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The Times Daily Short Story.
It was just 0 o'clock when I entered
ui otiicc. ihe clerks were busy
meir various duties, whil
my typc-
""f us reading a
inoruhig paper.
. waiting for work. I was surprised to
eee my desk open and a man si! tins in
Hi? place. . There was uoiiR-tliing fa
miliar in the clothes be wore, which
were of the same pattern as a suit I
often wore. Liut what was my aston
ishment when Le turned anil great
Leaven, there sat myself!
The first thought that darted throng!)
my brain was that I bad received
Borne physical hoek which bad bereft
t"0 of my mental equilibrium, but
upon glancing at the clerk I saw they
Tvere as mueh astonished at my en
trance as I was at the appearance of
the man at my desk, who appeared to
be equally surprised.
"Well, sir," I gasped.
"Well, sir," echoed the man. .
"What are you doing at my desk?"
"l'our desk';"
"Yes, sir; my desk."
"Who are you, sir? Your appearance
ia remarkably like mine."
"I am John Vaughan, the proprietor
of this otiiee."
"John Vaughan?"
"Yes, sir; John Vaughan. And who
are you?"
"I am be whom you claim to be
John Vaughan."
I prusped at the buck of a chair to
steady myself, while a cold sweat
stood on my brow. My double sat
staring at me, with something of the
same evidences of terror in him that
were in me. Partially mastering my
self,. I turned to the bead bookkeeper
and asked:
"Who is this person, Frazer?"
Frazer stood with month and eyes
wide open, staring first at me, then at
the man at the desk, but answered
never a word.
"Who be Is?" I repeated, addressing
yomig Curtis, a clerk.
"We supposed be was you, sir," be
replied hesitatingly.
My double turned to the persons ad
dressed ainl repeated my questions
verbatim. Had I gone daft? If so.
Low account for the astonishment of
the employees?
"How long has be leen here?" I
asked. .
"lie came hi ten minutes ago, sir,"
Curtis answered. "lie was earlier than
you usually are."
"Where do you live?" 1 asked the
"At 3!13 Chestnut street."
Again 1 clutched the back of the
chair convnlsiwly. The man had
earned my own residence.
"Sir," be said, rising, "if I bad bad
a twin brother I would surely think
you were be. As I have no brother I
am inclined to think either that I have
f uni ltiaiiua Uunrii Mm.
Wilkesbarre. I'a., July 10. The board
of conciliation has resumed its session
at Glen Summit, all the members being
present. The representatives of tha
oal companies made reply to Ihe griev
ance presented by the district presi
dents in behalf of the employees in
the Lehigh region at the last meeting
of the board. A general discussion
then followed, but when adjournment
was taken it was said no agreement
bad been reached on any of the griev
ances presented.
t htiutwuiniit Rrnurt I) urns.
Jami-stosvn, N. Y., July 10. The
Waldniere bote! at Lakevood has been
destroyed by lire, supposed to have
been of Incendiary origin.- The finan
cial loss is about .--0.0'0. The Wald
niere was the oldest hotel on Chautau
qua lake and bad accommodations for
4 hi guests. It was originally known
as I.akeview House and later as Ster
liugwonh inn.
hlneae Ilravea Desert to Iteltel.
Washington, July 10. The following
cablegram has been received at the
state department from United States
Consul MeWade at Canton: "In conse
quence of general dissatisfaction, 1,300
braves deserted to the rebels at Arms.
Admiral Ho left here for Kwangsl with
2,000 soldiers. Viceroy Chuan tele
graphs conditions in Kwangsl now im
proving, owing to American relief."
as velvet and as
. pure as the driven
snow, hence the
most delicate fab
rics are not in
jured by its use.
red or
solute soap pur
ity is
Dl C&ko - Littl Price - Oily 3 ot
seusi 3 or you are pretending
to be
.lie for a purpo-e."
tii'.'d -.pnion passed over 1.1s
face as thou
h be bad b'-puu to doabt
Ins own sanity. Then.
tnriiinjr to the
gaping clerks, li said:
"('me. lecid? between us, and do
it quickly or we shall both go mad.
