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Sir Charles JiIko M.ul- Exdtii'
I-'isClbsiidl lu ('( lilll.i.liC.
Make Cookinrf Easy.
The riiilii-i'lm' ub Have a I'oxlal
. Srnndul,
Washington, May -.). The 1'hilip
pines are having their postal scandals
as well as Washington. Two ' cases
have been reported by mail to the war
department. One is that of former
Postmaster Milne, at Taeloban, lyte.
who is accused of taking ?2,0u) cur
rent coin of the United .Slates and the
400 pound safe which contained the
money. Milne has been arrested.
Postmaster Karolsen of Cnlaba, Lu
zon, Is also under arrest, Some time
ago $2o disappeared from the mails
between the hour it left his office and
when it should have reached Manila.
Treasurer Jones of the province of
Tarlae likewise reports robbery. He
says he has been losing from $25 to
$500 a month. His books are all right,
but the balance in the cash drawer
comes short regularly.
I'll nil f Max O'Hell.
Paris, May Tlie funeral of Max
O'ltell (Paul Lionet), who died hero
May 24, has taken place at the Church
of St. Pierre de CbaHlot. A number of
literary notabilities were present. - The
lloral offerings were very handsome.
The Interment occurred nt Avranches.
Kulier .;. in a Vnclit 'up.
Berlin, May 2!t. Emperor William
has presented the New York Yacht
club wilh a cup. to be known as the
Emperor's cup. to be competed for the
first time next fall. It is of goifl, two
feet high and has on one side the arms
of the T'nitod States and those of (Jer
many and on the other the heads of
fin undent Teuton and an Indian and
a sketch of the Meteor. The cup is
being made by Tiffany & Co. of New
York. : .
Inv-tis,i(iiiHT Clinton Prison.
Plattsburg. X. Y., May 20. Superin
tendent of Prisons Collins said In re
spect to the Investigation being held
into affairs of Clinton prison at lanne
rnora: "The investigation relates to the
smuggling of opium and other articles
into the prison, and it is proceeding as
fast as possible. After the completion
of the Investigation I w ill at once pre
pare a statement for publication giving
the results attained."
Serious Fire In Allegheny.
Pittsburg. May 20. Fire "which
started in an overheated smokehouse
In the plant of C. lietrich & Sons, pork
packers. Allegheny, did S 100,000 dam
age. No one was injured, though sev
eral narrow escapes were reported.
The insurance was .'!o,i,m.
Delicate Children
Whose development is retarded
or who are growing too rapidly
A predigested food with une
qualed strengthening properties.
Not an intoxicant but a real malt
extract. For weakness, weari
ness and ovework. Best for
All druggists sell it. Prepared by ttt
'mJvr. St. Xcuia, U. S. A.
1 XC v I
j& SMOKE jz?
Up-to-Date 5-Cent Ciar. frO
O. C. Taylor & Co., Props., Barliagton, Vt.
Ice Ct earn and Soda Watei !
M. F. HARRINGTON, 3 ill North Main Street.
Wright (Si Ditson
Golf Goods!
'We ae making very low prices on complete outfits.
Get our prices before you buy.
Try our new twenty-cent Golf Balls. ,
48 No. Main St.,
Opp. Nafl BanK.
oss-So Mil -Fly
Spray your cattle With "So-Boss-So Kill-Kly' It increases
the flow of milk, it protects your cattle and kills the flies.
Try Our Oil . and Gasolene Stoves
and be convinced thaf they are the best in the market. Every
thing in the Hardware line. First class goods and right prices
81 North Mam Street,
Barre, Vermont.
hj He Ik ot at OiIiIh "Willi ( limu
lierlaltt ami lnllinaien '1 lint 1'ro
tective Vulivy Mar Be torcra
on the (,tivrrniueiit.
London, Majr 20. On the luotiuu be
l:iK made for the WLItsuutid.; udjourn
:iK':it of tli( liuiise of common Hir
L'harlos Di!ke (Advanced Liberal;
raised a dlscussiou oa the fiscal views
recently enunciated by Colonial Secre
tary Chamberlain. The house was
crowded, and the United States charge
d'affaires, Mr. White, and ether for
eign reireseutatives were present
.Sir Charles maintained that Mr.
Chamberlain had su'ested a revolu
tionary change In the government'
policy, which was opposed to all the
traditions and to the opinions of au
overwhelming majority In parliament,
lie considered that while the policy of
the government as outlined at the re
cent colonial conference was danger
ous, It fell far short of the policy now
l'remler Balfour prefaced his reply
with the remark that Sir Charles Dilke
had attempted to make mischief be
tween the colonial secretary and him
self, but any such attempt would fall.
He contended that after the resolution
of the colonial conference Mr. Cham
berlain was liound to raise the subject
of preferential trade for public discus
sion. Mr. Balfour deprecated "waving
the ragged, mot.u eaten flags of either
the protectionist or free trade side In
the controversy, now ns far removed
as the poles from the controversy of
half a century ago."
Mar Have to Retaliate.
The premier then proceeded to argue
that the tendency was to raise a tariff
wall against British goods. Great
Britain, he said, must become more and
more dependent on foreign countries
for food and owing to exterior tariffs
would find herself compelled, to dispose
of tier exports on onerous terms, re
sulting in an enormous loss to the com
munity, lie therefore urged that the
time hud come when it should be pub
licly discussed whether the doctrine
that revenue was never to be raised
except for purposes of expenditure
mut not be abandoned.
The premier declared there was no
contradiction between the views of Mr.
