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Subscriptions: One year, f;i; one mouth,
25 cts; single copy, 1 cent.
Member of the PubllHhera' f'rea Trie lut
eal tclearaiihio Hewn from all parts of the
world r rcekved by the Timed np to
tb noar of going to j.reas.
Prank B. I,Hii(tl)', FubtUber.
PablUhed Every Weekday Afternoon.
Entered t tbe poxtnrjiee at Hrra m lacoud
. cUbs matter.
THCKSDAr, J I XT 1. 1903.
Tbe average daily circulation of the
Barre Daily Times for the week ending
Saturday was
copies, the largest paid circulation of any
daily paper In this set-tiou.
A Thousand
A Day
more copies of the Times
are printed and sold than
of any competitor in Barre.
The Daily Times
is the only daily in Wash
ington County that pub
lishes its circulation so that
all readers and advertisers
may know what it is.
Do you have an adver
tisement in it ?
Head Gar and Toe Gear !
Togs and Toggery I
A War AVlih Some of Tlirm,
"I timlerstnnd the ihw magazine lias
8 h!j;h standard?"
"Yes. It wont up yesterday." Atlan
ta Constitution.
In the JnnKle.
They jiHKhUd their truth beneath
But c-ach was sorely vexed
VVhen they were sure no one was near;
The rubber tree was next.
Chicago Tribune.
Today Straw Hats from 25c to
$5.00 each and Open-work Socks
from JOc to $1.00 per pair.
From your foot up
And from your head down
We'll embellish your figure
And improve your crown.
One View of It.
"She married him to spite another
"Oh, I thought it was to spite hiiu."
Brooklyn Eagle.
The Statu of It.
Thouph "jilty is akin to love"
You've heard that old quotation
It'8 never very much above
A Very "poor relation."
Philadelphia Press.
ii ii JiL
it I
ip JP mL
New and Seasonable Goods Now Being Shown!
French Corset Covers with Ruffles,
Batiste Corsets, Senior Shirt Waists,
Gauze Lisle and Lace "Onyx" Hose,
Suede Lisle and Silk Net Gloves,
Priestly Mohairs and Light-weight Black
Goods, Ladies' Neckwear,
"Hathaway" Muslin Skirts, Drawers,
Night Gowns and Corset Covers,
"Haskell" Peau de Cygne, a hansome,
serviceable, light weight Silk, suitable
for Summer wear,
Muslin Wrappers and Sacks, Towels, etc.
A Deri nit Ion.
Top, what is an assassin band?"
"An assassin band, my son, is one
which murders good music." Yonkers
L. P. H. G GLEASON, Montpelie?, Vt.
Hear Admiral Cotton of the flagship
Kearsarga of the American squadron
which has been visiting English ports,
sa8 the Americans -were "killed with
kindness." Anywav, that's better than
being killed with bullets.
The new proprietors of the Lyndon ville
Journal do not believe in making too
many promises about their newspaper,
preferring to let the public note the im
provements for itself. They deserve to
steer the fortunes of this chameleon-like
newspaper to a point of success, and the
Times wishes them that good fortune.
with three Washington county men
prominently before the public eye for the
next governorship of Vermont the Water-
bury Record expects to see this county
the home of the lie xt chief executive,
Washington county has not had a gover
nor since William 1. Dillingham was
elected in 1?88. and many think that it is
a long while between times.
A man has lust been arrested in New
York state charged with setting 20 fore
fires. If he is guilty 20 good smart stroke
with the twigs of the wilderness and an
added sentence on ton of that would be
none too much, The setting of a fores
lire by mistake is reprehensible enough,
but to touch a match to the forests on
twenty different occasions and by design,
la worth a severe punishment.
Rogers & Grady Co,
Quinlen Euilding, Barre, Vermont.
Says the Boston Transcript:
The city of Bangor in the State of Maine
is giving to the world an instructive ob
ject lesson as to the failure of the prohibit
ory law to stop the sale of liquors in large
It Is a lesson from which the large cit
ies and town of Vermont profited some
time since, and the indications are that
the Maine cities and towns themselves
will sooner or later profit by the lesson in
their own midst. -
Items of Interest denned From Our
Daniel Preston, who resides near Bolton
Falls, celebrated his With birthday anni
versary Monday.
