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BABRE, VT., FBI DAY, MAY 29, 1003.
hastern Vermont Still
Thousands of Acres of Timber Land
in that Section Have Been
Burned Over.
Colebrook, N. II., May 28. The forest
fire in Ferdinand, Granby and Lewis, Vt.,
was still raging tonight with unabated
fury. The lands over which it was sweep
ing are owned by George Van Dyke and
the Burgess Sulphite company, whose loss
is Inestimable.
Thousands of acres of timber have been
destroyed. A hundred men were lighting
the flames.
The broad stretch of flame tonight was
beaded on the south toward the town of
Lewis and on the north toward an un
broken forest thirty miles in extent.
Man Would Otherwise Have Scalded to
Death In Wreck.
Newark, N. J., May 2'.). The east
bound freight on the Pennsylvania road
crashed Into a derailed freight in the low
er end of the city this morning killing two
laborers w ho were at work helping to re
place the derailed train, injured tive oth
ersjand badly scalded the engineer and
fireman at the east bound train. One lab
orer was caught in such a position in the
wreck he had to have his arm cut off by
his companions to save him from being
scalded to death by steam from the wreck
ed locomotive.
Kecnncillatlon With Ilia Oltl
Father, the lienernl.
rouglikfopsle, N- V., May -'O.-Colo-nel
Johnston L. I'c Pcyster, only sur
viving sou of General J. Watts He
Peyser, lias diod at Jib country seat at
TlvoIi-on-tUo-lIudsyn of cirrhosis of the
liver, wiih which lie had been ailik-ted
for two years. Colonel It? I'eyster ar
rived Bt T'lvoli from his winter home
In Washington two months ago and
had been sinking fast since then. Three
wivU nv'o a delegation of follow cltl-
T.cm visited hi home and presented
him with a medal for raising the first
flag over the fallen capital of Rich
mond irt 1 !..
Hi wife and three daughters were
at bin bedside, but there was no recon
ciliation between the colonel and his
fattier, from whom he had been es
tranged for many year. Colonel D
Pevsier was born at Tivoli June 11
1S16. lie wan a wan of means, having
Inherited the estate of his mother, who
was- Estello Livingston, (laughter of
John S. Livingston.
S.irnlnca Ignite Drying- l l.
Saratoga, N. Y.. May 2:). As a re
sult of the protracted drought Sara
toga lake is so low that bass can be
plainly seen in the spawning beds near
the shore. The potato crop will be
seriously damaged unless speedily re
stored by a heavy precipitation. Hay
threatens to be scarce, and the ab
sence of moisture is causing grass to
assume an autumnal hue. Garden
truck is very far from being an agri
cultural success, and prices have ad
Serious Strike In ltuaxia.
Berlin, May 20.-The Tngebhitt says
It learns that serious labor troubles
hare broken out In the government of
Woroneseh, Russia. The paper adds
that 10,000 strikers have assemble
there, threatening violence, and .the
governor has asked for a large mill
tary force to disperse them. The strik
ers are circulating many revolutionary
handbills. '
"Fish Trnt" Wlna.
Buffalo, May 29. By a judgment of
the supreme court entered here A
Booth & Co., known ns the fish trust
have won an Important ease against
fish dealers who sold out to them and
afterward resumed business:. Cases of
a similar nature nre pending In New
York, Cleveland and Detroit, and sov
eral million dollars are Involved in tha
litigation. .
No Sew Trial For Kent.
Rochester. ' X. Y., May 29, .Instil
Davy has denied the application for a
wrtihVnte of reasonable doubt in th
case of Leland Dorr Kent, who is
under sentence of twenty years In Au
burn for aiding and aliening in the
death of Ethel Blanche Dingle. Kent
"will be taken to Auburn immediately.
I.oalet'a Visit to London.
Paris, May 20. It is officially an
nounced that President Loubet will
proceed to London between' July 18
and July 20, to return the visit of
King Edward, and that he will stay
there three or four days.
Commercial Campaign Againftt I uited
Stale Invited .
London, May 20. The Telegraph and
other papers print figures and fact for
the purpose ol inviting a cmuneruial eom
paigo against America. Provincial pa
pers, especially those of Manchester, op
pose the Zollvereln project of Chamberlain
and predict the end of a great career in a
colossal failure. The question is exciting
the public more than since the South Afri
can war.
,-,DO Worker Will be Out in Philadel
phia by Monday.
