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Two Physicians and Two Widely Advertised
Kidney Remedies Failed Entirely.
Have Done Wonders For Me, Says
Mr. H. A. Crehore.
An? physician ooul'l have told Mr. Cre
hore that no proprietary liukl remedy
amid possibly relieve his bladder weak
ness and cure his kidney disease.
Liquid kidney remedies stand for
months, oftener years, on druggists'
shelves. They would soon ferment if. al
cohol were not added. Vet nothing so
surely aggravates the kidneys as alcohol;
nothing leads so Inevitably to Blight's
disease, that kills more people annually in
this country than any other disease save
Fitchburg. K.iss., April 19, 1903.
1 cannot speak loo highly about your Kidney
Wort Tablets. They have doDc wonders for me,
as my case was a bad one, and I knew the Tablets
ha?e helped me wonderfully. I have told others
what they have done for me, and they are using
than for the same troubles as mine, and tell me
they are doing them a great deal of good. For
the benefit of sufferers from kidney troubles I am
willing you should refer to me, for I am con
Reunion In Detroit Openn I niler
Auspicious SUlen.
Iiotroit, Mich., July 17. Under beau
tlfnlly bright skies the military parade
which oienod the reunion of the Soci
ety of Santiago do Cuba and the Fifth
army corps, marched through the ecu
tral business portion of the oily. Ma
Jor tteneral A. It. Chaffee, IT. R. A., vrm
thief marshal and Major General J. C
Botes, commander of the department
of the hikes, was In command of th
military division, which was composed
of one battalion of the Ninth infantry,
one battalion of the Third Infantry
one battalion of the First Infantry, on
battery of the Twenty-first artillery
from Fort Sheridan and Captain
Brett's famous troop of the Second cav
Following was a detachment of ma
rinos and Jackie from the IJ. S. S
Michigan, which is: anchored In the riv
er here. One battalion of the First
Michigan national guard, the two di
Visions of the Michigan naval reserve
and several hundred veterans of tin
Spanish-American war.
Major General Joseph It. Wheeler
Major General Hawkins and sovra
other military men of prominence oe
cupled carriages after the military di
Major General William li. Slinfte
president of the society, left th oa'-i".1'
at the corner of Fort ami Grisno''.
streets and drove to the stand in from
of the city hall, where the parade pass
ed in review;.
In the afternoon the first of the mill
tary tournaments was given at theii
inclosed camp by the Infantry, cavalry
and artillery, which are here for that
purpose. Another performance wie
given at night.
Shmv In ifirli.
New York. July 17.--Secretary Shaw
was at the ms'itr.-as'.iry on his way
from Oysfei Hay to Washington. IU
spent coii-ddi-rublc time with Assistant
Treasurer Fish and Collector Strana
han. The secretary declined to discuss
existing financial conditions, uor wouli'
he say anything concerning priMMiscd
financial legislation. The only tinan
cier of importance with whom the sec
retary conferred while downtown wa?
Jacob II. Si hid' of Ktilm, I.oeh & Co.
Apnntle Spmiux ilrinar Bi J'rioe.
London, July 17. Thirteen silver
apostle spoons, with figures of Christ
and the twelve apostles upon them,
have been auctioned at London. They
brought the record price of $M,o(io.
The spoons were dated 155R1 and con
stitute the earliest, complete set known.
The bidding was spirited, commencing
at $2,r.'n) and rising rapidly until they
were finally knocked down to a dealer
Cor the sctc'.ttktnal (Uure.
Hemes ho
liut lasting popularity can only be ob"
tained by proved lasting benefits. Have
you ever considered why Beecham's Pills
are the greatest patent medicine and have
outlived competitors f Nothing
Superior merit and usefulness, and thai
they nave proved themselves unequanea
lor removing the common ailments of
men, women and children. Year in
and year out thousands of families
Jhroughout the world keep
eni Hand for minor ailments, which", if
not at once checked, will lead to serious
illness. Don't experiment with untried
remedies so persistently and plausibly of
fered, but remember that Beecham's Fills
will prove every point claimed and wUl
if fir
If you would look we!!, feel well acd
keep well, use Beecham's Pills.
