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VOL. VII NO. 100.
BA -it- -y-; 7
But Grim Reaper Does
Not Come
The Doctors are Surprised at the Con
dition of the Aged Pontiff-'-Hay
Live Weeks.
Home, July IS. This morning' bulle
tin reads: "The holy father passed a
sleepless night, but since the first hours of
the morning he had a quiet repose. His
respiration is calm and not superficial, be
cause the level of the pleuric liquid has
sunk. His respiration is 2S. bis pulse is
weak at s8 and his temperature 33 2-10
centigrade. His general condition has
remained unchanged."
The honor due for the resumption of
the functions of the Pope's kidneys this
morning is given to Kniperor Francis Jo
seph of Austria, who sent a case of ten
bottles of mineral water which the doctors
administered with satisfactory results.
The Pope's rally continued during the
early afternoon. While the character of
the disease seals the patient's fate, it now
seems within the range of possibility that
the pontiff may live until the first of Sep
tember, 'The doctors refuse to prophesy
the length of his life.
It was stated today that the Pope has
granted to Cardinal Ranipolla, the privi
lege of uppointing a new secretary for the
conclave w hich will elect a new i'ope.
This is supposed to increase Rampnlla's
chances for election as pontiff, and has
consequently greatly agitated the other
I.ilmr Leader Expired While Addreing
Locomotive Engineers
Winnipeg, July 17 P. M. Arthur,
chief engineer of the Brotherhood of Lo
comotive Engineers, dropped dead at mid
night last night while speaking at the bau
quet closing the annual union convention
of the Brotherhood of locomotive Engin
eers, which has been In session here for
the past few days.
Mr. Arthur had just arisen to respond
to a toast, and repeated the words, "It
may be my parting words to many of
you," when he fell backwards and expired
a few minutes afterwards.
Were rylng to Get Into Vermont lu
healed FreiuM Cur.
Island Pond, July 1". Six young Chi
namen were caught this afternoon In a
sealed car containing waste, Customs Of
ficer Hiram B. Farmer, opening the ear
for inspection, was con f routed by three
and a search revealed threeothers secreted
in the waste. The car's destination was
Portland, Me. All were turned over to
immigrant Inspector Grant and taken to
the Newport jail. Island Pond is a bad
place for Chinese to get by. Two were
caught here a few days since.
Over8,yO!0 From All Tarts of the World
are Frecent.
Xureiubuig, Germany, July IS. The
grand fete of German gymnasts which
promises to be one oj the greatest affairs
of its kind in German history, began
here today. Over 25,00(1 gymnasts from
all parts of the world, including two hun
dred from the United States, will take
part in the contests. Seventy eight spe
cial trains were run to Nureniburg this
morning from all the main points of Ger
. many.
Were Caught Like Rati in Trap On
Steamer Peter.
St. Petersburg, July IS. The steamer
Peter was destroyed by fire on the Volga
today. Sixty perished in the flames.
The scene beggared description. The
passengers and crew were caught like rats
in a trap, and before the ship's boats
could be gotten away or any aid could
reach the ill-fated vessel, lire had com
pletely enveloped it and but few escaped.
Model Factory to Be tlnllt at Way
crii, Ga.
Dr. II. W. Wiley, chief of the chem
istry Bureau of the department of agri
culture, assisted by Dr. G. L. Spencer,
the sugar expert, has devised a model
Birup factory which is to be built by
order of Secretary Wilson at a cost of
. $13,000, says the Washington Star.
This plant is to bo located nt Way
cross Ga., and when completed is to
become the school of the south at
which will be demonstrated the best
methods for the making of sirup. Ta
ble sirups are the products that will be
made nt this plant, which In the
course of time, it Is expected, will be
corded in various parts of the south.
60 that the sirup Industry can be built
op, which, in the opinion of experts or
the department of agriculture, will rap
idly follow the installation of the mod-
el factory ns an object los-son.