A crusade has been instituted against
Burlinuton store keepers who keen their
places of business open Sundays.
Woodstock has voted $15,000 in addi-
tion to the $20,000 previously voted for a
new school house, and will erect as line a
building as there la In the state.
The board of police examiners of Bur-
llngton has organized and will hear charg
es against ofticer E. K. Coon this evening,
and later will hear the Bameagalnst Cruet
of-Police Brownell at public hearings.
A nineteen-year-old boy named Murray
was drowned in the Connecticut river at
Bellows Falls, Sunday while bathing:
Murray was riding on a log and was car
ried down stream beyond his depth.
Edward Iongeway of St. Johnsbury was
placed under arrest Saturday for threat
ening the life and safety of his wife and
other members of the family. Monday he
was adjudged insaue and will be taken to
the Waterbnry asylum as soon as the
necessary papers can be made out.
The Tiev. and Mrs. Alexander Crone
left Newport Monday night for Boston
and sailed Tuesday for England, their na
tive country. Mr. Crone has been rector
of St. Mark's mission, Newport, for seven
years. The Kev. S. S. March of Salmon
Falls, N. H,. will succeed Mr. Croue as
rector of St. Walk's church.
William A. Patrick, One of the best
known and oldest residents of Kutland
was found yesterday morning In the cellar
of his house, unoonscious. lie had fallen
down the cellar stairs and fractured his
skull. There is little chance of his re
covery. How the accident happened is
not known, but be probably had an at
tack of dizziness.
An accident occurred Tuesday, July",
at the portable saw mill owned by Coun
ter Bros., East Charleston. The clothing
of Fred Counter caught on a pulley which
drew him around, breaking both legs and
arms and tearing his clothing and injuring
him severely, from the effects of which he
died in a few hours. A wife and little
son survive him. Mr. Counter had resided
in East Charleston ouiy a few months.
The burial was at Burke, his former
Well Known Compoaera."
-Philadelphia Ledger.
A Sons of Summer.
This about the summer tima Just let the
thunder roll:
It's good to Just ba living, with the elory
In your soul!
The light la shining bright.
And the stars are out at night.
And the rivers are a-rippla through the
valleys of delight! ,
This about the summer time the green In
all the trees,
The shadows of the branches, the drowsy
hum. of bees,
The cool and dreamy dells
Where the cattle shake their bells,
And the quiet of the twilight when the
day sighs sweet farewells!
Far sweeter la the summer time than
winter with Its glooms,
For not a vale or meadow but Is beautiful
with blooms;
The glory of the light
In the morning and the night
And the singing of the mocking; birds tn
valleys of delight!
Atlanta Constitution.
Thumb Illnn In Queen Anne's Time.
In the days of Queen Anno the femi
nine 'thumb ring was the badge or
widowhood, and women tired of single
blessedness were wont to don it and aa
'jolly widows" achieve conquests de
nied to them as spinsters.
Should Read Gen. Joha B. Gordon's
In Scribner's foi July. Everybody
should call for the Magazine or Papet
they prefer at the Barre Book Store.
If you do not care to buy, our RENT
ING LIBRARY of Books and Magazines
will furnish you reading at little cost.
CHAS. A. SMITH, Proprietor,
Gordon Block. HO North Main St.
Gov. Batchelder of New Hampshire
seeks to inspire the sons and daughters of
the Granite State to return on the occasion
of Old Home Week, August 15 to 21, by
the following appeals to the sentiment of
those sons and daughters: "The biambly
pastures where, perchance, as a barefoot
boy a half century ago you went for the
cows at night; the old mill pond where
you fished and the streams where you
swam; the bench in the old sehoolhouse
where you sat; tho site of the old orchard
and the well with its old oaken bucket;
the old church on the hill quaint and of
sacred memory ; the old cemetery, where
hearts will be saddened and tears unbid
den flow; all will recall days of yore and
lusplre nobler thoughts." There is no
doubt that to those who have enjoyed
the scenes enumerated by Gov. Bachelder
no further Incentive will be needed. But
to others those things will be like Greek
to a barbarian. Yet Gov. Bachelder has
painted in a lew words the pictures that
many a former farmer lad and farmer
lassie carry almost sacredly in their minds. J
Dld.NoAh Build the Ark '?
Noah was not only a man full of faith,
but very wise in his day and generation.
