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If Mi-o-na
Docs Not Build Up Good,
Flesh, The Fed Goss
Pharmacy Will Return Your
Of all th remedies la the Red Cross
Pharmacy, the popular drug store, there
are very "few they are willing to sell with
a guarantee ttreluntl the money if they
do not give satisfaction.;
Mi-o-na. the famous flesh-forming food
anil curs for stomach troubles, has done
such wonders among their customers that
the Red (.'toss Pharmacy is now advertis
ing, "If Mi-n-oa doe not give a noticeable
gala in weight, if it fails to cure Indica
tion and all stomach troubles, coma back
to our store and get jour money."
Anyone who has been losing flesh or
who has always been too thin, should use
Mi-o-ua. Thinness and emaciation are
signs that the food is riot properly assimi
lated and that you do not get the nourish
ment j on should.
Ml-o-na mingles with the food you eat,
aids its assimilation, tones np and
strengthens the digestive organs, and puts
the whole system iu proper physical con
dition; It saves the digestive organs from
exhaustive work. By Its use the elements
needed to put llesh tin your bones will be
selected from the food, and each day will
show a noticeable gain In weight.
Commence the use of Mi-o-na today at
their risk. If it increases your weight
and cures you ot Indigestion it will cost
von Me, if it does not, the Bed Cross
Pharmacy will pay for the treatment them
selves and return your money to you.
Auntrliiii Soldier Killed by Forced
March 1'nder llrojllnit Sun.
Vienna, July 27. I "etails received
from Budapest regarding the suffering
of an Infantry regiment from the ex
traordinary heat (luring a. remit ma
tieuvor march from Trebinye to F.ilek
on which 150 men were prostrated, in
dicate that had hand ling of the regi
ment was largely responsible for the
men being overcome. The troops are
alleged to have been burdened with ex
tra equipment in addition to the usual
heavy marching order and were en
' gaged for two hours in a sham fight.
This necessitated a forced march in
. ihe hottest hours of the day. The colo
nel commanding the regiment refused
to giant the request of some of his oil!
cers that the soldiers be allowed to
rest, though he himself was incapaci
tated, being obliged to finish the march
In a carriage. .... .
1 Before reaching Biiek the men fell
out of the ranks by scores. Nine died
Immediately, and twenty-two were car
ried off insensible, six of whom died
Boon after reaching the hospital, Sev
enty others are in a serious condition
During the march the thermometer reg
istered 125 degrees in the sun.
The captain of a company which was
operating independently ordered a halt
and rested his men during the worst
two hours of the day and brought his
cotninand in without a single prostra
- T!miiilfrnVilft excitement exists in
civil and military circles over what
is termed the unjustifiable handling of
troops in time of peace, The war ottiee
has issued an official statement, in
which it is declared that every precau
tion was observed and that the death
of the men was unavoidable.
" to Settle Wateriinry Strike,
Waterbury, Conn,, July 27. With a
Tiew to settling the Connecticut Hail
way and Lighting company Htrikt now
nearly seven months old, II. II. Fox of
New Haven, chairman, ami J. M. llnb-
bard of Middietown, secretary of the
state bci. i il of arbitration and media
tion, have had a conference with Colo
nel Burpee, counsel for the railroad
company, and W. R. Hall, president of
the Busbies Men's association. A feel
ing of hope prevails among the trolley
men that the strike will soon be ended,
though nothing is given out as to the
proposed plan of settlement.
ia More Fend Indictment. ,
Jackson. Ky., July 27. The grand
Jury lias adjourned without returning
additional indictments. The foreman
reported that just, as the jury was about
to take a vote on one of the feud case?
ex-Sena tor'lJ an; is rushed into the Jury
room and demanded that Riley Collron,
who had testified against the alleged
assassins of Town Marshal Thomas
Ox-krill. be Indicted for perjury and
that tlds interruption caused the jury
to close its investigation.
Moonshiner Kill Police Chief.
