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Ti i r r-1 ? 1 1 v tiht p
lit LVmit lUlLi I li.itJ
Subscriptions: One year, f 3; one mouth,
23 els; single copy, 1 cent.
Mmhr of ttie Pub!Uher' Press, The lt
tai telegraphic uew from il J'arU of Ibe
world re recvlved by the tliy Tiuie up to
tb Hour ut Kulog 'o pris.
Frank K. Laugley, Pnbllnher.
FnblUhed Eerr WektlT Afternoon.
Kutered t the pcwtoffiee t Ustrre teoocd
cin iutter.
WI lESOAT, ,11 LY 13, 1903.
UN 1.-1 ctj
The average daiSy circulation of the
Barre Daily Times lor the week ending
Saturday was
r! u
1 1 II
g IT THT TtT iaiT.7 If " II P ft Iri,
f 1 ' JA ILL JXM 'KiaS ii '
i . .
No womler a WLmun'd the
She" always in search of some moth on
her features.
Her frnrb, 1 it's stylish, has frogs sewed
upon it,
A rat in her hair find a bee in her bonnet.
Chicago Tribune.
copies, the largest paid circulation of any
daily paper in this section.
A Thousand
A Day
more copies of the Times
are printed and sold than
of any competitor in Barre.
The Daily Times
is the only daily in Wash
ington County that pub
lishes its circulation so that
all readers and advertisers
may know what it is.
Do you have an adver
tisement in it ?
Carrie .Nation s first experience with a
seltzer syphon Is likely to be her last, and
the bar tenders of St. Paul have found
one thing which will rout this strenuous
It is a noteworthy undertaking which
the French people of Burlington have
started, to erect a monument to Samuel de
Cbampltiin in their city. So important a
work as the explorations of the French
man in this country, and particularly this
section, merits recognition In the shape of
a memorial even If the time is late.
Head Gear and Toe Gearl
Togs and Toggery !
Today Straw Hats from 25c to
$5.00 each and Open-work Socks
from JOc to $1.00 per pair.
From your loot up
And from your head down
We'll embellish your figure
And improve your crown.
He 1Vn Wla.
"Pon't you ever speculate In the stock
'"No. I pet my fun out of gloating
over my friends who do speculate."
New York American.
In Swelldom..
Little Brother Are you going to in
Tile mamma to the party ?
Little Sister Oh, yes, indeed: I ve
heard so much about her I'm Just dying
to meet her. Puck.
Rogers & Grady Co.,
Quinlen Building, Barre, Vermont.
Individual Importance.
"This mighty world was mads for ma!'
"Sou hear th egotist exclaim.
The nnt, the cricket and the bee,
If they could speak, would say the
Buffalo News.
Itemon For It,
Nell You boys seem to fairly adore
that pretty manicurist.
Tom Well, site is "the divinity th'at
shapes our ends." Philadelphia Press.
New and Seasonable Goods Now Being Shown I
French Corset Covers with Ruffles,
Batiste Corsets, Senior Shirt Waists,
Gauze Lisle and Lace "Onyx" Hose,
Suede Lisle and Silk Net Gloves,
Priestly Mohairs and Light-weight Black
Goods, Ladies' Neckwear,
"Hathaway" Muslin Skirts, Drawers,
Night Gowns and Ccrset Covers,
"Haskell" Peau de Cygne, a hansome,
serviceable, light weight Siik, suitable
for Summer wear,
Muslin Wrappers and Sacks, Towels, etc.
L. P. a H. C. GLEASON, MontpeKe, Vt.
TU Difference.
In olden tyme ye poette aanso,
"He stedls but trash who steals my
But modern poets fain would sing.
"lie steals my cash who steals
Baltimore News.
Like Manr Other.
Sparks is quite a sprinter,
The Times commends the following
opinion of Associate Justice Brewer, of
the United States Supreme court, to all
people in this state whether thoughtful or
heedless, "Every man who participates in
the lynching or burning of a negro, is a
murderer pure and simple." We trust
that those, particularly, who are advoca
ting the lynching method in Vermont, will
weigh the words of a Supreme court judge
On the occasion of the Prince of Wales
visit to the IT. S. flagship Kearsage at
Portsmouth, Kngland.the respective bands
of the two parties tried to do the honors,
each by playing the other s national se
lection. But the Englishmen made a bad
botch of the "Star Spangled Banner'
which all shows, not that the Englishmen
were bad musicians, but that they were
sadly in need of practice, on things Amer
ican. The compliment was not made dis
cordant, however, even if there were some
discords thrown in.
