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Those who must have Good Food ! FOREST FIRE PROBLEM
:" " ) n
R V.)y ? x: If
J . a
V . ' . e U 1 J
m order to endure physical labor intelligently
directed locomotive engineers, iron workers,
miners, et al. are the large consumers of bread
made from Spring Wheat Flour. And the standard
Spring .Wheat Flour is Pillsbury's Best Flour.
Observations Being Made by
the Bureau of Forestry.
I'dllbiMirer Iteri headed :orpe
Wm Substituted For Aas!ln.
Basil Moxley, veteran doorkeeper lit
Ford's Grand ra House la Balti
more, who lias knwu all the theatrical .
eslebrities of the last half century, de
clares positively that the body' buried
la Green Mount cemetery as that of
John Wilkes Booth is the corpse of
some other person, says the New York
Mr. Moxley was moved to break his
long silence by the story that came
from Oklahoma that a man who died
there recently declared on his death
bed that he was really Lincoln's as
sassin. Mr, Moxley said:
"Certainly the body burled In Green
Mount was not that of Booth, for I was
one of the pallbearers, and I can safe
ly say to you that there never were
any two things In this world which re
sembled each other less than that body
did John Wilkes Booth. I had known
Ilootlj all my life and was very close
to the family. I saw the body several
times. The hair on the dead man's
Lead was of a reddish brown color,
while Booth's was as black as jet.
"Mrs. Booth, the mother of John
Wilkes, was naturally nearly prostrat
ed with grief at her son's action and
the stories of his horrible death in the
barn and later the report that the gov
ernment had taken charge of the body.
In order that the affair might become
u thing of the past as soon as possible,
some friends determined that it would
be best to bring the body here (Balti
more) and bury it in the family lot in
Green Mount. Through these friends
Mrs. Booth applied to the government
for the body. This brought matters to
a crisis, for I do not believe that John
Wilkes Booth was ever killed in that
barn, and if any one was slain it was
some innocent man w1h knew nothing
of the real assassin.
"At any rate. It was incumbeut upon
the government to furnish a body to
tuake good its report that Booth had
been killed, and it did so. Well, of
course we were all very much surpris
ed at first the four of us who were
selected as pallbearers. We conclud
ed that it was better to say nothing
more about it than to raise another hue
and cry which might kill the mother,
so we kept our discovery secret, con
soled the mother and buried the body
as that of John Wilkes l.th." ,
Momra Burred From the Vurcl
Tlitu Tfat'i Commencement.
There are to be radical changes in
Harvard's commencements, beginning
with this year, says a Bo ton special to
the New York Evening Journal.
In the first place, women are to be
debarred the yard and the alumni are
thus to be afforded opportunity to
make all the noise and drink all the
punch they choose, free from the es
pionage of wives and mothers who
may happen to be members of the W.
c. i. r.
Then the distribution of diplomas is
to cease. The number of persons enti
tled to these documents has grown so
large that it has been deckled to deliv
er them from several places instead of
from the stage of Sander's theater.
Moreover the diplomas themselves
ore to be very different from the tradi
tional sheepskin, huge in size ond not
overornamental ia contents. A much
smaller parchment is now to be the re
ward of scholarship, and much more
art is to be displayed in the getting up.
Tlie "rretel". Will Organise
Throughout the Vnlted State.
The first annual banquet of Grill No.
1, the "Fraternity of the American
Pretzel," was held in Washington the
other evening, says the St. I.ouis Re
public This, the newest of college so
cial orders, was founded in May and
includes members from all parts of the
United States.
Its main object is general good fel
lowship among its members. It is the
intention to organize branch order
anions ail college graduates and un
dercraduntes throughout the United
The next banauet will be held !r
September, VMH, at St. Louis.
The Times Daily Short Story.
'of paper ou which was written in pen-
'cil: - -:"'- -----
"Alwnvs tret at least a portion of
TWP IHI T AH i your pay before doing work."