Sold Everywhere.
In boxes, IOc. and 25c.
vinced that Kidney-Wort Tablets will cure people
afflicted with kidney disease, even when every
other remedy has been tried and found useless.
Respectfully yours,
The scientific methods of today discards
liquid alcoholic kidney remedies as worse
than useless. It takes up, after most
searernng experiments and trials. Dr.
I'ettmgiU s famous Kidney-Wort, puts it
Into tablet form, and proves It to be a
trustworthy, genuine specific.
Thousands of peoplo suffer from pains
in head, sides and limbs, and are discour
aged w hen liniments do not cure them.
1 rheumatism, burning smoky colored
urine, lumbago, dropsical swellings, sedi
ment in urine, irregular heart action and
general urinary derangements should be
referred to their true cause disordered or
diseased kidneys. Let a small quantity
of your morning urine stand twenty-four
hours before examining It for cloudiness,
reddish deposits or high color. -
VnHol Stntea Wnr Sliipn Have 'ot
Seized Any of Tlient.
London, July 17. The foreign office
here has no information of the report
ed seizure of some twenty islands off
the coast of Borneo by American wnr
(Ships. Not much importance is attached
to the report, although an inquiry will
be made. It is asserted here that the
United States navy department has
prepared a chart showing the Ameri
can possessions in the far east, which
was submitted to the state department
and approved by Secretary May, but
Great Britain has received no ollicial
notification on the subject.
It was stated in a Washington dis
patch that a plausible explanation of
the report current in London was that
the commander of the United States
Asiatic squadron may have sent one or
more of his vessels to hoist the Ameri
can flag over some islands near the
coast of Borneo which were purchased
from Spain after the ratification of the
treaty of Paris. These are the Ca-gnynu-Sulu
group, and comprise one
large and fourteen smaller islands. The
aame report said the navy department
had not ordered the seizure of any
American Held at Vladlvootok Ap
peitl For Heacue.
San liafacl, Cul., July T7.-Goorge
McCnmish, who is in a Russian prison
at Yiadivostock. writes to his relatives
in this city appealing for help. Al
though the letter was mailed six wee
ago, it has just reached here.
McCnmish and two other Americans
sailed from Yokohama, with permis
sion from the government of Japan to
hunt fur animals in the Kurrle islands
They were caught In a gale and swept
toward the Uussian Islands, where they
eventually went ashore to get water
and other suppliers.
The Russians suspected them of seal
ing and threw them into jail. There
they have since remained, half starved
and hut off from nny appeal to the
representative of their government.
doomed to long terms of imprisonment
An effort will be made to have the au
thorities at Washington act in the mat
Raaalmi Government Stiov Lack ol
Conflileuce In reople.
London, July 17. From its Uussian
correspondents the Times prints secret
police Instructions issued fit St. Peters
burg, Odessa and other towns for the
prevention or popular oubp'aks.
The police are empowered to sunnre
the tramway service and take various
severe measures at the slightest sign
of trouble. The cities are divided into
districts to facilitate prompt military
action if needed.
The strhiKont character of the in-
structions is regarded as showing that
the authorities have little confidence
iu the loyalty of the population.
Evnnrille Murderer llyiiift.
Jefferson vi lie, lud.. July 17. Itoberl
Lee, alias Lee Brown, who murdered
Patrolman Louis Massey and caused
the recent race riots at Evansville and
was himself shot through the lungs by
the dying oiUeer and who was removed
to the reformatory here to avoid lynch
lng. lias developed pneumonia and is
thought to be dying in the reformatory
Twelve ltti!nim llurnril.
St Petersburg, July 17. The r team
boot Nadejka, plying on the Yolga, has
been destroyed by tiro near Nijnl
Novgorod. Twelve persons were burn
ed to death.
.Mountain ltrxort Ifurnert.
