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Alcohol Secretly
Added to Liquid Kidney
Tacob Alfonce Passed Kidney Stones for Three
Years The Tablets Cured Him.
3b In Marsvi!it Ky., Summarilj
Strings I'p a Mnr-.lcrer.
The most wicked use alcohol was ever'
put to is when secretly added to Ihmld
kidney remedies. It creates kidney di
seases and prevents recovery.
A general awakening to this harmful
eiteet of alcohol in liquid kidney remedies
resulted in Dr. Pettingill's Kidney-Wort
Tablets (without the drawback of alcohol),
an acknowledged njn-cllic for all kidney
diseases, that is today curing kidney, liver,
bladder and urinary troubles in a way no
liijuid alcoholic remedy ever succeeded in
Why rim the risk of chronic kidney
trouble and death by taking a kidney rem
edy known to contain a virulent poison
when Kidney-Wort Tablets are obtainable
at every drug store and contain nothing
that can interfere with a steady Improve
ment ? The Tablets have never failed to
check kidney diseases in the young and
the old. " " .
Jacob Alfonce, 5? Fcarl street, Lynn, Mass.
wriiin? Feb. 22, 1 903, says: "Kidney-Wort Tab
lets have triven me rreat relief and in a wonder
fully short time. I have passed kidney stones
for three years, but since using Kidney-Wort Tab
lets the pain in back arid sides has left me, and I
feel a hundred per cent better.
At the Erst suspicion of backache, loss
of appetite, cloudy, milky colored or f ra
grant urine, swelling of hand or feet,
bloating, rheumatism, constipation, head
aches, shortness of breath or dizzy feelings
or it compelled to net up in the night to
make water, make this test: Let your
morning water stand in a class. If it is
milky, cloudy, high colored or contains a
reddish sediment, your kidneys are dis
ordered or diseased. Kidney-Wort Tab
lets exactly suits such symptoms. You
may be sure of getting well if you take
the Tablets regularly.
Mere KeutliH From l.opUjnw Due to
To- I'latol.
Detroit, Mich., .Tuly HI The fallow
ing names have been added to the list
of those- wl died in Michigan, from
lockjaw caused by the explosions of
toy pistols on Independence day: Albert
O. Miller, Jackson, aged eleven; George
Groufoon, Bay City, aged nine; Leo
Burke, Cadillac, aged twelve; Harry
Trainer, Jackson, aged twelve; Walter
Balm, Bangor, aged ten; Harry linker,
Flint, aged twelve; George Daniels,
Kalamazoo, aged fifteen; William
Finch, l.iimondalo, aged eighteen; Clar
ence Hunt, Kalamazoo, aged fifteen;
Floyd Love, Charlotte, aged Ave; Ches
ter Hathaway, Allegan, aged seven
teen; John be Young, Monterey; Rob
ert Marshal, St. Johns. . .
Two Death In Masnaehasplts.
Worcester, Mass., July W.-Uarry
F.rodeur, nine years old, has been taken
to the city hospital suffering from lock
Jaw, the result, of an injury to the left
band from a pistol July 4. At the
minute of the Rrodeur boy's arrival at
the hospital Harold Babeoek, aged
fourteen, died there from tetanus. A
peeial to the Telegram from Athol
ays that John Daniel O'Connell, aged
eleven years, who was stricken with
lockjaw Sunday night as the result of
shooting a blank cartridge wad into
Lis left hand July 4, died yesterday.
Fatal 111 h ilk -Cartridge.
Watertown, N. Y., July Hi. Mrs,
Archie .Sweitzer of Carthage has died
f tetanus resulting from an accident
sustained on the Fourth of July from
the explosion of n blank cartridge.
This is the third death from lockjaw
Within a week, the other two occurring
In this city.
"Motlier"'- Jiiiifn' Army Ilwliullex,
Railway, N. J., July 10.--"Mothor'
Jones and her band of textile workers
Cow thirty men strong, have left ltali
way for Elizabeth Mrs, Jones and
three women friends left on a car, 'gnd
the "army" walked. Mrs. Jotiosf said
that the treasurer of the movement in
formed her that since the "army" left
TbiladeipTiIu mere, than $500 had been
forwarded to the strikers in Pliiladel-
- - .....