Had Colonial Paints been in existence in
those days he would no doubt have paint
ed the ark with said paints, to make sure
that it would be preserved intact and
handed down to posterity as a legacy of
the everlasting quality of this particular
brand. Sold by C. A. Heath, Barre.
Barge size white aprons for 250. each at
Veale '& Knight's.
Black petticoats, home-made Mala, for
$1.25 and 1.50 each. . Veale & Knight.
Fine ice cream at Dod,
after the band concert.
;e's before aud
WANTF1 All apprentice 1l.'irktiii(th, with
fume i -x periciii-e in flutrpeniiiff fools. Also a
liit-'!M poli.-lHT. Apply to (iU'ait"U & Beck
ett, WillMIIIivtOVWl, A t- lU'xV2
Gen, O. O. Howard of Burlington, who
has been absent for the past three weeks,
has returned home. During his absence
he attended the annual reunion of the So
ciety of the Army of the Potomac in Bos
ton, and the unveiling of the monument
which was erected to the memory of Gen.
Joseph Hooker. He also attended the
40th anniversary of the battle of Gettys
burg and gave one of the leading address
es, From there he went to Port Arther,
A number of Kutland capitalists are In
terested in a corporation called the Inter
national Fuel Co. which Is bt'ing formed to
take over the patents covering the fuel re
cently invented by Capt. Henry it. Dorr,
the well known writer, of Kutland. The
patents will embrace the United States,
Great Britain, Germany, Austria, Hunga
ry, France, Belgium, Kussia, Spain and
Japan, which are the chief coal producing
countries of the world. By this process
bituminous coal is converted into a smoke
less fuel as hard as anthracite coal. This
discovery is of special importance, for
there are vast bituminous coal fields both
in the United States and In Europe which
are remote from anthracite deposits, aud
there is no true anthracite in Europe.
Tbe Chinese nnd Stone Floors.
In China the dining rooms are usu
ally floored with tiles or Btone slabs.
This Is because the household animals,
flogs nnd cats, are allowed in the room
at mealtime to receive whatever food
the diners do not wish.
Although quality is the highest, my prices
are very low. For terms, etc., address
Front the Recent Annual Gathering of
Christian SeienliNts.
If Christian Science is really of value to
mankind, like all other helps it ought to
be introduced and correctly understood.
Its beneficial results should be manifested
to the public. Nothing could be truer
than Jesus' words, "A tree is known by
its fruits."
The Christian Science movement Is now
thirty-five years old. It has been in vogue
long enough to indicate its etfects upon its
adherents. The calm deliberation, the
quiet, universal, brotherly love manifest
ed at the second annual meetings of the
denomination show what has thus far
been effected and what may be expected
in the future when Christian Science be
comes universal.
The annual meetings of the Christian
Scieutists have been of great benefit to the
Scientists themselves. They have had an
opportunity to biing together tho fruits of
their past experiences and the mutual ex
change of these have been truly helpful to
all. It extends the acquaintanceship of
the members one with the other, and en
larges and intensifies the brotherhood of
the movement, but this is the smallest
part of the advantages accruing therefrom.
By these conventions the publio is afford
ed an opportunity to witness a representa
tive body of Christian Scientists, and to
note the health, harmony, happiness and
freedom from materiality which the Sci
ence develops.
We are living in an age when the gene
ral query is not, ".What do you believe'."'
but "What is it accomplishing for you?'1
A relig'on, doctrine, creed or philosophy
is beneficial only in proportion to its alle
viating, regenerating and spiritualizing
effects! Every belief which tends to im
prove character aud conditions may be
said to have some good In it. That
particular teachlug which renders possible
the most rapid progress, morally and
mentally, should be credited with being
the best.
The ideal of Christian Science is per
fect, namely, the perfect man. Science
teaches that God is love, truth, infinite
personality, who is properly termed our
heavenly Father. It teaches that man in
his normal, God-made condition is the
image and likeness of the infinite Spirit,
and that mankind must work out his sal
vation by having a true conception of
Ideal manhood aud deporting himself ac
cordingly, even to the extent that he
becomes fully awake In the Image and
likeness of God, having "put oil the old
man with his deeds" and having "put on
the new man which is renewed in know
ledge after the image of Ilim that created
him." Alfred Farlow in Boston Times,
July 11.
