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Subscriptions: One year, t'i; one mouth,
145 cts; single copy, 1 cent.
MesnhnT of the Publish' FTeM. Th Int
ent tslffcraiiliic new from til prt of tee
world r received by the Dsily Time oy to
the Dour of going to press.
Frank E. LauRtcy, Pobllaher.
Fabllnhed Krery WwOttlay Aftornoon.
Entered Hi the poKtofilce at Brre u second
cl.i mtter.
IK I DAY, JII.Y 17, 103.
The averago daily circulation of tha
Bhrre Daily Times for the week ending
Saturday was
copies, the largest paid circulation of any
daily paper lu this section.
A Thousand
A Day
more copies of the Times
are printed and sold than
of any competitor in Barre.
The Daily Times
is the only daily in Wash
ington County that pub
lishes its circulation so that
all readers and advertisers
may know what it is.
Do you have an adver
tisement in it ?
lilrlLI and Blouses
7rf ! I 'J
Li V
Cheaper Goods
Are no
There &ra
no better
Buying for
Your Boy
you k-h for walts. ire ma? bve uu uuwi
i"io of price, uut- his qu.rk uittiitiun tciis biro Uat
y:m d- iiti Mt a hitih j:tUm ti bi aMarawe. It
not oniy nHikiH b':ji 61'iiMikB, Init y-m piinnot Ci
j.rct turn to it't'I Hi prjiiu iu bu appoaruuca UiaS
yuti w&nt h'to to
Ym nu t buy a wrtteTOr Mnn fir than a
dollar thnt wif I lve anywhere near the we.r of Ui
K. & K. fJ-UO kind. You can pay more, of cour0, f 1 MT
the 'afK-y rtiaiiTiaU. but you enn t jrrt tv bottur
wuikoiaiihUip or tiiy;e if you tSmes tbe price,
yon should rmvp ,-irv of the Ynlnnhle K. & F.. tkle
For Saturday.
Boys $1.00 Shirt Waists
and Blouses for only
69 cents each.
Kirn In lirctimw.
I rfr-pmt I stood beneath a immpy tre.
The leaves vl w Melt wire fifty dollar
I went about tr climb It, whm, you sr,
Aflrme the lightning set it frurn the
New Orb-ans Times-Democrat
The Vergenru'g Enterprise remarks o
Charles Kuf us Young, the horse thief wh
died at Kutland Wednesday, that "he i
In custody at this writing." lias the En
terpritse inside information'.'
Kentucky Republicans whoop 'er up for
Roosevelt, and former Governor Bradley
says "never was there so much chance of
success as now." The Roosevelt fever Is
getting contagious.
These are the celebrated K. &
E. garments,' and it is only to in
troduce them that we make this
price, and it is only for SATUR
DAY, JULY ISth, 1903, that the
price will be 69 cents.
Sec Them in Oat
Active Hrmedy For Microbe.
A Parts doctor declares that tha cake
walk, freely Indulged in, will kill th
hardiest microbe.
Th waltz la not without Its charm,
The polka has Its points;
The barn dance need not cause alarm
To those who've supple Joints.
The cellar flap with Joy ia seen
(ThouBh seldom at a bail).
But when it comes to hygiene
The cake walk beats them all.
There was a time In days gone by
"When, if I felt unwell,
Vnto my doctor I would fly.
In haste my eymptoms
And pay tha varlet thumping fees
It seemed my only chance
But now M. D.'s no longer please;
It's cheaper far to dance.
Should limb or cranium throb and acho,
I don my lightest shoe,
And hired menials music make;
It's what they're paid to do.
"Down South s" exhilarating strains
Burst from the gay banjo;
Quaint ragtime steps dispel my pain
i And urge a healthy, glow.
Te Invalids, thouch old and stout,
Accept the proffered boon;
Forgetting Kout, step boldly out
To emulate the coon;
Attempt the measures I suggest.
Scorn not what I advise:
The plan, believe me, is the best;
This way salvation lies.
. London Chronicle.
Rogers & Grady Co.,
Quinlen Building, Barre, Vermont.
