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Liquid Kidney Remedies arc
Full of Alcohol.
Kidney-Wort Tablets Use No Drop
of Alcohol. -
The. " Get-Well-Quiek, "kidney remedies
are like the " tiet-Kieh-Quiek" schemes,
full of bitterness in the etiJ.
Alcohol enters largely into their com
position. Their immediate deceptive brae
ins; effect Is due to the alcohol, and so is
the depression, the increase in rheumat ism,
and the irritation of the entire urinary
tract that follows.
Don't take the remedy that will free
. iJ'ou from pain quickest, hut the seientitie
modern remedy that will thoroughly free
you from your disease. Liquid kidney
remedies can only give temporary relief.
Alcohol intensities all kidney and rheuma
tic diseases, no matter how much help it
seems to afford at the stait. Kidney-Wort
Tablets areas superior to the old-fashioned
lituid prepared kidney remedies as anti
toxin is superior to the ineffective diptberia
treatment of fifty years apo. Kidney-Wort
Tablets are purposly free from alcohol.
The Tablets have cured thousands of kid
ney sufferers who could got uo help from
liijuid remedies.
2:jy Boston St., Lynn, Mass., I
.May 15, lviO.'J, )'
Gentlemen I have been subject to lame
ness in my back for ten or twelve years
I tried Dr. Pettingill's Kidney-Wort Tab
lets and was relieved immediately. By the
time 1 bad taken the whole of the first bot
tle, the ache was gone entirely I think,
for good, as I have not been troubled since.
Yours very truly,
Chabujs F. ORlt.
Have you noticed any of the symptoms
of kidney disease a growing weakness,
backache, fugitive and obscure pains in
the lumbar region, drowsiness, emaciation,
shortness of breath, dizzy feeling, dis
turbed sleep? Do you note brick dust
deposit or mucous or milky discharges and
gravel in your urine'. Has your skin a
dry and harsh feeling, burning at night?
Have you unusual thirst and scanty llow
of urine? Are you losing in weight and
strength? Take Kidney -Wort Tablets
without delay. They act directly upon the
kidneys, bladder, and urinary organs, and
promptly banish every trace of the dread
At the first backache examine your
urine for cloudiness, reddish deposits, and
small particles Coding upon it. At the
earliest siun of kidney weakness use Kidney-Wort
Attempt (pon ltUKNfiui Itnlrr Said to
Have Been Harely Avert etl.
New York, Juno 22. Cables from
London received in this city state that
the- Morning Lender of that city has a
'dispatch from Moscow saying that re
ports were current there that an at
tempt upon the life of the czar was
barely prevented a few days ago. The
dispatch Rays that the attempt was to
have been made at Tsarskoe Solo .lust
before the departure of the czar ond
his suit for the villa at New I'cte.rboif
There is no confirmation of the story
According; 1o the Leader's advices,
the would lie assassin conceived tin
Idea of disguising himself in the uni
form of a superior otlieer of gendarme
and when so attired attempted to get
into the emperor's presence.
The correspondent Jidda that there li
n Stent deal of mystery about the af
fair and that it has been hushed up
.for fear of it coming to the knowledge
oTtlie c.ar, Ti"T."''.'"'
i It Is declared that the czar was great
ly excited by the butchery t Bel
grade and that since that time lie lias
been in a very apprehensive state.
One thins that struck him forcibly in
the .Servian horror was that the assas
sins were army officers.
It is declared that the guard at the
palace has been doubled within the Inst
few days, but that the czar 1st in ig
nornnce of this as well as of the al
leged attempt upon his life at Tsarskoe
5! ymterloum Attempt nt Murder.
Buffalo, June 22.--A special to the
Express from Geneseo says an attempt
was made to kill Clarke Hill, whippet
in in the Geneseo Valley hunt, Major
Wadswortb's pack. A disturbance in
the kennels brought Hill to tils door,
and a man in the darkness shot him In
the arm When lie got outside the in
truder had disappeared. Hill's coat
sleeve was smoldering, showing that
the first shot hud been at close range.
His wound Is serious. .
I'OMtal Treaty With Cuba.