A- i - Ci.i,.1 ..Tom rpmpmhor.
Alii 'U.-.T'.--.. 'J '-. - -
ed the rag picker's advice and would
have profited by it, but there was so
tittle work to do that he was obliged
to take his chances for pay. lie was
turned out of one house after another
Tom O'Neill wes a fool and a mason.;
He had married Jenny Cone, the girl
of bis choice, before he had put 'by j
any ready money and since he could'
not always get work was not prosper-
us. There is an old saying, "A fool for
luck and a poor man for children," and
Tom certainly illustrated the last part
of the adage. ',
One night after Tom and his family
bad gone to bed there came a rap fit
his door. On opening it he saw a mart,
who looked more like a rag piCKer,
than anything else standing at the,
door, lie asked Tom if he was not a
mason. When Torn replied that he was
the man asked him if he would do a
Job of work Tor him that night. Since
there was nothing in the house for
breakfast and the stranger agreed to
pay bitn 2 if he would work un
til morning, Tom agreed, whereupon,
taklne his tools, he went out with the,
man. who after blindfolding him led
him about in a tortuous course and in-, w-fe thjt tL wcre m t,ie noufi(i where'
to a small cellar, where he removeaj ( he bad Le!ped make a burial,
the bandage. The place was lighted by, Jcnny was depressed anew at bavins,
a candle. - to live over a corpse and declared that,
"I want you to take up a portion of , )(1 t t0 be(l that night till,
r ana uig a grave, saiu
till he brought up in a deserted hovel
on a lonely road. It was an autumn
day when the family went there, and
Jenny sat down on a stump and began
to cry,
"Never mind, dear girl," said Tom
cheerfully; "fools are usually cheerful
under misfortune. It's darkest before
day. Maybe something will turn up."
"Or down," added the wife, with a
fresh burst of tears.
I. Tom, who was never idle when there
was work to do, set abont gathering
:the fallen wood lying about, which he
j carried into the cellar. After carrying
; In the first load be came out with a sin-:
1 gular expression on his face and asked
Ibis wife for a small hand magnifying'
glass that his youngest boy had used
; for a plaything. The glass was given
, him, and he returned to the cellar.
Presently he went upstairs and told his
The Cannes ot the Firen, Condition
That Favor or Hinder Them, Diirn-ng-e
to the Soil and Tree tirowth
Are Some of the Folntu Ileina- In
vestigated Animal horn at Timber
Ilnortuoas. '
In view of the recent forest fires that
have been raging in Maine, Vermont,
New Hampshire, New York and Can-;
ada, the following article about the
forest fire problem Is of timely inter-;
Last yytr within two weeks over
$12,000,000 worth of timber and other
property was destroyed by forest fires
in Oeegon and Washington, says the
Washington correspondent of the New
York Connnerciah This enormous loss
occurred upon a restricted area and
represents only a very small part of
the annual loss from this source.
Every timbered region of the United
States suffers year after year from fire.
The annual loss is estimated at from
$25,000,000 to $30,000,000. Forest fires
have been regarded as almost inevita
ble, and few systematic attempts have
been made to prevent or control them
except in the states of New York,
Pennsylvania and Minnesota, which
have efficient systems of Ore protec
tion. '
The bureaji of forestry of the United
States department of agriculture has
this year undertaken a thorough study
of the forest fire problem in several
different regions. It has placed men
iu forest districts to study fires while
in the process of burning. Instead of
waiting until the fires are over ana
relying fur information on local re
ports, as has been done uereioiore,
the fires are now being observed by
the bureau's agents, and full data will
be obtained as to how they were
caused, how fast they bum, what con
ditions favor or hinder them and just
what damage they do to the soil and
to tree trrowth.
Each auut of the bureau has been
assigned to a district and is investigat
hie all tires that occur within his terri-
tnrv For examnle. one man studies
a lumber tract, anoUier a farming dis
trict, a third a turpentine orchard, etc.