The (lurry in Wall street whiuh has been
on for several days has led to an examin
ation of conditions in the other commer
cial centers of the country. It has been
found that the wall street trouble does not
extend beyond New York and I'ittsburp,
and, hi fact, the New York Herald finds
that the conditions elsewhere are very satisfactory.
The Bellows Talis Times, which has
managed to strike a happy medium in the.
discussion of prohibition and license comes
out w?:h another indecisive statement, in
which it says, "It is the personal convic
tion of the publisher of this paper that at
the fcresciit time Conditions do hot differ
materially from what they did under the
prohibitory law." But the Times hits
upon one point which is undoubtedly a
truism throughout the state as It is a rep
resentation of human nature in general. It
is, "Those who kick the longest and loud
est have no greater ambition to come out
into the open than they used to have."
There is possibly one exception, and that
is Newman Weeks of Rutland.
Some newspapers and people are in
clined to poke fun at recent articles in a
certain magazine on "How Johnny and
Sarah Saved Enough for a Home in
til) Years" and similar subjects. Al
though there does appear to be a good deal
of the ludicrous In some of the contribu
tions, yet there is a noteworthy and laud
able purpose back of the idea of printing
such personal experiences, and that is, the
promotion of frugality and thrift, two
qualities which are likely to be forgotten
or overlooked by the younger generation.
Just how Johnny and Sarah managed to
rake enough together to be able to own
their own home makes perhaps a homely
illustration, but if we mistake not, even
such examples lead many young people to
make a better use of their spare money
than is usually the case.
"It is a comedy as it now stands, but a
tragedy if it should succeed" says William
J. Bryan of the movement for nominating
G rover Cleveland for president. But Bry
an need not give himself any- uneasiness
over the matter, as the prospects of Cleve
land's nomination for that oilice are about
as slim as Bryan's himself. Already the
Cleveland movement has been switched
otf onto the Olney track and the veteran
of many political battles is eliminated
from the reckoning. While Cleveland has
considerable strong support there are sev
eral things which react against him, and
this reaction has been so strong that his
warmest supporters have practically given
up all idea of his being a possibility in the
race for the democratic nomination. Most
important of all those causes of a change
is undoubtedly Cleveland's inability to
command the laboring vote.that is, enough
to make him a possibility in a presiden
tial race. A prominent politician in
Washington, who is a close student of the
situation, says that Cleveland would un
doubtedly receive big support from the
large business interests of Nrew York.Xew
jersey and Connecticut, but he could not
sway the labor vote in those same states,
states which are considered indispensable
for a majority.
Black petticoats, home-made Mala, for
tl.2j and 1.00 each. Veale & Knight.
IteniH of Iutereat Olenued From Our
The monthly pay roll of the Vermont
Marble Co., i'roctor, for Juno is a trifle
over 100,000, tbe largest pay roll the
company has ever had to meet.
President A. D. Brown of Norwich uni
versity, accompanied by Mrs, Brown,
Pierce Brown, Mrs. Tyler and Miss Tyler,
has gone to Nova Scotia on a vacation trip.
A letter has been received in Burling
ton from G. P. Auld, who has been seri
ously sick at Porto Rico, in which he re
ports that he is mucn better, J. he letter
was written bv Mr. Auld about the time
his parents reached Porto Rico,
Mrs. Alison L. Murray died at the
home of her daughter, M is. Charles
Lease, in Waterbury yesterday after suf
fering a long time with cancer on the jaw.
She had been aillicted with that malady
for more than a year and for the past six
months had been confined to her bed.
Mrs. Murray was 10 years of age and for
merly lived in Waitsfield, but has resided
for some time with her daughter in
Waterbury. Aside from Mrs. Lease she
leaves another daughter, Mrs. Alma Kish
bongh of New York city. The funeral is
to be held on Friday afternoon,
Seth Olmstead, of Hardwick is making
another of the violins for which he has a
great reputation. Mr. Olmstead is well
toward SO years old now, and his eyesight
is much impaired, but though he has to
"make haste slowly" his workmanship
still shows the deftness of an expert. Mr.