Prist. d. Term., July 27. In a tight be
tween otiicers and a party of alleged
moonshiners in Wise county, Va., near
the Kentucky border, James II. King
chief of police of the mining town of
Stonorn, Va., was shot and killed, Gol
den Gilloy. a member of King's party
shot and killed one of the alleged moon
shiners. The name of Giiley's Victim
is not known. The otiicers succeeded in
capturing iwo of the party and placed
them m Jail,
Arliitrnllou I'lnn In Operation,
Birmingham, Ala., July 27. At
meeting of the lour arbitrators, repre
senting the miners and operators of this
dNrrb-t. Judge George Gray of Dela
ware whs selected as the fifth arbitra
tor. Vnder the terms of the agreement
by which it was decided to submit
pending differences' to arbitration the
miners resume work immediately upon
Judge (i ray's acceptance. Thirteen
thousand miners have been affected.
Prominent Official Dead.
Vfl&i.mgton, July 27. Major Frank
J. Strong ot Arkansas, the general
agent of the department of justice, is
dead. Major Strong was born in New
lork state, went, to Wisconsin just
previous to ihe civil war, enlisted in a
Wisconsin regiment and served with
great distinction. He entered tha gov
ernment civil service with Attorney
General Garland.
Mob Determined to Lyiid
ro Criminal.
Attempt to I fit a re Woman's Aaaail
ant luunea Lynching of Another
Kegro Who Killed One of the
JJ o! Prison Taken by Aaaault.
Danville, III., July 27. This city is ir
the throes of a race riot One negro
J. D. Mayfield, a refugee from Kvan
Me, lnd., who shot and killed Henry
Gatterman, white, has been lynched
by a mob of Cod men, who were later
fired upon by the sheriff, three men be
ing wounded. The mob was clamor
ing for the life of another negro named
James "Wilson, who has confessed to a
brutal assault on Mrs. Thomas Burgess,
the wife of a farmer at Alvon, 111.,
Just north of here.
May field met his fate while the mob
was on the way to lynch Wilson. The
angry throng was passing down East
Main street when the negro became
Involved In an altercation with some
of Its members. ' They started after
him, and he pulled a gun, tiring into
the crowd. .
Henry Gatterman, a young butcher
who had recently returned from For
tress Monroe, fell mortally wounded
and expired in a few seconds. The negro
turned and fled, but was caught by the
officers within a block of the scene of
the tragedy and hurried to the police
station, with the mob in hot pursuit
temporarily diverted from their march
to the county Jail.
The officers, with their prisoner, took
refuge in the city building, barricading
themselves behind the door of one ot
the offices. They could not check the
mob, however, for it secured a long
poje and tried to batter down a section
of the wail and the door, both of which
were very thin. On account of the
overwhelming numbers of the mob it
was useless for the officer to resist
White Mnn'a Slayer Lynched.
After securing battering rams It took
the mob about half an hour to wreck
the city prison, the negro being found
hid iu a safe. He was pulled from the
tyife, struck with sledges, knocked
down, jumped upon and stamped tc
death. A rope was placed around his
neck, and his lifeless body was dragged
three blocks through the streets to the
scene of the shooting. An effort va
made to hang the body to a telegraph
role, but the rope broke. The mob.
which Ty this time numbered 5,000,
then dragged the body to the jail and
burned it, Tbenjhe mob proceeded to
the 'county juTT anit charged it. The
sheriff and deputies after warning
them to desist fired, wounding several
members of the mob, some family.
The mob was especially wild in its
anger against a negro turnkey. Aftei
the fusillade it recoiled for n few mitt
Utes, but immediately preparations
were made for another attack. A mcs
Sage wan sent to a mining camp at
West field to bring over dynamite tc
blow up the Jail, and the mob leader
were notified that to miners had
tarted tor tne expiosne.
Colored Troops Threatened,
Company K, a colored troop, lues its
headquarters here, and the officials
have prepared to call it out, leaders
of the mob declare they will try to kll.
the entire company if it comes out.
While waiting for the -miners win
were expected to bring the dynamite
from West field the mob marched uj,
and dowu in front of the jail stoning
it and firing shots at random.