In connection with this detailed
study the agents will observe the
methods of fire protection practiced by
railroads aud other owners ot timber
lands. The. fire warden systems of Uie
states which have forest tire laws and
the patrol system in use ou the federal
forest reserves will also be observed
Bv such methods the bureau of for
estrv hopes to replace with carefully
gathered facts the vague general no
tions that now exist about forest nres
When the problem is solved for any
particular region the bureau will be
ready to reooinmend methods of ' fire
prevention and control for the private
landowner and to sucsrest forest nre
legiskition for the various states.
The investigation is now in progress
in "northern Florida and southern Ala
bama and Georcla under the direction
of Ernest A. Sterling. II. J. Tompkins,
with a small corps of assistants, has
begun the work in Minnesota, X iscou
sin and Michigan, Later in the season
a studv of forest fires will be made on
the Pacific coast
the cement floor
the man.
Tom set to work, took up an oblong(
portion of the floor and dug a grave
6 feet by 2. Then the rag picker mount-,
ed a flight of steps, opened a door andj
shoved the end of a pine cotiin shaped,
box through the opening. Tom took
hold, and the two carried the box and!
lowered it into the grave. '
A barrel of cement stood ready, with,
everything needful for mixing it Tom;
was'dlrected to lay the floor, smooth-!
ing it so that when the cement had
become old no ono would notice that!
the floor had been disturbed. Tom.j
who was suspicious that a murder hadj
been committed, looked about him to
discover something by which hemightj
identify the cellar, though there was:
no probability of his ever coming into
it again. There was absolutely noth-!
lug unusual in the place, and all Tontj
could do when the rag picker's back;
Tom had taken the horrid thing up:
and buried it in the wood. Tom, who
was a patient fellow, first prepared a
new burial place, then opened the grave,
in the cellar and after much difficulty!
(for Jenny could not be bought to help;
him) got the box, much rotted, out of;
Its rosUng place and carried it part
way up the steps to the cellar door.i
There it slipped away from him and
fell with a crash to the floor, breaking
to pieces. .
Tom turned round, expecting to sea
a ghastly corpse, but instead saw sev
eral coins rolling over the floor. Seiz
ing an ax, he completed the destruc
tion of the box and found that it was
full of gold pieces. -
"Jenny," he tried, "come here. The
coffin's broken, and the corpse is roll
ing about on the floor!" , i
Jenny gave a shriek, but a morbid)
fascination which impels people to look'
at awful sights led her to the cellar
Device to Direct R Veel" Move-
ntect. Front Land.
Charles Alden of Dorchester, Mass.
recently completed a series of expert
uients by which he is enabled to con
trol all the movements of a boat in
midstream while 'sitting on the bank
says a Boston special to the New Y'ork
The device used is similar to tti
wireless telegraph. The scene of hi
operations is at Milton, ou the Nepon
set river. Here a long pole wouu
with two large coils of wire is set iu
the ground near to an eight volt bat
tery, generator and a transmitter. The
boat, vrhleb is seven feet long, is fitted
with an elaborate receiving apparatus
By means of the transmitter on the
shore the inventor sends wireless lin
pulses to the boat and is able to make
it welch anchor, cast off, go aueaa
back water and perform all oth
movements of a real vessel.
Alden states that it will be easy to
put such an apparatus into operation
in a large boat, the only thing neces
sary being to direct and send the Im
pulse from the transmitter on shore to
the receiver on the boat.
The Inventor is now at work on a
model of a lifeboat to be similarly
managed, and he believes the device
can be put into practice ou big boats.
( ml J
Are not a hit or miss medicine, sold only by heavy
advertising, but represent the most up-to-date and
tcicntitic method of treating disorders of the d;gestivii
organs known to the medical profession of the world.
They not only temporarily relieve distress which
may return again to-morrow, but treat to cure the cause.