Victim Hntl Killt-u an Inoffensive
Citizeiiaiiil Sm.ikril Hit rioe While
Siitintf iu Demi Man's Hotly.
Had II ecu tiiveu Two Trial.
raclflc Commercial Company to Con
nect Manila With Shanghai.
San Francisco. July 10. The Pacific
Commercial Cable company will lay a
cable from Manila to Shanghai, am
surveys for the work will shortly be
made. It. Lucas, the engineer who has
charge of the laying of the cable from
Honolulu to Manila, lias arrived here.
In discussing the project Mr. Lucas
'The cable undoubtedly will be ex
tended from Manila to China, for such
was the intention when I left England
to begin the work of connecting Hono
lulu with Manila. Shanghai has been
selected as a terminus of the wire. Th
steamships Anglla and Colonia will re
turn home, and one will then be senl
out with the cable which is to connect
Manila and Shanghai."
Tried to Incinerate Herself.
St. Petersburg:, July 10 A local
newspaper relates that a young woman
Was found lying on the bench of the,
gulf of Finland, behind the fcergievo
monastery, twflVe miles from this city,
with terribly burned feet and legs.
The unfortunate woman had on a
monk's cassock. She said she had been
reading religious books ami had con
eluded that self incineration was the
only sure means of salvation. She at
tended religious services at the mon
astery and then calmly prepared her
funeral pile. She was unable to bear
the pnin of the flames and attempted tc
return home, but fell helpless and re
mained forty-eight hours where she
had fallen before being found. Her
life may be saved.
Death of a Krleml of Lincoln.
Himtinirton, W. Va., July 10.Co!one)
W. G. W. iaegor, aged eighty, the
founder of the town of Iaeger in Mc
Dowell county and wtio was one of the
largest landowners In the state, ha?
died there. He was one of President
Lincoln's warmest friends and did val
uable service for the federal govern
ment In the West Indies during the
war of the rebellion.
Cm in n Snreckr-1 Sue Her Father
Honolulu, July 10. Emma Claudiana
Bpreckels Watson, daughter of Claus
Bpreekels, who, at her marriage several
years ago to a San Francisco broker,
took up her residence in England, has
commenced suit against her father for
the possession of a business block in
Honolulu valued at $400,000 and for
$100,000 damages. Mrs. Watson claims
that the property was transferred to
her by deed in July, 103. The suit
Will be fought. ' ' ? :"-
MavsviUe. Ky., Jnly Id. Enraged at
the tardiness of the courts, a mob
broke into the Flemingsburg jail and
haimed William Thacker. a white man
Who had been given a life sentence for
the murder of John Gordon two years
ago. Thacker in a q barrel with Gor
don at Foxport shot and killed him
and then sat on the body, Winchester
In hand, while he smoked his pipe, and
dared any one to attempt to arrest him
At the time Thacker escaped, but was
later arrested and lodged in jail at
Flemingsburg. He was given two trial
and finally got a life sentence.
Gordon was a good citizen and an
inoffensive man. After , being sen
tenced Thacker appealed to the court
of appeals and was waiting for an
other trial. Thacker had some money
and was able to command the support
cf some influential men, and It was
feared that he might escape punish
ment altogether.
The mob collected at Mount Carmel
where Gordon once lived, and came in
to Flemingsburg by twos and three
In order not to arouse suspicion. They
advanced upon the jail shortly after
midnight. The jailer refused to sur
render the keys. He was overpowered
and the keys taken from him. Thack
er was hurried to a tree near the jail
a"nd was given time In which to say
bis prayers, which he refused to do, but
begged for his life. To hush his crie
lie was hit on the head with a roc
and his unconscious body strung up
until life had become extinct.
liomits Sentenced.
' Pittsburg, July ld.-Df. 'Waiter P.
KountK, ctmviefed 'recently of killing
John F. Walsh, a wealthy extractor
of this city, while the latter Was walk
ing on the street with Mrs. Kountz, bai
been sentenced to live years in the
penitentiary. Mrs. Kountz. who Was
seriously wounded at the same time,
bus entirely recovered,
Prlncenn Louise Has Jim Title,
Dresden; Saxony. July 10. In com
pliance with her request King George
has conferred on the Princess Louise,
former crown princess of Saxony, thf
title of Countess Montignose.