Wilson was interviewed in the jail
He said he was the man who visited
the Burgess farm, and he admitted thai
he had attacked Mrs. Burgess, but de
nied that he had criminally assaultec
her. The sheriff implored the mob tc
let justice take its course, but he was
Interrupted by shouts from the mob
members of which loudly declared theit
determination to have the negro's lift
sooner or later. Sheriff Whit lock has
telegraphed to Governor Yates and Act
ing Governor Northeott for troops.
The Denjl and Wounded.
The dead in the rioting are J. D. May
field, Evansvillo, lnd., negro, lyncher
and burned by mob, and Henry Gatter
man, Danville, 111., white, shot dead bj
May field. . .
Fatally Wounded Adara Merry, white
shot through head by volley from jail.
Wounded H. Hines, white, shot ir
neck and shoulders by volley from Jail
Otto Heinke, "white, shot in arm; Bci
Rich, negro, badly beaten by mob; Pa
trolman Charles Lopp, clubbed on tht
head while defending Mayfield; Patrol
man William Leverem?, badly injured
Internally by mob's battering ram whilt
defending Mayfield; Fred Lorenz, phot
three times in the leg In attack on jail
Mince Mobaker, shot in attack on jail
Laid, shot in attack on Jail; Thorn
as Hell, shot in chest iu attack on jail
and a number of negroes.
fio Trouble In Bulgaria.
Sofia, Bulgaria. July 27. Prince Fer
dinand has gone to his Hungarian es
tate on a shooting expedition. A semi
official announcement has been made
here confirming the denial that Princt
Ferdinand's ministers advised him tc
depart owing to the existence of a con
snlracv against him and asserting thai
his departure is a sign of internal qui
etude in Bulgaria,
Kew York Midshipman Dead.
AnmiDolis, Md., July 27. Midship
man Lawrence Francis Clark of J?ew
York is dead from a complication of
brain and typhoid fevers.
The Weather,
Fair; cooler; fresh west winds.
American I , m ',.. of Catholic Su
eletien to Meet In A tin at ie t ll y.
Cincinnati, O,, July 27.-Nati-.iwl Sec
rotary Anthony Maine si. ties that tht
third annual convention of the Ameri
can Federation of Catholic. Societies at
Atlantic City, X. J., beginning next Sat
urday, will be the most representative
gathering of Catholic ever held iu tui
country. Thirty-nine states will be rep
resented, several dioceses by bishops.
the center of the rhiiippine Islands bj
Vincent I. Cavanria, the I'orto Rico fed
eration by Joaquiiu Ferrari and the
Catholic Chippeway and Sioux Indians
by chiefs and missionaries.
Owing to the death of rope Leo some
changes ore being made In the pro-
em mm A bv Blshon James McPaul ol
Trenton, N. J and Bishop S. G. Mess
mer of Green Bay, Wis., the spiritual
advisers of the federation. These
changes include a special memorial day
for the late Pope Leo. when J. McDer-
mot will eulogize the dead pontiff. Oth
er speakers include Rev. Father Far
dow of New York. Bourke Cockrau
Judge Gieirenrteh and Hon. T, B. Min
ahan. Special invitations have been
sent to President Roosevelt and others
to make brief addresses during the
open meetings.
f'm nnnl He Paid Until (locution Of
Treference Is Settled.
Washington. July 27.-The first batch
of the claims adjudicated by the Amer
ican Venezuelan claims commission
now in session in Caracas have reached
the state department. They are not
considerable in amount, but are tht
forerunners of many others expected ir
the near future.
No attempt will be made to collect
any of the Judgments until the commis
sion has completed Its work. . Indeed.
as the question of preferential pay
ments has yet to be decided by The
Hague arbitration, these American
elaima cannot be paid pending that de
cision. It appears that the claims com
mission will be much longer at work in
Caracas than was anticipated when the
members went to Venezuela, and It 1
now estimated by competent authori
ties that the work cannot be finished
until October.
Governor Hunt May Hentirn.
Oyster Bay. N. Y July 27.-It is un
derstood that Governor William
Hunt of Porto Rico has Indicated hi
Intention of relinquishing the island
governorship. When his resignation
will take effect is not known definitely
Governor Hunt was appointed Dec. 10
1901, for a term of four years. The sal
ary attached to the office is $8,000 a
year, one of the best In the government
President Roosevelt entertains a high
regard for Governor Hunt and is loath
to have him resign. " ' ,:1
Kins Aida the Dublin Poor.