Washington, June '.'J. A treaty with
Cuba continuimr the present postal ar
rangements between that republic and
the United Stales was laid before the
president by l'ostmaster General
Payne. It was signed by the president
and Mr. Payne and then transmitted
to the state department for the signa
ture of Secretary Hay.
If the Difference
between Spring Wheat and
Winter Wheat flours . were
generally known, no intelligent
family, able to procure the for
mer, would fail to do eo. Flour
is the article most frequently
used in kitchens, yet compara
tively few people know much
about it. To most housekeepers
flour is flour. Those who buy
their bread, cake and pastry
ready made, are still further
away from knowing what they
are eating. The standard flour of
the world, made of Hard Spring
Wheat, is Fillsbury's Best. Sold
by grocers everywhere.
She Troves Hor Su i.rIorif 3 la Varia
ble Id'cezcs.
Columbia Outsail JlntU Cam;rlltiiri
on One I.ejr of One Hound ut the
lonrnr-Liirk la Wind Was
Evenly DlHtrlbatetl.
New York, June 22. la the race on
Lous Island 'sound for the Soawauba-I;a-Corinth!an
Yacht club cup the Reli
ance again proved her superiority over
her two rivals, the Constitution and
the Columbia, for the honor of defend'
ing the America's cup.
It was a special race for the cup, and
the Reliance won it from the Constitu
tion by a margin of 4m, 17s. She also
defeated the Columbia by 7m. 31s., and
the latter yacht was beaten Sru. l is. by
the Constitution.
The course was a comparatively short
one, being less than twenty llvo knots.
It was triangular, and the yachts went
twice around.
Improvement Shown by Columbia.
The average speed of the Reliance
was S.-1S miles an hour. She covered
the twenty-three and a half miles in
21). 4hn. 12s. The most impressive fea
ture of the race was the good work
done by the old time champion, the Co
lumbia. In the four miles of windward
work in the second round of the course
she covered the distance faster than the
Reliance by 2m. 59s. and faster than
the Constitution by 3m. 55s. The race
as a whole was closer and more satis
factory than any the yachts have sailed
since the Glen Cove series.
The breeze varied much in direction,
but it held fairly steady at about a
seven knot strength, with occasional
streaks blowing as high as twelve or
thirteen knots, and the yachts were
able to cover the twenty-three and a
h'tlf mile course in less than three
hours. The Reliance won on her merits,
and what luck their was in the matter
of picking up favoring slants Of wind
was evenly divided.
( onnlltut )u Lone at Start.
Had the Constitution made a better
start the Reliance's margin of victory
might have been much smaller. The
Columbia got over the line first, hut the
Reliance was only one second behind,
and Rarr was able to luff up into the
Columbia's weather. The Constitution
went across thirty-seven seconds later
and rapidly overhauled the Columbia,
but the Columbia had the Constitution
under her lee, and Rhodes could not get
her out.
An interested spectator was Colonel
B. F. IX Xeill, Sir Thomas Upton's
representative aboard the Erin and a
member of the Royal Clyde Yacht
club. . Colonel Neill was much im
pressed with the Reliance. "The Reli
ance Is a tine ship,' he said, "and ev
erything seems to have been done to
make her a perfect vessel. I do not
think that wo have no chance. I think
we have a fairly good chance nnd shall
make a good fight and work hard. Sir
Thomas Upton has given us everything
we need," . i ; ; ; ' "'
rnnnillttn Defender in Fnt.
Montreal, June 22.-Thorelki II., the
hew boat built to defend the Seawan
hnka cup for small yachts, has proved
to be marvelously fast in light breezes,
She has performed satisfactorily it)
heavier winds, nnd It is almost certain
that she will be selected as the de
fender. Pennsylvania Hobbera Cansltt.
Bollefonto, Pa., June 22.-The four
robbers who attempted to rob the Cen
ter Hall bank here have been captured
in Seven mountains after one of them
had been so severely wounded that he
cannot recover. Sheriff Taylor and his
deputies came upon the gang hiding In
an old stable. The command to sur
render was. answered by a volley of
bullets from the robbers' revolvers.