! Item of Interest lleaned From Our
Georce L. llaseltine, of Bristol, has
been admitted to practice before the In
terior department at Washington.'
The cross receipts of the Brattleboro
post ollice during the fiscal year ended
June :.(', last, on postal account, were
$:!-t,i;ti.S.l2, being $1,403. "3 more than for
the previous fiscal year, S2,040.Gi more
than two years ago, and $5,204.03 more
than three years ago.
A recent bulletin Issued by the United
States geological survey announces that
Prof. T. Nelson Dale will continue the in
vestigation of areal and economic prob
lems in western Vermont, and will survey
the Brandon quadrangle for folio publica
tion; and Prof. John J. Wollf will contin
ue areal surveys in southern Vermont and
New Hampshire.
The returns from the druggists in Chit
tenden county holding fifth-class licenses
show that the total amount ot sales during
June was 24!),05. The largest sale made
during the month was made bv E.
Freeman, of Richmond, who sold liquor
amounting to $.1.02. W. 15. Iteeves, of
Burlington, made no sales. 1 he report ot
Washington county druggists for the
month is as follows: George McGrath,
Moutpelier, $13; Collins lilakely, Mont
pelier, $S; V. K. Poole, Montpeliec, l-S;
K, F, Peavitt, I'iainfield, f 0.
Lemuel Lyon, a highly respected farm
er living in naterbiny ( enter, was ar
rested last Friday by Second Constable V
A. lil!intham, on a charge of assault
with intent to rape. The date of the as
sault is given as February 28. Mr. Lyon
is 40 years old, married and has a family.
The complainant,! Bessie JJet'el!, is 14
years old. She attempted to commit sui
cide several weeks ago. but her act was
discovered before the poison took effect.
Mr. Lyon was arraigned before Justice J
A. Bnrieigh Saturday and bail was fixed
at $1000, which he furnished.
F'or the past two years two Chester
boys, Frederick F. Wiley and Charles W
Pollard, have been attending school at
Wyoming seminary of Kingston, Pa., a
small town in the heart of the coal re
gions. Their success among the Pennsyl
vania Dutch has, to say the least, been
very unusual, and proved that good old
Green Mountain blood is still the equal of
any in the land. Wbeu they graduated,
June 17, each was an "honor man" with a
mark of over 00 tier cent to his credit for
the two years; each was on the editorial
staff of the school paper; each was a mem
The mooted discussion of how should a
person alight from an electric car, front
wards or backwards, has been revived by
a lady who writes to the New York Tri
bune that she shall continue to get off a
car backwards and run her chances of be
ing thrown. It is pretty safe to assert
that this particular woman has never ex
perieneed the delightful sensation of being
rolled gracefully on the back until the
natural apex of the body comes where the ber o the exclusive senior society, Kappa
feet should bo. When that experience Alpha Sigma. In addition Mr. Pollard
shall have been hers will ba time enough ' th recognized leader in the musical
, . . ,, . . ... .... T, life, of the school and was the leader of
iui n 10 u. uu uo um B.BHu. W).,0 Mf m,ey won
!s a small affair, but any day you will see tennis championship, was manager of the
women alight from a moving electric car football team, was toastmaster at the
with their backs in the direction in which
the car is going. Result, an extremely
embarrassing pose on terra firma. A little
thought might save the embarrassment.
The points of view from which people
see a thing may make a material lot of
difference in their conception of the thing
viewed. This is a well-known fact and it
Is not more noticeable than In North-
field at the present time, where a merry
discussion is going on in regard to the
number of intoxicated persons who have
been seen on the streets of that usually
quiet town on the "night before" the
Fourth. The discussion evidently started
from an innocent assertion by a man who
patrolled the streets of the village on the
last Fourth, that there was much less in-
toxlcation than on previous similar events.