Dublin, July 27. After the king lefi
this city it was announced that he had
given .$5,000 to the poor of Dublin. A
message from King Edward to the hist
people expresses deep appreciation oi
the loyalty and affection with whicl
the king and queen were eurroundec;
during their stay in Dublin and say,
his majesty trusts that in God's provl
dence the Irish may enjoy blewsingf.
commensurate with the warmth of theii
Flith Cntch Very Poor.
St. John's, N. l, July 27. American
and Canadian fishing vessels returning
from the Grand banks report the tish
ery this season to have been unsueeess
ful owing to lack of bait, 'lwenty-om
American and forty-six Canadian ves
sels nre now in Newfoundland ports
seeking bait, and they report that tht
aggregate of the catches is severa,
thousand quintals below that of last
Great Pacific l.iner Launched.
Camden, N. J., July 27. The steam
shin Mongolia, built for the Pacini
Mail Steamship company, has tieei.
launched at the yard of the New York
Upbuilding company. The Mongolia
Is the second largest ship ever built it
the United Slates. She is to be usee
in the Philippine and China trade. Uei
sister ship, the Manchuria, will b
launched in October.
Another Peonage Conviction,
Montgomery, Ala., July 27. The jury
In the case of the United States ngalns
II. P.. Frankliu, charged with causin
Patrick Mills, a negro, to be held in t
condition of peonage, brought in a ver
diet of guilty. - Judge Jones imposet
the minimum fine of f l.tHK), which wat
promptly paid. Judge Jones thanket
the Jury for their verdict.
, Well Known Authoreaa Wedded,
Stamford, Conn., July 27. Miss Jose
phine Dodge Daskam, the snecessfu
young authoress, has been married tc
Senden Bacon, a well known New Yorl
lawyer. Mrs. Bacon, who is a graduate
of Smith college, has for the last few
Years been well known as a writer oi
stories for children.
Million Foe fJernmn Flood Vlctima
Berlin, July 27. The Fnufcian minis
try has decided to devote ?2.5O0,(X0 t
the relief of the suftcrers from the M
lesian floods. Typhus fever appoaivc
at Glogau after the subsidence of th.
floods owing to the grain rotting in tht
Had Fire In Garfleld, !. J.
Passaic, N. J July 27. The H,i
den Chemical works at Garfield wen
completely destroyed by tire, togethei
with several houses in the vicinity o)
the works, and the total loss is said tc
be about $ 2."0,0O0.
TEx-Pottnter Dies.
Nyack, X. Y., July 27. James Serven
former postmaster of Pearl River anc
one of the most prominent business mer
in Rockland county, is dead, aged sixtj
Cody of Leo XI H. Deposited la Its
Tcmtwrary Tomb. ,
Lam Keating; 1'lace of the Late Pon
tiff Will lie the Church of St.
John Lateran Stately Cer
e monies Observed.
Rome, July 27 The body of Pope
Leo has been interred in St. Peter's,
Its temporary resting place, where it
will remain until removed to the Church
of St. John Lateran, chosen by the dead
pontiff as the final repository of his re
mains. . About 1,000 persons received
Invitations to attend the ceremonies.
The cardinals, who met earlier in the
Vatican, entered the chapel choir, wait
ing there for the arrival of the proces
sion, Cardinal Oreglia, the camerlcngo,
holding the keys of command.
Cardinal Rampolla ns archpriest of
tha basilica was waiting outside the
gates of the Chapel of the Sacrament
in his violet robes surrounded by the
chapter of the cathedral. Drs. Lnpponi
and Mazzoni directed the work of the
removal of the bier, which was per
formed by eight sediari, or port's car
riers. They at first tried to raise the
bier, but finding it too heavy they
slowly slid it on to a low car with
noiseless wheels.