The deputies returned the tire, after
which the men surrendered. One of
the gang, whose name, according to
his comrades, is Showaltor nnd whom,
the burglars say, lives in Wisconsin,
was shot through the neck.
Automobile Heoordu Broken.
Indianapolis, I nil., June 22. Harney
Oldtield of Dayton, ()., broke the
world's records for automobiles from
one to five miles on an elliptical mile
track here by driving his machine a
tulle in 59 3-5 seconds. Not satisfied
with this, he broke every record from
one to five miles, clipping 23 3-5 sec
onds off the five mile record, held by
Winton, by going the distance in 5m.
4 3-5s, He drove his "lied Devil,"
which was designed by himself.
Jloroecan Itebela Win Victory.
Madrid, June 22. The Corrosponden
da's representative at Tangier tele
graphs that the Senhaya and Erguna
Kabyles have surprised the sultan's
army, inllicting a loss of 0,000 men.
The pretender to the throne, the cor
respondent adds, is as yet ignorant of
the victory of his supporters.
Xn Cool Famine This Year.
Chicago, June 22.-The Black Dia
mond lias a slimed article bv F. E.
Loomis, vice president of the Dela
ware, Lackawanna and 'Western rail
road, saying that there will be suffi
cient hard coal to meet all the de
mands of consumers the present year.
Marine Actaarlani.
The largest and best stocked marine
aquarium In the world in in the old
moat of the abandoned Fort Jefferson,
Cn Gordon key, Dry Tortugas.
Claim "f ri'iiilm-i Aaln.t War
hi to Hi? I'rtitf i'ted.
Wal)i!igTnn. .J u:i' 22. Attorney ticti
eral Knox has had pr-pare.l a stipula
tion ia the nature of a bond whi-h
practically covers the government's in
terest in the miier Galveston. Tins
stipulation, or bond, it is assumed, will
more than cover the claims of the cred
itors against the Trigg company for
Work done and material usi-d on tht
It was learned at the navy depart
ment that far greater interests are in
volved in the d;ci-ion of the question
of the possession of the cruisers Gal
veston and C'hattaii'Nitra than are rep
resented by the actual cash value of
those boats. It is regarded as absolute
ly essential at this stage to establish a
sound precedent and determine the
question of title to war vessels under
construction in order to protect the
government's Interest in the ownership
Of at least a dozen sHips, iucltiding
large battle ships worth nearly if.'.tXM),.
OU) each.
Similar qelion will be taken in the
case of the Chattanooga, building nt
Elizabethport, N. J., nnd it is therefore
probable that no further delays will be
encountered in the completion of the
Galveston and the Chattanooga.
Glventon ne Complicated.
Richmond, Ya., June 22. In the peti
tion of creditors asking that the Wil
liam R. Trigg Shipbuilding company be
adjudged a bankrupt Judge Wuddill
has rendered decision that the ap
pointment of a receiver by the chan
cery court of the city of Richmond
Dec. 22, 11X12, which was the act of
bankruptcy complained of in the peti
tion, could not be taken advantage of
under the amendment of Feb. 5, 1003.
Judge Waddill holds that the amend
ment of Feb. 5, 1003, is not retroactive
and could not extend to the appoint
ment of a receiver prior to Feb. -ii, 1003,
rs was the case in the appointment of
a receiver for the Trigg company. It is
thought probable that this decision
may further complicate the situation in
respect to the cruiser Galveston.
Lightning 1-limit Sets Off n Ton nnd a
Half of the Kxplnalve.
Cambridge, O., June 22. Ligbtnina
struck a hut stored with 3.000 pounds
of dynamite at the new mine now be
ing opened near Senecaville, twelve
miles from here, during a storm, kill
ing six men and injuring a score of oth
ers, besides ruining the mine shaft and
breaking nearly all the windows in
Senecaville, a mining town of 800 peo
ple, half a mile from the mine.
The men killed and injured were car
penters and others employed in open
ing the mine and building th shaft
ing. When the storm came up the men
took refuge in John Saltzgaber's barn,
some distance from the mine. Sudden
ly a blinding flash came, and in an in
stant the barn was demolished and the
men scattered over a radius of a hun
droit feet. More than a score of men
were bleeding from injuries sustained
from heavy rocks torn from the earth
and from the timbers from the black
smith shop.