Sleep Walker Fall to Death.
Schenectady, N. Y July Kl.-George
Ilertel, aged fifty-four years, has died
as the result of injuries sustained bj
falling from a window while walking
In his sleep.
and all kinds of
Haying Tools!
134 North Main Street, ,
Barre, - - Vermont.
Colombian Congress Isolated.
Colon, Colombia, July 16. Telegraph
ic communication between Buenaven
tura and inland stations of Colombia
will be closed until further notice. The
discussion of the canal treaty is pro
ceeding In the Colombian congress at
Clotting Prices of the Xew York
Stock Eifhmme.
Now York, July 15.
Money on call steady at 3'4s per cert.
Prime mercantile paper, 5Ha per ce.,t.
Exchanges, $240,824,210; balances, IW.TSi.-J2.
Closing prices:
Axial. Copper... 4!"i
Atchison 63M,
B. & O Rl;
Brooklvn K. T. r,0i
CC..C. & St U 77
Ches. Ohio... 33
Chi. & Northw. Wi
D. & II JR
Erie 30
Gen. Electric... K2
Illinois Ctm li'fiVi
Lackawanna. ...Sss
Louis. St Nash.. 11
Manhattan 181U
Metropolitan.,.. 117'4
Mo. Pac i'M
Assailant of Mule Dninui Cole
New Drill !more S. V.) Jail.
'Albany, N. Y., July m-Jamos Little.
the negro who assaulted a little si
near New Baltimore and who was re
moved to Catskill for fear a mob would
lynch him, was taken from the Catskil
Jail and put aboard a boat bound foi
New Baltimore to be arraigned there
before a local justice. The negro w
almost a wreck through fear, althougl
he was guarded by an especially strot
sheriff's posse in anticipation of trou
At New Baltimore a mob composed of
farmers, striking molders from Cox
sackie and boat hands had gather
Among them was Joseph Cole, the f
ther of the eleven-year-old who was a
saulted. Cole was much excited, and
as the boat docked, drew a revolve
He was quickly disarmed by Deputj
Sheriff Gould.
The prisoner was. taken without mo
testation to the town hall, but Justict
of the Peace Joel Nelson refused
proceed with the arraignment until pi
lawyer was present for his own guid
ance. Tills delayed .the case for twe
hours while a lawyer was corning from
In the meantime news of the favor
able condition of the child victim had
ieen widely spread, and the girl's
father had yielded to wiser counsel, sc
that by t Tie" 'time the examination had
begun all danger of an outbreak hac'
Subsided, -v . 1
'Little pleaded not guilty to tlx
charge of rape and assault in the first
degree, walled examination and wa
bound over to the Greene county granc
Jury, which will not meet again unti:
November. .He was then taken on th
train back to Catskill and in default
of bail committed to jail. There Is nc
excitement at Catskill over the matter
rr -'itti r-r1 "-"' r jTT-y i
Alleecl Pl:ir k niHiler ,f l.utl? CH
Suii.-eted of U irilf'i'.
London, J;:!y IC.-J. II. Y.'aKa. e. for
merly secretary of the late Sir l-'ianeis
Cook, who recently achieved great no
toriety here in connection with '"'is
suits for libel against Lady Cook, for
merly Miss Tenneee ClaUin of New
York, has been arrested in connection
with the mysterious death of his wife.
the was found dead In their flat, while
Wallace was discovered lying on the
floor with his throat cut.
Wallace was taken before a magis
trate and charged with attempted sui
cide. While in the dock he was seized
With n lit. The case was adjourned.
On March 3 Wallace obtained a ver
dict In the court of king's bench for
$3,250 damages for libel against Lady
Cook, who was charged with accusing
Wallace of conspiracy to circulate ru
niors that Fir Francis had died an un
natural death with the object of black
mailing her.
June 13 the appeal court granted an
application for a retrial. Upon that
occasion counsel for Lady Cook con
tended that Wallace had aliened that
she had extorted from Sir Francis a
check for ?r$G0,HK) under the threat of
exposing a liaison, and further that his
death, which occurred Feb. 17, lU'tl
bad been due to a blow struck by Lady
Cook in their home.