Kingston, N. Y., July 17. Mountain
Inn hotel, at Pine Hill, has been de
stroyed by lire. Guests were compelled
to flee for their lives in night clothes,
leaving clothing and jewelry in the
building. So far no loss of life is
known. The hotel accommodated 230
guests. The origin of the lire is un
known. French Vice Admiral Dead.
Faris, July 17. Vice Admiral Bog
unrd, former minister of the navy, is
dead. He was born In 1S33, and served
In the Crimean and Franco -Prussia
Ohio MnrtltTiT Rorpircs Xo Mercy
From J cry,
Slew at Leant Fire Women and linn
Spent Over a Third of Ilia
Life In 1'rlson Only lie
fenne liiNnnHv.
Hamilton, O., July 17. Alfred A.
Knapp was convicted of murder in the
first degree for . the murder of bis
wife, Hannah Goddard Knapp, by
Judge Belden's jury he;e. To the sur
prise of everybody, there was no rec
ommendation of mercy. The jury for
a long time stood ten for conviction
Without mercy and two for conviction
with mercy, being unanimously for
guilt. When an agreement had been
reached Judge- Beldeu was sent for.
and Knapp was brought into court by
Sheriff Bisdorf. . There were but few
spectators present, and there was no
Knapp took bis seat quietly and
When the verdict Mas read did not
how any si.tm of emotion or make uny
comment. He seemed to have steeled
himself for the ordeal. Knapp was
taken back to jail at once, and Sheriff
Bisdorf will allow no outsiders to see
him. The result of the trial Is accept
ed with great satisfaction by the pub
lic. Knapp's mother and sister were
very much affected whe they heard
the verdict.
The case will be carried higher on
the usual appeals, but It is generally
believed that Knapp will now be elec
trocuted. Knapp confessed Feb. 20 to officials
here to five murders, as follows:
Emma Littlemann, killed in lumber
yard at Cincinnati, June 21, lS'.M.
May Eckert, murdered in room on
Walnut street, Cincinnati, Aug. 1, 181)4.
Jennie Knapp, thrown into canal at
Liberty street, Cincinnati, Aug. 7, lS,i.
Ida Gebhard, strangled at Indianapo
lis in July, lS'.io.
Hannah Knapp, murdered at Hamil
ton, Dec. 22, 1002.
Irrlfttlble Inipulxe to Kill.
Regarding the killing of his wife,
Hannah Goddard Knapp, for whose
murder he has been convicted, Knapp
said that when he awoke the morning
of the crime he was seized with an
Impulse to strangle his wife. After
accomplishing her death he got a box
and nailed her up. He hauled the
body two miles from here and threw
the corpse into the Miami river at Lin
denwald. The body was found March
2 in the river at New Albany.
Knapp has spent two-thirds of his
life in prison, but for the five murders
to which he confessed he had gone un
suspected until a few unguarded
words he let drop set the law upon
For years he had been a stranglor,
he admitted, pouncing upon innocent
children and choking them to death.
He was twice in state prison for fiend
ish assaults upon women.
Insanity was the only defense made
by his relatives and attorneys. All of
his victims were strangled.
Knapp's first wife was Emma Stubbs
of Fort Wayne. She secured a di
vorce. Knapp's fourth and surviving
wife lives at Indianapolis, where he
was arrested hist February.
Three hour after conviction Knap;)
aid, "I suppose it is all off with me."
McKeeiiport Tin Work Open.
Pittsburg. July 17. The mills of th
McKoesport Tin Plate company at
Port Yno, near McKeesport, where
Strike was ordered by the officials oi
the Amalgamated Association .of Iron
Steel and Tin Plate Workers, are oper
ating with reduced forces. When tin
morning crews went to work they won
intercepted by committees of strikers
and a number were induced to returr
to their homes. Fearing disorder, a
detail of police officers was on hand
but It was not needed. The troubll
was preeip,;.!! by efforts to unioniZ".
the plant.
tv York Yacht Cluh fralae.
