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Examine Yocrr Urine Yotst
self Once a Week.
If Suspicious, Take Kidney
Wort Tablets.
Doctors' bills and doctors' visits may be
avoided if tbe hrst threatening signs oi
kidney trouble are recognized and the
Irritation checked at once.
If backache, rheumatism, headaches,
dizzy feelings or frequent desire to urinate
have aroused your suspicions, set aside a
bottle of your morning urine for a couple
of hours. If you find a dark sediment at
the bottom, "brick dust" deposit or par
ticles floating on top, or that the urine is
high colored and of unusual odor, nothing
should tnterefere with your immediately
using Br. I'ettingill's Kidney-Wort Tab
Jets, the one true specilio for kidney all'ec
tions that is prepared la accordance with
he most recent accepted formulas.
Avoid liquid kidney remedies. Alcohol
nters largely into all of them as a pre
servative. It is needless to say the Tab
lets are entirely free from alcohol. They
never fail to stop the gradual weakening
of the kidneys that goes on from day to
day. They are guaranteed to cure inflam
mation of the kidneys, lumbago, pain iu
the back, dropsy of the limbs, rheumatism,
catarrh of the bladder, sluggish or scanty
urine, "brick dust" in the urine, frequent
calls to urinate, bed wetting, "stone,"
malaria, constipation, pain in the urethra
and kidney weakness.
Backache, lumbago, gout, are ali rheuma
tism, and rheumatism is urio acid poison
ing caused by Blnggish, weak or diseased
kidneys. When the kidneys are made
strong by Kidney-Wort Tablets they filter
the acid from the blood and rheumatism
vanishes. The Tablets are the most cer
tain and safe means of curing rheumatism
any physician can prescribe. Other rem
edies may neutralize the acidity and give
a day's relief, but only Kidney-Wort Tab
lets vitalize the kidneys so that the blood
does not again become acid and require
the constant doseing demanded by liquid
kidney remedies.
"So Kntlna-.inierii'un Trouble.
Washington, June 8. The Iialiar.
amlmsswtor 1ms received from Mr,
Spernnza, the secretary of the Society
For Hie Protection of Italian Immi
grant?!, a report upon the recent di
tiirlKinccs in West Virginia in wlilet
Italians were said to have suffered
from mob violence. Mr. Spent nza's re
port shows Unit Governor White ol
West Virginia did all that could lie ex
pected of him in protecting the Ital
ians. Action by the Italian govern
ment in the face of the facts 83 they
now appear is not therefore expected.
IlnverlifU to IU Humeri?
Haverhill, Mass., June 8. Anony
mous letters have been received by the
Gazette and Chief Cordon of the flr
department saying that the writers
would resume operations in incendia
rism throughout the city in nlwit b
week and that the work would be con
tinued until Aug. 1. The letters also
state that the men have returned
from Manchester and nre signed
"Three Good Socialists."
We can sell you
brush for a quarter
ITWtMl CSs- .
tles that stick to the brush and not iu
j'Ottr gums other brushes at other prices
jjiuiuta uuxu vc to jtc cacn. i . i
Af special fine, soft Brush at 35 cents.
Brushes replaced if
D. F. Davis, "The Druggist'
262 North Main St., - - Barre, Vermont.
For Barrc and Vicinity.
NEW GOODS direct from the factories to our store. The largest
and most elegant line ever shown in central Vermont. Larger invoices
received each week than are usually carried by most dealers. We give
regular prices. Investigate and see for yourselves. A full line of the
(Telapoone Call, 153-5)
Library Building, 10 Elm St. The Up-to-Date Wall Paper Dealer.
,w ZJJ'
theiseSt. Fine
Sort Alnrmtat lteports About tti
Pontiff' llrnllli.
Tarn, June S.-The Temps has print
ed the following dispatch from Komc:
"Leo XIII. continucH to receive, but
those who sl-c him notice the gradual
(lectins which, without ex lting appro
hension that any catastrophe is immi
nent, dcxMj not warrant a continuance
of tlie confident optimism. His recent
audiences were extremely fatiguing
Each time the pope received pilgrims
he was obliged to rest, sometime for
two or throe days.