Crowd Wanted to Get Neffro Who Ah
naulted Young Girl.
Rutland, July 17. Hazel, the 1 .".-year-old
daughter of 31 r. and Mrs. Charles
Chapman, who live at East Whitehall, N.
V., close to the Vermont boundary, was
assaulted Wednesday afternoon by a
negro laborer, while she was berrying in a
pasture. The man had been employed as
a laborer in Gentry Bros, circus which ex
hibited at Butiand Monday, and left the
show when here.
He was captured by some farmers living
near where he assaulted the girl and was
taken to Whitehall and placed in jail. A
crowd of people went to the jail yesterday
intending to lynch the prisoner, but could
not get at him. .
I'ituliurg National Defeated New York In
1 Inning.
Yesterday's National League scores:
At Pittsburg, l'ittsburg 6, New York 5
(12 innings).
At Cincinnati, Cincinnati 7, Philadel
phia 5.
National League Standing.
Won. Lost. Pet. I Won. Lost. Pot.
Pittsburg 62 -S .o Brooklyn 33 JU1
New York 4il
.tm i Hoston 2 .".
rmcajrn 4."
.f.M I ht. Ijiuis 27 4H .Il'A
.SzS Fliila. -W W .''7
Yesterday's American League scores:
At Boston, Boston 1, Detroit 0 (10
At Philadelphia, Philadelphia 4, St.
Louis 1.
At New York, Cleveland 11, New
York 4.
At Washington, Chicago 6, Washing
ton 4.
American League Standing.
Won. Lost. Tot. I Won. Lost. Pet.
Boston 91 .010 ' Detroit 3S as
l'hila. 44 31 JM I Chicago M M .4sti
Cleveland :nt 83 Mi ft. I...uiii 80 s .441
New York g4 34 Wanh'u'n ill f.l M'i
Why A rch Motion paisley Think lie
Will He the- New Fooe.
Archbishop Quijrley of, Chicago b
Moves the next pope will be Cardinal
Gotti, according to a special dispatch, to
the New York Herald.
The archbishop believes that Cardi
nal Ranipolla is persona non grata to
the sacred college because of bis pro
French services during the expulsion
of the religious orders from France.
There is no doubt," said the arch
bishop, "that prance would be mightily
pleased to see Ranipolla elevated to the
papacy, but for that very reason it Is
not likely that be will secure the elec
tion. "Cardinal Ranipolla as secretary of
state has, of course, bad to deal with
many oVlieat state problems affecting
national policies of the great powers of
the continent, such ns Spain, France,
Germany and Italy. In that capacity
he has probably incurred the displeas
ure in some degree of one or two of
the powers.
"For the reason that France would
be most pleased at the elevation of
Ranipolla Germany and Austria would
be opposed to hiin. The emperor of
Germany is one of the shrewdest dip
lomats of the continent, and it is not
doubted that be would like to secure
the friendship of the Vatican to tho
extent, In fact, of securing permission
to Catholic missionaries in the Ottoman
empire and other eastern countries.
"It would be of great assistance to
the German government to have the
tipport of Koine in the protection of
the Catholic missionaries In the east.
In that event Germany could send sol
diers with her missionaries to protect
them and would secure diplomatic and
valuable footholds.
"Cardinal Gotti, one of the promi
nent and most likely candidates for the
papacy, would be very acceptable to
Germany. lie is a wonderfully equip
ped man for jhe place too. Gotti has
won bis way to the eminent position he
occupies by merited services. lie Is a
profound scholar, knows the world
well and is large in bis sympathies and
of a very kindly nature, lie would un
doubtedly evince n fine knowledge of
statecraft if elevated to the papacy
and would be especially pleasing to
Germany and Austria.
"Cardinal Gotti, however, might not
prove acceptable at first to the govern
ment nt Washington. lie Is n very re
ligious man and would naturally lean
to the side of the friars la the Philip
pines." Women pnd Wae.