Then to the strains of the "Miserere,"
which wailed through the lofty church
and preceded by a glittering cross held
aloft the procession, carrying candles
and torches, slowly left the chapel and
went into the church, passing the bronze
Btatue and beyond the shrine of St
Peter. Those gathered" fell to thelf
Kntered Chapel Head Flrat.
After a slow progress around the
church the cortege arrived at the
chapel choir, the bier being so carried
that the dead pope entered head urst
according to the ceremonial. The
chapel from semiobscurity flashed into
the brilliancy of the suddenly turned on
electric light.
The bier bearing the body of the pen
tiff was received by Cardinal Oreglia
It was placed in the center, backed by
pr oHar wj$hj beautiful jmage of the
Ma3onnu,Wbefora wVicC" were turning
four immense candles in silver shafts.
Around the two sides of the chapel in
the choir seats were thirty-six cardi
nals wearing violet robes except Cardi
nals Gotti and Pierottl, who wore the
white mantles of their orders; Cardinal
Martinelli in black as an Angustiuian
and Cardinal Vives y Tuto in Francis
can brown. In the middle, on the riglu
side of the chapel, among the cardinals,
eat Prince Mercantonio Colonna, assist
ant to the rmatifieal throne, with an
empty seat nest him owing to the fact I we brought order there? Who is buiid
wit i.m a aimiint Inc DahiT as a free port? Russia has
Lllil LAI 111 Ji rillll. - 1 , k """"i
position, had resigned.
Foot KUned For Lnat Time.
illl.!,i,l Tilth linlV
.,.'., a tin.
foot of Leo XII I . was d 7or the
Lst t me by Majordomo Cagiano and
Count Camflio Pecei. The majordomo
then covered the venerable features and
hands with a white silk veil bordered
with gold. Over this the prefect of cer
emonies spread a large red silk veil
which covered the whole person. Fire
was lighted in a brasier and blown by
a bellows, the sparks rising almost tn
the ceiling, while Mgr. Bartolini read
for about twenty minutes the oratio
brevis, eulogizing the dead pontiff, and
Notary Popohi, eighty-four years old,
read out the burial record.
The body was then inclosed in the
three coffins of lead, cypress and ma
hogany and deposited in the stone gar
Italy Honoring Eccleltlc.
Rome, July 27. Much comment has
been occasioned here by the fact that
the Italian troops stationed in St. Fe
ter's gave a military salute to Cardinal
Puzyna Kniaz von Kozielsko, the bish
op of Cracow, when he arrived at the
basilica to view the body of Pope Leo
The cardinal responded to the salute
by raising his hat. The explanation of
the incident, which has created endless
gossip, probably lies in the fact that the
Italian government recently issued an
order that cardinals entering Italy
should be treated with the same courte
sies as are accorded to princes of the
Moonshiner In tlnaker City.
Philadelphia. July 27.-- Internal Rev
enue Collector McCoach and a squad ol
internal revenue agents visited a house
in the center of the city and found a
complete outfit for distilling-, whisky
Moses Silbcr-stcin was arrested and held
in $1,000 by the United States commis
Bioner as the alleged proprietor of the-
illicit still. All the paraphernalia was
Ho Xemrs About Panama Treaty,
Colon, Colombia. July ? . The entire
Isthmus is absolutely without news
from Bogota regarding the progress of
the canal treaty in congress, and it is
considered probable that no telegraphic
communication will be possible until a
vote shall have been taken., News by
coastal steamers Is anxiously awaited
New YorkTMnrderei Iteapltcti.
Albany, X. Y., July 27. In his capaci
ty as acting governor in the absence
from the state of Governor Odell, Lieu
tenant Governor HIggins has granted
respites to Patrick Conklin, who was
to have been executed at Sing Sing next
week for the murder of his wife in New
York city, and Clarence Egnor. who
was sentenced to die for the murder of
a prison keeper at Auburn prison, where
Egnor was a convict. It is claimed iu
his defense that the murder was com
mitted during an epileptic fit.
High Official Derides Umpire's coi
tion In the Orient,
Director of the Aalatic Department
Declare the dar'i Government I
Prepared to Fight Five Power.
Would t'runh Japan to Sand."