Mine KxploKion Destroy Five,
Raton,' N. 51., June 22. Five men
were killed by au explosion which
wrecked mine No. 3 of the Raton Coal
and Coke compajiy at Blossburg, N. M,
The explosion is believed to have been
cabsed by fire damp.
Danes Honor America.
Copenhagen, June 22. When the
United Stales European squadron, Real
Admiral Cotton commanding, stopped
off Xyborg, Island of Funen, Denmark
a remarkable demonstration in honot
of the United States wavy was made
The funeral of a colored boy who cojn
rait ted-suicide by jumping overboard
was hold. Eighty officers and men,
headed by a band, were landed with
the body, whereupon all the flags of the
town were half masted. The funeral
was attended by representatives of the
Danish military and civil authorities
and by the foreign consuls, who placed
flowers on the coffin, which was draped
with the Danish and American colors.
Haverhill Flrcbtiff Cnnght.
Haverhill. Mass., June 22. In the ar
rest of Fred Brasseur of this city the
police and firo officials of this city
after weeks of waiting at last have
found a solution to the many mysteri
ous iucendlary fires here during the
past four months. Brasseur has con
fessud to having set six of these Bros,
which have caused an aggregate loss
of over $20, 000. Brassour's reason for
ills acts was simply that he "wanted
to see the engines go."
Coal Miners to Hesnnie Work.
Unton, Did., June 22. The GOO strik
ing miners who stopped work In the
Island Coal company's mines last week
have decided to return to work in com
pliance with the ultimatum of Presi
dent John' Mitchell. It is understood
that the miners were compelled to re
turn to work or surrender their char
ter and suffer other workmen to take
their places.
Frealdcnt Mitchell In Poor Health.
Indianap!is, hid., June 22. On ac
count of ill health brought on by his
recent duties in the east President John
Mitchell of the United Mine Workers
was uuable to attend the Mitchell day
celebration held by the miners at Win
slow, Pike county, hid.
Hank Itobbera In Kaimna.
Oakley, Kan., June 22. The State
bank of Oakley has been robbed. The
safs wai blown open and is a complete
wreck. The robbers got between f 1,000
end $5,000.
The Weather.
Fair; warmer; fresh variable winds,
becoming wet.
Rickert U Wells Explain Why
Dyspepsia is Often Taken
For Heart Disease.
Also How Rexall Dyspepsia Tablets
Remove the Cause.
Among the many symptoms of Dyspep
sia one of the most 'annoying is the bloat
ing of the bowels. This is so great in
some cases as to interfere with the action
of the heart, and then we have palpitation,
a sense of smothering after eating, thort-uc-ss
of breath on exertion, and at times
severe pain in the region of the heait.
Many people rush In alarm to their phy
sician when affected with theso symptoms.
Now if you think you have heart dis
ease, try liexall Dyspepsia Tablets. If
the pain, palpitation, smothering and
shortness of breath come from Dyspepsia
or Indigestion you cet in Rexall the best
remedy iu the world. You will see all of
these distressing symptoms disappear; you
will receive the priceless boon of perfect
Hut if you really have heart disease
you are almost certain to have some form
of stomach trouble, whatever the form of
Dyspepsia or Indigestion. Whether in con
nection with heart disease or not, Rexall
Dyspepsia Tablets can be takeu with the
confidence that a speedy and permanent
cure will follow.
Then remember this: If Rexall SHOULD
fail to benelit you, Rickert & Wells will
gladly give you back your money.
Money Order ilurenii nnd l)t-nd l.et
. ter Ollice Are to Bo Prune.
Washington, June 1"2 It is said here
that Investigations will be made of the
money order bureau and the dead let
ter cilice. Roth of these bureaus han
dle considerable money, and the inves
tigation is a measure of precaution.
There are no specific charges.
Counsel for the two competing bid
ders, for the contract for printing the
money order forms, the bids which led
to Superintendent Metcalf'8 dismissal,
have been asked to submit their briefs
to the department as soon as possible
in order to enable early action on the
contract. Postmaster General Payne
said that he 'had made no final de
cision on Mr. Metcalf'8 appeal for the
reopening of his case.