It has often been explained that on
reason why men get higher wages than
women is that they do not give up theit
work hs soon as tliey have become ex
perts, as women usually do. In Ger
ms'.! j nine-tenths of all saleswomen
leave their occupation (usually to get
married! before they are twenty-six
years old.
(mm lit In Ilia Own Trap.
Having fixed a burglar trap to pro
tect his house while absent from home,
a Marseille!? policeman returned and,
forgetting the trap, was shot dead.
Keep Vonr Feet Dry.
Never sit in a damp shoe. Maybe
you think that unless your shoes are
positively wet a change is not neces
sary. This is a fallacy. The least
dampness in the sole in its evaporation
absorbs the beat from the foot. In a
few minutes the feet will be dump and
cold, and perspiration Is dangerously
(irewaoiue Charm.
People's fingers, cut from the hands
of the dead, are sometimes carried as
amulets by the ignorant and supersti
tious. Dried lizards sewed up la
leather serve the same purpose.
Government Has Bench
Warrant For Arrest
Beavers is Missing and Officials Can
not Locate His Where
abouts. New York, July IS. A bench warrant
was issued by Judge Thomas in the United
States Circuit Court in Brooklyn today for
the arrest of George W. Beavers, former
ly chief of the division of salaries and al
lowances in the postoitice department, on
an indictment found by the federal grand
jnry which charges him with accepting a
bribe of $40. It is understood that pay
ments to Beavers were traced back to the
purchase by the government of the
Iirandnt-Dent Cash Register Machine Co.
The postotlice inspectors found that Heav
ers had a large account in Nassau Trust
company. Brooklyn, and are said to have
discovered that cheeks deposited there
had been given by ex-Congressman D.
The warrant has not yet been served
and it was rumored that Mr. Rervers
could not be found. It was stated that he
would have until Monday to present him
self and that an arrangement had been
made with his attorneys to euter a plea
for him at that time.
flan of Coy-liabeock Co Lately Femoved
to Bennington,
Bennington, Jn'y 17. The Coy-Bab-coc.k
company of Bellows Falls which has
recently purchased the plant of the Val
entine Knitting Co., of this village al
ready has a force of men at work making
necessary repairs and improvements prep
aratory to the putting in of the necessary
The company removes from Bellows
Falls on account of the. limited manufac
turing facilities that it had there, with no
room to enlarge the mill, which was made
necessary by the continued increase of
business. 1 he output of the mill will be
entirely waxed paper. The largest stock
holder in the concern is John K. Agan of
Boston, the president, J. W.Hurlburt,
has already made preparations to remove
his family to this village.
I he company expects to have 40 hands
at work by the first of August and to
double itsforee bv the first of October.
Not more than eijht women will be em
ployed in the eutire plant.
People of Jacksonville Show- Commendable
liugineii Kntrnrie.
Bennington, July 17. I,ast month the
little village of Jacksonville lost its prin
cipal industry, the mill of the North Riv
er Manufacturing Co., and several other
buildings by tire. Several business places
were Durned and since that time the
prospects of the little place have been
rather dark. Within a few days some of
the business men of the village have start
ed an attempt to retrieve the losses sus
tained at the time of the fire with the best
of prospects that the effort will succeed.
Ihe plan is to organize a stock company.
rebuild the mill and run it. The price of
the shares of stock have been placed at
f lo. Already Mo00 of the ,",0o0 wanted
has been subscribed for in Jacksonville,
and residents of nearby places have also
agreed to take stock. It is practically an
assured fact that all the stock will be tak
en. -
Sunday Dinner, July 19, 1903.
Bouillon, '!' Kdward VII. Mulligatawny Soup
1.1'tince. Radishes.
Salmon with (iretn l'tine.
Siiirnr Cmi'ii Hum. Potted Beef.
Knat Turkey, Willi CranlH-rry Sauce,
lionst Sirloin of Heel, ail .(its.