Olmstead has made a great many violins
In his life time. He made the ilrst one
for his own use, because he didn't feel
able to buy one. It proved so good an in
strument that it found a ready sale. Since
then he has sold many. His violins are
really very superior in tone to many high
priced instruments.
An Open Letter.
These fashions, dvur girl, we are viewing
with dread;
They can't be expeeted to please
When you limp in high heels and you
cirry your head
At an angle of fo- y degrees.
Philadelphia Ledger.
Absolutely Kecesnnrr.
Phe Did the bride look pretty at the
He Of course. Wasn't she a bride?
Eomorville Journal.
The summer poet loves to sing
Of breezes that so lightly blow,
But the electric fan's the thing;
It's more reliable, you know.
Washington Star.
it vSlTToTTr t v,r S Th TS Tfi
11 11 Jl XL, ID) vjj li wJiii'
New and Seasonable Goods Now Being Shown!
French Corset Covers with Ruffles,
Batiste Corsets, Senior Shirt Waists,
Gauze Lisle and Lace "Onyx" Hose,
Suede Lisle and Silk Net Gloves,
Priestly Mohairs and Light-weight Black
Goods, Ladies' Neckwear,
"Hathaway" Muslin Skirts, Drawers,
Night Gowns and Corset Covers,
"Haskell" Peau de Cygne, a hansome,
serviceable, light weight Silk, suitable
for Summer wear,
Muslin Wrappers and Sacks, Towels, etc.
L. P. H. C. GLEASON, Montpelier, Vt. 8
Hni!' . .lfctai mini m minimi u 'mi miwi i ii i
A Martyr.
Little Waldo Beaue (with a sigh)
Well, I must now discontinue my pe
tusal of this most interesting theory
of premosaic cosmic phenomena and
humor my poor nurse by allowing her
to read "Mother Goose" to me. New
York Evehiug Journal.
Photo Bargains!
Fine ice cream at Dodge's before and
after the band concert.
Summer undetvests, 10c each or three
for 23c at Yaughan's.
Towel sale Saturday at Yaughan's.
KOH SALE, cheap, one biurity wagon, one
liclit handy wagoti, one good (cuxoliiie Move,
and one good bnildin itt;"or would trade for
a team, t all lit 45 Staple ave. lorai!
Famous Psychic Palmist and Trance
Tells pat. present and future, gives valuable
ailvic on all matters of business, health, nocinl
alTaii's, rlinngcs, marriage, divorce and any
tliiiig else yon v i?lj to know. She
Will be at the Otis Uuntil Monday
Morning, July 20th.
Hours from 9 to 9. 14 Parl St., Barre, Vt.
One-half pint of Paste 10c
4 by 5 Glass Trays 1 0c
4 by 5 Rubber Trays 15c
5 by 7 Rubber Trays 25c
Eight ounces Toning Solution 15c
$1.00 Dark Room Lamp 75c
4 by 5 Photo Holders 42c
5 by 7 Photo Holders 59c
Marriages average 3,(XK) a day in the
whole world. Of 1,000 men who marry
S32 marry younger women, 570 marry
women of the same nge and 08 older
Should Read Gen. John B. Gordon's
In Scribner's foi July. Everybody
should call for the Magazine or Paper
they prefer at the Barre Book Store.
If you do not care to buy, our RENT
ING LIBRARY of Books and Magazines
will furnish you reading at little cost.
CHAS. A. SMTH. Proprietor,
Gordon Block. 140 North Main St.
I will be at my Office in the Morse
Block, Main St., Barre, on Mondays,
Wednesdays, Thursdays and Satur
days, and in Waterbury on Tuesdays
and Fridays. I shall be pleased to
meet all who may be interested in this
new method of therapeutics. Litera
ture furnished on application.
Osteopathic Physkan.
Honrs: 0 to 12 a. in. and l.oO to 5 p. m.
Room 4, Morse Bldg;., Main St., Barre.
Saw Filing.
Basement O. A. Ileath't Store,
Elm tit.