Now out come two other patrollers of the
streets on the nights in question, who say
that they never saw any intoxicated in
dividuals on the streets of Northfield in
the several years they have been em-
ployed to guard the peace. Therefore, the
presumption is that not only wera there
less drunks than ordinarily last Fourth,
but there must have been less than none
at all, that is, judging by the assertions of
the three witnesses. Undoubtedly, how
ever, there was a blindness on one side or
the other, an unwillingness to see the eon-
ditions as they were. The Hard wick
Gazette says very aptly, in another con
nection, something which applies" in this
case. "It is a pretty poor sort of a person
that can't twist facts around so to prove
to his own satisfaction at least that his
own opinion is the only right one."
Bangs Yes. lie can't be beaten
running lu debt. Chelsea Gazette.
LlfL5f.EEEDS' ft. -n nn.. Fin.' I. H.
Mil! iOre UnU uUl.'llo!
Putranare PupellinK.
Psalm pslngerg pseem to psatlsfy
Their inner pselves when they psur-round
The psinging master at his pstund
And thoro psustain a psoulrul psouna.
Denver News.
three most Important school banquets, was
president of his society, represented the
soeiety in three interscholastic debates
was editor-in-chief of the School Annual
and won by competition the position of
editor-in-chief of the weekly school paper,
Nor can the wonderful success of the
Chester boys be attributed to any in
feriority of the school, as a glance at the
Methodist Year Book shows that W yom
ing seminary is the leading .Methodist
conference Beminary in the world. Ver
mont has good reason to be proud of the
standing of her boys both at home aud
Th llor-Iea U renin.
'Twas half way "twixt th eve and dawn
I mot tho nionsu-r f-U
(The hour, you know, when graveyards
And sundry folk na well).
But no old fushiuned nightmare this
That tore ton from my bed
And over peak und grim abyss
In flight prodigious oped.
Ita two eyes flashed with sewn and white;
Af:ir tln-y enst their gleam.
Ita breath, with venom fraught and
Came purling forth like steam.
All velvet fouled was its pace .
And swifter tlmn the Kale.
Ah. me, that frightful, frightful race
through horror teeming vale!
In vain my choking voice I raised
Assistance to Invoke
Till stiff with dread, by terror dazed,
I suddenly awoke.
Doth friuiiUa and foea, may fate forfend
That you should ever fed
t'pon your peaceful couch descend
The Brislv nlfiht mobile.
Kdwin Id. Sabin In Collier's Weekly,
Reduced prices on summer wearing ap
parel. It will pay yon to investigate at
Fitts' store.
lied need prices on
Values $5.00 and f i.oO.
$3.50, At Fitts'.
ladies' sweaters.
Special to close
Another Jolt.
...i i r i in,
"It's awful hawd to aw-impwess a
new theowy on rne bwaln, doncher
know." 'That's queer. Most soft thing3 are
easily Impressed."
Agricultural Department to Find Ont
Their Extreme Vitality.
The United States department of ag
riculture is making experiments for the
purpose of determining the extreme vi
tality of seeds, says Harper's Weekly.
Over a hundred species of planta have
been packed In a soil consisting of dry
clay inclosed in pot3 and buried " at
varying depths under ground eight
seta at a depth of 0 Inches, twelve at a
depth of 20 and a third set of twelve at
a depth of Z'i feet At the end of 1,
2, 8, 5, 7, 10, 13, 20, 25, SO, 40 and 00
years a set from each depth will be ex
humed and tested.
Tho results of the experiment are
likely to be of extraordinary value to
agriculturists, both commercially and
scientifically. Incidentally it may be
recalled that authentic cases are on
record which prove that certain seeds
have the power of sprouting after hav
ing been burled for long periods of
time, reliable tests having shown that
twelve out of twenty-one species havo
the power of germinating after twenty
Carry-Ik One's Own Ontfli.
Before the revolution in Franca it
was customary when a gentleman had
been invited out to dinner to send his
servant in advance with his knife, fork
and spoon. If ho had no servant he
carried them with him in his pocket
Wrought Iron.
The British museum possesses what
is probably the oldest known piece of
wrought iron. It was found In the pyr
amid of Cheops and must be 4,000
years old.
Wash Goods!
Decisive reductions in fine Wash Fabrics, such as beautiful
Corded Muslins, fine Batiste, Dimities, Embroidered Swiss Dots
with dainty colorings, also White Goods in Leno Stripes, etc..
former prices iaj to 25c. Price to close, only JOc per yard.
Fancy Black Muslins !
Ten pieces of fancy Black Muslins in lace and satin stripe,
new designs, beautiful goods, former prices 25 to 35c per yard.