L Petersburg. July 27. Dlrectot
Hartwig of the Asiatic department oi
the Russian fort-ku oiiice has talked
long, earnestly and frankly regarding
Manchuria, lie began by making tne
statement that the Russo-Chlnese sit
uation was likely to remain unchanged
until the return to the Russian capi
tal of War Minister Kuropatkin. Di
rector Hartwig declared that he could
not understand Prince Ching's state
ment to United States Minister Conger,
but he presumed that the port question
would be arranged, Russia, he said,
excluded Harbin from the port possi
bilities because of its railway "impor
tance, but he could see no objection to
two more other ports being opened.
OotMpoken Attack oa England.
Passing to the statement of Ameri
can opinion regarding Manchuria, the
director made a remarkabty outspoken
attack upon England, He said:
"I do not comprehend how Russia,
whose foreign policy is the most
straightforward, can be accused of du
plicity when England's double dealing
is a question, that should be -apparent
to everybody. Here are two telegrams
received from England. One relates to
Lord Cranborne's statement in thc(
house of commons July 23, saying that
England desires an Anglo-Russian
arrangement covering the entire situa
tion and that England recognized Rus
sia's peculiar situation and special in
terests in Manchuria. The other, re
peats the London Standard's dispatch
from "Tientsin of July 24 regarding
Russian re-enforcements at Port Ar
thur. This is for American consump
tion. It is false, but 1 shall permit its
publication here in order to prove that
we do not fear war, even with five
powers. England never addressed to
us inquiries, complaints or protests re
garding Manehuriaj She recognises our
special interests, but continually isi-
cltes Japan and America against Rus
sia. The English dispatches from the
far east are for American consumption.
Why doesn't America see through the
trick? Why swallow the bait so awk
wardly disguised?
Does America Desire Watt"
"Does America desire war,' If so,
why does not anybody stop to consider
how much the Ameriean-Manchurian
trade amounted to before 1S00? Whoev
er heard Newchwang mentioned before
j n .
10,000 miles of Chinese frontier. Shall
we place ourselves on the same footing
as others? When we saved Admiral
i Seymour from destruction, why
body protest against Kiachow? What
ft the outcry for?
J repeat thot e do not fear waf
eVeh vitb. five powers. Our defeat n
the Crimea is a glorious chapter in our
history, and I do not believe that any
five powers desire to gather new laurels
like those of the Crimea. What can Ja
pan do? Suppoose Japan defeated the
Russian army. We would crush Japan
to sand. Japan exists upon Russian
fish. It is your duty to expose Eng
land's duplicity. It is not a recent
phenomenon now; it is a chronic affair.
Some English dispatches surpass opera
bouffe. Here is a dispatch just receivwl
stating that Japan is preparing for
war and that the entire Japanese
squadron is now at Vladivostok, wher
foreign war ships are not allowed at
Director Hartwig generally and spe
cifically denied the reports regarding
Russia's mobilization of troops.
Wiilklnur Delegate Ilarred.
New York, July 27. When Samue
J. Parks and three other walking dele
gates of the Ilousesmiths and Bridge-
men's union called at the headquarters
of the Building Trades council for the
purpose of bidding a conference to set
tle the strike they were Informed that
no conference would be held with walk
ing delegates, the invitation to a eon
ferenee extended by the employers hav
ing distinctly requested that the con
ference committee be composed of ofii
cers and members of the union.
Prominent i'ennxylva ulna Dead.
Wilkesbarre. Pa., July 27, Hon
Charles A.' Miner, former president oi
the State Millers' association and out,
of the most prominent citizens of north
eastern Pennsylvania, is dead nt. his
home in this city, aged seventy-three
years. He was a member of the lowei
bouse of the legislature from 'J 875 to
American lluilt Tni-kixh CrniNer.
l-nuiiueipniM, ,ni i.v zt. in the pre
ence of a distinguished gathering oi
diplomats, foivign and American naval
otiicers and prominent citizens of Phil
adelphia the Turkish cruiser Medjidla,
the first war ship ever built here for
the Ottoman empire, has been launched
at Cramps' shipyard.
nxliville Hotel Damaged.
