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Subscriptions: One year, $3; one month,
25 eta; single copy, 1 cent.
Member, of ibe Publisher,' PfeB. Th Int
ent teiewaphlc new, from kll i'rt of iht
world re received by the ltljr Tune op to
lb Duur of goiug to presa.
Frank K. Lungley, PnblUhfT.
Pobllshmt Kverr WwkdT Afternoon.
Entered t the pouflii t Brre M leootid
class Biktter.
THI KSDAT, MAT 38, 1903.
The average dully circulation of the
Barre Daily Times for the week ending
fcaturoay was
copies, the laryest paid circulation of any
daily paper in this section.
One might think from the figures of
Ilarre's tax rate, 2 that it Is a marked
down sale that the city 1s offering.
Re-Mark-able Ilanna of Ohio has now
withdrawn his objection to the nomina
tion of Theodore Itoosevelt for the presi
dency. The cloud, was Bcarcely black
enough at any rate to darken Iloosevelt's
political horizon. ,
The Rutland News pays a deserved trib
ute to a captain in the Rutland fire depart
ment who met a'tragie death Tuesday eve-
nine, as follows: "There Is no greater
hero, either in -war or peace, than the fire
fighter who dies in the performance of his
duty. Ail honor, then, to John F. Corey
whose life was crushed out while hasten
ing to answer the alarm."
"You cannot always judge heroic char
acters by the cut of the man's clothes,"
said Rev. Mr. Barr, a Presbyterian clergy
man of Quiney, Mass,, and he spoke
world of truth in that sentence. The con
nection of the truism was with a sermon
delivered by him last Sunday, the subject
being "Heroes of Toil."
The fact that a banking house which
bought last year's issue of Barre city wa
ter bonds at a good premium and is now
trying to dispose of them at par, is noth
ing against the bonds or the city's credit
Money rates are higher this year than last
and bonds that were saleable at a good
premium last year cannot find a market
this. Like everything eke, money costs
more this year than last, and the broker
could afford to make a discount to sell the
Barre bonds and then place it where it
could bring a much higher rate.
. (. )
.v -
; A It . .
I '. I ft I
Store I efnl.
F.lmrpe .Cvory one sc-tns to be work
ing tramp joke tb ve days.
NVealtou H'm! turner Fume one
don't work the tramps. Chicago News.
Vi i ii . . ml'i t
Bring in your face here are
the top prices ! Come in and look
at our Straw Hats. All this year's
styles, 50c to $5.00.
The 'lrol Ifle" Anthr.
I love to tawe my rn In hund
On nny theme in gi.ht;
TVie U'sn that I can understand
Tha more I like to write
Washington Star.
What Kept Them Apart.
Belle-II t thinks I'm pretty, docs he?
Lena Yf3. He says it is the regret
Of his life that you hare no money.
rhiladclphia Public Ledger.
Proper Supplten.
The Iff -man now lays In supplies
Of papt-r from the mills
In quantities of massive size
On w hich to write his bills.
Brooklyn Eaglp.
It Will Pay You to Visit the Busy Store
And see the new Neckwear, Hosiery,
Gloves, Belts, Shirt Waists, Ribbons,
Corsets, Underwear, Summer Dress
Goods, Trimmings and Ready-to-Wear
Suits, Skirts and Garments.
Rogers & Grady Co.,
Quinlen Building, Barre, Vermont.
I ten) of
The Times is pleased to note the follow
lug Hyde Park item in the Morrisville
News and Citizen: ''The recent arrest of
a few men for drunkenness is all right ;but
there should be no discrimination what
ever. The law should be meted out alike
to all, and every person who gets under
the influence of mm and makes himself
obnoxious and disgraceful should b
brought to time,' It certainly shows the
right attitude to take in relation to offen
ces of intoxication.''. If any arrests are to
be made for Intoxication there most cer
tainly should be no discrimination on ac
count of money or social or business posi
tion. A man who abuses his privilege and
lowers himself enough to become intoxica
ted should have the same treatment that
is accorded all persons who are brought
into court on that charge There is apt to
be discrimination made in every town.
The sentiment expressed In the Morrisville
contemporary Is the correct one.
Interest defined From Our
Forest fires have burned over 150 acres
belonging to L.II. Felton and R. II. Brown
in the western part 01 f ranKiin coumy. .
A two-story house on Pine street, New
port, owned by F. If. Morns, was ourneu
vesterdav. It was occupied by three fa-
- . . , rt-t -
mutes. Toe furniture was saveu. nw
lire was caused by children playing with
an oil stove. -
The Second Congregational church at
Hartford, one of the oldest churches in
that town and originally a town clmreh.
was retledicated 'iuesday evening m tne
presence of a large congregation.
Mr. and Mrs. Gilman Richardlon cele
brated the 60th anniversary of their mar
riage at the home of Calvin v. hicham
son of Worcester, May 19. Many friends
and relatives were present. A sum of
monev and manv valuable articles were
presented to the aed couple. The Rev.