Philadelphia, May 20. The threatened
textile strike is on in the Kensington Mills
district. By Monday it is expected 75,
000 strikers will be out. The employes
ask for a 5.) hour week.
Hut Wu Able to Start Again for America
Thl Morning.
Glasgow, May 20. Shamrock III which
was compelled to return to Lamlash Bay
owing to some defect in her rigging start
ed again on her journey across the Atlan
tic this morning.
Defeated the Cruler nlarhia for Benuet
Nice, May 29. The sailing race today
between the crews of the United States
cruisers Chicago and Machias for the Gor
don Bennett challenge cup resulted in a
victory for the Chicago tars.
lU-Ceutenuary of City Observed With
Oreat Ceremony.
St. Petersburg, May 20. The bl-centen-
nary of the founding of the city was cele
brated with great ceremony today and im
mense crowds tilled the streets and va
rious places where the official ceremonies
were held.
Topmast Carried -Away Yesterday Itelug
City Island, May 20. Constitution,
which lost her topmast in the yacht race
yesterday, is being retitted here today,
and probably will be ready to race again
Yn Granting of Application to Take Moody
Merrill to Hostou.
New York, May 20, Gov. OdeU today
rave a hearing ou the application to take
Moody Merrill to Massachusetts, charged
with embezzlement but reserved his deci
Defeated the Favorite, Hammerkop,
Fpiaoiu Today.
Epsom, May ro. The Oaks stakes were
won today by J. B. Joels '-Cur Lassie,"
Hammerkop being second, Skyscraper
third. Hanitnerkop was tke favorite.
Mass. Keprenentrttive Dead.
Fall River, Mass., May 20. State Rep
resentative John Nightingale died this
morning. lie was taken with neuralgia
of the heart at the State House yesterday.
He was 00 years old. .
Pittsburg National Turned the Table on
Yesterday's National League scores:
At Boston, Pittsburg 7, Boston ti.
At Brooklyn, Brooklyn 5, St. Louis 4.
At New York, Chicago 7, New York 1.
At Philadelphia, Philadelphia 0, ' Cin-
cinna 8.
National League M muling.
Won. Lost. Pet. i Won. Lout, Pet
SewYotkv'3 W JW i Boston IS
Chicago & H .KM t Cincinnati 17
rittslxire us .o.'.i rima. 10
Brooklyn IS 17 .S14 .St. Louis M 27 .27
Yesterday American League scores:
At Philadelphia, New York 5, Philadel
phia 2.
At Boston, Boston 5, Washington 4.
At Detroit, St. Louis 7, Detroit 2.
American League Standing.
Won. Lost. ret.
Cliicatro is 1J .two
Detroit 17 14 .Ms
1'hila. 17 lil .Mil
Boston lti 15 .Dili
Won. I.ost. Pet.
Cleveland H U
St. Louis H 14 ..too
New York H it! .417
Wanh'g'n 10 SI .333
Rev. Lucius Coburn will preach in Uni
ty Temple at 10.00 a. m. and at 1 p. ni.
The Sunday school at the M. E. chapel
will be held at 3 o'clock instead of 12, in
the future, beginning next Sunday.
Mrs. J. M. Willard is critically ill with
Mrs. II. F. Townsend of Marslifield is
visiting at J. H. Hooker s.
J. II. Hooker Is doing the station work
at Plainlield during Mr. Cutting's illness.
There was a hearing last Saturday be
fore the license commissioners on the ap
plication of Frank Doneily for a second
and third class license. Mr. Dands, Mr.
Foster and Rev. N. D. uham ottered ob
jections. Notice.
All norsnna nwinff money to Segel &
Brady, the Blue Store clothiers, will please
call at the uew Union Clothing store auu
settle same, when receipt will be given.
Segel & Brady.
Another Accident on the
Rutland Railroad
Passenger and Freight Trains Came
Together and Wrecked Two
Vergennes, May 28. Two trains collid
ed head on at this station this forenoon
but fortunately without loss of life. Train
No. 2d, drawn by engine 300, run by Con
ductor Wright and Engineer LaFrance
was on the main line unloading freight,
when train No. 5", engine 207, Conductor
A. F. Rock, Engineer James Sullivan, ran
Into them, smashing lu the front ends of
the engines, wrecking one box ear, break
ing one Hat car through the middle so that
it stood up like the letter V inverted aud
breaking the platform and couplings on
the day coach and smoker. The engines
are not so badly smashed as to be ruined
and the boilers and frames are not much if
any damaged.