Special price, only 20c per yard.
Ladies' Wash Sfdts!
Navy Blue and Black Skirts with polka dots, two rows ruf
fles, trimmed with braid and mercerized straps, former prices
$1.25 and $1.98. Special prices, only 9Sc and $1.48 each.
To be found on special counter.
The Vaughan Store,
H. Z. Mills' Old Stand,
44 North MainlSU
Barre, Vermont
That Cures Called Humor.
Between the Incendiary who fires
neighbor's barn in secret vengeance, aud
the worthy who starts a "run" on a bank
with malicious gossip), there is only a
technical difference.
Gossip with-a-purpose has too often
been used to stab character and to wreck
fortunes, and it Is a great pity the law
cannot better reach those who employ
such intangible aud insidious methods to
achieve their ends.
Scarcely any enterprise, or individual,
no matter how deserving, is safe from the
subtle dangers of the gossip-monger, and
human nature so loves a morsel of such
"news" that it can be relied upon to
"push, along" a rumor when once it has
been judiciously started.
A vivid illustration of the gross injus
tice such a rumor can do is seen In the
"Force" Food Company's advertisement
of this date, wherein a reward of $5000 is
offered for the conviction of the parties
who initiated the suggestion that "F'orce"
was drugged.'
A further offer of , $5,000 for evidence
that a single package of the million sold
contained anything except wheat, barley
and table salt is, of course a complete ref
utation of the rumor, even if the State
Supervision of Fowls was not in itself
ample protection.
.People who love fair play in business,
as well as In other matters, will read with
indignation that it has cost the "Force"
Food Company over $50,01)0 to publish a
refutation of this "rumor" in the news
papers of the United States and Canada,
and, probably, as much more In loss of
sales resulting from the baseless gossip
which did the harm.
The absurdity of the rumor Is apparent
when it is known that the public has con
sumed fifty million packages of "Force"
without a single instance of any ill effect
upon any one of the users.
The "Force" Co. are evidently suffer
ing tho usual penalty for success.
Should Read Gen. John B. Gordon's
In Scribncr's foi July. Everybody
should call for the Magazine or Paper
they prefer at the Barre Book Store.
If you do not are to bay, our RENT
ING LIBRARY of Books and Magazines
will furnish' you reading at little cost.
CHAS. A. SMITH, Proprietor,
Gordon Block.- 140 North Main St.
I will be at my Office ia the Morse
Block, Main St., Barre, oa Mondays,
Wednesdays, Thursdays and Satur
days, and in Waterbury on Tuesdays
and Fridays. I shall be pleased to
meet all who may be interested in this
new method of therapeutics. Litera
ture furnished on application.
Osteopathic Physican.
Hours: 0 to VI a. in. and 1.30 to 5 p.
Room 4, Horse Bldg., Main St., Barre.
Stfch as Yotf Will Wear Until tie
Latter Part of September.
They will serve you well this Summer, next Summer,
and maybe the Summer after that. These swell Striped
Flannel Suits are neat, dressy and cool. They have al
ready outgrown the fad ; they're here to stay. The tail
oring and fit are excellent just such as you would
expect from your best tailor. The Pants are made extra
long, to allow turning up, and are of course finished with
belt straps. The Flannel Suit is the swell thing for Sum
mer; there's no doubt about it. All prices up to $12.00.
Moore & Owens,
J 22 North Main St., Barre, Vermont.
nit (y
The Barre Candy liiichen.
Over King's Jewelry Store,
I Depot Square,
'pm Barre..' Vermont.
Fine Photog'raphs!
the Best.
For Barre and Vicinity.
NEW GOODS direct from the factories to our store. The largest
and most elegant line ever shown in central Vermont. Larger invokes
received each week than are usually carried by most dealers. We dve
4W)u y.u.w. uivwugdic ana see icr yourselves. A full line of the
BEST MIXED PAINTS, VARNISHES, etc. Lowest prices on all goods.
(Telepooue Call, 153-?,)
Library Building, 10 Elm St. The Up-to-Date Wall Paper Dealer,
v Paper!
Our Poison Fly Paper will give you satisfaction. It
is the kind that kills Price, 5c for ten sheets.
Prescription Druggist,
48 No. Main St.. Opp. NafI BanK.

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