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Sab?cr"j.no!is; One year, $3; one month,
to ct3 ; single copy, 1 cent.
&Scmber of the Publishers' Preiw. Tbe Int
ent teiepurapbic newt from at! Prt ur tt,e
world re reoeivwl by the J. : i y Tiin up to
tb uoar of guin lo ire8.
Frank E. Langl;, Publlahcr.
Frjbllh.i KverT Weekday Afreruoon.
Kntered at tbe p.-Btoffloe at I5rre a second
claaa matter.
MOSDil, JINK 91, 1903.
The average daily circulation of the
Barre liaiiy Times for the week ending
Saturday vm
copies, the largest pai'l circulation of any
daily paper In this section.
This is Goddard's week.
(.'an it be possible that numerous June
weddings have developed the coolness in
the air'.'
Still, we hope these bets which Sir
Thomas will place on his yacht don't
lresajje a lifting of the price of tea.
Montpelier is beginning to understand
that a pure water supply costs something
to get and a good deal more to maintain.
It Is a problem every municipality has to
wrestle with.
IHtrib"tive co-operation has always
proved a success in Scotland and Eng
land, but has never yet gained a footing
in this country. The enterprise begun in
so small a way in Barre last fall and con
ducted so successfully as to encourage its
managers to enlarge its scope, has resulted
in the opening of anew general store at
303 North Main street. That it will prove
a success its managers, have no doubt.
Some of them have the experience of the
old country to help them here and all the
directors are men of sound common sense.
Barre promises to set an example for the
rest of the United States.
lojre Announce!) Names of Xw f miliiMllit,
Ari'libinlioint. Ktc,
Home, June 22. The long deferred se
cret consistory was held this morning In
the Hall of Consistory. Jt lasted about
half an hour, owing to the health of the
J'ope who appeared much fatigued when
carried back to his apartments. The Pope
was carried into the hall of consistory In a
Sedan chair. After delivering his allocu
tion and announcing the name3 of those
c!iosen for the high honor, his holiness ad
j turned the meeting to the throne room,
where in the presence of the papal court
the new cardinals, archbibhops and bish
ops now in Home kissed the prelate's foot
and received his blessing, No Americans
appear on tbe list of newly created cardi
nals. Dora Irwin atnl Hr Whettl.
The case against Dora Nicholas Irwin,
who resides in Barre, for riding a bicycle
on the sidewalk, csuue up In city court
yesterday afternoon. She was represented
by former States Attorney K. A. Hoar and
Staves Attorney P. A. Bailey appeared for
the slate. The charge was that she rode
her bicycle on the concrete walk on Berlin
street, nearly its entire length the other
day. Mr. Hoar raised some novel ques
tions which the court took under consider
ation, no trial being held at that time. The
quest Ions were argued by the attorney s.
Mr. Hoar first raised the question of the
Insulliciency of the complaint, second that
the city ordinances by implication, so far
as the city of Moutpelier was concerned,
took precedence over the general law In
relation to bicycle riding: If that was true
the city attorney must proescute action
brought up under the ordinances, and the
third question, should the court take that
view In the second question, was to the
effect that the state's attornry did not have
jurisdiction before the city court and that
the complaint should have been made by
the city attorney, hence the state's attor
ney had uo jurisdiction in the matter.there
being no valid complaint before the city
court. These questions were replied to by
the state's attorney, and the court took
them under consideration and will not rule
for a few davs. The respondent was ar
raigned on a complaint brought under the
general law. Montpelier Argus.
Screen doors, window screens, ham
mocks, croquet sets, ice cream freezers and
oil stoves, at Boston Bargain store.
A fresh lot of
SchraftYs Chocolates !
In dainty packages
or as you want them.
j& at
We Have the Best 20-cent
Chocolates in the City,
r j
. .-'ll
- -1
1 i .
. t '
Look at it from all points.
The side view is as impor
tant as the front, and the
back view is not to be over
looked. Another point is
the price 50c to $5.G0.
Rogers & Grady Co.,
Quinkn Building, Earre, Vermont.