The crews of both engines jumped when
they saw that a collision was inevitable.
LaFrance and his fireman, Harry Silloatt,
being uninjured, while Engineer James
Sullivan of Rutland, aud his fireman, Uos
eoe Eggleston, were not so fortunate, Sul
livan receiving a very severe scalp wound
from six to eight inches long across the
forehead and being otherwise bruised and
scratched on the head and body. He was
taken to the ofiiee of Mayor Dr. Frank C.
Phelps, where his wounds were dressed
by Dr. Phelps and Dr. G. V. B. Willard
and at present writing is doing as well as
could be expected. Fireman Eggleston
was badly shaken up and his face cut and
Jerry Ashley of Burlington received a
cut on the head and C. H. Roberts of Rut
land sustained a badly sprained arm. Con
ductor Rock of the mail train was thrown
the whole length of the car and was badly
shaken uo and bruised about the face and
head. He also received a bad cut on one
of his lingers.
llerlin I'ond t Not Mueh Lowered by
Montpelier, May 2,S. Notwithstanding
the continued drouth the water supply at
Berlin pond is affected but very little. Sup
erintendentSmith visited the reservoir and
pond yesterday. He found the supply at
the reservoir rather lower than usual and
raised the gate at the outlet of the small
pond to increase the supply.
A Brief Sketch of the Life of aMiii lfKs
teeuied Man.
South Barre, May 20. The funeral of
James Madison Ward who died last Mon
day afternoon at one o'clock was held
from his house at ten o'clock yesterday
forenoon, Rev. Mr. Colhuru of Cambridge
ottieiatini:. Kev. Mr. Colburn spoke in
very consoling words to the bereaved fam
ily from the text "Why should 1 fear
death? If 1 am, death is not. If death
is, 1 am not. Why should 1 fear that
which cannot exist when I do?"
There were many beautiful fii
ral ottering, among which were a
harp with pedestal of carnations
and roses from the family ; large bouquet
of caruations and roses from the employes
of the firm of J. M. Ward & Son; bouquet
of carnations and ferns from Mr. and Mrs.
G. II. Valentine, Nashua, N. 11. ; cluster
of pinks from Mr. and Mrs. B. P..Willey:
bouquet of cut flowers trom Mr and Mrs.
W. C. Quinlen; bouquet of white carna
tions from J. It. Mclvenzie; wreath from
Mr. and Mrs. K. A. Lane; roses from Mr.
and Mrs. A. W. Lane.
Mr. Ward was born in - Hartland, Feb
ruary 14, 18:!7, where he remained until
he w as 27 years of age, when he went to
Montpelier to enter the employ of the Lane
Manufacturing company where he remain
ed a faithful employee for over twenty
on June to, isoi lie was run tea in mar
riage to Miss Ellen Brown of that place.
In 1S84 he purchased the Elijar Wood
farm in the town of Barre where he made
his home until the summer of LSSU, when
he erected the present homestead in South
Barre. In the summer of 1001 he pur
chased of G, E. Movarland his ice bust
ness which has-been conducted under the
firm name of J. M. Ward & Sou.
Mr. Ward endorsed modern spiritualism
in his early life and has always been a
faithful adherent, lie was highly esteemed
as a neighbor and as a friend. He always
maintained a high standard of business
Integrity, and his whole life has been
shaped ajoumi his inherent honor and up
Perhaps nothing can better illustrate
the esteem in which his memory is held
than the words of his aged mother who
says, "Nothing too kind or too generous
can be said of bim."
The deceased leaves to mourn his de
parture, a mother, Mrs. Alible Bradstreet
Ward, aged 92 and one naif years, 5ir,s.
Ellen Brown Ward, and six children,
George A. Ward of Bath, Me., Elizabeth
Ward Lane, J. Edward Ward, William II.
Ward, Mattie Ward Willey and Blanche
E. Ward. ,
If vou want an umbrella go to Perry &
Camp's on Saturday. May 30th. Children's
umbrellas, only :We; ladies' and gents' urn
brellas, ',o each.
The Co-operative Society
Has Capital of $10,000
Manufacturers' Quarrying Company at
$ 15,000, Wells, Lampson Company
at $80,000, Incorporated.
H The Barre Co-operative society has re
ceived Its charter incorporating the organ
ization under the laws of the state of Ver
mont. This- gives the stockholders the
protection which the stockholders of all
corporations receive under the laws enact
ed by the state, and places their business
upon a sound, conservative basis.