Am I John Vaiifrhan or not?"
The clerks continued to .'!"'.
"I'lHidel" I said on the Ycf;e of
"Decide," repeated my other self,
"and if I am not myself I will leave
this othce and betake myself to a mad
house,." At this point Miss Towne. the type
writer, arose and with far more pres
ence of mind than the others mirvey.d
us both. Then, pointing to me, she
"You are Mr. Vaughan."
With a shriek, my double upra.n.;
past me, down a flight of stairs and out
of the building. I fell into a chair in a
dead faint. When I recovered, all the
clerks were betidiui over me with
anxious faces.
"What does- It all mean?" I asked.
"Have I been dreaming something ter
rible or was the scene real?"
"It was real," said the bead book
keeper, "and the strangest experience
I Lave ever bad in my life."
"Where is Miss Towne?"
The circle opened and I saw Ler
standinij before the safe, which I now
for the first time noticed was open.
"Who opened that safe?" I asked,
"I, sir," said Frazer. "I opened it
on your I mean the other one's order."
"How much money was there In it?"
asked Miss Towne of me.
"Fifteen hundred dollars and. over.
Is it there?"
"There's no money here that I enn
Something began to dawn ou us ail
at the same moment. The safe had
stood open all the time that I had
been talking to ray double, but I had
been too disturbed to notice it.
"frazer, I said, "you've been vic
timized. We've all been victimized.
But I gladly lose my money to know
I'm in my right mind. Telephone the
police. Be quick."
My double was finally caught and
most of the money recovered. He told
a very interesting story of bow be Lad
conceived and prepared for bis plan.
For a long while he had frequently
been taken for me. on the street, in
hotels, everywhere that people are met.
Being one of the best confidence men
known to the police, he determined to
"do" me. He had learned all about
me and procured a suit of the same
pattern as one be bad seen me wear.
When all was ready he walked Into
my office ten minutes before my time,
ordered the safe opened nnd helped
himself. He was about to leave when
I entered, and be played a role be had
thought of fur stub an emergency,
and playe i it admirably.
Pntillc li-iili)n ConlinaFd In
iilla Ilefore f miimiwulon.
Manila, July 10. The public discus
sion of the opium bill, regulating the
sale of the drug hi the archipelago, was
continued before the United States
commission. American lawyers, repre
senting the Asiatic local syndicates and
also the monopolists operating in Hong
kong and Singapore, argued in favor
of the adoption of the bill, and quoted
statistics showing that the rapid spread
of the opium habit bad been undermin
ing the Filipinos since the expiration
of the Spanish monopoly.
On cross examination the opponents
of the bill proved that many signers of
the Chinese chamber of commerce's
mammoth protest, which Is backed by
the Evangelical union, are the chief
Importer and distributers of opium,
and that hence they are occupying an
untenable position In favoring a pro
hibition which, if effective, would ruia
the signers.
The commission introduced a substi
tute bill, making the Importation of
opium unlawful except by pharmacists
and permitting the disposal of the drug
only by a physician's certificate.
Final action in the matter is indefi
nitely delayed.
liar Tell It Circulator to llr nt
Oyater jr Next Tneaday.
Washington. July 10. Secretary Hay
was In further conference with some
of the Jewish leaders and communi
cated to them the president's desire
that thejr should, at Oyster Bay next
Tuesday, consult respecting the dispo
sition to be made of the Jewish peti
tion to Russia, The secretary took oc
casion to emphasize the president's de
sire that there should be no further
delay In the submission of the petition,
so that It will be ready next week.
It Is probable that the course to be
pursued will consist In the dispatch of
cablegrams to Mr. Riddle, United
States charge at St. Petersburg, direct
ing him to inquire of the Russian gov
ernment whether it is willing to receive
a petition the nature of which will be
briefly outlined by Mr. -Riddle, and
further proceedings will be governed
by the Russian answer.