New York, July 17 The yachts ol
the New York Yacht club have assem
bled at Glen Cove In anticipation ot
the annual cruise down Long Islam!
sound. The fleet included ixnils ot
every type, from the little thirty
footers to the great cup defenders. Ah
each yacht entered the cove a salute
was fired for Commodore Bourne and
answered from his flagship.
Entertained flay nnd YYeltwter.
Syracuse. N. Y., July 17. Mrs. Au
gusta Bust Woodruff, seventy-six years
old, who was the hostess at the old
Syracuse House when Henry Clay and
Daniel Webster were entertained ii,
this city, Is dead at Nut ley, X. J.
lien a re Start ,xll j Blaze.
San Luis Obispo, Cal., July 17. One
ixth of the business portion of tlibt
City has been destroyed by fire, with
loss of more than yiouKSO, A bonfire
tnrted by boys is believed to have
caused the blaze.
Made a well man of Harry B.
Wilson, 120.1 Massachusetts Ave.,
Boston, Mass., in less thaa two
months, wK-n his health was
completely run down. It will
cure you just as quickly. Your
druggist sells Qainona.
Foar Men Hurled and a t lmreli
Iladly UamiKfil.
ScrantOTi, Pa., July 17. The beautiful
new Catholic church of St. Lawn-iuc
O'Toole at Bendham, near here, lias
been badly damaged by a cave in of
the top vein at Jermyn No. 2 mine.
There is a big crack in the masonry,
reaching from the foundation diagonal
ly across the end nearly to the roof.
The church was dedicated about a year
ago. Much private property has been
damaged In the neighborhood also.
The residents of Rendhavn were
awakened between 4 and 5 o'clock by
the creaking timbers of their houses,
that were rapidly settling to the new
level made by the cave. In one place
a deep crevasse extends for half a mile,
and a long section of one of the prin
cipal streets is rendered unsafe for
travel by great breaks running length
wise and extending down to a depth
of twelve or fifteen feet.
Four miners were caught in the cave
la nt the No. 2 mine. One of them is
seriously Injured and. the others only
Slightly hurt. A rescuing party of thirty-six
men searched for two or three
hours for the men before finding them.
There are rumors that other miners
are still in the workings, but this is
not credited by the mine officials.
Rex u It of Our Exchange CoiuiiiIh
aion'a Vixlt to Ilerlln.
Berlin, July 17. The American and
Mexican international silver, exchange
commissions met the representatives ol
the German government for their first
conference at the Reichsbauk building.
Germany was represented by President
Koch and Director Lumin of the
Reichsbauk, Privy Councilor Dam bo Is
of the imperial treasury. Count von
Roedern of Prussian finance ministry
Frofessor Ilolfferieh of the colonial
bureau, Roland Lucke of the Deutsche
bank, Arthur Salomanshon of the Di
conto-Gesellschaft and Franz Urbig ol
the German-Asiatic bank.
The conference lasted an hour and
was then adjourned until Saturday. It
Is learned that the commission's work
will lead to the calling of an interna
tional conference.
Baron von Bheinbaben, the Prussian
finance minister, has invited the coin
missions to dinner, and United State?
Charge d'Aff aires Dodge has also ex
tended a dinner invitation.
Amailnnt of Little tilrl In Indiana
(Ia.) Jail.
Indiana, Pa., July 17. Margaret
Barkley, aged eleven years, daughtei
of John M. Barkley, a farmer, was as
saulted by Frank Will, a tramp, whik
she waa returning from the post of
fice. The child crawled to her parents
home after the outrage, and her father
accompanied by a number of others
started in pursuit of the man.
He was found secreted in a house
near by and in attempting to escape
was probably fatally shot by Barkley
The wounded man was conveyed tc
Craft post office, where a posse oi
deputies "guarded him all night to pre
vent lynching by indignant neighbor
lng farmers, who came in from tlx
surrounding country for miles around
Will was brought to Indiana and
placed in the county Jail. The girl'j
condition is serious.