When the pending investigation of
the affairs of the post ollice depart
ment shall have been completed a full
report of it will be made to President
Roosevelt by the postmaster general.
It Is understood to be the present in
tention of the president to make the
report public, accompanying it with a
statement of his own reviewing the
proceeding and making such comments
upon it as he may deem advisable.
The freneral belief now is that the
investigation will be closed, so far as
the cleaning out of the department is
concerned, possibly before the presi
dent leaves Washington for Ids sum
mer home at Oyster Bay, a few days
from now, and after that nothing will
be left but to try the accused ollieials
in the courts.
Won't l'roneeute Deroue.
Camden, X. J., June 2il. The postal
inspectors who have examined the ac
counts of l'ostmaster Louis T. le
rousse have announced to the bonds
men that a shortage of ?2,1S7 had been
found. This amount has been turned
over to the post ollice by the bonds
men, and Lto rousse will not be prose
cuted. One of his bondsmen is said to
have declared that the postmastei
would resign his office.
Snld to Ilnve Token Pontnl 1'nnda.
Baltimore, June 22. Miss Dora
Campbell, former postmistress at Mays
ville, Ga., who was arrested on a war
rant charging her with the embezzle
ment of $KH) postal funds, has been
brought before United States Commis
sioner Rogers and committed for a fur
tber hearing.
More Vont Olllee Trouble,
Washington. June 22. Zachary Ly
ons, a colored post office laborer, has
been arrested in the post office depart
ment building on the charge of steal
ing letters. lie claimed he was the
victim of machinations of other em
ployees. '
Miehiffcna Central Sol to Merge.
Detroit, Mich., June 22. President
Henry P.. Ledyard of the Michigan
Central railroad denies the story sent
out from Cleveland to the effect that
he is to retire as president of the Michi
gan .Central on Aug. 1 and that the
road is to lose its identity and become
part of a consolidation of the Vander
bilt lines west of Buffalo.
Mlierty Bell Home Again.
Philadelphia, June 22. The liberty
bell has arrived here from Boston. The
historic relic was escorted from the
Pennsylvania railroad freight station
to Independence hall by the Second
troop, Philadelphia city cavalry; the
Second regiment, Pennsylvania nation
al guard, and a committee of council
men. '
Italy Alter American Ilepuhlic.
Santo Domingo, June 22. The Italian
minister here lrtis presented several
claims of Italian subjects against the
government. An Italian war ship has
arrived here from Porto Rico. The
elections for president of the republic
have begun. Quiet prevails throughout
the country.
CnrdlnnI Vnnjilin Dead.
London. June 22. The Right Rev.
Herbert Vaughn, cardinal and arch
bishop of Westminster, the highest Ro
man Catholic dignitary of Great Brit
ain, is dead.
Eesents Withdrawal of ISritWi Min
ister to His Country.
United State to Hold Aloof From
Xerr Government I'or the Tre
ent Klnc Peter I to leiich
III Cnpitnl City Wedueailay.
Belgrade, Servia, June 22. The for
rlgn minister, M. Kalievlcs, in an Inter
view expresses intense indignation at
the announcement from London that
the British minister has been instruct
ed to withdraw from Belgrade for some
time on the arrival here of King Peter.
The minister said it was inexplicable
why the British government intended
to make the provisional Servian minis
try responsible for the deplorable
events of the night of June 11. The
members of the present cabinet, lie
added, had really displayed great pa
triotism in coming to the aid of their
couutry in the sad crisis.
Milliliter Kalievlcs' statement was
made carefully for publication and
may bo regarded as an oliicial expres
sion of the view of the government.
The minister said:
"It Is with deep Indignation that we
find in a recent telegram from London
an indication that St is intended to hold
the present government responsible for
the deplorable events which occurred
on the sanguinary night of June 11 in
the royal palace. It is known that the
events of that night were carried out
by Servian officers who had resolved to
prevent tho probable proclamation of
the brother of Queen Praga as the suc
cessor to the throne. . -
Qneen Detented fay People.