To prove this wonderful success, we boldly pro
claim this fact
Notwithstanding that every box is sold on a positive guar
antee to refund the money if the customer is not satisfied, not
one in a thousand of the boxes sold have been returned.
This shows that the Rexall Dyspepsia Tablets have been
successful in over nine hundred and ninety-nine cases out of
every thousand. Don't you think you'd better invest in a 25 cent
box to-day?
Red Gross Pharmacy,
160 North Main St. ftckertl& Wells, Props.
Iarls Seta a Fanbloa la Slmiile aud
Seaaonable Diolujr.
Drop the pink teas aud the yellow
dinners and all such colored fads. They
are no longer the style in Paris, says
the Chicago Tribune. Those who give
dinners and teas there have returned
to the normal and sane Ideas of eating
naturally. Freak foods and freak deco
rations have been brushed aside to
gether, and things of the season must
be eaten in season.
It is now the fashion to have every
thing in season, the flowers as well as
the food. Forced hothouse plants and
vegetables ore to be avoided as well as
Imported meats. Spring flowers are
chosen for spring luncheons and din
ners, just as summer flowers are cho
sen to decorate summer tables with the
vegetables that are in season and con
sequently at their best. .
The elaborate ribbon and lace acces
sories which formerly adorned tables
are entirely dispensed with. The table-
oth Is of rich damask handsomely
embroidered, with the nankins to
match, and decorated with a center-!
piece of seasonable nowers encireieu ,
with a wreath of green foliage or vino.
Masses of silver and gold plate are left
dn the sideboard. ; - i -
Only one knife and fork are placed
for each person and changed for others
with each course, but the rows of
knives and forks on each . .side of the
plate are scrupulously avoided, togeth
er with all kinds of specially shaped
knives and forks invented by the jew
eler to create a want, but which are to
he dispensed with. Even the oyster
fork is made to resemble the ordinary
fork as much as possible, and many
smart hostesses do not even use a spe
cial fork for oysters.
As for the finger bowl, it has com
pletely disappeared from al! smart ta
bles and Is caricatured even in the sa
lon under the title of "Julie's Bath," a
Picture by Jean Veber showing a big
fat woman washing her hands In a
large finger bowl after dinner.
American China For Oar War Ship.
Rear Admiral Bradford, chief of the
bureau of equipment, has decided that
china of American manufacture' shall
be used in the United States navy here
after, to the exclusion of that of Eng
lish and German manufacture, says a
"Washington special to the Chicago Record-Herald.
American china Is Just as
good, and generally cheaper "than the
Imported product. Whether it Is any
tougher is an important feature, for
the item of breakage on war ships, es
pecially small ones, is substantial, and
the officers have to pay for all break
ago above 15 per cent each year.
Another Sew Air Ship.
At the establishment of M. Louis
Godard, near the Font de Saint-Ouen,
In Paris, work will soon be begun on a
new air ship to be known as the Santa
Cruz, designed by Senor Jose de Fa
troclnio, to whom the Brazilian gov
ernment has accorded a subsidy for
this purpose, says the Aeronautical
World. The new air ship will be forty
five meters long, twenty-one- meters
wide and nine meters high. Its capaci
ty will be 3,900 cubic meters, and, all
dimensions considered, It will be the
largest "dirigible" ever built.
1 IJU - I
Famous Ice Cream!
Srawbcrry with Fresh Fruit I Pineapple with Fresh Fruit I
Vanilla and Chocolate I
The Bar re Candy Kitchen.
FlorUts Sow Ship Fine Dirt.