"A nmnlH'r of perwns on intimate
terms with the entourage of the holy
father express tiie opinion that Tope
Loo has been slowly wasting away for
some time. The pope rises late and
docs not celebrate mass except on Sun
day, when no one assists except his
valet, Centra. The pontiff a pilars not
to desire others should see his infirmi
ties. The trembling of his hands has
become noticeable.
"Dr. Lapponi requires the pope to
drink Iced medicinal water in the
morning. The ice is used mainly be
cause the jKpe is subject to slight In
flammation of the gums."
"Room For year," Sayn Venle.
Venice, June 8. It is said by the Ga
zotta di Venezia that the pope is suf
fering from intestinal inflammation,
that ho eats practically nothing and
that his strength is diminishing. The
paper adds, "Though there is no imme
diate danger, there will be room foi
apprehension unless am Improvement
Is soon manifested."
St, lout Print Appointed to the
Diocese of Maniln.
Washington, June 8. The papal del
egation has received notification by ca
ble of the appointment of Kev. T. T.
Harty of -St. Leo's church, St. Louis,
as archbishop of Manila. The appoint
ment was made by the pope and has
been accepted by Father Harty.
Mgr. Frederick Zadok Hooker, for
merly secretary of the apostolic dele
gation at Washington, .and Kev. Den
nis J. Dougherty of Philadelphia, who
were recently appointed bishops of
Nueva Caeeres and Xueva Segovia,
Philippine Islands, respectively, will
bo consecrated Juno 11, the former
by Cardinal 'Martinelll and the latter
by Cardinal Satoili. The appointments
of the new bishops will Ik? officially an
nounced at the coming consistory.
Bishops Booker and Dougherty will
leave for the Philippines at the begin
ning of July.
lllxixlonury Infou Meetliinr.
Clifton Springs, N. Y., June S. At
the session of the International Mis
sionary union the Kev. Dr. Cliauncey
Goodrich of Peking, China, a mission
ary since 1S(U, preached the pennon.
At the Y. M. C. A. meeting In the tab
ernacle addresses were made by the
Kev. George A. Hall, state secretary
of the Y. M. C. A.; David McConaughey
of New York city and several mis
sionaries on the forward movement of
young people throughout the world-.
Platform addresses were made by emi
nent missionaries, among them Miss
Ellen M. Stone, who told of her ex
periences with the brigands.
a splendid tooth
one that lias bris
the bristles come oet.
etc. Lowest prices on all goods.
0ra slore'
Depot Square,
- - - - - vmt.
Lircs and Property Lost In South
Carolina nooci.
Minaouri Yilltiice cr St. I.onU I
Cat Off hy the Hasina: AVatrrs
Tnpt-kn Slowly liecoverJiitf
From Flood Lome.
Clifton, S. C, Juno 8.-Sevonty-five
lives have been lost iu a flood which
swept through Clifton and Paeoiet,
near lure. It is estimated that fifty
persons wore drowned here, and the
Facolet victims number twenty-five. A
score of cotton mills hiive been de
stroyed, 500 people are homeless, and
4,000 men have been thrown out of
employment. The property loss Is
about ?l,rW),0O0.
Heavy ruins added to tbe danger.
Btxlks are to be seen floating on every
side, but it is Impossible to recover
them at this time, as the immediate
duty is to save the living.
The Converse Cotton mill, with 51,
000 spindles, bns been destroyed .by
flood. The Clifton mill, with 27.500
spindles, is half washed away. Tbe
Dexter mill, with 30,500 spindles, is
half gone. These mills belong to. tin
Clifton Manufacturing company.
Maclt rropertr 'Vnhed Away.
Pa cole t has been practically washed
away. Clifton has escaped a like fata
only because It is on slishtly higher
ground. Both 'towns are In the denies
of two valleys. The homes of the cot
ton workers are In the valleys near the
cotton mills, and it was here the great
est loss of life occurred. ,
The Facolet river was flooded by the
incessant rains, and mill No. 1 at
Facolet was carried away and a short
time afterward Xo. 2 and later No. 3.