Counsel asserted that these state
ments, not brought out at the first
trial, were made by Wallace with a
lew of terrorizing .Lady Cook. The
master of tho rolls in delivering the
Judgment characterized 'Wallace's suit
as a blackmailing action, and said the
Vsrdict should not be allowed to stand
Venezuelan Government War Ship?
Lie Off Ciudad Bolivar.
Hyomcl Destroys Germs cf the Disease
and Keeps People Well.
Firing Over Private Ilounea In Be
leaguered CUtbikI nSienniertap
tured by Revolutionist Heavy
Flrins Heard at Soleilnd.
Soledad. Venezuela. July 10. The
government war vessels Zamora, Ues
t.nmiinr Mirnnri.-i ami Ventre de
Mavo. with four small craft in tow, ar
rived oil Ciudad Bolivar without incl-
Thera can be little or no doubt as to
hay fever being a germ disease. It is, too,
one diseate where prevention Is much
easier than cure.
All who are subject to mis disagreeable
trouble should use iiyomet daily for at
least two or three weeks w-iore tne time
of their annual attack. In this way the
annoying paroxysms of sneezing, running
at the nose ana waiery uuu jmiaiuug eyes
can be avoided.
This remarkable discovery makes It
possible for anyone to breathe air at
home h!ch is ahm-st identical with that
of the Adirondack or White Mountains,
or other resorts where hay fever sullerers
go to escape their trouble.
Jt, However, ujoiuei uus uut oeen
Aant Tha tni-iiedoes nlaced by tne
"t nr-,,,,-0 river did used until the disease has begun, !t is
ieiWUWilo " " . I .. . ..,, fr,...m.t,.
i,a fleet missed necessaiy w u.kj u.u, ...m,, at,
least half a dozen tinifs daily, and llyo
mei llahn should be rubbed into the nos
trils both morning and night. This treat
ment will relieve at once ana win etiect a
cure in nearly every case. T4
Kickert v Weils cave a complete una
Charles J. Honapnrte Alao a f.uet of
the President.
Oyster Ray, N. Y., July 10,-Secre-tary
of tho Treasury Shaw is the guest
cf President Roosevelt at . Sagamore
Hill. He came here to discuss with
Mr. Roosevelt some matters of impor
tance in his department. " lie has jusi
returned from the middle west, whert
he went to conduct some investigations
relating to the treasury department.
Concerning these he desired to talk
With the president
In addition to Secretary Shaw.
Charles J. IionapRrte of Baltimore, Ray
Stannard linker, the magazine writer,
and II. H. Kohlsaat of Chicago were
guests of the president and Mrs
Roosevelt at luncheon. Mr. Bonaparte
Is one of the special counsel of the gov
ernment appointed recently by the
president to assist in the prosecution
of the cases against the indicted post
Office officials. Since his appointment.
Mr. Bonaparte has investigated th
cases carefully, and the president's de
sire to discuss them with him led tt
Mr. Bonaparte's invitation to visit Sag
amore Hill.
French Government Order Slonkl
and Xun Out of St. Pierre.
Halifax. N. S., July H?. Word hat
been received here that the recent en
actments of the French government
against religious orders are being felt
In St. Fieriv. Miqnelon, and the Chris
tian Brothers and the nuns resident
there have received orders to leave
their establishments by the last ol
July. , - .
The religious emblems were also re
moved from the convent, but there was
such a vigorous protest from the peo
ple that they had to be replaced. Thf
people of St. Bierre, It is said, will
resist the dejortation of the monks and
nuns, and it is feared that there will
be trouble. - .'---.... ,
not explode when
Ciudad Bolivar presents an extraor
dinary appearance. On all the govern
ment buildings the white flag, the em
blem of the revolutionists, is hoisted
and more than 225 American, German the Hjxmei goods and will sell an outfit
French, British and other ensigns are of inhaler, Hyoinei and medicine dropper
.,..trf i,. From a for tl.bO and will also agree to reiumt
distance the city appears to have been the money if the treatment dc nrtghre
, , , , , , satisfaction.- P-
decorated for a holiday. i,0 I10t try to cure hay fever by dosing
jii o i. iu. uiiug ui-inu ,iilu v.. the stomach, lheatue uyoniei ana m
Ciudad Bolivar, and Immediately art- that way th9 medication will reach the
erward nve river steamers receuny I niinutest air cells in tne nose, inroat ana
captured by the revolutionists, the ma- lungs, soothe and heal the irritated mucous
Jority of which are the property of the membrane, ana prevent nn cure an nay
Orinoco Steamshln comnanv. the others fever troubles.