Under the terms of the charter all
stockholders must receive notice of incor
poration, and seven days after said no
tices are issued a stockholders' meeting
must be held, at which meeting a board of
officers Is to be elected, and such other
business transacted as may be necessary
to legally comply with the terms of their
The incorporators are George F. Liv
ingston, Fred Bruce, Fred.Mears, Thomas
Cable, N.W. Smith A. N. Smith and P. J.
Halvosa, The capital stock is $10,000,
with ten thousand shares at a dollar each.
Another Barre company incorporated at
the secretary of state's otlice is the Manu
facturers' Quarrying company, with a cap
ital stuck of S-I'j.ihmi. The incorporators
are John Robins, George Kobins, Charles
Robins. I). A. MeI.eod, John McDonald,
Alex. Buchan, A. F. Y'oung, A. J. Young,
Walter Y'oung. William F. Calder aud
George Mutch. The business of the cor
poration is quarrying, manufacturing, cut
ting and finishing granite.
The Dr. U. J. 'Kay Medical company of
St. Albans is incorporated with a capital
stock of 100,000, with shares at $10 each.
The business is to buy, manufacture and
sell drugs and medicines.
The Wells, Lamsou Co.. granite firm of
Barre, was also oue of the incorporators
with a capital stock of fs0,00t.
Man'.- Ilexldence Does Not Narensarily Fol
low 11 it Wife.
C. A. Watson of Woodbury has objec
tions to being listed in the city of Mont
pelier, and Wednesday evening he stated
his case so strongly that the Montpelier
appraisers took his nameotf theirMist. Mr.
Watson had alread-been listed in Wood
bury. It appears that the Montpelier oihclals
thought a man's residence went with his
wife. A few months ago Mrs. Watson
moved to Montpelier to educate one of her
children, but Mr. Watsou came to Mont
pelier only occasionally.
After City Attorney Carleton had ex
plained to the listers that a man who has
two establishments In different towns can
choose his residence, the name of Mr.
Watson was stricken from the lit of the
city of Montpelier.
liefeated Ronton lnlverity by Score of
3 to 1.
Northtie.ld, May 28. Norwich Universi
ty defeated Boston University thbt. after
noon io one of the best played games of
the season. Boston was unable to do any
thing with Morris, the Norwich pitcher,
getting only one hit while orwtch secur
ed four hits off Powers.
The game was called in Boston's half of
the sixth inning with one out aud one on
bases on accoant of rain, the score stand
ing 3 to 1 in favor of the home team.
Sunday Services and Social Event of the
Rev. F. A. Poole will preach both morn
ing and evening at the Congregational
church on Sunday.
At Hedding M. E. Church the services
will be as usual next Sunday, the pastor,
Rev. R. F Lowe preaching both at the
morning and evening services. All the
other services a$ usual. -
Christian Science services are held Sun
day at 10.45 a. m. and Wednesday at 7.45
p. in. in Nichols block. The reading
room is open luesday, Thursday and Sat
urday from 2 to 4 and 7 to 0.
At the Uuiveisalist church ou Sunday,
the pastor will preach both morning and
eveuimr. , Her morning subject will be
"The Conflict of Peace," and the evening
subject "Things to Forget." All strangers
are cordially invited to attend.
Church of the Good Shepherd: Holy
Communion (save on the first Sunday in
the month) at 8:00 a. m. ; first Sunday in
the month, 10:30 a. ni.; service , and ser
mon each Sunday at 10.;!0 a. m. and 7 p.
m. ; Sunday school at 12m.; service Friday
evening at 7 p. ni. ; special services on
great feast days and all Saint's days at 10
a. ni.
All persons having bills against Segel &
Brady will please call at the new Union
Clothing store, No. Main St., opposite De
pot square, anu ine same win oe paiu.
Segel & Brady.
Given by Goddard Male Quartette With
Mr. Carver. Header.
The concert given by the Goddard Male
Quartette, assisted by J. Ward Carver,
reader, in Miles hall last evening was at
tended by a fair sized and very appreeia-
i tive audience.
An excellent programme was rendered
and many of the selections were so well
given and so well appreciated that encores
were necessary.
The readings given by Barre's popular
reader, J. Ward Carver, were given in his
usual excellent manner and were highly
The members of the quartette are: Mark
A Davis, 1st tenor and soloist; Alfred
Cadger, 2nd tenor and soloist; Richard
Grant, baritone and pianist, Harry B. Tar
box, basso and vlolin'st.