A big warehouse containing 1,000
bales of cotton and 1,000 bales of yarn
was also destroyed and the goods car
ried down stream. It Is estimated that
altogether ,3.500 bales of cotton aud
4.000 bales of cloth were destroyed.
The Facolet mills were among the lar
gest plants in the south, belonging tc
the same company whose plant was de
stroyed at Gainesville, Ga., last week.
They' manufactured brown sheetings
and drills, operating 50,330 spindles,
2.1 CO looms and 400 cards.
Grttnt. I.omh of IJfe Tlirentenrd at
Ylllnsce Ncnr St. Louis.
St. Louis, June S. Two hundred peo
ple in the village of Pdaek "Walnut, on
the north bank of the Missouri twenty
five miles northwest of St. Louis, were
surrounded by rapidly rising water
and all means of escape cut ot.
Their condition was learned at St.
Charles, and Sheriff Dierkes of that
city telephoned to the St. Louis police
department for aid in rescuing the im
perill villagers. The sheriff stated
that only light boats were available al
St. Charles and that owing to the
heavy curreut it was impossible to
reach the people without the aid of a
river steamer.
Immediately Harbor Commissioner
AVhyte was notified aud requested tc
rush the harbor bout to Black Walnut
The apical was futile, however, be
cause the high water would not per
mit a river steamer to pass up stream
under the Eads bridge. Word was tele
phoned to Alton, whore the steamei
Spread Eugle was moored.
Martial law bus been proclaimed In
East St Louis. Men with guns are
patrolling the levees and have orders
to shoot dowu thieves and levee break
ers. Word has been received that the vil
lage of West -Alton is now completely
iuundated, and the Missouri river op
pears to be shifting its channel to the
principal streets of the village.
Topeka Slowly Recovering.
Topekn, Kan., June 8. The bodies ot
several more flood victims have beet
found. Money continues to come ic
from outside In quantities sufficient t
ke-.'p up with the demand. Tim total
contributions have now exceeded $23,
000, including gifts from Philadelphia
St. Louis and Chicago. The merchant!
of tbe north side are trying bard tc
save tlielr stock. Mud covers much ol
the stock, however, and the greatei
part of the articles in the stores are
ruined. The railroads are gradual!
getting into better shape.
Seed For Flood SaiTerera.
Washington, June 8. Secretary Wil
son of the department of agriculture
has announced that there have been
left In tbe department's storehouses
several million packages of seeds nftei
the close of last year's distributior
which could be distributed among the
sufferers from the western floods if sc
desired by them, lie adds that com
paratively few of tin; seeds are. suita
ble for planting at this season.
Sluyer of Ulster Inflicted.
Glens Falls X. Y., June 8. William
Silverman has been indicted by the
Warren county grand jury for murder.
Silverman killed his sister, Mrs. Ra
chel Kluger, in Glens Falls last Feb
ruary with an as and afterward con
fessed the crime. He will be tried at a
special term of the supreme court in
United State Con mil Dead.
Colon, Colombia, June 8. J. C. In
gersoll of Illinois, United States con
sul at Cartagena, who was on his way
to New York, has died here from dys
entery. Mr. Ingersoll was a nephew of
the late Robert G. Ingersoll.
. . . .
Restrained from Arresting reo-
More Explicit Instructions to
Dyspeptic People.
"Good morning, sir," said Captain Rex
all, clicking bis heels together and saluting
an employe of Rickert & Wells, Barre's
most prominent druggists, yesterday.
"How goes the battle against dyspepsia,
and what do you thiuk of Kexall as tbe
best ammunition ever invented to over
come this foe, which is the most dreaded
by man?"
' "They do spWdid work, "said the drug
gist, after acknowledging the. Captain's
salute, and enquiring after his ' efficient
corp of orderlies, whose faces have become
so familiar of late to the readers of the
daily press.