I will be at my Office in the Morse
Block, Main St., Barre, on Mondays,
Wednesdays, Thursdays and Satur
days, and in Waterbury on Tuesdays
and Fridays. I shall be pleased to
meet all who may be interested in this
new method of therapeutics. Litera
ture furnished on application.
Saturday Bargains, July 18
White and Unbleached Towels !
Comparison of prices and quality furnishes the best rea
sons why you should buy goods of us. Our Saturday offerings
mentioned below are interesting to close buyers.
25 dozen White Bath Towels, extra
large size, with and without fringea
special discount to us' because we
closed the lot. Yours Saturday at a
big saving, only 12 J -2c each.
10 dozen Unbleached Bath Towels,
quality same as above, sold to us at
the same discount. Yours Saturday
at 12 l-2c each.
25 dozen White Huck Tow
els, a good large Towel with
red border, sold in some stores
for 15 cents each. Our Satur
day special price, only 9 cents
each. We shall be obliged to
limit the quantity to each cus
tomer on this sale Don't miss
this chance to buy Towels.
Such bargains make Saturday, as well as all other days,
busy days at our store. SEE SAMPLES IN WINDOW.
The Vatighan Store,
H. Z. Mills' Old Stand,
44 North Main St.,
Barre, Vermont.
Osteopathic Physican.
Hours: 9 to 12 a. m. and 1.20 to 5 p.
Room 4, Morse Bldg., Main St., Barre.
Photo Bargains!
One half pint of Fastc 1 0c
4 by 5 Glass Trays.... 10c
4 by 5 Rubber Trays 15c
5 by 7 Rubber Trays 25c
Eight ounces Toning Solution 15c
$1.00 Dark Room larr$." 75c
4 by 5 Fhoto Holders 42c
5 by 7 Fhoto Holders ..59c
B. C. HILL,,
Saw Filing.
Basement C. A. He uth't Store,
Elm .St..
Saws can be left at Heath's or l'rimlle &
Aver ill's store cln times. 1 am in shop from
5..H) to 9 p.m. All work guaranteed.
Arrived I Arrived I One Week Only !
The World's Famoas Psychic Palmist and
Trance Clairvoyant Know Thy Future!
Consult MADAME S0USA Reads Life
From the Cradle to the Grave Has Been a
Trance Medium Since Ten Years of Age.
This Is the same lady that created a perfect
furore in New Vol k "city, eaterine to over 'JU,
OiO people, she tells (lie pant, present anil fu
ture and nil your affairs of lile. No iloulit
von have visited numerous others who could
tell you nothing. Don't Claris this lady with
them. 8lH! never fails. If you liavB anything
on your mind call and see her.
ill L 11 tl
Such as You Will Wear Until the
Latter Part of September.
They will serve you well this Summer, next Summer,
and maybe the Summer after that. These swell Striped
Eannel Suits are neat, dressy and cool. They have al
ready outgrown the fad ; they're here to stay. The tail
oring and fit are excellent just such as you would
expect from your best tailor. The Pants are made extra
long, to allow turning up, and are of course finished with
belt straps. The Flannel Suit is the swell tEng for Sum
mer ; there's no doubt about it. All prices up to $ 1 2.00.
J 22 North Main St.,
& o
Barre, Vermont.
HotirH. 9 to 9. Harre, Vermont.
A Record
We have frozen 1400 quarts of our Famous
I u fa
k -a MVV Ii a'- H m
from July 1st to July 1 4th. All flavors,
by the pint, quart or-gallon, at
The Barre Candy Kitchen.
For Barre and Vicinity.
,' NEW GOODS direct from the factories to our store. The largest
and most elegant line ever shown in central Vermont, larger invoices
received each week than are usually carried by most dealers. We give
regular prices. Investigate and see for yourselves. A full line of the
BEST MIXED PAINTS, VARNISHES, etc. Lowest prices on aH goods.
(Telepoone Call, 155-3)
Library Building, 1 0 Elm St. The Up-to-Date Wall Paper Dealer.
re in
Fly Paper!
Our Poison Fly Paper will give you satisfaction. It
is the kind that kills. Price, 5c for ten sheets.
Prescription Druggist,
48 No. Main St.,
Opp. Nafl BanK.

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