Iteiii of Interest Gleaned Frniu Our
Since the drouth was broken the price
of cattle has risen. Xo farmer seems anx
ious now to sell off his stock through fear
of failure of the hay crop.
F. S. Field of Montpelier left Butland
today for San Francisco as deputy United
States marshal in charge of several China
men who are to be deported.
About a year ago, E. A. Wood of Bris
tol, crushed a caterpillar on his arm, caus
ing a sore that has now affected his eyes,
and it is feared it may become a serious
matter. . .
Copies of the Venezuelan Herald, pub
lished at Caracas, announce the safe arri
val there of Frank 1'lumlcy of Northlield,
who acts as umpire in the difficulties in
that country.
The officers and executive committee of
the Vermont Fish and Game League will
meet at the Van ess House in Burling
ton, Thursday, June 23, to decide upon
place, date and arrangements for the
league's annual mid-summer meeting and
juicnaei . i.annon, ageu , who was
well known in Rutland county as a result
of his stumping In the interests o l'ercl-
val W. Clement last summer, died Friday
night at his home in West Rutland. He
was a prominent member of the Hibernian
During the last two or three years the
Diamond Match Co. of New York has
bought large quantities of standing timber
in tiie vicinity ol West Lebanon. A. H
A rumor is current that the company will
erect a manufactory of matches in that
village the coming fall.
a ouiiiiog got among tne nerd or cows
belonging to Caleb Buffum of Rutland,
one day last week, and severely injured
three of the animals. The dog was caught
with his jaws set in one cow's throat and
had to be clubbed to dtath before the
hold was broken. The dog was left in
Rutland a week ago by a band of gypsies.
Probably the lives of the three cows will
be saved. It is the first case known in
Rutland Of a dog attacking cows.
Mrs. Henry C. Reed died Friday at
about 4 i!0 p. ni., from the effects of a
shock with which she was taken suddenly
June 1, and which deprived her of the
power to converse connectedly since. A
strong fight was made for her life aided by
her splendid constitution. But human ef
forts were unavailing.
Mrs. Reed's life lias been spent here In
Berlin, where she was born 47 years ago
the last day of next August, with the ex
ception of a few years that Mr. and Mrs.
Reed lived in Montpelier.
Mrs. Reed was greatly Interested in hu
manitarian work, Everything that had
life appealed to and had a friend in her.
As kindred spirits seek each other out so
she, in connection with this work found
a dear friend In Mr. M. I". Rowell of
Woodstock. Although she has suffered
greatly from poor health for a year past,
her kindness and hospitality were as evi
dent to all who were guests at the home
of Mr. and Mrs. Reed as ever.
Besides a husband Mrs. Read leaves a
sister, Mrs. Lydia Andrews of this place
and five brothers, Hiram Rowell of Fast
Kingston, N. II., Gardner P., Charles V.,
Aaron and John, all of Montpelier. But
aside from these and many other relatives,
Hattie Reed was accounted a friend by
hosts of others, in truth by all who knew
her and to all such her death is a personal
The Old Kentucky Home,
The sun shines bright on the bayonets and
On the cannon In the common and the
There ia music in the bugle and the roll
ing of the drums.
And there's music of the rifles in the air.
The militiamen are mounting guard be
fore the old jiill door,
The mountaineers are massing for the
And It's fretting mighty lively In a Cozpn
ways or more,
In the old Kentucky home so far away.
The orchards are In blossom and the per
fumed air is sweet;
Oh, the face of nature never was more
But the colonels are ft-shootinir nt each
other on the street,
And the mountaineers are out upon a
For It's Bummer In Kentucky, and with
out a feud or two,
"Without a chance to Btab and shoot and
Life would not be worth the living: where
the mPndnw frrnes Is blue,
In the old Kentucky home so far away.
Rochester Post-Express.
Consult the eye sight specialist for
glasses at J. W. liolton's.
In IHtnht.
'"What did your automobile cost, old
"Originally or repairs?" Commoner.
When I can read my title clear
To mansions in Lous; Acre,
I'll try to be a gentit-man
And cease to be a fakir.
I'hiladL-lphia Ledger.