."They are all out on police duty, yon
say, looking for more people to bring here
to tbe headquarters of Rexall. Well, that
is a good idea; but seo here, Captain,
those kids of yours who have, to be sure,
done so much good, need a little instruc
tion. "They ought not to go around and ar
rest only such people as they tind hanging
on to their stomachs when they have a
pain. That is not all that is necessary,
and people who have pains do not always
go through the street proclaiming the fact.
"Von just call them together and tell
your Private Scott, Sergeant Chubb and
the rest of them to keep their eyes open
for people who have lost all springiness In
their gait, who go about as though they
had uo ambition ill life, w ho look and act
as though they were all worn and tired
"One does not have to have terrific
pains to show that bis stomach is out of
order. People who are frequently at
tacked wtth dizziness, headaches, back
aches, foul breath, cold, clamy hands and
feet, coated tongue, and hundreds of oth
er such ills are suffering tbe results of a
disordered stomach.
"You know how enthusinstlo we are,
Captain," said the clerk, "for if we were
not, we would not lend our name to Rexall
Dyspepsia Tablets and guarantee thf iu as
strongly as we do, refunding the cost of
the remedy whenever it is asked, provided
it has not done all that we claim it will."
Riekert & Wells sell the Iiexall Dyspep
sia Tablets at their store for 25 cents a box
and posttvely agree to refund the money
to anyone who does not find that the tab
lets will do exactly as recommended. Un
less these tablets embody all the virtue
that is claimed, it can be easily seen that
Messrs. Riekert & Wells would be iulned
In making such a bold guarantee.
Don t neglect the opportunity. Buy a
box today.
California Town nentroyed.
r.nkersfieM, Cal., June 8.-Word has
been received here that the entire
town of Randsburg has been destroyed
by fire. All efforts to communicate
with Randsburg have failed, as bott
the telephone and telegraph offices
have been destroyed. A high wind is
prevailing on the desert, and as the
town was along one street and had na
fire protection it is probable that noth
ing has been saved.
AVltmlntlon, Del., Elects a Mayor.
Wilmington, Del., June 8.-The Dem
ocrats have elected Charles D. Bin)
mayor of this city. Frauds J. McNul
ty (Dein.) was chosen president ol
council, Robert O. Ilartiian (Dem.)
city solicitor and Frederick C. Mam
mole (Item.) city treasurer. The Dem
ocrats elected nine of the twelve coun
tilmen. The Addicks faction elected
two members of council aud the regu
lar Republicans one. ,
Bold Vomt Office nobbery.
Kingston, N. Y., June 8. The saf
in the post office at Roxbury was
blown open by professional burglars,
who secured 700 in stamps. They
stole a team from Dr. Ellis and went
Of HornellsvillcN.Y., Hands
Down an Important
Judge James II . Clancy of Horne'ds
ville, N. Y., and one of the most prom
inetit members of tha bar in that historic
town, decided recently that as against
Blood and Liver trouble, Dr. David Ken
nedy's Favorite Remedy was worthy of
the highest praise. He says: "
"I have used Dr. David Kennedy's
Favorite Remedy and strongly rec-.
ommend it for its ood effect in iny
case for liver trouble and blood dis
order. It built me right up and I
improved greatly in health."
Geo. H. Ti2t of 878 River street, Troy,
N. Y., suffered from liver trouble and his
blood was all out of order and after using
"Favorite Remedy," has this to say:
"For anyone suffering from that
run down or tired out fteling, caused
by blood or liver trouble, Dr. David
Kennedy's Favorite Remedy is the
. host tnedieitw you can buy. I have
used it and I know."
Tha one sure cure for diseases of the
kidneys, liver, bladder and blood, rheu
matism, dyspepsia and chronic constipa
tion, is Dr. David Kennedy's Favorite
It matters not how sick you are, how
lon you have suffered, or how many
Physicians have failed to help you, Dr.
avid Kennedy's Favorite Remedy will
cure you if a cure is possible.
It is for sala by all druggists in the
New GO Gvsnt Sira and the regular
$1 .00 sue bottles less than a cent a dose.
Sample bottle enough for trial, free ty mail.
Dr. David Ksnnedy Corporation, flondout, N. Y.
Ir. I8ili Kennrl' (iol.tcn I lnsti-rs sf renir! h
a Husck', remove pain anywiiera. 15c eacU.