Powder "Worka Blow 1 p,
Oakland. Cab, July 10. The Hercules
Powder works near Pinole have blown
up. Several persons were badly in
jured. Former Aemltj iiinu Demi.
Red Rank, N. J.. July 10. Formei
Assemblyman George B. Snyder has
died at I'alrhaveu, aged sixty years.
b'-t my
( ;;.:.-)
. I
y .Airs. Hughson, of Chicago,
whose letter follows, is another
woman in hizh position who
owes her health to Lydia E
Pinkham's Vegetable Compou
Money seemed but poor and pal
n y coiupareu 10 neait n, una vet a
t -w dollars invested in I.ydia K.
Piiili ham's Veg-et.'ihle Compound
' rouyht me good health. I mile rod
lor several years with general weak
ne:s aDft bearin p-down pains, caused
by womb trouble. My appetite was
frig-htful, and I would lie awake for
hours, and could not sleep, tintil
m-cuicu more weary in tlie morning
than when I retired. After reading
one of its advertisements I decided to
try the merits of Lydia K. JMnk-h-.xm's
Vegetable Compound, and
I am so gTad I did. one can de
scribe, the pood it did me. I took three
otties laithfully, and besides build
in J up my general health, it drove all
ciisease and poison out of my body,
and made me feel as spry and active
as a youngs girl. Mrs. Pickham's medi
eines are certainly all they are claimed
io dc." mhs. xM. i:. JlfGirsojf, 347 E.
kjuiu di., mcago, ill. f so00 forfeit If
.,y-.-, v vVVO icuw p,-wfiy genuineness cannot
U9 orva'.iceq.
If the slightest trouhle appears
which, you do not understand,
write toIUrs. JMnkham nt Lynn,
Mass., for hr advieo, and a few
timely words from her w ill fdiow
you the right thine to do. This
advice cost nothing, hut it may
mean life or happiness or both.
Nearly Tlilrij- Thonand Hollar
Haloed For r'lood Snffrrm.
Jeaimette, Pa., July 10. Almost 30,-
OW has been collected for the relief of
the sufferers by the Oukford park dam
disaster of last Sunday, and the work
of relief has been systematized. About
5W,(XX more will be needed.
The greatest problem now before the
citizens of the Hooded districts is that
of speedily clearing up the wreckage
and making away with the large num
ber of dead chickens, hogs, cattle and
horses. The stench issuing from some
of the piles of driftwood has been
Coroner Charles A. Wynne has set
Wednesday, July 15. as the date for
the first hearing of the inquest to be
held into the deaths resulting from the
The remains of Miss Mary B. Davis,
one of the victims of the "flood, have
been found. This makes twenty -one
bodies recovered. A rctjuest has been
sent to Governor Penny-packer to visit
the scene of destruction.
Ilnlla and Ileum Apparently Kvenly
New York, July 10. The struggle for
mastery was continued with unabated
vigor In the cotton market, and so
evenly matched apparently were the
opposing parties that neither s.emod
able to obtain a decisive advantage.
At the opening the bulls were aided by
firmness in Liverpool, particularly in
respect to the stock market there,
which reported sales of '10.000 bales at
a 10 point advance.
First prices hen; were 13 points high
er to 1 point lower, the d-ebne being
confined to the January option, while
August, opening at 11.51. sl owed the
greatest gain. At or.ee, however, ti e
bears came aggressively to the front,
and in the first few minutes 1 ad se
cured a decline from the opening of
from 4 to 11 points, with September
selling down to Hi.4? against 10,."2 nt
the opening.
It Will Repay Residents ot Barre to Fol
low This Citizen's Advice.