Nashville. Term., July 27. The Com
mercial hotel here was badly damaged
by nre. Ail or the guests were rescued.
The fire is supposed to have started
from a lighted cigar or pipe that was
left in a coat belonging to a waiter.
Fitflii. r Fltxslmroon Wedded.
Ban 1-rancisco, July 27.-Robert Fit a-
Simmons, former champion , heavy
weight pugilist of the world, and Miss
Julia May Gifford, the actress, hava
ueen united in marriage.
. tCJSk.i. . e--, .' .. - ., V l ,
4 lifvlW'
f. fc"t! nl fill
IS, fc
medication j
different and I
superior to
talcum powders
and lotions i
, for all
J itching, Chafing, Scoldinn, Sunburn,
J Nettie Rash, Burns, Pimples, Wounds,
I After Shaving, Tender feet, Offensive
Body Odors, and Bed Sores.
A Perfectly Ideal Baby Kowaer.
At Drug Stores. 3V. Large trial pt f. frte.
Comfort Powder CO., Hartford, Ct,
Rickert & Wells, W. H. Cladding, L A. Brown.
Barricade Themselvea and May lints
to Be Starved Oat.
Chattanooga. Temi., July 27.A re
volt of the convicts in the mines of the
Georgia Iron and Con! company at Cole
City, Ga has occurred. So far two
convicts have been shot, and they are
probably fatally wounded. One hun
dred and tweuty-iive other convicts of
the day shift have barricaded them
selves in the mines and refuse to come
out, defying the officers and threaten
ing death to any one who approaches.
The ' trouble arose over the punish
ment of a convict for an infraction of
the rules. The day men refused to
come out of the mine when the hour
arrived to change shifts.
Those in the front ranks hurled mi
ailes at the guards, and the latter fired,
wounding two of the convicts. The
rest of the convicts then fled farther
Into the mine and defied the guards to
follow them. It is said that to subdue
them the guards will have to starve?
them out. "'j' . ," t, CT?-, ,T .
T . . - -
Ian foul of uicle bam.
Two Vrairlt Condemned to Be Sold.
Brought Too Many Irainlgraat.
Providence, R. I July 27,-The brig
D. A. Small and schooner Unique have
been condemned by Judge Brown of
the federal court to lie sold at public
auction to satisfy the claims of the gov
ernment for fines imposed upon their
captains. Both craft were confiscated
by the customs authorities recently for
carrying tew great a number of immi-
e-rnnts to this oort. and the UnUtwi-a
fined id7, while the Small was as
aessed $1,117.41.
, The schooner is the property of the
Unique Transportation company, and
the brig is oivned by the Providence
Packet company. The vessels ply be
tween this port and the Cape Verde Is
lands. - -
More Coal Mine Trouble.
Wilkesbarre, Pa., July 27. Work has
been suspended at the lied Ash colliery
on account of the driver boss discharg
ing one of the enr runners whose work
did not satisfy the company. An at
tempt was made to have the man reltj-
siaieii, iiicu vi!j rei useu. Aiiuiun
mine strike was declared at the Gard
ner Creek colliery, near this city, owing
to the arrival of several new mine eait,
which, the miners believe, contain moTe
cubic feet than those now in use. Aft
er considerable discussion of the matter
it has been decided to resume work and
submit the grievance to the conciliation-,
board. ' ,
Government Ilookbinder to Stay.
Washington. July 27. The statement
submitted by the bookbinders' union to
Secretary Cortel.vou and the public
printer sets forth that W, A. Miller,
who -was dismissed because his expul
sion from the union and later reinstat
ed by an official order, would be per
mitted under protest to continue in
the position and that there would bo
nothing done at present by the book
binders that would interfere with the
work of the office. A similar statement
was filed with the civil service com
mission. Kim 1'ort Huron Illaze.
Port Huron. Mich., July 27. Fire has
destroyed SitKi.iHH) worth of property
here, including fUKHUKIO feet of lumber
owned by Jenks. Taylor. Howard &
Co., a sawmill and other property own
ed by the Henry Howard estate, the
tug Sigison, the property of Captain
Robert P. Thompson, and the upper dry
dock and buildings owned by-Fred J
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