being owned by American crocodile
and bird hunters, hoisted the American
flag. But ten minutes later the flags
were lowered by order of the revolu
ltelx-1 Kmlsoary Seek Gomes.
At 5 d. m. the steamer Soeoro, dis
Mall Adrtoea Sn- It la More Likely
Tuun Ever. ,
Victoria, B. C. July 10. According to
advices received by the steamer I'm-
playing a flag of truce, left Ciudad press of India the crisis in- tue rur east
Bolivar and went alongside the Vene- is close to u breaking point, una even
uelan war ship Bolivar, the flagship the most conservative journals fear
ef General Gomez, commander in chief war will result as the outcome of Run-
of the government forces, on board of sian-Chinese intrigues. Many newspa-
whlch vessel a conference took place pers are urging an appeal to arms,
between the priest who left Ciudad The Peking correspondent of the
Bolivar and visited La Sollna, Qn the
opposite bank of the Orinoco, Saturday,
bearing an American flag and a Hag
of truce, and oilier personages. At i)
p. m. the Soeoro returned to Ciudad
Bolivar with a letter- from General
Gomez. At the same hour heavy ar
tillery and ride firing was heard
south of Ciudad Bolivar.
The night passed without further in
Shortly before C o'clock the govern
ment troops commanded by Geuerai
Rives, the first lieutenant of Genera':
Gomez, were under arms about fifteen
minutes' march from Ciudad Bolivar
ready to begin an attack on the city
A strolls' battery of guns had been es
tablished on a hill overlooking Ciudad
Bolivar and was preparing to open flrf
on that part of the city where all the
ammunition receutly received by Gen
eral Rolando, the revolutionary com
mander. is stored.
It has been learned that many wo
men and children escaped from Ciudad
Bolivar before the arrival of the gov
eminent troops. Among those wert
many foreigners.
N. Y. Central... lll'-i
Norf. fe West...
Pnn. R. R 113V4
Reading iS
Hock Island .... 2'.-,1
St. Paul
Southern Pac... 45
Southern By..,. 2'i
South. Ky. pf... 5i
8uar lit.-
1xa Pacific
Union Pacific
TJ. 8. Steal
V. 8. Steel pf...
Went. Union ...
General Miirkets.
New York, July 15.
FI.Ot'R Steadv, without much chaiiKc,
full prices being maintained; Minnesota
Patents. $140u4.7O; winter straights, J3.iji)a
3.S5: wlntor extras, $2.auaS.Ju; winter pat
ents. ta.90M.3e.
WMKAT Opened easier on forelRti sell
Ing and good weather, but was rallied by
western suuDort. coupled with unfavor
able crop news; September, 8t?;a82 5-13c
Dnremlicr. S14iaS2 S-.liJo.
ft YR Dull: state. bkuaVic.. C. i. f., NW
nrk: No. 2 western. 80c, f. O. b., afloat.
CORN Acted steady with wheat, but
rather ciuiet locally; December, M-'naMrViC.
OATB Neulected, but fairly steady
treca, white, Mate, 42ljal9c; track, white.
western. 4-Iia4:ie.
PORK WeaK; mese, lG.5nal7; family,
LARD Quiet; prime western steam
7 9ec.
FUTTER Steady to firm; state dairy
420c. : extra creamery. zOHe.
Lynchlnar In (JeorKln.
Bav'.nnah, Ga., July 10. Armed
farmers who bud been, on a mail hunt
appeared in Savannah on their way
home. They told the people here that
they had caught Ed Claus, the negrc
who had committed an assault on Miss
Johnson at Darien Junction Monday
and had lynched him near Eastman
A posse had pursued Claus ever since
the crime was committed.