That soa old adare, "Think, twice, and
net once." Is brought to min.l when one
reads the following account of the exper
ience of a Barre citizen. Mr. L II. Hooker
mane a public statement on the subject
veant atro, ana at this time repeats hts
termer testimony with renewed emphasis,
l., tj. uooker, carpfnter and builder, of
J"i irospect street, says: "What I first
stated in the winter of l.Si" about Doan's
Ki.tncy Fills, sold at K. A. Drowns, was
not only absolutely true but to-day In the
month of May, 1X2, I .Hist as emphatically
endorse the preparation as 1 did when It
rtrst came, to my notice. I have good rea
fons for doing so. I had consulted phy
slclans.and iscd every known ktdnev
remedy which cams to my notice and
which my friends supposLed, ,at etln the
stopping of the dull, almost constant pain
Just over my kidneys was remotely In tho
distance. If I eat down tor a short time It
made me nervous and I was compelled to
get up and walk about for the slight corn
tort that makeshift alTorded. In addition
to the backache, trouble with the kidney
secretions was very observable at night
H'hen I commenced to use Doan'B Jvidney
Pills my condition I considered serious. I
knew from the direct action of the pills on
the kidneys that they were going to ttia
root ot the trouble and I continued the
treatment until I had used five boxes. Dur
ing the time which has passed, and it Is
over five years, I have had occasion to ap
peal to Doan Kidney Fills and I have
never appealed to them in vain. I have
recommended them to many friends and
acquaintances, who have used them with
such pood results that they positively
state they are an excellent preparation.
For sale by all dealers. Price 60 cents.
Foster-Milburn Co., Buffalo, N. Y., sole
stents for the United States.
I'urbia Won't Have X;-r.) Leo
to L'vaiisville,
Whatever Hi Crime, Executive Ie-
clure. lie Must Iluve a Fulr
TrlHl, W hlch He Could Xot
-et lit lllniuii, tiiy.
Lvansvnie, ind.. July 10. Governor
Durhin, upon learning that Jud
i.ascu una ordered the negro, I.ei
Brown, brought back hero for Immedi
ate trial, telegraphed Judge HascU that
he would not allow the prisoner to lie
taken from the state institution nt this
time. lie doubted whether a fair trial
could be secured now, and. under th
present, conditions, it would be too
dangerous for the prisoner to b
brought here. Judge Itasch immediate
ly on receipt of the governor's otd
teiegrapuea Alienor Kratz to return
without the prisoner, lie said the trial
would be postponed indefinitely. In
his telegram to Judge Itawh Governor
Durbln said:
"I decline to sanction an arrangement
whereby the negro, Lee Urown, is to la;
tried immediately at Evausville under
tue military forces of the state. Sty
'nformation, obtained from medical of
oovF.ENoa iiunm.v.
fleers of the state reformatory, is that
the prisoner is suffering from severe
and possibly fatal gunshot wounds.
However heinous the crime or seeming
ly clear the guilt be Is entitled under
the sacred tenets of our jurisprudence
to a healing, which he cannot have Iti
the very nature of things until ho is
sufficiently recovered to make a de
fense, if he has one. No grounds should
be given for the suspicion that even a
guilty man has been railroaded to the
gallows to satisfy public sentiment or
that the civil authorities have been in
fluenced to the determination of their
course by the demonstration of the law
I do not wish, by consenting to the
programme suggested, to confess to the
world that in the second city in In
diana the law lias not been enforced in
an orderly manner without the pres
ence of troops. Nor do I desire to com
promise for a moment with the mob
spirit. Let this man be tried as speed
ily as his condition will permit under
the safeguard prescribed by our laws.
If guilty he will pay the penalty of
murder with his life. If at any stage
of the procedure it shall appear that
there are those in your city who desire
to deprive It of its efforts to exercise
the function conferred by the people,
then the state will be ready to give
further demonstratlqn. of its disposi
tion and its ability to do with rioters
as they deserve."
As Lee I'.rowu will not be brought
back here, the militia force will be re
duced soon, but the city will have some
troops for some time,
The funerals of seven victims of the
riots, with two policemen on guard,
have been held.
The grand jury has returned nineteen
Indictments against participants In the
trouble Sunday night and is now in
vestigating the disturbances of Mon
day night.
Lynching la Masiinehuaettit rolled.