Hoast shoulder of I.amb, with Mint Sauce.
Itoast eal, with liressiii.
liil.s Native Fork, Apple Sauce,
Macaroni, a la Italieime.
Chicken Pie, Hume style
I.olister Salad, mnitre d'Hotel.
Mashed l'otutoes Boiled Potatoes
lvuse. Cucmiilicrs. Tomatoes.
Mixed Fickle. Chow-Chow. Horse lisoliMh
Tomato Catsup. White Onion. Fimper Sauce
Worcestershire Sauce. French Mustard
lielinonico Fuddihg, Wine Sam e.
nance Pudding.
Vanilla Cream I'ie. Kaspbeny 1'ie."
Mince Fie. Apple Fie
Vanilla Ice Cream. Peach Whips.
Assorted Cake. Aiurd Cake
Assorted Nuts. I.aver Kaistns.
Kennedy's Wafers nnd Crackers.
Milk. Coffee, with Whipped Cream. Tea
Bill of Fare for Today and Tomorrow,
French Consomme, ir,c OvHter Soup, 15c
Tripe. Milanese, i,".c
Fish. Fried Halibut. 'Me
Fish, Magitereau Maitre, d'hote!, 25c
Omileltu, a la Montpclier,
SeolUippini a la t nincaise, T,c
Jfoc divitello with Oreen Tea, Mic
Costeletfe di Vitello, 23c ICairnello, 25c
Ton let Same with niti8tiroom, :k?
Hoast Chicken with lettuce, -jsc
Koast lleef, with lettuce, i.'ue
Hoast Lamb with letiuce, 2Sc
Koast Veal with lettuce,
Potato. French fried, I.yonaise or Sante, lbe
(irecn l'cas, 10c French lieans, loo
Sw iss Cheese, loc,
lee Cream, 10c
WANTEr:-Lettcr cutter. Apply to r.O. 1h-x
t-'j, uauc, v. lUOMi
Reliance Lost on Time
For First Tea Miles With the Columbia
in Lead at the Start -Finish
Was Fast.
Xew Ilaven, Conn., Julv 17. The Con
stitution won from the Reliance" on time
allowance in the first run of the New
York Yacht club cruise of 37 miles from
Glen Cove to this port today.
I he Keliance led the Belmont boat at
the finish by 60 seconds but she had to al
low her rival 17 seconds, which gives the
race to Constitution by one minute and IS
The first ten miles of the race of the 00
footers from (ilen Cove was practically a
drifting match, ending in a light south
west wind, which increased in strength as
the boats came in sight of New Ilaven and
sent them over the finish line in a rush.
During a few minutes, about an hour
after the start, Columbia took the lead,
but could not hold it against Reliance.
Constitution was behind, but twenty
miles from the start both the newer boats
passed Columbia: Nearing the finish the
Constitution picked up a breeze which
sent her rapidly up on the Keliance, which
was leading, and as the Reliance crossed
the line the Constitution was but 200 or
300 yards astern. Columbia was a mile
in the rear.
Shamrock HI Ileal IlieOhlilont Nearly
13 Minnies Yesterdav.
Atlantic Highlands, N. J.. July 17.
Sir Thomas Upton's cup hunter was in
her finest racing trim today and beat
Shamrock I over a lio-mile course by 11
minutes, 44 seconds elapsed time. Twice
in the shifty wind the keen captain of
Shamrock 1 got the better of it in a shift
of wind after the challenger had estab
lished a big lead. Only the challenger's
superior heels enabled her to regain her
advantage, fchamrock ill beat 'Shamrock
1 by seven minutes, three seconds going to
windward, and four minutes, six seconds
running home. The wind varied from
three to 10 knots.
Darling Goes to lYaslilnirtnn.
Bennington, July 17. Assistant Secre
tary of the navy Charles II. Darling, who
has been at his home here for two weeks
with his family, w ill return to Washing
ton tomorrow, and will resume his duties
Monday. The family will remain here
until October. Jlr. Darling expects to re
turn here in September to stay a month.