MlaKonrl Pacific Limited Derailed
Sear Knnanii Ity.
Kansas City, Mo., July 17. Missour
Pacific passenger train No. 1, known at
the Colorado limited, has been wrecker
ten miles south of here. Ten person!
were injured, three seriously. The ncci
dent occurred on a straight track nea'
the approach to a bridge. Thiv
coaches and n locomotive were derailed
The cause is unknown. Three Puilmtii
ears, which completed the train, re
mained on the track.
A locomotive was sent from here foi
the three Pullman cars and the trail
left for the west over the Fristc
tracks. The injured were brought t
Kansas City.
Fnirlllve faiiurht In London.
San Francisco, July 17. A dctectivt
a coney has received a cablegram fmit
Hamburg slating that E. F. Masterson
wanted In Ios Angeles in connectior,
with swindling the Continental Build
lng and Loan association of San Fran
cisco of $102,0(10, has been arrested ir,
Lunden, Sloswiek-Itolstein. Germany
on a provisional warrant, and will bt
held until the United States consul al
Hamburg shall receive from the statf
department authority to take him Ink
Jnntlce Ureiver on Jews' Petition.
Milwaukee, Wis.. July 17. Associat
Justice David J. Brewer of the Unl tec
States supreme court, in an interview
here, says: "The eyes of the 'entire
world are upon President Roosevelt tc
see if he has the nerve, nnd I want t
tell you he has, to send to the govern
ment at Pt. Petersburg the Jewish peti
tion of protest against the atrocities
perpetrated nt Kishineff."
Xero Shoots Poxtmnnter.
Columbia, S. C, July l7.Oeorge Ed
wards, a negro, shot and killed Wih
Hall, postmaster ot Chimpiepln, S. C.
and attempted to shoot a youngei
brother of his victim, but waa prevent
ed by other negroes. Edwards is be
lng hunted by citizens with blood
hounds, and a lynching is probable.
"El Moclio- at Ran .innn.
San Juan, Porto Rico. July 17. Gen
eral Hernandez, popularly known as
"El Mocho," the new Venezuelan min
ister to the United States, has arrived
here on the Red I) liner Caracas on his
way to New York.
Croat section
of Wheat
kernel how
log Gluten
cells la
A ''I J
GLUTEN is the prime musde-rnaking conti
nent of Wheat, and its flavoring principle.
Indiana Wheat is richest in Gluten, yet 60 per
Cent of even that best wheat is, Starch.
Starch is a mere fat-former,-heating in Summer,
dyspeptic, and a poor strength food.
PRESTO quick-flour is rich in Gluten, with only a low
percentage of Starch, and is milled down to such unusual
fineness, and uniformity, that it works into pastry, twice as
quickly,' and twice as evenly, as other flours.
Because of this uniform fineness its tiny particles are
promptly penetrated, and digested, by the Gastric juices
of the stomach, being thus converted into strength long
before ordinary flour starts conversion into fat.
Not six per cent, of c4merican flour is equal to
PRESTO in nutrition, flavor, and "keeping " qualities.
Yet Cake, or Pastry, made from it costs a trifle less
than from common flour as comparative recipes prove.
PRESTO needs no Baking Powder, and much Jess
than other flours, of that costly and indigestible thing
" shortening." ' Note relative costs in next ad.
Of 11 good Grocers (or The H O.
Chinese Invasion of Metloo.
Tucson. Ariz., July 17.- A Star sporhii
from Ouaymas, Mexico, says an Kng
lish tramp steamer has lnmled 1,-tot
Chinese at that port. The steamei
came direct from Chinese ports. Din
ing the last thirty days, according tc
Guaymas advices, fully 8.000 Chines
have landed there. The Iarj;o immigra
tion is due to favorable Mexican immi
gration laws.
Ruin Srf Corn Crop.