Lnily Manager at St. Loots 1'nlr.
New York. July lG.--Aniioniicemeiv
is made of the appointment of Mrs
Bore Lyon of New York 'city as as
iistant secretary to the New York com
mission of the Louisiana Purchase ex
pesltion and lady manager of the. New
York state building at St. Louis durinc
the exposition.
Noted Methotlimt Dead.
Pittsburg. July 10. Hudson Samson
known in Methodist Episcopal churct
circles .throughout the United Statei
for his charity and philanthropy and a:
the builder of a score or mora ehurehe
throughout Pennsylvania and the fill
west, has died at his name in this clr?
of acute Indigestion. '
Tuouxnud Miners Strike,
Wheeling, V. Va., July 10,-r-Nenrlj
One thousand 'miners employed at the
mines of the Hobey Coal works at
Adena, O., have declared a strike be
cause of the difficulties with the for
eigners who work there. Several days
ago the foreigners succeeded in oust
ing the Anierlcau officials and supplant
ing them with men of their own na
tionality, and through the movement
all the miners quit work. The foreign
element of the union has caused the
arrest of ex-President Stenur.
Murdered In Tehnantepec.
San Bernardino, Cal., July 10.-P. L
Straight, a former telegrapher at Ora
Grande, on the Santa Fe road in this
county, is believed to have been mur
dered on the isthmus of Tehuantepee
He resigned his position at Ora Grande
to go to Mexico, and later became
superintendent of a rubber plantation
in Tehuantepee. It is said that Straight
had incurred the enmity of the peons
Friends of the missing man are pre
paring to place the matter before the
atate department.
Apui-lie Indian 11 nil oh rnpoose.
Pan Carlos, Ariz., July 10. An Apache
Indian named Kaufman, a graduate of
the government school at Bice, Ariz.,
brained bis seven-month-old child with
a club because ills wife bail' upbraided
biin for gambling. He also Inflicted
fatal wounds on the woman, He fled
to the mountains, but was captured by
the mounted Indian police.
. at.
Cured Mrs. A. C. Wagner, 231
Belmont St,, Everett, Mass., of
extreme nervousness and severe
headaches when everything else
failed to do her a bit of good.
Qninona's cures are wonderful.
All druggists sell it.
Levee Convention Celled.
Bosedale. Miss., July 16. Charles
Beott, president of the Interstate Mis
Blssippi River Improvement and Levee
association, has called a levee conven
tlon and also a meeting of his associa
tlon. to convene in New Orleans on
Thursday, Oct. 29.
Death of Wealthy Ohlonn.
Cambridge, O.; July 10. Cephus For
ffthe has (lied at his home in this city
At tha age of seventy-nine years. He
was president of the Forsythe Coal
company and leaves a vatt estate. Hie
wife, one son and one daughter survive
Be Abolishes Ciiditel and I n t-o'-nlne-
tnil In l'emil SettK-mcnt",
St. Petersburg. July 10. The Bhzhe
Tia VedoTiiosti fn a leading article says
'The czar lias abolished the harshest
remnants of the barbaric punishment!
of former times namely, castigntior
With cudgels and cat-o'-nine-tai!s
chaining to the car and shaving thf
head, which were still Inflicted for cer
tain offenses on persons exiled to pena
settlements or to the mines. Castiga
tion with cat-o'-nine tails and even witt
cudgels not Infrequently ended In deatf
and was one of the harshest forms ol
the death penalty, being death by tor
ture. They say tily the most hardwnot
prison administrators could stand the
terrible sight of the death of humai
beings under the measured blows of Hit
The cudgel and the "cat"' are replaeec
in the new statute, says the newspaper
by prolongation of term or by solitarj
confinement up to 100 days, witt
bread and water, except every tbitc
day, when hot food will be served a'
ne meal. The abolition of the cudge
and of the "cat" does not, however
mean the prohibition of corporal pun
ishmcnt altogether. The revised statutt
ef June 15 preserilies chastisement wltl
birch rods up to 100 blows "for sligh
offenses and misdemeanors," according
to the same authority, and the mattei
ia left entirely to the discretion of tin
prison authorities or of the local gov
Elevator Falls l.lwlit Stories.