Since florists of Newcastle, Ind., have
made such a success in the growing of
roses and other plants, a new Industry
has sprung up there which promises to
assume large proportions, says the In
dianapolis News. Outsiders, recogniz
ing the superiority of the Newcastle
product and being financially unable to
was turned was to make a cross oni i aoor, 8nd the sunlight shooting through
the newly laid cement with the sharp! small window showed ber the shin-'
blade of his knife. When the job was : jng g,,u, , erect ranges, are doing the next best
finished the rag picker blindfolded: Inquiry revealed to Tom that the, thing namely, shipping soil gathered
Tom again and led him out of the cel- fcouso had once been habited by a rag; Irom around Newcastle to their plants
lar. After taking him over a winding, picker who was suspected of being a;; to a distance as far away as 200 miles.
course finally the rag picker said: f miser. But the man was dead, and no,
"I am going to leave you now. Count; one knew who lie was or whether he;
500, and when you have done so take, had auv relatives.
off the bandage. If you remove it be-,
fore you have made the count youj
will be a dead man. You will find on
the ground something worth much
more to you than the sum I agreed to
pay you."
Tom counted 500, then, after consid-j
erable delay, removed his bandage.;
Oq the ground before him was a piece
Tom bontrht the house and gradually
replaced and enlarged the space it oc-I
cupled. His wife and children werel
well dressed, and general prosperity)
reigned in the family. No one knows j
where Tom got his funds, and no one I
can find out, for he Is his own banker,!
and his bank is a grave in his cellar.
Within the past few days several car
loads of soil have been shipped to In
dianapolis, Chicago and Cincinnati
firms for the growing of roses.
Novel snlta For Polar Expedition.
The Duke of Abruzzi has prepared
suits for use in his next polar excursion
which are heated by electricity through
a network of nsbestns covered wire in
their lining. Bedding will be warmed
in like manner.
Gymnasium Work Improve Flnre
ot ;lrl nt ailchljtan t'ulveraUy.
The makers of stays may as well go
out of business, says a special dispatch
from Ann Arbor, Mich., to the New
York World. The secret of a slender
waist is discovered, and the corset has
nothing to do with it. The gym's the
thing to make willowy the feminine
form! All you have to do is to train
as the girls now do at the University
of Michigan and the waist grows small
er without squeezing.
The thing has been proved. Fresh
men girls are compelled to do gymna
sium work. Their measurements are
taken upon entrance, and at this time
of the year they are measured, the fig
ures going upon the original chart. Six
charts taken at random show a de
crease in measurements of waist, hips,
biceps, thighs and calves, with a con
siderable increase in' shoulders, reach,
chest, lung capacity and strength. One
girl's waist has decreased au inch,
while her shoulders have broadened
half an "inch. Dr. Alice Snyder, direct
or of the gymnasium, explains the mat
ter thus:
"The changes are due to systematic
training. We teach the girls 'the more
correct position in standing, and the
exercise with the dumb bells and
wands broadens the shoulders. The
flesh becomes firmer, and in fact there
is a loss of superfluous weight in the
big majority of cases. The arms bo
come better rounded, and the systemat
ic and thorough exercise makes the
more perfect woman."
For Barre and Vicinity.,
NEW GOODS direct from the factories to our store. The largest
and most elegant line ever shown in central Vermont. Larger invoices
received each week than are usually carried by most dealers. We give
regular prices. Investigate and see for yourselves. A full line of the
BEST MIXED PAINTS, VARNISHES, etc. Lowest prices on all goods.
-',., -
. (Telepoone Call, 155-3)
Library Building, 1 0 Elm St. The Up-to-Date Wall Paper Dealer.
jz? SMOKE j&
Up-to-Date 5-Cent Cigar.
Lnrjre Crops In Argentina.
The harvest of Argentina is un
precedented. There will be 2.300,000
tons of corn for export. The figure
for wheat is 5 to 10 per cent higher
and the crop of linseed will be about
1,300,000 tons.
O. C. Taylor 8c Co., Props., Burlington, Vt.
So .Kill-Fly
Spray your cattle with "So-Boss-So Kill-Fly." It increases
the flow of milk, it protects your cattle and kills the flies.
Try Our Oil and Gasolene Stoves
and be convinced that they are the best in the market
thina in the Hardware line.
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First-class goods and right prices.
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