"Tho fact that a woman was among
those who perished in the struggle pro
voked by the attack of an aid de camp
upon officers Is regrettable, more so as
her death was by no means necessary,
even though she bad been detested by
the whole Servian people from the mo
ment she presumed to place the crown
upon her unworthy head.
"The upheaval of June 11 was the
work of a large number of officers. The
consequences of the revolution, how
ever, were sanctioned by the whole
army and the whole people.
"With regard to the members of the
provisional government who were call
ed upon at a most critical moment to
take the reins of government in the
absence of nil other authority, they
only prove their patriotism and per
sonal courage by accepting so delicate
a mission as that which the people
unanimously and with gratitude sol
emnly confided to them. It is forgot
ten that tho. men composing the pres
ent government were drawn from ail
parties nnd were hitherto engaged iu
bitter political strife. Only devotion to
their conntrv could unite them at this
critical moment. Proof of tho fact
that tliey rendered great service to
their country is found in the peace and
order prevailing throughout the land, j
We have, therefore, good reason to re- j
gret the fact that an attempt is now ;
being made In England as the result j
of erroneous information to cast sus-1
pit-ion on a state of affairs which lias
for its object the maintenance of onbr
and the eventual regeneration of a
young nation which has passed through
a time of trial and which Is attached ,
to the cause of liberty and civlliza- :
tion." I
I'nited Stttte to Follow England.
Washington,, June 22. The United
States government, it is said here, has ,
adopted an attitude similar to that of ;
IJngianti toward me new Servian
dynasty., Mr. Jackson, who, besides be
ing minister to Greece, Is also United
States minister to Servin. will not pre
sent his credentials to the government j
of King Peter at present. It happens j
that the trade between tlie United 1
States and Servia Is trilling, mid the
interests of the two countries, touch at
few points, so that there is really little
embarrassment likely to follow the
failure to establish diplomatic rela
tions. Ulnar to Ueacb Delirrnde Wednesday.
Vienna, June 22. King Peter will ar
rive here Tuesday evening. At tlie
railroad station he will receive the
homage of the Servian colony and will
continue his journey by way of Buda
pest, arriving at Belgrade Wednesday
Swap t"onrtele.
Baltimore, June 22. Brevet Briga
dier General Eddy, colonel of the Forty-seventh
regiment, X. Y. X. G., lo
cated in Brooklyn, and officers of his
command have presented to Colonel
Willard Howard and officers of the
Fourth Maryland regiment a punch
bowl, with ladle, glasses and tray.
After the presentation the officers of
the Fourth regiment tendered the vis
iting officers a banquet in the Fourth
regiment armory.
1'otvera to Honor Spnnlnh Kin v.
Faris, June 22. A dispatch to the
Temps from Madrid says the approach
ing visit of King Alfonso to Cartage
na will be the occasion for notable
naval honors from the combined Med
iterranean squadrons of France, Rus
sia, Great Britain and Portugal. Tho
French squadron was ordered to pro
ceed to Cartagena.
Allrired Iynanilter Arrested.
Rochester, X. Y., Juno 22. William
Mack and Edward Ready, Rochester
men, have been arrested on suspicion
of being connected with the dynamit
ing of the Charlotte post office safe last
Friday rooming.
Entrn vnennoe. M!ntitnnxciii"nt f
1 nnd and Oihtr OHcncit Aliened.
Trenton, X. J.. June 22. Appd. atio i
has b.-cn mnd" in the court of ha-.n.-.-iy
by Andrew II. McNeal of Burlinti n,
X. J., for the appointment of a re- -l,-,-i
for the United States Cast Iron Pip.,
and Foundry company, which has four
teen plants at different points through
out the United States, one of which h
located at Burlington. Other plains am
located at .Buffalo, Cleveland, Colum
bus. O.; Scottdale, Pa., and in Wise.m
tin, Kentucky and Alabama. The com
pany was incorporated about three
years ago, with an authorized capital of
$:,1hki.imk to make cast iron pipe and
foundry work.