After the concert a social dance was
given under the auspices of Company E,
which was participated In by about 20
couples. Music was furnished for the
dance by the Goddard orchestra of five
pieces aud the dance was thoroughly en
joyed by all.
F. Farney went to Springfield.Mass , to
day. John Bossi left last night for Boston on
a visit.
William nardacre went to Essex Junc
tion today.
Mrs.. James Hall is quite sick at her
home on Maple Grove.
The hardware stores will be closed all
day and evening tomorrow.
Frank North of Burlington is in the city
on a few days' business visit.
Frank Odgers and James Darling went
to South Ryegate this morning.
Remember the meeting of the Central
Labor Union this evening at 7.o0.
E. J. Purvee and sister, Clara went to
Warren today for a few days' visit.
Helen Sturtevant went to her home in
Ilariland this morning to spend Sunday.
Miss F'annie Draper goes to her home lu
Randolph tonight to remain over Sunday.
The Presbyterian choir will rehearse
this evening at 7.U0 o'clock at the church.
Peter Depatle went to his home in Mil
ton this afternoon to remain over Sunday.
Miss Madine Nichols returned to Marsh
fleld today after a few days' visit in this
Ward Carver went to his home in Marsh
field this afternoon to spend Memorial
Day. '
Miss P. J. Wiley of Washington arrived
in town yesterday for a visit at F. J. Mar
tin's. Harry Harris left last night for a sever
al days' visit in Holyoke and Springfield,
The boys' choir of the Baptist church
have their rehearsal tomorrow evening at
7 o'clock.
There will be a special meeting of St.
Alderruar Conmiandery at 0 o'clock tomor
row morning.
Mrs. Charles Mills went to St. Johns
bury this afternoon for a several days' vis
it with friends.
The South End Hotel, formerly the
n iuusoc uouse, win open up us uituug
room tomorrow.
Tr. ia pvnpctpd GrAn Mnnntrtin inflow. 1.
O. O. F. M. U., will have an excurstou to
Montreal Ju'v 4.
P.ev. Eflie K. M. Jones will be in Wil-
liamstown tomorrow to deliver the Mem
orial Day address.
Th Mnntnclipr .5- Wnllu Tilvpr nnd Cen
tral Vermont It. R. freight offices will
close tomorrow at noon.
Mrs, Nellie Sauborn of Manchester, N.
II., who has been visiting at O. C. Shep?
lee's, left this noon for her home.
Miss Cherry Laird aud Miss Una Bat
tles went to Plainlield this afternoon to
spend Sunday at the former's home.
No decision will be announced by Su
preme court in the mandamus case against
the electric railroad before the last of July.
The case of Arthur Locklin, charged
with breach of the peace, was to have
been tried In city court today but was con
tinued. '
The Ladies Aid Society of the Congre
gational church are planning to give a
supper at the church vestry next ednes
day evening.
All the stores exempting the hardware
dealers, will be open tomorrow day aud
evening There will be no union stores
open this evening.
AH the schools in the city have observ
ed the day with Pre-Memorial exercises,
patriotic songs, etc., as required by the
statutes ol the state.
Miss Bernlce Darling has been confined
to the house this week with mumps and
Miss Hatch has taken her place at the
Brook street school.
Questa sera Venerdi Granfesta da Ballo
d'addio alia Sala della Biblioteca In Gran
ite Str. con intervento della Transatlantic
band. Tuttl gll amici sono invitati.
Miss Hatch, the substitute teaching of
Spaulding Graded school, has resigned
her position and expects to enter St. Luke's
hospital, New York City, early in July to
take training for a nurse.
Dr. H. L. Averill of Bristol, who has
been visiting Kev. W. A. Kinzle, returned
home today. Mr. A verm has lust recent
ly graduated from a dental college and is
thinking of locating in ttils city.
Messrs. Segel & Brady will vacate the
Blue Store next week, as their lease ex
pires tomorrow, and the store building will
be removed to make room for a driveway
to the new building soon to be erected
next to Eastman Bros.
Green Mountain Lodge, I. (). O. F., M.
U will hold a special meetinu on Monday
night, June 1, at 7 o'clock sharp and as
there Is a question of special importance
to be brought before the meeting it Is ex
pected that every member will be present.
The degree statf will work degrees after
the meeting. Per order Noble Grand.
The Order of Exercises
to Be Held in Barre
Parade Will Start at Depot Square
at 9.30 O'clock Under Marshall
Joe W. Jackson.