Springfield, Mass., July 10. Charles
VltkofskI of West Springfield narrowly
escaped lynching at the hands of a mob
of 100 niefi in Huntington for throwing
a beer glasa at George K. Fond of
Huntington and cutting his nose off
close to the face. After severe treat
ment at the hands of the mob Vitkof
skl was taken prisoner by leputy Sher
iff A. Allen and locked up. While on
the way to the station the mob followed
the officer and demanded the prisoner,
continuing their cries ot "Lynclf hlml
Get a rope:"
White Man In Ilaiiirer ot Lynching:.
Atlanta, Ga., July 10. Governor Tor
rell has ordered out the Grillith rifles
at Griffith, Ga., forty-eight miles south
of this city, to guard the jail there, In
which James Bethune, a white man, is
confined, charged with having attempt
ed to assault his daughter. It is re
ported that threats have been made to
lynch Bethune, and the governor, upon
request of the sheriff, called on the
Keifroes Flee From Kvaim vllle.
Mount Vernon,' Ind., July 10. More
than 200 negro refugees from Evans
ville have reached here on trains, in
vehicles and by walking. They report
that they were warned to leave Kvans
rllle or be killed. M any reee ived threat
that their houses would be burned.
Several In the delegation were
0l Zo
E. A. DROWN, 48
The (tmhoiit ltnncroft Petit to Vro
Mni'litn Wntcri.
Washington, July 10. The navy de
partment, at the instance of the state
department, lias taken steps to prevent
further interference with American
shipping in the Orinoco by either gov
ernment or rebel forces.
This action was taken upon the ad-
rice of Mr, Russell, United States
charge at Caracas, dated on the (ith
Inst., to the effect that the trovern-
nient forces bad detained two ships
belonging to the Orinoco Steam Naviga
tion company at San Fernando and the
insurgents had detained anil were like
ly to destroy three other ships belong
ing to the same company at Ciudad
Orders have been cabled to the I'uit-
ed States ship Bancroft at l'ort of
Spain toprocei'd at once up the Orinoco
and release the detained vessels. N
resistance is anticipated.
Payne Agtniu at IIIh Desk.
Washington. July 10. I'o-dmaster
eneral Payne resumed his oTnial
duties. He stated that he bad been
greatly benefited by his visit in the
Catskills. He said there were no in
vestigation developments to announce.
The investigating' officials are holding
frequent conferences, and the inspec
tors are busily working on several
phases of the investigation. While the
otiieials refuse to talk, it i known that
important developments in the investi
gation are expected shortly.
Clttutllturmt In lown.
Cedar IJapids, la., July 10. -Kastern
Iowa has been visited by a destructive
cloudburst. The loss to crops Mas
heavy and much, damage was done by
lightning. In the vicinity of Wyoming
several hundred feet of the track of
the Chicago, Milwaukee and St. I'a nl
railroad were washed out. A portion
of the town of Wyoming was inundat
ed, and many of the inhabitants were
driven from their homes. No lives
were lost.
Arretel In KiMlilneff SynagroKne.
London, duly 30. According to a Vi
enna dispatch to the Times, a memo
rial service , for the victims of the
Kishineff massacre was hold in the
synagogue of the Austrian capital. The
students, wishing to show their dis
approval ot the massacre, decided to
attend In' a body. At the entrance to
the synagogue tliey were surrounded
by gendarmes and arrested. They will
be prosecuted for disturbing public or
der. ,
1-acifle Fleet Oft to Aluxka.
Seattle, Wash., July 10. The Pacific
squadron, composed of the flagship
New York, the cruiser Marblehead and
the gunboat Bennington, has sailed
from the I'uget Sound navy yard for
the north and will anchor nest at
Hutch Harbor. The squadron Is In
command of Admiral Glass. On Its
return It is expected that extensive re
pairs to the New York, requiring a
year, will be made.
San IrHitrlam Mint All Right.