Philadelphia. July 10. The parting oi
a cable caused a large elevator in tht
new Hotel Stratford, in course of con
itruction at Broad and Walnut streets
to fall from the eighth to the first floor
Upon the lift at the time It took It;
flight were five workmen and a heavj
load of building material. All the met
were seriously injured.
Malnlchl says M. I.essur's reference to
Russian prupart dness Is taken to mean
that troops are now at the Y'alu and
that the force along the coast of the
Yellow sea is in suilieieiit strength.
The Russian minister to- Peking also
says that lie has received advices from
Admiral Alexieff that all defensive.
measures in view or a possible Japa
nese invasion have been compktcd
along the coast of the Y'ellow sea and
the Korean frontier.
The United States fleet Is still At
Chefu, and the Japanese squadro' Is
cruising in northern waters. j '
Advices from south China report that
the rebels In KwangM are now stronger
than ever. They have established
provisional government! The rebels
are said to lw governed by the reform
party, which has branches In America.
They look upon the district where the
provisional government is established
as the headquarters of a great rebellion
soon to commence.
Itelattons (ir rally linnrored.
Paris, July 10.-1 i -'patches r-eeived
at the foreign oiVn-e h"re from St, Pe
tersburg and Tokyo indicate that the
relations between Kuia and Japan
have greatly improved wiihln the Inst
fortnight. It is now believed that t he
two governments will soon arrive at a
complete understanding.
nonttlatis (l!-d to Arms.
St. Petersburg, July 10. -Over ."20.-
000 men have been called to the colors
In order to complete the strength of the
Russian army and navy for the present
A Sew Explanation For Appendicitis
S. Kellett Smith has written to the
Loudon Lancet suggesting that a cause
for the Increase in the number of ap
pendicitis cases In the last fowyr
may be found In the large quantity of ;
frozen and chilled meats that are now
consumed. As such meat Is liable to
rapid deterioration, it might result in a
more septic state of the intestines than
prevailed before these method of re
serving meats was discovered. The
Lancet answers that the theory Is plau
sible, but suggests that first It should
be ascertained whether the number of
anppndieitls raws has really increased.
Cleveland to Speak lu (liirnuo.
Chicago, July .10. The Kecord-IIernld
says that former President Grovei
Cleveland will speak in Chicago at a
banquet of the Commercial club early
la the fall. The date has not yet been
fixed, but it will be at a time when the
presidential election of 1904 will be de
manding attention. -
Not Another Like It in Our Broad
lly Rail to Pnrls.
San Francisco, July 10 M. Locqui
Lobet, member of the Geographical
ociety, is here. It is said that he i(
interested in tho scheme of building I
Transalaska Siberia railroad, therebj
affording an ail rail route from Nevi
York to Paris.
To give positive home testimony In every
locality Is of Itself unrmswerable proof of
merit, but when we add to this tha con
tinued endorsement from people who testi
fied years ago no evidence can be stronger
A Barre citizen gratefully acknowledges
the pood received from Doan's Kidney
Pills and when time has tested tho cure
we find tho same hearty endorsement,
with added enthusiasm and continued
praise. Cases of this kind are plentiful in
the work of Doan's Kidney Pills and such
a record Is unique in the annala of medi
cine. v
Veteran Geo. W, Hunt (retired). Miles
nloek. says: "When I went to K. A.
Drown's drug store, in the winter of 1$1,
tor uoan s Kidney Pills I had been f ubject
to attacks of drapijins, heavy pains In thu
small of my back, extending downward
They were particularly in evidence after
a hard day's work or 'if I exerted myself
in any way. Many a night Mrs. Hunt has
rubbed my back with liniments and ap
plied hot water for the slight ease those
makeshifts afforded. I was so pleased at
the respite I received from the almost con
stant pain that when Doan's Kidney Pill
stopped it I endorsed them publicly. I
have bad no reason to alter my opinion
in the Interim. I can add to my own ex
perience that of others who have used
Doan's Kidney rill3 and are juat as en
thusiastic ahout the benefit received sal."
For sale by all dealers. iTice GO cent's.
Foster-Milburn Co., Buffalo, N. Y., !0ie
stents for the United States. Remember
the name DOAN'S and take no substitute.

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