Topeka, Kan., July 17.-A rain, whloti
began shortly after midnight, fell con
tinuously over this section until day
light. It Is of tremendous value to the
corn crop, ulso ripening berries and
vegetation.- Some alarm is felt of an
other flood, as the waters of the Kaw
are slowly rising, with heavy rains re
ported from the west.
Killed Ills I.itlf Sweetheart.
Baker City, Ore., July 17. To avoid
arrest on the charce of eloping with a
fifteen-year-old girl known as "H!s
som," A. A. Karl of Caldwell, Idaho,
yesterday fdiot and killed the girl and
then himself. Karl was thirty-three
years old and left a wife and two children.
I Rarniim and
5 Tuesday, July 21 1 1903 S
The Central Vermont Railway
g Will sell round trip tickets at the following greatly reduced rates and run St
Z trains as follows: 3?
Z Going, m
5S .. A.H. A.H. A.M. P.M. P.M. ?v PM pm &
m wave wmiamsiown 7.20 iiin mZ
South Barre 7.35 J24S h? 2
-J- - Show Grounds 8.25 S.55 jl 7'10 "J $
t c- r , A.M. A.M. P.M. P.M. P.M. PM PH PM ml
Leave Snow Grounds . 1 ",- XM- 1 m
Montpeher 8.50 10.30 12.55 3 50 4 05 i-n 7 -e Inn? 2r
South Barre n.15 iii, . . " e-iu lu-u mZ
J- Williamsiowa ...... n.zl Its " & & JfJJ
toSrSds!"1 Venil0nt RailWay " the o run, direS '
Bound trip tickets will be sold to ciren") ercmnds n,i ,f . , US'
g lowing reduced rates: WlUiawa g
Randolph Twins will leave 2
Braintree 7.22 a.m.
5 East Granville h "4 JU
5 Roxbury... l SJ
5S Northfield 'f "3 5
5m Northfield Fails ..' ' -0S f
West Berlin " -10 2
j5 Arrive at the Show Grounds 8-15
Beturning train will leave Montiielier VlO n m' fnr p i , !-3 m!
mediate stations. 1 ''J" p m' for Randolph and inter-
2 Waterbury Ra,f Twin will leave 23
45 Middlesex 8,50 a.rn.
5 Arrive at the Show Grounds Sc
. Returning special train will leave MontnpiWK"n , 9,20
m Waterbury. montpeher 5.o0 p.m. for Middlesex and JjJ
5! The above arrangements will afford all an (mnnr(a i ' ., m
g Sheet Parade which will be over a m Si fl LX Km thc mni Free 2
cently returned after three years traveling in Wio-n . BaJIy s Shw h 5
than ever. In order to move this show S-tteFrf??"0 h krer and ktf
tZ early to take the children. nWSZT
g Ttckets will be good on all local and special trains July 2 1st!
j e h- FITZI1UGHt ViM Mi h t iimITZi
The lean Meat
nf Wheat
Co., Buffalo), In 25 and t0 packages.
Senator I, mice at Ojuler Hj
Oyster Hay. N. Y., July 17. Aftet
transacting some pressing official busi
ness with Secretary Barnes, President
Itoosevelt passed the remainder of tin
day In company with Senator Lodge o!
Massachusetts. The nenator said thai
hi visit was of no particular signiil
cance. As one of the members of the
Alaskan boundary commission he cam.
to Oyster Bay to discuss that question
witli the president before sailing foi
Meel Trot Cietn 111k Iron lloe.
Duluth. Minn., July 17. The Unlte.i
States Stel corporation has taken ovi
Iron mining promn'ty on the Mesalia
ranye, near nibbing, which contain
about C.inXUX") tons of ore. The leas
was owned by A. M. Chlsholm and J.
O. Fly mi of Huluth and several men ot
Fourth Clna rMmitter Appointed.
Washington, July 17. The fallowing
fourth class postmasters have been ap
pointed. New York-Port Kent, Henry B.
Pennsylvania-Ifoover Bun. Lnyton
OanIei: Yal'T. Alexander Borts.
Railev Qftnwc

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