Memorial Day exercises will be held in
this city tomorrow In accordance with the
usual custom, and a tribute will be paid
to the "nation's dead." The K. B. Cran
dall Post, G. A. K. and Camp Lamson,
Spanish-American war veterans will have
charge of the observance of the day.
the procession will format Depot square
under the command of Capt. Joe W. Jack
son, chief marshal, and start at 9. ISO a. ni.,
proceeding to Elmwood Cemetery. After
a short halt, and the giving of the salute.
It will inarch to the City Hall, there the
exercises will be held. All old soldier are
Invited to join in the participation.
Dinner w til be served by the ladies of tha
G. A. H. to all veterans and members of
Company E.V. N. G.,and invited guests at
the Congregational church vestry at 1 p.
The speaker of the day will be William
Wishart, and the following programme
will be carried out; rending of general or
ders, by Adjutant L. 11. Thurston, singing
oy tne congregational church quartette, a
a salute to the dead, solo by Miss Phillips,
reading of President Lincoln s Gettysburg
address by Irvin Potter, cornet solo by
W.J. Gilbertson, prayer by Rev. J. A.
Sherburu, singing of America by the audi
ence and a selection by the Congregation
al church quartette.
1 he graves to be decorated Include those
of seven veterans of the War of the Invo
lution, 42 of the war of 1S12, 61 of the.Le
bellion aud five of the Spanish-American
Many Kiitries Received by Cientlvmcn'a
Driving Club.
The first horse race of the srasnn u;l!I ha
field at the Granite City Trotting Park
under the auspices of the Gentlemen's
Driving club Saturday afternoon at one
o'clock. There will be three classes, the
2. IS. the 2.25 anil th :',. a'l at fin.,,1
and some good sport is looked fur. The
starter will be Chester Pike. Admission
25 cents.
The Maid 2.05 1-4 owned hv .T. At limit.
well of Montpelier, Al Hay 2J5 1-4, owned
by Smith Bros, of Barre and Abbott Wil
kes, br. s. 2.1 1, owned by John Trow of
Barre, will be shown on the track between
The Shower Didn't Last Long Hut It Wa
Very Welcome.
The first rain of any cousemience since
the early part of April fell iu this city
yesterday afternoon at 4 o'clock, a heavy
shower accompanied by lightning coming
up. The atmosphere was cooled and the
thirsty eaqh drank in the water as fast as
it fell.
The shower, it seems, was only local as
little rain fell to the north of the city, and
in tact, at Aorta Barre even, not enough
fell to settle the dust to any extent. There
was a heavy fall at South Barre.
Who Will Claim Them?
The following letters appear on the ad vertised
list for May 20, 100;):
Men Herman C. Allen, Odina Audett,
Thomas A. Cave, Benlna Attilla, George
Beach, J. Brogg, Paolo Ceschini, John ft.
F'orbes, Tom iFaschia, C. Green, Christ
Henderson, John Green, L. E. Highland,
Fred Johnson, C. Kapella 2, James Kent,
Donald McDonald, Joseph McEachorn,
Joseph Massicotte, J. S. Murry, M. Mars,
James Reid, E. J. Spencer, John Stanley,
W. J. Seymour.
Women Mrs. H. J. Cheney, Mary
Chase, Mrs. Merjio Corry, Alfred Emery,
Emma Eraser, Mabel Ingalls, FanniePres
cott, Mrs, Will Wilson.
Post Office Notice.
Tomorrow being a legal holiday the
post otlice will be open until 10 o'clock a.
m., and between 6 and 7 o'clock p. m. The
carriers will make only the first delivery
in the morning, but will be at their win
dows between o and 7 o'clock p. m. Ed
ward W. Bisbee, postmaster.
Central Labor Union.
The regular meeting of the Central La
bor Union of Barre and vicinity will be
held in Sharpenters' hall on Friday even
ing, May 20 at 7..".0 o'clock, a full attend
ance Is desired. 15. F. Healey, president.
Sales will be held at the city auction
rooms every afternoon and evening of this
week. Special opportunities in line of re
frigerators, ranges, chamber suits, chairs
millinery and dry goods. On Saturday
evening 20 volumes of BaUac's novels wiil
be sold. These books are handsomely
bound in cloth, extra tine rough ed"e pa
per and illustrated.
Children's muslin and silk bonnets for
spring wear at prices from 10c to $2.50
each at Homer Ftits' store.
IT. J. Johnson went to Eoxbury this

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