J. W. lllsley made the presentation speech.
The listers' returns of Hyde Park show
the amount of first class property in that
town to be $161,075, second class, $250,
725, personal, 22(1,24, polls, $770. mak
ing a total of $713,084. Last year the lis
was S704.647, making the increase thi:
year U, 027. The number of polls this
year Is 3S5 as against 420 of last year.
The soldier exemption passed at the last
session, makes a large part of the decrease.
If any incident of the many that are
constantly happening at the state asylum
for the insane deserves investigation, this
most recent one, in which a patient re
ceived a fracture of thtee ribs, needs such
an investigation. To be sure the conse
quences of the incident were not. so seri
ous as in the ease of Mrs. Bennett who
died from the injuries received in being
scalded, but there was much less of the
accidental in this breaking of the bones of
an insane patient, such as happened Tues
day. If those who raised a cry for an in
vestigation some weeks ago were to raise
the same demand now there would be ful
ly as much justification, iu the opinion of
the Times. In the former case it was es
tablished beyond peradventure that the
causes leading up to the death of Mrs.
Benuett were purely, accidental. In this
latest case It is hot so certain. Here Is a
patient who tried to escape from the insti
tution, a man of rather small size and
weighing only 140 pounds. It was further
stilted that the man, whose name is Flan
ders, was plae'ed in the excitable ward.
Two attendants were with him at the time
he tried to escape, and it is supposed that
the attendants were of at least as mneh
weight and strength as the patient, yet in
order to prevent his escape the attendants
threw him to the floor and in the fall one
of the attendants landed on the prostrate
man hard enough to fracture three ribs.
The question arises whether undue vio
lence was not used, contrary to the rules
of the institution. There is, it would
seem, a chance for on Investigation,
Deputy Health Otlicer C. R. Aldrich of
Brattleboro went to Halifax yesterday to
quarantine a ease of smallpox in the fami
ly of Winiiekl Houghton, Mr. Houghton's
twelve year old daughter being the pa
tient. The girl thought she had ivy pol-
soiling and went to a Brattleboro drug
store for a remedy. The druggist saw that
the eruption was more serious than ivy
poisoning and called Deputy Aldrich and
Dr. H. D. Holton of the state board of
health, both of whom diagnosed the case
as smallpox. There were not many exposures.
As an Illustration os tha duration of the
present drouth, C. B. Hill of Richford tells
the following: Early iu the spring a pair
of robins started a nest in the piazza eaves
trough near the conductor. Mr. Hill re
marked that the robins would get drowned
but the nest was fmished.theeggs laid and
batched and the young ones reared unti
they are nearly ready to tly, and there bas
not been enough rain at any time to fill
the eaves trough behind Hie nest. Did the
robins know by a keener instinct than our
own that this was a safe season to build a
nest iu such a situation'.'
' Chnoffeor Versa Duclixt.
Otttnger There goes Count Nodougb,
.the famous duelist
Henriques Did he ever kill any one?
Ottinger Not until recently, -when
he became a chauffeur. Judge,
The Exception. .
"Do you really think I'm different
from other girls, George?"
"Why, yes that Is, of course, with
the exception of your twin sister."
New York Kvening Journul.
Upton's Fleet Leaves 5eeenoel.
Greenock. May Sir Thomas Dip-
ton's fleet has left Greenock for Gou
rock preparatory to sailing for Amer
ica.- Large crowds of people gathered
to bid the crews farewell, and good
wishes w(re signaled from the ships
in the harbor.
Th Ilval Ileuson.
Tan Quizz Do you cujoy modern
grand opera?
P.. Sharpe No; I'm musical
Orleans Times-Democrat.
A I'enultr of Ease.
The lasey inun may have his wish,
l:ut for success atones.
He misses many a dainty fish
Because he fears the bones.
Uoaton HeraJd,
The Difference.
Customer See here; this watch
doesn't run half the time.
Jeweler Well, your account does.
San Francisco Examiner.
liiinxia Making; llintory.
When the great bear sits him down his
history to write.
When he takes a newer page to chronicle
hia mifrht.
We must s i and and look at him, afar and
stricken dumb,
While we read with startled eyes the
pases as they come.
Ite must spread a massive leaf, a league
long one, because
He must write his history with blood upon
his paws.
Ha must dip his ink afresh from littla
children's hearts
When to make a chapter in hia history he
He must make it redder yet with woman's
tortured blush;
All the blood of Innocence he dips with
brutal runh, ,
Dips It on his recking paws and blotches
it and bl en ra
it upon the drippintr page that shall last
through the years. .
Sword and fire and bludgeon, too, he uses
one and all.
For the margin of each page must startle
and appall,
Must have delicate designs devised by
. Borne weird tiend, -Dainty
ornaments Jn blood from babies
yet rinweaned.