Intoxication Caae at Xorthfield.
Xorthfield, July 17. Polileman Fitz
gerald arrested George Band last evening.
a hearing was held this forenoon and
Rand pleaded guilty to intoxication. He
was fined $i and costs of $3.44 with an al
ternative sentence of ten days in jail. He
was unable to pay bis line and was taken
this afternoon to the county jail.
I. like Caxnldy Dead.
Waterburv, Julv 17. Luke Cassldy
died this morning of Bright' s disease. The
funeral will be held at St, Andrew's church
at 2.80 o'clock Sunday afternoon. He was
5o years old, and was a well known man.
Louise Johndrou went to Barre yester
day on business.
Osar Wraterman is at present confined
to the house with bronchitis.
Mrs, Will Blarichard is recovering from
her illness most satisfactorily.
Mrs. Herb Sargent and Mrs. A. C.
Coleman went to the city Thursday,
Mrs. Woodruff returned from Hardwick
today, w here she has been visiting friends.
Quite a few of our citizens took In yes
terday's excursion to Missisquol Lake and
enjoyed the trip.
' Mert Cutler has now secured another
good man to help in the stable by the
name of Bouleris.
The quarterly meeting of X. E. O. P.
will be held on the evening of Monday,
July 19, at the usual hour. A full attend
ance of members Is called for.
Sunday, July 10, Congregational church,
10:.".O A.M., preaching service; 11:45 A.
M., Sunday-school; ti:15 P. M., Christian
Endeavor meeting, leader, James Grear
son. No 7 P. M. service.
The lawn party held under the auspices
of the Ladies' Aid of the Congregational
church, at the home of A, C. Dickey, last
evening, passed off very pleasantly. The
band was in attendance and their musie
made merry the hearts of those present.
Refreshments were served during the
evening and an enjoyable time was had by
all present.
The W. C. T. U. held their usual meet
ing yesterday at the home of Mrs. Cham
berlin. They decided to accept the kind
invitation of the Barre union to have them
loin them at Berlin pond in the near
future. It is a matter of regret to the
union that they have no longer at the
meetings Mrs. Silas Jenney and Mrs.
Ethel Bates Milne, both of whom now live
in Barre.
W. J. Kvars Lowered the Wauhaiiakee
Con roe Record.
Burlington, July 17. In the golf tour
ney today the following is the summary of
the players for the W'aubanakee cup and
state championship, W. J. Evans of Man-
i Chester making the best score, going out in
40 and in 41, a record for this course.
The first 10 men are Taylor beat 1'ond,
Iloistman beat lUtrubam, Hall beat Mer
rill, Waterman beat Dunn, Clark beat
Wheeler, Keed beat Clark, Benedict beat
Lynch, Evans beat Worthingtou. The
second sixteen are Stearns beat Clark,
Woodbury beat Stiles, Jiorse beat Koyce,
Kimball beat Brown by default, Elliott
beat Dodge, Weed beat Burton, Carnegie
beat Miner. The consolation match will
be played this afternoon.
Held Thl Forenoon From III Late
Home. Enrlal at Kortttftelil.
The funeral of Oscar S. Willey was held
this forenoon at 10 o'clock from his late
home on Elm street, there being a large
number of relatives and friends in attend
ance. Many members of Neal Dow
Ldoge, I. O. (j. T., and the Masonio order
also attended. Kev. F. A. Boole, pastor of
the Congregational church wag the officiat
ing clergyman.
The bearers were George X. Tilden, X.
J. Roberts, R. 11. Watkins, G. II. Hall,
F. S. Williams.
The body was taken on the 12 o'clock
train to Northfield. There the Northlield
Masonic lodge took charge and the body
was interred with Masonic rites in the
Center cemetery.