Saws can lie left at Heath's or Primlte &
AvfriU'f More daytimes. 1 am in bhop trom
5.3U to it p.m. All work guaranteed.
Your uutiitters Llothme Co. 5
- - u - s
No, 39 North Main St., Barre, Vt.
New Store and New Goods.
Special Sale For Saturday, July 18th, 1903.
Ken's Suits, worth $10.00, going at only $7.23
Boys' Suits, worth $3.43, going at 2.48
Boys' Suits, worth $2.43, going at 1 .4 8
Hen's and Boys' Underwear, worth 50c, going at .38
Hen's and Boys' Underwear, worth 2Sc, going at , 19
Hen's Union made Overalls and Jumpers, worth 50c, going at .43
Men's Union-made Rants, worth $3.69, going at ; 2.69
Hen's Union-made Pants, worth $2.69, going at 1 .69
Boys' Panls, worth 50c, going at 39
Boys' Pants, worth 25c, going at ' 19
Neckties, worth EOc, going at .19
Hen's and Boys' Overshirts, worth $1.00, going at 89
Ken's and Boys' Shirts, worth 50c, going at .43
Also a full line of Men's and Boys' Goods at the
ly lowest prices. Call and see us and examine our goods.
1 Don't Forget the Number,
lZ 319 North Main Street, - - - Barre, Vermont.
We have as fine a stock of Meats and Vegetables as can
be found in the city and at right prices. An extra nice
lot of Fowls and Chickens.
New Potatoes, per peck 45c
Native Peas, per peck 50c
Native Cabbage, per pound 6c
Wax Beans, per quart 7c
Tomatoes, per pound 10c
Watermelons, Pineapples, Cucumbers, Beets, Carrots, etc.
(Telephone 9-3)
Saturday Bargains, July 18
White and Unbleached Towels!
Comparison of prices and quality furnishes the best rea
sons why you should buy goods of us. Our Saturday offerings
mentioned below are interesting to close buyers.
25 dozen White Bath Towels, extra
large size, with and without fringe a
special discount to us because we
closed the lot. Yours Saturday at a
big saving, only J 2 J -2c each.
10 dozen Unbleached Bath Towels,
quality same as above, sold to us at
the same discount. Yours Saturday
at 12 l-2c each.
25 dozen White Huck Tow
els, a good large Towel with
red border, sold in some stores
for 15 cents each. Our Satur
day special price, only 9 cents
each We shall be obliged to
limit the quantity to each cus
tomer on this sale Don't miss
this chance to buy Towels.
Such bargains make Saturday, as well as all other days,
busy days at our store. SEE SAMPLES IN WINDOW.
The Vatiglian Store,
H. Z. Mills' Old Stand,
44 North Main St., - - . - Barre, Vermont,
Sach as Yoa Will Wear Until the
Latter Part of September.
They will serve you well this Summer, next Summer,
and maybe the Summer after that. These swell Striped
Flannel Suits are neat, dressy and cool. They have al
ready outgrown the fad ; they're here to stay. The tail
oring and fit are excellent just such as you would
I expect from your best tailor. The Pants are made extra
long, to allow turning up, and are of course finished with
belt straps. The flannel Suit is the swell thing for Sum
mer; there's no doubt about it. All prices up to $12.00.
Wloote & Owens,
J 22 North Main St., Barre, Vermont.
For Barre and Vicinity.
NEW GOODS direct from the factories to our store. The largest
and most elegant line ever shown in central Vermont. Larger invoices
received each week than are usually carried by most dealers. We give
regular prices. Investigate and see for yourselves. A full line of the
BEST MIXED PAINTS, VARNISHES, etc. Lowest prices on all goods.
c. aTheath,
(Telopoone Call, 155-3)
Library Building, 1 0 Elm St. The Up-to-Date Wall Paper Dealer.
20 North Main St.
Cash Marketmen.
Our Poison Fly Paper will give you satisfaction. It
is the kind that kills. Price, 5c for ten sheets.
Prescription Druggist,
48 No. Main St., Qpp. Nafl Banli.

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