Chamberlain and his own, but he de
fended the right of any minister to
freedom of speech. This fiscal ques
tion required the most careful exami
nation. He was not certain that the
scheme was practicable, but. unless
Some scheme was devised the empire
could not progress.
Montrrnl'a Trolley Wor,
Montreal. Que., May 20. Senator
Forget, president of the Montreal
.Street railway, announced that the
company would not recognize any
union of its employees in the way in
which they understand It, but would
assist them in forming a benevolent
union If they desired to do so. All the
old men who apply as individuals will
be taken back provided they have not
committed unlawful acts during the
strike. The service is as good as ever.
l onr Drown lu Floods.
Fort Smith, Ark., May 'JU. Henry
Field, AVilliam Ferrell, Walter Barker
and I). B. Craig have been drowned in
the Arkansas river at Tama ha, I. T.
Field was the mail contractor and Fer
rell the carrier. They were attempting
to cross the swollen stream when their
boat overturned. Two other occupants
of the skiff narrowly escaped death.
J ,JSa'
Cive the young folks all they want of It 1
The cost is next to nothing two cents a
quart and the more Williams' Root Beer
they drink in hot weather the healthier
and happier, they will be. Its roots and
herbs are nature's tonic ; they cool, refresh
and strengthen the whole system. It's a
marvel in thirst quenching, its 6avor is
delicious, and that such a satisfying drink
can be made without alcohol is a grand
thing for the temperance cause. A few
bottles kept on the Ice will be worth their
weight in gold during the warm season.
Insist on having William' and only
WILLIAMS CAfcT-FTOVCO., Itjrtforl.Conn,
Maker ot wiltutms w.vonnjf Uxuftclt.
t Hcreaftei
We will sell Milk at the fol
lowing prices: New Milk, 4c
per quart; Sluinmed Milk,
sweet or sour, Ic per quart;
Buttermilk, 2 cts. per quart.
Cold Milk by the glass at the
Eureka Cash Creamery.
ft f
I jJVomea may write about their ills to Mrs. Pinkham, and avoid the f I
resenation to her; she never breaks a confidence, and her advice is the best
in the world.
The questions asked of a woman by a male physician are embarrassing,
and often revolting to a sensitive nature. In consequence the whole truth is
not told ; this makes it difficult for female troubles to be successfully treated
even by the best physicians, and is the reason so many women grow worse
rather than better. A woman understands a woman better than a man,
there are symptoms which sick women have that a man cannot understand,
simply because he is a man, but the whole truth may be told to Mrs. Pinkham,
and her vast experience enables her to give advice which leads to a cure.
All women who suffer should secure Mrs. Pinkham's advice; it costs
nothing but a letter addressed to her at Lynn, Mass. Female troubles are real
troubles, and must be treated understanding. For a quarter of a century
Mrs. Pinkham's advice and Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound have been
helping women to get strong and well, and her great file of letters prove that
more than a million women have been restored to health and strength by her
advice and her medicine when all other means have failed.
When you go to a druggist for Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound,
do not let him persuade you to try something which he says is just as good ;
there is nothing just as good, because Mrs. Pinkham's medicine holds the record
for the largest number of cures of any female medicine in the world.
Askst Public tti Vcjcirni Julgnirat
oil Aei-ufceil IMlii-iii!'!. ('Hse.
Washington, May ;. Charles A
LVuighiss of counsel for A. W. Machcn.
the superintendent of the free delivery
service in the post o;!ice department
who is under arrest on the charge of
accepting bribes, has given out the fol
lowing statement of the present status
of the case and also about the course
of proceedings in the immediate fu
ture: "Mr. Machcn cannot fight out his
rase In the newspapers, but this much
can with propriety be stated: The
charges, seemingly made with great
deliberation, are of the gravest char
acter, and if the government succeeds
In establishing them Mr. Machcn end
K f ,-i-N . ' I I If
A. W. il.U'llK.N.
every one else connected with them
ought to bo severely punished. If, how
ever, they have been made improvi
dently and without sufficient evidence,
public censure, swift and strong,
should fail upon the heads of the re
sponsible parties.
"Mr. Machcn has been a long time
In the public service, and he Is widely
and favorably known throughout the
United States, and it is due him that
the public should not prejudice his
case, but should patiently await devel
opments, which are sure to come. Mr.
Machen is ready to meet in the clear
est and most satisfactory way the
charges now specifically made against
him, and he now generally and pub
licly invites the most rigid investiga
tion into every act and transaction
connected with bis otiuhil life. More
thau this should not now le said."
Mr. . Machen, under advice of his
counsel, refused to discuss bis case.
London. May Luclen Lytic, the
American jockey, rode In his first big
race in this country at Epsom and
nearly won the event, the Royal Stakes,
on Foxhall Keene's Cap and Bells II.
He was beaten by only a length by
Bundiidge In a field of seventeen.
Krle l'ollee? l'oree llexlunc
Erie, Ba., May !.--On Monday next
Erie will be without police protection
if the members of the force do not get
a raise In salary from $00 to 7.j per
month. This advance was promised
them by a special committee, but the
council reduced it to $70. The entire
force, with the exception of the chief
and captain, has sent a collective
resignation to the mayor, to take ef
fect June 1. If the $75 is not granted.
I ruunl lilcimo.
Chicago, May 2!). Savings deposits
in Chicago banUs have passed the
$100,000,000 mark. In the past year
they have increased more than $22,
000,000. 1
Sunlight writes that she
would not give a half cake
of it for ten of any other.
Write her if you wish'
Mrs. Sarah M. Richard
son, 372 Salem St., Med
ford, Mass., and there are
thousands of others who
say the same of
i ff n r 1
Economical Purity Only Five Cents.

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