee
ble old man he changed his mind. .
Lieutenant Molostvov also admitted
he had intended to kill a high person
age. The examinations of prisoners have
been conducted with rigor in order to
uncover suspected plots.
- Mr. McC'oriuick Indicted.
Memphis, Term., May US. The grand
jury has returned an Indictment against
Mrs. Lizzie McCormick, charging mur
der in the first degree. Mrs. McCor
mick is charged with sending a bottle
of poisoned whisky to a woman in
Cincinnati, which caused tlie death of
an express agent who drank the whis
ky while it was in transit.
'I t.Hik a lMttk of rjninona and
- ;?Ju,TTlM, "'f 'Wui i.
when 1 wan. exhausted from 'tlie l,,t
f ill.- ilny or overwork. 1 know tlmt
tins compound is my pheet anchor."
Quinona will give you the strength
necessary to feel "right" all summer.
Your druggist sells it.
Closlnx Snloon at Bremerton.
Seattle, Wash., May 28. The people
of Bremerton have taken steps to com
ply fully with all requirements of the
government regarding the closing of
saloons. In a written communication
to the commandant of the Bremerton
navy yard Mayor Croxtou has notified
that official that the council lias passed
resolutions which will not only result
in the removal of every saloon within
the near future, but which places tlie
council on record as pledged against
the issuance of any more saloon li
Five Indicted For "l'eonne."
Montgomery, Ala., May 28. The fed
eral grand jury now in session here
has returned five additional indict
ments charging "peonage." The names
of those indicted are withheld pending
arrest. Government officials refuse to
discuss the cases, but it is intimated
that persons charged with this offense
will be rigorously prosecuted. Many
negroes have been summoned to Mont
gomery to testify before the grand
Exiled Hm n Inn Chief.
Constantinople, May 2S.-Fortv-sev
en Albanian chiefs who have been ex
lied to Asia Minor have passed through
Ihe Bosporus on board a transport
bound for a Black sea port. The Ser
vian legation has notified the porto
that the situation in Old Servia is com
pelling families to seek refuge in Ser
Porto Itlco Collector Accused.
ssan Juan, Porto Kieo, May 28. As a
result of the visit here of Customs In
spector Leslie M. Culloui, charges have
been filed at Washington against Col
lector Cruzen, alleging irregularities in
the conduct of the San Juan oflice.
Prominent Mmioractnrer Ifeud.
Uochester, N. Y., May 2& Harley J.
Howe, known throughout the country
as a scale manufacturer, has died from
rheumatism of the heart. He was six
ty-nine years of age.
Hay State Uan Kecelver.
Philadelphia, May 2S.-Judge Dallas
has announced tlie appointment of
George W. Pepper of Philadelphia as
receiver of the Bay State Gas com
pany. . "
A Postmaster Appointed.
Washington, May 28.-J. W. Fagon
has been appointed fourth class post
master at Little lladdam, Conn.
Killed liy Small Playmate.
Pin infield, X. ,T., May 28. Theresa
AVatson, the ten-yenr-old girl who wat
shot with a Flobert rifle by William
James, also ten years old, on Saturday
last, has cited froin the effects of the
I "Put more life Into your plea," -Le
nnys, "v ny, you don't show a trace of
Then the awe ' inspired student
watches his professor show how ho
used to do It, and then pets down again
to rave and entreat the subject to be
his alone. L'ach budding orator takes
Lis place before a blushing maid, and
no matter how smoothly the pair may
have progressed in private the profess
or finds some fault with the public
"No, kneel on both" kneos-rnow hold
her hand, it impresses her more so,"
and the old professor again kneels ami
goes through it all ove again.
First steps up the bashful student
who simpers, blushes and stammers,
while he talks.
. "Please, miss," he will say, "I love
you dearly. Will you marry me?" For
it is ten to one that he has enjoyed
himself so much laughing at Ids pred
ecessors that he has failed to observe
even what Professor .Trueblood con
quers tne proper form.
"Oh, my," the professor breaks out,
'the little you know about this busi
ness is astonishing!
"Now, you wouldn't accept him if he
couldn't do better than that, would
ou, Miss ?
"Look, now. I'm tired of your not
paying closer attention. Get on your
knees gracefully; like this, you
"P-cnch over and grasp her hand
wifli both of yours-both, mind-then
Make your proposal, but make it as 'a
wna, not as if you didn't half tiean It.
'liaise your voice.
"Speak with passion.
"If your subject doesn't suit, I will
give you another.
"I did think men ought to be taught
to propose, but I didn't know tliey were
nil as ignorant as you seem to be."
Again the poor professor to
to get down on his soro knees and pour
out another plea for the maiden's hand.
Then, at the end of the hour, the class
passes out, only to make room for more
or the orators, who must be shown.
I rofessor Trueblood thinks he has to.
do more than his share of the work,
but in spite of that he think he will
be well repaid if he is
the road to success for inn nf i,ta
pupils. ,
I don't think it is fair for Mm tn
make the boys in the class do all the
work, said one Student. "I xrlsb. bo
would make the girls try it once in
Professor Trueblood addresses few
remarks of correction tn i,
their parts. He says he feally doesn't
know me best way for them to do.
They must learn by the experience ho
'8 tlvinc them.

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