Have Kef used to Ileturn Dividend!) Faid
hf Fanners' National Bank,
Burlington, July IS. Because a number
of the stockholders of the defunct Farm
ers' National bank of Vergennes have re
fused to return the dividends paid on
their stock since April, lx'J7, F. L. Fish,
receiver, has brought suit against D. II.
Lewis and others for the recovery of the
several amounts.
On May 15 Receiver Fish . notified the
stockholders of the bank that owing to the
embezzlement of Cashier Lewis and others,
not only the banks entire capital had been
dissipated on April 1, 18D7, but that the
bank was insolvent on that date. In con
sequence he demanded of all shareholders
the return of the dividends paid since that
Tool and Material at Eurpka Quarries
Sodom, July It. There was a landslide
of tons and tons of earth and rock at Eu
reka quarries Wednesday night that bur
ied all the tools and implements of the
quarrymen, and if it had occurred during
working hours every qnarryman would
have been buried. The slide made a great
noise and awoke all the nearby residents
Latest Arrival I Kamrd Sir Tho inn
Mpton Berliner.
Three Shamrock babies have been
born to Mr. nnd Mrs. Adolph Bergner
of Arrietta street, Tompkinsville, New
York, during the past seven years, says
the Now York World. The latest was
born about a month ngo and the other
evening it was christened in St. Peter's
Roman Catholic church in New
Brighton and named Sir Thomas Lip
ton Bergner.
Sir Thomas was expected to be pres
ent, but did not receive the notifica
tion in time. . .
James Adolph, the first child, was
born in ISO!) just ns Shamrock' I.
dropped her anchor off Tonipkinsville.
Helen Elizabeth was born in 1001 just
as Shamrock II. entered American
waters, and Sir Thomas was born on
June 14 just as Sir Thomas arrived.
Sir Thomas Upton sent a gold sham
rock pin to each of the children.
Lout In the MnllM.
The income of the British post office
from money in envelopes having no ot
insufficient address is $30,000 or ?33.
300 a day.
Sunday Service! and Social Kventa of the
In the Presbytsrian church tomorrow
eveniug the Rev. Mr. Poole will conduct
the service. Sunday school at 11 4 a. in.
Hedding M. E. church, R. F. Lowe, pas
tor. Morning worship at 10.30. The pas
tor will preach on "The Negro Problem."
Evening service 0.45. ,
Christian Science services are held Sun
day at 10.45 a. m. and Wednesday at 7.45
p. m in Nichols' block. The leading
room is open Tuesday, Thursday and Sat
urday from 2 to 4 and 7 to 9.
Church of the Good Shepherd: Holy
Communion (save on the first Sunday in
the month) at 8 :00 a. in. ; first Sunday in
the month, 10::)0 a. ni. ; service and ser
mon each Sunday at 10.30 a. ni. and 7 p.
m. ; Sunday school at 12m.; service Friday
evening at 7 p. in.; special services on
great feast days and all Saiut'g days at 01
a. ni.
Rev. George Jack, M. A., pastor of St.
M unco's church of Edinburgh, will nreanh
at the Baptist church tomorrow morning.
taKing as nis suojeet, " ine oiystery oi
Human Misfortune." There will be no
preaching service in the evening, but the
other services of the day will be held as
During the vacation season the Presby
terian and Congregational churches will
hold union services each Sunday, the
morning service being held at the Congre
gational church, the evening service at the
Presbyterian. Tomorrow Rev. F. A.
Poole will conduct the services at both
churches. For the four Sundays follow
ing Rev, J. B. Henry will be In charge.
Murray Durkee Was
Suda'cn Taking Off of Barre Young
Man, Lineman for Viles Co.,
Near Middlesex.
Murray Durkee, son of William 11. Dur
kee who resides at 5y Prospect street in
this city, wa almost instantly killed by
an electrio current of 1,000 voltage, while
at work as lineman for the Viles" Electric
Lighting company near Middlesex yester
day afternoon.