Cut tha living history ho seta down with
his paws (,...;:,:.&!.. -';:::-Soaked
and drenched and dropping gore
from hair and ekin and claws,
- -"V'
When tha great bear sits him down his
history to write,
All the field that makes his page is black
er than the night;
All the world without his land looks on
and hears tha moans.
Hears tha prayers and the shrieks that
die In stifled tones.
This the page the great bear writes and
(spreads for me and you;
This the page he writes In blood, and
God he reads it too!
Chleag j Tribune.
L. P. H. C. GLEASON, Montpelier, Vt.
-Mini in j iihii i .imii in i a niwiilir "" rr
Cbolly Your father told me that,
was the black sheep of the family.
Mabel What did you eay?
The enltan of Turkey Is a crack
shot with a pistol, and bas been seen
to write his name on a wall twenty
five paces away with bullets.
The khedive of Egypt is fond of
hones, . and has the most costly set
tt harness iu the world. It was made
In England, cost $10,000, and ia for
four horses.
The official title of the king of Por
tugal is a rather imposing one. It i3
"kin? of Portugal and the Algarvea
within and beyond the eoas, ia Africa
lord of Guinea, and of the navigation
and commerce of Ethiopia, Arabia,
Persia, and of the West Indies."
The king of Denmark, who is eighty
five years old, is one of ten children,
of whom throe survive. The average
age of the ten is nearly seventy -one.
The late queen was one of five who
averaged sixty-five years. Their de
scendants occupy the thrones of Great
Britain, Russia,-Denmark, Greece and
Harvard will expand her present de
partment of education into a school as
loon as the necessary funds are se
rured. Professor O..A. Ewald, professor in
the Berlin university, has arrived in
this country and will give a' series of
lectures to several colleges of medicine.
Professor W. R. Shipman, the first
dean of Tufts college, recently observ
ed bis sixty-seventh birthday, lie has
been a member of the Tufts faculty for
thirty-nine years.
The Vaughan Store!
Special Extraordinary.
Ladies' Neckwear 25c,
For Friday and Saturday.
Vehicles! Harness!
VEHICLES of all sorts from the fight run
about to the heavy farm wagon. We have
fifty styles on the floor to select from and
oot prices are low.
HARNESS that stand the test of service,
that have style ane finish, for city or farm,
and all at our popular low prices. Don't boy
a harnees until yoa see ours,
84 State Street, - - - - - Montpelier,) Vermont.
The'GodJard Quartet
and Orchestra -
Miles' Hall,
Thursday Evening,
, May 26th.
Wright . Ditson
Golf Goods!
We are -making very low prices on complete outfits.
Get our prices before you buy,
Try our ruvv twenty-cent Golf Balls.
48 No. Main St., Opp. Nat'l BanK,
Ice Cf earn and Soda . W ate !
M. F. HARRINGTON, ZU North Main Street.
Good taste does not imply extravagant outlay, and it is
always our greatest ambition to offer tasteful, artistic selec
tions at very moderate prices. Our special for FRIDAY
and SATURDAY will be the CLIMA'X SALE of the season.
We put on sale for our two days' special more than-one thou
sand pieces of Ladies' and Misses' Neckwear,
Ladies' Automobile Ties; Ladies' Needlework Turnover Ties; Lawn
Ties, deep embroidery ends, ia all colors i Ladies' Soft Stock Collars ; Colored
Linen Stocks; Hemstitched Linen Stocks; Long Silk Wash Ties, silk em
broidery ; Silk Collars with tabs embroidered in silk, with patterns of cherries
and strawberries, etc.
Never before have the ladies of Barre and vicinity been
offered such a great array of matchless bargains in all that , is
pretty, dainty, graceful and exquisite in Neckwearmany
new and exclusive patterns never shown before all to be sold
Friday and Saturday at half their usual worth, 25c each.
NOTE Thejvonderfd success we have had with this line has tempted
the manufacturers to send us forty-eight 75c Ties to be put in this sale at 25c.
H. Z. Mills' Old Stand,
44 North Main St., - - - - Barre, . Vermont,
Time, Trouble and Expense !
Saved by shaving at home.
We hive Brushes, Mugs
Soap, Cold Cream, Face
Lotions, etc. all the best.
are warranted. Prices from
$1.00 to $3.00.
the original Horse Tail Strop, is
unsurpassed. Ste them and get prfca.
D. F. Davis, "The Druggist'
262 North Main St., - Barre, Vermont.
. We can furnish you with the leading brands of Flour
: at the lowest prices in the city.
Pillsbury's Best Bread Flour, - .
Ceresota Bread Flour, - ... ,. .
Silver Sheaf, the best all-round Flour in the city -
We expect a carload of the fam
week and we wili be prepared to take ycur order.
Telephone 45-2. 200 No.tf. iw.,
'amous Ice Cream!
Srawberry with Fresh Fruit I Pineapple with Fresh Fruit I
Tamlla and Chocolate 1
The Barre CTdy Kitchen.

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