Close Investigation of Testa! Scan
dais Ordered,
Machen'n Statement About His Cop
per Mining Coninanr I'roTed Cor-rect-Alleged
That Post Oflle
I.'miilo) eea nought Stools.
Washington, June S. President
Roosevelt fully approves the action ot
the post office ollidals in pressing tbe
investigation of the scandals. It is his
intention that the Investigation shah
be sweeping and thorough and that
every charge properly vouched lot
shall be probed to the bottom.
The situation in the department was
considered in its general phase at th
meeting of tbe cabinet, but Fostmastei
General Fayne did not go fully intc
details. The president and Mr. Fnyw
had a long conference, at which thej
considered the situation at length. I'
is understood Unit the president ex
pressed to Mr. I'nyue his desire thai
tbe investigation should be as search
ing as the Ingenuity of the oilicial
could make it and should be pursued
until the department has been purged
of even the suspicion of dishonesty.
At the cabinet meeting Mr. Payne
praised Fourth Assistant Fostmastei
General Bristow highly for the energy
lie has displayed and the thoroughness
of his work.
The postmaster general has dis
missed Thomas V. McGregor and C
Elsworth T'pton, rural free dellverj
clerks. Officials decline to discuss tlx
case of C. E. Smith, the Faltimore con
tractor who furnished the supplies
which figure in the conspiracy proceed
ings against McGregor and Upton. I
is significant, however, that he has no'
yet been arrested, although the in
specters are keeping a watch on him.
Mnrhen'a Mining; Company.
Machen's statement that George E
Lorenz of Toledo, O., was his partne
In mining enterprises is continued j
articles of Incorporation of the Nation
al Capital Copper Mining company, t
corporation organized at Alexandria
Va. Copies of the incorporation papen
are in the possession of the postal au
thoritles, and the directors are namet
us follows: August V. Machen oi
Ohio, president; Ilenry IT. Hand o;
Missouri, vice president; J. D. King oi
M'lsconsin, secretary; H. M. F.aker o.
New Hampshire, treasurer; George E
Lorenz of Ohio, T. E. Dee of the Dis
trlct of Columbia, David II. Fen ton o-,
Indiana, Francis M. Criswell of thi
District of Columbia and Samuel
Scott of Texas. Mr. Uand is conflden
tial clerk to the postmaster general
Mr. King is chief of division in the m
ral free delivery service and was ai
applicant to succeed George W. Jtenv
ers as chief of the salaries and allow
a noes division, Mr. Baker Is a forme;
representative in congress from New
Hampshire, Mr. Lorenz was formerh
postmaster at Toledo and once an olll
rial of the Kist office department, aw
Mr. Fenton is the law clerk of the of
fice of the auditor for the post offici
department. It has been alleged t ba
the stock company was sold to employ
ees of the department.
Preparing to Jlnk.e Several Short
Tripn lit the .Veiir Future.
Washington, June S.Arrungementi
are being made for President Itoost
volt's trip to Cleveland next week t(
attend tne 'weutiing of Senator llan
na's daughter. The president, aeeom
panied "by his .daughter, Miss Allot
Koosevelt; Secretary Loeb and perhapi
two or three others, will leave on I
special train over the Fennsylvanis
railroad on Tuesday afternoon. The
party will arrive in Cleveland betweei
C and 7 o'clock Wednesday morning
On the return trip the president an!
party will leave Cleveland earlj
Wednesday evening, arriving in Wash
ington probably before noon on Thurs
On Monday evening. .Tune 15, tin
president will go to Baltimore to at
tend the Saengerfest concert, returning
tbe same night.
The next morning:, June 1(. he wl!
go to Charlottesville, Va., to attend th
commencement exercises of the Uni
versify of Virginia. He will return ti
Washington that evening.
lieformed Church Hevle Form
Asbury Park. N. J., June 8. Tin
fight over revisions of forms in the i'e
formed church synod has been brough
to an abrupt termination. Dr. Ilutton
chairman of the revision committee
has offered a compromise which ha
been adopted. Dr. Hutton's plan wa
to adopt the revised communion forrr
ns an optional or alternate form, lit
said the fathers who loved the ok
form could tbeu use it as usual, whlh
the progressive element in search of j
shortened service could use the revisei
versiou. '
Senator Qnnr to Retire.