I'p Atcnlnst a Hnrd Fact,
Many a man has dreamt he dwelt In
marble halls and awoke In a stone
yard. Xew York Times.
o Surcease.
Jl.in trudges on and still complains.
No matter where he Is.
In early youth It's "Browing pains;"
In aga U s "rheumatiz."
Brooklyn Eagle.
Another Yeralon.
"Freak, break, break!"
The purling sea did roar
As tt saw two lovers hugging
On the cold, gray stones of the shore.
New York Times.
Ills Indifference,
"lie's rather nn indifferent character,
that fellow Lushman, isn't he'"
"That's so. lie's forever saying, 'I
don't care If I do.' "Philadelphia
Aa Senxona Clin n(ce.
The mercury, most Impolite,
Sets out for ninety In the shade.
No more we grieve o'er anthracite;
We yearn for Ice cold lemonade.
Washington Star.
Too Much For Him,
, -if1-!
V, "Vv-0
St 4T
tf'Tt ,' if iSI'.i H
fo t
"Have you ever made bread before,
"Oh, yes. I used to make" it for my
father until his doctor made me stop."
Chicago, American.
The king of Italy is 5 feet 3 inches
la height.
The sultan of Turkey requires that
all state documents and papers intend
ed for his . perusal shall first pass
through a careful process of disinfec
tion. Carmen Sylvn, queen of Roumauitt,
has written a drama vividly portray
ing the sorrows of a Jewess deserted
by her own people and persecuted by
all the world. The play is described as
"tremendously dramatic."
Durlug the czar's recent visit to
Moscow he walked, with members of
his family and without a guard, among
his subjects and was enthusiastically
received. Tbe czar was affected to
tears at the devotion of his people.
China is more civilized than Russia
in its treatment of Jews. St. Louis
Globe-Democrat ,
Race prejudice, a legacy of barba
rism, dies hard, but is bound to perish.
It cannot live In the face of progressive
civilization. New York News.
Let it be noted to the glory of lit
erary men that they are lenders in the
battle against race prejudice. As Zola
was the strongest enemy of anti
Semitism in France, so Tolstoi and
Gorky are apparently tho only men
who dare to tell the truth about antiT
Semitism in Russia. Chicago News.
The schoolteachers of the two Kan
sas Citys will hardly be accused of be
ing unreasonable in asking that they
be as well paid as the dog catchers.
Kansas City Times.
' More than 2,000,000 persons live in
Manhattan and the Bronx. About 19,
000 persons own all the land in these
two boroughs. The number of proper
ty holders is 8,(M0 less than it was
eight years ago. New York World.
There are twenty-five great ocean
currents in the world.
The Thames river is only a little
over half the length of the Hudson.
rrismaUe lake, in the Yellowstone
park, is the largest body of hot water
In the world. .
All About Surreys!
You ought to
see our Iinei of
Surreys, all the
way from $65
to $250, some
with rubber tires
Come and look.
84 State Street,
WyV iV
umvt j- - - nil -J, ij jm j jjij imji ft j i ' j jf
hQ io
TT TWP Rions Neckwear, Gloves, Hose, Corsets, Fans,
J UlNll Belts, Underwear, Shirt Waists, Wash Skirts,
Collars and Ruffs, Petticoats, Laces, Muslins, Handkerchiefs,
Waistings, Wrappers, Umbrellas, Wrist Bags, etc., etc. New
and exclusive styles are always shown at this store.
I L. P. (Q. H. C.
0 3g33&Sm3B&E&S3&SE3&E&&&
Houne of Mr. and Mm. Jay Sargent of Nor
wich. Norwich. June 21. The house of Mr.
and Mrs. Jay Sargent, on New Uoston
road, was hurued to the ground last even
ing. The lire was caused by a defective
chimney. Small insurance was carried.
C. M. Tubhs of Kast Kyegate was in
town over Sunday.
II. M. Sanborn of Barre was in town
Allie Wood of I'eacham was in town
Mr. and Mrs. Dan Shurtletf of Barre vis
ited in town several days last week
Dr. R. F. Wlllard and wife visited in
North Montpelier last week.