San Francisco, July 10. The officials
sent from eastern mints to count the
coin in the local branch mint have fin
ished their work and report everything
satisfactory. They counted more than
$::i3,000,000 in gold and $15,000,000 in
silver and weighed $30,000,000 in bul
lion. This is the largest amount of
coin ever counted in tho history of the
San Francisco- mint.
Kntnl Corner In Henna,
Chieago, July 10. A dispatch to the
Record-Herald from San Francisco
says that after losing $-l.",000 in cor
neriug tho lima bean market and secur
ing 0,000,000 pounds, to find nobody
who wanted the beans, Lyden & Co.
have assigned. The .liabilities will
amount to $300,000 and the assets are
estimated at $25,000.
Killed Ilia Wife In a Dream.
Baltimore, July 10. At an eary hour
Frank Manoley shot and killed his
W'ife while she was sleeping in bed.
Bha was shot four times in the head.
Manoley says he was dreaming and
Imagined he was shootiug at a burglar.
li y
Notth Mam Street-
Ken- Mast For Shamrock III.
New York, July 10. Before Sham
rock III. resumes her tuning up an
other mast will be put in place of the
one she has been carrying. The two
Shamrocks were towed into Erie basin
and the sailors on Shamrock III. imme
diately began to take out the big steel
pole mast. The mast which Is to re
place it was on the dock, having been
brought over from Kngland.. It bad
been used in some of Sham rock III.'s
early trials on the other side. Whether
the new mast is any longer than the
other has not been disclosed.
Red'ltivrr Levee Drenks.
Texnrki na, Ark., July 10. The latest
reports from Bed river at points north,
of here received say that the river ia
still rising. The levee on the IHram
G. Sanderson place broke last night,
and hundreds of acres on that and ad
joining plantations are under water.
The river is falling farther north.
A I'OKtinant f r Appointed.
Washington July 10. William II.
Tracy has been appointed fourth class
postmaster at Beedes, N. Y.
Tno pood for dipt, bnt ti(y inte It, nt erory.
one di.8 aftr one C!niiren love a,
")iii''n a4o! It, ttsui ittch think !t' "ict'Ht."
l'tall riirtrf, too. m! dom tlx: btuinen. Try it
ony.mr iit-tt thlrrt nii Jim will always krrp
W ll hum' Hoot Hrt'r on hand. K -n It '0dl awl
yn wlllh,iv a drink-tit for the gods. ' It la
s tntiraut'fi tw-verasre with a flavor wu-xreUc d
anywhere or hr anything and a Wil of It
wouldn't apart tlw weakoatatoinarh. Ithauhe
roota and horl nirht In it, that'll whyl Mufce
tin a hatch at buiue aud Uaire "Ike itiuk that
WILLIAMS CAttLETOV CO., Hartfael, Coon.,
AUkets ot W iiliimj- Flavoring Lamas,
3 1-2 Per Cent. Paid on Deposits.
Barre Savings Bank & Trust Co.,
office is the holster dlock.
Megan Hnnlne Feb 37, ISti.'t.
OEOKUE ROWLAND... Vice-President.
F. O. HOW LAND Treasurer.
Real Kstate Loana .$.'(i2,flo3.8
alter Learnt 14o.47h.40
Honda and Investments asi.'.'itil.'si
U. 8. 2 I'er Cent bonds at lar 2S,Hti0 00
Funds on hand , 46.4t4.T2
76-2 HI
Capital Mock $ 5(1.000 oe
Kurplus Fund fl.tnio.iKi
VtMtvldett front a.t.Mf 41
Dividend, unpaid 7!i.()
Iiividettd, ti (er cent 3,(ri.ot
Itpo8tm 922,15'.t.8
frttaium I'. 8. Bonds sold. ...... .. . t,!stM
:w 8i
All our Mortgage Loan are made on Im
proved property in the State of Vermont.
Interest ia credited to depositors April 1st
and October 1st in each year, thus giving de
positors comimuud inierent.
We pay all taxes on deposits not exceeding
We should be pleased to do business with
you.- -
Barre Sayings Bank and Trust Compntj
m ar a. wki.ls,
K.W. BtSltKE,

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