McXeal In his bill of complaint
charges extravagance and mismanage
ment in the operation of the business of
the company- He further charges that
the company has been operated more
with a regard for the exploiting of the
company's stock in the stock market
than for the practical utilization of the
company's works; that from. Its organi
zation in the spring of l'l the compa
ny's management was dominated by
General Samuel Thomas, whoso princi
pal occupation, McXeal says, was that
of a promoter of companies and ex
ploiter of stocks.
McXeal further charges that since
the spring of 1001 the company was
dominated by its president, George B.
Hayes, whose associates, he alleges,
were financiers and exploiters of
stocks. It is averred that the plant at
Buffalo is operated at a los of 10u,fKXl
and that plants at West Superior,
Bridgeport, South Pittsburg and New
port were dismantled and rendered
useless and that these plants were ac
quired at excessive prices. It is also
charged that for the purpose of ex
ploiting stock statements to the public
were published showing nearly $1,000,
000 surplus, which, McXeal claims, is
not true.
"Spite Work," Say rrldent' Sob,
Buffalo, June 22. In reference to the
application in Trenton for a receiver
for the United States Cast Iron Pipe j
and Foundry company, Georgo I).
Hayes of this city, Ron of President
George P.; Hayes, alleges that the ac
tion Is a piece of spite work on the part
of tho applicant, Andrew II. McXeal,
who, he says, had been a director of
the concern and had been defeated for
re-election. The concern, he says, i
Kentnrky Fend Town to Iteninln
I ttdcr Soldier Proteetion.
Jackson. Ky., Juno 22. The situation
here is still one of apprehension. The
foreman of tlie grand Jury that in
dicted Jett and White has been threat
ened, and tlie .soldiers are stationed
around his house as well as around
that of Haddlcks, who testified to see
ing Crsvford and Tharpe, teamster
for Hargis Bros., coming from the
Eweti hotel just before the firo was dis
covered. Anxiety is felt for other wit
nesses and jurors, and tlie provost
jnarshal will continue holding Jackson
under martial law.
Since the removal of Jett and White
to Lexington and the prospect of an
other trial iu another county beyond
the scene of the feud influence there
is considerable talk here of prosecu
tions for perjury and bribery.
The statement by Judge Redwlne
that he will call a si win I term of court
when he finishes his work in Irvine
and Lee counties Is taken as a conclu
sive step ia this direction.
Jio Hest For Anion Vletim,
Lexington Ky., June 22. Captain
Ewen, the exile wittiess from Jackson,
has stated thai he has been warned
not to leave the house where he is
staying and that he would heed the
warning. A lecture on tho situation in
Breathitt county which Captain Ewei
was to have delivered was called oif.
The danger to Ewen Is said to lie In
tho presence of men who came to Lex
ington from Jackson.
Fatal I'luht at n rienie.
Portsmouth. O., June 22. In -a fight
at a picnic eighteen miles from here
John Brown was shot and instantly
killed and his father, Frank Brown,
was fatally wounded. The elder
Brown and John Short got into an al
tercation, and Brown's son attacked
Short with a hatchet. Short shot
Brown through -the heart, killing him
instantly. He then stabbed the elder
Brown. Short was arrested.
IJad Fire In Alabama.
Geneva, Ala.. June 22.-The entire
sawmill plant and four kilns owned
and operated by the Barry Lumber
company at Opp. thirty miles west of
here, have been burned. A million
feet of lumber, several cars and three
dwellings near the plant were also de
stroyed. Tlie loss is $12.",000. with
very' little insurance.
Not to Reorganize Ship Trniit.
New York. June 22. The following
statement has been issued by a mem
ber of the liriu of J. P. Morgan & Co.:
"Any statement or report that the In
ternational Mercantile Marine compa
ny is to he reorganized and its stock
assessed is absolutely untrue."
ItellKloaa RloU In France.
St. Etlenne. Franco, June 22. The
appearance of the Capuchins in the
police court here was the occasion of
serious rioting, and sharp fighting oc
curred between the Catholics and so
cialists, In which several persons were
badly hurt.
Venezuela Fuyln Vp.
Caracas, Venezuela, June 22. The
Venezuelan government has paid to
Germany the 00,000 due this month,
as stipulated in the protocol, In partial
liquidation of the German claims
against Venezuela.

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