Pittsburg, June 8. Senator Quaj
has announced his resolve to give uj
politics in a Jotter to a close friend
He writes: "I do not expect to be s
candidate for re-election before the leg
islature that will be chosen next year
After nearly fifty years of work in, thf
Republican party of Fennsylvania I
feel that I should take some rest be
fore the final summons. With the pai
ty in the state thoroughly united 1
shall feel satisfied to retire to prlvaft
life after the expiration of my term ir
the senate."
Xew Brunswick Town Is Swept lj
the Flames.
L0S3 IN MAINE $3,000,000,
Ueedle Burning of Fallow la Said
to llnv Started the I)lntroaa '
CouflHgrntion Soma Fires
,o liicler Control.
Hopewell Cape, N. II., June 8.-Twenty-flve
houses are in ashes an! t
finauciul loss of more than $.'Ho,0J
has resulted from the forett fire winci
swept through this locality. The great
er part of the place has been laid is
ruins. Many of the best residency
and tha courthouse have been de
This town is the shire town of Al
bert county and is one of the leadinj
shlpplug iorts of the maritime prov
inces. The residents are largelj
wealthy shipowners and sea captains.
Adirondack Firen tncler Control l'n
It'H SlroiiK IVind nie.
Glens Falls, N. Y., Juno S.-The Adi
rondack fires are under control, but
Should there be another hard wind
they would start agaiu. This state-men!
was made by J. T. Finch, who ar
rived from Indian Lake, where he bai
charge of the tire lighting force.
The greatest menace to the foresti
Is the burning of fallow. The disre
gard for consequences by some of tlx
natives is illustrated by ft man liviuy
near North Hudson, who owned u
small patch. He burned bis fallow
early in tbe week after having been
warned not to. The fire got -away
from him and ran north for twenty
miles, where it was met by a fire from
the Lake Placid country. This man
will be arrested as soon &a the orlicerj
can find him, and the lumber compa
nies propose to push the prosecution.
Fire and Drought Hnve Canard An
I.normun Damage.
Houl! n, Me., June S. Estimates by
lumber men place the loss from tire!
and drought in Aroostook county at
more than $l,(t0,0(X and for northern
and eastern Maine at ?3.0X,(Xkj. Fire
are threatening New Sweden. The
Bangor and Aroostook railroad met
are confident they have aved the
Ashland station and other building!
and valuable contents.
The conditions at Iirownvllle hart
improved. The Great Northern Fupei
company at Millinocket has a crew ol
Italians fighting the fires and protect
ing the property.
lt Life While Fitrhtlnar rlre.
Lake Placid, N. Y June 8. William
Howe of this place was hemmed in bj
the flames while fighting forest tlrei
near the foot of Mount Many, In the
Adirondack1, and smothered to death
by smoke. There are now no fores!
fires burning within frurn five to ten
miles of Luke Placid, and the foresit
immediately around the lake are un
harmed. It is reported that the fires ir
the entire Adirondack region are re
ceding. Heavy ltnin Irir.-nllj- Xerded.
Saratoga, N. V., June S.-The ab
sence of wind in' the Adirondack has
in a measure Improved the general
conditions of affairs in those section
where the forest fires have been rag
ing for several days, but the flames
cannot be extinguished without 8
heavy and protracted rain. In manj
sections the fires cannot be approached
Fire Situation Improred.
Iloosk-k Fulls, X. y., June 8. Tli
"fire situation, has Improved, although g
few new tires have started ou the wes)
side of Grafton mountain. They are
reported to be under control.
l.nrsre F!re In Quebec.
Montreal, June 8. There are no
more large forest fires hi Quebec prov
ince, and as the weather promises r.iir,
it is believed that the worst is over.
f -
H-'-"-. i '. 'C? i
comfit m tj( uJUrf, n"
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