Theyonng man, who is only 20 years
old, was engaged in putting insulators on
the poles of the system between the power
plant at Middlesex and JUontpelier. Frank
Hill, another employee. ' was with him.
Voting Dnrkee was nearly at the top of a
twenty-foot pole. Just how the accident
happened is not known, but it is supposed
that he partially slipped and fell against
one of the wires w hich carry the current
from the plant,
The first that Mr. Hill knew of what
had befallen his companion was when he
heard the peculiar hissing sound which
accompanies the burning of flesh with elec
tricity. He looked up and saw smoke
coming from the left side of the young
man's neck. Almost at the same time
that Mr. Hill looked up the body fell from
the pole to the ground, a distanco of fully
20 feet.
Mr. Hill ran to the young man's assist
ance, and as soon as pnsssble word was
sent to the office of the company at Mont
pelier. Dr. F. M. McGnlre was summon
ed at once. When he arrived at the place
of thejaccideut about half past four o'clock,
Durkee was past all aid having died a
short time after receiving the terrific
charge of electricity.
After considerable delay on the part of
the town authorities in giving permission
for the removal of the body, an ambulance
was called from Johonnott & Halls at
Montpelier. The body reached that city
shortly before 8 o'clock, and was sent on
to this city later.
Young Durkee was well known in this
city and had a large number of friends.
He had been employed by the Viles' com
pany for about a year and a half as a
lineman. The blow falls most heavily
upon his father, one brother and his step
mother. Maurice, his brother, is employ
ed at Richmond.
The funeral will be held from the Cci
versalist church of this city Sunday after
noon at 2 o'clock, and it is expected that
Rev. J. Edward Wright of Montpelier
will otliciate.
Stock is Finding Plenty of Taker In
The proniotors of the new National
bank gave out the following statement for
puhlication this morning:
"The incorporators of the People's Na
tional bank feel well satisfied with the in
terest show n by the public in the new
banking association now being organized.
"As desired by the incorporators many
people are subscribing for the slock; anil
by so doing will make it a large and
strong liuancial institution that will be a
benefit to all interested and to the city of
"Many inquiries are coming from peo
ple outside, thus showing the confidence
and belief that the investing public have
in Barre's future success and prosperity.
"Subscriptions will be received by
Prindle & Averill for a limited time. The
incorporators are: U. W. Melcber, S. D.
Allen, Chas. Wr. Averill, F. D. Ladd, A.
J. Young, L. J. Bolster. F. X. Braley, Ira
C. Calef."
But Jury Decided he Had Been (ilven I'er
iiilfHion anil Acquitted Him.
The case of John and Elizabeth Drum
gold vs. Calimero Vedima, for trespass,
was tried in city court yesterday be
fore a jury. Drumgold accused Vedima
with trespassing on his land and taking
grass, and trampling the grass. It was
claimed he took hall a ton. Vedima ad
mitted he did take some grass about
"tree cents worth," he said but claimed
he had been given permission to take it
for his hens. Witnesses testified to Ve
dima's having permission, and that he
discontinued taking it when so ordered.
With this view of the matter the jury ac
quitted Vedima.
Ed, Gabree of Montpelier Familiar Man in
1 Conrt.
Montpelier, July 17. Jesse Morse, a
barber of Middlesex, was arrested Yester
day afternoon by Chief McMahon at Ed.
Gabree's house charged with ititoxicatiou'
He was lined $13.7t this morning in citv
court and took 10 days. Ed. Gabree was
arrested again this morning by Chief Mc
Mahon for intoxication, making the
fourth offense against him.
Gabree wa3 in city court this mornW
and pleaded guilty to a fourth offense
paying $22. Four Barre. city and Barri
town men were also up, Patrick McCcr
mlek, Robert McDonald, Murdoch Murray
and Rodney Mui ray. All pleaded jmi'tv
and all paid except McDonald, who taki
10 days In jail. vs

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