Mr.'and Mrs. L. P. Iliuhtwere in Barre
Freeman Cunningham sold his gray
horse last week to Robert Heath ol Grot
on. Cor alteration $150.
John Cunningham of Kast Barre visited
N. B. Curtis over Sunday.
Mrs. O. D. Willey of East Topsham vis
ited her daughter, Mrs. James McLean
over Sunday.
G. W. and D. E. Bagley and E. C.
Poole have been painting and repairing S.
K. Dexter's farm house.
The village school closed Saturday. Mrs.
Miller and Miss Ola Cunningham were the
teachers. Forty-one scholars were enrolled
during this tertn.
Clayton Emery was arrested Friday
night for being drunk and abusing his
wile. Saturday morning he pleaded guilty
before Justice E. C. l'oole and paid a line
of $10.. IS.
Walter Sanborn of Wentworth, N. If.,
visited his parents, Mr, and Mrs. L. F.
Sanborn last week. Mr. Sanborn goes to
Magnolia, Mass., where he has a position
as cashier for the American Express joni
pany. BASE HITS.
Jack Dunn is playin
good ball at
Ihort for McGraw.
Billy Bullion's fielding of late
been of the sensational older.
In Boston Johnstone is considered the
best umpire on the league staff.
When Fred Clarke is out of tbe game
Hans Wagner is manager of the I'i
ratcs. Pitcher Ed Stein, once with ' Brook
lyn, Is twirling for amateur teams in
Frank Drill, the crack Georgetown
college catcher, has joined the Brook
lyn club.
President Fulliam says the Chieagos
are the model organization of the Na
tional league.
The St Louis club has corralled a
pitcher named Donnelly, who comes
from Amherst college.
Fred Clarke leads the Pirates i hit
ting. Ritchey, Wagner, Beaumont and
Phillips are nbove the .300 mark.
Tete Chiles and Henry Reitz, once
famed in the National league, are now
playing with a tiny team at Fortuna,
Manager Selee of Chicago has rare
luck in discovering good infielders.
Last year he captured a pippin in
Tinker and this season hns secured one
Just as good in Second Base Man Ev
ers. EnnmcltnK of the E(typtlnn.
Enameling does not appear to have
been practiced till the period of impe
rial Rome, and the Egyptian colored
ornaments set in gold, notably those
of Queen Aah-hoteh, dating back over
1,500 years, are only nn opaque colored
mos. !c, though in appeurance not un-lik-
cloisonne enamel."
There are about 330 volcanoes on this
earth that have performed in modern
times. There are many hundreds more
that have long been extinct.
Perhaps you
may need a Sur
rey Harness too.
We have some
new styles just
in and our prices
are low.
Montpelier, Vt.
T rj l I I J' "i 'lm'm)m J
GLEASON, Montpelier, Vt. tji
Ten pieces of Tjssue De Luxe, a beautiful sheer fabric for
Summer waists and dresses, (Looks like silk.) We have them
in pink, tan, cream, mode and linen colors, with Foulard designs,
etc., a 25c value, for today and this evening only J5c per yard,
'lease observe that these are the kind most in vogue.
Two pieces White with Lac? Stripe, value 15c, today and
this evening only JOc per yard
Two pieces White Line Stripe, value aoc, for today and
tonight only J2'c per yard. Also a 20c value for J5cand a
25c value for J9c per yard.
Prices that should induce you to buy for future wants.
H. Z. Mills' Old Stand,
44 North Main St., - . - - - Barre, Vermont,
First-Class Groceries
At the Lowest Prices is what everyone is looking for,
and that is why our business is constantly growing. We
carry only first-grade goods and sell them at prices which
many charge for second quality.
Telephone 45-2.
Also Oranges, per dozen
Oranges, per dcz:n
Oranges, far dozen
Oranges, fer dozea ,
Pineapples, two lor
Telephone Connection. South Main Street, Bane, Vt.
Grjh fl' 'K
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48 No. Main St., Opp. Nafl BanK.
200 North Main Street.
, 5
Why Every Business MalTShouId
. Own an Oliver.
1 -Simplicity! Less to
learn ; less keys to operate ;
the work is always before
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Standard Visible Writer.

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